here is the thing that is making me upset


Wanna get this off my chest……today, like Friday, was not good….

Friday, January 13: I tell my supervisor I’m busy and would like to help my mother food shop as always. My mother didn’t like this, but I was tired from Thursday after working a full day and wanted to relax and felt it was obligatory to help. Then, my dad joins in and makes the situation worse. (He’s not the nicest person you’d meet. He’ll take things as if aggressive.) So, after an argument, I finally put my foot down, yell, and say I was staying home after slapping my shopping list on the table and saying, “Here’s my list!” I then run back upstairs. Right there is when I had fell into a mental break. I felt very upset too because I was still “experiencing fallout.” After all that, I find that they got me decaf and hazelnut coffee, which I didn’t need coffee for this week…

(When I say I’m “experiencing the fallout,” it means I’m still upset/depressed/angry/stressed about something.)

Tuesday, January 17: I noticed I ordered the wrong scrubs pants (medium instead of small) after accidentally ripping the tag off. I send an order to return it through UPS, which I’m hoping they’ll take back with the ripped tag I placed back in the wrapping. (My coworker and mother said they would). My dad didn’t like how I made a mistake and again, took it as if I had done a crime. I dismiss him with “I’m going to work” to stop the convo and not think about it. He’s still not too happy with me about it. Later on, my mother warns me of the puppy possibly escaping when the UPS guy comes for my return. She reminded me that this was the week of my biggest mistake: Letting our last puppy out, who was tragically killed by a car. I was in depression that whole week. And, her bringing it up didn’t make me feel better. (We have a new puppy and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.) I was talking to my coworker at work about it and I mentally broke a little, which is something that never happens to me at work……

*sigh* Most of the prob is my dad… I’ve only begun to notice, even after 20 years of not noticing it, that he really isn’t happy with his life choices and I’ve kinda begun to learn the reality of him on me…. v.v As well as other situations that make me very uncomfortable… 

It isn’t the first time I’ve had depression and stress emotions…. July 2016, few days after I turned 21, I started seeing things differently, which resulted in me defriending a lot of people and cutting Pokemon away from my life. I was adrift for 6 months until mid-December, when I met my new friends of HOY. 

I don’t feel mentally well……..I don’t know what;s going on…… :(

Alright Witches and Wizards. 
I’m seeing this one little thing more and more that makes me upset. 

“I’m a Ravenclaw but I’m not smart”/”I’m a Ravenclaw but I feel like I don’t fit in cause I don’t like ___ :(” etcetc

Well, sit down my feathery friends, because I’m about to tell you why yes, you are a Ravenclaw, don’t doubt your home that you love. 

Ravenclaw =/= Smart. 
Ravenclaw =/= Good at [Insert Subject You’re Not Particularly Fond of Here].

Ravenclaw = Wit. 
Wit: mental sharpness and inventiveness
You ever answered something really quickly and correctly?
Congratulations, you’re Witty. 
Ravenclaw = Individuality.
Individuality: the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.
EVERYONE has their own special mark of Individuality, you do too whether you can see it or not. 
Ravenclaw = Originality. 
Originality: the ability to think independently and creatively.
Do I even have to elaborate on this? You decorate your room the way you like it, you wear clothes you like, right? 
Congratulations, you’re Original.
Ravenclaw = Acceptance.
Acceptance: the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.
Someone ever ask to sit with you and you said yes? Hell, have you ever made a friend?
Congratulations, you have Acceptance. Just like Ravenclaw is going to Accept you no matter what.
Ravenclaw = Creativity.
Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
You ever write something? You ever draw something? You ever put together a really pretty outfit?
Congratulations, you have Creativity.
Ravenclaw = Wisdom.
Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.
Experience- Falling hurts. 
Knowledge- The higher up you are, the more it’ll hurt.
Good Judgement- You probably shouldn’t jump off of the Astronomy Tower because it’s going to hurt. A lot.
Congratulations, you have Wisdom. 
Ravenclaw = Intelligence. 
Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Let’s say, you look up how to make a certain potion. You write this down, you gather the things, and you make the potion successfully. 
What does that mean? You’re intelligent, because you know how to find(acquire) knowledge, and apply it how you need it(making the potion successfully).
Congratulations, you’re intelligent. 

So don’t you ever convince yourself that you don’t belong here, if you so truly believe and wish to be a Ravenclaw. Because you do belong here. These are the required traits of Ravenclaws, and as long as you have at least one, you’re welcome into the Ravenclaw house.
Don’t you ever forget that. 

it’s important to remember we’re a community and nobody is better than anybody else because of the amount of zeros on the end of their follower count

i felt the need to say that because (especially recently) i get a lot of people telling me they feel left out and upset because yeah favouritism exists and in the past people have let their follower counts go to their heads as if it defines their worth or makes them famous or something

there should be no weird hierarchy or cliques this isn’t high school most of us come on here to escape that shit

we share a mutual love for two giant nerds who love us just as much and that’s the only thing that matters here

we’re just people who blog and have fun and laugh and make friends and that’s all this should be - fun.

you’re all rad as heck.

Thoughts about being an animation major

Don’t try to be like others. It won’t make you happy, I promise you.

Don’t be upset if you’re not at the ‘advanced’ level everyone else is at. They were you at one point. You’ll get there. It’s no rush.

Don’t beat yourself up if the things you like and produce don’t fit the norm of other students. Art is different for everyone and you’re no excuse.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might like it more than you realize. Collaborate whenever possible.

Make friends to make friends, not to network. Be you. Don’t be something you’re not to have a better network. It may be good at first but those relationships will never last.

Most importantly, focus on you. Have fun. Live and learn. Take time to love yourself. Remember what inspired you. Remember what makes you happy.

Draw everyday if you can.

You can do it. I believe in you.


So i work as a casehandler for an insurance broker. We are a branch-office with a “team” of 7 people.
Conditions have worsened over the past 3 years when i started there and my motivation to go there decreased to minimum. To make long things short here is the thing, that upset me the most so far and made me apply for another job. So sit back and “enjoy”.
I shared my department (industrial insurance) for about 400-600 companies/customers with my coworker. We come along greatly, but often get picked on by our boss for minor things. So my coworker decided to leave the place and ofc quit in september (in germany you quit 3 months prior before you actually leave). So anyway since then he had a gotten a really hard time by our boss and stuff. Basically being treated like crap. In october i was approached by my direct boss and the head of the branch for a talk about how stuff will continue after my coworker leaves. So we talk about and here comes the biggest bullshit i have ever heard:
“so mr. … We want to develop you more and make you more professional (i was literally throwing up on the inside, because i am in the insurance industry for 10 years, 28 years old and very experienced). Your coworker will not be replaced by anyone so you will get the department for you alone (basically doong double the work in the same amount of time). But we can only pay you 150€ (before taxes and social security, what makes for me about 45%) more, because you still make too many mistakes.”
And best is they both started talking shit about my coworker aswell what made me even more upset. Literally talking about someone behind their back is horrible, especially when so-called executives do that in front of you.

So you see, i have to deal with the double amount for 70€ more each month. This argument of me making too many mistakes is bullshit. I am good enough to do double work, but not good enough to get paid poperly, obviously i am not more than a number in calculations that causes expenses on the company and a stupid fcking idiot. They brought this up every time i asked for more money (2 times in 3 years). But it does not matter how much or long or good i work. I know how many mistakes and errors i make, because customers response immediately to that. And that happens once every 3 months. You know, nobody’s perfect.
Ultima ratio: i applied for the same company my coworker attends in january, so they will hate me for that. I have no approval yet, but this will come next year and i am eager to leave this hole asap.

Thank you for reading. I needed this to get off of my chest and you hopefully had a good laugh at that.
Wish me luck for hopefully getting the job at the other place :)


I know I’ve been cranky and posting a lot of negativity, so here are some snails in compensation.

Amazing big snails by @charlietheskonk via thecritterhole on Etsy. Snails. <3

I was thinking about percico and confession

Percy’s voice trembled when he called me to talk that night. I had never seen he so shy and nervous. His cheeks were red and his eyes barely met mine.

We sit next to each other. So close that our knees touched. But we have not said anything for a long time. In the silence I could hear my heart batting fast, I wasn’t so nervous as he, I was excited. I wanted to hear what he had to say the whole summer so I waited for him.

First it was awkward. He began slowly trying to find the words. Getting confused here and there. Saying random things about our past. Until he gets angry with himself. He was so cute and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“Dammit, It’s just… You make me feel so nervous” He seemed truly upset and that was even cuter. “ You see? I’m not good at this.”

“It’s okay, Perce.“ I smiled to encourage him.

“You know what it is, right? Why I called you here to talk.” He said blushing even harder.

Yes, I knew Percy liked me. Still  had a hard time to believe this was really happening, but I knew it.

I knew his eyes were always following me. I knew he had a smile just for me. I knew he only felt safe to show his weaknesses and fears to me or that my hugs made him comfortable and that he loved being In my arms as much as I loved being in his. I knew he was jealous of every boy who showed interest in me. I knew he had rejected a girl because he already had someone he liked and it was me who was in his mind.  

I knew all this because Percy Jackson wasn’t good at hiding his feelings and for me it was always easy to read him. I knew but it was important to me to hear it. I needed this. After all these years I just needed to know that from him.

“I really want to hear you. Please?” I put my hand on his leg and he finally looked at me, right in my eyes. I don’t know what he saw there but made him smile. He took my hand with his big, cold hands and began to play with my fingers before continuing. I also knew this contact calmed him and that made me ridiculously happy.

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Something kinda disturbing in Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice that I feel the need to talk about

Not something I usually talk about I know, but there’s a certain character in case 4 I think, the one about Rakugo stuff (spoilers btw if you havent played it and care about the ace attorney series lol) that just.

has so many disturbing implications and when playing it with my boyfriend I got Very Upset about it cuz the actual reveal was very sudden and all like all the stuff before suddenly made sense to me all at once and i was like oh god and now I feel the need to make a post about it to be like I’m not the only one who noticed this right???

but basically warning for talking about disturbing content like severe child abuse and multiple personality disorder and sexual abuse esp so if those things upset you just warning there in here

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So this pisses me off? This acc rarely ever rates an album as low as 1.4 and yet here they did it to pink season and continue to shit talk it in the comments. It honestly upsets me that they rated it by the lyrics and nothing else. They don’t understand it’s a joke album it’s supposed to be trash that’s what makes it good. I know this is just their opinion on the album and I respect that but to continue to trash talk It in the comments? That’s just a shitty thing to do. Ik Joji could probably care less because he’s a humble guy but to me he spent years on that album. He stayed up days at a time to fix technical issues and shit. Pink Season will always be a 10/5 stars to me.

so today I learned that some girl in school is making fun of me for defending african languages. 

i’m in a school choir and we sing a song there that’s sung in an african language. our teacher called it afrikaans and i was upset. i calmly told her that no, this is really not afrikaans, that afrikaans looks very different. she said okay and kept calling it afrikaans and it got me very upset. each time she called it afrikaans, i said out loud “it’s not afrikaans”. 

at the end of the practice i looked the language up and it was zulu. so i told it to our teacher. she’s been trying to call it with the right name ever since (though she sometimes say afrikaans), but today my friend told me that a girl that goes too in the choir is making fun of me because i’m so “stubborn” about the afrikaans thing. like? what? i’m defending a language here and you’re making fun of me?

People who think being trans is a good thing honestly have no idea what it's like to be trans

Here I’m going to list some of the normal everyday things my dysphoria can make me struggle with (anyone can feel free to add on with their own list!):

Going to the toilet (I put it off as much as I can)
Showering (because of the depression and dysphoria it can take a month before I can manage to talk myself into showering)
Leaving the house (I don’t want to get upset if/when I’m misgendered)
Talking to people (as above)
Liking certain things
How I talk
How I react to things/people
How I sleep
Where I sleep
What I wear
What I wear to sleep
Inviting people over
Making plans
Puberty related things (periods etc)

Yo, any positive Sherlock blogs, reblog or like and I’ll follow!

I really need more blogs to follow, and there are 3 Sherlock blogs that I follow that are active at the moment and just trashing the show, so I need some positive people please!!

Edit: Also, I know I’m not the only one here who gets upset when people wrongly call this show ‘queerbaiting trash’ so let’s make this a thing for others who just want positivity :)

anonymous asked:

transfem amab: occasionally i get really bad dysphoria over not having a womb and the idea of being unable to carry a child really upsets me and i have no idea how to cope and this makes me really panicked. is it normal to get dysphoric in this way? and does anyone know of any ways to cope with this specific feeling? thanks !!!

Asis says:

While there’s no set ‘normal’ for how people experience dysphoria, a lot of transfem people definitely do get dysphoria relating to uteruses, pregnancy, etc. (myself included)

I’ll admit this is one of the most difficult things to cope with and tends to shut me down sometimes, but here are some of the things I attempt that you could try:

  • Let friends you’re out to know to not mention such stuff much or when to stop talking about it.
  • Seek comfort and affirmation from the people you’re out to who support you.
  • Just, like distract yourself. Like whether its stuff specifically catering to feeling better (specific playlists, favourite movies), or just generally things that will take your mind off it.
  • Convince yourself that technology may advance enough to somehow let you get a uterus transplanted (something that’s already happening, albeit temporarily. There’s even been a pregnancy with a transplanted womb!)

You also might find some other helpful things in our dysphoria masterpost or the tag.

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day

And we were talking about what’s happening in our lives…

I honestly couldn’t appreciate or be more grateful for what’s happening in my life right now and the people in it. Occasionally it makes me upset in contrast, thinking about how much shit I’ve been through and how in the past I never knew how good and true and amazing things should/could be and the trauma and compromises I had to live with…

So blessed and full of love and even though I went through hell to get here; at least I know how things should be now.

anonymous asked:

I guess im just going to said it here ( can i? Hehe) after all the news about jungkook's acne, tae crying ,namjoon music (always & whalien52 always makes me😭😭😭) and other members struggling always makes me sad, i just wish they know soooooo many people love them and WILL support them.

all these things make me so upset but they know they have fans that love and support them! and they have each other! i’m so happy that they have one another to help each other :)

Originally posted by kths

As people say life goes. I don’t share what truly bother me in life on here but for the little not really that important things I do. I get frustrate and upset but coming on here and sharing new things and experiences with you all is what makes it great. I hope by the time I post this I have 500 followers and if I don’t that’s fine too.

These people I listed here are amazing and wonderful  and if I list their side blog please check out their regular blog too! So thank you everyone for the wonderful year!

Bold are Friends and Family: who are important people to me but that doesn’t mean I think any less of followers!

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Alright guys, another vent art. Yeah, I know. I really don’t want to bring like, personal problems on here cuz everyone came here to have a good time! So I won’t go into the details other than the fact it’s family problems. There are people who go through far worse so I won’t complain. I usually don’t remember what I’m upset about anyway if you give me like, half an hour.

 But here, have a John Laurens. I was actually trying to attempt a colour palette thing yesterday too with Laff but I couldn’t get over how weird everything looked in that colour. So this one is sorta to make up for how much I failed yesterday. As you can see, I got over the fact that I have to use unconventional colours and I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out. Though I also kinda unintentionally made Laurens into a turtle with the colour choice. =w= But yeah, I’ll get back to drawings requests soon!