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Im curious,,,how did u animate the snow? Did u follow a tutorial on how to make it look nice?

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I just stared at a few gifs of snow for a few minutes to get the gist of it. I’ve animated rain a lot in the past though, and this was pretty similar. Not to mention I’ve made another gif with “snow” in it about a year ago (lol– not digging that one up, it was horrendous)

The snow in my Klance gif only has five frames, since all the looping gifs of fast snow seem to have that little…

But like, if you wanted, I could make a quick tutorial on animating snow/rain on photoshop this weekend or something o:

54. “You did that? While five months pregnant?” - Ashton

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Trigger warnings: none

A/N: This was requested by this anon, hope you enjoy! I made it Thanksgiving themed lol (it’s also hella short, sorry!)


Smiling proudly, you wipe the sweat off of your forehead and look around the kitchen with one hand on your belly and the other on your hip. Today was Thanksgiving, and Ashton had to go to into the studio, leaving you in the house alone for the whole day. So, you decided to make all of thanksgiving dinner…while being five months pregnant. It was quite the workout, and your back hurt like hell, but you did it none the less. It was nearing dinner time and you hear the door open and Ashton say, “Babe, I’m home!”

Smiling, you say, “I’m in here.”

Ash walks in on his phone and glances up at you. His eyes grow wide as he looks at all of the food. “I made Thanksgiving dinner,” you say, giggling at his reaction.

His jaw drops. “You did that? While five months pregnant?” Ashton exclaims astonished, “are you okay? Do you need to rest?”

Shaking your head, you say, “hell no! I want to eat, I’m starving.”

Ash chuckles and shakes his head at you, “sit down and get started, I’ll get you something to drink.”

After dinner, Ash makes you go relax while he cleans up (no matter how many times you try and protest) and you sit down on the couch and take a deep breath, feeling the exhaustion start to take effect on your body. You stare blankly at the news on TV while mindlessly rubbing your stomach, when the water in the kitchen turns off and soon Ash is kneeling in front of you.

“You look exhausted, Y/N. Let’s go get ready for bed, yeah?”

You smile tiredly and nod your head. “Alright, come on.” Ash says while standing up and holding his arms out for you to help you stand up. Once you were up, you both got to your bedroom and go ready for bed together.

Finally in bed, you lay on your side and feel Ash slide in behind you.

“So,” he begins, “want to tell me why you decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner by yourself while five months pregnant?”

“Well, I was bored and I wanted to see if I could do it even though my stomach is kind of in the way.”

Ash laughs lightly at that, and wraps his arm protectively over your stomach, “well I’m proud of you. Still a little shocked, but proud nonetheless.”

“You love me,” you say, giggling.

“That I do, Y/N, that I do.”

With that, you rested your exhausted eyes and both fell asleep.

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Hey! I’m trying to save up money to buy my friends and I stuff, so I’m gonna take icon commissions.

They’re $5 each. They can be still if you don’t want them animated.

I can do ocs, other characters and gore, though please no nsfw.

Please IM me here (ozzcor) if you’re interested!

(character credits - me, @witvhdaggah, @trusiki)

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I really do appreciate everybody still here. I’m kind of a smaller blog and I’m blown away that 500 people more or less have stuck around. This is a follower exclusive but if you don’t happen to like me or my content feel free to reblog or help my D.A.I.N. project

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She’s the betta half of the two


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

Killua needs more hugs!!

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version | + more


Hispanic/Latino Jane Austen Castings: Pride & Prejudice
“Es una verdad universalmente reconocida que al hombre soltero, poseedor de fortuna cuantiosa, le hace falta c a s a r s e .” 
A scheming, meddling mother. An out of control little sister determined to be a model at all costs. A best friend married to the most ridiculous man she’s ever known. Her favorite sister, Jane, about to leave and start her fashion career. The handsome Wickham determined to charm her. How is Lizzie supposed to also handle her mother’s schemes to see Jane married to the first man with money who looks her way? Oh, and then there’s his infuriating best friend…


all the times he surprised her and the one time he didn’t…

  • Isaac: What the hell is that?!
  • Derek confused, looking down at his bags: I went to the farmer’s market....
  • Erica, smirking: I don’t think we can all eat that.
  • Derek: ...
  • Boyd: You weren’t supposed to bring back the farmer.
  • Stiles, looking at his plaid shirt, pointing at the pack while walking away: I’m putting you all up for adoption!