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Camera Shy (Part 2)

Summary:  AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Part One

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These Burdens I Carry Part 2

Part One Here

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: trials!Sam, angst, hallucinations, sickness, canon divergence (I didn’t really follow the plot of the actual season!)
Summary: While everyone notices how much the trials are killing Sam, the reader can’t sit on her hands anymore and decides to do something about it.
A/N: Part 3 is coming! This one’s a little short but it sets the scene for the next part, so bear with me and be kind please:) 
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*I work very hard on these fics and feedback is very much appreciated* 

You waited and waited until Sam fell asleep, running your fingers through his hair with him hugging your shoulders. Just as he nodded off and his labored breathing finally slowed, you crept out of his room and into the hallway beyond. 

“Is he good?” Dean whispered from where he was waiting in the hall, you wondered if he’d been out there the entire time. 

“As good as he can be,” You shrugged and walked into the kitchen with Dean right behind you. Both of your footsteps echoed in the quiet bunker, which seemed so empty without the usual laughter of you and the Winchesters. 

In truth, ever since Sam’s health first started getting bad so had everything else. Even though he tried his best to hide it, the younger Winchester was breaking down and it was terrifying both you and his brother. You felt like you spent half your time worrying whether or not Sam was going to collapse, and the other half dreading the translation of the demon tablet. Because you knew for certain that the moment Kevin figured out those god awful inscriptions, Sam would happily go off and destroy himself a little more. 

You wondered what the next task would be, would it hurt him? What hell scape was in store for Sam? Just the thought gave you chills. That was why you’d decided to take the trials on yourself, it was what was best for everyone. 

Sam would be mad at first, in fact he’d be furious. But over time he’d get over it, until you were just as weak and shaky as he had been and he didn’t so much as bat an eye. That’s what you told yourself, over time he’d go numb to the idea and it would hurt him less and less. The only thing keeping you together at that point was the idea that in a few days it would be you taking on the trials, not him. In truth, you really weren’t looking forward to going through what Sam was, but you’d already made the decision, so it was done. All you had to do now was find a hellhound and kill it. 

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Beta pt. Two

pairing: theo raeken x reader, unrequited liam x reader

a/n: part one here!! theo won the vote and i just love him.

You heard the locker door squeak open only a few minutes after it had shut.

“Y/N?” Theo’s voice called.

“I’m over here.” You spoke quietly, knowing he would hear you anyway.

He came from behind the lockers and found you sitting on a bench, giving off anxiety and confusion.

“Hey, are you alright?” He sat beside you and began to rub your back. You relished in the gesture; the rare display of gentle intimacy making your stomach do somersaults.

“You heard all that, didn’t you?” You met his gaze and he simply nodded. Your brows drew together, wondering why he wasn’t angry or jealous. Was he going to give you up without a fight?

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We’re gonna be getting less Todo now for the next couple of eps so might as well appreciate this precious boy while we got him

Here are season’s 2 so far

Ep 25 Part 1 and Part 2Ep 24, Ep 23 (this one has 5 parts), Ep 22, Ep 21, Ep 20, Ep 19, Ep 18 Part Oneand Part Two, Ep 17, EP 16 Part One and Part Two, Ep 15 Part One and Part Two, Ep 14

And here are the ones from season 1:

Ep 13, Ep 12,  Ep 11, Ep 10, Ep 9, Ep 8, Ep 7, Ep 6, Ep 5

subject: icky part 3

What is likely to be the final part of the whole “icky” discourse (unless you all have more videos of Emily being blatantly/or subtly mistreated)

So what I’m about to show you all takes place most likely not too long after the main press event that took place the same day (parts 1 and 2 here)

In this one on one interview with Emily and this dude who I can say is the living embodiment of every shipper who hates Sharon he is so embarrassing literally.

He basically asks Emily how she thinks die hard fans (he’s implying steggy shippers) will react to the Steve/Sharon relationship KNOWING full well it’s straight from the comics

(I’ll link the video here as I would like to thank @commandersharon​ for providing me this video, and @cartersharon​ who found it first!)

Transcript (in case)

Interviewer: Do you think die hard fans are going to be okay with this?

Emily: Because of her relationship with Peggy?

Interviewer: And it comes from the comics

Emily (she stumbles a bit on her words so this is not word for word): yes, yeah it does, they had a very long love affair in the comic books- you know? quite complicated at times ummm- you know I can see- I can see how it would be strange but I can also see how it would bring them together so you know? because I play Sharon I can sort of identify with her, and what that means to her, and what Cap means to her- I mean she talks about her strong connection to Peggy in the film and umm- obviously Peggy had a tremendous influence on why sharon is CIA, why she works for the government, why she’s been on this trajectory and chosen this career path- so ummm- so I don’t think it’s a betrayal to Peggy at all I think it’s almost carrying the torch you know there’s a huge love and respect from these two women toward Cap and ummm- (is cut off)

Interviewer: It is a little weird- is it? hehe?

Emily: I mean- but it’s a really heightened reality let’s be honest I mean there’s a lot in these movies that’s a little weird, there’s a lot in the comic books that’s a little weird but you know? they sort of- their liberties are taken you know? to service stories- so i mean it’s always funny because I think people kind of like think that I am personally betraying their love of Peggy, but I’m playing a character and that’s what that is.

(End video)

So case in point- Emily Vancamp was/is more blatantly/subtly disrespected though this ordeal and it is not right, it is not fair, to go after and attack HER and the character she plays as it is made CLEAR that the only people who expressed themselves unprofessionally is her co-star (Chris Evans) and the shippers who consonantly berate her and her character for no good reason other than because she “stepped in between” a ship that is no longer important or relevant and has just gone stale.

No it isn’t her acting, it isn’t because it isn’t because her character is unfamiliar (because if that were the case people would kill for her to get more screen time) NO- THIS IS ABOUT A KISS, THIS IS BECAUSE OF SHIPPING PREFERENCES. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY OTHER EXCUSE AS TO WHY THIS HATE IS WARRANTED BECAUSE NOTHING JUSTIFIES IT EITHER HOW.

Because I know damn well if it was Peggy that Steve kissed again, or Bucky- I wouldn’t hear jack shit about how it made no sense in context because you know why? As long as it was Peggy or Bucky and NOT Sharon, Sam, or anybody else who does so much as breath on Steve- it’s OKAY.

So yeah, for months I had to hear how bad EVC was well guess what? you antis- you Sours-are wrong and have become nothing habitual liars.


TrekFest 2017: Uhura

It’s Uhura week, and I’m finally back home in my comfy writing spot on the couch.

I can take THREE prompts for this week (since the week is part gone already).

Here’s the scoop:

  1. One line of dialogue
  2. No anon submissions please

Go! Quickly! Submit your requests so I can get writing! <3

Fairy Tale, Part 1

Ji Eun Hyuk’s story. As I’ve mentioned earlier, his sad eyes intrigue me. Why would a man sign up willingly to live a life of regret? Here’s part one of two parts. 


Once upon a time, there was a princess who slept with her prince’s best friend. Now, it wasn’t clear if the princess loved him, but it was pretty clear the best friend loved her. Yeah, ok, this isn’t your standard fairy tale, but if you wanted that, you would be reading Cinderella right now, right?

I still say it’s a fairy tale, because it starts at the beginning, and it has an end. In the middle are the lives of two princes, a princess, and a dreadful green-eyed monster. Shall we?

Part 1: The Beginning

Now, the best friend had loved the princess for a long, long time. So long that we need to start this story in the misty days of schoolyard battles and grubby uniforms. You see, when the boyfriend, Wook, was a teenager, he was regularly beaten by the school bully. Through the black eyes and split lips, he stubbornly refused to do the stupid oaf’s homework. The funny thing was, although Wook was a bit skinny, he knew how to fight. It’s just that, by the time he was 16 and he stood at the gates of his new high school, he’d taken a distinct back seat to his own life.

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Eyes Closed (M)

G-Dragon: Angst/Small amount of fluff/The ‘Eventual’ Smut Is Here

PART 2-b: (XO) The One About Hong Kong

A/N: FINALLY IT’S HERE! ALL 12 PAGES! I’m sorry it took so long but I had fun writing this one, I hope you all enjoy! xx

(Part One)||(Part 2-A)

Originally posted by jitaewon

      With my head in my hands and the ever present ringing noise in my ears from the bad decisions from the previous night, I stared at the floor in complete and utter shock. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have let myself not only fuck up for the hundredth time but royally fuck up so bad that I could already hear everybody back in LA screaming at me. But the thing I was afraid of most was the heaviest of my baggage being hurled at me with no way of dodging out of the way; and I could already see him coming at me with reckless abandon. As much as I told myself to stay low key until this week was over, I did the complete opposite and was staring straight into the line of fire. Suddenly a pang of whole body goosebumps hit me as every vile, repressed memory of him crossed my mind.

      After Parties were probably one of the best perks of going to award shows, sure it was fun dressing up and receiving an award and people kissing your ass and telling you how amazing you were but the real party didn’t start until the after parties.

      After Party; af-ter–par-ty (noun) : A place in which all morals are no longer valid and all caution is thrown into the wind; see ‘Divine Decadence’.

      Where idols out of view from prying eyes could let themselves be themselves, somewhere they could throw away the façade of perfection and indulge in low-hanging fruit in their very own Garden of Eden. And the After-After Parties? Well much like ‘Fight Club’–we don’t talk about about the After-After Parties.

      Bobbing her head along to the music, Alex now somewhere between tipsy and drunk, and  looking over the ledge from the comfort their private table located atop one of the many balconies she mused at the sea of intoxicated individuals; some making poor life choices that they’d be sure to regret later and others letting loose for the very first time. She laughed to herself as she watched one person in particular on the dance floor doing a very drunken, almost robotic rendition of the ‘Fantastic Baby’ dance. A pair of arms suddenly encircled her waist bringing her out of her drunken haze.

      “Hey baby you look pretty lonely, you got a boyfriend?” the mysterious figure said into her ear.

      Again laughing to herself “fortunately for me I’m not lonely whatsoever” she let out a fake sigh “but unfortunately for you I’m spoken for”

     “Oh really?” he spoke again only this time lightly brushing his lips against her exposed ear causing a chain reaction of goosebumps all over her entire body.

      She let out a shaky breath “Yupp…”

      His hands now roaming her form, he pressed his body closer to hers making them both lurch closer to the ledge.

      “He must be pretty stupid to let all of this” he ran his hand over her ass “just stand here all alone”

      She braced herself on the ledge “I said he was my boyfriend, I never said he was the brightest crayon in the box”

      He let out a chuckle “Bet he’s a shitty boyfriend…” he said kissing his way from her bare shoulder to that spot on her neck that made her eyes roll into the back of her head.

      She bit her lip holding back a moan she so desperately wanted to let go, swallowing hard before speaking.

      “Well he can be…”

      Stopping mid kiss on her neck he spun her around to face him “Wait really?”

      She held back a laugh “Oh my god babe I was kidding” she said giving him a sympathetic look.

      “How’d you know it was me? Which by the way if it wasn’t me you let that go on a little past too long” he held her at arm’s length.

      She smiled and cupped his face in her hands “You’re the one who wanted to try roleplaying remember you little perv?”

      “…not a perv” he furrowed his brows and frowned.

      She bit her lip before pulling him in for a kiss. Smiling into the kiss he placed his hand on the back of her head deepening the kiss. He pulled away holding her at arm’s length again and looked her in the eye. His heart felt like it was simultaneously beating faster and slower at the same time, and swelled every time he looked at her. He couldn’t imagine being with anyone else for the rest of his life; no matter how cheesy he may have thought that sounded he just plainly didn’t care.

      “What?” she chuckled.

      “Nothing” he shook his head and gave her a shy smile all while pulling her into his chest and kissing the top of her head.

      Still holding her against his chest he looked down at her, staring into her eyes again.

      As if afraid of saying something he has said a hundred times over again, he smiled at her again and said:

      “I love you”

      “I love you too” she smiled back.

      “You better” he scrunched his nose.

      She stuck out her tongue “Why do you do that?”

      “Do what?” he furrowed his brows letting her stand up straight.

      “Every time you say ‘I love you’ you act like it’s the first time you’ve ever said it” she wrapped her arms around his neck.

      He blushed and let out a small laugh “because when I’m with you that’s what it feels like”

      She pushed his shoulder “Ji-Yong you got me already, you don’t have to lay it on so thick” she laughed.

      “I know, I just can’t help it. You give me butterflies” he smiled looking away.

      She bit her lip and smiled “Well the feeling is mutual”

      Blushing again he turned back to look at her and went in for another kiss only to be stopped by a drunken Seung-Hyung and an equally as drunk Seungri cat calling them from the booth.

      “Yeaaahhh Hyung!” Seungri attempted to whistle “get it!”

      “Ji-Yongie-ah!” Seung-Hyun cupped a hand around his mouth “I can become an ordained minister if you give me like ten minutes and you two can just” he mushed his hands together; not quite sure what that hand gesture was supposed to mean.

      Ji-Yong shook his head “Have you two been watching us this whole time?”

      “Yea what kind of peep show do you think this is you weirdos” she raised an eyebrow.

      “Ok it sounds weird when you say it like that” the maknae defended.

      “It sounds exactly like what it is, you two are into some voyeuristic shit and hey no judgement but fuck off” Ji-Yong said walking to the table and grabbing Seungri’s drink out of his hand, tossing it back then slamming the glass on the table.

      The maknae went wide eyed.

      Alex laughed “Hey be nice” she lightly smacked Ji-Yong’s chest.

      “Oh my favorite Dongsaeng~, thank you!” Seungri dramatically placed both hands over his heart.

      She let out a small laugh and rolled her eyes.

      “Ok looks to me like you two need a refill on your drinks” the maknae jumped up out of his seat and clapped his hands.

      Alex and Ji-Yong glanced at each other “we don’t have any drinks” they said in unison.

      “Exactly my point I’ll be right back, you want anything in particular? –Nevermind I’ll just bring you back something!” he said making his way toward the bar.

      The two stared after the drunken man and just shook their heads, looking back over at Seung-Hyun who had made his way to another table and acquired a pink feather boa that he was currently trying to wrap around Dae-Sung who seemed to be nothing but blissful as a on the verge of tears from laughing so hard Young-Bae looked on.

      She smiled and rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe these were the people she called her friends. Scanning the crowd again she spotted a few of her friends a couple tables away.

      “Oh babe” she touched his shoulder “I think I see some of the BTS boys over there, I’m just gonna go say ‘hi’ really quick I’ll be right back”

      He nodded his head ‘ok’ and she gave him a kissed his cheek.

      Making her way through the crowd of drunken people over to the three boys, as she comes closer into view she comes to see it is in fact Nam-Joon, Yoon-Gi and Jackson from Got7; and a very heated argument between a drunken Nam-Joon and Jackson.

      Jackson turns away from Nam-Joon and sees her approaching them and starts to yell out “noona! Noooonaaaa!”

      She gets to them and lightly smacks his shoulder  “Jackson I told you not to call me that. It makes me feel old”

      just then a wave of drunken ‘noonas’ came her way from the three boys.

      She shook her head “nice to see you too boys” she said giving each one of them a hug.

      “Yah noona, I’m glad you’re here” Jackson placed his arm around her shoulder “So get this, Rap Monie over here–”

      “Oh boy here we go again” Nam-Joon interjected.

      “–thinks he’s too cool to–”

      “Ah jinja, I never said I was too cool!”

      “–he thinks he’s too cool to answer his phone and hang out with me!” Jackson complained.

      Nam-Joon pinched the bridge of his nose as he listened to Jackson drunkenly drone on and on about their little spat.

      Yoon-Gi on the other hand had given up on them that he just started to ignore them entirely; he thought they should keep their marital disputes to themselves.

      Alex laughed and with Jackson’s arm still across her shoulder, she hugged him by the midsection as she continued to listen to a very hurt and intoxicated go on about how much more their friendship meant to him than Nam-Joon.

      Meanwhile halfway across the room a Ji-Yong that was becoming very impatient with the story his very hammered maknae was trying to get out, but couldn’t because he kept laughing before he even finished his sentences, trying to calm himself he started to make a mental drinking game out of this never ending tale about how Seungri apparently did something hilarious in Osaka but by the way he was telling it he was sure exactly what it was.

      Stopping again mid sentence looked past Ji-Yong in awe.

      “Yah! Seungri if you don’t finish–”

      “Wahhh Hyung-ie, you must be either really trusting or really dumb because if that was my girl i would have ripped that guy’s head off” the maknae pointed in the direction where Alex stood with Jackson still having his arm around around her shoulders and her hugging him back.

      Turning in the direction his friend pointed a drunken finger, he could feel a dark jealousy beginning to rear it’s ugly head.

      “Come to think of it, where is my girlfriend?” the maknae blabbered to himself and walked away in search of his girlfriend, who in his drunken state had forgotten that she was in Cape Cod for another week and a half.

      Ji-Yong continued to glare in the direction of where that other man dared to touch his girlfriend. Who the fuck did he think he was? But the longer that Jackson kept his arm around her, the more livid Ji-Yong became.

      Turning away for a second to grab his drink, when he turned back around he caught a glimpse of the other man getting far too close to Alex’s face and he instantly felt his blood boil.

Mother fucker…” he mumbled under his breath crushing the plastic cup in his hands and not even caring he spilled most of it all over his Lanvin shoes.

      Just then an unsuspecting Seungri was walking by with drinks in his hands when Ji-Yong snatched them away and tossed them back leaving the maknae to somberly go back to the bar.

      Looking back to glare daggers at Jackson, his heart felt some relief as he saw one of the other men pull him away and push him in another direction and saying their goodbyes to Alex. But that feeling was only momentary as he saw another man approach her.

      “Hey you” a man grabbed Alex’s wrist.

      She turned in confusion “Oh my god, Suho Oppa~!” her face immediately lit up.

      Ji-Yong wasn’t any kind of professional lip reader, but he was 99.99% sure she just called him ‘Oppa~’. And judging by how elated she looked to see him, he was just as sure he knew exactly who this new man was.

      Going in for a hug Suho smiled at her and left his hand to linger on the small of her waist when he pulled away.

      “Well don’t you just look amazing”

      She pushed his shoulder “Shut up”

      He flashed her another smile “I’m serious! You somehow always managed to look amazing no matter what you wore”

      “Oh good one, real smooth Casanova” she said sarcastically

      “I mean it” he leaned against the ledge swirling around the drink in his hand “Why else would Romeo over there look so pissed?”

      She furrowed her brows in confusion and turned to look in the direction he gestured with his head “Oh boy…

      “What?” he let out a small laugh.

“This is going to be the end of the line for my wonderful night…” she sighed.

      He laughs “why is that? Is your boy over there you going to to go ape shit because you’re hanging out with someone who isn’t him”

      “No” she said sardonically “He’s going to go ape shit because I’m talking to other attractive guys who aren’t him”

“Ohh attractive huh?” he smirked.

      She shoved his shoulder “Oh stop, you know what I meant”

      “Well let’s just put it like this, look at you if I had you I’d probably be just as pissed. I kinda don’t blame him” he said taking a sip of his drink.

      She rolled her eyes and smiled “ha-ha very funny”

      “I mean it’s not too late, you and I could always try again. You have my number” He smiled in Ji-Yong’s general direction.eon

      she laughed and shoved his shoulder again.

      He threw another smirk her way.

      Not being able to take any more of the scene before him, Ji-Yong tossed back the drink in his hand and stormed his way toward them.

      Suho noticed the enraged man making his way toward them and laughed to himself.

      “What?” she questioned.

      “I think the end of the line for my wonderful night is stomping his way over here” he took another sip of his drink “I should probably–”

      “Hey baby” Ji-Yong clenched his jaw.

      “Oh hey babe” she felt his arm tighten around her waist as he began to pull her toward him.

    “GD-Sunbaenim” Suho bowed “I was just leaving. Alex it was so nice to see you again, have a good rest of your night you two” he bowed again and turned to make his leave.

      “Oh Alex” he turned on his heels “just remember what I said, it’s not too late” He smirked and turned to continued on his way.

      The car ride was no less painful than leaving the club, the tension was high and nobody said a word. While they were about to walk out the door to the outside of the club he reached behind him to hold her hand only to have her pull away from him. He clenched his jaw and let out an incredulous small laugh as he watched her continue to walk ahead of him. Again as they were getting into their SUV he stepped aside to help her get in but she ignored his hand and let her security guard help her in; he sardonically laughed to himself. They both knew that once they got the the hotel the gloves were coming off.

      The tension in the elevator between the two of them was so thick one could almost cut it with a knife. Neither one daring to speak, though in their heads words were flying at a mile a minute; so many things they wanted to say but just didn’t know where to start. The journey leading up to the elevator was no picnic either. As they were being walked through the hotel by their security guards, they would normally escort them all the way to their room but when they reached the elevator and the doors opened Ji-Yong out stretched his arm stopping them before they could follow suit.

      “That’ll be all for tonight, thank you” he said nonchalantly.

      The lead security guard was taken aback “Sir we have to escort you to your room”

      “Not tonight guys. Take the rest of the night off, I’m sure we can manage without you for one night” he raised an eyebrow. He made his way into the elevator and pressed the button for their floor.

      “But sir–” the lead security guard spoke again.

      “Good night gentlemen” Ji-Yong said as the doors to the elevator closed and marked the clear division between: holding your tongue before the eyes of the world and being in the center of the eye of the storm.

      The beeps of the elevator filled the air, floor by floor it felt like it was a countdown to a ticking time bomb that was going to explode any minute. Fifteen floors seemed like it was light years away and carrying a bomb with short fuse that had been burning long before they ever even entered, well it seemed the tides were not their favor. With the distance between the two of them and the mind numbing silence one could swear that they were complete strangers; not lovers but strangers with the same hunger. It felt as though with how far Alex stood from him, she might as well have been in an entirely different part of the world. God knows she sure as shit felt that way. And with the alcohol still running through his veins and an ugly jealousy still festering in his head, he spoke without a moment’s hesitation. beep, beep, beep.

      “So, you never answered my question earlier. Did you have fun with all your guy friends?”

      She scoffed incredulously, she was definitely not drunk enough to deal with this kind of bullshit right now. She wore a sardonic smile on her face.

      He pursed his lips and nodded his head “Hmph. Glad to know you had a good time with him honey” he said with a condescending sneer. beep, beep, beep.

      Still keeping her silence, she shot him a look of disgust. She kept repeating to herself in her head ‘don’t blow up on him, don’t blow up on him. He’s just wasted and so are you..’

      Her lack of putting up any kind of protest or just let alone speaking was driving him crazy. The fact that she allowed those douche bags to hold her the way that they did, and then rejected him her own boyfriend when he tried to hold her hand; that just threw him over the edge.

      “Why would you be acting so lovey dovey with your fucking ex-boyfriend in front of me like that?! Why would you even talk to him in the first place?!” Boom.

      She went wide eyed in disbelief “ I went on one fucking date with him like five years ago! And that was way before I ever met you. I’d hardly call him my ‘ex-boyfriend’”

      “Ahhh so she speaks!” he hollers “Just proving how your conscience is weighing on you, I didn’t even have to specify which him I was talking about but you already knew exactly who it was”

      She couldn’t believe they were even arguing about this. He’s had all the chance in the world to complain about anyone that she’s dated in the past and he’s choosing now of all times’ while he’s completely fucked up, to do it.

      “Of course I knew who you were talking about, I only dated one of the six people I was talking to jack ass!” she squeezed her hand so tight around her phone that it felt as though if she had squeezed any tighter she could have Hulked right through her phone “Like I said before, I only ever went on one date with Suho and that was five years ago!”

      “First of all don’t say his name. Second of all so because you met him first that means how I feel doesn’t amount to anything?”

      “What the fuck are you on?! I never said that! Stop putting words in my mouth!” she threw her hands up “I didn’t do anything wrong I was just being friendly with my friend who just so happens to be a man! All I did was say ‘oh my god hi, how are you? How have you been? cause I haven’t seen you for over a year!”

      “yea right Alex come the fuck on, who acts so touchy with some guy she only went on one date on?–”

      “Ji-Yong you have got to be kidding me” she crossed her arms again.

      “–Also I clearly heard you call him Oppa~ and now you’re also admitting to having talked to him while we were dating? Well if that doesn’t get you girlfriend of the award I don’t know what will” he furrowed his brows.

      Alex was about to blow a gasket, she was trying so hard to not go completely mental on his ass. Ji-Yong has had his moments of jealousy in the past but it only ever got this bad when he allowed himself to wallow in his own self pity with a bottle at hand. Alex took a deep breath and spoke.

      “Ji-Yong can we seriously not do this right now? You’re super trashed so if you still wanna yell at me that badly by tomorrow when you’re hopefully sober then so be it”

      He scowled “No, I’m not done–”

      Ding. The doors to the elevator suddenly opened to reveal another drunken couple join them on the elevator. Only difference was, they actually seemed to like each other. As if the couple hadn’t noticed that they weren’t alone, they continued to giggle and laugh while kissing each other like it was the last chance they would ever have to do so. The sight of the other couple not only made Ji-Yong and Alex feel uncomfortable but it made them long for a time not so long ago when they were just like that. Ji-Yong not wanting to endure them rubbing their apparent love for each other in his face, he cleared his throat causing  the other couple suddenly wake up from their daze of young love only to realize they weren’t alone after all. The other two looked back at Alex and Ji-Yong with an apologetic look in their eyes. The boyfriend was the first to speak up.

      “Oh I’m so sorry” he said still holding his girlfriend “We didn’t notice you there, you guys were so quiet we thought we were by ourselves”

Ji-Yong merely gave him a half hearted smile and a nodded; Alex just turns to look away.

      Fuck was it that obvious they wanted nothing to do with each other?

      The girlfriend, in her drunken stupor, quizzically stared at the two with her eyes darting back and forth between the two; her eyes suddenly went wide. ‘Shit…’ Ji-Yong thought, here we go another super fan about to bombard him with a string of ‘Oh my god! GD Oppa~! Saranhaeyo!’

      “Omo! You’re G-Dragon! Oppa!” you see, he wasn’t completely wrong. “A-and you’re Alexandra McMahon!” the girl pointed and covered her mouth with her hand.

      Alex internally cringed at hearing her full name before she shot the girl an insincere smile.

      “Yup that’s me haha” she raised an eyebrow; Ji-Yong stayed silent.

      The boy and the girl smiled at each other before the boy spoke again.
      “What are you guys already calling it a night?” he chuckled “I never would have pegged you two for going to bed early, I would’ve thought you two would be partying until tomorrow!”
      Alex and Ji-Yong just glanced at eachother and let out an awkward laugh.

      The boy looked between the two and smiled.
      “Ohhhhhh! I get it” he smirked “You guys are going to go have an ‘after party’, am I right?” the girl playfully hit her boyfriend on the shoulder.
      “How did you guess?” Ji-Yong said in a monotone manner; the other two just laughed. Alex rolled her eyes and looked up at the glowing numbers above the doors indicating how much longer she’d have to endure the other two. Much to her surprise the next floor was theirs. She put on the fakest smile she could muster and grabbed Ji-Yong by the wrist.
      “Well it was so nice meeting you two but it looks like this is our stop!” the elevator doors opened and she pulled Ji-Yong along with her as she stepped out. Stopping right outside of the doors she placed her arms around Ji-Yong’s neck confusing the shit out of him.
      “Now you two kids have fun and stay out of trouble, I know we will. Right babe?” she said sardonically.
      Still confused as to what was going on, he spoke just barely above a whisper.
      “Uh y-yea?” he raised an eyebrow.
      Just before the doors were about to close she pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Taken aback by her actions it took him a second to process what was going on but it didn’t take long before he deepened the kiss and placed a hand on her cheek. The other two in complete awe, subconsciously started tilting their heads to the side to keep watching the display of affection before them as the doors were slowly closing; the boy spoke up for the final time.
      “Wahhhh, I wish we were that in love…”
      With the other two now gone and out off their hair, Alex and Ji-Yong stood their ground kissing just as passionately as before. But even now as she was running her hands through his hair, and every now and then giving it a gentle tug, he still could not understand what was going on. Did the alcohol just finally hit her? Had they finally argued so much that she had lost it? Or was this just the beginning to an entire evening full of amazing hate sex? Either way he wasn’t mad about his current situation. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her in even closer as he ground his growing erection into her. She let out a little moan into his mouth; Ji-Yong couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. With another gentle tug to his hair, she took his bottom lip between her teeth and gave it a small tug this time earning a moan from him.
      He pulled away from the kiss to speak “Mmm fuck. let’s go to the room before I fuck you right where you’re standing” he ran his hands over her ass.
Her only response was kissing his neck. He let out a small laugh and with and unrelenting Alex still kissing his neck he carefully pushed her in the direction of their hotel room. Bumping into things every now and again due to either the alcohol or when she’d nip at the sensitive spot on his neck, it was quite evident Ji-Yong was enjoying himself. Finally managing to make it to their room door, he paused pinning her between himself and the door as she continued her relentless attack on his neck.
      “Babe. babe–” he smirked as tried to get her attention.
All he received was muffled ‘Mmm?’.

      He licked his lips and threw his head back “Ung” he groaned “fuck babe you’re gonna make me cum before we even get to the fun stuff”
      She pulled away momentarily to smirk at him.
      He looked back at her and ran his thumb across her bottom lip; if there was anything he loved more in the world other than Alex herself it was her plush lips. Just looking at them brought back memories of all the amazing things that have come out of that mouth; also some of his favorite memories about things that have been in that mouth too. One item in particular being at the top of that list. If there was one memory that by far was his favorite, as lewd as it was and aside from the day they met, it would be the first time she ever gave him a blowjob; plain and simple. He remembers her saying that ‘she never usually did stuff like that’, she said ‘she only ever did that with whoever was her boyfriend at the time’. With what they did the rest of the night it was beyond ‘just blowing your friend for fun in his car because he came home from tour that night’. Come to think of it Alex wasn’t as ‘untouched as the morning dew’ as she said she was.
      Managing to get the door open and both of them inside, Ji-Yong slammed the door shut with his foot as he pulled her in for another passionate kiss. Not bothering to turn the lights on, or break the kiss, he lead her further into the room and gently pushed her onto the bed. With both their chests heaving up and down and feeling like their hearts were pumping so loud that the other could hear it, they looked into each other’s eyes as if time had stopped right then and there. Standing between her legs he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor before crawling on top of her to straddle her body. Ghosting his lips over hers and then to her neck made shivers run up and down her spine, he tilted her head to the side to get a better angle and began making quick work of her neck. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she bit her lip, he took one of his hands in hers and interlocked their fingers as he brought their hands above her head. The sensation of his lips and teeth grazing over her skin was driving her crazy, a hand she had previously placed upon his chest was now running down toward his toned midsection stopping every so often when he’d nip at the sensitive spot on her neck. Inciting little whimpers from her from the absence of his lips on her neck he kissed his way down toward her chest. He released her hand above her head and caressed her arm as he slowly lowered the spaghetti strap to her dress from her shoulder and unveiling one of her breasts. He took her exposed breast in his mouth before peppering kisses all over it and this time receiving a small moan and a tug to his hair. Pulling away he made his way back up to her lips and languidly kissed her before pulling away again to speak.
      “I love you” he pecked her lips.
      “I love you too” she ran her hand up his back.
        He smiled before he went back in to kiss her and ran his hand underneath her waist to lift her up higher on the bed. Settling between her legs, he hiked up her dress above her thighs and went back to suck on her neck.
      If there was one thing that made her patience wear thin it was when he would tease her and make it feel like it was an eternity before he actually started to fuck her. Wanting to speed up the process, she placed a hand on his abs and slowly made her way to his prominent erection that was just waiting to burst out of his pants. Sticking her hand between his pants and his boxer briefs she began to palm him earning a moan from him and a momentary halt on the attack on her neck.
      “Fuck” he groaned.

      She removed her hand to undo the zipper and button on his pants and this time returning to pump him in his underwear.
      “Shit” he moaned, she smiled to herself; one of her favorite things to hear was him swearing whenever she was either A) blowing him B) jerking him off or C) when she was on top, it was like some sort of sexy validation she was putting in work.
      Ji-Yong not wanting to end their private party before it even started, grabbed her by the wrist putting a stop to her actions.
      “Patience is a virtue…” he ghosted over her lips again.
      “Not when you tease me the way you do” she pouted.
      “Bet he can’t make you feel the way I do” he returned to kiss her neck.
      “Wait what did you just say?” she furrowed her brows and pulled away from him “Ji-Yong If you said what I think you said I swear–”
      “What you’re gonna go running to him?” he sat up straddling her.
      “You have got to be shitting me…” she shoved him off of her and rearranged her dress as she got up from the bed.
      “Did I miss something here? What did I do wrong?” he furrowed his eyebrows.
      She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms “You’re joking right? You’re being an absolute douche bag!”
      “Oh what, you think that a hand job makes what you did with that asshole go away? Think again baby” he said getting off the bed.
      She clenched her jaw “You know what, how about I do us both a favor and fuck-off back to LA and you can literally go fuck yourself” she hollered as she made her way toward the door.
      “What the fuck do you mean you’re going back to LA? You can’t just leave without me, you know how bad that would look?!” he took a step toward her.
      With a hand on the knob of the door she stopped in her tracks and let out an incredulous chuckle “That sounds like a you problem”
      “Baby wait! W-What about your stuff, you wouldn’t just leave without your suitcase!”
      “Considering the fact that I’m worth millions, I’m pretty sure I can afford to buy a new wardrobe. Do whatever you with it, shove it up you ass for all I care!” and with that she slammed the door shut.
      “Alex–Alex!” Ji-Yong grabbed the vase on the night stand and smashed it into the wall. They have had bad fights before but never like this, there had been times where she threatened to leave but never actually threatening to leave for another country and actually walking out. Ji-Yong at this point had taken for granted the fact that no matter how pissed he’s made her that she’d always come back, on way or another she’d always come back. But he wasn’t so sure this time.

      “whoa, you ok there kid?” Tim asked with a severely concerned face
      “Huh?” I said absentmindedly “O-oh yea, yea I am” I forced a smile.
      “Where’d you go?” he put a hand on my shoulder “after you saw the picture you screamed bloody murder and then went total lobotomized zombie on me; just stared at the floor with a vacant expression”
      I shook head out of my thoughts “No, really I’m fine…I just..just kinda spaced out a little I guess”

      “A little?” he raised an eyebrow.
      A sudden clicking sound diverted our attention toward the front door that was slowly being opened. Tim and I became stiff; both in defensive mode ready to jump up and kick the intruder’s ass. Truthfully I was more concerned that I would be murdered in my underwear and at that the crime scene the police would find me in that kind of state of undress. The intruder slowly pushed the door open and made his way back first into the room and as if on queue the light to that walk way flickered and shut off shrouding the intruder in darkness. ‘Shit. am I really about to be Michael Myers-ed right now? Damn it I wish I had worn cuter underwear…’ I thought to myself. The intruder having turned back around encroached his way toward us and into view.
      “Ahh! Suho what the fuck?!” I put a hand over my heart “You scared the shit out of us”
      Carrying a bag in one hand, a cup holder in the other and another paper bag between his teeth let out a muffled ‘sorry’.
      I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples with my fingers “What the hell are you doing here anyway? And how the hell did you get a key to my room?”
Suho let out a chuckle as he put down the items he was carrying “I told you I was coming back to check on you don’t you remember?”
      “Clearly there has been a miscommunication here because I wouldn’t be asking if I had remembered” I furrowed my eyebrows “Sorry I didn’t mean to sound so mean…”
      He smiled and shook his head “I was hoping this wouldn’t happen but I don’t blame you, especially after last night”
      I went wide eyed “Oh my god. We didn’t–did we?”
      He laughed “ouch, well if we had I really hope you would’ve remembered at least that. I’d want to leave a better impression than that on you” he gave me a smile that made me blush.
      “Oh I brought you these by the way, I didn’t know which ones were your favorites so I just got all of them” smiling again he handed her the mismatched bouquet of flowers.
      Taking the flowers I smiled into them as I put them up to my nose to take in their smell.
      Tim feeling like he had been booted out of the room rolled his eyes and cleared his throat.
      “Oh, hey Tim sorry I didn’t get you flowers but how about a coffee?” Suho gestured making me laugh.
      Not entirely fond of Suho to begin with, Tim didn’t really find his joke any more appealing than he found Suho.
      “So, thanks for bringing her back to her room last night, glad you came to check on her but as you can see she’s fine so you can–” Tim attempted to rush Suho out.
      “Hey hold on there, he’s not quite done here” I put my hand up “Now since you seem to be the only one that actually remembers any of last night, can you explain this” I held up Tim’s phone that held the webpage to my undoing; the only one of the pictures that was taken of me last night that had managed to not be blurry and of course it had to be one of Suho and I completely making out while waiting for a Taxi.
      “Oh…” Suho covered his mouth.
      “Listen, I’m not mad about the make out session I’m sure it was great–”
      Tim felt like he was about to gag.
      “–but I’m just more upset that my face is plastered all over the internet and half of it is being devoured by you”

      Suho held back a laugh “I mean” he rubbed the nape of his neck “It just kind of happened, I was trying to get you home because you were pretty hammered and one thing led to a thank you and that lead to you kissing me and that lead to–well that picture”
      I let out a sigh “Well I guess there’s nothing we can really do now” I leaned back on the bed “I can’t really complain if you’re the ‘Mystery Man’ I went home with”
      “Ok and with that I am out” Tim stood up making his way toward the door       “Alex, I’ll text you, and Suho” he just nodded his head and headed out the door. Leaving a very confused Alex and Suho staring after him.

Tumblr - Girl (Part 8)

Tumblr – Girl (series)
Part 1

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: answer time
Word Count: 2.148
Warnings: it’s a quite smooth one, parts of a panic attack, mental illness, maybe parts of implied rape

Notes: it’s been some time, but here it is, part 8! Woho..
it’s a quite smooth one, but I hope you like it in spite of that.

As always loads of love and thanks to my precious beta @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki you are truly wonderful! Thanks so much!

Enough talk, enjoy Part 8. :)

Mishas POV

With some new energy the text gave me I mastered the rest of the convention, the panels flew by and soon it was time for the closing ceremony and with the knowledge of Y/N being okay I could enjoy the whole day. I had a smile tugged on my face and when the whole convention sang “Carry on my wayward son” together I got goose bumps. From time to time I saw Jensen looking at me, and smiling, sometimes I met his gaze and he seemed truly content with the situation.

After the convention ended, I went to my room, there were two more hours left before our drivers picked you up for the flight back to Vancouver. I first packed all my things to my carry-on bag, I never brought much stuff with me to a convention weekend, then I lied down on the bed, took my phone out to make some notes on my answer, which I wanted to do later, but then I saw there were a few messages from the cast:

 Rob (5 min ago): Hey buddies, what about some farewell-drinks? In 10min in the Lobby? Dick&Rob

 Jared (3 min ago): Mish, are you joining for some drinks?

 Jensen (2 min ago): Are you in your room? I’m on my way to you before good-bye drinks. :)

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Summer and Winter PART ONE
Okay! Here is my second series, but this is my first Game Of Thrones one. So this takes place in the beginning of season 7. Hope you guys enjoy!
I could see the snow covered castle. We neared it as the wind of the night beat at our faces. I was shaking, but I didn’t know if it was from the cold or the nerves. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but it was too late to go back to King’s Landing now. My mother had made that perfectly clear when she put a price on my head. I felt quiet uneasy as myself and my loyal guard rode our horses through the gates of Winterfell. Immediately we were surrounded by guards their weapons aimed at us. Trevon immediately reached for his long sword.

“Don’t.” I stopped him, “this is their land. We are intruders.” I answered before getting off my horse. My whole body became rigid with the cold. Trevon grumbled as we were lead into the great hall of the castle. The room was filled with guards, at the end of the room was a fireplace, and a long table. I recognized the two people who sat there. Sansa Stark with her red hair, and Jon Snow, or Jon Stark now I suppose. Sansa looked at me with grace, but Jon looked at me with anger in his eyes. I expected nothing less.

“What are you doing here?” Jon ordered his face stern. He looked like Robb…Swallowing I walked closer removing my hood letting my golden hair fall over my shoulders.

“King Stark.” I knelt before them, “Lady Sansa.”

“Stand Elyana.” Sansa’s voice was regal and not as forceful as Jons. I stood slowly keeping my breath even though my heart raced.

“What are you doing here?” Jon ordered again.

“I wish to help my lord.” I put on the confident front I used in King’s Landing. Jon scoffed.

“You? Help us? You’re a Lannister.” He spoke with distaste.

“With all due respect my lord, I’m only half Lannister.” I replied.

“What?” He looked at me oddly.

“I am only half Lannister, I am also half Baratheon.” I felt the room shift in movement. Sansa looked as if she believed me, Jon just looked at me, his gaze harsh.

“You’re lying.” He replied.

“My hair is Lannister gold, is it not?” I asked.

“Yes.” He answered seeming slightly confused.

“It’s dyed. My real hair color is tinted brown.” I replied, “the dye will wear off in a few days, you can see for yourself.”

“Assuming you’re still breathing.” Jon threatened.

“Jon.” Sansa looked at him. He sighed, “you said you wanted to help. How?”

“I am the last living Lannister and Baratheon child,” I began, “people may hate Cersei, Jaime. But they don’t hate me.”

“How are you so sure?” He countered.

“I was the kind one.” I replied holding my head high, “people didn’t hate me as they loathed my brother. I did what I could for the good of the people.” I swallowed, my mouth dry.


“I-I,” my voice wavered as I looked at his cold eyes, “I can help you take the Iron Throne.”

“You can stay in here.” Sansa lead me into a room. I looked around at the chamberers.

“I didn’t expect something this nice.” I whispered.

“Did you expect the stables?” Sansa laughed lightly.

“The cells, actually.” I cleared my throat. Sansa looked at me. I looked away setting cloak on the bed.

“I appreciate what you risked to come here.” She spoke, “I heard about the price on your head.”

I nodded slowly, “it seems that even family can end…”

“I won’t let them hurt you.” She spoke suddenly. I looked at her quickly. I didn’t expect this much kindness.

“I haven’t forgotten how kind you were to me in King’s Landing, I don’t think I would have survived without you.” She smiled softly at me.

“Thank you Sansa.” I nodded.

“I will leave you to rest now.” She moved towards the door, “Elyana?”

I looked at her again.

“I believe you, about your heritage.”

“Thank you.” I gave her a soft smile before she left. Once I heard the door shut I let out a shaky breath. Tears began to swell in my eyes, sinking to the floor I cried silently.

After awhile I got up and began to unpack the one pack I had brought with me. The clothing I had brought was the warmest I had, which wasn’t much. I was putting my things away when a hard knock sounded on the door making me jump.

“Yes?” I asked quietly.

“King Stark will see you now.” The gruff voice ordered. I opened the door to find three guards awaiting me, none of them were Trevon.

“This way please.” One of them grabbed my arm and pulled me into a walk, I could tell he didn’t like me. Instead of leading me to the grand hall, I was taken to the King’s room.

“In you go.” The guard barked. I swallowed before putting on my brave and confident act I had perfected over the years. The room was warm and a fire crackled in the large fireplace. Once in the room the door slammed shut behind me. Jon had his back turned towards me as he looked at the fire. I resisted the urge to play with the golden hem of my sleeve.

“You said you could give me the Iron Throne.” He stated before turning to face me, “how?”

“I’m a Baratheon. Despite my father being dead, that name still holds power.” I replied.

“You’re also a Lannister.”

“And that name holds fear.” I countered, “if we work together you can have the Iron Throne, and your revenge.”

“Work together?” He looked at me, “you mean an alliance?”

“Only if you see fit.” I replied, “I will aid you either way.”

“You risked a lot by coming here.” He turned back to the fire.

“You’ve lost more.” I answered. I heard him scoff, “you helped my sister in King’s Landing, she told me…why?”

“Just because I was present in the face of horror did not mean I agreed with it.” I answered, “your sister didn’t deserve to be faced with so much hatred. None of you did.”

“…I will think about your proposal.” He replied, “for now you shall stay under guard, you can walk around the grounds if you wish, but I warn you, you won’t be treated kindly.”

“Thank you my lord.” I curtsied before leaving. Once I was out of the room my chest felt lighter.

“Come on girl.” The guard pulled me again and returned me to my room. He shut the door with a slam and left me alone. To my surprise there were a pile of folded dresses on my bed, they were of WinterFell make. I smiled softly to myself.

“What are you doing here Elyana?” I whispered to myself before looking at my hair. I pulled off all my golden jewelry, and anything that signified me as a Lannister and cast them onto the floor.

“I’m paying a debt…“



i do this. this is final pam. you remember how your backyard barbeque go, the smiths. pretty good it doesn’t seem. ha ha. i tell little joke. next time, you invite pam.

  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!

Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)

  • Me (an Ace person): *Blogging about Pride month
  • Me: *Sees Ace discourse*
  • Me: *Blogs about Pride month even harder*