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Car Sex, Yoongi/Suga

I wrote this one a really long time ago and I’m going to post it for you guys, not that it makes up for any of the lack of posts but until I’m finished with the other requests this should suffice a little right? Hopefully. It’s a little different but enjoy. ~

Warnings: Language

We stopped driving some time ago. I don’t know how long we’ve just been sitting here, car parked on the side of the road, wrapped up in each other’s embrace. As soon as he stopped the car he pulled me to straddle his lap, his arms wrapping around me and his soft hands sliding up the back of his hoodie. His nails drew light circles on my lower back, Yoongi’s quiet voice whispering how much he loves me into my ear repeatedly. He just let me silently cry into his neck, the only noise being my sniffles and Yoongi’s whispers.

“Hey,” he murmurs, his hands sliding to caress my sides. I don’t move my face from his shoulder and he kisses my ear. “Baby, look at me.”

I pull back so I could see him, but it’s not even like I could very well. It was so dark out, being almost one in the morning. The stars and moon shone brightly but it wasn’t enough to light up Yoongi’s face. I blink at him anyways.

“I love you,” he says and I nod. He’s been saying that for the last hour.

He pulls one of his hands out from under the jacket, resting his warm palm on my cheek. His thumb strokes under my eye, wiping at the dampness there from my endless tears.

“Don’t cry anymore,” he whispers. “You’re far too beautiful to have tears streaming down your face..”

“Don’t make me cry then,” I whisper back. He moves his hand back under my jacket, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close to him. I play with his hair, resting my cheek on top of his head while he snuggles his face into the front of me.

“I won’t ever,” he says.

I feel his head shift and I look at him, seeing him staring at me. He blinks, his eyes flickering everywhere on my face before settling on my lips. He strains his neck up, slowly leaning closer and I figured he was going to kiss me, but he just pushes his lips to my jaw. He moves down, trailing feather light kisses all the way down my neck before retreating back up and placing one right at the corner of my mouth.

“I’m promising you on everything, I won’t ever be the reason for your tears again.”

He was murmuring against my lips, his chapped ones brushing against my own but he wasn’t kissing me. It was driving me crazy, I just wanted a kiss. I initiate it, leaning down and capturing his mouth. My eyes slip closed when he doesn’t pull away and my heart flutters when he tilts his head so he could poke his warm tongue deep between my lips. He slowly licks at my tongue, his hands squeezing at my sides, his nails digging into the skin of my back. I arch myself into him and he sighs contently, pulling me impossibly closer.

“Baby girl,” he mumbles, nipping at my bottom lip and massaging my hips. “I’m going to make you feel so good..”

I pull away and rest our foreheads together, both of us staring into each other’s eyes. His arm snakes around my back to hold me still, while his other hand slips into the front of my shorts. Two of his cold fingers push between my wet folds and rub, causing me to gasp at the temperature change. He slides through my wetness, keeping his eyes locked with mine as he gently strokes over my clit with the rough pad of his thumb.

“So swollen and wet..” He whispers, rubbing me gently. I whimper when he pulls away, slipping his hand in further and circling my entrance with his finger.

“Yoongi please.”

My head falls back when he pushes inside, slowly sliding in up to his knuckle. My breathing gets heavier, my hands weaving through his curly hair, tugging on the short strands as he moves his finger in and out. He slips another one in beside the first, his fingers massaging my inner walls. I moan and his arm tightens around me, bringing me back to him.

“Shh shh shh,” he whispers along my neck, wetly kissing my throat. “I’ve got you.”

He was pumping his fingers inside of me so languidly, so slowly and relaxed, I couldn’t take it. As soon as my hips push down on his hand once, he locks me in place with his arm, enabling me to move anymore while he drives in deep. He pulls and curls his fingers so perfectly it makes my stomach twist with want.

“Yoongi,” I whine his name.

“Okay baby okay,” he whispers, pulling his fingers out and his hand from my shorts. He wipes his fingers off on his jacket I had on and grabs my neck to pull me down for a kiss. “Lift your body.”

I hold myself over his lap, balancing my weight while he unbuttons his jeans and pushes the zipper down. He shimmies his pants down his thighs, bunching them up at his knees before grabbing my hips. All we have to do is move my loose shorts to the side so he could have access.

“Come here,” he pulls me closer to him until our chests are pushed together, his mouth gently pressing to mine. “I love you so much.”

I whimper and Yoongi grunts as he lowers me down onto him, slowly. When I’m sat completely on his bare thighs, his hips roll in tiny circles, helping me adjust to his thick size. I wrap my arms around his neck, leaning forward to bury my face into his hair and he kisses along the juncture of my throat. His hands slide down my body and grip onto my thighs when he starts moving, pushing his body up and burying his cock deep inside me.

“Oh,” I squeak, tightening my arms.

My hands fist into his hair and he groans against my neck, his hips jerking. He keeps his thrusts slow, pulling out at an agonizing pace and pushing back in just the same, but deep. His arm wraps around my back, his other hand moving to my hip so he could move my body up and down on his shaft. I moan and he grunts as I bounce on his lap, his cock pulsing inside of me every time he thrusted in.

“God I love you so much baby girl,” he nibbles and sucks on my neck harshly, grinding up into me and making my head spin when he brushes against my sweet spot. “So so so much.”

“Yoongi,” I moan his name and his entire body shivers, his hips pushing up faster now.

His hand is on my side, his thumb pushing into my skin next to my belly button and his other four fingers pressing against my spine tightly, keeping me arched against him. His arm moves behind me, his hand sliding into the back of my pants and smoothing over my ass. I feel two of his fingers at my entrance, where his cock was pushing in and out quickly.

“Fuck baby. You’re so stretched out around me,” he lets out a loud whimper, breathing against my shoulder. “Wish I could see it right now. See how wrecked you are down there because of my thickness.”

I knew he wasn’t using nasty wording because of the intimate situation we were in and I loved him for it. I pull back and grab his cheeks, holding his head still while I kiss him, my body bouncing. My tongue dances with his, our slimy muscles sliding against each other so passionately. I breath heavily out of my nose and so does he, both of us panting with both our chests heaving. I slide my hands up his tank top and scratch my nails down his chest, his throat vibrating as he moans loudly into my mouth.

“Yes yes yes,” he grunts, shoving his hips upwards. He starts slamming me down onto his cock, over and over. “Right there baby girl, I’m right there. Keep riding me just like this. So fucking perfect.”

I whimper into his mouth everytime his swelled cock tip hits my sweet spot dead on, every thrust in he was hitting it. Heat curls low in my gut as my climax approaches and Yoongi’s thrusts were getting sloppier by the second, his memeber pulsing and jerking against my clenching walls.

“Oh fuck,” he whines. “Oh fuck baby. You bounce on me so beautifully. You look so beautiful right now. So gorgeous, I love you.”

He grunts and with one last thrust inside, we both come undone. I moan into his mouth, my nails digging into the sore skin of his chest and he whimpers out a loud, firm, ‘uh’ while he releases. After we’ve both calmed down, Yoongi pulls out and fixes my shorts for me. He pulls his boxers and jeans back up before grabbing me and pulling me to lay down on top of him on the seat.

“I came inside you,” he says, no worry in his voice whatsoever as he rubs my back. I don’t reply and close my eyes, my ear resting over and listening to his fast beating heart. The sound was soothing and almost lulls me to sleep as I cling onto him.

“Hey,” he whispers and I him to let him know I’m listening. His lips push to my forehead in a sweet kiss. “You’re so god damn pretty and I love you.”


accidentally turning on Tommy Holland would include

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  • finally Tommy had a time off from all his shootings and for the weekend, he was all yours to have
  • and on this particular afternoon he decided to teach you how to play the guitar
  • sitting on his lap on the floor
  • as it’s a really hot day, you are wearing a baggy shirt of his and some denim shorts
  • having his hands over yours
  • feeling his hot breath on your neck
  • “and your finger goes right here”
  • “okay, professor Holland”
  • him being a really good teacher
  • biting your lip as you’re concentrating really hard
  • “it’s too difficult, Tommy, i can’t do this”
  • “you can do anything you want to, love, let’s try again”
  • you moving around on his lap to find a comfy position
  • feeling him harden through his sweatpants
  • “really Tom?”
  • “i’m sorry love, i can’t help it but having you like this in my arms and your fingers moving so smoothly on the guitar and you biting your lips as you’re concen-
  • cutting him off with a kiss
  • him being excited about what’s about to happen
  • “Tommy?”
  • him letting out a small moan
  • “yes love?”
  • “go to the bathroom and handle yourself”

Castiel imagined it, so many times.  How he would come to Dean, confess to him in the dark.  It would start with Dean here, in this room in the bunker, alone, drinking from the neck of a bottle of Jack Daniels to numb himself enough to dig stitches into some wound in his own arm.  Castiel imagined that he would appear, wings ruffling behind him, and take the bottle from Dean, though Dean’s hands would chase after it.  He would set it aside, and then take Dean’s wounded arm in his hands.  He would cover the wound with light, and when it was healed he would stroke his fingers over it, reverently.  ‘Dean,’ he would whisper, and Dean would look at him, eyes glassy from the alcohol and the pain and maybe, maybe from something else.  Some feeling never before given root. 

‘Dean,’ he would whisper again, like there was a continuation to what he wanted to say that he just couldn’t make.  And he would hold Dean’s eyes with his own, like he had so many times, and close the distance between them, so slowly, giving Dean every chance to move away, to push Castiel aside, to drop his head.

But Dean wouldn’t move away.  His lips would be right there, to meet Castiel’s, and they would be soft and smooth and a little cold from the blood loss, the alcohol.  Castiel would kiss them.  He didn’t really know how, but he would kiss Dean’s lips with his own until he couldn’t breathe, anymore.   


Ok, before I start, I just wanted to remind you that Sam is not a good guy - I know some of you are gonna roll their eyes at this, but I’m still putting the warning sign up  -  and surely not the one that poor Donny deserves.

-Sam is a sadist. Langdon is a masochist. It’s destiny, it’s written in the fucking   stars. Sam can’t stop his hands from gripping at his neck- wrists- legs- arms- whatever he’s closer to. Tightening the grip until he hears a faint groan- a please, Sam, please stop.

-Both of them know that Langdon really doesn’t want to stop.  

-Langdon loves calling Sam ’daddy’ at the most inappropriate moments: walking in the New York morning crowd - while he’s peacefully sipping his coffee - or in front of that strange man who Sam seems to fear so much. It’s particularly funny seeing how Sam’s ears tinge a lovely shade of red, before he grabs him and throws him against whatever flat surface he finds. 

-I’m so sorry, daddy- ah! I said I’m sorry, please- hng - please daddy don’t, uh, don’t hurt me, don’t use The Knife on me– yes, daddy, I’m a pathetic little slut, I know.

-Langdon doesn’t understand Sam’s fascination with knives; privately, he thinks it’s just an excuse to scare him. The fucking bastard. 

-Sam has a thing for pet names, and really, what was Langdon expecting? 

-Open up, doll, show me that pretty hole of yours. That’s right- good boy, spread yourself for me.   Use your fingers, yeah, that’s right. Good job, sweetheart, now I want you to scream as loud as you can, bitch- 

-Sam can’t stop thinking about the way Langdon clenches on him, tight like a vine when he’s about to come. How he throws his head back, mouth slack. Every muscle of his body paralyzed, ass milking him until Sam has to force him away because it’s so good it fucking hurts.

-Something that Langdon will never admit is just how good Sam feels inside him. How full he makes him feel, how he always manages to hit that particular spot that makes him see withe for a few seconds.
-Sam loves loves loves fucking Langdon’s throat. He loves the sight of him, on his knees, spit running down his chin. Loves how painfully inexperienced he is.
-Langdon is painfully inexperienced in a great deal of things, actually. Sam wants to teach him all of them.  

-Langdon’s memory capacity slowly starts to deteriorate. Has he already talked to his father about those articles he’s been working on for weeks? How long has Henry been dead now? Four, no– six months? The only clear point of his life become the encounters with Sam. Sam always knows what hour it is, which day, which year. Sam knows best- and so he unconsciously starts to spend more time in Sam’s apartment, because what street does he have to take to go home? Why does he even want to go back there? 

-When Langdon isn’t able to leave the bed anymore, Sam reluctantly stops bringing women at his - their - place.  

For the Last Time

Welp, its here! FINALLY. I had to revise a few things since this was originally part of a whole fanfiction story that my cousin and I are working on. BUT HERE YOU GO. SOME CAS SMUT.

Parings: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,376 words

Warnings: Some angst, smut, unprotected sex(wrap it before you tap it kids!), oral (reader giving and receiving). I think that’s it. I’m still new to the whole giving warnings thing.

Tags: @divinitycas

“Dear Castiel, your girlfriend want you to-““Y/n.” You spin around and throw your arms around the angel. You give him a squeeze, as he wraps his arms around you too. “I missed you Cas.” You nuzzle your face in his neck and he slides his hands down on your waist. “I am in the middle of a war, Y/n.” You let out a sigh and put your hands on his chest, leaning back so you could look up at him. “I know, but it sucks that I can’t see you all the time anymore! How is it going anyways?” He pulls away and sighs, running a hand through his dark hair. You bite your bottom lip. You really like it when he does that.

“Not all that great. We’re losing.” You frown a little and sit down on your motel bed. “That’s not good. You got a plan to try and win?” Cas sighs again and looks down at the floor, clenching and unclenching his fists. “Yes, but it is not a good thing.” You pat on the mattress next to you and he takes the invitation. You grab his hand and start to give him a hand massage. He just watches your fingers work at his hand. “You know, Castiel, you are a good soldier. You know what’s right. But sometimes, you have to do a little bad for the greater good.” Castiel looks up at your eyes before they went back down to your conjoined hands. He grabs your hands with his other hand and rubs the back of your hands with his thumbs. “It is a lot bad, Y/n.” You let out a sigh and pull your hands from his, before pushing him back on the bed to straddle his waist. You cup his cheek with one hand while the other held you up as you bent down to lay your forehead on his.

“My angel, you are good. Even if you have to do bad, even if it’s really bad, to save people, you are still going to be a good man. And I will always be right here. I will never leave you.” Cas closes his eyes for a second before looking up at you with a small smile. “How in the name of my father, did I get so lucky to have you.” you giggle and kiss all over his face, making his smile grow. You plant your lips on his and just let your body melt on his with a sigh. You could physically feel his tension that had been built up over the last few days, just melt away at the kiss. He snakes his hands on your hips and flips you over so he’s hovering over you, never breaking the kiss. He trails his fingers on your arm, giving you goosebumps. He pulls away and cups your chin.

“You know, I really miss you.” Cas groans and gets off you, sliding to the edge of the bed. He puts his head in his hands as you sit up. “Y/n, I’m in the middle of a war.” You reach out to touch him. “I know, but you’re spending less and less time here, and understand and support you, always will, but I also need you Cas.” He pulls away from you and gets up, turning to you, with an aggravating look.

“Do you not understand Y/n, I am losing a war that will result in Lucifer rising again? I don’t have the time.” You cross your legs and stare up at Cas. “I do understand Castiel, but with you coming here less and less, not giving any word as to if you’re okay. I get worried. I just-“ He growled at you before screaming. “I’m working with Crowley, Y/n!!” You stare up at him some more. Did he just say- Cas gripped his hair before coming to sit back on the bed, his body was turned so that half of him was facing you. “We could use the souls in purgatory to win the war. This is the last effort we got. If we can’t win with this I don’t think we ever can. I don’t want to work with the demon, but what choice do I have?” His head fell in his hands, his shoulders slumped. You let a small smile cross your lips as you reached out and grabbed his hands, making his head snap up in surprise. You pull him more onto the bed. When you had him sitting, facing you, you got on your knees and cupped his cheeks. You could see faint tears in his eyes. You smile a little more and kiss him slowly. It was a short kiss, so you pulled back enough for him study your face. “I don’t really like it, but if it will help you win the war, I am one hundred percent behind you. I love you Castiel, that’s never going to change.” He looked at you in surprise before letting his head fall on your shoulder. You could feel it start to get wet, so you just wrapped your arms around the angel and rub his back, letting him cry.

“Castiel, my angel, everything is going to be alright.” He pulled to the side and wiped his face, as if he didn’t want you to know he was crying. He turned to you, gripped your face and kissed you. He led you down on your back so he could hover over you. He pulled away and kissed your face, making you smile. He started to kiss your neck and you just sigh. “I don’t deserve you. You’re too good for a broken angel like me.” You pull his face back up and poke his nose. “If anyone doesn’t deserve anyone, it’s me. I don’t deserve such a strong, loving, kind angel. Castiel, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t think I would be here, or happy if it weren’t for you.” He leaned down and kissed you quickly before moving to your neck again.

“You are too amazing, Y/n. I love you so much.” You let out a moan when he nips at your collarbone. “I love you too, Castiel.” He lets out a small growl as he pulls your shirt over your head, leaving you in nothing. You hadn’t worn a bra, seeing as you weren’t going anywhere anyway. He looked up at you and kissed down your chest. He sucked and nipped at your flesh, making your back arch of the bed. He sat up and tore both his coats off, tossing them to the floor. You sat up quickly and unbuttoned his belt and pants as he worked on his shirt and tie. When he sat before you in his underwear, he pulled you in for a hard kiss. Your chest pressed against him, making him growl once more. He pulled at your pants, leaving you in nothing but your panties. You pulled back and moved so that you were laying on top him. You trailed kisses along his jaw and down his chest, letting your nails drag along behind you. You kissed the edge of his boxers and you could hear him stop breathing. You smirk and pull them down, snapping your eyes up at him. He was looking down at you with surprise and lust in his eyes. You threw his underwear away, and pulled your attention back to him. His penis twitched under your gaze. You gripped it with your hand and leaned down. You wrapped your mouth around the head and sucked while stroking him. You could hear the angel under you groan out ‘holy hell Y/n.’ You had never done this with him before, so this was all new to him. You slip your mouth down on his penis more, letting your tongue twirl around his head as you go. You didn’t go all the way down, knowing your gag reflex wouldn’t let you, so you just stuck to what you were comfortable with, which seemed to be good with Castiel. He had his head back and was breathing heavily. You bobbed your head up and down faster, stroking him with your hand at the same time. Before you knew it, his whole body got tense, and his seed fills your mouth. You swallowed as much as you could before pulling away.

He let out a groan as you crawled up his body, leaving kisses as you go.  When you sat on his waist again, you wiped the corner of your mouth while looking down at him. His eyes turn a dark shade of blue at the sight, and before you knew it you were underneath him again. He ripped your panties off and kissed you, not caring that he could taste himself on you. You moan against his mouth when he thumbs your clit, going in circles. You writhe underneath him, pulling him into a deeper kiss. He pulls away and starts kissing the pulse point on your neck. You bite your bottom lip to hold in the gasp. He dipped his hand down more and slowly inserted a finger. You couldn’t hold in the small moan that escaped your lips. He moved in and out of you painfully slow. He used his other hand to massage your breast, while his mouth sucked on your nipple. Your moans got louder, making you cover your mouth. You don’t want Sam or Dean to hear you next door. They would tease you for weeks if they did.

Castiel inserted another finger and moved faster, making you arch your back with another loud moan. You could feel the heat build in the pit of your stomach with every motion. Castiel came back up and silenced your moans with a kiss. He moved his fingers faster, and you gripped the sheets. He moved a few more times, and you moaned, feeling yourself spill on his hands. He moves slower still, helping you ride out your orgasm, before sliding down your body to lick up the mess. You were overly sensitive since you just came and you shuddered under his tongue. He brought himself back up to your face and licked his lips. He leaned down and he was barely touching your lips when he spoke. “You taste so sweet, Y/n.” You could feel your arousal again at the tone of his voice. You pull him into a kiss and he leans his body down on you. He kisses your neck and you grind against him, his cock rubbing against your folds. He moans and pulls back to look at you. You look up and you could see his wings behind him, sprawled out on the ceiling. You smiled and lean up to kiss him. “I love you Castiel.” He pushes his lips harder on yours, leaving his eyes closed, and then pressed his forehead on yours. “I love you too Y/n.” He positioned himself, and slid into you, letting out a groan. You both haven’t had sex in almost a month. He’s been at war most of that time, and when he wasn’t, the Winchesters needed him for something. This is the first alone time you’ve had in a long while.

Castiel moved slow at first, but eventually picked up the pace. You were moaning, grunting, sweating, kissing, biting, and whispering how much you love each other. You could feel your climax coming, and you clutched his back tightly, feeling his own muscles tense. “C-Cas, I’m-“.

“Me too.” He breathed in the crook of your neck. You came, biting his shoulder with a muffled moan, Cas filling you soon after. When you both caught your breath, he rolled off you and laid on his back. You moved and laid your head on his chest, suddenly tired. Castiel played with your hair and closed your eyes, drifting off to sleep.

You awoke to the sound of metal clanking. You open your eyes to see Castiel putting his pants back on. You stayed laying on the bed and just watched him. He pulled his shirt on and tried to adjust his tie. You giggle, and he turned to you. You stand up and walk over to him. You tie his tie for him and when you’re done, you lay your hands on his chest. “Got to go back?” He nods and runs a hand through his hair. “Yes. But I won’t be able to see you for a while. Possibly longer this time.” You pull your hands off his chest and walk over to your clothes on the floor and slip your shirt and panties back on. “Okay. Can you do me one favor, Cas?” You look up at him and he cocks his head to the side in that cute way he always does. You walk over to your bag on the chair in the mini kitchen, and pull out a red cellphone, and a charger. You turn to Cas and hand it to him. He looks down at it and back at you, confused. “I already have one of these mobile devices Y/n, and your number.” You sat on the bed and looked down at your hands. “I know, but I want you to have that one. The favor that I want is, I want you to call me once a day to talk on that phone. If you don’t call me, I will give you a grace period of 3 days to call me back. If you don’t, then I will assume that something happened to you and I will come and find you.” You looked up to see Castiel looking down at you. He picks up his coats and shrugs them on before shoving the phone and its charger in his pocket.

“If that is what you wish, I will do so.” He walks over to you and bends down to plant a hard kiss on your lips. “I love you Y/n. Stay safe.” You hold back tears as you nod. “I love you too, Castiel. Come back to me.” Cas just smiled at you before he disappeared. You let the tears fall as you sobbed loudly. This could quite possibly be the last time you see him. Hopefully, you were wrong.

Bucky’s Nightmare

Hey everyone! So this is the first fic I’ve ever actually written. Hopefully you like it. As always, Y/N=your name. Enjoy!

I woke up to shaking and screaming. Groggily, I sat up, blinking sleepily while looking over at Bucky.

           “Buck? Buck, what is it?” I whispered. Realizing what was happening, I started shaking my husband’s shoulder. “Bucky, it’s just a nightmare. Wake up. Wake up, you’re safe, I’m here, hon.”

Suddenly, Bucky shot up, screaming, as tense as a wire. His eyes were wide and frightened. I reached out and gently touched his arm, trying to give him some comfort. Suddenly, I was on my back with Bucky above me, his metal hand around my neck.

           “Don’t lie to me”, he hissed through his teeth. “They sent you, didn’t they? Hydra sent you!”

           “Bucky, I can’t breathe! Let me go!” Struggling to breathe, I tried to pry his hand off, obviously unsuccessfully. “Buck, baby, c’mon! It’s me! It’s Y/N! You know me!”

Bucky’s only response was to tighten his hand around my throat. As black spots began to crowd around the edges of my vision, I did the only thing I could think of. I reached up and ran my hand through Bucky’s long, dark hair, combing it out of his face, looking directly into his eyes. I traced his mouth with my thumb.

           “Bucky, it’s alright. I’m your wife, I’m Y/N. You’re not under Hydra’s influence anymore, you’re Bucky. You’re my Bucky. I love you.”

Suddenly, I felt the metal loosen around my neck. I gasped for air and began coughing. Over my loud breaths, I heard Bucky whispering over and over again, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, I love you, what did I do, what did I do, I’m so sorry.” I could feel his hands circle my arms, pulling me up to sit. “Are you ok? Can you breathe? I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me”.

           I reached up and cradled Bucky’s face, looking into tear-filled eyes. “It’s fine, Buck. You didn’t hurt me, just scared me a little.” I pulled him into a hug, running my fingers through his hair (something that always calmed him down). I made calming noises and whispered reassurances in his ear. Then, I noticed his breath was coming very fast, and he was starting to hyperventilate.

           “Bucky?! What’s wrong?” I asked, pulling him off of my shoulder and looking at his face. “What do you need?”

           “Can’t…..breathe…..” he gasped. “Too…..tight……on…..throat……uniform…….help”.

           “Your uniform? It’s too tight?” He nodded. “I don’t understand Buck.” He started pulling at the neck of his t-shirt. Realization dawned on me. “Your shirt’s too tight against your neck? Need it off?” Seeing Buck furiously nod, I jumped off the bed and ran to the desk in our room, grabbing a pair of scissors. I knew from previous experiences that he wouldn’t let me pull it over his head and that it was reminding him of the Winter Soldier uniform he was forced into. He had told me before how constricting it was and how he never felt secure in it. I was furious at myself that I didn’t realize that was what he meant immediately.

Running back over to the bed (carefully, of course; stabbing myself would be less than helpful), I warned Bucky what I was doing and started to cut his shirt. As soon as I could, I grabbed the two halves and ripped it apart, pulling it down his arms. “Better?” I asked, sitting on the bed and rubbing my hand up and down his flesh arm. He nodded and laid down with his head in my lap, looking up at me. I started rubbing his chest gently, listening as his breathing started to slow down and even out. “There you go. It’s ok, you’re safe.” He looked at me with those puppy-dog eyes and whispered “I’m so sorry, doll.” I smiled at him. “Don’t worry about it, sweetie.” He rolled off of me and over onto his side of the bed. He laid down under the covers facing me, and I mirrored him. Bucky reached out with his flesh arm and started to trace my face, again whispering apologies. I scooted closer and whispered, “Do you wanna talk about it?” He started to shake his head, then stopped and sighed. He moved a little closer and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me tight against him.

           “It was Hydra. They had me in the wiping machine again, but it wasn’t wiping me. It was just sending the pain through my head over and over, and it was radiating throughout my body.” Bucky said, leaning his forehead against mine, his arm tight around me, keeping me close to him. “I kept calling out for you, but they would just laugh at me. They kept saying that they had planted you in my life, to break me. They said that you didn’t love me, and then they called you into the room. You walked in and I was begging you to help me. You laughed at me and said I wasn’t your problem. The pain started up again, worse than before, but now I could feel the pain of your rejection. When I woke up and you were here, all I could see was you laughing at me, hurting me. I didn’t even think, I just had to get rid of the pain. I’m so sorry, Y/N, please forgive me. I love you so much.”

I smiled through the tears running down my face. “Bucky, I know you love me. I can’t forgive you because there’s nothing to forgive. It’s not your fault, Buck, they brainwashed you. But you know it’s not true, right? I love you, I love you because of you, not because some psychotic group tried to destroy you.”

Bucky somehow pulled me even tighter against him, tucking my head under his chin. “I love you so much, Y/N. Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll make it up to you.” I smiled and kissed his chest. “You don’t need to make anything up to me. But I’ll let you take me out anyway. I do deserve it after all. I am awesome.” I felt Bucky chuckle. “Yes, you are, doll, you most certainly are.”

Imagine Castiel taking care of you after you broke your foot.

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“Y/n, where are you going?” Cas asked as he returned from the bedroom, your favorite movie in his hand.

“I was going to go get me something to drink… Why?”

He helped you back to the couch by lifting you in his arms, the crutches hitting the floor loudly. Obviously, it took you off guard causing you panic and wrap your arms around his neck tightly. “You sit here and call for me if you need anything. You need to rest. Dean and Sam left me to help you, so I have to do my job.”

“Cas, I’m fine! I can get it myself!”

“But, you’re not going to. What did you want?”

You sighed. “Just some water.”

“I’ll get that for you. Please, Y/n, I don’t want you to get even more injured, so please stay seated and just watch your movie.”

You nodded with a smile as you watched him turn away. “Oh, and, Cas?”


“Will watch the movie with me? I’m cold and I want your company.”

He smiled and nodded. “I would like that very much.”

Hi. I’m really sad right now. I have a broken foot and I’m in a lot of pain. Could you write something - anything you want - with Castiel and a lot of fluff and cuteness to cheer me up please?

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I hope this what you wanted, darling! Get better soon!


An actual tutorial for my Scarlet Witch coat will be posted soon, but in the mean time, here is a summary of my last-minute adventures/suffering through snapchat.  I had to finish this (and fix my vest, which started as a size large!) in less than 2 weeks in the middle of a lot of unpacking thanks to school ending.  The last days included much more hand sewing than I had been prepared for.

My fingers still hate me.

But! I’m really really proud of how it came out! Now that I don’t have a con breathing down my neck, I may add some more details to the lower arms and around the elbows!  Though there is a significant chance I will not, since that will involve, yes, more hand sewing.  Through several layers.  Thimbles can only do so much.

Bonus pic of Olivia painting her armor with Gesso at 10pm Thursday night (thanks to her flu the weekend before):

Gotta love that last minute cosplaying


Beg for It (Woozi smut)

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I walked into the recording studio, no surprise seeing Woozi sitting at the computer working on some new music. “Hey baby.” I walked over wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing his cheek. “Oh, hey.” He barely looked away from the computer, he’d been here for hours. He had been working so hard lately, he deserve a break, and I knew just what he needed. “Babe, take a break. The music will be there tomorrow.” I straddled his lap, my arms resting on his shoulders as my hands played with his hair. “Come on y/n, I’m almost done with this song.” I kissed at his neck, but he wasn’t having any of it. “Babe, not now okay.” I stood up and thought of how I could win him over.

“Woozi, you sure you don’t want to?” He shook his head looking over and doing a double take as I slowly slid my shorts off. “Y/n, what are you doing?” I could see him swallowing nervously, so I slowly turned around so he could get a good view of my ass. “You like?” He slightly shook his head, giggling. “You wanna see more?” He turned his chair toward me, licking his lips while trying to adjust his pants as they were starting to get tighter. I walked towards him and kissed his lips. “Show me something. You have to earn more.” He looked at me confused, but slightly turned on at me taking control. He took off his shirt and looked at me waiting. “Nope, not good enough. Maybe I’ll just put these back on.” I bent down to pick up my shorts, looking back to catch him staring at my ass.

“No, wait. I can show you more.” He stood up and pulled down his pants, the tent in his boxers now fully pitched. I walked over, placing my lips to his. His hands trying to pull up my shirt, but I stopped him. “Not so fast.” I dropped one hand to his erection, palming him through the fabric. He threw his head back, groaning out. “What do you want? Tell me Woozi.” “Shit.” He tried forming words, but he was like putty in my hands. “I want you to suck my dick.” “How bad?” I asked, slowly dropping to my knees, placing my mouth on his covered member. “So fucking bad.” He started to pull at the waistband of boxers, I quickly stood up holding his jaw in my hands. “I’m in control here. You okay with that? Cause we can stop now.” He laughed as he pulled my lips back to his. “Keep going, please.”

I assumed the position on my knees once again. I pulled down his boxers, revealing his erection. I took him with one hand, slowly stoking him, looking up at the strain in his face. I knew he wanted to just take me right here, but was forced to follow my plans if he wanted any. “Now, what did you want again?” “Please, suck my dick. Please.” “Ooo, I love when you beg for it baby.” I looked up at him smiling as I slowly placed the head in my mouth, causing him to moan. “Please, that feels so good, take more.” I slowly took more of him into my mouth as far as I could, my gag reflex not kicking in. Moans and expletives leaving his lips as I pulled my mouth off of him. “Now what baby?” I looked up at him, still slowly stroking him with one hand. “Let me repay the favor baby.” I stood up kissing him on the lips, sitting him down in the chair. I sat on the table and pulled down my now soaked panties. I dropped one hand and traced my slit, a small moan escaping my lips.

I slipped one finger inside while another played with my clit. I threw my head back as Woozi sat there stoking himself. “Y/n, please, let me.” I now had two fingers inside. “Mhm, you wish these were your fingers? You want to come touch me?” “Yes. Please, please let me.” He walked over kneeling in front of me, looking up licking his lips. “I want you to make me cum, can you do that?” “Yes baby.” I grabbed a fistful of his hair pushing his mouth to my clit. His tongue going to work while his hands gripped at my thighs. Expletives and moans flowing from my lips while both of my hands now pulled at his hair. “Shit, Woozi.” He slid one hand between my legs, pushing two fingers inside, curling them causing me to hunch over, my breathing heavy. “Fuck. Are you gonna make me cum?” His tongue moving faster, he slightly bit down on my clit, I took that as a yes while a warm sensation built in my stomach. I felt my walls tightening around his fingers.

I pulled his face up to meet mine, his chin glistening with my juices. “Lick it off. All of it.” He put his fingers in his mouth, then wiped his chin, again licking all the juices off. “Good. Now what do you want huh?” “I want to fuck you.”
I pushed him back onto the chair and straddled him, grinding against his throbbing erection. “What do you say?” “Please, please let me fuck you.” The easing absolutely killing him. I placed the head right at my entrance, not moving it, causing him to groan. “Please baby. Don’t tease me anymore. I did everything you asked. Please.” I slowly slid down, stopping once he was fully in. “Please.” He looked at me with a straight face, the waiting killing him. I pressed my lips to his as I slowly began to ride him.His hands gripping tightly at my hips, both of us moaning into our kiss. He slid one hand between us to play with my clit. “Trying to get my to cum again already?” He chuckled as his breath began to get heavier. I could sense he was close, I was too.

“Are you close Woozi?” He shook his head yes, his focus on his thrusts. “I want you to cum for me baby. Can you do that?” His thrust were getting harder and faster. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him in for a harder kiss, both of us moaning as we reached our peak. Once we had come down from our high we got up and cleaned up a bit then got dressed. “So, about that song.” He got up and pulled me toward the door. “It’ll be there tomorrow, I‘ve got some more important things to take care of.” I looked up at him confused. “Meaning?” “Well you got me to beg. Now it’s my turn.” 

Play time (Part II)

“I didn’t know the fun was starting already calum.” Michael says with a laugh, walking over to you and your daddy, taking your hand in his helping you off of Calums back. “Haha thank you michael” You laugh, holding your hands behind your back and rocking back and forth on your toes. “Is Emma inside?” Your face brightens when Michael shakes his head yes. You turn quickly to Calum as he brushes his hand forward telling you to go ahead and make his way inside. You can feel Calums and Michael’s eyes on you as you skip into the house.
Once you got into the house you made your way into Emma and michael’s room, you had been in here before and knew where everything was. Once you saw Emma you eyes beamed as you rushed toHug her, pulling your arms around the back of her neck you smile knowing that you’re finally with another little. “Hey my daddy picked us up some matching outfits, do you wanna change now?” Emma smiled walking over to the large closet. She moved michael’s clothes to the side, pulling out flannels and snap backs until she held in her hand two short plaid skirts, one was lavender and the other was a pastel pink, matching thigh high socks, two short sleeve crop tops, and matching bows with two hair ties each. “Daddy told me how he wants us to look when they come back, so come over so I can make you look even more like a princess!” Emma laughed pulling you over to sit in front of the bed, pulling your hair into two high pigtails. “So what kinda stuff are we going to play with?” You ask, looking through one of Emmas colouring books. “Well you get to play with daddy.” She pouted, pulling lightly on your left pigtail. “But you get to play with my daddy.” You counter argued standing up to wiggle your head back and forth feeling your pigtails hit the side of your face. You two quickly changed knowing that Michael and Calum could be coming in at any minute. Once you were all dressed you decided to sit on the floor together drawing, you two were laying on your tummies, feet in the air and skirts high up on your thighs. You could hear foot steps coming from down the hall as you two continued to draw. “Princesses were home.” You heard calum say, you quickly turned around to stand up and hug him when you remembered what today was all about. You were switching daddies.
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Happy weekend! Here’s some hella punk Nerdanel.

Re: elves and tattoos, my headcanon is that it’s not super common, but students of Aulë can be pretty avid about their tattoos, regardless of race. The tengwar on her left knuckles are the initials of her first four kids (the others are on her other hand but facing the opposite direction). The letter on her neck is her initial N, and the tengwar on her right arm spell AULE. She’s also got the Two Trees, some roses, the star of the house of Fëanor, some cool designs, some hammers, and seven diamonds representing her kids. Plus probably some more you can’t see here.

Basically what I’m saying is HELLA PUNK NERDANEL and ELVES WITH TATTOOS

1) Bed Sharing

“So we tried to fight a magical monster and got sucked into a time portal, it happens,” Emma stumbled through the unfamiliar woods following hotly on Regina’s heels. “Come on, at least this time I had my cell and got ahold of mom, she’s getting Ariel and a backup bean and she’ll come fetch us.”

“Emma, we don’t even know what time or place we’re in. And keep your voice down, you have no idea what sort of creatures lurk in these woods,” Regina grabbed her arm and dug her fingernails in, which worked against her point to stay quiet as Emma immediately let out a loud, “Ow!”

“Great, you idiot we’re going to be discovered and for some reason my magic isn’t working here,” Regina stopped and gave a long exasperated sigh, placing one hand on her hip, while rubbing her neck in worry. “We don’t even know what time or place we’ve landed in; how is that little red snapper going to find us.”

“Okay, Regina, I know you’re just cranky cause the day turned out like this, and you decided to wear heels and a pencil skirt to another magic battle, but we have to work together and figure this out,” Emma tried to reason with her friend, but her heart was pounding and the heat was really getting to her. She never felt quite so disoriented, and she had skipped lunch. She hoped whatever era and realm they were in at least had some decent grub.

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Tayvin Oneshot - When the Sun Came Up

Taylor shut the door of her apartment behind her as the last of her dinner party guests left. She looked across the room to see Adam in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. He was humming loudly, completely lost in a song.

Taylor strode over to him and grabbed one of his hands as he reached for another dish.

“You don’t have to do this,” she said, pulling him out of his trance. “We can clean up in the morning.”

Adam smiled and latched onto Taylor’s hand, bringing it close to his mouth.

“it’s okay babe. Some of my best melodies actually come to me when I’m cleaning.”

He kissed her hand then lifted both her arms up to wrap around his neck. Taylor fell comfortably into place. 

“I was going to ask you, what are you humming over here?” she said, cocking her head to the side.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, Swift!” 

He pulled her in closer and placed a firm hand on her waist.

“I would like to know!” she said, pouting out her bottom lip in a way that she knew he couldn’t resist.

“Arghhh you know me too well,” he said. “….I’ve just been writing this song and I have some lyrics, but I am trying to figure out the perfect melody.”

“Hmmm, well what kind of song is it?” Taylor asked.

“Not my normal type of song. Nothing I will ever release. Just a little something about someone who I’ve been inspired by lately. Probably just an acoustic number.” 

Adam lowered his head and blushed. He had never written something so personal before. He had never felt compelled to write someone a song that would just be theirs and not for the whole world to hear.

Taylor smiled widely. She knew the song was about her. Adam had started calling her his muse only a few weeks after they met.

“Well, ya know I could help you out. I have written a song or two,” she said.

“Or 500!” Adam answered. “Of course I would love your help on this song, but its supposed to be about you.”

“Well, it could be about us,” she said.


A few hours later Taylor and Adam sat on her bed, the covers pushed to one side. A few notebooks were sprawled out and each had their guitars in hand. They had been working on the song ever since Taylor suggested the idea. 

Taylor wore one of Adam’s gray t-shirts, which went down to the middle of her thighs. She had pinned her hair out of her face and washed her makeup off. Adam asked her to get ready for bed, saying that’s when she looked the most beautiful and he would be more inspired this way. She obliged but asked him strip down to his boxers, telling him she would be more inspired this way.

“All we have left to write is the pre-chorus,” Taylor said, scanning through her notebook. She had never written a song with someone that she cared about so deeply. With every line that they had written, they confessed something new to each other. They told each other about every little thing they loved about each other, about every heartbreaking moment they had experienced before they got together. She felt raw and vulnerable. Adam now knew her on a deeper level, and this song was proof.

She began strumming a few chords and looked at Adam for approval. He nodded slowly, singing the lyrics they had just came up with.

We put out fires, saw love fall, always looking for someone to blame
Now I see that through it all, you were my endgame

Taylor stopped playing and looked up at Adam. He changed the last line from “we won the game” to “you were my endgame.” 


She loved the way it rolled off his tongue. She loved the way his accent sounded when he said it. She loved the small smirk that had spread across his lips, so proud of himself. But, most of all, she loved that this meant that they were on the same page. That this was it. They were done looking. This was the end for them.

A little lyric change, hope you don’t mind….” he said.

“Mind?! Adam, can I sing that line?”

“All yours, Swift. I’ll take the next chorus.”

He reached over and took the guitar out of her hands. 

“And, with that, I think we have just written our song,” he said.

He leaned in and kissed her deeply, cradling her neck in his hands. Taylor gave into him, letting herself get lost in his embrace.

He pulled back slightly and looked into her eyes. 

“I want to sing this song with you for the rest of my life,” he whispered, his breath warm on her lips.

Taylor lunged forward, knocking their notebooks off the bed. She needed to be closer to him. She needed to feel him all over his body. She needed to be with him.

Adam quickly tore off her t-shirt and began taking off his own boxers as they kissed hastily. Her hands roamed all over his body as he lifted her off the bed and wrapped her legs around his torso. He began to kiss her chest, her stomach, her legs. She squealed with delight and clenched onto his strong, toned back.

“Adam I’m ready,” she breathed. “I need you.”

He lifted her up once again, holding onto her hips as he entered. They moved as one, looking into each other’s eyes and holding on to each other tightly. Their pace quickened and soon they reached their peak, breathing loudly and murmuring “I love you”.

Taylor collapsed on the bed next to Adam, who leaned over to kiss her on the forehead.

“Well, between the singing, we will definitely have to fit some of that in,” he said.

Taylor giggled, resting her head on his chest. She craned her neck to look outside her window.

“Oh my god… did the sun come up already?” she asked.

Adam looked at Taylor and couldn’t help but smile, because this beautiful woman was his endgame.

“Maybe. We’ve been busy a little busy.”

Let me know what you guys think!! Hope you like it!

our new life (Jack Gilinsky series.)

this is chapter 1 it contains smut guys so fair warning 😏 “Paris!” my mother yelled from downstairs

“yeah!” I yelled back

“There is something or well someone here for you hurry and come down here!” she yelled back

I walked downstairs to my bestfriend Jack Gilinsky who was standing there with a bunch of stuff in his arms. He had a huge bear, a card, a bunch of candy and chocolate covered strawberries and some flowers.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Paris!” Jack said handing me the bear and flowers. “I also have more in store for us later if it’s alright with your mom.”

“Is that okay Miss. Kelley? can I take Paris out tonight for Valentine’s Day?” he asked standing behind with his arm wrapped around my neck

“of course Jack, but don’t do anything crazy.” she said giggling

“Wouldn’t dream of it Miss. Kelley”

Jack and I went up to my room and I laid on my bed and he followed. I know what you’re thinking Bestfriends don’t do this, but to be honest Jack and I were so close that it really wasn’t awkward, it was more natural. Jack laid down next to me he was laying on his stomach and put his arm over my waste and pulled me closer. I was laying on my back and I was playing with jacks hair while he was falling asleep. My mom then came up asked when him and I are going out and what time cause she might be leaving as well.

“Around 6 or 7.” i replied. She smiled at me and closed the door, I then put my phone on my desk night stand and fell asleep with Jack. Around 4 I woke up and Jack wasn’t there, but there was a note.

“Paris, I know what you’re thinking, but I wanted to be surprised when I came back to get you, and plus I needed to change, so I’ll be back at 6:45, wear something cute, but also warm. See you later babe.”

Jack was so cute at things like this, and im going to be honest, I liked Jack, yeah he was my bestfriend but I really did like him, shoot I think I love the kid, but the sad part about it is, I don’t even think he likes me. Oh well I’m just going to have to go through tonight and see how it goes.

when I looked at the clock it read 5:30, i stepped out of bed, got clothes and set them on my bed, then i went to the bathroom and took a shower. 35 minutes later I stepped out and went back to my room. I called for my mom to bring me the lotion from her room but as she said she wasn’t home. So I had to go to her room downstairs and go get it. Just as I was about to go back upstairs, the doorbell rang. I walked over and opened it, and by no surpise it was Jack. it was only 6:30 by now what was he doing here so early?

“Jack!” i said opening the door holding my towel and the lotion.

“Hey ba- oh Uhm did I come a little to early or did you get a late start?” he said laughing

“Uhm a little bit of both.” i said stepping aside so he can come in

“Jack im gonna go to my room and get dressed.” I said turning and heading back upstairs. When I turned back around I saw him looking at me walk up. “okay lover boy you can stop staring now” I said giggling. His was a dark shade of pink when I said that.

about 30 minutes later I came down and I was wearing my high wasted skirt, a cropped knit sweater and some knee high socks with he heeled boots.

“Wow you look amazing” Jack said walking toward me

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself” I said buttoning up his shirt. After i buttoned his shirt I grabbed my purse and we left.

“Jack where are we going?”

“we’re going to eat dinner and then we’re going to the jacks with sammy and nate.” he said smirking and looking at me.

you weren’t too fond of the idea of spending your Valentine’s Day with the boys and not just Jack. You and Jack had arrived to yours and his favorite resturant. You guys ate dinner, ordered desert then headed to Nates house. within 15 minutes you were there. He came to your side of the car, opened the door and intertwined your guys’ fingers.

“Skathan!” Jack yelled


Jack and I walked to the basement and once they all saw Jack and I holding hands everyone flipped their crap.

“oh what the best of friends are dating now.” Johnson said

“damn G you have a nice one on your hands."Nate commented

an hour later we were all bored so I insisted we play truth or dare.

"okay Paris’ turn” Nate said

“Truth or dare.”


“I dare you and G to go hook up in my little brothers room, and you can’t back out of a dare.”

l looked at Gilinsky who was a dark shade of pink. then I blushed. he then stood up, and put his hand out for me to take it. I got up and took his hand. He walked back to Nates brothers room and he shut the door.

“Paris if you don’t wanna do this we don’t have to.”

“Jack shut up and kiss me. I’ve wanted to do this and I know very well you have too.” i said wrapping my arms around his neck while he grabbed my hips. His hands then started going lower and under my skirt grabbing my ass. I then unbuttoned his sweater and pulled that off him then pulled his white v-neck off of him. God this kids body, so perfectly sculpted.

he then pulled my skirt down and took off my skirt. the only think left was my knee high socks, my panties and my bra.

“you’re so beautiful” Jack said picking me up ad laying me on the bed.

he was now on top me our lips not coming apart, I was almost naked and he only had his shirt off. I then reached down unbuttoned his pants then slid them down and he took then off by himself, he was playing with the waste line of panties and I was running my fingers through his hair.

“Jack, just take them off, I need you.” with that he slide them down and started running his fingers up and down my slit I then pulled his boxers down and rubbed his hardened member

“fuck Paris keep doing that.”

I kept rubbing him but then he pulled away and started licking my slit then moved to my clit. I don’t know why but when I was doing this with Jack it didn’t even feel like just sex, or a hook up; it felt like we were just making love, that sounds weird but it’s true.

he then aligned himself and pushed in, i dug my nails into his back “Paris let me know if it hurts I’ll stop.” “no Jack keep going.” suddenly the pain turned into pleasure “Jack go faster.” he did as told and his thrusts became faster, then within 20 minutes they came sloppy. “Paris im so close babe.” “I am too Jack.” soon I felt his liquid inside of me and then came mine. After he layed down next to me and pulled me closer to him. “I love you Paris, so much.” “I love you too Jack.”

we then cuddled for about 20 minutes, “Jack, maybe we should go out before they start coming over and barging in.”
Jack got up and put on his clothes just fine mean while I’m over here putting on everything uncomfortably. “You alright Paris.” “yeah just in pain a little, remember Jack im a well was a virgin.” “oh yeah sorry about that babe.” he said walking over and grabbing my waste then pecking my lips. We went back out with the boys but I was tired and in pain so I asked Jack if we can leave. We said our goodbyes the went to jacks apartment. He helped me up the stairs to his room and gave me some clothes, before he was done changing I laid in his bed. Jack then came to join me and we cuddled and fell asleep. Then I woke up around 4 in the morning cause I felt sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom in jacks room and threw up everything I had eaten the night before. Jack then came behind me and held my hair while rubbing my back. “Are you okay Paris?he asked “yeah the food we ate probably upset my stomach, Do you have an extra toothbrush so I don’t have to sleep next you with this breath?” “yeah here you go.” he said handing me the toothbrush. I then went back to lay down with him, he quickly went back to sleep, meanwhile in the back of mine was what if im pregnant. It does happen quickly, I mean I did with my mom and im sure it could happen with me.

the next morning I got up before Jack and went to the store to get some pregnancy tests, when I got back Jack was still asleep. I went to his bathroom and opened each test and did as instructed. I looked back out the door and he was still asleep. 3 minutes later I checked back each test and they were all postive. I sunk to my knees and started crying. I felt so stupid, how could I let someone who I don’t even know if he likes me get me pregnant.

After I finished crying I walked back out and Jack was waking up. “Goodmorning beautiful.” Jack said
“Morning Jack.” i said in a low voice playing with the stings of the sweater i borrows from im. “What’s wrong?” he asked sitting up and cupping my face “why does it look like you were crying?”

“Jack you’re never going to believe me, and you’re probably going to hate me forever, because I’m sure I ruined your music career, but”

“but what Paris?”

“Im pregnant Jack.”

Chapter 2??? 😊😊

Hope you enjoyed .. keep sending me your requests 💘

24 Hours - RivaMika

17:00, Kitchen


For once, the rowdy kitchen is quiet as Mikasa enters with a basket full of potatoes.

“I thought Sasha would be here.”She says out loud, unaware of the pair of eyes watching her every movement.

Mikasa then brings the basket on the counter, washes her hand, and removes her scarf before cleaning their food.

“You know how to cook?”

The voice startles her and she almost drops the potato if not for her trained hands.

“Since when did you arrive?”

Rivaille unfolds his arms and heaves a sigh, “You’re not attentive enough. Some enemy might sneak up behind you and -”

“It’s a safe place here. There’s no need to put my guard up.”

“That’s not how I trained you.”


Mikasa challenges, but it is too late when she notices Rivaille’s hand on her neck,

“Always be careful,” he says, before kissing her exposed collarbone,

“Always be prepared.”