here is a picture of me at 4 years old

Love Songs

1. Isaiah - It’s Gotta Be You
2. 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
3. London Grammar - Big Picture
4. Adele - One And Only
5. Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You
6. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
7. Mr. Probz - Nothing Really Matters
8. Tom Odell - Grow Old with Me
9. John Legend - Love Me Now
10. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
11. Coldplay - Fix You
12. Ruelle - I Get To Love You
13. Kodaline - The One
14. Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You
15. Leona Lewis - Run
16. Johnny Stimson - Holding On
17. James Blunt - You’re Beautiful
18. Coldplay - The Scientist
19. Robbie Williams - Angels
20. Jasmine Thompson - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

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Can you believe that people are actually losing their shit over the fact that Kristin and Chris aren't wearing contacts or that their eyes are the wrong color???? (In the comments of Rick's picture of percabeth) This fandom can never be pleased

Yeah, It makes me kind of angry that nothing is good enough for a lot of them, they are too old, Annabeth is not blonde, she is blonde now but she is still too old, her hair is straight, her eyes are not gray, Chris have brown eyes...And I’m just here like, this cast love the book and have read the books, they have told over and over how much the directors and writer are fans of the books, this musical has been in the making for over 4 years and we couldn’t be luckier because everyone involved is so sweet and nice and they listen to the fans concerns… like can we just please sit back and relax and enjoy the show!? I would understand if this was a movie or a tv show but musical has different rules than those and just stop complaining until you see the musical. 


as i promised, here’s a picture of me and 10 facts about me:
1✨ my name is Laura
2✨ I’m 14 years old
3✨ i love sunsets and stargazing 4✨ i have a dog and I rlly love her 5✨ i love traveling and going to places I’ve never been before
6✨ rain makes me happy
7✨ i try to be positive on here but im not that positive irl
8✨ im an INFJ and introverted
9✨ my music taste is always different
10✨ my favourite food is Chinese food

hello :)

my name is jasmine balderas and I’ve decided to start up my own studyblr ! I’ve found so much inspiration and motivation from this amazing community that I’ve decided to start contributing as well ! 💖 Over the past six months ive drawn inspiration from studyblrs such as @studywithinspo@tbhstudying@acadehmic@nehrdist@jhonstudies@obsidianstudy​  and many many many more! I hope to post my bullet journal pictures, study session notes and hopefully some graphic design pieces!

here’s a little bit about me:

  • im a seventeen year old mexican american and im a high school senior from new york city!
  • i speak 3 (kinda like 2.5) languages! spanish, english + learning mandarin
  • i currently study ap comparative government + politics, mandarin chinese level 4, economics, journalism, digital media and criminal + constitutional law at NYU!
  • super passionate about law (crim, con, international – all that good stuff), politics (conversation is welcome!), human rights, philosophy + international affairs
  • i love and live with my bullet journal 25/8
  • i LIVE for criminal minds (matthew gray gubler is MINE)
  • & im looking forward to interacting and growing with this wonderful community !
help: cat needs a home in Chester County, PA

hi everyone! so my girlfriend @copperphosphate recently moved out and couldn’t bring her cat, and i can’t take care of any more pets on my own so we need to find an indefinite foster home for her. here’s a picture of her! 

her name is kalameet, she is 3-4 years old and very sweet. We are looking for a foster home because when our living situations change again we’d love to have her back, but we don’t know how long it will take so we’re asking for someone to keep in contact with us and take care of her. I live in New London PA, please contact me if you live nearby (anywhere in the tristate area) and are willing to give this lovely kitty a nice place to chill until we’re back on our feet together. thank you! 

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"It's not badass it's super lame I give kids high fives all day." Cue the Dean/Aaron scene where you try to downplay yourself and I'm like "is that supposed to make you less interesting" and fall a little further in love while you run away from me. It's still pretty badass, Madd. And now it's also adorable.

here’s me breaking two bricks with my forehead

and here’s me beating up a 4-year-old

kjgolden submitted: 

 Height: 5'1

Starting Weight January 2015: 198 pounds

Current Weight June 2015: 156 pounds

Goal Weight: 140

Exactly 4 months ago I decided to change my life. I was 22 years old and 198 pounds. I wanted to lose weight the old fashion way. I changed my diet (Paleo) and started working out a few times a week. I am now 155 pounds. I worked my ass off to get here! If a full time college student can do it…anybody can! Thanks to everyone that supported and have been encouraging me! I hope my pictures encourage anyone else out there trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. Remember old ways won’t get new results!

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

Sex Abuse Survivor Finds Comfort In Video Games

John’s mother worked during the day, so he stayed with his neighbors. They seemed normal, nice. He didn’t know it at the the time, but later, it would become clear he had been sexually abused—repeatedly. John was 4-years-old, and credits games with bringing him back from the brink.

With that, let me tell you about John. He’s 23-year-old, has lived in Ireland his whole life, and besides participating in this story, considers himself a private person.

“Even my Twitter account, I’ve got an Octodad profile picture,” he told me, “and I don’t have my real name anywhere. But…I obviously started talking to close friends, family about that stuff.”

“That stuff” refers to the sexual abuse that John now recalls from his childhood.

Try to remember what you were doing at 4-years-old. It’s probably fuzzy. It was for John, too.

You can read the whole thing over here. I understand if you don’t want to click.

I’ve been working on this story for a few months now. These are the stories I want to tell, will continue to tell. These are the stories that help define what’s important to me as a reporter, not the mistakes of other people.


if you love something, you stick with it and make it better! ( even if it takes 4+ years )

since homestuck is getting back into the stream for its final days, i feel like i can post my feferi cosplay progress! i’m hella embarrassed with my old pictures, but i’m so proud and happy to know that i’ve gotten better, esp. since this is my favourite cosplay out of every one i’ve done! coming this summer, i’ll be investing in a lacefront wig and crafting some more for her, so the journey doesn’t stop here!

pictured;; me at 12/13 all the way to me now


Hi Taylor!
this is my cousin. Her name is Alma and she’s 4 years old. After we took those pictures she asked me to “post them for Taylor to see”, so here they are. WE LOVE YOU!

I'm a woman hear me roar :P

I have been a part of the sims community since 2009 but a lot of people still don’t know my gender.

So here’s a question for you.
Is One Billion Pixels a male or a group of people?

Nope. Nada. Zilch.
I am 37 years old married woman with 2 kids.

Here’s my first and probably my last selfie on tumblr.
I’ve edited the pic cause it was covered with noise.
This was taken at night.

The second picture is my daughters.
This was taken last week on Easter.
Princess L (8) and Miss P (4).
My proud and joy.
I love them to the moon and back ten times.

I am extremely careful with what I put online.
That’s why I picked these pictures.

Thank you for liking this post.
But I kindly ask you please Do Not reblog.

Cheers! ^___^