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Are all cards that have appeared in a booster expansion technically legal in any format where Unhinged is legal because Booster Tutor exists?

Here’s how it works. Silver border is a toggle that you can add to formats. Un-Modern is a format allowing Modern cards and any silver bordered cards (which includes holiday cards and other silver-bordered promotional cards). That means that Richard Garfield PhD can only copy Modern and silver-bordered cards in that format.

Now here’s where things get interesting. When you Booster Tutor in a booster pack, one of the side effects of the Booster Tutor is it adds that whole set to the format for that game.

So Booster Tutor in an Alpha booster and now, for the remainder of the game, Richard Garfield can turn a card that cost U into an Ancestral Recall or one that costs 1U into a Time Walk. (Only once though as Richard doesn’t let you choose the same card twice.)

are you??? sabotaging??? my dates?!? x boxer!you, seokjin (ver. 2)

Seokjin wasn’t necessarily the best in trying to do things in a subtly manner. Though, he tried, you’ll give him that but there’s just some things not even a CEO can be good that. In this instance, here and now, after six weeks since the breakup would be Seokjin’s way of showing you how he’s not over it… by sabotaging your date.

If you were being honest with yourself, you wouldn’t marry the guy you were on a date with. But the thought of Seokjin thinking that makes it all the more hilarious. He’s tried all sorts of things from mixup of orders sent to your table, a cup of water poured over your date because the waiter was ‘careless’ and the one that won the cake was an actual cake thrown to his face with an accident of the waiter tripping.

That brought an end to the night and two blocks down walking on the sidewalk is when Seokjin sucks at following people discretely. Making a sharp left turn to an alley, it’s a dumb move on his end to fall into the trap of revealing himself that he had been - “Looking for me?”

“Y-Y/N,” He stutters, and if it’s one thing you know Seokjin never does if he’s confident it’s just that.

“I wonder what brings you here?”

“I… uh… I had a business dinner,”

“Yeah, all the way on the other side of the city from where you work?” Your arms are folded for emphasis that you know but the thought of not saying it to his face is what makes Seokjin think that this isn’t as bad as he thought it would’ve gone if he was caught. He gulps and stares at you, then quietly apologizing under his breath and when you claim you can’t hear him the first time he raises his voice to - “I’m sorry, okay? I… acted too rashly on my emotions and I apologize for that so-”

“Follow me, old man,” You cut him off, nudging him by the shoulder to step back and when you brush past him, he blinks at you in surprise.


“You ruined my dinner so you’re gonna buy me one now. You didn’t expect to get off the hook like that, did you?”

Seokjin only nods and starts to walk behind you and when you’re not looking, there’s this small smile on his face hoping he wouldn’t get off the hook so easily in the first place.

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i know this is kind of shallow but how did you gain followers so fast? i used to have a ton just being myself at my old blog, and now at my new blog doing the same things i have been stuck at a very low follower count for like a year.

Dear if i had the answer for this, i would tell you.

I don’t even know when it happened, this 4 years have been running pretty fast for me, I’ve changed a lot, I’ve lost and won, and people just… stuck with me?

Even at this point I am not sure what made so many people stay here with me, I LOVE THEM ALL a lot and even though I am flattered I always ask people to please avoid calling me popular or thinking higher on me because after all I am a human like all of you.

Mostly that a number or an audience I like to think of y followers as potential new friends or people I, in one way or another, need to take care of. I find happiness in helping people, being positive, giving advices, talking sweet and being as good as I can, not for me, but for everyone who deserves sweetness, and everyone who is having a sour time right now.

I think it may be that? I don’t do any of that for a fake fame or a need for people to stay (as I’ve said if you don’t like my content or me anymore you are free to leave), I do it because it’s what feels right to me, I love helping people being better, it makes me feel… big, I don’t care a lot about me (I think i suck ass tbh… in the bad way), but I feel some sort of attachment for the people who comes here, they are expecting something and I want to give everyone the best of me, without lying to them in the process, just my honest self.

Thank you @keishota for tagging me!

a - age: 26

b - biggest fear: I’m afraid of almost everything, how am I supposed to pick just one thing? … Though, probably dying. That one’s scary.

c - current time: noon, 12.40

d - drink you last had: coffee

e - every day starts with: Existential Dread™. Also coffee.

f - favorite song: Right now? Probably Sia - Move Your Body, but I’ll most likely hyperfocus on another one pretty soon

g - ghosts, are they real: no.

h - hometown: Born and raised and still stuck in Dortmund, the city of beer and football. I hate both beer and football why am I still here.

i - in love with: I have so much more maternal love for Mob than I know what to do with. Does that count?

j - jealous of: Phew. Hum, yeah, I’m a bad person and I get jealous of pretty much everyone who’s better than me at something and gets more recognition and is better liked and whatnot. I try really hard not to be but my brain is a filthy traitor T-T

k - killed someone: I smile at the people I hate and then beat them to death in my dreams :)

l - last time you cried: …uhm, about 3 days ago I guess? I dunno I’ve been in a mopey mood for a while now so I sometimes just wake up crying for no reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

m - middle name: Maria

n - number of siblings: one older brother

o - one wish: to publish a book

p - person you last called/texted: texted my friend that I was drinking with yesterday to make sure we both got home alright

q - questions you’re always asked: “Are you angry?” ((spoiler warning, no I’m not that’s just my face)) and “Whoa, are you feeling alright?” ((spoiler warning, that’s still just my face, I just didn’t put the usual ten tons of concealer under my eyes today leavemealone))

r - reasons to smile: Cats, friends, family, good food, comfy clothes

s - song last sang: If we’re talking quietly singing along then Clean Bandit - Rather Be. If we’re saying full on singing, The Offspring - Self Esteem during our last karaoke party. It’s tradition for my friend and I to sing that one last and break everyone’s eardrums before they leave.

t - time you woke up: 9 am

u - underwear color: Black

v - vacation destination: I wanna go to Japan again! I spent my semester abroad there but didn’t even see half the stuff I wanted to

w - worst habit: Disappearing without a word to hide in my cave for a month

x - x-rays you’ve had: A lung x-ray for my semester abroad health screening

y - your favorite food: Spaghetti Bolognese, Sushi

z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius

I don’t feel like tagging the same handful of people I tag everytime today, so I’ll just put an @everyone-who-wants-to! ^-^

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(Part 1) So I just got through hearing a sermon, and to sum it up, it was about that even through whatever problems or brokenness we have we can still be used by God, and I guess that just kind of made me wonder how you guys first reconciled your religion with your sexuality? Because it's been a couple years now since I first accepted that I was both lgbt+ and a Christian, but I realized tonight that, even though I've really felt called to be open about both of those things in order to bring

(Part 2) God’s love to members of the LGBT+ community that feel excluded by religion, I’ve never really been able to bring my Christianity and sexuality together in the way I want to. So i thought I’d ask on here how y'all originally reconciled your beliefs and if you have any advice for someone trying to do the same?

Hi there! For me (Avery), reconciling my faith with being gay and nonbinary started with a lot of research. You can hear a little bit at this post. I read a ton of stuff from both “sides” of the issue trying to figure out where I stood; and as someone who has always read the Bible contextually, I genuinely found the affirming resources to be more convincing to me than the non-affirming ones. Part of all that was figuring out that being LGBT+ was not brokenness, that I was more whole when I embraced being LGBT+. The problem was with the world that feared diversity and difference, not in how God made me. 

 I also was working to come to peace with the call I felt to go beyond Catholicism to an affirming denomination; you can read a bit about that here

Leah says something similar to that: “Read a lot, pray a lot, and seek out people who are willing to talk, on or offline.” I also recommend finding an LGBT+ affirming faith community if you haven’t already.

Anyhow, after doing all that, it was simply living as both a Christian and a gay and nonbinary person that really helped me reconcile those two aspects of my life. The research was a vital foundation, but it was what I experienced that really cemented my conviction that God was calling me to embrace these identities.
Such experiences included: falling in love with my girlfriend and navigating our relationship, so that it gradually moved from a less healthy angst-fest to something that bears life-giving fruit today; finding an affirming church that we could attend and where we could be our full selves while worshiping and living in a faith community together, and also see other LGBT+ folks doing the same; starting this blog and helping other folks while continuing to grow myself; and entering seminary where I use my queer experiences as a basis for my theology of justice and liberation, my call to be active in the world and pursue faith that builds people up and fosters unity (not conformity!). 

Reconciling faith and identity can involve intentionality. When you experience something involving being LGBT, be it a negative or positive experience, intentionally bring God into it – thank Them or cry out to Them. When you perceive an injustice within or outside of the church, your identity as an LGBT+ Christian can move you to challenge it. 

Overall, reconciling faith and identity doesn’t have to involve huge actions. It means simply living towards the full self God made you to be, the abundant life Jesus gained for us. When you do that, the intersections of being LGBT+ and a Christian fall in place naturally – and just by living that out, you are a witness of God’s diversity and transformative love. You can choose to “do more,” actively reaching out to other LGBT+ folks or else to more conservative Christians, but you don’t have to. Just be there as someone they can reach out to if they choose to, by living out your life for them to see. 

Finally, know that this journey may not be an easy or quick one – you might feel your identities are fully “reconciled” one day and fall apart the next. And that’s okay. God is with you through the ups and downs. 

For another look on the concept of reconciling faith and LGBT+ identity, see Austen Hartke’s vid on the subject.

Does anyone else have stories about or advice on reconciling being LGBT+ and Christian? 

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“We have practices after school sometimes, Tyler or I will text you.. Nothings really scheduled and shits messy, but we’re working on it..”

“Alright, hopefully I’ll be free whenever you guys do decide to practice.”

“Sebastian, maybe if you weren’t stoned half of the time you’d all be more organized..”

“Shit Char, take it easy on him!”

“And now you’re doing the same thing? Tyler it’s bad enough that I even tolerate the stupid cigarettes..”

“You really have to do this here, in front of them?” 

*Sebastian and Nathan laughing* “Somebody’s in the doghouse tonight..” 

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i feel like having Sana as last main was both the best and worst thing. The best cause at least they gave Sana a storyline and we got to see her and be here and feel for her, but then again.. as last season, a lot of ends needed to be tied up. So not having her as main would be truly racist, whereas now we got Sana, but not enough. It's a bit sad, but it's a compromise I guess. I definitely would not trade it for not having Sana as main, ever, though.

nope!! same, im forever grateful we got sana as the main and i would NEVER change it for the world. i feel like this season was a good step towards even better representation. one day we’ll get representation so good, it’ll be like s3 for lgbtq+ except its for poc and/or muslims !!

laksjklajs gOD

for some reason i thought about one of my childhood friends who moved when we were still too young to stay in touch….anyways i checked her fb and turns out she’s got married and has a little baby and i’m like akjslkajslkasjlkajs????

i’m so happy for her. she was always mature for her age. i couldn’t imagine having a kid/marrying by 20 but she seems so happy. 

it’s amazing how the most obvious things in life like growing and moving on are also the ones that mostly strike us as odd and kinda fantastical. i’m just so…amazed at how many different ways life can go. 13 years ago we were little girls running through the school halls and now we’re here…leading entirely different life-styles even though we touched each other’s lives in some small way. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these things make life worth living tbh

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Hey, how are you doing? Hope you have a great day ^v^

Hi, anon! I’m alright. It’s been a very long and tiring week for me, hence the radio silence here. I’ve been really stressed out with work and a bunch of other things so I haven’t written much. Hopefully I’ll have a couple of asks for you guys tomorrow though. Things are really just ramping up on my end right now and I’m trying to find my footing again.

Thank you for your well wishes <3 I hope you have a wonderful day as well. 

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@tangie0906 replied to your post: Making sense of TS4 worlds

One reason among thousands for why I finally gave up on that game. I just can’t play it - so no advice here, sorry!   

I thought I’d be able to overlook the lack of world customization options, but I got frustrated when I couldn’t even keep sims from visiting each other’s worlds. And it’s not like they’re “on vacation.” They’re just everywhere. All the time.

“Where’s Bella?” has now turned into “Where isn’t Bella?”

As much as I adore TS4′s CAS and the Parenthood gameplay, I’ll probably just play it casually for now. I’m getting tired of trying to fix things to my liking, and it’s bugging me that (even though I already bought several packs) I’m always one pack short of something basic, like that damn white picket fence! XDYes, I’m still bitter about that. Anyway, I’m still playing TS4 casually, but I’m ready for a new TS3 project.


first of all, thank you so much for sticking with me!

second, i thought i should make it a thing when i do something extra™ and jaehyun or nct related whenever i gain a thousand followers (well at least i hope i’ll keep gaining followers lol). maybe do a giveaway (that’s like the most basic thing but you might like it idk), or maybe do a dance cover in public, or dress up as nct for a day, or recreate some nct photos

i know me doing weird shit will have only like 15 notes but i still really wanna do it so please tell me what you think and please give me suggestions on what should i do when i hit 4K

- cody 

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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?



shy tabi

#militarytabi // Day 111
tabi talking about his ex who is also the girl he wrote Act Like Nothing’s Wrong for

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up


Ok so I was honestly going to upload so many pictures of Sangwoo’s face this chapter because holy shit it was fucked up. I’ll restrict myself to these. Now I know I said I thought Sangwoo was going to be low key sympathetic and maybe give Bum a hug but I dunno what I was thinking because that would’ve been way too ooc and to be honest I love what Koogi has done here.

Sangwoo has literally snapped and that’s caused him to reject Bum which in turn has caused Bum to snap. To be honest in a relationship as co-dependant and reliant on approval as theirs it was bound to happen. The thing is though, I don’t think Sangwoo is going out of his way to be intentionally cruel to Bum here. It’s his mindset. Sangwoo rejects weakness and values strength above all other things. He potentially murdered his parents because they were abusive towards him so he can’t see Bum’s apparent acceptance of his uncle’s treatment as anything other than consensual. If I was to put money on it, if Bum had tried to hurt his uncle I think Sangwoo would’ve been a lot more sympathetic. He’s disappointed someone he’s put so much time and effort into could allow themselves to be treated in such a way and I guess he thinks that reflects badly upon him which is why he reacts the way that he does.

Chapter 26 also gave us a window into Bum’s history of self harm (another thing Sangwoo will probably think Bum lied to him about) and it’s definitely up there in my list of emotionally charged scenes in media. Bum has been rejected by Sangwoo and so he literally rejects life because without Sangwoo it’s not worth it. Tbh I don’t think Bum will have cut himself that deeply and he’s probably just fainted from the panic attack caused by Sangwoo’s rejection. However Bum hurting himself is the thing that sways Sangwoo. It’s almost as if he’s triggered his protective instincts again because Sangwoo genuinely looks scared. This is the turning point in their relationship. Bum has made a statement that he doesn’t want to live in a world without Sangwoo/doesn’t want to burden Sangwoo with someone so disgusting now it’s up to Sangwoo to decide whether to agree with Bum or to save him. Obviously he will decide to save him but this is the ultimate turning point in their relationship - much more so than Jieun ever was or ever could be. It’s incredibly fucked up but after chapter 26 there’s not going to be any turning back for either of them.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much fucking LOVE there is in Star Wars and how fast it happens but how REAL it feels, how PRECIOUS it is

So I’m a very, very shippy person, and I ship a lot of stuff in Star Wars hard but I want to take a moment to appreciate how friendships form in these amazing movies. 

Let’s start with a New Hope. 

Here is Han Solo. 

All he wants is to be a grumpy smuggler with one trustworthy, hairy friend and no debts and no worries. 

Is that so much to ask?

Hahaha, yes, sir. Yes it is.

Because here is this goddamn FARM kid who is naive and idealistic and believes SO HARD in doing the right thing and is so disappointed in how jaded Han is

and also this sassy, rude, intelligent BRAT of a princess who has lost everything but still believe so much in their pointless rebellion and she’s also so very disappointed in how jaded he is

and he wants so much to just walk away, but he CAN’T because even though he’s known them for A DAY they are in his head and they’re in his heart, and fuck it, he comes back and helps them save the day (and so many days after) and they are SO HAPPY


Then there’s FORCE AWAKENS. 

Where we have this guy who about to get executed, but at the last minute he’s saved by a guy who desperately wants to escape, because he doesn’t want to be a weapon. He’s dressed like the enemy, but he says it’s a rescue.

And even though Poe has suffered so much torture at the hands of these people he’s just like OKAY I TRUST YOU LET’S FUCKING DO THIS

and then they’re escaping he realizes those bastards never even gave his savior a NAME and he’s like:


And Finn is like YES, YES IT IS. 

But then it’s NOT cool because things go wrong and he tries really hard to save Poe but there IS no Poe and all there is a jacket, but he takes it, because even though it was so brief, they had this CONNECTION , and he wants to remember this brave man who gave him a name and got him OUT of hell

But then, OMG.






HAVE MY JACKET AND MY HEART (oh fuck I did a shipping thing sorry I’ll stop now)



Let’s go back to that grumpy smuggler. 

Sadly because of reasons he has become a grumpy smuggler once again. 






And last but not least (THERE IS NO LEAST, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING) we’ve got Finn and Rey

They start off a little rocky because of misunderstandings 

And also, explosions

but 20 minutes later…

they are BFFs and SO FUCKING DELIGHTED with each other

And they kinda get pulled in different directions for a second because they’ve both got SOME SHIT going on, but the SECOND he realizes she’s in danger, it’s NOPE. I WILL GO TO THE LAST PLACE IN THE GALAXY I WANT TO BE FOR YOU. I WILL RISK EVERYTHING. 


I just love them all so much. I’m so happy they found each other. MY HEART.