here in the woods we move as two parts of one being

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SHAR I NEEEEEEDDD all your thoughts on gale/katniss PLEASEEEEE. im just tired of the constant hate on gale and this ship :(

Oh wow.  First, this is going to be long, and probably not that eloquent, so for further information on how devastating this tragedy otp is, you can browse Ruth and Elyssa’s tags, as well as Hannah’s  and also Ari’s general hunger games tag is glorious and sums up a lot of my views. If you’re in the mood for some heartbreaking things, go there. You can also go to my own gk tag  and see how I upset myself constantly.

Second, you must know because you have known my blog and me from way back when, that I ship PK and GK both, which honestly makes me kind of big foot in this fandom I guess, because I am inclined to both of them equally (maybe because they’re both doomed, but more of that later), so this is going to probably have mentions of Peeta too, because I simply cannot speak about my feelings and leave out the other half of the triangle.

 So… thoughts on GK under the read more

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Read your gk tags on that gale rebel post. what does it mean that katniss was fully prepared to kill herself and peeta with a syringe just so they wouldn't be taken by the capitol but she couldn't kill gale? i never thought of that before but now i'm kind of like once again pk is scary because i'm pretty sure peeta would've been like yes excellent plan. only choice, die together. so pk dead. pk are my boos but they are scary.

for context, sabrina means my tags on this post 

you know, one of the many paradoxes with PK for me, is that it is wired about survival; but never both their survival at the same time.

  • Peeta wants to sacrifice himself at the end of the first games, (we all know the first games are peeta’s attempt to keep her alive, and ensure her winning, up until they announce that two tributes from the same district can live).
  • She pulls the berries out and if the Capitol hadn’t intervened they would have both died.
  • And in the Quell, they are both trying to die for the other’s sake.

They are both an exercise in survival that is quite frankly, badly executed because MJ could have fixed that, and it didn’t. (MJ should have been about the two idiots using the performativity for both of them to LIVE and fight back, ((since book 1 is peeta trying to die so katniss can live, and book 2 is katniss trying to die so peeta can live, MJ could have reverted their arc and made book 3 about them trying to live and make the revolution live from both sides (rebellion and capitol as a hostage or w/e), and fight, together with Gale but Collins)

Whereas you have a Katniss that has been wired to survive with Gale. Everything they have done is about both of them living, not one living at the expense of the other. And I think that is mighty important. Anything else is unthinkable. There’s no other way to be.

It’s not sacrificial in the sense of “let’s die together instead of being apart” It’s more of “let’s get through this so we can live; and if we die, well at least we tried”

So yeah, PK is scary. I love them scary and convoluted, and I hate that both Collins and the fandom see them as a very romantic thing when their dynamic is so fucked up sometimes and no one is willing to admit it. 

as always, love my children, but love them correctly. 


They still love each other when they disappear out of each other’s lives, and they still have moments when they ache for someone else. They suffer from phantom limb syndrome when the phantom is a person and the limb is more like a spine. I’m not into this because I wanted it to be endgame, I’m into it because it’s so precious and so beautiful, and so unique and I cry because their relationship!!!!!

Things I have said about Gale and Katniss that will haunt me forever

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Wait no please talk about why you don't think they tell each other "I love you" I am extremely sad now and I want to be even sadder

(context: this ask is related to this other ask and what I said there in regards P and K and ‘I love you’)

I received this ask about 30 minutes after the whole stay with me; always take was published, but I was so tired I didn’t want to answer it right away, but here we are, anon. Here we are.

I don’t think they tell each other I love you, simply because Katniss is not one to drop that phrase a lot, and even when she thinks about it (and her actions tell you she definitely loves people), she doesn’t use it, as in, she doesn’t exteriorize it.

She feels it, she just doesn’t use the word love 

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pre-thg fic where we get in depth details of how he carries her when she breaks her ankle, and them swimming in the lake and gale teaching her how to make fires, and katniss teaching him edible plants and lots of gradual physical tactility progression in the woods. 

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I'm not into the ships in the hunger games trilogy, I couldn’t care less about who she ended up with but I read what you wrote about Gale/Katniss and I have to disagree with lots of things tbh. I never thought for even a moment that Katniss was in love with Gale at any point in the trilogy. Of course she loved him, he was her best friend but in Catching Fire she makes a ''choice'' based on all the wrong things. She confuses the guilt she feels and the obligations she has towards Gale. (cont)

Hello, there!

Well, I guess it’s just a matter on how you view things. Katniss is not the girl that is attuned to her inner feelings. She doesn’t rationalize them, or spells them out. She’s never the girl who says “I’m angry” or “I’m sad”; instead she describes to you what her reaction is and you deduce what she’s feeling. That’s because Katniss is an emotional idiot and you just want to scream at her what’s going on! lol. It’s my case anyway.

I do deduce she had feelings for Gale. The text tells me that here:

I call him my friend, but in the last year it’s seemed too casual a word for what Gale is to me. A pang of longing shoots through my chest. If only he was with me now! But, of course, I don’t want that. I don’t want him in the arena where he’d be dead in a few days. I just … I just miss him. And I hate being
so alone. Does he miss me? He must.

Of course, texts can be interepreted however we want, it’s the reader’s freedom and everything is up for interpretation, but she doesn’t describe him as just a friend. She acknowledges that he is something more than that. Something deeper. Plus, her reactions toward him are not just friendly. She feels jealousy when she thinks of Gale in her position, (when she imagines him voluteering for Rory and then having to pretend to be in love with some girl; she says she HATES THAT IMAGINARY GIRL). That’s not just friendship, at least not to me.

And, I don’t think she feels she owes Gale anything, or that he guilt trips her into things (if you could offer me an example we could discuss because I don’t remember any). She does feel she owe Peeta though. That’s also in the text. She’s always trying to get that first act of kindness repaid. That’s the initial reason she cares for Peeta and she falls for him later on because of that first idea of ‘debt and hope’ Peeta gives her.

Anyways, glad to have you for the feels discussion! There are cookies on the table.