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What do you think about johsnavi?

i dont get it??? like im not a fan of crossovers or crossover ships in general, but like i watch blackish and????? i cant even imagine johan and usnavi getting along let alone being a thing

also usnavi is way too in love with actual perfect human vanessa so

“As soon as class is over, he heads straight to the little cafe down the street. It’s his escape from this new and stressful city life.”
//A little Highschool!AU fanart because i need to practice backgrounds ㅜㅜ it’s not great but..
Hopefully I’ll be back on asks soon!


happy vday i drew this on skype w my gorgeous handsome boyfriend + his laugh and smile made me gay x1000 and hes talented and sweet happy vday


autistic daisy johnson for @incomprehensiblelentils
 “Being different can mean making a difference” 


A free afternoon

Summary: Yousef may have spoken a bit too highly about Sana with Noora during the party, and he knows it. Sana hasn’t answered his message, and he’s beginning to think that he never should’ve sent it because the girl probably doesn’t like him at all. 

Sana invites Noora over and Yousef doesn’t know what to do or how to act. Sana tries to understand. 

(in which Noora roots for Yousana)

Out of all the girls, Noora was the more understanding and kind. She was smart, open-minded, and Sana had always felt like she understood her in a way. She assumed that was why they were growing closer. 

That afternoon, they were supposed to have an english class, but it turned out their teacher had called in sick. They had been talking for 20 minutes when Sana realized it was freezing and she lived nearby. That’s how she found herself asking her mom if she could invite a friend over. They had been talking about the russ buss. Sana liked hearing Noora’s opinion on stuff. She was down to earth, and as they approached her house, the blonde girl asked :

-How come we never go to your house ? Not that I mind or anything, but you live really near school, and it doesn’t seem like your parents mind that much.

Sana smiled and opened the door to her friend who came in and took her shoes off, as she did in her own apartment.

-Let’s say… My parents don’t really mind, but I like to keep my family life to myself.
-Ohhh, mystery Sana ! Noora said in a gentle but ironic voice.
-No… Not that, I just… I mean, i like to keep things separate. I never really have friends over unless i trust them all the way.

Noora smiled to her, acknowledging what that meant and thanking Sana with a kind look and a smile. They both heard a boy -probably Elias shouting from the living room. Sana frowned : Elias wasn’t supposed to be home until 5 today. After showing Noora where to put her coat, she stepped towards the living room. She discovered Elias, Mikael, Yousef, Adam and Mutasim on the bed, playing fifa. She knocked on the wall next to her to signify that someone was home.

-What ? asked Elias, not having turned his face yet.

He put the game on pause and Sana smelled Noora’s perfume, which meant she was right there. She also noticed Yousef looking behind her, frowning. She squinted her eyes and brought her attention back to her brother.

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One night

So here’s your requested angsty Shawn, I hope you like it.
Please send in more requests.



“Do you have to go?”

You glanced back at shawn, who was lying on your bed, watching you with those smouldering eyes.

“Im just saying yanno, you always say how we don’t spend enough time together and then you just leave?”

You sigh and turn back to the mirror. “Shawn don’t try to pin this on me. You know ive had this planned for weeks.” Making a small adjustment to your dress you wander out of your bedroom and across the landing to the bathroom.

You hear the bed squeak as shawn adjusts himself and you assume he is getting up to follow you. You reach over the sink to search for your makeup bag and begin applying a light layer of concealer to the underside of your eyes to cover the light circles forming there.

The two of you had been having this discussion on and off since last night and the effects where beginning to show. You were just so sick of it, of everything. Everyone else had their boyfriend around 24/7 but you didn’t. Of course you didn’t blame shawn for that. It was his job, and you knew that it would be like this, you signed up for it, assuring yourself that it didn’t really matter as long as you loved each other.

You caught sight of shawn in the corner of the mirror, leaning casually against the door frame, watching you yet again. He seemed more solid than yesterday, as though he was physically planting himself in front of you to prevent you leaving. You knew he wouldn’t do that, he had always respected your space, but it annoyed you.

You took in a deep breath, “look Shawn, I know its not ideal, but these guys have really been here for me-“

“you mean like I haven’t?”

You checked his profile in the mirror, his jaw was clenched and somehow his arms, that had been hung loosely were now crossed tightly across his chest. Exhaling deeply you replied “That’s not what I said and you know it.”

“But it is what you meant, isn’t it?” he muttered.

You turned around. “no shawn, its not.”

He laughed at you derisively, “of course it is, your doing this to punish me.”

You whirled round in shock.

“What” he asked defensively.

“Are you fucking kidding me shawn?” tears pooling behind your eyes, you shook your head lightly. “That’s completely out of order!”

“No its not, you’ve decided that since im away for months you can just replace me with anyone who will you give you attention.” You watch his eyes flit to yours, waiting for a reaction, but you refuse to give him one. You refuse to let him spoil this night for you.

“I know its unfortunate timing” you begin but he doesn’t let you finish.

He makes use of his large frame and lifts himself off the door jamb, his hair almost brushing to top of the doorway, before continuing his rant, “Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve got another bloke on the go.”

You turn your back on him and quickly swipe a stray tear that had released itself. You reach back into your makeup bag and take out an eyeshadow. Just as your about to apply the powder to the brush its thrown out of your hands. “Will you just stop doing your makeup for one fucking minute?!”

“Fuck off shawn.” You snarl at him stretching to retrieve the container from the sink where it had fallen. However his long arm reaches the container faster and removes it from your grasp.

“Not until you talk to me.” You make a grab for the powder but he quickly hides it behind his back.

Annoyed you push off the sink and leave the room, you hear his footsteps padding along softly behind you. “Where are you going?”

“To get my shoes” you state simply.

He follows you through to the bedroom, “im sorry, I shouldn’t of said that thing about the cheating-“

“No you shouldn’t.” you snap at him, pushing past him as you head back to the bathroom.

“I just, I know its selfish, but I want you to myself? You can see your friends any time.”

“That’s not the point” you murmur at him. Rummaging back through your makeup bag.

“Then what is the point? The way I see it your choosing your friends over me.” He sighs, reaching for you.

You brush him off impatiently, “You mean like you choose your job over me?”

“That’s not fair-“

You cut him off. “No, you know whats not fair? You. You don’t get to pick and choose when I hang out with my friends. I know the timing sucks but I don’t think its too much to ask to be able to go out with my friends.”

“Well I don’t think its too much to ask to spend one night with my girlfriend.” He shouts back with barely contained anger.

“Exactly, one night.” You reply, voice dripping with contempt. “Its one night. Its always only one night. Your gone all the time, and that sucks, its like im dating the invisible man. You’re never here.”

“Its times like this im glad im not here.”

“Its times like this I wish I was still single.” You retort.

You watch as his features crumple, and reach forward to soothe him. Or at least you try to but he moves away from you. As quickly as the vulnerability came through it disappears.

“I cant believe this.” He whispers. “ I cant believe your using my job as an excuse.”

“I cant believe your using my friends as an excuse!” you cry, moments away from breaking down.

“Had you ever thought,” he replies, glaring scathingly at you “that maybe, just maybe I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend?” your heart melts at his words, and a part of you almost gives in.

“You put so much effort into your friends, maybe you should do the same for your boyfriend.”

“Well excuse me for trying to keep my friends” you explode at him “You know, the people who are ACTUALLY AROUND UNLIKE YOU”

He stares at you in shock as a few tears roll down your cheeks, hot and heavy.

“I came back for you.”

“maybe you never should have left in the first place” you mutter swiping furiously at your cheeks.

“this wasn’t supposed to be so hard” he sighs, running a hand through his knotted hair. “This isn’t fair on you anymore maybe we should just-“

“Don’t you dare. You do not get to that. You don’t get to ditch me over the fact that your not here. Ive learned to deal with it. Im sure you can manage one night.” You watch as he sits on the rim of the bath. “I mean it shawn, stop making me out to be the bad guy.”

He blinks at you as you reach down to tie your shoe. You struggle to tie the straps as your vision is blurred with help back tears but you refuse to give in.

“y/n… please just don’t go” He whispers.

You continue to struggle with your shoes, “Who do you think you are? Its one fucking night shawn. Cant I have one night?”

“You can every night from now on.”

You glance up at him to check if he was being serious, upon seeing his emotionless face your hands begin to tremble and you collapse onto the floor in a heap. “Its just one night” you murmur.

Shawn watches you struggle for a moment before shifting onto the floor. He pulls your leg towards him and wordlessly begins to tie your shoe delicately. “You didn’t even tell me you were coming…” reaching out you tilt his face towards you to meet his eyes. “You know I would have planned it differently otherwise”

You needed him to know, he had to understand that as much as you loved him he wasn’t in control of your life. But damn did you love him.

“Its not one about the goddamn dinner y/n. Why don’t you get that?” he begs you to understand.

“Then what is it about shawn?” you ask tiredly.

“we never get to spend time together.”

“I know.”

He sighs, holding your ankle in his lap, “What are we gonna do?”

You stare at the ground for a few moments before speaking. “I don’t know shawn… I really don’t. But you know I love you right?”

He nods at you, reaching for the other foot.

“Wow,” you joke, poking him in the cheek “no I love you back?”

He meets your eye and stands up, dropping both your feet out of his lap. You stare at him in confusion, why hasn’t he said it back? Your gaze never leaves him as he stretches, body rippling.

“Shawn?” you whisper timidly.

He grabs onto your hand and pulls you up in front of him, quickly kissing the top of your forehead. “I love you too.”

You release a breath you didn’t realise you had been holding in as you reach up to wrap your arms around his neck for a hug. A small cry escapes your lips as he swoops your feet off the ground and carries you down the stairs.

Gently he sets you back down onto your feet.

“Go and have fun with your friends, ill be here when you get back”

“Ez and I dog on each other a lot, but none of it actually holds any weight. He’s a great kid with immense talent and a lot going for him. I’m more than grateful to have known him for so long- and to be able to call him a friend.”

run me over

so perhaps i took a while… perhaps i should start wrapping this story up… i don’t really know if i got more than one more part… unless i think of more shit… anyways… here’s part seven? 

Part One: thump

Part Two: melt

Part Three: do you even meme?

Part Four: laugh

Part Five: fall

Part Six: don’t even think it…

Part Seven: twist

Sean hadn’t heard from Felix in almost a week. Well, that was a bit of a lie. They had been texting, but the conversations seemed pretty one-sided. Sean did most of the talking while Felix seemed to give only vague answers. It was starting to scare Sean, who was desperate for interaction with the guy he was falling in love with.

Sean was on his lunch break at the moment. Summer break meant more students around and more lessons to give. That meant that his forty minute lunch breaks were forty minute lunch breaks exactly and no extra time in the office. He checked the time seeing he had twenty-five minutes left before he had another class to give.

With Felix on his mind, Sean picked up his phone and called the “Swedish Meatball” as it read in his contacts. It rang five times and with each ring Sean became more and more worried that Felix wanted nothing to do with him anymore. The thought terrified him so much he almost hung up the phone.

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yall. its only 12 hours til my uni admission test and im seriously considering “troll who lives under a bridge & asks riddles to whoever dares to cross it” as a valid career path

as you can see i am Not taking well the fact that 60 questions could potentially make or break my entire future and im losing my grip on whatever sanity i have left, but im rescheduling any potential physical and/or mental breakdowns til *after* i actually take the test because i paid for this shit