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nyes hello i haven’t posted art here in ages-

i drew a pic of the OT3, consisting of (from left to right) @shoucheeky‘s marie, one of my sonas romiette (who i haven’t introduced yet rip), and @some-fuckwit‘s maestus!

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What if I missed you, somehow, along the way. And you should be with me now in this bed surrounded by my books, and the curtains that move with the fan, and the honeysuckle leaves dried on the dirty floor. I think you’d sing, maybe. Or I would sing. And we’d fall asleep like that. Every night. What if I missed you and now we have to live like this, like a piece is missing, all the way through. A hole the size of our fists. I’ve been looking for God with no luck since I was fifteen but I think, really, I’ve been looking for you.
—  Emery Allen

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I mean if Magnus is so in awe of Alec giving him a gift what else can Alec do that hasn’t happened to Magnus in a long time? Let’s say making a meal.

They had plans to go out one night but an emergency happens in Spain that leads to Magnus spending pretty much his whole day there and texts Alec that he’s too tired to go out, rain check?
When he eventually portals home after an exhausting day he smells something wonderful wafting through the loft and finds the table set up complete with candles and a small bouquet and Alec in the kitchen just finishing up making their plates.
Magnus just stands there in wonderment and Alec smiles when he sees him, gives him a hello kiss and tells Magnus to go freshen up.
Magnus doesn’t remember or even if anyone has ever made him a meal like this and after receiving that gift he’s falling even more for this Shadowhunter and wonders who he should thank to have this angel in his life.

Evak Drabble-- Prompt: Sharing

There was something to be said when Even lets himself into Isak’s shared apartment and the younger boy isn’t there to greet him at the door. Even furrows his eyebrow at the door and re-glances over his and Isak’s text thread.


Come over when you’re done with classes

Okay. He didn’t just daydream about the message.

“Isak?” Even calls out, shrugging off his jacket and laying it over the coatrack. Even hears a muted rumbling coming from the younger boy’s room, so he heads there.

Isak is in his boxers and his room is a mess. Clothes and underwear are strewn about the room as if a tornado had touched down and wreaked havoc upon the small space. Isak was at the center of it, digging down into his dresser and tossing articles of clothing every which way.

“Hello.” Even greets at the door, giving him a confused glance which turns into an appreciative run down.

Isak huffs and returns the greeting. “Hello.”

He continues his slow massacre of his room.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t find my boxers.” Isak groans, flinging a pair of black socks to his bed.

“You’re in boxers right now.”

“No my blue ones- you know, the one’s with the arrows on them.”

Oh, did Even know these boxers. In fact, he was intimately acquainted with a great deal of Isak’s boxers. But this pair he was especially knowledgeable on.

“Of course, you can’t find them, “he said, the beginning of a grin on his face. His hands slid to the front of his pants, sliding down the waistband of his sweats. The beginnings of blue fit snugly around his waist.

Isak dropped the black pair he was holding. “You- you’re wearing them.”

Even crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway, waistband of the missing boxers shining like a beacon. “It’s only fair. Mine were…. dirty. Which was your fault if I remember.”

Isak flushed, the red sneaking up his neck to his face. It was an attractive sight. Even continued, slipping his pants down a tad lower, “Besides. You wore my hoodie to school today. No room to talk.”

“That’s- that different,” Isak muttered pitifully, taking a step towards Even, eyes glued on Even’s hand as it traced the hint of bare skin between the edge of Even’s shirt and the band of blue. “Your in my boxers. That’s not fair.”

“If it’s such a problem,” Even grinned, “Take them back.”

Of course, this was no hardship at all for Isak.

Was cyberbullied into getting Avengers Academy for iOS and it could be def be improved by Mall Goth Bucky.  C’mon Official High School AU, gimmie something to work with here.