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Time for me to swapify the world apparently (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و✧

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Original Dusttale au belongs to: @ask-dusttale

  • it honestly amazes me how well akaashi knows bokuto. besides the whole list of weaknesses + solutions to combat them, he really knows how to read bokuto’s body language and mood well. he tries his best to understand bokuto through his ups and downs and that just screams how much akaashi cares about him. but seriously, i think it’s cute how they hang out outside practice too bc it shows how akaashi thinks of bokuto more than just the “ace/teammate.”
  • maybe… when bokuto started getting frustrated that his cross-spikes were getting blocked, maybe that’s when all the endless spiking practices started and akaashi agreed to practice w/ him because a happy bokuto is a happy akaashi. he’ll help bokuto jump over any hurdle they meet.
  • akaashi knows bokuto is capable of reaching his full potential (and beyond) on his own. in ch.244 when akaashi says he can only draw out bokuto’s top condition for a short time, i’d like to think that akaashi knows that bokuto just needs a little push from time to time, but the rest is all bokuto. akaashi believes in bokuto.
  • several months ago, i said how bokuto has complete trust in akaashi and i’m screaming bc of they think so fondly of each other and i’m just :’))) please get together. the day akaashi directly compliments bokuto, i will cry. will it happen at some point during spring interhigh?? bokuto’s graduation?? /cries
  • sometimes i wonder how far fukurodani will make it in nationals (i’m on the empty boat that thinks fukurodani’s gonna win, mainly bc my heart is gonna shatter if they don’t) but i really can’t decide. 100% sure nekoma v. karasuno will happen soon, but WHEN lol… i’ll just let the manga unfold itself c:

Boss Ladies AU: in which Cat’s powerful friends include Senator Mellie Grant and Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. Elizabeth and Mellie have just seen the news about Cat’s newest entanglement. (a most deliciously sinful collaboration with fictorium)

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So, does Amun have a love interest, like a crush or something? What's his sexuality? (Or is he asexual maybe?)

i got a very similar ask from @angelface273 (just so it doesn’t seem like i ignored one)! :0

this guy is angelo, professor carter’s actual real life nephew (since to avoid having to explain the whole “the mummy we brought back from our egyptology expedition rose from the dead and i’m taking care of him” situation he’s been passing amun off as his nephew). he’s spending the summer with his uncle curating a dusty old museum, and was fully prepared to hate every minute of it until he got introduced to the literal walking dead.

he’s a tech whiz and is always tinkering with new gadgets and upgrades to his own stuff. this infatuates amun, because 4000 years ago they’d only just figured out pyramids and now he’s being presented with ten thousand musicians in a tiny box who play music wherever you go??? and moving paintings on flat screens??? and chariots pulled by nothing at all??? he wants to know about all of it and he wants to know now

this is only one of many concepts though (and relies more on amun being fandomless), so i’m also open to other ships on this magical journey!!! if anyone’s got some cute monster high OCs they need a prom date for then hey y’know…. 

I was in the mood to Kill a Man today so ofc I drew my fave, Lila Killed-Like-17-Men (Before Lunch) Bard


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I wanted to post this before easter but it fits anyway because bunnies! 

I found some old concepts I did inspired in Alice in Wonderland and decided to apply them to charisk :3c 

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1) Nicknames: Mel or Lissa (two halves of my name! i think they’re both really cute)
2) Gender: female
3) Star sign: capricorn
4) Height: 5′6 (i think?? idek anymore…turns out i’m a lot shorter than i thought!)
5) Time: 3:49 am
6) Birthday: January 4
7) Favourite bands: SHINee, EXO, Urban Zakapa, VIXX, BAP, LOONA, SEVENTEEN
8) Favourite solo artists: Kwon Jinah, Lee Hi, Ailee
9) Song stuck in my head: Taemin - Door

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How long?
  • Molly: *glances over at Sherlock silently working* Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: Mm?
  • Molly: Remember when you said I'd always counted and you'd always trusted me?
  • Sherlock: *looks up, suddenly interested* Yes.
  • Molly: Well, when you said "always" what did you mean by that?
  • Sherlock: *gaze shifts in confusion* I meant always. How was that not clear.
  • Molly: Yeah but, I mean, from when exactly? How long did it take you to feel that way?
  • Sherlock: *gazes at her silently for a long moment*
  • Molly: *rapidly becoming self conscious*
  • Sherlock: Do you remember the day we met?
  • Molly: Yeah of course.
  • Sherlock: Ok...that day. *goes back to his microscope*
  • Molly: *unsure* That day? That very day? You mean it didn't take you any-
  • Sherlock: *looks over again* It took me no time to see that I could trust you and you'd be someone who would matter to me. Certainly not minutes, and barely seconds. No time at all. When I said always...I meant it.

||June BPC: Just One Word|| 27. Witches. So … unpopular booklr opinion, but Harry Potter isn’t my favorite thing. I read the first four and a half books when they were coming out, lost interest in the fifth, and just never picked it back up again. The whole thing was just kinda meh for me. However! It’s one of my best friend’s favorite series, and I absolutely had to get her the Ravenclaw special edition cuz it’s gorgeous. And, naturally, I needed some pictures, so here they are!


“Why am I wearing this ridiculous thing again?”
“Because you need to smile more!”
“Excuse me?”
“You’re always so sad and angry all the time. I figured if I made you a flower crown, you could at least have something to laugh about whenever you look in the mirror. We all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes, after all. And I made myself a matching one too, see? You won’t be the only one who looks funny.”
“….I see. You do realize it suits you better, yes?” 
“You’re the one constantly surrounded by butterflies, mister. A few flowers really won’t be out of place.”
He couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped him then, genuine and not sinister, a rare occurrence that Marinette couldn’t help but feel proud of.
“I suppose you’re right.”

I need more stories where Marinette is the one to make Hawkmoth remember what it’s like to truly be happy, please. I can seriously see Marinette doing more to help make him better than Ladybug, if that makes sense. I demand cute Marinette and Hawkmoth interactions now.

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Derek is not impressed. Derek is not impressed by the FBI Agent with the stupid name and pretty eyes. Derek is not impressed the FBI Agent arrived in a blaze of blue and red sirens and had his gun out and steady before he’d even gotten out of the car. Derek is not impressed that said FBI Agent took a shot at the guy who’d been using Derek as a human shield and managed to hit him without coming anywhere near hitting Derek.

Derek is absolutely not impressed by the way Agent Stilinski managed to call in an ambulance and secure the criminal in the time it takes for Derek to get his breath back.

He’s not impressed by the way Agent “call me Stiles” Stilinski hauls the criminal to his feet in one sinuous movement, and definitely not impressed as Stilinski manhandles the guy into the back of his car without so much as stumbling.

Derek’s not–he’s not impressed by how graceful Stilinski’s long limbs are, silhouetted against the flashing lights atop the presumably commandeered black-and-white.

Stiles approaches, face half hidden in shadow but obviously smiling, reaching out to run his hand down Derek’s arm.

It’s possible Derek’s a little impressed. A little.

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