here i made you breakfast


Running to Finn, she threw herself into his arms. Neither could hug the other hard enough or long enough. The embracing pair finally separated, if only to look into each other’s eyes.

A beautiful morning: MC x Kagetsugu

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••• “I love that name. It’s as cute as you are"•••

Another morning comes in Echigo. Winter nearly ends as snow falls less and less.
MC’s busy making breakfast. She wants to make some extra hot tea for Kagetsugu to warm him up.
“Alright! This should be good enough. I hope he will like it. This can make him feel better.”
Kagetsugu caught a fever two days ago. He fell into the river when he tried to save her. She didn’t mean to. All she wanted was getting some fresh fish for his special dinner.
“I’m coming. Lord Kagetsugu, here is your breakfast. I also made some hot tea for you.”
As always, he doesn’t say much, but having breakfast with him is more than enough for her.
“Why didn’t you eat with others?”
“I want to look after you. It was my fault that ….”
“I already said it’s ok.”
“But…I…..I can’t leave you like this. Not now. Please let me stay here with you.”
He sighs, turns his face away to hide his blush. He has never been in the situation like this. He’s not used to woman and doesn’t know how to treat her properly.
She is a weird girl who insists on staying near him although he keeps being cold towards her.
He is a samurai. He will someday die on a battlefield, so he doesn’t want to be invole in any romantic relationship. He wants to exchange his strength and his death for the glory of the Uesugi clan, not permanent sorrow for the ones who are important to him.
“Wah, the snow is falling. It’s so beautiful. The winter in Echigo is wonderful, milord. I’m sure the spring will be much more splendid.”
Her cheerful voice spreads through his mind, her bright eyes captures his gaze, her childish look makes his heart skips a beat.
“N…nice day, isn’t it?” He whispers, still looking at her.
“Did you say something, milord?” She turns to him, staring with her beautiful eyes.
“No!” He hurriedly looks away so that she can’t notice his blush.
It reaches over his limit now. Her eyes, her face, her gesture, her hair,…They are so beautiful that he can’t calm himself anymore.
“I’m sure you did!” She smiles mischievously, “please say that again.”
“I said nothing. You must be mistaken.”
“I did hear it, Tsugutsugu. It is rare to hear you compliment.”
“Don’t get it wrong. I don’t remember saying anything. And how many times have I told you I’m not Tsugutsugu!”
“I love that name. It’s as cute as you are, Tsugutsugu.”
He walks away as he can’t stand it anymore. He’s blushing fiercely after seeing her mischievous but bright smile. He walks as fast as he can so that she won’t know his face is all red now.
Sadly, he fails as she finally manages to grab his arm.
“You….you…don’t have to run like that…” She’s must be out of breath after running such a long way.
“I didn’t run” He replies, his face is still as red as a tomato.
Noticing his blush, she grins mischievously “You. Are. So. Cute. Tsugutsugu.”
“My name is not Tsugutsugu.” Now he blushes even more firecely.
“You and your nickname are cute.”
“Shut it.”
He countinously shakes his arm but she refuses to let it go. Her face is full of joy while his can’t be more red than it is now.
“Look, milord. A flower. It’s blooming. Does that mean the spring has come?” She suddenly says and turns her attention to the nearby flower.
He turns to her. He can feel a new feeling has appeared inside him. It keeps blooming and blooming like that little flower.
“Spring…our first spring…"He murmurs under his breath. His voice is too soft for her to hear.
“Ahh, your face is all red, milord. Does your fever come back? Oh no, let’s go back to your room.”
“Hey, slow down. I’m fine. I’m totally fine. Do you even listen to me?

15 PROMPTS PT 6 (Sentences)
  1. “I thought you knew.”
  2. “This was the best day ever.”
  3. “I can’t believe you’re back here.”
  4. “I felt bad so I got up and made you breakfast.” 
  5. “Can we start this whole day over?”
  6. “Of course I’m right, I’m always right.”
  7. “I wasn’t late, a cat tried to kill me and made me late!”
  8. “You nearly killed me, tell me how that’s not a big deal.”
  9. “I’m not stuck, just help me.”
  10. “But that’s my favorite shirt!”
  11. “To be honest, I really hate how this tastes.” 
  12. “Your music sucks and you suck, get over it.”
  13. “We can, you know, go together if that’s a thing you’d like.”
  14. “I’m not sorry, this isn’t an apology, I’m just being nice so you shut up!”
  15. “Alright, I lied, I’m not in a band. But I do think you’re cute!”