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Yo America ask Australia what are bush oyseters


some An Ancient Magus’ Bride AU doodles from my twitter

No concrete idea or anything, just Riko = Elias; You = Chise; Chika = Silky; Kanan = Rutz


It’s a little thing, to carry so much weight.

Thor doesn’t even think about the action as he reaches for the stopper of the bottle set against the table in his quarters, doesn’t pause to contemplate the heft of the silver in his hand. It’s habit, ingrained over too many betrayals and too many disappointments, and even if he’s smiling now there’s a bitterness to it, the leading edge of frustration even before he’s seen proof of what he knows without asking to be true. He knows his brother, knows Loki as well as he knows the grip of the hammer lost now as a relic of the past; as lost as those days of anything like trust, of anything like intimacy. There are no chains on Loki now, no restraints binding him physically to this space; and so Thor looks back at his brother, and he lets his smile flash bright like lightning, and he hefts the stopper in his hand and feels all the weight of certain disappointment smack against his palm.

“If you were here, I might even give you a hug,” he says; and he lifts his arm, and he tosses the stopper towards the image of Loki, towards that struggling smile and those ever-scheming eyes and those narrow shoulders that are no more here now than Loki ever is, when Thor reaches out for him. The weight flies true, the compact density of the shape enough to send it curving a smooth arc through the air between them; Thor is already waiting for the flicker as Loki’s illusion gives way to the physical force, already expecting the clatter as the stopper falls to the floor behind the other. Loki doesn’t even look at the weight, doesn’t show any indication of tracking its motion; and then his hand comes up, his fingers lift to interrupt that smooth trajectory, and the stopper lands against his palm with a dull thud that Thor can feel like his own thunder grounding out against his spine.

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Small things in Ultra Sun and Moon you’re not told but you should know:

1) If you break the high scores on all Mantine Surf courses and talk to this man in Heahea City he will give you a special Pikachu that knows Surf. The Pikachu is also NOT shiny locked so it can be soft reseted to be shiny:

2) Speaking of shinies, all the legendary pokemon in Alola are shiny locked (Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Zygarde, all Tapus) but every UB and Ultra Wormhole legendary can be shiny. Even Poipole can be shiny:

3) Play with this Sandygast on Hano beach to make it follow you for a bit to reveal a Totem Sticker under it. No other interactable pokemon gives you any reward.

4) Completing the Alola Dex doesn’t only give you the Shiny Charm. You also get a special outfit - nurse uniform for females and kimono for males. Just talk to this guy in the Game Freak office in Heahea City and he gives you both:

5) After you’ve progressed enough in the game, Rotom Dex will start referring to you as Master:

(Couldn’t find a screenshot but no, this is not a joke. It really does do that.)

6) Speaking of Rotom Dex, Roto Prize Money triples the money you gain from battles and Roto Hatch doubles your egg hatching speed for 20 whole minutes:

7) For Ultra Warp Ride you can choose whether you want to ride Lunala or Solgaleo regardless of the version you’re playing. Just go back to Ultra Megalopolis and talk to the person on the right:

8) You can also switch between motion controls and circle pad for Ultra Warp Ride by talking to this fellow in the Game Freak office in Heahea City:

I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]


@ that couple of people that have been writing for my favorite bnha crack ship: I dunno what I did to deserve it but thank you and bless you