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1/23/17 - 

It’s the new year and I seem to have gotten better at making my bullet journal look less like garbage; however, I’ve gotten worse at keeping up with it and keeping up good habits… 

Anyway, here’s my spread for the first week of school! I’ve got my cute little Jimin cheering me on, haha. Retook my MBTI test 2 years later and I was pleased to find that I’m still an INFP! Not pleased to see that I went from 6% introverted to 79% though… OTL 

Happy Monday! 

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Prolouge Part I Part II


Here’s the prologue to my version of Hades and Persephone 

didn’t get too creative with the title haha 

I’m very nervous to post it. I saw other artists do a much better job with the story, but I really didn’t want to give up all the work I did just because of that.

The first actual chapter will come out soon! I’m looking forward to sharing it!

I’ll probably post here and on Tapastic eventually, so if you like Tapastic’s layout better than tumblr’s, there will be that.

I will have to re-size all these pages because I wasn't thinking

Kondou Shouri Birthday Messages

Hi guys! It’s going to be Shouri’s birthday in a few weeks (April 12) and I met a Japanese fan from Osaka who wants to collect messages for his birthday. They plan to give them to him on the first Haisute show in Osaka (April 13). So, If you have any birthday messages for him, please Inbox me here, DM them to me on Twitter (@toabeans) or send them through my e-mail jerii2525(at)gmail(.)com.

Her deadline is on April 6, so I would like to have all messages on April 4 so I can collect them, and maybe fix their layout or whatever needs to be fixed.


  • You can write in English, just keep the sentences simple, like don’t use too much compound and complex sentences. Keep it straight to the point, don’t ramble. Maybe some of you has already read that he can understand English, but it’s better if we keep everything easy to read :)
  • No, sorry, I can’t translate your messages into Japanese even if I wanted to :( I’m just too busy right now, I can’t handle the extra work.
  • If you want to include your art or pictures of merch that you have of him, feel free to do so~
  • Include the country where you’re from so he knows which parts of the world he’s being loved and supported!
  • Please keep the messages respectful, okay? I know we don’t need constant reminders about this but just making sure.

Let’s all make him feel loved on his birthday! Please spread it around~

Blog update

Just a quick bit of updating/cleanup here! From now on, I’m moving asks and submissions to my personal blog, Nonkeur. (I’ve updated the links on my blog accordingly, so they’ll take you to the correct blog.)

I’d like to organize my uploads a little better here in the future, and be able to reply to questions a little more freely, so shifting things to my personal is an easy way to do both! I’ll try to update the rest of the layout and links and all that later on too, this is just a first step towards a cleaner setup.

And for anyone who wasn’t aware of my personal blog before, feel free to check it out! I’m not terribly active lately, but I reblog stuff I like there, write more personal content, and of course chat with others. ^^

This post is a part of The Student Guide. See the full series here or the introduction to the Study Methods segment here.


The Cornell method is a note-taking style that I’ve been using recently for all my classes. The method involves a special page layout which includes space for notes, questions and a summary of the material. I find it to be an extremely effective way of taking textbook notes and it helps me to memorise information better than other methods. While you can get special notepaper made for this method, all you really need is some paper, a ruler and a pen.

How Do You Do It?

The Cornell method is really simple, and you can modify it for your own needs as much as you like. Here are the basics:

  1. Add a title, by textbook section (for textbook notes) or by date / topic (for class notes). You can do this however you like, simple or fancy.
  2. Rule a margin about 5cm from the edge of the page. I suggest using grid paper when taking Cornell notes as it makes this step super easy.
  3. Take notes on the right side of the margin, using a new paragraph for each major concept / textbook section. Notes can be full sentences or bullet points, whichever you find most effective. If you like, you can highlight or underline key terms.
  4. On the left side of the margin, title each paragraph. Underneath the title, write any questions you still have about the content. These are your focus questions for further study before the exam. 
  5. Rule a line at the end of your notes, on the right hand side of the margin. Underneath it write a summary of all the content your notes have covered. You can summarise each paragraph in a sentence, write down key terms, or anything else that condenses the information. This summary, along with your questions, provide a great set of material for revision before your exams.

If you want, you can definitely change this method up. You can add doodles, eliminate the questions and/or summaries, write the summary on a sticky note instead, etc. 


Here are some of my favourite notes taken in Cornell style:


Basically do whatever you like with this method! It’s pretty flexible but provides a good base layout for your notes. Also I’ve decided that I’ll do something a little different with The Student Guide than originally planned. While existing posts will remain up, I’ll be restarting the series in 1-2 weeks time with a few modifications.

somewhere on the other side | Harry/Niall | 15k | Completed 

And he had it all planned out, Harry did. Everything ― what he’d say, what he’d do, how he’d do it; it was all here, all there, in his mind and in his heart, and he kept track of it. Every word, every sentence, every apology; wanted to go in prepared, wanted to go in strong and come out stronger. Weak, twisted and torn and warped in two, but still strong. But seeing him now, seeing Niall now, and noticing a change and realizing it’s him, it’s Harry, it’s his fault, it’s his doing, and all the words and actions turn into water in his hands, dribbling away till there’s nothing left behind but the wet remains of his shattered heart and Niall’s horrified soul.

for @fairynarrytale; without her, this fic wouldn’t be what it is now, which is 15k worth of heartbreak for my actual first entry into our self-proclaimed narry angst war. 


2017 Watercolour Seasonal Calendar

It’s here at last! 

You can order yours here. Choose from a Northern or Southern Hemisphere edition. The layout is just a little bit different this time but I hope you’ll all agree that it’s for the better.

Thank you to the followers of this blog, you guys are the biggest help when it comes to this calendar and I dearly hope that it is to your liking. 

Thank you once again!

Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart

I’m posting this again because… well just because okay. I have many emotions about Lexa. 

Other songs

Bleeding Heart

Cold hands, dark soul,
That’s my picture on the wall,
I’m sitting on that fucking throne,
Out of death I was born.

War paint, war drums,
I’m not afraid of your guns
Here I come, it’s my turn,
Get ready to watch them burn.

Blood dripping on my face
I’ll murder you with one last gaze
That’s how I’m shaped, how I was made
I close my eyes and throw my blade.

Can’t touch, can’t feel,
My love was gone with my first kill,
No matter how much it felt real,
Love is weakness, you see.

But when I look at you babe,
Your smile puts me on fire,
And when you hide your tears from me,
I’m a bleeding heart.
The way you talk to me babe,
It heals all of my deepest cuts,
But since I left you that day,
I’m a bleeding heart.

When they took her away,
I swore I wouldn’t fall again,
But from the sky you landed,
My heart you hold in chains.

Can’t show it, no one can guess,
I remain a stern, cold, icy mess,
It doesn’t mean I love you less
I’m just the queen, you’re playing chess.


You are tattooed on my soul,
And tears are burning my eyes,
I can’t sleep anymore,
Not after I left you to die


Mrs. Pepper: Lewis, can you take your sisters outside?

Lewis: Sure thing, but it’s raining. 

Mr. Pepper: We know. But they’re getting too restless in here.

Lewis: Hmmm… Girls! Grab your raincoats! We’re going for a walk!

Being the big brother that he is, I wanted to draw a scene where Lewis is like the mother duck and his sisters merrily follow him along. And I love rainy days and wanted an excuse to draw Lewis with a giant umbrella. Not much of a background person and was originally going for a vertical composition. But this layout conveys the “follow the leader” concept much better! 



[Oh my god, I had to cut this into four sets because Tumblr didn’t wanna resize the full image. God damn it Tumblr.]

So, inspired by this post right here, I ended up making this. Took me 3 days to finish this. Saving this file over and over again is a pain in the ass because there are SO MANY LAYERS. Plus it’s an old computer of mine, so it’s a bit laggy. :P

Also I feel like my writing and layout could’ve been a bit better. But you know what? Fuck it. :V

(P.S This is just a speculation of mine, and it’s probably not 100% true, but what if the moment Chara got Frisk’s soul, Frisk was already long gone? And having their soul back didn’t bring Frisk themselves back. So all that’s left was an empty husk for Chara to inhabit forever. Thanks to you.)


i was getting rusty with color picking and i really liked the colors in this part of the tgs trailer so quick screenshot redraw of sorts! anne’s so cute (*´ч ` *)

another example of how body posi folk who seem to have their shit together still experience those kind of negative thoughts/anxiety over certain things.

so like - I’m pretty damn scared and intimidated to go into Whole Foods. which might sound silly, but I feel like the people in there look at me in a ‘what is this fat girl doing in here’ kind of way and it makes me super anxious. if I knew the layout of the store or how to navigate it better it wouldn’t seem so daunting, but I’ve pretty much avoided places like that or health food stores because of the looks I get or feel I’m going to get. I guess it’s the same kind of reason fat folk avoid gyms a lot of the time (this also applies to me) or even just walking on the road in fear of being yelled at by passing cars. there’s that aspect of fat people not being able to do things that are good for them without being a spectacle. we can’t exercise without someone making comments (whether out loud or in their head) about how we’re kidding ourselves or much more derogatory things OR the patronizing kind of 'good for them! taking control of their life finally’ kind of shit instead of just letting us be. it’s honestly just..exhausting that we aren’t allowed to just exist and do these things like our thinner counterparts.