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To People Who Repost My Art Without My Permission

You probably didn’t read my tumblr description then I’ll say that here:


Take my art down instantly and don’t repost them again or I’ll reporting you, you have been warned.

Artists spent hours on their works, and you only need a little time to create a tumblr/twitter account to reblog/retweet their art, it’s not hard.

I don’t have much free time due to my busy job, so I sleep only 4 hours a day bc I want to draw !! How dare you STEAL my hard work and repost them ???

Don’t be an art thief, respect the artists, reblog their art if you care about them.

And to my lovely followers, thank you for your support, that means a lot to me

I only post my art here and my twitter, if you find anyone repost my art please let me know. Love you ! ;;;;;

and this

why don’t you stop watching SU huh?? cause they are rocks they can’t talk wth

Pets Painting - Simlish Font

Vor einigen Wochen hatte ich diese Bilder schon mit normaler Schrift gemacht. Languidity hat mich dann angeschrieben und den Wunsch geäußert, dass es toll wäre die Bilder auch mit Simlischer Schrift zu haben. Hier sind sie nun endlich ♥

  • 8 Motive, pro Motiv 2 Rahmenfarben -> 16 Swatches
  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • Grundspieltauglich

Simlische Schrift by @franzillasims - Danke ♥

Wer die anderen Bilder haben möchte findet diese hier *CLICK* (bei der Gelegenheit habe ich denen direkt ein neues Custom Thumbnail verpasst!)

A few weeks ago I had done these pictures with normal font. Languidity wrote me then and expressed the desire that it would be great to have the pictures also with simlish font. Here they are finally ♥

  • 8 motifs, per motif 2 frame colors -> 16 Swatches
  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • Basegame

Simlish Font by @franzillasims

If you want to have the other pictures you will find them here *CLICK* (I added a new Custom Thumbnail)

Download: SFS


You: “You need to talk about it, Liam. If you tell me how you feel maybe I can help you.”
Liam: “Nobody can help me, (Y/N). Don’t you understand. I can’t control my anger. I’m the only one who can understand this and stop this.”
You: “Just know I’ll always be here to help you. I’ll find a way to help you. Trust me.”

// plotting & starter call for gv. i solemnly swear !!


Chapter 16: Episode 5 

          It was business as usual for the next three hours, and Roen made the executive decision to take his lunch in the office. I said I would join him and ordered in. Around 2:15 there was a knock on the office door. Expecting the delivery boy, I opened it only to find Chelle.

           “What are you doing here?” I asked snappily and she cut a glare to me.

           “Your food, Miss Kerrigan.” She held up a bag and I took it gingerly, giving her a sideways stare. “They came to the door, and I decided I’d save them the trouble of walking through the office.”

           Uh huh. I’m sure she just did it out of the kindness of her black heart. I watched her sharp eyes trail over my shoulder, stopping on the desk and my chest tightened, realizing what was happening.

           “Thanks,” I said shortly. “Now I think it’s alright if you leave.” I tried to close the door but she was too quick.

           “You’re incredibly resilient,” she said crisply. The tone cut right through the air and Roen looked up. I watched their eyes meet, and despite all the positions I held, I felt as if I shouldn’t have been there to see it. “You move on so quickly. Of course, it wasn’t nearly as hard the second time around, was it? Considering the drop in quality.”

           I gaped at her, feeling the room go icy.

           “You’re pretty resilient yourself,” Roen remarked. “In fact, you don’t change at all.”

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Just Haven’t Met you Yet

Mini KC soulmate themed drabble.

Caroline sighed with satisfaction as she looked around the gymnasium that had been transformed by her own design for the school dance. Her brow furrowed as she caught sight of some limply hanging fairy lights. “They’re supposed to trickle around the arch!” she exclaimed irritably as she pushed the ladder over to fix Jeremy Gilbert’s incompetent work.

“I knew I’d find you here,” an amused voice drawled from behind her. Caroline stiffened and her hand tightened on the ladder.

“Need my help sweetheart?” Klaus offered with a smirk as he wandered over to the refreshment table and plucked up one of the sugar cookie shot glasses filled with strawberry milkshakes.

“Those are for the dance,” Caroline snapped. Klaus raised his eyebrows mockingly and took a sip. “What are you doing here anyway? I thought high school dances were trivial and juvenile,” Caroline added bitterly, referring to their fight last night. She was still very hurt by Klaus’s dismissive attitude towards something that she had poured so much energy into. He had made the things that mattered to her seem silly, and it had made her feel small.

Klaus shrugged uncomfortably, “That was just a lovers tiff. I’m over it.”

“I’m not,” Caroline shot back bittingly with a hard smile.

“I would like nothing more than to take you to the dance love,” he confessed apologetically while looking down shamefully. Caroline softened at the sincere regret in his eyes. She realized that he had lashed out because he was upset that he wasn’t a part of her life, and jealous that she was going to the dance with her boyfriend.

‘I know,” Caroline walked over and curled her hand around his. “Someday,” she breathed out wistfully.

“In the meantime, you’re stuck in dreamland with a compulsive, type-A soulmate that pre-decorates for school dances in her sleep to make sure everything will be perfect,” Caroline joked to lighten the somber silence that had fallen upon them.

Klaus chuckled affectionately and tried to smile back but it didn’t reach his eyes, “If only I could remember you.” Soulmates met in their dreams, but no one had ever been able to remember their soulmate when awake until they met in real life. There was no guarantee that a pair of soulmates would ever meet. “There must be a way,” his eyes narrowed with obsessive determination.

“We have each other here,” Caroline squeezed his hand comfortingly. Caroline knew Klaus’s life wasn’t altogether happy. He always showed her his best memories, sun dappled canals in Venice, blooming gardens in England, art museums filled to the brim with majestic paintings and sculptures and a whole world of experiences. But he couldn’t hide the loneliness and the dark parts of himself. She was his soulmate after all. She knew it was especially hard for him to not even have the memory of her to carry with him during his waking hours.

“We can do something you want now,” she added, offering control of the dream over to him in an effort to cheer him up. “I’m done here anyway.”

Klaus smiled down at her and pulled her into his arms, “Dance with me Caroline.”

NCT MTL to date a 00 liner


If you want more explanation as to why certain members are where they are, just send it in and I’ll tell you.

I’ve got an really in depth MTL for 99 liners so you can refer to that as a general guide. It could be helpful. You can find it here.

I’ve also done a post about the (assumed) age preferences for each member in NCT. There’s no explanation but it could be helpful. You can find that here.

Originally posted by tybeoji


Jaemin - born in the same year, so no brainier really; plus his ideal type would probably be someone in the same year as he

Jeno - same as Jaemin really; who wouldn’t date someone the same birth year as them?

Renjun - he’d date some his own age or someone older I think

Taeyong - he’s so soft for younger girls/boys, as long as they were slightly mature though

Haechan - obviously would date someone his own age but would also like younger girls/boys

Mark - although it’s only a year difference, he’d prefer older people in general

Chenle - again not a huge age difference, but unlike Mark, would like younger people

WinWin - 3 years isn’t that much and WinWin would find them absolutely adorable, more than him too

Jaehyun - really, he’s at the same place as WinWin but someone has to go on top lol that sounded wrong lmaooo

Doyoung - he wouldn’t care much about age, as long as they were mature enough for him

Jisung - I don’t think Jisung would care about age really, he’s mature yet still childish so yeah

Hansol - “age is just a number” - plus he loves younger GFs/BFs

Yuta - Yuta would be apprentice but if he matched well with them, he wouldn’t care at all

Ten - I think he’d prefer noonas but since the age difference isn’t that big it’s a possibly he’d let that slide

Johnny - he is literally a noona boy, dating a 00 liner would be a rarity and they’d have to be super special for him to date them

Kun - he’d feel like he has quite a responsibility if he had a S/O 4 years younger and he wouldn’t be ready for it

Taeil - the age difference would probably be too much of a problem for Taeil, probably too many differences


ask-lycanrocker  asked:

*Fenris makes a quick riff on the lute to greet the brionne* Why, alola! I hope you find great fun in the festival. Here have one, *he hands over a red and white carnation* Perhaps later we could perform together, after all what's a festival without some music!

“I would love to perform with you!! My singing isn’t too good yet, but I can perform tricks ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃”



Caleb and his sister Raegan are chatting by the dance floor observing the sims that enter the club.

Raegan: So has anyone peeked your interest?

Caleb: I’ve been eyeing manbun over there.

Raegan: Are you sure he’s interested?

Caleb: My gaydar has been pinging since he entered the room.

Raegan: Maybe so but he’s barely even looked your way.

Caleb: He’s playing coy and wants me to aggressively approach him.  It’s all part of the game.

Raegan: If you say so.

Caleb: Oh honey I know so. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to make my move.

Raegan: Go for it. I’m not trying to fang block you.

Caleb: I plan to use more than my fangs. 

Raegan: TMI brother, TMI.

Click on pictures for higher res. To read more about this story or other stories I’m doing you can find them here!(Link doesn’t work well on mobile)

anonymous asked:

(emoji that i can't find here) Kara, If you could only hang with Lena or only with Alex, which one ? ( Yes i'm being mean)


Kara tries really hard to not answer, she really doesn’t want to, but then she feels the answer being ripped from her throat without her consent:

“Hang out with Alex… but date Lena.”

Which, technically, are two different things. She smirks.

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NCT MTL to date a 02 liner


Anon: hii I wanna request a mtl on them dating a 02 liner thx :D

Anon: Can you do one mtl of the entire nct whether they will date a 02 liner?

Anon: mtl to date a 02 liner?

If you want more explanation as to why certain members are where they are, just send it in and I’ll tell you.

I’ve got an really in depth MTL for 99 liners so you can refer to that as a general guide. It could be helpful. You can find it here.

I’ve also done a post about the (assumed) age preferences for each member in NCT. There’s no explanation but it could be helpful. You can find that here.

This doesn’t have any explanation because the other MTLs basically give it to you :-)

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DM: There’s a coin purse with 44 gold in it. A jewelled dagger. 

Mio (elf ranger): Ooh!

DM: And something interesting. A piece of paper. Here, I’ll write something down for you if I can find a pen.

Domri (gnome barbarian): He doesn’t have to have a piece of paper on him, we can just fail the quest. Real consequences in d&d are good. You know, consequences for filling the room with a massive column of lightning.

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Do any of your editors know a good website for downloading running man episodes? Any help or recommendations is appreciated.

Anonymous said to femaleidols:

Is there a good website for downloading running man episodes? Especially older ones? 

you can download some episodes here! unfortunately i’m not sure if you’ll find older episodes like you mentioned. :(

Some of my fav Vikturi artists!

Here is the list I wanted to give you @ask-vik-tuuri If anyone wants to add to it, feel free, especially any good fanfic sites. Sorry it took so long. Weekends are the only time I get to see my hubby and he likes to GO GO GO! Haha…..I hope you find something here that you like. I’m sure you won’t be surprised by how much people love, LOVE, love, LOVE, your love story!

@story-kat has some really cute lovey dovey Vikturi

@mochibom has a wizard and eros au comic that is great (but a bit sad, I hope it ends up with a happy ending) and lots of Vikturi hugs and kisses…so sweet

@miyakuli has some cute and beautiful drawings!

EDIT: @miyakuli has let me know that what she reblogs is not her own art but that of different artists. I just want to make sure this info is accurate. This was MY fault. Thank you @miyakuli for telling me :) !

@saganu some of the richest colors I’ve seen. Very vibrant and eye catching. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the subject is Vikturi!

@cubisticking Ahh, more loving Vikturi hugs and kisses! Just, just, this art is so beautiful!

@enjin13 the color palette on this art is soft and kind of angelic. It’s easy on the eyes and blissful. Yes, I said blissful!

@1o8k has to be one of my favorite! OMG! Right now there is a lot of Mysme characters, but his YOI art is divine! I would frame this art!

@aina-p has a cute AU comic about Viktor pretending not to know how to skate so that he can get lessons from hot skating coach Yuuri.

@miss-cigarettes uhm, hot mafia Vikturi, nough said..and uhm, well, other YOI…but…yeah…hot mafia Vikturi!

@aradan-san has the most SPECTACULAR dragon au YOI! If you ignore any of the others, this is the ONE to see!

Anyway, there is so much more, but these are the ones that I reblog the most. I haven’t really gotten into the fanfic part of it, I’m still into MYSME fanfic….so….Most of the stuff I like is about how much love you have for each other. How much you care. How much you support each other. And how amazing it is going to be when you have a family….I tried not to include any “naughty” stuff cause, well, mod is only 13!

Submitted by @neversatisfiedgirl : I hope you find this inspiring! 😊 (Here ya go hun :) Enjoy!)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Possessed!Sam

Sam looked at you in a way he’s never looked at you before. This wasn’t Sam. This wasn’t your boyfriend.

“Who are you?! You’re not Sam!” You shouted and the demon smirked and his eyes flashed black.

“Smart girl. Name is Aldinach.” He smirked at you.

“What do you want?” You asked fearful for your boyfriend that this demon was possessing.

“What do all us demons want?” He smirked. “To destroy.” He threw his hands up in the air and all of a sudden rain started to pour from the sky as he stood there continuing to smirk. “Better build an ark. It’s about to flood.” You stood there in the middle of the dark alley and Sam was struck in the back by a rock knocking the demon out and you sighed in relief and ran over to Dean and hugged him.

“We need to hurry before the demon wakes up.” You nodded and helped Dean grab Sam’s body in the abandoned building next to them. Dean drew a demon trap on the floor and sat Sam’s body in the chair tying the demon up. About 5 minutes later the demon woke up and looked on the ground around him and laughed and looked at Dean.

“You hunters. Think you’re so damn smart.” The demon broke out of the ropes and started chanting something that you hadn’t heard before but was soon out-chanted by you summoning the demon out of Sam. The demon screamed as you continued the exorcism driving the demon out of Sam who soon passed out on the floor. You ran over to him and tried waking Sam up but he wouldn’t respond.

“Come on baby wake up.” You tapped his cheek and he gasped for air as he sat up. “Oh thank you!” Sam looked at you and you started bawling and you both wrapped your arms around each other.

“It’s okay babe. It’s over. I’m back.” Sam said trying to soothe you.

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