here i come s3

people freaking out over these out-there theories while sana and yousef are just flirting and a beautiful relationship is blossoming? maybe this season will be like the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror you know, not everything has to end so badly. i say just enjoy the content we are actually getting and worry about drama and when it actually starts happening? and no one understands what all the s3 parallels mean yet so… cause at the moment all i see is a beautiful muslim girl who is the literal sun with a crush on a beautiful muslim boy who encourages her in every way.


I’m back to making videos so here u go~

i might do the full song when s3 comes out  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nygmobblepot at sirens

you’re what i’m looking for

Based on this giftset from 1.09 “Unity Day”. Things go a little differently.

This prompt has literally been written by 100 different authors 100 different ways, but I am pretending s3 doesn’t exist, so. Here you go. Title comes from the Rooney song of the same name.

“I need you to follow us,” Clarke tells him, her face illuminated by the fire. He’s still so angry, so so angry that Finn would go behind all of their backs to set up this meeting, but he tries to push those feelings aside and listen to what Clarke is telling him. “Be our backup.”

Bellamy narrows his eyes. “Does Finn know about this?”

Clarke hesitates, but then meets his eyes. “Finn doesn’t need to know.”

Bellamy is suddenly hit with a wave of want so hard that he’s surprised he doesn’t stumble. When he looks back on this moment, he imagines he’ll remember it as the first moment he truly wanted to kiss Clarke Griffin.

She’s almost smiling too, and he finds himself unable to stop the smirk from spreading across his face. There’s something unnervingly intimate about the way they’re looking at each other and the conversation they’re having. 

What they’re planning is a secret, something only known between the two of them, and he thinks it’s the newfound trust between them that’s making him feel this way. It’s nice to be the one Clarke goes to when she needs something. It’s nice that she’s the one that she’s trusting with her life. It feels precious, this trust she’s instilling in him, and he’ll be damned if he lets her down.

Not this time.

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