here i come cam

imagine part 1


You are best friends with Cameron Dallas. You guys never had a thing, you guys saw each other as brothers and sister. So he asked you to come over so he can introduce you to some of his new friends. 

I walk inside his house without even knocking because I’ve been to his house about 1 billion times, so it’s pretty much your second home.

When I walk in and then I see 8 hot boys and a girl. The girl has red puffy hair and reminds me of the girl from brave, but a girly version of her. All the guys looked at you. your all confused, but some of the boys are looking like they won one million dollars and the rest look confused why I’m here.

“Cam” I yell. Then he finally come towards me and engulfs you in a big hug. He is a hugger, everyone should know that by now.

“What’s up chicka?” Cameron says when he finally lets go.

“zayum who is this Cam?” A guy with bright blue eyes came towards us. Cam just ignored him and bring me to the guys and girl.

“You guys meet y/n,” Cameron says.

“Hey I’m Matthew, And you are very beautiful.” the guy with blondish brown hair. I just started to blush. He is really cute I thought

“I’m Jack Johnson, and this is Jack Gilinsky.”

“Nash,” the guy with brown hair with blue eyes that tried to talk to me earlier.

“Carter,” the Asian guy said. Hey don’t judge me.

“Aaron,” the guy with brown hair and brown eyes said.

“Taylor, and can I say dayum,” the guy with the bandana on said. I started to blush. He looks like a player a bit.

“Shawn, I like leggos and I know you like leggo’s, lets build a relationship.” Shawn said. He was cute and looked really sweet. I started laughing when he said that.

“Mahogany,” the girl with the red puffy hair said.

“Wanna hangout sometime?” Shawn asked. I looked around and Matthew and Taylor looked a bit jealous?

God well this is going to be an interesting day