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Hey Josh, just wondering... what was taking 'shrooms like?

Why–why does Wrench,, lo,o k good ,,,?,

feat. Shawn Baichoo: Wrench’s VA

New Friendships Ch.1(A Park Meet Up)

It was a peaceful, sunny day; four skeleton kids were taking a stroll through the park today talking and laughing. Their names were Ink, Fresh, Error, and Geno. Ink was a creative skeleton who loved to paint and draw, Fresh was a 90’s kid, but can’t really feel, Error was an emotional boy who would get errors lots of time, and Geno was a sick skeleton and couldn’t do much, but loved to hang out with his cousin Ink and his brothers Error and Fresh. Error was helping Geno walk by having one his arms around his shoulders while Ink and Fresh stood beside him making small talk. They then come across a park bench where they all decide to rest for a little. Just then the sound of an ice cream truck is heard and Error suggests an idea.

“How about we get some ice cream? I’m sure that our moms gave us some money to get something to eat, right?”

“Yeah brah, I’ve got like ten dollars, ya feel me brah.”

“Ok bro, you really should just shut up Fresh. Anyway, you stay here and rest Geno while us three get some ice cream. What flavor you want?”

Geno ponders as to what flavor he wants and finally says it.

“I would like cotton candy flavor if they have it, and if not. Then I’ll go with vanilla ice cream instead, ok?”

“Yeah sounds ok.” The three of them then stand up and head to the ice cream truck with a huge line.”We’ll be back probably in 15 min so stay here and rest.”

Error, Ink, and Fresh head to the ice cream truck money in hand. Geno waits patiently at the park bench as he watches his brothers head to the ice cream truck.


Frisk was walking down the park path with his bluetooth headphones in his ears. He was walking down the path in a pair of black basketball shorts that have a red outline, a short-sleeved white t-shirt with a guitar on it that seems to be playing notes, a pair of red sneakers, and a black eyepatch over his right eye with a flaming musical note etched as a design. He walked along the path for some time and soon sees Geno lying down on the park bench coughing. Worried, he runs towards the skeleton and is now beside him.

“Um, are you ok?”

Geno looks at Frisk with a confused expression before it clicks into his head as to why he’s asking.

“Oh, I’m so sorry if I worried you.”He sits up.”I’m ok, just a bit sick is all.”

Frisk looks at him questioningly, but lets out a sigh.

“If you say so,”He holds his right hand out.”Name’s Frisk. What’s your?”

“Geno,”He takes Frisk’s hand and they shake.”Nice to meet you.”

“Mind if I take a seat?”

“No, I don’t mind”As he motions for Frisk to take a seat.

Frisk takes the seat and takes off his headphones. He then takes his phone from his right pocket and pauses his music and then puts the phone back into his pocket.

“So Geno, what are you doing in the park?”

“Oh, I’m here with my brothers and cousin. They’re getting ice cream right now, but I decided to stay behind and rest. What about you?”

“Me, well. I’m here to clear my mind and see if I can get my creative juices flowing.”

“Oh, do you draw or something?”

“Hmm, oh no. I can’t draw for my life. Nah, I like to create music and so I come here whenever I have writer’s block for my songs.”

“Oh, so you’re trying to figure out a song right now?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what to make and it’s very frustrating. I like to make music, but it is very frustrating when you don’t have inspiration.”

“I see, do you mind if I ask something?”

“Oh no, I won’t mind. Ask away.”

“What happened to your eye?”

This made Frisk flinch for he wasn’t expecting something like that. Though, he guesses he should’ve expected it if not sooner than later. He looks at Geno with a dejected look and then looks at his feet.

“I, uh, rather not talk about. Bad memories.”

Geno looks Frisk with a worried look thinking he upset him.

“I-I’m so sorry. I-I sh-shouldn’t have asked you. I’m s-so sorry.”

Frisk then looks at Geno with a smile on his face.

“It’s ok. You just didn’t know. Say, how old are you exactly?”

“I’m 12 right now. How about you?”

“Hey, I’m 12 too. That’s so cool that we’re the same age.”

Frisk’s phone then starts to ring and Geno looks at him. Frisk takes his phone and answers it.


He then moves the phone away from his ear as some yelling is heard.


He then moves the phone back to his ear.

“No,no. I didn’t forget. I’ll be home in 10 so just wait for me.”

“Ok fine, I guess I can wait.”

“Ok, see you then. Bye.”

Frisk then hangs up and lets out a defeated sigh.

“Sorry about that, I promised my friend we go check out the new games at the nearest game store.”

“That’s ok. I can understand.”

“Say, do you have a phone Geno?”

“Yeah, I do.”As Geno takes out his phone.

“Cool, let’s exchange phone numbers.”


Error, Ink and Fresh are heading back with the ice cream in hand. Error holds two ice cream cones, one that is cheesecake flavor and the other cotton candy flavor. Ink got birthday cake flavor with rainbow sprinkles while Fresh a cookies n cream ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. They were all walking back when they notice Geno talking to someone. Frisk waves goodbye to Geno starts to run home while Geno waves good bye to Frisk.

Error, Ink, and Fresh now approach Geno and Error hand Geno his ice cream cone.

“Thanks Error.”He take the ice cream gladly.

“Yeah, apparently it was National Ice Cream day today and so they are giving it out for free. Though I’m curious, who was that guy you were talking to? If he so much as lay a single finger on you-”

‘Error, he didn’t so cool it.”

Ink then spoke up.

“Well, who is he then?”

“Well, he’s certainly someone who you will love Ink. I know for sure.”

“Really!?”He sound excited as stars fill his eye sockets.

“Yeah. I’ll be sure to introduce you guys next time we meet him.”

“Cool dawg, can’t wait to meet the brah. Now then, let’s head home shall we brahs?”

Geno then stands up and puts his arm around Error’s shoulders. They all then start to head home in good fits of laughter.


Some time later, Frisk is looking through the Xbox row looking for any games that peaks his interest. Just then, a girl’s voice is heard from another section. Frisk leaves the section and comes to face with a girl in glasses, a ponytail tied by a scrunchy, a green short sleeved shirt, a pair of denim shorts, and flats. She is holding a game called “Dead Space” in her hands and then peers at Frisk.

“You find a good game Chara?”

“Yeah, it’s a horror game called Dead Space. I am so making you play this.”

“Please no, the last time we played a horror game. I couldn’t sleep for a week.”

“Wussy, well no matter. Just means you have a week of nights to make a new song, right?”

“Yeah, of how terrified I am. Look, I’ll play it with you, but you have to stay up with me then.”

“Fine, if I have to.”

Chara and Frisk then start heading to the cashier to purchase the game. They thank the cashier and leave the store.

“How did we get the game when it’s rated 18+?”

“The cashier knows us, that’s why.”

“Yeah, I’m glad we’re friends with Bill.”

“By the way Frisk, why were you staying at the park longer than usual?”

“Oh, I met a monster there and became friends with him. You should meet him some time. I’m sure it will be a skele-ton of fun.”

“Oh, in that case. I’m sure we’ll have a humerus time with him.”

“Well, he apparently has some brothers and a cousin that I still need to meet.”

“Well we can meet him together, come on. Dad should be home by now.”

“Ok, just wait for me.”

They start running off laughing as they head straight home.


Please don’t hate for making a fanfiction of @alainaprana Momma CQ stuff with my Undertale AU. This will have many chapters to go with this one, but right now I need some sleep. I had lots of fun writing this and I’m sure that all the kids would enjoy seeing this. Also, there are spoilers to my fanfic of ParasiteTale, but hopefully nothing major. For now, I say good night and I love Mooma CQ comic!

Arc V Imagines Game:

Reblog this post and tag your favorite character(s) from arc v and I’ll send you an ask with a random imagine. If you prefer to stay anonymous, send me an ask with your favorite arc v character(s) and I’ll answer with an imagine.

They may not all be funny, so just a heads up. I am also one person so it may be a little slow, but I’ll try my best!

Saki’s “Inspiration Board” Project~

So recently, Ive been thinking a lot about a new way of helping to deal with my mental illness. I deal with severe chronic depression, and it consumes my life like a little bitch. I unfortunately deal with the darkest of things that come with it. I see a therapist on campus sometimes, but I unfortunately dont have the money for medications and stuff like that. So I thought, whats a new way to inspire myself and get out of bed and get rid of bad thoughts and be productive again? So I thought about an inspiration board!

Basically, you guys are the ones to make this idea happen. I love getting mail cuz Im a weird idiot, so I thought it would be awesome to have my followers mail me happy letters or drawings or something to put on my coarkboard to help me every day~ Maybe my dumb butt inspires your butt somehow rofl. There’s so many things you can do here I can’t even think of them all! Get creative!

So, if you wanna be a part of this, msg me when you’ve got something ready to mail off, and I’ll reply where to send it to! (I’ll be getting a PO box soon hopefully!)

Maybe, if you guys want, I’ll do a YouTube channel/video of me opening and reading your letters and showing off your drawings or gifts or pics of your pets or things??? Thats probably a dumb idea but I’m sure you guys wanna see my reactions?

SORRY THIS IS PROBABLY A REALLY DUMB IDEA but ive been in such a hole lately and maybe this’ll make the hard days a bit easier by looking at all your amazing stuff on the board every morning.

~ Saki