here i am without you

You love people. They disappoint you. But sometimes, they don’t. They just keep loving you, right through it all, waiting for you to wake up and appreciate them. To say, ‘I love you. I’ve always loved you back.’
—  Courtney Maum, I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

one thing I noticed about civil war was this cut where they were all suddenly dressed in their suits so i can only assume

movies that should exist: a pride & prejudice modern adaptation
starring mindy kaling as elizabeth bennet & jessica chastain as darcy fitzwilliam

“ugh. you LOVE me?”
“don’t make that face. it’s not like i want to. you’re loud and you talk too much about television for an adult and every single member of your family has friended me on facebook despite the fact that i’ve never spoken to most of them, and most of them have very poor punctuation. in fact, this whole situation is very embarrassing. like herpes. but like herpes, i don’t think it’s curable without taking action. so here i am. telling you. i love you.”
“can you even hear yourself right now?”
“so … what are your thoughts?”
“what are my thoughts? about your i-love-you-like-herpes speech?? which, p.s., herpes is incurable. that shit’s always gonna flare up again.”
“exactly. the metaphor is appropriate.”

“why do people call me dumb”

The Vampire Diaries Sentence Starters

  • Answer me. Who are you?
  • Any chance you let me buy you an “I’m sorry” drink?
  • Be careful. You just sounded generally concerned for me.
  • Can we talk about this tomorrow? I just needed a place to crash.
  • God, I miss you.
  • Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…
  • Here’s the thing. I don’t know what to say, or do, or think.
  • How about I show you some of my other talents?
  • I can’t lose you again.
  • I choose you. I’m here because of you.
  • I don’t know who I am without you.
  • I forgot you don’t care about anything.
  • I hate how good that felt.
  • I have always wanted to be loved by someone in the way that you loved me. And I would rather have these memories than a future where I destroy them.
  • I have this theory that you’re meanest to the people you care about most.
  • I know I said it doesn’t bother me but what if it does?
  • I love you. It’s why I have to let you go.
  • I need a drink. And a buddy. And right now you are my only buddy available to drink. I’m overlooking the fact that you nearly killed me the last time we hung out.
  • I never fooled myself into thinking that what I had with you would last.  
  • I never thought I would ever be happy again and then I met you.
  • I really wanna rip your clothes off right now and kiss every square inch of your body.
  • I think it’s time you and I have a talk.
  • I understand if I have to wait for you. And I will. I’ll wait.
  • I walked out last time. Now it’s your turn.
  • I’m an expert at dealing with loss, you know?
  • I’m going through a highly emotional situation right now and you’re just sitting there mocking me.
  • I’m not going anywhere because I love you.
  • I’m not gonna give up on you. I never will.
  • I’m not okay with this decision. I’m not okay with never seeing you again.
  • I’m not sure what else to say.
  • I’ve never felt more alive than when I am with you.
  • I’m so sorry. Give me a chance to make it right.
  • If there is even a fraction of you that cares about me, do not walk out that door.
  • If you could stop gloating in the face of my misery, that would be very much appreciated.
  • If you think this is a crazy plan, now’s the time to speak up.
  • If you want to talk about last night, talk!
  • Is that what you think of me?
  • Is this a bad time?
  • It’s funny how one event can change the outcome of your entire life.
  • It’s like you want to confirm everyone’s lowest expectations of you.
  • It’s probably a good idea to stay as far away from me as possible.
  • Look, don’t you think it’s about time we level with each other?
  • Look, we can’t escape this life. So shouldn’t we make sure we’re at least living it right?
  • Me? Jealous? That would imply I cared. I thought we’d already established that I don’t.
  • Neither one of us should be here right now.
  • Please don’t give up.
  • So I’m gonna die? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?
  • So look, I don’t know what we were, or are, or are supposed to be. All I know is I want to see you.
  • So, I hear you’ve been having sex dreams about me?
  • Something happened between you and me and I’m not going to let you pretend that it didn’t.
  • Tell me something I don’t know about you.
  • The thing is, nothing’s changed. We are still bad for each other.
  • There’s no such thing as moving on, it’s a lie.
  • This is my “you’re being a dick” face.
  • We have the house all to ourselves for a whole weekend and you wanna talk politics?
  • Well, that’s the problem. Not all of us are okay with pretending.
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What are you doing in my bedroom?
  • What took you so long to answer your phone?
  • What was that for?
  • When you told me you hated me, it was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.
  • You can’t blame this on me!
  • You changed my life, you know that? You completely turned it around.
  • You do realize you’re dating a reformed womanizer, right?
  • You know this’ll never not be weird.
  • You know, I don’t know how I went so long without saying this, but you’re a real dick!
  • You know, we’re not meant to like each other, you and I.
  • You lost the right to my attention when you decided to leave without saying goodbye.
  • You’re a good person. And I need a little good in my life.
  • You’re not the least bit interested in why I’m here?
  • You’re supposed to trust that I’m nothing like him/her.
  • You’ll never have to worry about me again.
  • You’ve driven away every soul who has ever cared for you.
So here I am / getting better without you / moving on without you / going to bed on time / smiling more / laughing more / being more / so tell me why it still hurts sometimes / tell me why it aches at night / where do you set the extra feelings down / where do you escape when they become too much / how do you completely let something go / how do you stop praying for it to come back / how do you stop waiting for it to come back.
—  you’re not in my head // you’re just in my dreams– lily rain

i still remember you,
how you cracked me wide open,
how you taught me who i am
and made me unashamed of it

and i can never repay you
for the soft smiles,
how you’d make me laugh
when all i wanted was to
fall on the floor,
the phone calls you picked up
in the middle of the night,
the long drives with your windows down,
smoking cigarettes at parties,
drinking vodka ‘til our throats were sore
(now i don’t drink vodka anymore).

i wish you knew how much you shaped me
and i guess that’s why without you here,
i don’t remember who i am.
all i remember are your freckles
and how nobody’s formed constellations
as well as yours did,
your hands so gentle,
the way you loved me in a way
that nobody else did

and god, i know it’s so stupid
that i remember after all this time.
i know you don’t remember me the same way.
i know i didn’t make as much as an impact
as you did because
you left me in the ugliest way
and i covered journal pages in your name
and i could never wring you out of me,
could never heal the scars you gave me

but i wish you nothing less than someone
you wouldn’t do the things you did to me to,
because after all that time together,
it is me who knows your strength
more than anybody else does.
it is me who believed in you for as long
as i can remember,
who sits up and hopes
you are becoming a person you’re proud of

because i still believe you are more
than what you did to me,
even though i wish a lot of nightmares
didn’t come true. i still wish
i could dream with eyes wide open,
but i hope you know
i’ll never forget you.

no matter how hard i try,
it’s still you i think of when
i look at the stars
and when i’m crying,
it is always you i want to run back to
and i’m sorry
i could never kill your pain
the way i always wanted to
and i’m even more sorry
that i still love you.

—  a love letter to the one who broke me

Hi! Long time without post anything! Well~ Here I am! And I bring to you this crossover! Maybe you’ve watched this before (I’ve been postin’  this on my Twitter ;D)
When I watched this movie I couldn’t help but I compare the characters with Ichigo and Rukia! And… I cried a lot X’D but I love it (who doesn’t?)!
So! I hope you like it! And yes! It’s is in Spanish because I watched subbed in that lenguage and I didn’t want to change the meaning of some words with my bad english.
Thank you so much and see you later~!
ART BY ME (@KoreBb).

So, I think I know what Cor is.

Okay, so THIS IS CLEARLY marked for spoilers. PLEASE DO NOT READ further if you do not want to spoil anything with FFXV. I am giving you a clear amount of warning right now. 


(though still just a theory, and not any story spoilers, but I AM MARKING IT AS A SPOILER BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT.)

I promised I would be careful to those who follow this blog and want to be careful about things like this. 

I said that I wouldn’t write about FFXV and though I am marking this as a spoiler, it really isn’t. It doesn’t tell any of the story. I am rambling here so that if you pull up my page without realizing and are just scrolling through you still have time to see my MASSIVE SPOILER NOTICES so that may save you. 

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another 7/7

My brother would have been 29 today.

He wouldn’t have made any plans.

He would have been ok with whatever

as long as we were all together.

Maybe a trip to the beach….

smoke some weed.

We were never bored

and I was complete.

There was nothing anyone could say or do..

not a moment of feeling lost or confused…

because i had my brother and we had our truths.

A built in best friend.

He was my youth.


the truth is

as long as I am on this earth without you,

I am here alone.

I am not myself.

The rest of us left….

we still have each other,

but you were the joy

the smile,

the laughter,

that kept us together.

The hardest thing we do is pretend to be happy without you.

It’s an everlasting sadness.

I can never get past it.

I am tired of missing you.

I am a broken record, I know 

and I will cry a million more times… 

and write a million more rhymes…

until my misery is ended by your company,

and we stand side by side…..

but “we gotta keep goin”

and fight how you did

but everyone is not as strong as you, kid.

you’re in all of my favorite dreams.

 all my favorite memories…

I can’t forget all that you are….

do you still remember me?

i would sleep forever if i knew that 

you’d be sure to show up..

and it would be nice 

if where ever you are, 

you were seeing Nami grow up….

do you see it?

are you still here?

i keep looking for you.

and i keep wishing 

and i keep hoping

all your wishes came true.

happy birthday.