here i am with my ninja clan

“I want Minami to Believe it! Believe it! Here I am with my Ninja Clan! Ninja Clan,here we stand! Naruto,I’m on my way, Naruto,I’ll be okay! Getting ready to fight on set! Come on best friends by my side! Sasuke,is really cool! Sakura,the beautiful!”

~admin ran

classes in ffxiv be like
  • paladin: i have never tanked in anything before but i am trying
  • warrior: lol who needs the rest of the party i'm a one man fucking army
  • white mage: i am your god. please protect me.
  • scholar: i know the game says i'm a healer but nah m8
  • dragoon: what are positionals??? what's heavy thrust??? what's a rotation??? i don't understand please help me
  • black mage: I AM GOD shit out of mp hold on a sec I AM GOD
  • bard: i'm helping probably! i think! this is helping right?
  • ninja: here i stand with my ninja clan. ninja clan. here we stand.
  • summoner: what do you mean i'm not supposed to use titan-egi i thought i was the tank
  • monk: fuck you tank, i need The Stacks(tm) so i'm pulling WHY DID YOU LET ME DIE TANK
  • machinist: fuck the turrets IT'S HIGH NOON MOTHERFUCKER

do you ever think about what a weird fuckin generation of old people we’re going to be

like y'all will be in a retirement home and the nurse is gonna come around and say “okay everyone it’s time for bed”

and then, without warning, that one fucker in the back is going to suddenly mutter “sned. snail bed.”

and everyone is gonna fuckin lose their shit and start shouting about sneople and snakes and old sally in her wheelchair is gonna abruptly shriek “WEEEE AAAAARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS” and that sets everyone off into the rest of the song

meanwhile the two elderly weebs in the corner are yelling “BELIEVE IT BELIEVE IT HERE I AM WITH MY NINJA CLAN” and some asshole proclaims everyone’s going for a cheeky nandos with the lads then the roommate you thought died last week is gonna crash through the door and announce “SURPRISE BITCH I BET YOU THOUGHT YOU’D SEEN THE LAST OF ME”

and you watch all of this unfold, sitting back in the rocking chair where you quietly chuckle under your breath, “let’s mcfreakin lose it” as you calmly knit a pepe scarf.

  • yoga teacher: now take a deep breath and relax. free yourself of all thoughts and distractions
  • me, internally: 12 years ago, a nine-tailed fox appeared. if you believe it! naruto! naruto! believe it! belieeeeeeeeeeeve it! yeah here i am with my ninja clan. ninja clan. here we stand. naruto! i'm on my way. naruto! i'll be okay. getting ready to fight on sight. my best friends by my side. sa-soo-kay - is really cool. sakura - the beautiful kowagaruna naruto saoto mamore kowagaruna naruto saoto mamore
  • you: naruto
  • me, an intellectual:
  • Twelve years ago,
  • a Nine-Tail Fox suddenly appeared......
  • If you believe it!
  • Narooto! Narooto!
  • Belieeeeve it! Belieeeeeeeeeeeve it!
  • Here I am with my Ninja Clan!
  • Ninja Clan, here we stand!
  • Narooto, I'm on my way,
  • Narooto, I'll be okay!
  • Getting ready to fight on sight!
  • Come on best friends by my side!
  • Sasukay, is really cool!
  • Sakoora, the beautiful!
  • Kowagaruna Narutoooooo
  • Saoto mamoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee