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You are very old to be on tumblr lol. I'd freak out if my Mum was on tumblr

Well then I’d say thank fuck I’m nobody’s mom, because I promise my interests have not shriveled up and died just because I turned 27, and I highly doubt they will when I turn 57 either. Am I just supposed to stare at drapery all day just because I’m not 19 anymore? Do people think men just stop being attractive, and movies suddenly aren’t interesting, and having sometimes witty, sometimes idiotic and raunchy banter with friends online isn’t fun anymore when you’re an adult? I promise it is. It gets better, in fact. So I shall continue to enjoy my Meemaw-ness here on this, my blog.

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Byun Baekhyun//Dyeing To Meet You

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Summary: Everybody knows that soulmates have the same hair colour - and your soulmate, wherever he is, is to be blamed for the ridiculous hair colour you woke up with this morning. - A/N: for the sake of this AU, just pretend your hair doesn’t get damaged when you dye it.
Scenario: Soulmate AU, fluff
Word Count: 3,021

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Oh my god ( Jacksepticeye x FemReader )

(( gif not mine ;0 ))

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(A/N): lmao this isn’t Marvel. Nope it is not because I do and can write other things. Kind of. Hey, this might end well because I used to learn German but do not expect much.

Request:  Oh, you write for dear Jackaboy? Would you mind writing something in which Reader is the most subscribed German Youtuber (like Jack is the most subscribed Irish one) and his girlfriend and they play something together with Mark and Pewds (preferably Prop Hunt) and every time she dies, she cusses the boys out in German? Calling them things like Pissnelke (Piss Carnation) and Arschgesicht (Ass Face). Yes, those are real German insults. Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Boi there will be multi bilingual swearing up in here


“Hallo!” (Y/n) greeted eagerly, gesturing toward her set up camera “I am here, again. Back with my lovely friend Felix. And two other idiots, I don’t know, they kind of just joined…” she mumbled the last part into her microphone and snickered to herself.

“Ouch,” Mark cried and Jack laughed “You could at least introduce me as your boyfriend…” Mark faked wiping a tear to his own camera; a big grin upon his face already.

“Oi!” Jack called “That’s my line you twit.”

“Alright, alright, no fights guys,” Felix mocked, giving his own shit eating grin to his setup camera “I am the favourite so I make the rules.”

“God has spoken.” (Y/n) added. Currently starring at the loading screen of Prop Hunt, she were surprised as to how much already happened without the game even being loaded yet.

“Lmao, you guys are fucked.” she said cockily, glancing into her camera, once the game finally loaded.

“MISS (YOUTUBE NAME), THE ONE AND OnLY!” Felix called into his mic, exactly after your statement. “THE MOsT SUBSCRIBED GERMAN YOUTUBER.. even though she doesn’t have an accent, like what, totally fake fan… IS ABOUT TO GET. HER ASS HANDED TO HER. ON A SILVER PLATTER.”

She couldn’t help but shake her head and chuckle quaintly, as Mark bellowed with laughter and was quick to agree. 

“Don’t be touching her ass, mate,” Jack warned “I know where you live.”

❆      ❆       ❆

“ARE YOU KIDDING?!” (Y/n) yelled as she died quickly. “Who just goes around and shoots every fucking mug??!”

“Uh ha, this guy.” Mark stated smugly “Now where, oh where, is your leprechaun boyfriend?”

She twisted her face “Mark, I want you to know that you are a huge arschgesicht, and we are no longer friends”

“A what?” He asked and looked directly into his camera.

Felix couldn’t help but spit before chuckling soundly, shaking his character’s gun a bit and looking at his camera as he laughed.

“Whaaat? What does that mean?” Mark whined and turned back to his game.

❆      ❆       ❆

“Honey, I’m sorry it has to be this way.” Jack said, hurt lacing his voice but masked by a grin beginning to form on his bearded face.

“No you’re not! Let me live, holy shit.”

Her lamp couldn’t seem to move fast enough as she shifted her way through furniture and debris; away from Jack’s hunter.

“I love you!” she called

“Love ya’ too!” Jack said back and blew a kiss at his camera.

“Oh you fucking lustmolch…” (Y/n) finally insulted once she got shot. She pouted into her camera.

“Fookin’ what?” Jack repeated, laughing unsurely.

“Fucking slut you are Jack.” Felix breathed out after laughing again. He glanced at his camera and winked “Ah, (Y/n), if you were here, I’d give you a highfive.” and he chuckled some more.

❆      ❆       ❆

“So all I learned from today was that both Mark and my own boyfriend are both asshats,” (Y/n) started “and that Feli’ is my only true friend.”

Felix’s character was sat on top of (Y/n)’s chair in the middle of the kitchen.

“That’s right.” Felix smiled and shot at her character until she died. “Love ya’.”

“You goddamn pissnelke!” (Y/n) laughed and the round ended.

“HeY!” Felix began to laugh as well, with Mark and Jack joining in. “Watch your fuckin’ mouth!”

❆      ❆       ❆

“Okay my friend’s, that was Prop Hunt with the Holy Threesome.” (Y/n) smiled at her camera.

“Hey!” Jack and Mark said in unison, over top of Felix saying ‘kinky’.

“You learned that Mark and Jack are untrustable bastards and Felix can speak German!” she snickered.

“Ja.” the swede agreed heartily.

“So until next time; click this,” she gestured to the air on her right “to see my previous video. And any of these links to check out Mark’s, Jack’s or Felix’s channels.” she gestured to her left “Have a lovely evening!” she said finally.

“Bye!” your three friends said as well, in mock of a German accent.

“Oh my g–”

So there’s that. I really actually liked the request and so I hope this story maybe did it justice. Thank you for reading!

Haikyuu!! Cast as Things I've Heard People at School Say

Hinata: *in the middle of test* YOU CAN’T DECIDE YOUR WIFE’S NAME

Kageyama: why do people make glass windows?

Tsukkishima: the other day I threw myself across the table because my mom asked me to pass the salt

Yamaguchi: I have never done anything wrong in my life and yet I’ve been thrown into this prison called school

Tanaka: do I look intimidating?


Kageyama: *in response to Tsukki* HOW DO I SHUT MY ASS UP

Noya: *in response to Kags* CLENCH IT

Asahi: I am so scared, of what? I don’t know

Suga: relax children I am here to grace you with my presence


Hinata: *awkwardly laughs at teacher’s bad joke* *whispers* he fucking sucks

Kags: *spits out milk* THE FUCK IS THIS?!

Coach Ukai: I am so done, if I’m not here tomorrow, call the cops

Yams: I look innocent right? Well guess what, I just killed you in 100 different ways in my mind

Tanaka: heyyyyyy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Kenma: you know what they say *doesn’t finish sentence cause he fell asleep*

Tsukki: how do you keep an idiot in suspense

Kags: *in response to Tsukki* how?

Tsukki: idk I’ll tell you later

Tanaka: I’m at your cervix ;)


Noya: caw caw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hinata: HOW DO YOU SPORT?!??


Yams: I love you

Tsukki: *in response to Yams* I love me too

Suga: I like you

Daichi: *in response to Suga* I’m so sorry

Hinata: I LIKE YOU!!!

Kags: *awkwardly pats Hinata’s hand*


Noya: you know what they say, memes over friends!! *dabs*

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Prompt: Trimberly - jealous Kim and maybe a little bit of angst

You got it! 


Tommy Oliver.

New kid. Tall. Brunette. Green eyed (appropriately). Surprisingly Popular (suspicious - no new kid had a right to be popular). Green Ranger (very suspicious). Tomboy. Straight-A Student (so why detention??? Also suspicious).

And the absolute bane of Kimberly Hart’s existence. 

The moment Tommy had arrived in detention, Kim had smelled trouble. Because not only was Tommy gorgeous, not only was Tommy funny, and athletic, and intelligent. 

Not only was Tommy Oliver basically perfect in the cut-throat adolescent world of High School, but Tommy Oliver was charming. Kim hated charming people. She especially hated them right now. Because right now, Tommy fucking Oliver was flirting with Trini. What’s worse? Trini was giggling. And blushing

And Kim couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. 

She’d been flirting (haha see what she did there? Pathetic) with the idea of asking Trini out for months. And really, who wouldn’t? Trini was damn near perfect. She was kind and intelligent and funny and absolutely gorgeous. 

And she was far too good for Kimberly Hart.

She was too good for the ex-cheerleader who was this close to being labeled a sex offender. She was too good for the girl who got so defensive over her own actions, she punched her ex-sort-of-not-really-boyfriend so hard without powers that he’d lost a tooth. She was too good for the girl who was so emotionally stunted she’d kept them all from morphing until Billy had died.

So no, Kim wasn’t good enough for Trini. But she wasn’t positive Tommy Oliver was either.

“You trying out your laser vision again, princess?” 

Zach’s amused drawl broke through her staring contest with the back of Tommy’s head. 

“Huh? We don’t have laser vision, doofus.” 

“Well you’re definitely trying to melt the back of poor Tommy’s head. What did she ever do to you, huh?” 

Kim glanced away just as Tommy shifted to reveal a surprisingly bashful Trini. 


Kim sighed. Sometimes she thought the only one in their group who didn’t know about her pathetic crush on the Yellow Ranger was Trini herself. 

“Yeah.” What else was there to say? She didn’t have a chance with Trini, she knew that. And Tommy really was a good sort. Mostly. And hey if she could make Trini smile like that, who was Kim to get in the way? No one, that’s who. 

She feels Zach’s gaze on her, but she refuses to look up. She doesn’t want to see the pity in his eyes. She doesn’t see the thoughtfulness in his gaze, or the way his eyes flick between Trini’s furtive looks in Kim’s direction, and Kim’s hunched shoulders.


Trini slid next to Zach in their English class with and grunted out some form of greeting as she rested her head on top of her folded arms. She had a massive headache and really just wanted to do some yoga on her rock. She was not looking forward to debating Shakespeare for the umpteenth time this year with a bunch of pimply hormonal teens.

“’Sup, Crazy Girl.”


“Got a headache?” 


“Got anything to do with a certain green friend of ours?”

Head tilt, murderous glare.

Students were settling into their seats as the teacher wrote their assignments on the board, and told them to choose partners to go over the next Act of Hamlet. Zach payed the rest of them no mind.

“Funny thing, I think Kim’s got a headache for the same exact reason.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, it speaks!”

“Shut up idiot.”

“Ouch. Words hurt, you know”

“You don’t have enough brain cells to be offended by my awesome snark.”

“Damn, fine. I won’t tell you what Kim said earlier when Tommy was all over you.” 

“What the fuck, Zach.”

Zach buried his nose in Shakespeare and ignored Trini’s glare. Finally, she rolled her eyes. 

“Fine, o amazing Black Ranger. I only insult your awesomeness because I cannot even dream to match it. Alright? Just tell me already!”

Zach smirked. “Someone’s eager. And just how much Shakespeare have you been reading, Trinity?”

She kicked his shin under the table, hard.

“Call me Trinity again and you’ll wish Rita was back.”

“Ok, ok, jesus, leave my bones intact, Crazy Girl! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but - and I say this with all possibly love - but damn girl you’re oblivious. Even Jason figured it out, and you know that’s saying something.”

“Figured what out?” Trini was getting more confused by the second, and it wasn’t helping her headache in the slightest. If Zach didn’t get to his point soon, she’d punch him and deal with going to the principal’s office happily.

“Kim’s got a gigantic gay crush on you, Trini.”

Trini blinked. “Huh?”

It was Zach’s turn to roll his eyes. 

“Girl, the only thing that even comes close to your crush on Kim, is her crush on you. We both know Tommy just likes to flirt - especially with you, because you blush so easily when a pretty girl is paying attention to you -”

Trini kicked his shin again with a hissed “Hey!”

“ - Ow! What? It’s the truth! Anyway, I don’t think Kim’s realized that Tommy’s flirting is harmless when it comes to you. I mean hey we all know she’s got the hots for the hottest member of the team. Moi.”

Another kick. “Ow! I’m going to the police. This abuse is just unwarranted.”

“Zach, for fucks sake, please get to the point.”

“I thought I had? What’s that glare for? You need me to spell it out? Kim. Was. Jealous. Kim. Likes. You. Idiot. No accounting for taste, but - HEY!”

“Zach, Trini, is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

“No, Ms. Morris we were just, uh, having a disagreement over the meaning of a passage.”

Watching Zachary Kwan trying to appear innocent was not a pretty sight, but luckily, their teacher just rolled her eyes and moved on.

“What did I say about the kicking?? Jeez. And here I am, trying to help you out. Some friend you are.”

“Aww poor wittle baby. Suck it up, bitch.” 

Trini was quiet for a moment, thinking. 

“You’re not pulling my leg? Kim’s really into me?”

“Dude you’re like, Wynonna Earp level oblivious.”

“I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.”

“Definitely an insult.” 


Tommy’s next flirting target two days later, ironically, was Kim. 

Their training session for the day had ended, and they were all relaxing and nursing various bruises and scrapes under the coolness coming from the lake above the pit. Trini, observing Tommy’s flirting process, personally thought that the award for Wynonna Earp obliviousness should go to Kim, who hadn’t realized yet that Tommy had been flirting with her for the past half hour.

Trini had conducted her own experiments over the past two days to see if Zach was just insane or if his claim held any merit. She’d found, to her surprise, that he might, in fact, in some weird twist of fate, be right, and she’d been trying all morning to come up with a way to ask her fellow ranger out. 

And then Tommy had butted in, and Zach had been smirking at her for the past half hour, and winking every time Tommy said something even remotely suggestive. Now, glancing from Kim to Zach one more time, he waggled his eyebrows and tilted his head in a clear dare. Trini Alverado was not one to ever back down from a dare.

Taking a fortifying breath, she left her perch atop one of the rocks in the pit and stalked over to Kim and Tommy. Kim brightened at the sight of her, giving Trini butterflies, and Tommy’s eyes took on a mischievous gleam. 

“Hey, Tommy. Kim, I’m really sorry about this.”

Kim looked confused, and Tommy looked amused. 

“For what?” They voiced the query at the same time. 

Taking another breath, Trini grabbed Kim’s wrist and pulled the taller girl down so she could press her lips to Kim’s.

She could hear Zach’s whoop of laughter, Billy’s clapping, and Jason’s cheering in the background as she felt Kim’s startled exhale of breath against her face. A tentative hand threaded itself through her hair as she felt Kim move closer to her, press more firmly into her lips, and heard Tommy’s quiet chuckle next to them.

She pulled away from Kim, a small smirk on her lips and took a few steps backwards.

“We should do that again some time, if you’re interested.”

With a thrust from her legs, she propelled herself through the lake, hoping Kim wouldn’t be too far behind.

Just Say You Won’t Let Go (Fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 2370

Summary: Bucky recalls the night he met the reader, and the night he decided he wouldn’t let go.

Warnings: none

A/N: i hate bucky god DAMMIT WHY IS THIS MY LIFe (i don’t actually hate him u all know that though) inspired by that song by james arthur because i die when i listen to it. enjoy guys!!

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Eight years pt.2

A/N- Hey! Omg I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments and for reading the fic. I so so grateful, like I’m crying. It got such a good response. Thank you all so so much x 

If I continue with this there will be smut, just not yet ~ sorry. 

Part 1 ~ Part 3 ~

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*Jungkook’s flash back*  

Jungkook had met Seokjin in college, they were instant. So when his dear called him for lunch he was happy to accept. He didn’t know that this lunch would consist of Seokjin asking him to become the CEO of his company. He was shocked to say the least. 

“Jin why?” Jungkook asked curious why he would want to give up such a powerful job. 

“Moonbyul is pregnant with twins!” Jin says over joyed. 

“And you already have two. Man, your busy in the bedroom.” Jungkook chuckles. 

“Yeah, well I love my wife, and she’s sexy as fuck. But I want to be there for my children and get to see them grow up. I don’t want to be my father whom was to busy to come home for dinner and fucked his assistant, not that I would, I’m just saying. So please just take it over. I know you can do it!” Seokjin smiles, trying to sweeten the deal. 

“I’m happy were I am. I may not be a CEO, but I’m happy.” 

“Look my top adviser is the best in the business, I mean this women is amazing. She closes more deals then I eat, which is saying a lot.” Jin chuckles. 

“What’s her name?” 


Here your name was enough for Jungkook. He took the job. You were his first love. It broke his heart when you stopped talking to him, he didn’t know what happened. He, like you, kept his feelings in. Jungkook now released that was the most idiotic thing hes ever done, and hes friends with Taehyung, king of ‘let’s do it!’ 

*End of flash back*  

Going to work made you nervous in the passing weeks. But you soon got back in the swing of things. Jungkook, as much as you hate to admit it, he was great at what he does. He amazing. Working so closely with him you started to loosen up and have fun with him like you used to. It was nice, but this was a whole new playing field, This wasn’t eight years ago. You and Jungkook where both adults… with desires. Why did he have to be so fucking prefect. There was times when you stayed late with him working on a deal. He would be leaning over your shoulder looking at the screen, you could smell his husky scent. His lips inches from yours. It was killing you. 

“Okay, Y/N, how about we leave it here for tonight, and get some sleep?” Jungkook asks, standing up from his desk and stretching his limbs. 

“Yes, we should!” You jump up putting your shit in your bag and putting your coat on. Jungkook chuckles. 

“Let’s go.” Jungkook holds the door open for you. You both walk to the lift and get on. Jungkook presses the ground floor. Just as it starts to close Hoseok, a co worker join the both of you. 

“Hey Y/N, how are you?” He smiles bright at you. 

“I’m good Hobi, you?” Jungkook flinches at you using his nickname. You smile bright at Hoseok. 

“I was wondering if your free on Friday night, I’d take you out?” You gasp. 

“I would love to, Hobi.” You smile. 

“Great, I’ll pick you up at eight.” Jungkook rolls his eyes, at what is unfolding in front of him. He sees a radiant smile across your face. He feels jealous running through his body, he wishes that smile was for him. 

It was finally Friday, you were excited to be going out with Hoseok. You wanted to get Jungkook out of your head. He was invading it like the plague. You had just finished writing up a document for Jungkook. You knocked on his office door. You enter when you hear a faint, ‘come in’. 

“I finished the document on the Park deal.” You walk over to his desk and set the file in front of him. Jungkook looks up at you, he gets up from his desk and walks around til hes backing you against his desk. He looks like hes about to kiss you, but he leans in and touches your cheek. 

“You had an eyelash.” You gasp at how close he was, he smirks. Little did you know he was only doing this to see if you were interested in being more than co works, which you obviously were by the way your breath hitched. Jungkook wanted you all to himself, but like eight years ago, he was shit scared of saying his feelings. 

“Thanks for the file.” He returns to his seat and you run out of his office. 

Jungkook stunt had quite the effect on you. So that’s why you were hoping Hoseok who fuck your brains out tonight. You put on your sexiest lingerie and got dressed. There was a knock at your door, you look to the clock on your dressing table. It read 7:30, Hoseok wouldn’t be this early would he. Good thing you were ready early, you slip on your heels and walk to the door, smoothing out your dress. You open the door, shocked. 

“Jungkook, what are you doing here?” You ask. 

“Don’t go out with him.” Jungkook says softly. 

“What?” Your stuned you don’t know what to say. 

“Y/N your not the only one who was in love back then. I loved you, too. I just thought you didn’t like me that way, so I never told you. So please don’t go out with Hoseok, please. Just stay and I’ll tell you everything.” 

Your mind is blown, with what hes saying. Is he here? What is happening? Jeon Jungkook loved you… what? You both stood in front of one another. Should you give into your desire, the love you never lived? 

“Please, Y/N. I love you.” 

A/N- This is so short, sorry. I hope y’all like it. Message me if you want a part three. Please give feed back, it’s always appreciated!

Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x 

Prompt List

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Pairing: Only some of 13 Reasons Why Characters, such as Alex Standall, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, Jeff Atkins, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Montgomery de la Cruz, Tony Padilla, Tyler Down and Zach Dempsey.

Rules: Send me as many numbers as you like from the list, specify the character and gender of the reader.

Take note: I am using the numbers just once, so I am crossing out the phrases that I already used. If ever I get two requests with some different numbers, I will still consider your request, but the number won’t be used by someone anymore.


1. “Shut up, I’m trying to study here.”
2. “Oh my God! Did you just fart?!”
3. “Home is whenever I’m with you.”
4. “I’m sorry, Mr. It’s my period week, don’t bother me.”
5. “Why, all of the sudden, you are this interested in my life?”
6. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I’m fine with you texting me.”
7. “Never in your wildest dreams.”
8. “What do you think? Let’s give it another shot?”
9. “I am just protecting you.”
10. “Appreciate what I do for you, even just for once.”
11. “I have never asked for your help.”
12. “Damn, you get high grades but you never understood it?”
13. “I can give you a ride.”
14. “Let’s skip our next classes?”
15. “It was the fifth time I’m calling her phone.”
16. “I can’t tell it to you through the phone, meet me after your duty at work?”
17. “Well, she’s hot. Why don’t you try to date her?”
18. “I prefer to do it on my own, thanks.”
19. “I’m busy, can’t you wait for a while?”
20. “Good! I wouldn’t stand if I have to break someone’s heart for his best friend.”
21. “Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?”
22. “Do you think she’s angry?”
23. “How I wish that was me.”

24. “I knew you would end up together.”
25. “We have an unfinished business here.”
26. “Can I have a good luck kiss?”
27. “How’s the taste of defeat?”
28. “You look sexy in these glasses.”
29. “I love him and nothing’s ever going to stop us.”
30. “As long as we’re together, there are two less lonely people in this world.”
31. “Hey, what’s this mess all about?”
32. “I still have our photographs, but there’s no
way I’m showing them to you.”
33. “You have 5 fractures in just one hand.”
34. “What did you punch?”
35. “I love Superman.”
36. “There are no bells ringing.”
37. “I’m sorry for pretending.“
38. “You seem sad.”
39. “I’m just tired.”
40. “Your girlfriend hates me too.”
41. “Just a little bit.”
42. “You both know each other?”
43. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.”
44. “I’m just stating the truth.”
45. “You need that more than I do.”
46. “But on the serious side, we decided to remain friends.”
47. “He’s jealous.”
48. “We’re not together anymore.”
49. “I just wanted you for my lusts.”
50. “I am an idiot heartless man for making you cry.”
51. “What if she gets hurt?”
52. “We need to be professional here, so stop bothering me.”
53. “Listen to me for once and for all.”
54. “You’re not obliged to save me.”
55. “He never left my side, mostly when I needed him the most.”
56. “I am not asking you to save me.“
57. “It’s just a matter of principle.”
58. “Can a broken heart damage my body system?”
59. “I’m trying to be nice here.”
60. “Stop mocking me!”

61. “And you’re just mocking me.”
62. “You really broke her.”
63. “I’m starting to question my sexuality.”
64. “Am I the only one who ships them?”
65. “That dress is surely short for you.”
66. “I’m here, I care for you.”
67. “Without you in this world? I would be lost.”
68. “Your girlfriend would hate me even more.”
69. “You’re really beautiful when you smile!”
70. “Can we go home now?”
71. “You can sleep on the couch or sleep beside me, it’s up to you.”
72. “I missed sleeping with you.”
73. “Where did you get that hickey?”
74. “There’s no way I’m getting a hickey, duh!”
75. “There’s something strange happening in this place.”
76. “What are those slaps for?”
77. “I need to go back to work.”
78. “He’s too handsome and nice to do such thing.”
79. “Why do you seem so happy in these days?”
80. “Not when you have a lipstick stain on your lips.”
81. “Aren’t you convinced?”
82. “Idiot, you made me worry!”
83. “I will protect you just like how Clark Kent protected Lois Lane.”
84. “Don’t listen to him, he’s just being overprotective once again.”
85. “You’re the only one who cares for me.”
86. “Why are you so quiet?”
87. “Send me that picture, asshole!”
88. “What does that kiss mean?”
89. “Can I sleep with you tonight?”
90. “There’s always the couch for you.”
91. “As long as you sleep on the couch.”
92. “Get your ass over here because I want to have some rest!”
93. “You’re so cute in your pyjamas.”
94. “Maybe you can wake up from reality!”
95. “What the fuck was that for?”
96. “I know that you still love me.”
97. “I would die if you continue doing that thing.”
98. “C’mon, let me hug you tight.”
99. “Pinky promise?”
100. “Were you eavesdropping?”

Not So Quiet - Josh Pieters

Request: hiya ! could you please do one about josh where the reader and him had been friends for ages and she’s maybe a year younger than him so like when they were growing up he (and even casper) saw her as a little sister but when she moves over to the uk to live with them for a bit after not seeing each other for a couple of years all the feelings have changed ? and if you could throw in some smut ? i love your writing and i love josh so this would be coool as fuck !!! lots of love ! -i.r xx

Smut: Mild

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Okay, so I’m not 100% sure how long Josh has lived in the UK (I think it was 2014 or 2015) but I just put three years in this…because I wanted to LOL

I hope you like it :)


Josh’s POV

She was different. The girl who had been into cars, bugs and sports was different. I guess being away changed things. Sure, she was still the same old (y/n) but at the same time, she wasn’t. I saw her as a sister. Someone I needed to protect with everything I had. I could never think of her any other way but here she was, standing in front of me and all I wanted to do was kiss her.

“I can’t believe it’s been three years.” She said, wrapping her arms around my neck. 

Back in high school, I never once saw (y/n) with her hair down. She always had it in a high pony-tail that was pin-straight. She never wore any make up because she never really saw the point. Her skin was already flawless and she had gorgeous (y/e/c) eyes that any girl would die for. But standing in front of me, her hair was just past her chest in loose waves and she had definitely learned how to do her make-up because I’ve never seen anything look more perfect.

“This is a nice place you’ve got.” She said, looking around the apartment. 

Caspar had picked her up from the airport as she was going to be staying with us for a couple of months while she figured out if she really wanted to live in London or not. I know her personality would be the same but I was so taken back by her appearance that I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was gorgeous.

Later that night, we decided to have a night in as a way of catching up and helping (y/n) adjust to the time difference so we popped in a movie and relaxed on the couch. She was sitting next to me in a light blue tank top with black booty shorts on and I swear, if Caspar wasn’t in the room…the movie would be the last thing on my mind. Eventually, Caspar headed into his room as he was too tired to stay awake any longer and I couldn’t help but continuously look over at (y/n).

“What?” She asked, noticing my glances. “You’ve been looking at me weird since I walked through the door.”

“I just…you’ve just…I don’t know.” I said, getting up from the couch, annoyed with myself. Why was I being so weird? She’s my best friend. A little sister. Someone I could never ever do anything with. Ever. So then why did I want to?

“Josh,” She said, following me into my room. “What’s your issue?”

“You’re hot now!” I stood there, stunned at myself that I actually said that out loud. Why am I such a bloody idiot?

“Wow…” She said, quietly. “And here am I, thinking you just kept getting hotter by the day.” Before I could even think about what to say next, I was pushing (y/n) up against my bedroom door and I brought my face closer to hers. 

“You’ve gotta be quiet.”

“Same goes for you.” She said, pressing her lips against mine, hungrily.

I placed my hands on her ass, pulling her up so her legs were wrapped around my waist and I carried her towards my bed. Laying her down, I began to remove her tank top and shorts while kissing every inch of her body. She had definitely been keeping in shape and God, did that make her even more attractive. As I cupped her breasts in my hands, I kissed down her stomach as she moved her hips closer to my face, signalling she wanted more. I pulled down her panties and ran my finger over her core, looking up at her, waiting for permission. She nodded before laying her head down and closing her eyes so I took this opportunity and slid a finger inside.

“More.” She mumbled, trying to be as quiet as possible but I did as she asked and picked up the pace.

The night carried on and soon we were laying in my bed, naked and trying to catch our breath. 

“Wow, I did not think my first night was going to be like this.”

“Me either.” I said, laughing but I soon turned my attention to my phone that had buzzed.

“Nice effort at trying to be quiet, you might want to try harder next time.” I laughed, showing (y/n) the text from Caspar and soon my room was filled with the angelic noise that was her laugh.

celtic-clay  asked:

Don't suppose you have any prompts for a thief turned bodyguard from a very financially poor background taking his Boss who is a Prince out to the bad part of town and getting into trouble/danger? Sorry that's so oddly specific I'm working on the story and need some inspiration! Thanks.

1) “Oi, traitor! You have some nerve showing your face around here!” 
His spine stiffened at the voice and he glanced at the Prince. He should never have let the idiot talk him into this! 

The Prince raised his brows. “Friends of yours?” 

“Keep walking.” 

2) “Never thought I’d end up defending my bodyguard.”

“…now I’m wondering why you need a body guard,” he said. Panting to get his breath back, bent over his knees, as he warily eyed the unconscious forms around them. 

“I don’t. I just took a liking to you.”

He had no idea if he was being serious or not.

3) “If my friend owes you money, I am sure I could sort out an arrangement,” the Prince said. He took a step forward. Oh so gallant fool. “Why don’t you let go of him? No one wants any trouble here, gentleman.” 
He nearly groaned aloud, horror rising. The worst thing to do here was to admit any kind of money. Now there was no chance of walking away. 

You Hesitated // Veronica Lodge

Hey can you do veronica lodge cheating the reader ( female reader pls ) with reader’s best friend archie (just because i love angst) thxx :)

Here’s another one! Hopefully this is just as good! I’ve been feeling down lately and I’m not sure how to get out of this funk I’m in. If you have any suggestions, let me know in my ask or PM me. Love you guys ❤


I knew it, I should’ve known that I should never have trusted my girlfriend and best friend together.

I was an idiot.

Now here I am, a sobbing mess laying in a pit of tissues and a tub of vanilla bean ice cream, your typical teenage girl break up sequence.

I couldn’t face either of them, my best friend and girlfriend? I should’ve seen it coming. No - I knew deep down it was coming.

Ever since we got together, everything was great; we were happy. Archie would hang out with us often and they’d give each other these glances, glances that were much more, but I was to oblivious to notice.

They’ve both been trying to contact me for two days, but I refused to speak to them or listen to them. Jughead, Betty and Kevin were the only ones I spoke to, they were the only ones worth speaking to.

I heard a knock at my bedroom door, making me groan in frustration. I lifted my head off of the pillow, turning my head a little to shout at the door.

‘Who the hell is it?’ I grumbled, frustrated that someone was interrupting my alone time.

'It’s Betty.’

'Is it just you?’


'You hesitated.’ I shouted, sitting up in my bed. Who the hell did she bring?

'No, Arch don’t-’ I saw my door swing open, revealing the devil red headed boy who I was going to pummel to death. Betty gave me a sorry look, knowing I would not be happy seeing him.

'Y/N…please listen to me…’ he spoke carefully, watching me.

'Yeah, of course…’ I smiled, it quickly turning into a dangerous glare and grabbing my guitar next to me, 'right after I beat the crap out of you!’ I jumped up out of bed, running towards him, ready to swing.

'Y/N!’ Betty exclaimed, stepping in front of me, stopping me from attacking my lying ex-best friend. 'Control yourself!’

'No, I’m going to beat up my best friend who kissed my ex-girlfriend because he deserves it!’ I exclaimed, pointing at the scared auburn haired boy.

'Your guitar doesn’t deserve that type of punishment!’ Betty argued, yanking the musical instrument out of my hand.

'Fine…I’ll just beat him up myself with my bare hands!’ I charged at him, before being held back by Betty. 'Betty, let me go.’ I spat.

'No, listen to what he has to say.’

'Y/N, that kiss didn’t mean anything.’

'Oh come off it, Archibald.’ I snapped. He sighed, looking actually sad.

'I’m serious, alright? We were drunk and I felt lonely…please don’t blame her for my mistake.’

'She should’ve pushed you away.’

'She was drunk! This is my fault and I took advantage of her…don’t hate her, please. Just talk to her.’

'I’ll talk to her when I’m ready.’ I argued sitting on the edge of my bed. 'Now, get out of my room.’

'Yeah…sorry, but V’s actually downstairs right now in your living room.’ I turned to Betty with wide eyes, my mouth falling open.

'Seriously, Betty? Any other surprises you want to tell me?’

'Please, just go talk to her. She’s just as miserable as you are…’ Archie pleaded, giving me the puppy dog eyes. I glared at him, standing up.

I walked past the two of them, stopping at Archie. I took a few steps closer to him, standing on my tippy toes to make eye level.

'I’ll save you the embarrassment now of being beaten up by a girl, but, I’ll make myself clear; you’re going to have to work hard to get our friendship back and for me to trust your dumb ass, understood?’

He nodded slowly whilst I sighed, making my way slowly down the stairs. I looked to see my ex-girlfriend on the sofa, her head in her hands as she cried into them, holding nothing back. She wore only a plain shirt, jeans and her hair up.

I’d never seen her like this.

I made it to the last step, walking slowly over to her, sitting down next to her on the sofa. Veronica lifted her head, staring at me with puffy, red eyes.

My heart broke looking at her as she began to cry again. I pulled her into my chest, resting my chin on top of her head whilst she cried.

'I’m s-so sorry,’ she sobbed, holding onto me for dear life. I hugged her tightly, kissing the top of her head.

'Shh,’ I whispered, running my fingers through her hair. 'It’s alright. We won’t talk about it now. Just, let it all out honey.’

I didn’t know if I could forgive either of them that easily, but, something in my gut was telling me to, because I knew I’d regret it later on.

Unknown territory

Originally posted by theshapeshifterss

Fandom: Twillght
Pairing: Paul Lahote x Reader
Word Count: 2.421

Requested by Anon:  On the Paul imagine I have an idea where he of course imprints on the reader but he’s scared to tell her but she makes him made by saying she like one of the others so he admits it. Is that OK?

A/N: Hey sweety! Here is your Paul Imagine. I tried to write it  a little different so …. I hope it came out alright :) Enjoy!. 

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Torn apart (Steve x Reader & Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4

Summary: AU

Reader was dating Steve when she started falling for Bucky. After her heart was broken, she decided to leave from both man and now after two years she is coming back.

Warning: swearing

As you stepped into the building with Nat, Peter, and Clint the first person you saw was Sam.
He had his back turned to you as he was leaning on the table where some girl sat.
˝Sam! ˝ You pretend that you were mad walking quickly to him.
˝Y/N? What are y.. ˝ Before he could finish you slap him. He was confused for a second, but he joined you in your little game.
˝Baby, I’m so sorry. ˝ He took your hands in his giving you his best puppy eyes.
˝Alright, but I don’t want you to go back to this girl, whenever I’m not in the mood to play with you.˝
˝You guys are sick. ˝Peter walked past you. Sam laughed and pulled you in a hug.

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perfect first kiss

I found this in my unfinished works. I’m posting as is and you guys let me know if you want a part 2

Cesaro/so much fluff

We had been friends for some time. Cesaro was always there for me. Ready to celebrate my achievements and pick me up after my failures. I loved him. It took me a while to realize that I liked him as more than a friend but once I did there was no going back. It just hit me as I watched some girl hit on him at the bar. I wanted to knock her teeth out, then I was confused as to why I wanted to knock her teeth out.

I knew he would never see me the same way. Yes, he was a kind and loving man, perfectly willing to look over my numerous flaws to be my friend, but his lover? No way. He was sophisticated, funny, sexy and always on top of everything. I, well I once literally left the hotel without my suitcase. I was, I still am a mess. I forget what I’m doing, get randomly excited and loud over silly things, and my socks haven’t matched since I was 12 and my mom stopped doing my laundry.  Then over Christmas I had to much to drink. I didn’t drink often so it didn’t take much.  Sami and I were dancing and having fun and I just had more than I should. Not enough to be sloppy drunk but enough to loosen my tongue

“You don’t have to walk me back to my room Cesaro” I laughed as he left the the ballroom with me “I’m just a bit tipsy and very tired. I’m sure I can get to the 4th floor just fine

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder making my heart race “I have not doubts that you can. I was leaving anyway and we are on the same floor, so maybe instead you are walking me back to my room”  

We entered the elevator and he pressed the floor number as I leaned back against the wall to take off my shoes

“You looked like you were having fun tonight” He caught me as I lost my balance getting my shoe off “you and Sami seem to enjoy each other’s company”

I got my shoes off and let go of his arm “Yeah, he reminds me of my baby brother.” the doors opened on the elevator “and I decided to not letting being alone on yet another holiday bother me” We stepped from the elevator and headed towards our rooms

“I’m glad to hear it, I know last year you were rather upset” He followed me past his own room.

I sighed as I dug through my bag looking for my key “Oh, yeah” that was the night I had realized how much I cared for him. It had hit me hard and made me a bit emotional “well last year was extenuating circumstances” I mumbled getting annoyed at my lack of key

“Really?” He watched me fumble through my bag “You never told me that, I thought it was just not having someone.”

“Watching you and that women flirt all night didn’t help” I continued to root around my purse

“Why would that bother you?” He reached out touching my arm

“That was the moment I realized I care for you as more than a friend, but I’ll never be as beautiful as that woman was and you’ll never feel the same so I got upset” I found the key and held it up with a triumphant HA, then stopped realizing what I had just said. “Well good night” I opened the door but he took my hand stopping me from just walking away “I’m sorry, please forget I said that, I’m tired and tipsy and please just forget it” I whispered trying to pull away.

“Hey” He pulled me to him as I hid my face in his chest. I couldn’t look at him. I felt him wrap one arm around my wait as the other stroked through my hair.  Here he was trying to comfort me

“Just please don’t stop being my friend?” I mumbled into his chest

He moved his hand from my hair tilting my chin up so I had to look at him “I have been a complete idiot.” he whispered “(Y/N)” he cupped my face and leaned his forehead against mine. “I am going to show you how wrong you are” his nose rubbed against mine as he moved to place a gentle kiss at the corners of my lips. “You mean the world to me” I could feel the outline of his lips against mine but he didn’t move in, didn’t kiss me

“Really?” I finally managed to breath out

“Yes, and I will prove it” he pulled me tighter to him “spend new year’s with me?”

My heart raced. I wanted to move that last bit to kiss him, more I wanted him to do it. “We always spend new years together”

“But this year is going to be different. I promise” His thumb stroked over my cheek

“OK” I was lost in his gaze, trying to will him into kissing me. We stood in the hallway him holding me close staring at each other “are you going to kiss me?” I finally asked, making him smile.

“Not yet. It has to be perfect” with that he he kissed my forehead, stepped back and kissed my hand “good night” he smiled and left for his own room leaving me confused and and turned on. I went into my room stripped and crawled into bed.

That was odd, did someone drug my drink? That did not just happen

It took a few hours of tossing and turning to fall asleep. The next morning I woke up and decided it was a dream. The entire thing made no sense, then there was a knock at my door. Who could that be  I threw on a robe and answered for room service. “I didn’t order anything”

“Yes ma’am, the order was placed for you” he handed me a note with a rose. Inside was his perfect handwriting

(y/n) I knew you were heading out to be with your sister and not traveling with us this week. I had to leave early to catch my flight. I will see you on the 31st and I can hardly wait. I am going to make up to you not seeing earlier that you care for me as I do for you. I hope you have a lovely trip

Antonio Cesaro

P.S. Yes, it is happening

@ the fucking Mon-El haters cough*salty s*perc*rpers*cough

Aside from the fact that you blame Mon-El for everything he does or does not do, like blame him for supporting Kara to publish something SHE WANTED and something LENA TOLD HER TO DO. I WILL FIGHT YOU if you start blaming him for not telling Kara his secret of being the Prince. Kara, Alex and James were ALL hiding their secrets for a LONG time but no word about that just Mon-El. I smell double standards. Secondly and to my main point, if you blame Mon-El for not sharing his secret you are fucking idiots and have obviously no idea what is like to be a refugee. Well guess what? I AM the child and grandchild of refugees, my friends are children of refugees. My country is a country FULL of refugees because of what happened in 43 years ago. Here you are either a refugee or you know someone who is a refugee. Our whole lives we would go to school and we would get taught not to forget of what happened to us or our parents. The pain of what it was to be a refugee. We saw the pain our parents and grandparents had to go through and many of us wouldn’t dare to ask them about that deeply personal experience. NEWSFLASH: REFUGEES DON’T OWE YOU THEIR LIFE STORIES! And before you go off by saying but Mon-El is royalty let me stop ya right there because last I checked royalty have homes too and feelings and family. Mon-El lost EVERYTHING the day Daxam died and he doesn’t want to talk about that especially because he isn’t proud of what his family was. (ALSO possibly being pushed to marry someone he didn’t want to be with) So stfu and sit down because he doesn’t owe you anything and if Kara goes after him as well, I’ll be really pissed because she did the same thing AND her parents weren’t saints either.

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let’s just put it out there before i say anything, PAY NO HEED TO THIS SHITTY GRAPHIC OKAY. and i know i haven’t been very active this last week but that’s because life has been slapping me in the face.

so it’s been two years TO THE DAY and one blog move later, but holli is still here???? i can’t even fully comprehend that fact. that’s just…. WOW. it’s wow. i jump around from blog to blog rather regularly so i never really thought holli was going to stick like she has. but i’m rather glad she did. i’ve met so many cool people. i’ve put up with some weird ass drama on my ride here as well. but, in the great expanse of it all, i feel like i’ve grown a lot as a writer and as a person because of it. does that make sense? gosh, i hope so. anyway, prepare for the sap fest that’s coming up. because, shit. it’s super sappy.

also i may have forgotten some people, because it feels like i have. but PLEASE know. if you’re seeing this at all, know i appreciate you and love you. thank you for being here ! <3 <3

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Until  Dawn sentence starters
  • “ Well it’s definitely creepy down here. “ 
  • “ I feel like someone’s watching us.”
  • “Did you see it?”
  • “You were looking at your phone, you dip! What are you tweeting!? Hashtag there’s a freaking ghost after us?!”
  • “Should have paid more attention in climbing class”
  • “You mean gym?”
  • “Can’t we all just get along?”
    “No… you’re not real! No… you’re not…" 
  • "Oooh! Sleepover! C-can we order pizza?”
  • “Hook, line, and sinker for every little stinker!" 
  • "Get BACK! Stay the hell away from me!”
  • “We’re freezing our buns off out here." 
  • "Whoa, easy there cowboy.”
  • “No need for violence, “
  • “"Come on guys, we’re all friends here, right? “
  • “I am such an idiot, I was so dumb.”
  • “Nice shootin’ tex. “
  • “You guys are jerks, you know that?”
  • “Famous last words.”
  • “This is all getting really out of hand, okay?”
  • “He saved my life. And I watched him die.”
  • "Why did ya hit her man?! Why’d you have to fucking hit her?!" 
  • "If these things… Wendigos… are, or, were human… do they still have some aspect of humanity in them?”
  • “I didn’t really figure you for the glass half empty type." 
  • "That bitch is on crack or something.”
  • “Why do you hate my jacket?" 
  • “No, no, no, no. LIVE AND LEARN!”
  • “ Jesus hot sauce christmas cake”
  • “Go suck an egg! “
  • “Well actually the towel didn’t turn out to be the best outfit for fighting killer maniacs”
  • “I’m going to murder their fucking face off.”
  • “I MADE you believe in the world I created and I showed you parts of yourself you were to afraid to visit-”
  • “fuck nuggets”
  • “ I had it under control. Hundred percent. Hundred and ten. “
  • “They don’t like fire.” 
  • “/I/ don’t like fire!”
  • “Let’s party like we’re fucking porn stars! “
  • “The past is beyond our control.”