here i am trying to tell you that i care

I’m here. I am here now and tomorrow and next week and next month and forever. I am not leaving. I will not let you deal with this alone, I won’t let you feel this alone. You have me now and forever. If you need to talk, I’m here. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here. If you need someone to kiss your forehead or hold you until the sun comes up or someone to scream at, just to let it all out, I am here. I don’t care how hard you try, you can not push me away. I will not let you self destruct. I love you too much to let you ruin the masterpiece you’ve created out of yourself. You can tell me that you’re unworthy of being loved, you can tell me you’re broken. You can tell me every awful thing you feel and you can tell me all about how much you hate the person you are. But it will never change the truth. It will never change what I’ve come to learn about you. You are so much more.
—  What I need to hear//An excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10
Its only been a week....just 1 week...

Saturday to saturday….i’ve had my heart broken many times in 7 days….1 of my friends committed suicide…FOUR others tried to…i try my best to let you guys know your important…i love all of you so much- my heart cant take much more strain…im trying to smile my best- im trying to hold back the tears- to be there for you- but cant you see how much i care about you?! You are NOT ALONE- I AM RIGHT HERE-! Just please-!!! Dont take your life…all of you reading this- DONT DO IT- DONT CUT YOURSRLF- DONT KILL YOURSELF- i am right here for all of you- dont be afraid to message me- i want to help as many people as i can… you are too important to listen to the words and thoughts that others tell you- please ignore them…it may be dark but there is ALWAYS a light- no matter how small it is…find it…chase it…ignore the darkness…and step into the light…

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Bai bitch.

Oh, honestly people you might wanna blacklist : tw: drama. 

Truthfully I don’t know what this is. And I honestly don’t care. I’m not one to link myself to drama. Because it’s a waste of my time. I have things going on in the RL— just like every soul on here does. BUT — let me tell you something. I’m not going to deal with some anon trying to make shit funny when it isn’t. Or am I going to deal with someone who keeps constantly posting about how many people are unfollowing her ?? WHY ? Because first of all, you unfollowed them, so why the fuck are they going to keep following you? Second, of all, you’re rather pushy and disrespectful. You keep pushing and pushing, and I’m going to be dead honest on this post —- because you’re childish. I don’t care what this post looks like —

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I absolutely love your headcanons! I was wondering if you could give your thoughts on Levi having an s/o who is really religious? To me, Levi appears as someone who isn't very religious and probably is agnostic. So I've wondered what Levi would think of a religious s/o. Thanks!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I don’t think he’d care all that much tbh. I’m sure he’d question them about their religion out of curiosity and a desire to know them better, but he’d leave them to their own belief’s and go about his own as well. I think living the type of life they all live, they all need something to keep them going. If faith in a higher power and a religious following of God gets them through each fight and gives them strength; Levi would leave it be. It may not be his thing (it may be, who knows. I don’t headcanon him to be religious though), but he wouldn’t judge someone based on what gives them peace of mind and a way of life. 

I think the only time it would be an issue is if his S/O was super pushy about throwing their religion on him or if it made them a shitty person (like judging other’s harshly for their own choices, for being who they are, and living how they want, ect.) If that were the case though, he sure as fuck wouldn’t be with them so… Yeah. 

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There is actually quite of lot of porn and erotica that doesn't use such terms and some of us really appreciate that. All I am trying to do is tell you that this is something that tangibly hurts people. I'm not "offended", I'm saddened and I'm tired. I hope you come to care for people enough to see what's being asked here. It wouldn't be very difficult just not to be inconsiderate. For now, I'll take your advice and unfollow you.

about fucking time lol 

I haven’t been on in a while because there’s a lot that’s been weighing on my mind about how my account and my posts are perceived by others. I know of so many blogs (including my own) that say things like “not pro anything”, yet post nothing but images of underweight girls and boys and how good being empty makes them feel. If you were to go onto my blog, you’d think I was happy and in control of my body and weightloss; sure, I probably had unhealthy habits, but I was a part of a caring and open community that actively encouraged me to stay safe. As far as I can tell, the second part is pretty much true–there is a community on here and anyone would be horrified to learn that their dangerous behaviors actively encourage others to follow in suit. I am not trying to delegitimize anyone. I know most people use tumblr as a safe space to vent and not feel so alone in their disorder. However, appearances are deceiving. I am not happy and bubbly. I’ve been binging and purging for the past two and a half months straight (initially, with tips I found online). I restrict heavily during the day. My hair is falling out because nothing stays in my system long enough to be absorbed. My muscles are much weaker than they used to be and my teeth are extremely sensitive. I cry pretty much everyday because of the guilt I feel from binging, and because even though I purge until my knuckles bleed, all I see in the mirror is a fat failure. This is not a happy, positive blog, nor should it be a motivating one. After this is seen, I will eventually delete my blog. I’m planning on talking to my school counselor about my options. I know having an eating disorder is a secretive disease, but if I encourage anyone to do anything, it would be to seek help as well. You deserve better than photoshopped bodies and osteoporosis and organ failure and crying over the one guarantee you have in life, your body. You deserve health and recovery, and I hope with 16,000 followers, this can reach further than thinspo ever did.

The Devil’s Temptation

gif is not mine

Title: The Devil’s Temptation

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Things happened today and I apologize for getting this out later than usual. Things here are just not looking up and shit is crazy, but no worries. I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can write enough tonight to have some different fics than Gabriel. I’m trying guys, I am <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

The wind whipped through your hair on the cool fall night.  You tucked your hands into your pockets.  You told Sam and Dean that you were going for a walk.  They didn’t need to tell you to be careful; you knew demons were everywhere now.  Your eyes traveled to the abandoned house you were about to walk past.  Your eyes scanned over the property.  You saw what looked like an old friend of yours, standing in one of the windows.

You didn’t think twice about dashing towards the house and barging through the door.  The person you saw was on the second floor of the house.  You padded up the stairs carefully.  You kept a hand on your gun just in case.  As you reached the top of the stairs you could tell the atmosphere was different.  If it wasn’t for the flickering light down the hall, you would have turned back and left.  You slowly walked into the room with the flickering light.  The door abruptly shut behind you, causing you to spin around.  As much as you tugged on the door’s handle, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s nice to see you again [Y/N],” Lucifer mused.  “You seemed pretty concerned about whoever you saw in the window.”

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“You are the one bright light on the surface,” Anders murmured, and then his lips were meeting Hawke’s, and Maker, Hawke might be going to that ‘special hell’ Carver had mentioned the last few times he’d caught Hawke at the railings watching Anders swim, but it was fucking worth it. His lips were dry and warm, and he tasted like saltwater, and he was perfect. Hawke grinned despite himself, and Anders’s lips curved upward, matching him; he felt the merman’s hand come to land on his left shoulder, elegant fingers bunching into sodden cloth.

NOW what I want to happen in RiD15 after Starscream goes back to Cybertron with Optimus
  • Starscream: [starting to wake up]
  • Starscream: Oough, ergh...
  • Medical Assistant: Knock Out, please tell Ratchet the patient is beginning to wake up. I can see to him until you two get back from break.
  • Starscream: Knock... Out? Wh.... where am I? Errgh...
  • Medical Assistant: Please do not try to move, sir. The medics are on their way and will address your concerns shortly.
  • Starscream: ... Prime.... where is Prime!? Optimus-- [tries to get up]
  • Medical Assistant: [firmly pushes him down] --was the one who brought you in, yes. Don't worry sir, you are under the best medical care on Cybertron.
  • Starscream: ... hrmm... I'm back here again, am I?
  • Medical Assistant: Yes, sir. [typing, looking at machines] Your vitals are stabilized but you'll definitely feel some general discomfort for a while-- you've managed to fry or overextend all of your circuits! Ha ha, how do you even go about that?
  • Starscream: [tries to get up again] Wouldn't you like to know--OOF!
  • Medical Assistant: [pushes him down] Heh, seems you're quite the troublemaker, SIR. Please lie down and wait for the medics to arrive.
  • Starscream: [too exhausted to resist, he finally takes a good look at the Assistant. He is a large flight model, so Starscream is not surprised by his strength]
  • Medical Assistant: I'll fetch you some energon. Just a heads up though-- it's going to be medical grade, so it's gonna taste like slag. [smiles] But I'm sure you've had worse during the Great War.
  • Starscream: [growls] You know NOTHING about my time at war.
  • Medical Assistant: Mm... I could probably guess.
  • Starscream: YOU--!!
  • Medical Assistant: --Regardless, you need your energy. The medics are here, and they're gonna ask you lots of questions, so I'll be back with your fuel in a moment. Is there anything else you need?
  • Starscream: [grumbles]... What do they call you?
  • Medical Assistant: Heh. My name is Skyfire...

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I don't know how to talk to my partner about me not acting on my sexual attraction. Like I find intimacy in so many other things and different ways and I just feel like all she wants is sex and I have no desire for that. Like I am very confused about my sexual orientation and what I am. Is there any way you can help me? Please and thank you!

Hey Anon,

You hang in there. It’s okay to know what you like or want without knowing your sexual orientation, so don’t worry too much or focus on that. Communication is always key, but it’s not easy. This is always difficult to do, just try your best. I may have some stuff here, here, and here if you want to read more, get some more advice, or more ideas. 

It’s okay to tell your partner how you feel about sex. A partner should respect, accept, and care about your needs and concerns. You could let her know how you feel and that her appearing like she just wants sex upsets/bothers you. You don’t necessarily have to come out or explain your sexual orientation to her, just tell her how you feel.

Talk to your partner about how you want more than just a physical relationship. Talk to her about how you want to develop your relationship differently, then probably to how she is used to. Explain to her how you want to connect with her on different levels. Talk about connecting in different ways like romantically, emotionally, intellectually, etc. Talk to her about really wanting to get to know her, what she thinks and feels, her beliefs, and opinions. 

Talk to her about also working on your platonic side of your relationship. Explain to her how you also want to build a friendship. I always believed that this is one important factor in a relationship. Be friends. Talk like friends. Joke like friends. Hang out like friends. You two can be romantically and platonically involved; being lovers and friends is a beautiful thing.

Do your best to convey how you feel and what you feel is important and valuable. Show her how something else rather than sex is more important and gratifying for you. That you get more satisfaction out of say, holding hands, than with sex. Take her hand, hold it, play with her fingers. Describe what you feel. Describe how you feel more connected in this way. Describe how much more this is to you. Describe it’s importance to you. Show her how much you value these different things and how you can connect in a different way. This is the type of intimacy that’s really meaningful to you.

Try to to see what she thinks. Talk to each other about this. Maybe once she see’s it your way she’ll too find the value and importance of it. Then she’ll know what it means to you. How special it is to you. Why it’s important for you. And she can also develop the same feeling and get the same amount pleasure out of that you are. Developing something like this together is special and makes your relationship unique. Let her know that this is what you want to do. This is how you want to connect. 

Explaining how you don’t act on your sexual attraction and have no desire for sex can be tricky. She may not understand it right away. Give her time and be patient. Let her know that you are not alone; that many people feel the way that you do, and many of them identify as graysexual. Let her know that how you feel is in no way a refection of herself or is anything negative towards her. Feeling this way is does nothing to hurt your relationship. This does not have to take away anything from your relationship; you can only gain from this. The both of you can. It’s just a matter of finding the right balance between the both of you.

Ask her questions and get her to talk about these things too. Ask her about sexual attraction. Let her describe how she feels. Let her discuss how she does or doesn’t always act on it. Compare and contrast what you two are feeling. Let her know that her sexual attraction and desires are unique to her, just like yours are unique to you. Everyone is different when it comes to these things. Everyone is attracted in a different way, everyone has different desires. 

If anything about having sex comes up, just tell her what you feel. I don’t know if you are open to having sex, but if you are let her know that. Let her know that you are not necessarily ruling out sex, but it’s just not something that you are into or desire. Or if you are not open to sex or are unsure it’s okay to let her know that too. Let her know you just want to focus on other things in your relationship. 

It could take a lot of time and work, but the two of you can have a great relationship. It’s something that you are both going to have to work on and find a balance. Let her know how much you care about her and how much you want to be with her. Let her know that you like her, you like being with her, and you like developing this relationship with her. Let her know that you are willing to work on this with her so you can be with her.  There is nothing stopping you from you two having a beautiful, successful, and wonderful relationship together. 

You don’t have to dive right into all of this right away either. Give time and let it gradually come up as your relationship grows. Ask her if she doesn’t mind taking things a bit more slowly. Ask her if you two can build your relationship around other things. Ask if it’s okay if you just get to know her better and learn more about her first. 

Stay strong, Anon. A relationship is more than just sex and let her know that that is what you want. Talk to each other, listen to each other, and try to understand where both of you are coming from. Give her sometime to comprehend and understand. See what each of you sees as valuable and important. Help her realize what you view as intimacy is more meaningful for you. Find something special you two can work on and build together. I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything works out just fine. If you ever need to talk, have any questions, or need me to clarify/elaborate on anything feel free to message me anytime.

I was trying to figure out if you were missing me, but here I am. After all you haven’t wondered about me because if you have, you would’ve texted me. You’re too busy living your life that you don’t care about how I’m doing. I’m going to explain you how I’m dealing with your absence: I’m just laying in my bed listening to music and looking for love quotes on tumblr. Oh, I almost forget to tell you that most of the things that I post in my blog are about you. I’m convinced that you will never read them, but it’s my best way to express my feelings for you.

Because I can’t say those things to you in person.

My lesson of the day

So I was in the elevator and this 11 year old girl walks in. The first thing I notice is all the foundation, fake eyelashes, fake nails, winged eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow and her extremely nice curled hair. Obviously, I frowned and my first thought was “Ugh all these 11yr olds dressing like miss universe. I’m 16 and here I am wearing no makeup and dressed like a potato sack.”

But than, I noticed her. Like really noticed her expression. She looked uncomfortable but she was trying to smile and keep her head high, like she knew she was being judged by me but pretending like she didn’t care. That’s when I realized that it shouldn’t matter what she’s doing to make herself feel good. Yes she’s just 11 and she shouldn’t be trying this hard but you know what? It isn’t the same world like it used to be when I was 11. We tell our parents that it’s different being a teenager back than and now. But it’s also different for the 11yr olds now than it was with us. They have a society they have to try to fit into. 

So basically long story short, I smiled at her and told her she looked beautiful. She thanked me and genuinely looked so happy and comfortable in her own skin. At the same time, I told myself that if i ever saw her again without all that makeup, I’d tell her she still looks beautiful.

It’s important to make 12yr old girls feel good in their own skin, even if it involves a bunch of makeup. At the same time, it’s also important to let them know that they still look good without all that stuff on their face.

The Fall cont.. with Sherlockfanstoriesandrp


“I count….as well….?”
He went quiet again, frowning slightly and biting his lips, trying to lock all those emotions who showed up so suddenly.
His eyes tried to run away from hers.
“That’s not what the world has been telling me.”
That extremelly sad look, that used to show up at times, appeared.
“So many people are saying…I just got what I deserved…and how dirty I am. Was. Well. Dead now.”
His voice changed into something so sincere.
“It would be so easier if you just didn’t care.”
A tear rolled down his cheek.
“Because….I know I….have to and will break your heart….Molly. Even if I don’t want to. The guilt I am feeling…because of you and…John…it is…
If I let it out…it will be unbearable.”


“Of course you count Sherlock, you are the one who counts the most… at least to me I mean.”

She hugged him closer to her , holding him tightly . “The rest of the world are idiots Sherlock, they do not know you like I do , you are not anything like they say you are, I know you never could be because I know you. .”

She leaned up and kissed his cheek, tasting the saltiness of his tears before she wiped his cheeks dry with her thumb.

“Why do you believe you will break my heart Sherlock… I know it is hard for you now but I promise to be there for you as long as you need… even if you break my heart into a million pieces.”

Let me just leave this here...

Misconceptions are unavoidable in this industry. This year has definitely been a ride more than anything. I’ve tried my best to keep who I really am but to be completely honest and open… I lost that girl.

The girl who had goals and direction succumbed to weakness and spiralled downwards emotionally. I was treating everyone differently, often, horribly. And I just did not care. It’s even tougher when you feel like the ears once peeled open have shrivelled or been blocked with wax.

I was just trying to follow my heart and people couldn’t understand when I was telling them that I had finally found what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become, when I did that I had to tread on my own. People see joy all over my cyberspace but with every bit that I post it’s just my mechanism of hiding the murkiness that was building inside of me. The “band-aid effect.” I guess. Cover it up for now, it’ll be fine. The band-aid rips. Replace it again. You forget that you have to let it heal openly. But that’s just what I’ve grown accustomed to. Hiding it all. Sweeping it underneath the rug.

Sure, we all post our own dramatic cryptic tweets, screenshots of songs we echo with, quotes we latch onto because it makes us feel less alone for the few seconds that you read it. Favorites, likes, retweets of all the cyber friends you have… but after all the highlights you throw out for all to see, you come back into bed at night and wonder where you spent all those waking hours. No one to talk to, so you sink into the seams day in and day out.

I’m currently trying to exhale all that has caused me to feel this way. I’ve talked to people that help and I’ve eradicated myself from the crime scene. ~ Hello, Australia ~

Yesterday, I finally got to read the write up in my last cover for the year. (Thank you, Toff my love). “To Pimp A Butterfly” was its title. I never got to really dissect what that phrase meant and so when the writer explained it throughout the article, I kind of withered back into being a caterpillar with band aids all over. I guess I’m physically miles away in order to prepare myself to become the strong butterfly that he calls me, ready for the year ahead where I know many more misconceptions will take place, many more people will not listen, many more times will… - actually, should - bring me down. So far down that it might cause another breakdown. But hey, that will be fine because… Well, what the heck? Am I not making progress now?

To be aware of it all is the greatest power because then I know where to go ahead with it.

So to everyone that I hurt along the way of it all… I deeply apologize. I do.

However, let me make it clear that I do not apologize that I struggled through and through alone and that through the process of that I did not seem to see your end. All I wanted was for someone to take a peek at my end. We are all just trying to become better versions of ourselves in the midst of all the bs we face.  

Since I’m at making an apology already let me end with a thank you to everyone that did put up with everything. And to all those that understood where I was coming from… new and old friends, workmates, family, my supporters, but most of all to the strangers I met at work. The writers that unveiled who I truly am in this chaotic concrete jungle with sore flashing lights. I appreciate every single person that wrote about “#Eagle21″(haha, yes I made a hashtag for myself. How millennial of me). But to Ro and Kara*, you two frightened me with your questions and it was also to the two of you that I was the most honest. Never held back. Challenged and often struggled to answer. And to think both your interviews were also just squeezed in. Thank you a thousand fold because I’ve now gained courage and confidence to say what I want to say in order to make a change and spark hope in myself and to those that are losing it.

Have a happy holiday, everyone! Just wanted to leave something here before I finish this wild year. Grateful to have had all the support everyone gave me from the industry and from my family and friends and my fans (I still can’t believe that I have fans, lol).

*Romeo Moran interviewed me for Scout Magazine Dec ‘15-Jan ‘16. Kara Ortiga for Esquire Magazine Oct ‘15. 

I’ve been getting more than a few asks lately wondering if I’d draw more BDSM stuff. Short answer is yes, I am planning a few more things along that line but I’ve hit a bit of a personal snag

called carpel tunnel and tendonitis. My day job is a barista with Starbucks, and this is kind of an occupational hazard (not to mention holding a pen too much and drawing with my finger muscles more than my wrist movements).

So I’m strictly banned from drawing/vigorous typing for a couple of weeks while they pump me full of corticosteroids and pain killers. C’est la vie. I have another BDSM comic planned out, but until my hand heals I’m kind of S.O.L. with delivery of it.

 For the shiggles, here I am trying to draw with my left hand.

You can’t tell cause it’s horrible, but that is supposed to be Gabe, the guy from the original comic.

So, I’m on hiatus until this gets taken care of. ><


Cardinal Air sign, ruled by Venus.

“Here’s your chance, I give you what you want, I am a giver.
Here’s your chance to tell me what you want, I’m a forgiver.
When nobody’s around, I try not to care, I must deliver.
When nobody’s home, I will not get the door, I’m a pretender.”

Pretender - Sarah Jaffe


“Well I’m a self-centered writer, loving myself to sin. Stay away from me, don’t find a way to get in. I care only for art & career, so scared of death that I try to leave part of me here. I am lonely, lonely in the fact that I need to be loved & told I’m deserving. We let us be, just to be. Isn’t that all we should need?

But the truth is I need you to tell me I’m worthy of all this great living that I’ve been doing. I’m sick of the silence, it greets me when I go to bed, & the waking in a cold sweat. After all I’m an artist, & I’ve still got songs in me yet. & I’m frightened, frightened to death you’ll forget. Don’t forget. Don’t forget me.

In fact that’s the most honest thing I’ve written yet.”


“You guys still matter to me every single one of you. Just because there’s 4 million people here does not mean that I forget that that’s 4 million individual people who like to watch my videos. If anybody ever tells you that you do not matter to anybody or nobody cares about you, just remember that I am here, I really do care about you all. I love you guys to death, and I would do anything for you. I really wanna make you guys proud all the time. And I’m not just saying that to make myself sound better, I really do care. I try my best to show that all the time, and I really hope you guys know that.” ~therealjacksepticeye

Jack is one of the most genuinely nice/caring people I have ever seen. This is exactly why I (along with many others) love and support him. Please repost this with the “#jacksepticeye” to let him know that we love him, will always be proud of him, and that we would do anything for him as well. Thank you Jack for being here for those who need a friend and CONGRATS ON 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! You deserve that and more<3 *high fives*

Dear Scott Gimple & Co.,

Thank you for finally including Carol Peletier in your TWD 6B promotional material. 

The picture and of course Melissa McBride both look lovely. 
We appreciate it and we appreciate Eugene being included in the shot as well.
In fact we are grateful for it and therein lies a huge problem that needs to be brought to your attention.
I am not trying to tell you how to do your job here but I think the fact that the majority of the fandom reacted to Carol’s picture not with relief that Carol is okay, but with relief that someone from the group (thank you Eugene!) finally looks like they care that Carol is okay, should tell you that the balance between humanity and the apocalypse in your story here is majorly Off. 

Off the charts kind of off. 

We shouldn’t need to see a picture to feel that someone cares about Carol’s well being.

We shouldnt feel that whoever looks at Carol with any kind of concern is the true MVP in her story. 

After all Carol is not just one of the original Atlanta Five and a core character, but also a woman who YOU have regularly risking her life and her very humanity for these people.
We shouldn’t have to wonder if the group cares about Carol at all, we should just KNOW that they do.
After all the things you’ve had Carol do and sacrifice for them, their concern and love for her should be a given. 
Undebatable even
The fact that we are so HAPPY about the fact that Eugene looks like he cares that she is experiencing discomfort and that he might actually attempt to comfort her in his awkward (and probably hilarious) way, is actually a big flaw in the way you’ve chosen to tell this story. 

By choosing Carol as the HERO so many times and by choosing the high cost parameters of what she’s willing to do to be the HERO the group needs, you’ve also created expectations about her motivations for being that HERO.
You’ve chosen to show Carol putting herself through a mountain of emotional pain, and now debilitating physical pain for these people and yet you haven’t adequately shown those very same people giving a damn about HER.
Some of these people don’t even know her at all. 
You had Carol save Abraham, Rosita, Eugene and Tara from Terminus, but failed to show that they are even aware of each other’s existence. 

Her connections have continuously dwindled and her losses have been piling up without reprieve or even so much as anyone noticing, let alone trying to address her personal turmoil.
Her relationships keep getting removed and while others are continuing to form new ‘bonds’, she’s left to fade away at the social periphery of the family/group.

She keeps sacrificing pieces of her humanity, compromising her own life and carrying the heavy burdens in the name of people who she obviously loves but we only get to see that love when things take a tragic turn.
We know that Carol would kill and does kill to protect ALL of them but imo you have failed to show us the WHY. 

Your writers keep taking away people who are shown to be connected to Carol and then they fail to replace those bonds or even give her a chance to express the fact that it’s a loss that affects her.
Failing to provide that background, not connecting her to anyone else but then using her to sacrifice herself and kill, to protect the people that haven’t shown much interest in her own well being, is a big time continuity error and could constitute 'bad writing’. 

Given all that, it’s not all that surprising that fans are clamoring to have Daryl be there for Carol - after all he’s the only one you’ve actually shown her having a canonically deep connection to. 
If not Daryl then who will be by her side?
Shipping aside, it would be hard to make an argument that anyone else would come to Carol’s aid because based on your canon material, there is no evidence that anyone would even know her enough to notice her suffering or her feelings.
That can’t possibly be your intention or the direction you want for your favourite character?
The HERO and the one whose story the critics and the media want to talk the most about? 

I am not trying to tell you how to do your job nor am I here to begrudge or mock Eugene’s MVP skills.
All I am saying that the reaction the fandom is having to that one picture should be a lesson and something to think about for the future.
A sign that maybe you are veering off in a direction that will cause an avalanche of problems and criticism the next time you decide to have Carol sacrifice a piece of a heart nobody else seems to know. 

I know it’s a big heart but without love and a connection to humanity, even a heart as big as the one Carol has, can grow dim and become shut down. 

I am not saying that you need to throw a Carol Party (although that would be a great bonus BTS addition) or get everyone to tackle her with thanks and praise (also great bonus BTS idea).
You know Carol and how the subtleties of her personality shine - the moments don’t need to be big or loud at all! 

Get the group to say her name every once in a while.
Give her a few ‘Hello’s’, a couple of 'How are you’s’ and maybe a few hugs here and there.
Let her talk to Michonne, Sasha, Rosita, Tara and Maggie.
Don’t have her cry alone all the time.
Get Daryl to look slyly at her again.
Maybe a few smirks and concerned looks here and there. 

No big deal, right?! 

Just complete the story is all I am saying. 

Maybe if you show the connection between the things Carol does, to the people Carol actually does those things for, on screen, you won’t have to worry about correcting the 'cold, emotionless, hardened, beautiful monster’ labels, off screen. 

I really don’t want to say 'YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG’ but I honestly think that 'YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.’ 

You love Carol, the critics love Carol, the award show circuit loves Carol and we love Carol.
All that’s left is for you to show that the group loves Carol too!


The Carol/Caryl Fandom

PS. A CARYL MOMENT is a great place to start.