here i am procrastinating again

So here I am, procrastinating everything to do ships again! My Christmas one was a complete fail due to being grounded and internet problems, but I’m planning on doing this mobile so it’s fast and easier. I have rules so keep reading for those.

This is what you get!


•Song from my playlist

•Best friend

• Who cuddles more

• Hobbies

• Loves about you

• First kiss

• Says I Love You

• Imagine (you can also request if you want it an AU. Anything you want!)


•You must be following me! I will check if you aren’t.

•cool thing is, I follow back!

•Reblog this post! I will check if you reblogged.

•THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT WILL HELP ME SO MUCH! Please send me your name and something about you. This time of you don’t send me something about you or don’t have an about me page, I’m not going to do it. Sorry.

•PS. Don’t send it through send message, because I have a hard time seeing those and I do ships in order.

•Send me a question! I love answering questions. Or even send me one of your problems, cool things, ANYTHING! I love being asked things.

If I sound mean, I’m not I swear!! I just want these ships to be good and not have me a mess. If this flops, we are going to act like nothing happens. Hope you enjoy!!