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OTP Banana
  • Person A and Person B Pass by each other...
  • Person B: *Trips on untied shoe lace, Stumbles into chair, and falls over a trash can, finally landing on their face.*
  • Person A: Are you alright??!
  • person B: Now that you're here I am.. *Picks banana peel off face* Because you got me fallen for you! *winks*
  • Person A: *Dead pan* I can't decide whether to laugh or walk away..

So I’v been thinking a lot about what Justice does to comfort Anders but what does Anders do for Justice?

I mean things can’t be easy for Justice trapped outside the fade in a world he likely still struggles to understand. What about

Anders reading stories of epic heroes helping innocents across the land, or of brave warriors righting great wrongs. 

Anders feeling a slight spark when he reads these stories. Knowing that means Justice is feeling more at ease 

Anders doing this despite the fact that he read these books a thousand times in the circle, because he knows Justice loves them.

Anders making sure Justice’s lyrium ring is kept close by so Justice can always here the song and remember his time at Vigils Keep

@ebonyhellebore || continued from here || sara x luci; soulmate au

           He was making absolutely no sense, though he generally didn’t make a whole lot of space, however, right now he was making even less than no sense. “Lucifer,” she said in a tone that expressed she had lost her patience about 20 minutes ago. “I do not know what the hell you are talking about– what red thread, and I am absolutely not living here with you?” She sighed and rolled her eyes. Not like he was going to make more sense anytime soon. Sure, there was something odd about him ( more than just the fact that he put on the airs of being the devil himself ), something that had her entirely unwilling to show him her back or her weaknesses– he was dangerous even though she didn’t know exactly how. She snatched the liquor from him, downed it, and slammed the glass down on the table in front of him. “Whatever deal you think I have made with you… it ends here. That’s the only thing I came to tell you, and now I’m leaving.”