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Requested by anonymous: “can you write a Spencer Valentine’s Day one?”

HECK YES! It’s Valentine’s Day and sorry if this is really cheesy but I want to marry Spencer Reid.

Warnings: none maybe??

“Nope. No.” You shake your head.

“Why?” Spencer asks you with an innocent look on his face.

“I hate Valentine’s Day.” You state, folding your arms. “We can go out to dinner or buy each other gifts any other time. Why does there have to be a certain day of the year to do it?”

“While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial–which probably occurred around A.D. 270–others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.” He says.

You stare at him in bored and not understanding what he just rambles on about.

“Spencer if you really want to go out to dinner tonight I will. Not because I want to but for you.” You say.

“I really want to.” He says.

You sigh, placing your hand on his cheek before kissing him.

“You do love me don’t you?” He smirks and you roll your eyes.

“Most days.” You joke.

After you finished getting ready you made spencer wear a tie that matched your dress.

You didn’t want to go but if you were being forced to you’re going all out.

In all the four years you and Spencer had been dating he had always had to work on Valentine’s Day which made it easy for you.

You had always thought of Valentine’s Day as such a stupid thing. Like you had to celebrate it or your relationship was doomed to end.

This is the first year you and to worry about it with Spencer.

By the way you two were dressed up it was most likely a fancy place. He took your arm and escorted you into the car, being his usual gentleman self.

When you got to the restaurant you smile.

“Spence!” You gasp.

The place you two met, it was a nice Thai place. You were here celebrating your dad’s birthday and Spencer was here with the team. You kept making eye contact with him the whole night and just before you were about to leave you slipped him your number.

That felt like just yesterday but now the Doctor was your whole world. You two had been through so much together you don’t quite remember life without him.

He made reservations and we were sat at the same table I was sitting with my father just years before.

“Do you hate the idea now?” He asks looking at his menu.

“I hate that you had to wait until Valentine’s Day to do something this sweet.” You bite and he scowls at you.

You blow a kiss back and it makes his crack a smile. You end up even ordering the same thing, you and your boyfriend talk about the first time you saw each other.

Granted you were doing most of the talking he just seemed to watch and listen to you.

“I remember when I gave you my number you looked so confused. I could have never guessed you were a genius.” I tease.

He smiles and looks around. Almost as if he waiting for someone else.

A female waiter walks up, “Excuse me can we get a dessert menu.” Spencer asks and she nods.

Swinging around and as she does a glass of water falls off her tray and nearly on Spencer.

“Oh my.” You say, standing to your feet.

“It’s okay. Why don’t you go get some paper towels from the bathroom.” Spencer says smiling.

Is he finding this funny? You don’t argue though, you walk in the direction of the bathroom. Going in and retrieving multiple paper towels before walking out.

When you got back to the table Spencer was no longer there and the water was almost fully cleaned up.

You look around for Spencer, maybe he went to go get paper towels too.

You hear the screech of a microphone and the whole restaurant goes quiet.

“Hello.” You recognized the voice of your boyfriend. He is staying at the front of the restaurant.

What on earth is he doing?

“Hello I’m Dr. Spencer Reid. I’m here with my- my girlfriend her name is y/n. I know it’s Valentine’s Day so I’ll try not to take up too much of your time.” He stands up on a chair.

You wanted to smack him for drawing so much attention to you. You were naturally just a very shy person and he knew you hated other people’s eyes on you.

That’s when you start recognizing familiar faces. Derek and his wife are sitting at the table just feet away from where Spencer way. JJ and Will at the table next to them.

Okay. Now I’m curious to what’s going on.

“So I met y/n just over four years ago here in this very restaurant. She was with her father and I was with some coworkers. As soon as I saw her walk into the restaurant I was so fascinated by her. She looked like how I imagined this girl would look like in my favorite book. Her eyes were curious and wondering the room and right away I wanted to know her. Which is quite weird actually. My whole life has been haunted by statistics and up until that night all I was thinking about were the people who never get married. More or less the people who spend the rest of their lives alone.” He looks at you.

You couldn’t believe this was happening. Had he planned this the whole time? Was what you were expecting to come next actually going to happen?

“Today there is only 51% of adults married. Which is a drop from 72% in 1960. Being 30 years old and still single 5 years ago scared me more than I would admit. Most of my friends were married or in a relationship then there was me. So when I came here that night and met the love of my life I knew almost right away I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” Spencer continues.

I cover my mouth, tears collection in my eyes. I jump when someone touches my shoulder. It is one of the employees, pushing me towards the front of the restaurant until I’m next to Spencer who hops off the chair.

I start to fully cry when he reaches into his pocket. Pulling out a rectangle shaped box and getting down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?” He asks.

I’m at a loss for words. All I can do is nod for a couple seconds until my voice finally comes back to me.

“Yes.” I practically scream.

Everyone in the restaurant starts cheering. Spencer smiles like an idiot while slipping the ring on my finger and he stands up to hug me. I hug him tighter than ever.

I knew a long time ago I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Spencer. I want to have his kids and grow old with him.

“I love you Spencer Reid.” I say into his ears as the everyone cheers for our future.

Sparks Chapter 2

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team.

Word Count 3.5K

Summary: Annual Stark Fourth of July Bash at the tower where y/n runs into Bucky. After finding out that Bucky is uncomfortable around firework sounds, not wanting him to be alone and miss the show y/n offers to keep him company. y/n is later attacked in the labs and Bucky and y/n fight together against the antagonist, because y/n isn’t just a damsel in distress. Thats right she’s got her own moves.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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anonymous asked:

Did you ever name Feysand's son? I would say he's nameless but that hits a bit too close to home rip

Don’t remind me fam. 

And yes! I did! And like I could just tell you orrrrrrrrrrr


“I don’t know where he is.” Eleana told Rhys, a trace of panic lining her face. His son was only one month old, and was already casing so much commotion that Rhys could tell there would never be a dull moment in his life.

Rhys glared playfully at his daughter. He was sitting peacefully on his couch reading a book when he heard her rummaging around upstairs. He knew exactly where his son was, of course he bloody did, but playing with his twenty-three-year-old daughter was too good of an opportunity to miss.

“What do you mean you don’t know where he is?”

“I thought he should have a nap, and then I decided I wanted one too, but then I woke up and he wasn’t down here so I checked the whole house and it’s not like he could’ve flown away, he can barely open his wings! And I have no idea where he is,” She cried.

“I’m not bothered.” He stood up, put his book down and pulled her into his arms, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“How can you not be worried? He’s so small!” She wailed.

Rhys decided the joke was over and smoothed back the hair from her face. “I’m not worried because I believe his sudden disappearance probably has to do with your mate gallivanting out of here with him about fifty minutes ago. I think they went shopping for Theodosia’s birthday.”

Eleana pushed his away and smacked his chest. “Why would you do that?!  And that bastard! He took my baby brother literally from my arms while I was sleeping. I was so scared.” She breathed a sigh of relief, and before Rhys could reply he heard someone come in the front door.

There was a very limited number of people it could be due to the wards, and he guessed it was the bastard that Eleana loved so much. As usual, he was correct, and her husband came in with his son nestled into one arm and bags in the other.

He stopped dead when he saw the furious look on Eleana’s face, and lowered the bags to the ground. “Hey,” he said slowly.

She stomped up to him and snatched away her brother. “I’m mad at you,” She kissed the baby’s head while sashaying away from her mate, Kaden.

Kaden looked at him for help, but Rhys simply laughed and shook his head while on the way to the kitchen to get his son, Hazael, a bottle. Little Haz was usually breastfed by Feyre, but she was away dealing with a small rebellion in one of the Illyrian camps. They had refused to accept one of her new reforms, and she wanted to deal with it herself. Rhys said he would go, so she could rest, but she told him males may need a month to recover from a significant event but she was a strong woman who was perfectly capable thank you very much.

Rhys warmed the bottle with his magic and made his way back to his children. He was met with the sight of Eleana leaning over and kissing her mate, so she must not be that mad.

They looked like a little family all together. With Haz in between them while they looked so affectionately at each other, it was like a vision into the future. Eleana handed Haz back to her mate - his perfect little baby was so small that he could fit into the crooks of people’s elbows easily. Rhys smiled fondly and let them be. He knelt down so he could inspect the bags of shopping Kaden had gotten, wanting to know what they had gotten his niece Thea for her birthday. He was surprised to see pink baby’s clothing, which was strange considering there were no babies in their family that would need such things. There were also toys, dummies, bottles…

Rhys reeled back in shock. Eleana had been acting so emotional lately, not just today but over the last week he’d noticed her moods swinging sporadically. And to buy all these clothes…

“Oh. Um. Ah. Eleana. Kaden. Um. Oh.” He sputtered. He turned to look at them, his eyes so wide you could see a ring of purple around his irises. He looked at Eleana’s abdomen, trying to discern whether she had a baby bump or not.

“Papa, are you okay?” She said, concern in her voice. She only called him papa on days she was particularly happy. She did a lot when she was a child, less when she grew, and now her child would be calling him grandpa.

Feyre Feyre Feyre Feyre Feyre Feyre

He had to summon his mate here as fast as they could, so they could celebrate their baby girl on her – Oh cauldron, on her baby girl from the looks of it.

He was in shock to say the least. Why hadn’t she told him? They were so close, and this was such huge news. He wanted what she wanted, no matter what it was, and if this was it then so be it. A little Eleana with blonde hair, or a little Eleana with eyes so dark when you looked into them it was like falling into the night sky.

Rhys pulled out a pink onesie from the bag. He was shook to the point where he was shaking slightly. His chest had seized from the emotion, and his mouth gaped open and closed trying to form the words. What came out instead were noises that were either a groan, a moan, or a gag. He ended up just pointing at Eleana, and then at the onesie. She gasped when she realised what he thought.

“Oh. No! No. Nope. Noooo. Not today. Na-da. Definitely not. Oh no.” She moved towards him and got to her knees so she could look him in the eye. “I’m not pregnant.”

“Are you sure? Because you’ve been so emotional lately and if you’re just not ready to tell me that’s okay-” Rhys started crying then - very real tears that fell like a waterfall. “Is it because you don’t think I would be happy? I’m not sure I’m ready to be a grandfather but I would love the baby so much,” he sobbed. “and I would buy you all the chocolate and pickles you want just like I did with your mother. I’m just really surprised,” he hiccupped, “it was only a month ago you told me you weren’t ready for children, and now this!” He pulled her to him, sobbing into her hair – he was a blubbering mess.

I’m not pregnant.” She looked pointedly at her mate and waved him over. He brought Haz to her. “These are clothes that Kaden got for the orphan program in Hewn City, and I’m emotional because I’m on my cycle.” She brought Haz between herself and Rhys, presenting him to her father. “I’m not ready for this. We are not ready for this.” She looked achingly at Kaden. “I don’t need to tell you why, because you already know, but it will be a really long time before we’re ready to even think about children. It’s good to know that you’d be excited though!”

“Really? You aren’t having a baby? You’re sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.” Her face crumpled, and she held back a sob. “You would be the first person I tell - even before that bastard probably.” His daughter got to her feet and pulled him up with her.

“I mean, he’s so oblivious sometimes he might not even notice.” Rhys teased. Rhys took Haz from her arms, cradling him gently. He was squirmy and started to whine from being jostled around so many people, and Rhys hadn’t given him his bottle yet.

Eleana pressed kisses over her brother’s face, then skipped back to her mate.

Rhys admired the pair – knowing that one day, when the timing was better and his daughter was ready, they would be fantastic parents. Until then, “would you two mind taking Haz for a few hours? I may have already told your mother you’re with child, and I think I have a lot of explaining and making up to do. Or she could very well kill me.”


*pssst* if you want more Rhys + babies = goodness, check out my masterlist  

Daycare (Baekhyun Blurb)

Daycare worker!(Y/N) and Uncle!Baekhyun

this was too cute for me to process

Originally posted by tsar-lollipops

You had just finished putting the preschoolers down for their naps. This was the perfect job for you, seeing how much you loved kids. You couldn’t wait to find someone special and have kids of your own.

You quietly moved to sit down at your desk, waiting for the children’s parents to arrive. Most usually came to pick up their children during or at the end of “Nap Time.” That is, of course, except the parents who has to work late. You had been at this job for a while, which allowed you to get to know the parents of each child. This also meant that you knew who was almost always late picking up their children.

About halfway through the group’s nap, parents began to arrive. You quietly woke each child and brought them to their parents, being careful not to stir the other sleeping children.

This cycles until there were only five kids left to be picked up. You decided to wake them all up, seeing as it was getting late. The little ones rubbed the sleep from their eyes as you greeted them with a smile. 

“Alright you guys,” you say cheerfully, “let’s go play.”

They all smiled and hurried to the side of the room filled with toys and games. As they played, you moved back and forth between putting their nap time mats away and greeting more parents who had come to pick up their children. 

Soon there were only two left. One of whom was always picked up earlier than this. The other child’s parents showed up at their usual time, leaving the one child alone. He looked as if he was about to cry. You moved to sit next to him on the carpeted floor. Tears were forming in the little one’s eyes, making your heart ache. 

“Where are mommy and daddy?” He asks, now crying. 

“Aww Jae-ho, come here.” You bring the child into your arms. “I’ll call mommy right now.”

You get up from the floor, Jae-ho still in your arms, and grab your phone from your desk. You quickly dial the number while trying to stop the child’s crying.

“Hello, (Y/N).” His mother says. 

“Hello,” You say, “I was just calling because Jae-ho is upset and wanted to know where his parents were.”

“I’m so sorry to keep you late,” His mother continues, “his father and I have been caught up at work, his uncle should be on his way to get him.” 

“Alright thank you so much.”

You quickly end the call and look at Jae-ho who had ceased crying. 

“Is mommy going to get me?” He asks.

“Actually, she said your uncle was on his way.” You say sweetly. 

His eyes go wide and he claps his hands together.

“I love uncle-” Jae-ho says as the classroom door opens behind you. 

You turn around to see a boy who looked to be about your age standing there. 

“Baek!” Jae-ho says excitedly, wrigling out of your arms. HE runs to hug the boy who immediately picks him up in a hug. 

“Sorry to be getting him so late, Miss. . “

“(Y/N).” You say in response. 

“Uncle Baek!” JAe-ho says. “(Y/N) is really nice, she helped me stop crying and she’s very funny and-”

The child signals for his uncle to come closer so he could whisper something to him. As JAe-ho was whispering, his “Uncle Baek” looked at you smiling.

“You think?” He asked Jae-ho, now looking at the small child. 

He nods at his uncle who smiles back at you. 

“I think she’s pretty too.”

this has me all in my feels goodnight you guys

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Good morning! I absolutely adore your romione kiss promp fics - they make my day when one goes up! Have you done #3 or #9 yet? Keep up the lovely work!

Thank you so much! I have done number 3 which you can find here!

And here’s number 9! Hope you like it 💕


Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

Hermione had tried to deny it for years, as she had done with most Ron-related things, but there was simply no getting around it: Ron was sexy when he played chess. It wasn’t the sort of thing she ever would have expected - chess was not usually the sort of thing that made a girl’s heart race - but this was Ron, and she’d learned to stop questioning why he made her feel what he did and just accept it. And there was just something about it, the concentration in his eyes, the way he nibbled his lower lip as he considered his next move, the sheer confidence that radiated off of him whenever he declared ‘checkmate’ that made her head spin.

And tonight Ron was playing against Harry, which Hermione knew had never been a challenge for him; they seemed to play more out of a years-long habit than anything else. Ordinarily Hermione was perfectly content to be a spectator, but the Christmas holidays were drawing rapidly to a close and Ron had his very own bedroom at Grimmauld Place that was going to waste at the moment…

She joined Ron on the sofa and leaned against him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder through the thin fabric of his t-shirt.

“Hi,” he greeted her, nudging his knight across the board to take down one of Harry’s pawns.

“Are you almost done here?” asked Hermione as Harry, on the other side of the coffee table, pondered his next move.

“Yeah, I’m pretty close to kicking Harry’s arse,” he replied with a grin.

But since they were eleven, Ron had never lost a chess match to Harry, not once. He really didn’t need to mark off another victory, not when the Hogwarts Express was leaving in only a few days…

Ignoring the presence of Harry, who was currently directing one of his pieces across the board, Hermione leaned up to drop a kiss on Ron’s neck, then another on his ear. Ron narrowed his eyes at the new configuration of pieces, so Hermione took the opportunity to peck his cheek. He could play chess with Harry any old time, she reasoned, but soon she’d be thousands of miles away.

“What are you doing?” asked Ron in a low voice, casually guiding a rook across the board as Hermione kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Nothing.” She kissed his nose, and he turned and lightly brushed her lips with his. This was progress, Hermione thought. The sooner he forgot about the chess match, the better.

“Can you two get yourselves under control, please?” Harry piped up, affecting annoyance. With a grin, he made his next move.

“Sorry,” replied Hermione cheerfully, plainly not sorry at all.

Ron leaned forward in concentration, resting his forearms on his knees, his lower lip pinged between his teeth. Hermione touched her lips to his jaw, where auburn stubble had just started to peek through his skin, Harry’s presence be damned: couldn’t he see how much she wanted Ron all to herself?

Somewhat absently, Ron used a finger to nudge his king across the board, and then turned to face Hermione with a look of amusement. Before he could say a word, Hermione kissed him again, only vaguely aware that Harry had burst out laughing.

“Er, Ron?” said Harry, snapping his fingers at the couple to get their attention. “You’re joking with that move, right?”

“No, why?” Ron was barely looking at the board; Hermione had moved her mouth to the pulse point of his throat.

“Well, because…” Harry guided his bishop into place and leaned back in his chair, a satisfied smirk crossing his face. “Checkmate.”

Hermione’s jaw fell open. Sure, she’d wanted the match to end, but Ron would certainly be in a foul mood now that he had lost, for the first time in seven years, to someone he once described as ‘bloody awful’ at chess-

“Ah, well,” said Ron breezily, “can’t win them all.” He stood, tugging on Hermione’s hand to bring her to her feet, and gave an apathetic shrug. “Night, Harry.”

As Ron led her by the hand out of the room, leaving a deflated Harry to contemplate his anticlimactic victory, he looked back over his shoulder and winked.

He had known what he was doing all along, Hermione realized with a start: he had been choosing her.


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Bruises, part 4 : My thoughts are empty I feel like I have no story

Word count : 1248

Author note : Part 4, hope you’re still on board.  As always feedback is appreciated as usual. Tag list is at the end and is still close till March 21st.  Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Mentions of Bucky’s past.

Song of the title : All You Know, Earlyrise


Bruises masterlist

Part 3

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Cheerios Practice [a Sebastian Smythe smut]



WARNING: Smut, cheerio!Seb…he’s a warning…

The tan bleachers shift underneath you as music blares through the gym. Sue screams into the megaphone, making the cheerleaders move harder, faster. Your eyes focus on Sebastian, who’s pale arms form at a perfect angle before he does a tumble roll, hoisting another girl up. A pang of jealousy shoots through you and you chew on your bottom lip, toying with the end of your light pink ruffled skirt.

Sound of the whistle blowing and Sue yelling her usual ‘sloppy’, snap you out of your thoughts long enough to see Sebastian pick up a water bottle. His bright green eyes find you, squinting playfully as he drinks. “You, Glee club muppet!” Sue points, startling you. “Get down here so Sebastian can lift you. I’ve got an odd number today.” she mutters. You just blink at her, mouth opening slightly. “Hello?! Are you deaf? Get your fanny down here!”

Deciding not to anger her, you hop down the stairs, converse stomping. Your fuzzy plum purple sweater sways against your stomach and you blush. “Follow my lead.” Sebastian smirks, hoisting your thighs up to his waist. Your eyes widen at him and you wrap your arms around his neck, gulping. “Don’t worry, I got you.” he reassures, strutting to the sidelines. “Ready?” he asks; you nod hesitantly.

His hands latch around your waist, lifting you over his head then dipping down. You try your best to keep up, ignoring Sue’s insults the best you can. When the music stops, the cheerio places you on the solid ground, licking his lips. “Nice underwear.” he winks, making you tug on your skirt. “I need to get some supplies from the closet… help me?” he whispers seductively, walking backwards, motioning for you to follow.

Biting your bottom lip, you scamper towards him, quickly gazing around before ducking into the small storage space. Sebastian instantly presses his hard onto your thigh, long fingers dancing under your fuzzy sweater, clasping onto your breasts. “Sebastian, I… We… Souldn’t… Fuck it.” you hiss, grabbing his neck and pulling him into a kiss.

Moaning, Sebastian’s hand explores your body, finally finding the band of your underwear. Smirking into the kiss, he dips his index finger inside you, tongue taking advantage of your mouth when you gasp. Slowly, his long digit curls in your pussy, making you groan loudly. “If you’re any louder, we’re gonna get caught.” he grumbles, red polyester pants rubbing against your bare skin. “We have five minutes, if we’re lucky…”

Humming, you grind your hips down when another finger enters you. Sebastian pumps in and out, biting your collarbone. “Seb…” you whimper, nails scratching the back of his uniform. Smirking, he speeds up, making your walls clench. Without warning, you cum on his fingers, hiding your face in the crook of his neck to muffle your scream.

Panting, he slowly removes his fingers, admiring how slicked they are before sticking them in his mouth. His eyelids flutter closed as he licks them clean, pulling them out with a pop. “Not so innocent as you look, eh, Y/N?” he muses in his usual cocky tone. All you can do is blush. Maybe you’ll come to cheerios practice more often.

Middle Of A Memory - Pete Dunne

Originally posted by pinknights

We were gonna dance till they shut it down
People’d be staring while I spin you ‘round
Thinking we were so in love, yeah
They wouldn’t know we hadn’t even hooked up

Pete was in love. He was never one to expressing feelings for anybody. Y|N, it was different. Trent and Tyler saw a change in him. 
Pete looked at Y|N with love in his eyes as he spun her around the dance floor in the middle of the crowd of people. 
“Y|N’s a good one for Pete.” Tyler nudged Trent in the arm as they watched the two. 
Y|N laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck with a huge smile on her face. Pete actually had a smile on his face as he had his arm wrapped around her waist. 

I’d get your number and I’d give you mine
And we’d be hanging out tomorrow night
But now I don’t know where you are
I’m under these lights right here in the dark

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 5

Maisie had no idea what she was thinking when she woke up that morning, got dressed, stopped at Starbucks for two coffees and headed to Niall’s house.  After the way he’d treated her yesterday and his icy cold stare last night at the restaurant, the last thing she should have been doing was standing on his front doorstep, staring up at the solid gold door knocker and contemplating actually knocking.

It had occurred to her last night, after a short romantic interlude with Steven and a talk with Clarice, that Maisie was approaching this in all the wrong ways.  Niall was resisting her because she was forcing it.  She needed to work with him.  Together.  Make him see that she wasn’t the enemy.  Clarice’s reminder that Maisie was always the peace keeper between her mother and her father was not exactly what Maisie wanted to hear.  But she sure needed it.

Maisie had never failed a client.  She had a 100% success rate record by way of crisis managing musicians, sports figures and the Hollywood Elite.  And She refused to let Niall Horan was not going to be her first defeat.  

She needed to step back, stop taking things so personally and remind herself that she was a professional.  She was good at this.

She reached up to push on the doorbell, a deep sigh exiting her lungs before she finally pushed it.  He probably wasn’t even home.  Especially after he’d been with Melinda last night.

She checked her watch, ignored the phone call from the same unknown number that had called her twice last night and twice this morning and looked back up at the door.  She set her shoulders.

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nerdypengy: can i please request a mafia/gang/yakuza au for bokuto, akaashi, kuroo, oikawa, and iwaizumi, where the rival opposing family member is trying to seduce their cute civilian s/o? ugghh i love it so much when the boys get all dangerous and protective (*≧∀≦*)! thank you so much and i hope you have a nice day!

She’s got nerves of steel, this lady of his. I wonder what her backstory must be? Still, if you’ve got the guts to date Kuroo you’re probably made of stern stuff anyway.

This has sure been a ride! A long, 7k ride that got more and more serious, but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks for your patience, and for the final time, I hope you enjoy. :)


Fuck, that hurts…”

Kuroo’s vision is still blurry around the edges, and clumsily, he pushes himself off the ground. The back of his head feels like it’s been split open with a crowbar. He touches it tenderly and pulls back to find blood. A lot of blood.

He looks up, and isn’t too surprised to find no windows. There’s just the dusty, orange light bulb in the middle of the room, and he has no idea how long he’s been lying here.

“This was supposed to be simple…” he mutters angrily to himself. Just a quick recon before heading back home for the week, but he’s on the floor unconscious instead. The boss would not be pleased.

The door swings open easily when he pushes against it.

There’s nobody in the hallway, and all he can hear is the sound of the door closing and his own breathing. It’s a lot cleaner outside- fluorescent lights instead of that horrid orange glow in that room, and the floor is a clean linoleum.

It looks like it’s just been cleaned. Good, that means that people still use this place.

His combat boots make almost no noise as he makes his way forwards. He walks like a cat, body lean and taut, stretched out to its limits to maximize his spatial awareness. He has never been in such a situation before, and the tension draws out the best in  him.

Too bad all the doors are locked.

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Well That Explains That

SPN FanFic

~Sam sends Dean to the library for a book. Dean finds the book, and just maybe… a new friend.~

Dean x Reader, Sam

1,550 Words

Warnings: This is just fluff. If you do not want pointless, make the reader feel good about herself fluff, hit the road. ;)

A/N: A request from my darling @plaidstiel-wormstache, who, incidentally has one of the best handles I’ve ever seen! Hope you like it! Also, this continues my streak of horrible titles. (oops)

“Sam are you seriously telling me that we live in the middle of the world’s largest collection Supernatural knowledge and you don’t have the one book that you need? Seriously?”

Sam threw his head back and rolled his eyes at his brother. “Yes Dean, that’s what I’m telling you. Will you please just go to the library and get it? I already called and they have it waiting. Just go pick it up.”

Dean crossed his arms indignantly and pouted, “Come on Sammy, I hate the library you know that.”

Sam closed his mouth and looked up at Dean; his hazel eyes were wide and sad.

“Oh no, don’t you give me the dog eyes. Not over this. You need to save those for when you need them.” Dean shook his head, trying to ignore Sam’s classic ‘please’ face.

Sam was relentless, he added just a tiny twitch to his down-turned lips as he continued. “I need that book Dean. You want to figure out how to stop the Strigoi? Then go get the book. I can’t leave right now.”

Dean took a deep breath and firmly declined to go on the errand. “No.”

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I've only recently come across people who claim Henry was abused by Regina, and I'm confused. I know you're a Regina fan, but you seem very rational when it comes to her misdeeds as far as I've read of your posts. Do you believe this too? What instances are the abuse allegations based on? I saw a post in the Henry Mills tag that people who claim they want Regina to be their mother want to be abused. (Does the term Regal Believer refer to the people who believe Henry was abused?)

Regina never abused Henry.  There are a very small number of very loud people that believe she did that are referred to in the fandom as ARBs (Anti-Regal Believer).  Regal Believer being the fandom’s name for the loving mother and son relationship between Regina and Henry.  These people are generally regarded by the fandom as irrational and are not respected outside their very small circles.

They stem from the fact that Regina was written fairly ambiguously in season 1 where the audience was not supposed to be able to tell if Regina really loved Henry or not.  Of course this ambiguity doesn’t survive Lana’s portrayal of the character because there is a ton of evidence in season one that Regina loves Henry. Anyway, these are people who formed an opinion during season one and who could not integrate new information from later seasons and understand that their first impression was incorrect.  Inevitably most of their arguments stem from season one.  

They throw around abuse terminology as if they’ve done internet research but have no actual experience with those those forms of abuse.  They don’t understand that the things those lists describe are orders of magnitude worse than anything we saw on the show.  Some of them claim to have been abused but those claims rarely survive a rational test because they often claim to be triggered by Regina, yet spend their days on blogs talking about her supposed abuse.  People who are triggered by things do not do that.  They also make claims about how social services would take Henry away from Regina which are laughable to anyone who has had any experience of social services at all.  It is my general impression that these are also people who are not themselves parents because they don’t seem to have any understanding at all of the regular give and take of parental-child relationships.  

I get a fair number of these people who come to my ask box, so I have a very good grasp of what their general arguments are.  Here are some of their usual ones.  That Regina was physically abusive in grabbing Henry by the arm in 1.03 to get his attention.  He does move forward but he’s never shown to be in any pain, there is never a bruise shown, and clearly they’ve never encountered a ten year old boy.  This is the entire basis for the argument that she’s physically abusive.  They claim this like is meant to humiliate him…

… rather than the fact that in the course of three days Henry has stolen a credit card, run away to Boston, run away from home again, lied about where he was, and is now out in the middle of the night without permission.  They claim that her leaving him alone for a few hours 1.04 is neglectful despite the fact that a basic internet search will turn up guidelines from the state of Maine that indicate that it is not only legal, but perfectly normal.  They usually add a dollop of slut shaming to this by being outraged over the fact that she’s left him alone so she can go meet Graham for sex.  Because single mothers are not allowed to have sex lives.  

I’ve even seen people claim she was starving him because she left him alone for a few hours in this episode despite the fact that as you can see in this gif he’s just had or is currently having lunch.  One also wonders what kind of children these people have encountered that they think a ten year old can’t make a sandwich while Fox has an entire television show based around the idea of eight year olds making beef wellington.

They claim taking away the book from Henry was abusive… the book that according to the show’s producers is the origin of nearly all of Henry and Regina’s tension in season 1.  We are told by the producers and shown in flashbacks from later seasons that Henry and Regina’s relationship was very good before Henry was given the book.  Henry was going through very normal, common, and well understood adoption related issues at the time to when Mary Margaret gave him the book, and Regina was sending Henry to Archie in order to deal with those issues.  The ARBs claim she was sending him to Archie to make him feel crazy, an argument that is both incredibly harmful to any parent who seeks professional mental health care for their child and doesn’t survive what the show actually says.  Henry had been going to Archie for months before the pilot, and the pilot is the first time Regina learned about the book and Henry’s knowledge of the curse, therefore she could not have been sending him to Archie to undermine his belief in the curse.  

They like to talk a lot about the therapy Henry was going to and don’t actually talk about what we saw in it.  Which included Archie describing Regina and Henry’s situation as natural parent child conflict.

But generally their major claim is that Regina tried to keep Henry from having a relationship with Emma.  One thing should be absolutely clear.  Emma gave up Henry in a closed adoption.  She had no right to see Henry and her persistent attempts to be part of his life against Regina’s wishes were actually illegal.  Regina was actually amazingly tolerant of Emma’s disruptive intrusions into their lives during season 1.  When she says …

… she is speaking absolute truth.  

The producers intended for Regina’s position with Henry to be reason and rational when they were writing the character.  They say this outright in season one episode commentaries.  Emma’s behavior was intend to be any adoptive parents nightmare and to be the primary motivation for Regina’s extreme over reaction to Emma’s presence in town.  In fact interestingly enough another ABC show, the Fosters has a similar scene between Lena Foster and a birth mother where she uses almost the same words as Regina does about destroying Emma.  Archie frames it so explicitly near the end of the season…

But the ARBs want to pretend that conversation never happened because it doesn’t fit their “Regina bad, Emma good” narrative.  They also claim that the apple turnover incident from the end of the season was Regina trying to kill Henry, ignoring that it was intended for Emma and that Regina immediately surrendered everything in order to help Emma save Henry.  This is really a key to their complete misunderstanding of the show.  Regina is intended to be villain, but a good mother.  It’s been a running theme of the show that one can be a good parent even if they are not a hero.

Something the show had emphasized again this past season with Maleficent.

To claim that Regina is an abusive parent because she was trying to kill Henry’s family, and that Regina had any obligation at all to allow the Charmings into Henry’s life is an emphasis of blood and biology over adoptive relationships that is an unfortunate byproduct of sloppy storytelling that resulted in anti-adoption messaging on the show during the first two seasons.  Messaging that the producers have said was unintentional and have apologized for and made every attempt to fix.

The ARBs also make some dubious claims about the legality of the adoption which don’t survive the writers outright saying that the adoption was perfectly legal, and their version of events is contradicted by just about anyone who actually understands adoption law.  These arguments are generally made in order to claim that Emma has the legal right to Henry and ignores that Emma’s parental rights were terminated when she gave Henry up for adoption, something that cannot be undone.  They make some spurious claims about the missing year which rely on the idea that Emma was his legal guardian to get him into school in New York, ignoring that she’d have to have some sort of forged (and likely provided by Regina magically) paperwork to do so and that doesn’t indicate an actual legal change of custody.  These often involve the claim that because of the missing year Henry’s name isn’t Henry Mills anymore, but rather Henry Swan.  Something never supported in the canon and contradicted by it…

They claim that Regina in the above line is mistaken by the way.  Because when the canon invalidates your head canon the rational response is to claim unreliable narration when there is no reason to believe unreliable narration is occurring.  

I’m sure they think Henry is mistaken about his name too.

When their arguments are picked apart by people who understand child custody law… they tend to claim that those people are too hung up on legality and don’t care about Henry.  This is not unlike their claims that social services would take Henry away from Regina for emotional abuse, a claim that is completely laughable for anyone who is at all familiar with the level of physical and sexual abuse that often has to occur before a child is taken out of a home. 

But the fundamental problem with their arguments is Henry.  They want us to listen to Henry when he says she doesn’t love him and that he wants to live with Emma.  Except it ignores that we come into their lives in season one in the middle of a rough patch very likely the result of Regina mishandling Henry discovering he is adopted.  Their problem during this period is fundamentally one of miscommunication and would have likely healed were it not for the magical interference of the book and for Emma’s arrival.  Emma actively encouraged the rift between Henry and Regina during this period…

… which Regina calls out.  But frankly neither women is behaving like a rational adult about each other.  They have both gotten under each others skin and both behave badly.  But the thing the ARBs really don’t seem to understand is that Emma and Regina have moved on from that point.  They are no longer at war.  Regina has accepted Emma as Henry’s other mother (and it was Regina’s right to accept this, it wasn’t owed to Emma) because Henry wants it.  The first person who would defend Regina’s place as Henry’s mother now is Emma.  

These are generally people who have decided to ignore the entire Emma and Regina friendship and co-parenting relationship because they claim it is out of character for Emma.  There is really no rational arguing with someone who wants to throw away that large a piece of the canon because it is inconvenient to them.

They also ignore Henry’s own words after the curse broke.

Like when he’s explicitly upset when he fears for Regina’s life.  At no point in season one is he shown afraid of Regina.  In fact he’s rather explicitly shown to be comfortable enough with Regina to say incredibly blunt things about his intention to defeat her.

It also completely and utterly devalues Henry’s words for the last two years of the show.  Apparently we’re only supposed to listen to him when he’s saying bad things about Regina and not when he’s saying he was wrong, or that when he thought he was going to die it was Regina’s arms he wanted to be in.

The remaining ARB claims fall basically into two categories:  hilarious and creepy.  

In the creepy category there are those who with basically no evidence in canon claim that Regina adopted Henry in order to raise/groom him to be her lover.  There is really nothing to be said about that.  There are also those who believe that she uses Henry as a replacement for her father because apparently these people have never run into the idea of naming a child after a family member.  I was personally named after my mother’s grandmother but based on everything I’ve ever heard about the woman I’m pretty sure my mother wasn’t expecting me take her place.  In this case the ARBs are fundamentally misunderstanding the dynamics of a single mother and a teenage son who is bound to be protective of his mother.  There are even those who claim her giving him the middle name Daniel is some sort of abuse because Henry has the name of two people who were murdered.  Well, three, because this particular strain of ARB doesn’t seem to understand how last names work so insist that you should throw in Cora Mills so that they can say he’s named after three people who were murdered.

Under the category of hilarious claims include the idea that Regina having an umbrella in 4.18 while looking for Henry meant she cares more about her vanity than about looking for Henry.  I’m not joking.  Because apparently she had to take time away from the search to find the umbrella (not that she couldn’t have already had it with her or that she is a powerful sorceress who could poof it into her hand in seconds), and that it would have prevented her from participating in combat (because apparently you can’t put an umbrella down).  The fandom mocked them royally for this.  We called it umbrellagate and made gifs.  Here is one of mine…

But generally these are people who have chosen to deliberately twist the story they know the show is telling, about a mother and son with a strong relationship that has healed after a period of misunderstanding and miscommunication.  They will tie themselves in logical knots to avoid accepting the relationship.  Even to the point of trying to explain away this…

… by claiming that it wasn’t really True Love’s Kiss, but rather that Henry has, I kid you not, a special magical curse breaking forehead.  Never mind that that would invalidate Emma’s True Love’s Kiss with Henry as well, but logic is not these people’s strong suit.

In general you should ignore them.  They are loud, but a tiny minority.  The Regal Believer relationship is the most popular thing on the show both with the fandom and in the general audience and will continue to be a corner stone of the show as evidenced by the fact that the season 4 finale was an ode to that relationship.

You Are Mine

‘You Are Mine’- MuteMath

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Warning/s: Kidnapping and creepy obsessive stuff
Rating: Mature (bit of violence, not much)
Pairing/s: Jefferson x Reader

Summary: You see him come into Granny’s Diner every day. He seems nice. He seems friendly. You chat sometimes, maybe you’ll ask him out sometime. He seems to like you. He seems to have a good heart. He seems like a good person.
But when have things ever been as they seemed?

Words: 1,010


“Jefferson’s here,” Ruby told you quietly, as she passed you with a coffee pot.

Turning and spotting him, you patted your clothes down and check your hair before going over to his table and smiling. “Hiya, Jefferson,” you greeted warmly, producing a small notebook and pen, “What will it be? The usual?”

Returning your smile, he nodded. “Yes thanks, that would be perfect.”

“Alright, I’ll go get that for you now,” you told him. “Nice weather today, isn’t it?” you commented as you jotted the details down.

“Lovely,” he agreed, “I’d sit outside but you don’t serve outside, do you?”

Looking up from your book, you met his playful gaze and felt yourself blush lightly under it- gods, this man was gorgeous and he always knew how to play with your heartstrings. “Oh, umm, no, Ruby does outside,” you mumbled, biting your lip a little.

He nodded and smiled at you. “Well then, I think I’d prefer to eat inside,” he informed you, adding, “Under your service.”

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“51, 84 Gibbs”

This one was a little less angsty than my previous one…oops…


His words rang in your ears for hours. It was the only thing you could focus on. You’d felt Gibbs getting more and more distant from you, and you had tried everything to prevent it from happening. Knowing Gibbs, he was scared. You two had talked about marriage a few weeks back, and he’d started spending more time at work or in his basement and less time with you. He’d finally broken things off when you tried talking to him, and it was completely sudden and unexpected.

“Think it’s best we go our separate ways…”

Your heart sunk further every time you replayed the scene. But you were going to have to suck it up. You were at work. You were a part time singer at your favorite bar. You’d been there for about an hour and your shift was almost over. The guys knew you well and could tell something was up, but decided not to ask. You kept looking into the crowd, but if you were being honest, you were just looking for Gibbs. Needless to say, you were more than shocked to find him sitting up at the bar. He knew you worked there. He’d come to hear you before. Why was he here now after what he’d said? You went up to the guitarist.

“Hey, Jake. Change of plans.” You said, handing him a sheet of music. He smiled.

“You got it, beautiful.

"You stood, center stage, and the bar went quiet. Jake started playing and you began.

"Every time I try to fly I fall, without my wings, I feel so small, I guess I need you baby…”

After the song was over, you went up to the bar to get a drink. The bartender didn’t even have to ask, he knew your usual. When you went to pay, a big, strong hand put the money down on the counter before you had a chance to. 

“Allow me…” Gibbs said, as you looked up at him.

“What are you doing here, Jethro?”

“I came to…to apologize…”

“Isn’t that breaking one of your own rules?” You replied, taking a swig of your drink.

“Rule number 51. Sometimes you’re wrong,” he said, looking down into your eyes. “Y/n…I was wrong.”

You felt his arms wrap around you, and you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he was, and would always be your wings.

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how about single parent akaashi where he meets his soon to be s/o on a train, and when their child won't stop crying the s/o smiles at them and they stop and giggle while trying to reach out to them. like FATE😭

//Gonna just name the child (A) and it’s gonna be a girl – Also female pronouns used just because it’s easier for me//

The evening sky was dyed with shades of the sun set, the light blue colours fading with an orange glow seeping in. Akaashi Keiji looked out the opposite window, for a split second being distracted by the view. His thoughts were interrupted by the sniffles of a young girl. Looking down at his daughter, who held his hand lightly had tears running down her face.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

Keiji pulled her into a hug, kissing her on the head. For a three year old, she was a bright child. Unfortunate circumstances caused Keiji to become a young single parent. Trying to cope with a normal life, he had a child to look after too. But he would never regret any time spent or effort put into (A).


She began to sob, digging further into her father’s chest. Lifting her onto his lap, he planted kisses onto her head.

“Are you sad that we didn’t get to see the monkeys?”


She mumbled noises, he leaned down and gave her more kisses on the head, petting her head. He looked up briefly to a young woman who just came, face flushed and her breathing uneven. She sat opposite him, setting a big bag down. She noticed Keiji staring and smiled. He looked away, embarrassed.

“Come on, (A). We’ll come back another day and we’ll see the monkeys”

Beginning to cry harder, Keiji frowned. With (A) on his lap he began to rock her gently, cooing comments to soothe her, but nothing worked. The train began to move and he tried to let her see outside. Sighing lightly as (A) continued to cry, the young woman shifted around rummaging in her bag. She picked up her stuff and sat right beside Keiji, her eyes cast down to (A), who was still clutching onto her father.

“She’s so sweet”

Keiji smiled slightly and raised a brow.

“Well, even if she is crying”

She continued.


His daughter briefly looked up, her eyes staring at this stranger. (A) then swiftly went back into her fathers chest, but her crying slowly subsided.

“She’s a little bit shy, sorry”

“Aw, it’s okay. I’m (Name), sorry. It just looked like you needed help with your sister”

“Oh, well thank you, (Name). My name is Akaashi Keiji, this is my daughter, (A)”

“Your daughter?! Wow, you’re uh… Very young to be a father”

“Ha… I get that a lot”

“I-I don’t mean that in the wrong way, I…”

“No, it’s okay. It has its ups and down, but this little bug is worth it”

He smiled as he looked down at (A), who slowly began to wriggle herself away from his chest.


Came from her mouth as her attention was diverted to (Name). (A)’s arms lifted up and she began to groan, wanting (Name) to hold her.


(Name) stumbled with a smile, shocked.

“Only if you want to…”

Keiji said, cautiously. To his surprise, (Name) opened her arms and let (Name) climb closer. Keiji couldn’t help but notice the distance between them had closed, they were shoulder to shoulder. Shaking his head, he felt a little foolish that there was a slight flush in his face.

“She is adorable…”

(Name) whispered as (A) had completely stopped crying, her little hands clasping onto the strangers jacket. Even though the train was rickety, (A)’s face was flushed red from crying and Keiji was tired; he felt at peace. Peace from the stress, peace from money and peace from feeling alone. He stared at (Name), his eyes wondering around her form, ingraining every feature that he could see. He looked away as soon as they locked eyes together.

“Is there something on my face?”

“Hm… No. I’m being rude, sorry.”

“Oh, you’re not being… That rude… Hell I’m practically kidnapping your child”

He laughed lightly. Then they began to talk, the 1 hour train ride seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. The young adults talked as if they had been friends for years. (A) had fallen asleep and Keiji found himself genuinely enjoying someone else’s company that wasn’t (A). The train came to (Name)’s stop, an uneasy feeling in his gut. For some reason he felt that he didn’t want to part, not just yet.

“This is… Your stop, I’ll take her now”

He said, as he lifted a snoozing (A) out of (Name)’s arms.

“Oh… Well you should… Come visit the zoo sometime, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“Here, this is my card ring me before you do! Come visit me, bring your cute little daughter sometime too! And uhm. If you want you can tell me the rest of your story… Later?”

(Name) flushed red as she gathered her things.

“I don’t usually like, give out my number, I’m sorry. I- Y-You don’t have to uh ring me if you-“

“I would love to talk to you more”

Keiji blurted, his manners going out the window. A smile spread on (Name)’s face, she walked onto the platform and waited until the train began to move again. Her hand waved frantically and excitedly and Keiji waved back. His head turned, to catch a lasting glimpse at her. He looked down at the card, with (A) in his arms. He kissed her on the forehead, a smile still playing on his lips.

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 11

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 2725

Warnings: Fluff, duh. Reader in her paramedic element. Made up a brother and sister-in-law for Jess. Dean’s cheesy but entirely sweet gift for the reader. 

Tags: @kbrand0, @daydreamingintheimpala, @growningupgeek,@illisea,@supernaturalfreewill, @always-noteworthy

As always, enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

After some baking for Christmas the next day, you cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned up yourself, and decided on what to wear to the bonfire. You decided on layering up, pulling on tight leggings under your jeans, thick socks, a thermal long-sleeve under your coat, and a scarf to top it all off. Your hair sometimes aided in keeping your face warm, but on the chance that it would be windy, you swept it into a lazy ponytail and dropped a slouchy beanie over it. You pushed your feet into your boots, pulled on your gloves, and took one last look in the mirror.

“As good as it’s gonna get, I guess,” you mumbled to yourself.

You waited in the living room for Dean to arrive. A cheesy Christmas movie was playing, you grinned like an idiot at the silly romance between the hero and heroine. Even though it was only Christmas Eve, you could feel yourself getting more and more excited about the holiday.

You glanced over under the Christmas tree, and your eyes caught the lights shining on the small box that held Dean’s present. It wasn’t anything too grand, but when Jess had mentioned the idea, you ran with it. You were really excited to give it to him and hoped that he would like it.

A knock on your door broke you out of your reverie. You turned off the television and jumped up, grinning when you saw Dean standing at the door. He too was bundled to withstand an evening in the cold.

“Ready to go?”

You nodded emphatically, grabbing your keys and locking the door behind you. You climbed into the cab of Dean’s truck and when he got in and started the ignition, you wasted no time in grabbing his face and planting your lips against his.

“Whoa,” Dean breathed when you finally broke away. “What was that for?”

“Sorry,” you blushed. “I’m just really excited about spending tonight with you. I don’t know … it’s just a bonfire, I know, but I’m meeting your brother and that’s kind of a big deal. Not that it was a big deal when you met my brother, but that was –”

Dean’s mouth interrupted your rambling. “It’s okay, pretty girl. I get it. Now come on. Let’s get going before we stay here all night making out.”

While that didn’t sound like such a terrible prospect to you, you scooted back over to the far passenger side and buckled your seatbelt.


When you and Dean arrived at Sam and Jess’s place, you were in awe. Their house had been custom built in the country. It sat on a lot of 30 acres, with a beautiful lake just over the fence of their land.

“This is amazing,” you breathed. “Living out here must be a dream.”

“Sam’s a lawyer and Jess is a big-time business woman,” Dean explained. “They put a pretty penny into this land.”

You looked over when heard a note of – was it sadness, in his voice? You thought about your reaction to the house and the land, about how much money Sam and Jess probably made, and mentally compared that with how much Dean probably made. Sidling up to him, lacing your fingers through his, you leaned on his shoulder.

“The better dream is having a smaller, cozy place to come home to every night, with family to fill every room,” you decided out loud.

Dean looked over at you with a knowing smile. “So if I could never give you all of this, you’d still want me?”

“If all you could give me was a cardboard box under a bridge, I’d still want you.”

Dean chuckled and pulled you to the front door. Jess answered with a happy smile, holding the door open while the two of you walked through.

“Dean, hey!” she greeted warmly, hugging her brother-in-law. Her next hug was offered to you. “And you must be Y/N. It’s really great to finally meet you in person!”

“In person?” Dean repeated.

You felt your cheeks heat as you gave him a mischievous smile. “Somebody had to help me with gift ideas for you.”

Dean just shook his head. “Very sneaky, ladies.”

Jess showed you to the kitchen where a few other people were sitting at the bar. “The fire is about ready to go, we’re just waiting for a couple more to show up before we head out. Y/N, this is …”

She introduced you to the few others that were there – her brother Jeremy and his wife Caitlin, and some friends from college who had also settled in the area. You weren’t sure you’d remember everyone, but there was time to review. Before too long, a tall man with longer hair came in through the back slider. From the way Jess lit up when she saw him, you figured that must be Sam.

“Sam, this is Dean’s friend, Y/N,” Jess introduced. You appreciated that she didn’t dawdle around awkward labels.

“I think friend is a bit of an understatement,” Sam teased. He shook hands with you then shrugged and pulled you in for a hug. “If you’re half into my brother as he is into you, we’re practically family already.”

“No pressure,” you joked back.

Sam chuckled. “Well, I think the fire’s ready, if everyone wants to head out. We have a couple more friends getting ready to head this way, but they can find the way out back.”

You pitched in with everyone to carry out the food and drinks. Dean was carrying a heavy cooler, and found his way next to you.

“Warm enough?” he asked.

You nodded. “I’m sure once I get a beer or two in me, I’ll be even more warm. Thanks for inviting me to this, Dean. I think it’s going to be fun.”

“I think so, too,” he agreed with a smile. “And I’m glad you’re here.”

You smiled back at him, then continued making small talk until everyone got to the bonfire. It was definitely warmer around it; you and Dean set down what you’d been carrying on the tables that Jess and Sam had set out earlier. You found a hay bale to share, where you waited patiently while Dean got you a cup of hot chocolate with a small candy cane for flavor, before adding marshmallows to his own hot chocolate. He handed yours over before taking a seat close to you, with an arm around your waist.

The chatter was some small talk, a few stories, and lots of laughs. You were getting along well with everyone there, even exchanging numbers with a few people. There was talk of future double dates and group dates, or outing with just the girls while the guys did … whatever guys did when the women were away.

“Don’t you usually have a little Christmas tree out here, Jess?” her sister-in-law asked.

“Oh, yeah! I knew I was forgetting something. Sam, do you mind going to get it?”

“I’ll go with you,” Jess’s brother offered.

The two men stalked off for the house; Jess cringed when she thought about all the things they’d have to move to get out that little tree.

“We just got some boxes from Mary’s house, so we were re-arranging storage and it didn’t get finished,” Jess informed the group.

“I wonder why,” Dean teased, wiggling his eyebrows. Poor Jess turned bright red; you elbowed him.

“You’re such a brother,” you laughed, thinking your own brothers were likely to make a comment like that.

Dean responded by reaching down for a handful of snow and dropping it down your back. You squealed and jumped up, running away from the fire for a good amount of snow, which you packed into a tight ball. You were aiming right for Dean when he pulled his phone out and held up a hand to stop you. Normally, you would have thrown it anyway, but the frown on his face made you drop the snowball.

“Yeah, okay, we’ll be right there,” Dean finally said. “Jeremy slipped going up the steps from the basement and fell all the way back down.”

Dean didn’t have to say anything else for you to turn and high-tail it back to the house. You heard Dean trying to slow Jess and Caitlin down, so you tried to run faster, wanting to get there and assess the situation before the girls showed up.

“Sam?” you called, realizing once you were in the house that you had no idea where the basement was.

“To your left, by the front door!”

There was an open door down a short hallway just a few feet from the front door. You turned on the light switch and carefully made your way down the stairs. Jeremy was on his back at the bottom of the steps, not moving.

“Is he awake, Sam?” you asked, going to Jeremy’s side and placing your hand gently on his forehead.

Sam nodded. “He’s in and out. I heard him fall from behind me and turned just in time to see his head bounce off the cement. Think he may have hit the bannister on the way down, too.”

“All right.” You cleared your throat. “Jeremy, it’s Y/N. Open your eyes if you can hear me.”

Slowly but surely, he opened his eyes. “I fell.”

“I know,” you replied. “That’s my hand on your forehead. You hit your head and who knows what else on the way down, so I want you to try not to move unless I tell you too – and under no circumstances should you move your head or your neck, okay?”

“I can’t feel my feet,” he slurred out.

You and Sam exchanged a glance. “Jess and Caitlin were on their way in. See if you can keep them occupied, and call 911. How far up was he when he fell?”

“All but the top couple of steps.”

“All right. Send Dean in here to help me, would you?”

Sam nodded and went up the stairs two at a time. You could hear frantic voices upstairs, but Sam seemed to be doing a good job of keeping the women up there for time being.

“Y/N?” Dean called down just a few moments later.

“Come on down, Dean. I need your help.”

When Dean arrived, you told him where to sit and how to carefully hold Jeremy’s head to remind the injured not to move that part of his body.

“Sam’s calling 911,” Dean informed you.


While you waited for the ambulance to arrive, you started assessing Jeremy’s possible injuries. It was almost second nature to you; you didn’t think twice about waiting for the paramedics on duty. You just did what you’d been trained to do.

By the time the ambulance arrived, you were able to tell them what had happened, about the open wound on the side of Jeremy’s head, and that once his feet had warmed up and his shoes were off, he had been able to tell you without looking which toe you were touching. Even so, he still claimed to have no feeling in his feet.

“Probably something with the head injury,” one of the other paramedics assured. “We’ll get him to the trauma center and they’ll take care of him.”

Caitlin went with Jeremy in the ambulance, riding up front on the way to the hospital. Jess insisted on going, so Sam got ready to drive her over, which pretty much put an end to the evening. Sam made apologies, but everyone agreed they weren’t necessary.

You and Dean were silent as he drove you back over to his place. You didn’t mind him going to the hospital, too, but he declined.

“There’ll be enough people there, and I’m not really close family,” Dean reminded you as he opened the door to his house. “How about we watch a movie and I’ll cook up the frozen pizza I’ve been saving for whenever you need a night off from me?”

You laughed. “I don’t see a night like that in the near or far future. Pizza and a movie sounds great.”

You sipped on a soda in the kitchen while Dean heated the oven then put the pizza in. He was telling you about the last Christmas with his dad, and you were completely entranced. Hearing Dean talk about John always found the softest spot in your heart.

You let Dean pick out the movie, assuring him you’d been quite spoiled over the last couple of weeks. When he chose My Cousin Vinny, you were just as excited as if he’d picked another Christmas movie.

“One of my favorites,” you told him, settling down with your pizza and soda.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Dean sent you a wink, then settled in next to you.

The movie was over, sodas and pizza finished, and you and Dean were cuddled next to each other under a blanket on the couch. He turned off the television, leaving the room nearly dark, except for the light coming from the multi-colored bulbs on the Christmas tree.

“Did you hear from Sam yet?” you inquired.

“They found a bleed in another part of Jeremy’s brain,” Dean said, reading a text message from Sam. “It’s bad enough that they’ve already taken him into surgery. They’re not sure about his claims to not feel his feet, but they’re hoping it confusion from the fall.”

You shivered. “Poor Jess. Poor Caitlin.”

“Speaking of that,” Dean said, kissing you softly on the lips. “You were amazing tonight, Y/N. You didn’t panic for even a second. It was amazing to watch how quickly but effectively you checked Jeremy out and you knew exactly what to tell the guys who showed up.”

You smiled shyly. “It’s what I do for a living, remember? Nothing that spectacular.”

“It was to me,” Dean said, kissing you again. “Which, I think, earns you one of your Christmas presents tonight.”

“Dean, you don’t have to …”

You’d planned to exchange gifts at his mother’s house, or after at either your house or his, but Dean seemed determined. He plucked a box from under the tree and set it in your lap, taking the spot next to you on the couch.

“Merry Christmas, pretty girl.”

You kissed his cheek. “Merry Christmas, Dean.”

“Come on,” he prodded. “Open it! It’s kind of cheesy, but hopefully you’ll like it …”

You took a deep breath and tore into the wrapping paper. You lifted up the top panel on the cardboard box inside, your eyes instantly growing in awe. When you pulled out the pretty snow globe and got a good look at the scene inside, you couldn’t stop the grin on your face.

The porcelain couple inside the globe – the guy dressed in a garage shirt with grease smudges on his face, and the girl with a braid in her hair and her jeans messily tucked into untied tactical boots – were embraced in a sweet kiss as the small snow particles fell around them. Whoever made the snow globe had attached a small mistletoe to the top of the globe, and put a red rose in the guy’s hand.

“I know it wasn’t our first kiss or anything, but this was one of my favorite memories of us – so far,” Dean smiled. “A guy at the shop, his wife does stuff like this. I’d already been thinking of getting you the globe, but after that kiss in your driveway – like I said, I know it’s cheesy.”

You hugged the snow globe close to your heart and smiled big. “It’s perfect. Thank you, Dean.”

After a not-so-brief kiss, Dean took the globe from you. “There’s one more thing.”

He twisted the little knob on the bottom of the snow globe, and you both waited in suspense for a few seconds before the opening chords of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” began.

“My favorite,” you sighed, leaning your head against him. “This is amazing, Sparky. Really amazing.”

A few hours later, when you and Dean were finally able to tear away from the other’s embrace, he dropped you off at home. Once you were inside and the door was locked, you wasted no time in setting the globe on the nightstand next to your side of the bed.

Date #12

On This Lovely Sunday Night, Can We Kick Up Our Feet and Talk About...

The Fifth Time It Happened?

Hey! This is part 5/? of the story of how Captain Killian-can’t-get-enough-of-his-daughter Jones can’t stop waking up in the middle of the night because he’s just too stinkin in love with his little girl. Leia is still 3 months old. Warning: this part is nothing but hilariousness. ;) 

If you missed the other 4 times it happened:


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Enjoy way-too-ambitious Killian, shipmates ;) 


The fifth time it happens, Emma beats Killian to the punch. This time, it’s Killian who rolls over to find the other half of the bed vacant. He sits up, rubbing his eyes before swinging his legs to the floor. He assumes Emma is feeding Leia and just didn’t wake him up, but when he nears Leia’s room he finds that he can hear Emma talking. He pauses for a second, eavesdropping.

“How come you’re not sleepy, little love? Is the world just too exciting for you to miss out? Or do you just like hanging out with Mumma? Mumma loves you so much, sweet girl. Yes, Mumma does.”

Killian smiles to himself, and eagerly rounds the corner into the room, eyes easily finding the rocking chair. What surprises him, is that he finds it empty. At first he is terribly confused, until his gaze lands on Leia’s crib, and he discovers that tonight it has two occupants.

The room is fairly dark, but Killian can vaguely make out Emma’s small frame, curled up next to Leia. She’s using one arm as a pillow and the other is wrapped around Leia, and he watches for a second as her fingers rub circles over the baby’s tummy. He stands in the doorway for a beat longer watching his two loves before quietly padding over to the crib himself.

“What’s going on in here?” he asks playfully, leaning against the edge of the crib and peering down into it. Emma turns her head, looking up at him with one of her signature tight-lipped smiles. “Is Mummy snuggling with you, little lass? Oh my goodness. You’re such a lucky girl, princess Leia.”

Emma does a theatrical gasp, nudging Leia so that she turns her head toward Killian. “Uh-oh. Who’s that, Leiabear? I think your Daddy is spying on us, duckling.”

Both parents chuckle as Leia’s arms and legs start flailing, a huge smile spreading across her face when she realizes her father has arrived. Emma shakes her head. Such a daddy’s girl. Killian mirrors her smile and lowers his hand to stroke her cheek with his knuckle. Leia immediately grabs hold of his fingers, her bright green eyes staring up at him in happy wonderment. It melts him.

“Did she nurse, love? Was everything alright?” he asks Emma, who has begun to run her fingers over Leia’s velvety dark hair.

“Mhm. She finished about 10 minutes ago. And now clearly has no interest in sleeping.”

“Why didn’t you wake me, darling?” he asks curiously, flipping his gaze from Leia to Emma. He can’t get enough of how beautiful she looks, sleepy and happy and motherly and tender. Her golden hair is sprawled over her arm, and it seems to span the whole length of the crib. Her cheeks are flushed a rosy pink and her eyes sparkle, just like Leia’s.

“Because you were up with her all night last night, babe,” she reminds him, recalling with pleasure how he’d catered to all of Leia’s needs so that she could get a decent night’s sleep. “You’re not a machine, Killian. You need sleep, too.”

He absorbs her words, appreciating them. Despite the fact that his life is nothing short of perfect, it can’t be denied that he is indeed in need of sleep. “Aye. I just bristle at the thought of missing out on these precious little moments. There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more than this,” he explains, gesturing toward the two of them.  

Emma smiles, secretly amused by the tiny hint of jealously in his tone. “Yeah, well. Sometimes we just need some time for girl talk, don’t we Leia?”

Leia gurgles, and they both laugh. The baby’s eyes are still absolutely stuck on Killian, and Emma can’t help but notice.

“Look at her looking at you,” she says, propping herself up on her elbow, “You love that Daddy, don’t you, duckling? Yes, Mumma knows you do. But don’t you worry. He loves you right back.”

“That’s quite right, I do,” he coos, running his thumb over his daughter’s petite little lips, “Can I hold you, for a moment? Or does mean Mummy say no?”

Emma sighs, rolling her eyes. “Mean Mummy says it’s okay,” she says, undraping her arm from over Leia. “You’re both lucky that you’re cute.”

Killian chuckles with gleeful triumph as he leans down to expertly pick up his little girl. “She thinks we’re cute, little bird!” he tells Leia, hauling her up so that he can give her little kisses all over her face. The baby giggles infectiously, wriggling in her father’s grip. Killian begins to sway with her, looking at her in that special way, as though there isn’t anyone else in the world but her.

Emma takes that as her cue to shut her eyes. She doesn’t let herself fully fall asleep, just lets herself relax against the mattress, floating in that hazy place between consciousness and unconsciousness. After a few minutes though, Killian speaks to her, and man does he yank her back into consciousness.

“So, Emma. Darling. My love. My lovely, stunning wife…Are you ready yet to have another?”

Emma’s eyes fly open and her face contorts into the most incredulous expression. “Are you on crack?

“I beg your pardon? What the bloody hell is crack?”

“Oh my god, Killian,” Emma has her palm against her face, and she’s on the brink of hysterical laughter. “Leia, tell Daddy he’s gone mad.”

“But the other day you said you wanted more children,” he whines, and Emma groans, throwing her index finger high into the air.

“One. One more. One,” she clarifies, wiggling the finger indignantly. “And I need minimum three years.”


“Killian, that one just got here! How do you already want another one?”

“I just love this one so much,” he argues, kissing Leia’s forehead, “I can’t wait to love another. And besides, Swan. It’s devilishly cute, this little thing that we made.”

She can’t exactly disagree. “Yes, but my stomach is still flubbery and wrinkly and gross from baking that cute little thing for you,” she stresses. “I got a nice 15 year break between the last two. The oven is not ready for round three.”

Killian peers down at her, his face suddenly so serious. “Your stomach is not flubbery,” he insists, holding Leia with his left arm so that he can reach down with his right to stroke Emma’s stomach, “It’s wonderful. You are a marvel, Mummy. You’re stunning. You’ve the second most beautiful belly in all the realms.”

Emma swats his hand away, but threads her fingers through his. She can’t contain her laughter. “Man, Leia. Thanks to you, I always land in second place these days.”

Killian laughs along with her, before his serious gaze returns and he squeezes her hand. “But in all seriousness, my love,” he says, rubbing her knuckles with his thumb, “I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of how expertly you carried her for us. You were amazing. I only wish I could’ve done more to help you, or done more to ease your pain there at the end,” he tells her sincerely, shuddering from the memory of Emma’s bloodcurdling screams of pain as she valiantly brought Leia into the world.

Emma smiles sheepishly, tilting her head up at him. Her pirate. Always so sweet.

“You did everything you possibly could’ve,” she assures him. “I definitely couldn’t’ve done it without you beside me. Thanks for sticking around.”

His eyes widen a little. “You never honestly thought I might leave you, did you?”

No no no,” she clarifies, and he exhales in relief. “Still. Just because I knew you wouldn’t leave doesn’t mean I can’t thank you for staying.”

He beams at her, tightening his hold on their daughter before leaning toward her. She scrambles onto her knees so she can easily reach his approaching lips. She nestles her fingers in his hair as they kiss, an age-old habit of hers. He moves his hand to cup her cheek, using one finger to tickle her earlobe.

I’ll tell you what,” she whispers against his lips as they come up for air, “If you can find it in your heart to put your littlest love back in here, maybe we can go back to bed, and practice making duckling number two.”

Killian pulls back further from her, his gaze suddenly lustful and teasing as he turns to the side so Emma can see where Leia is leaning against his shoulder.

Emma’s expression turns to surprise when she sees Leia’s face, rolling her eyes as Killian gloats. “Well, since duckling number one has, as usual, fallen right to sleep in her Daddy’s arms, I see no reason not to let her snooze while we….practice.

Emma sticks her tongue out at him as she climbs out of the crib. “Well then, put down your little daddy’s girl,” she says, and he can sense the tiniest hint of annoyance in her tone. (She’s just jealous because he’s always the one who gets Leia to sleep effortlessly.) “After all, practice makes perfect.”

They each kiss one of Leia’s cheeks before Killian sets her down. “You aren’t wrong, Swan,” he says quietly, picking her up bridal style before pausing so they can stare into the crib one final time. “But I do believe we already made perfect.”

And that was the fifth time. 


*Erik Imagine* there’s so much erik on my dash


Erik Durm was a simple-minded, feelings closed off, football player who only seems to want to love football. Well that’s how it was six years ago when Casey was dating him, and so that’s how she assumed he was now. A 22 year-old, world football champion, who wanted more.

But as they were growing up, and she passed the ball with him for countless hours, let him make moves around her for days, put moves on her for weeks, she knew that he probably wanted something more substantial now. His dream when they were going out was to get on the national team (check) and win the world cup (check). He never talked about after that, he never told her what he wanted after that, and it was probably because they were young and so not going to make it to 2014 after a world cup win.

But things were just not how they seemed to be, first she get’s a letter from him, with tickets to the national game near her family home, (and GOD knows how he got her address, was it her mother, was it his mother). Then there was the letters with tickets to Borussia games, when she was a clear Shalke fan since her birth, she practically screamed when she heard her longest and serious relationship ex was playing for her RIVAL team (and it’s not like she still had feelings for him).

(but she did)

(she wasn’t saying that out loud though)

Then, a few days before the game derby she had been saving money for, she got a big surprise. “It is not our policy Mr. Durm, to give away tenant numbers,” she hear her usual surly receptionist say to tall, blonde, skinny boy. Erik Durm.

“But like, it’s not like you’re telling me where she’s living-”

“I’ve told you many times Sir, we don’t tell strangers-”

“I’m not a stranger though!”

“Erik,” Casey hissed from a few feet away. Erik stood up straighter at the mention of his name, his eyes catching Casey’s almost immediately.

“Casey,” he whispered.

She stood up straighter, and walked forward to grab Erik’s arm pulling him away from the agitated Mr. Sumpt. “What are you doing here?” she asked quietly.

“Well, you never responded to my letters and I never saw you at the games so I thought that I would take the next step and come see you-”

“Shouldn’t the next step be calling me or something?” She gripped his arm tighter, seeing a group of girls walk by and towards the elevator. She dropped it though when remembering that they weren’t an item anymore.

Erik eyed the hand she had just dropped, he didn’t have a disease or anything, nothing was wrong with it. “Um…” He looked back to Casey, “I’m sorry, I should have told you about Marco and what he’s been doing it’s just that but I’ve been procrastinating and the game is Saturday so I just-”

“The Derby is Saturday? Yeah I know that, I was going to go and… God Erik you’re not giving me tickets to this game to because I can’t except those either.” Another group of loud girls came in through the doors and Erik whipped his head around, his eyes caught on to the stairs sign and he pulled Casey there. “Where are we even going Erik? You don’t know what floor I’m on-”

“Third floor room three-o-five.” Casey’s eyebrows shot together. “I asked your mother Case.”

“But like… she’s… I just…” Erik was still pulling her pretty forcefully as they reached the second floor when she pulled herself out of his grasp. “You don’t have a key right?” she asked because she would be pretty pissed if her mother gave her ex boyfriend the key to her apartment. Erik started up the steps again, and Casey followed by two steps before she stopped. “Wait, what has Marco been doing?”

She knew her Marco Reus was, no doubt about that. “Can we talk about this in your apartment?” Casey was still though, so Erik rushed down the steps and pulled her up them, through the door, and to her apartment door. He then grabbed the keys that were in her hand when she walked in to the apartment building and opened her door.

“What has Marco been doing Erik?” Casey repeated after Erik shut the door.

“Look, one day we were talking about ex’s we had when we were teenagers and I brought you up because you are one and the boys wanted pictures and like it was a whole big ordeal about how fucked up the relationship but I mean…”

“It was my idea to end it ‘because of you going to be eventually on the national team and I didn’t want to hold you back. You would join a club who knows where and I was going to London for two years and we would be apart so who knows where we were going.’ Yes Erik I am well aware of the half ass reasons I gave you. What does this have to do with Marco?” It was weird to her to refer to Marco Reus as if she knew him, when all she knew was Erik and they hadn’t talked almost a year. (Christmas Parties were blurs for everyone except Casey Haltman)

“He said that he’s interested,” Erik muttered. Casey fell to the back of her couch. Marco Reus wasn’t interested in her, she didn’t believe it. “Except he’s not really like…” Casey looked up, Erik was in front of her now. “It’s sorta like a challenge like…”

“What?” she asked her voice up an octave.

“I wanted to go out with you really, and I was talking about you to him and he doesn’t think we can get back together and I was just thinking that since your back in Dortmund and there was the game I was just thinking…”

“No Erik,” Casey started, standing up and looking Erik in the eye, “I think you weren’t thinking straight. Erik were not… Erik we can’t…” Casey blushed and looked away from Erik.

“Why not Case?” he grabbed her hands in his and tried to make her look at him. “The reasons when we were younger don’t matter anymore we can get over those, Casey come on.” He had such a big smile on his face, so hopeful. “We can work.”

“Erik,” Casey started slowly, “new things come up. It doesn’t matter that we’ve matured and that the problems from four-five years ago might not matter, but really Erik, other things Erik.”

“Casey, please.” Casey took a deep breath.

“Erik,” she breathed.


“I’m sorry miss, you can’t come back here,” one of the security guards told Casey as she walked through the halls.

She hated Erik, he told her to meet her somewhere, but then since she tried to not go in this arena she didn’t know her way around. “No I’m looking for someone.”

“I need you to come with me.” He grabbed her forearm tightly and began to pull her away from the way she was going.

“Casey?” she heard Erik call. “Casey!” Casey pulled out of the security guard’s grip. “That’s a Schalke shirt,” Erik said when he walked right up to her.

“I’m here you ass.” Erik laughed, pulling her into his chest.

“Nein Case, I don’t like it. Here,” he pulled off his sweaty jersey, and gave it to her. “Authentic.” He smirked at her.

“Is it signed?” she asked with a smile.

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Good Taste in Men

Adrian picked up the police station phone, his arm shaking from just how enraged he was. This was certainly not the first time he’d ended up here, in this same exact spot, feet glued to the ground as he did his best not to scream profanities into the air. Usually, though, he could understand why he deserved to be there. Right now? All sense of logic had left him, replaced by a burning anger that he couldn’t even pretend to have under control. He hardly waited for the other to pick up, forgetting that it was a different number than Aurora would be used to, before he started talking, “I need you to come pick me up from the police station.” He waited half a beat, before adding, “Fucking Tate Gentry.”  @auroraminett