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It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Amelie Dietrich loves the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” so much, she had a “Hamilton”-themed birthday party. The 12-year-old from Wickcliffe wrote creator Lin-Manuel Miranda a letter, telling him his work helped her get through middle school.

Miranda wrote back.

“I was super excited and basically in shock,” Amelie said. “He’s a really busy person.”

She spent a couple days writing her letter, prompted by the news that Miranda was leaving the show.

She talked about what the musical meant to her, why she idolized Miranda and how much she appreciated the message the musical sends. She accompanied her letter with pictures of her birthday party, including the cake with “A.Ham” underneath a star.

Amelie, part of Cleveland’s Singing Angels, said that her dream is to be on Broadway, and Miranda is a role model for her.

“(The show is) hip hop and rap and show tunes all combined,” she said. “Anybody from any race and background can connect with it … It’s amazing. I can just escape from the real world into that world.”

Elise said her daughter was overjoyed at the response, and that “Hamilton” teaches children about history in a way that lets them feel a lot more connected to being American and see the founding fathers as more relatable.

She added Miranda seems like a “joyful” person, talking about a story the family had seen about how he had received a cartoon from “Garfield” creator Jim Davis and how much that excited him.

“He’s somebody who puts a lot of love out into the world,” she said. “I think he knows how much something like that can affect a kid.”

“Hamilton” is coming to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square as part of the 2017-18 KeyBank Broadway Series. (x)

Here’s some happy news from Cleveland for you

(eta: yeah it is normal for him to answer fanmail, this is just so sweet and i need it right now. also. he answers his fanmail. responds personally. to all of it, afa i can tell. how amazing is that.)

  • me reading chapter 82 of re:.............omg intense but
  • me reading chapter 82 of re:what about suzuya?
  • me reading chapter 83 of re:the washuus... arima-san... o_o
  • me reading chapter 83 of re:um, but what about suzuya?
  • me reading chapter 84 of re:damn everything is heating up
  • me reading chapter 84 of re:..........ok, but... what about suzuya????
  • me reading chapter 85 of re:arima-san... he planned it all along...
  • me reading chapter 85 of re:..........suzuya???????
  • me reading chapter 86 of re:that's one hell of a shoe-drop right there.
  • me reading chapter 86 of re:would it KILL YOU to give us ONE PANEL of suzuya i mean...

I just had a funny thought

UT Sans, Swap Paps, and Fell Sans all sleeping together


I can’t get the picture of three lazy skeles napping in the middle of the room while their bros are annoyed out of my head

Bonus points if Fell Sans snores like a kitten and the other two sound like they’re sawing logs xDDD