here have this thing made with my tears

So awhile ago, I received a message from someone who I had seen often in my notes, asking if they could send me some stuff just as a thank you for everything I do for this blog.

I was…shocked, to say the least. It was so incredibly sweet!! I was honestly speechless, as I never EVER foresaw things like this happening to me when I made my first post here and started this thing. Well today I received a package and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. I wish I had the words to describe my feelings! Thank you @etherealbatwing for making my entire day, my entire month! I’m 1000000% in love with these prints, the key chain, and OF COURSE THE HBC~!

I love this fandom, and I’ve met and talked to so many delightful people thanks to Cheritz and MM. Etherealbatwing, you are obviously one of them. I’m so happy to have you as a friend now, you are so kind and funny and a great friend to fangirl with over these damn characters we love too much lolol! Although I in no way, shape or form expect this shit ever, damn do I appreciate the hell out of it. Anyway, back to staring at this stuff hahaha I have to pick up some more frames now! 😘😍

Dear Stelena,

there is something I have been trying to tell you for some years now, so here it goes - none of this is your fault

I remember the good old days when your show was good. Tolerable. Watchable. Back when storylines made sense, when scenes moved me to tears, when I had to cover my face with a pillow because I could not handle how absolutely adorable you are, when writing was so good, inspiring and motivating it made me want to write too. After you left us, things started going downhill. I started scoffing at the storylines, plot holes multiplied in number, nothing made me wonder, nothing made me smile, nothing made me cry, and everything made me angry - until, finally, your show became too unbearable for me to watch, so I stopped. Which is when I realized, your show was never flawless, it was you who made it flawless.  

I remember the day I was finally pressured into watching your show - it was the day I fell in love with you. The show already had two seasons, but I knew nothing of your relationship, I was absolutely spoiler free. But I loved the way you felt, and moved, and looked, and smiled, and talked. I was told you are not a very popular ship, that you have some pretty heavy competition, and to this day I have zero idea why since none of your competitors are worthy enough to compete with you. It took me only 10 episodes to love you, and 14 to know I’m never going to stop loving you, and there were twice as many episodes that made me regret that decision - with you, I have learned what love is, but with you I have also learned what pain is, both good and bad kind. Despite it, I do not regret loving you, supporting you, standing up for you, because you were a ship that made me happy, and safe, and satisfied for as long as they allowed you.

I am not going to tell you how absolutely wonderful you are, because you already know that. I am not going to tell you have good you are, how right you are, or what a better choice you are - I already said that in numerous posts prior to this one, and it makes no sense to point it out anymore since it has become obvious that no one is listening. This is for your ears only. For years, I had to defend you against numerous attacks on various subjects, and I was more than glad to do so. People would describe you as safe, like it is a bad thing, and they would label you boring, cliche, they would say you are only meant to be remembered as a first love, and that your love story always felt more like a friendship. But I assure you, as someone who remembers every kiss, every hug, every word you said to each other, every look you shared, as someone who has your smiling faces embedded in their mind, I assure you were so much more than that. You were the future. You were always gentle, and kind, and challenging in all the right ways. There were so many bumps on your path, but that never made you bitter, or angry, or harmful. People would say that you are too real, too everyday, too real-life scenario, and that you do not belong in a fictional show. Relationship like yours should be everyday, and they should be real, and they should be a norm, but they happen so rarely. And that is why, even after you left us, I kept watching, hoping for your return.

You never did come back, and it took you a long time to actually and completely disappear from your show. I remember the day you left us. I knew it was going to happen, but I never knew it was going to happen in such an ugly way. I never knew that they are going to tear down everything that took them years to build. I never knew that they are going to replace you with something so ugly and rotten. How could have I? They didn’t only take you away, they took your characters away as well, and they kept taking them bit by bit until the only thing left of you to love was a memory. I keep calling it your show, because it was. You did not own it, it was not only about you, yet you fit into it so nicely that you made it yours, that every time I would hear its name, I would think of you. And now, when I see what a mess it is, I am kinda glad you are not a part of it anymore, yet I can’t help but wonder if they allowed you to stay, would it even ever turn into a mess it is?

So, here it goes - it was not your fault. They made you too perfect, too strong, so when they decided that they do not want you anymore, the only thing left for them to do was destroy you. Set you on fire and leave you to slowly burn. They made you to last forever. And in a way, you will, because they never really gave you a proper ending. You will always remain an unfinished sentence.

This is my way of saying goodbye. You deserve a soft epilogue, my loves, you have suffered enough. 

7000? D’aww Jeez Guys, Thanks

WHELP, WE JUST PASSED 7000 FOLLOWERS. To the -thousands- of you that decided to follow along in the past month or so: Uh… Hi. Wow. Uh. Yeah. Thanks.

To the hundreds of you that have submitted quotes: You’ve made us legitimately giggle and laugh our asses off at quotes we’ve published, and more we haven’t put out yet. Keep em’ coming, they’re amazing and you’re amazing.

To those of you who have stuck around, shown your friends,  reblogged things, or shown us some love in comments or likes: We’re completely blown away.
(Deron here: I’m the one that made the blog before forcing my friends to help with quotes and join my weirdness. I’ve legit teared up a bit at some of the nice things that have been said by people who have found the blog and I totes keep a folder on my computer with screenshots of every single nice comment, reblog, or chat message we’ve -ever- gotten. It gives me many warm fuzzy feels)

Is 7000 followers a huge famous internet blog? Nah
Is it enough for us to decide to make a massive company to rival Buzzfeed, Vlogbrothers, Roosterteeth, and all the other awesome companies we love following?
Fuck yeah it is.
Are we probably gonna fail and fall flat on our faces? 
Fucking. Bring. It. On.

More to come in the near future. Y’all are amazing, and we fuckin’ love every single one of you.

Our Long Distance Love

Though I may cry and though I may weep;
I know you may be far but in my heart I shall keep.

Thoughts of you have made my days bright;
I wish to kiss your lips and hold you tight.

I know, at times, I can be hard to understand;
With all of the wonderful things I know is at hand..

Why should I let tears fall from my face?
Why not a smile to wear in their place?

Because I need you here and in my arms;
Because I know in your love, I shall never no harm.

Because as I lie in bed these countless nights;
I wish and I pray that I could take flight.

Over the miles that come between;
Over the fields and across every stream.

That I could rest soundly within your space;
Gaze into your eyes and caress your face.

Whisper my love into your ear;
Tell you all of the words I’ve wanted you to hear.

But then I awake, alone in my bed;
Thoughts, all of you, running through my head.

I know that someday my dreams will come true;
I wish and I pray that “someday” will be soon.

You are my one and only, love
This is the one thing I couldn’t be more sure of.

I’ve waited my entire life for you;
What’s a little more time, for something so true?

But I cannot promise that I never shall cry;
On those nights, to you, that I wish I could fly.

I’m just sat here tagging my posts with things like #RobronWedding and #Husbands and it hit me, this actually happened, Robert Jacob Sugden and Aaron Dingle got MARRIED!! For intense and purpose they are husbands. Look how far we’ve come, from a secluded layby by the side of the road to kissing in front of the whole pub while dancing! Dancing!! It’s still sinking in, but the tears have finally dried and I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you, if you’ve liked a post I’ve made about the boys, if you’ve reblogged something, if you’ve read one of my fics, if I talk to you, if I don’t, all of you, I love all of my Robronites and none of it would have been possible with those two idiots, who have gone from lovers, boyfriends, fiances, and now husbands! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite lydia moments?

okay so for funsies i went on a little lydia moment search spree and i wish i could say i didn’t shed tears thinking about her development and how much i love her. but here’s my top 5 (in no particular order, bc impossible)

  • “I don’t want to be with the bad guys” this was such a huge moment in lydia’s journey. she made the decision for herself to say no to a situation she thought was bad for her, and just bad in general, which is something she wouldn’t have done pre-pack.
  • “not all monsters do monstrous things” listen, lydia and scott admiring and trusting and believing in each other is my favorite thing on this planet, and this is also such a big moment for her because she herself is a “monster” and i just-
  • “someone tried to strangle me and i survived. i don’t need to hide that.” ANOTHER! HUGE! MOMENT! lydia martin is proud of her battle wounds. she’s a warrior and she doesn’t care who knows.
  • “i don’t have claws, or glowing eyes, or super senses. i just have voices in my head.” this whole scene was truly just..a lot. it was lydia admitting her frustration with her powers to herself and it also shows how badly she wants to help and be useful and i just- x2
  • “Stiles is real. I know it.” and basically the entirety of 6a where she never fucking budged about Stiles’ existence, not only was that a confirmation of how deeply her love for him goes, but it just shows how confident she’s grown in her abilities and intuitions i’m so proud of my baby.
  • honorable mentions: all the times lydia’s shown how much of a genius she is. all of ‘em.
Things I really want to say in interviews
  • Interviewer: Have you taken a look at our website? What really attracted you to this position and made you want to work here?
  • Me: Well, you see I noticed in my in depth research into your website that it actually said you were hiring and this was particularly interesting to me. I mean, that line that had the job description listing things I know how to do? It really spoke to me, and I mean on a deeply personal level. I might've shed a tear.
Mega Prompt Challenge

Note: Honestly this made me want to tear my hair out… but here it is! Let me know what you think! Thankyou to the anon who requested this (slight sarcasm implied :P), and my beta readers, @kaleyana and @dark-angel-deluna


Routine was not something you had when you were a part of the Avengers. Random missions would pop up left right and centre, pulling you away from whatever you were doing and making it hard to plan things ahead, not knowing whether you’d have to be half way around the world or not. However small traditions did seem to arise within the group, such as you, Bucky and Steve always going out to your favourite diner the day before a big mission, getting some last minute time together in case things went spectacularly wrong out on the field.

That was where you were right now, squashed into a cushy booth beside Steve, as Bucky sat spread out on the seat opposite. “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.” You grinned, pinching a few of Bucky’s fries from the red basket he had in front of him. “Hey, hands off, you should have ordered your own if you wanted some.” Bucky pouted, pulling the basket close to his chest. “Don’t be an asshole. Asshole. And give me some of your fries!” You moaned, kicking him in the shin and reaching for the basket, earning you one of Bucky’s signature death glares in return. Poking your tongue out at him, you heard Steve sigh beside you, scrubbing his hands down his face. “How did I get stuck with you two children as my best friends?” He muttered, shaking his head as you elbowed him in the side. “She’s the child.” Bucky mumbled, shoving a handful of fries into his mouth as you glared at him. “Unbelievable.” Steve huffed, shaking his head as the two of you continued to bicker. “Look, a distraction!” You exclaimed, throwing your arm across Steve’s chest and pointing towards the counter. “Not gonna work Y/N.” Bucky smiled cockily, crossing his arms across his chest. “Aww you got me there Buck, nothing gets past you.” You sighed overdramatically, pouting before darting a hand out and swiping the basket of fries. “Absolutely nothing.” You grinned, shoving some fries into your mouth. “She devil.” He mumbled, slumping down into his seat. “Bucky, what did I tell you about calling Y/N a devil?” Steve scolded, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “That it’s offensive to the devil?” Bucky smirked, earning him another kick to the shin.  “I’ll always love you, you know. Even if you are a grade A jackass.” You smiled, sticking your tongue out at him as he rolled his eyes. “Guys, I didn’t come for a fight. Can you two just act your age.” Steve huffed, once again trying to hide his amusement at your bickering. It was just a usual day out with your boys.

Back at the compound, tensions were growing high. Your teammates were all cramming in some last minute training, or checking their weapons and suits. You, however, were holed up in your room in your comfiest pyjamas, surrounded by fluffy blankets and pillows. Most of your friends wanted to be as prepared as possible for what was to come, but you were under the belief that if this was your last night on earth then you wanted to be as comfy as possible. Talking about being as comfy as possible, a metallic knock against the door had your smile widening. “Come on in Assface.” You called out, hearing a groan from the other side of the door as it swung open. “You know you should really be nicer to your bestfriend.” Bucky smirked as he walked in, closing the door behind him. “Yeah, but who says you’re my bestfriend?” You countered, wiggling your eyebrows at Bucky’s faux shocked expression. “And to think… I loved you.” Bucky sighed, hand clutched over his heart as he took a seat next to you in your pile of bedding. Scoffing, you just shoved him in the side before clicking play on the DVD you had set up. “Don’t touch me… You have wounded me with your mean mean words.” He whimpered, causing you to roll your eyes at his overdramatic behaviour. Despite his words, he put up no fuss when you curled up against his side and leant your head on his shoulder. “You worried about tomorrow?” Bucky whispered as the film played in the background. Sighing, you fisted your hands in his t-shirt, “A little bit…” You murmured, turning to face him, “I’d much rather be fighting bad guys made of marshmallow than those HYDRA goons.” You pouted, feeling the chuckle rather than hearing it. “I can arrange that.” Bucky whispered, hand rubbing comforting circles on your back. “Thanks Buck, but I think I’ll be okay.” You smiled, knowing that no matter what you’d have your friends beside you.

“I broke your nose, and I’m sorry for that. But what you were doing wasn’t fair.” You insisted, alaughing as Bucky nudged you in the side. “For the last time, I won fair and square! Just because you suck at Mario kart!” Bucky laughed, walking down the tarmac with you towards the quinjet. Letting out a high pitched scoff, you swatted him on the arm as he burst out laughing. “Use your words.” He chuckled, as you stalked off ahead, tapping Steve on the arm as you entered the quinjet. “Hey doll.” Steve greeted, looking up from his tablet just as Bucky boarded and you landed a punch to his arm. “Ow! You know she’s getting meaner every day!” Bucky winced, rubbing at the spot you’d just punched. “I don’t know where she gets it from.” Steve said with an eyeroll and a shake of his head. “Where were you two anyway?” Steve asked, side eyeing the two of you as you continued to shove each other back and forth. “Genius over here thought he knew a short cut and ended up getting us lost.” You huffed, sticking your tongue out in Bucky’s direction. “Okay… we take off in 10, check your weapons.” Steve murmured, eyes trained on the pad in front of him with a slight furrow in his brow. “Yes sir, Captain sir.” You barked, throwing a mock salute as Steve rolled his eyes and the rest of your team began boarding the jet.

Ducking behind a building, you bent over yourself as you caught your breath. “Guys, this isn’t working, we need another plan and fast.” Natasha’s voice crackled over the comms, her laboured breathing showing just how run off your feet you all were. “How about if we-“ “NO!” You all shouted as Clint started to suggest one of his hair brained schemes. “The last time we listened to you we all ended up covered in sewage, I’d really rather not stink like shit again.” You huffed, pulling your arm back with a knife at the ready as you heard footsteps approaching. “Woah woah woah!” Bucky exclaimed, blocking your knife swing as he rounded the corner. “Jeez Barnes, I coulda stabbed you.” You sighed, sheathing your knife back in your suit. “Please.” Bucky scoffed, leaning back against the wall and checking his ammo. You two always did make good partners, so it was probably best that you stuck together.

Everything was finally starting to go right for you guys. You and Bucky had taken out your fair share of agents from your spot. Natasha, Steve and Clint had managed to breach the building and were currently clearing it out. And Sam and Tony were taking out the perimeter, making way for the SHIELD agents to come in and take control over the HYDRA resources. “Right, building clear, how’s the perimeter looking?” Steve’s voice crackled in your ear, just as you’d jumped down from the shoulders of the last goon that had tried to ambush you up top. “Perimeters clear, should I tell the cavalry to roll in?” Sam’s voice joked, gliding around the building. “Quit showing off Wilson!” Bucky laughed, head tilted up towards the sky as Sam did a fly by. Just as Bucky was distracted shouting obscenities into the sky at a cackling Sam, you heard the light footsteps heading towards you both from Bucky’s side. Ducking out from behind Bucky, you quickly situated yourself between him and the new threat. Intending to take them out with a swift quick, you heard the bang of a gun before you could even take a step towards them. Doubling over in pain, you heard another shot and the sound of the goon’s body hitting the floor. “Y/N, Doll?” Bucky’s voice said frantically, sounding far away as you clutched your hip. “Ow…” You murmured, feeling your legs give out beneath you as Bucky scooped you up. “What the hell were you thinking!” Bucky exclaimed, arms wrapped around your body. “I was trying to protect you.” You mumbled, hissing as you put pressure on the wound. “You’re an idiot do you know that? Take my hand.” Bucky sighed, one hand running through his hair anxiously, as the other gripped your smaller hand in his, “You could have been killed! Do you know how much we all love you… how much I love you?” He babbled, hands tightening around as he spoke. “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” You groaned, pinching his arm to get him to let go. “Oh… right… yeah.” Bucky murmured, quickly ripping off the one arm to his suit and tying it around the wound. “Dork.” You whispered, as he hoisted you into his arms and headed back towards the jet. “Guys, we’re gonna need medical on hand as soon as we get back!” Bucky murmured into the comms, causing panic to spread throughout the group as they got no more details from him. “You have pretty hands.” You mumbled, fingers tapping his hand that was wrapped around you. Closing your eyes, you let the sway of Bucky’s walk lull you into a restless sleep.

“Here’s our resident daredevil!” Tony greeted as you entered the traditional ‘we kicked some serious butt’ party, wearing a loose fitting dress that hit just above your knees. After being rushed to the medical facility upon your arrival back at the compound, you’d had the bullet removed and the wound stitched up. You were as good as new, yet Bucky had been loitering by your side ever since, you’d only managed to get rid of him by getting Steve to drag him away to get ready for the party. “I’m hardly a daredevil Tony. Are you drunk?” You laughed, rolling your eyes at the billionaire. Y/N!” Bucky’s voice suddenly called, making you shake your head at his puppy like nature at the moment. “Hey Buck.” You greeted, wrapping your arm around his waist as he draped his arm over your shoulder. “How you feelin’? In any pain?” He murmured, concern lacing his voice. “You’re so cute. I’m fine Buck. Promise.” You smiled, narrowing your eyes at Tony as he fake gagged. Just as the two of slid into bar stools, your faviroute song began playing. “I know this song.” You smiled, beginning to sway slightly. “I wanna dance.” You pouted, seeing that none of your friends were on the dancefloor. “You can dance with me… if you want!” Bucky murmured, hand rubbing at the back of his neck as he looked at the floor. Smiling, you linked your fingers with his and dragged him into the crowd. Swaying together, you wrapped your arms around his neck and breathed in the smell of his cologne. “Hey Y/N?” He murmured, hands gripping at your waist, fingers brushing lightly over your stitches. “Yeah Buck?” You smiled, looking up to see his grey eyes filled with affection. “I uh… thankyou, for protecting me.” He smiled sheepishly, letting out a breath as you giggled. “Anytime Sarge.” You hummed, resting your head against his chest. “Sing to me.” He whispered against your hair, making you giggle before you began to sing softly along with the music.

Hours later, after the party had long since finished and everyone was asleep, a knock at your door forced you out of the blanket cocoon you had immersed yourself in. Trudging over to the door, you cracked it open to a fidgety looking Bucky. “Hey Buck, what’s up?” You yawned, sleep still heavy in your voice. “I was having a nightmare.” He murmured, hands fiddling with the sleeves of his long shirt. “Come on in.” You smiled sadly, taking his hand and sitting down next to him on the bed. “Do you wanna talk about?” You whispered, rubbing a hand soothingly up and down his back. “Not particularly.” He muttered, laying his forehead against your shoulder as you wrapped him up in your arms. “Why do you even care?” He whispered against your skin, the feeling of his lips brushing against your shoulder giving you goosebumps. “Because you’re my best friend, and the bravest, strongest person I know. Also you’re kinda hot which helps.” You smiled as he chuckled. Looking up from under his eyelashes, his fingers reached up to brush against your cheek. “Buck?” You murmured, noses brushing together as he leaned in. Closing the final bit of distance, your lips met in a sweet kiss. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while.” He murmured against your lips, his hand sliding to the back of your head to pull you in for another kiss. “SO… you think I’m hot?” He joked, causing you to shove him in the side before brushing your lips against his with a smile. “Mhhmm.” You giggled, knowing that it was a start to a whole new stage of your relationship.

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When I open my eyes, all of my tears fall out. I can’t hold them in, the sides of my nostrils burn. Nothing could have prepared me for this kind of pain. It’s like everything meant nothing, it was all my imagination. It didn’t mean a thing because she was never real, she was never here. She was never in my room or in my life. She doesn’t exist. I made her up in my head. That’s what I am going to tell myself, that it was all in my head. I created her, I created that monster and she was never real. I never heard her voice over the phone, I never kissed her cheek, I never really felt her in my hands and she never felt me. It was all a lie. We never ever happened. We were a song that I played in my head, a movie I saw when I closed my eyes… She was never real. I made her up in my head.
—  It was all fake, all of it. She was never real.
There was nothing there, but me, 2017.

[ Continued from here @armed-blue-gunvolt ]

“It’s quite alright. If I’m honest, I wish I hadn’t shown such weakness towards you. I bet I made you think I was just a crybaby, wasn’t I?” Mashu gave a small giggle and tucked her hands behind her back. The air was still and warm, and smelled faintly of lavender. “I promise that this time, no tears will be shed.”

She swayed to and fro, and changed the subject before things got too sad.

“Have you tried my chocolates yet or are you saving them for tomorrow?”

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This here.

This animation have been fed by my tears and blood. Especially the editing part.

But I’m quite happy with it! I’ve got a bit lazy by the end but it’s an overall start! Hopefully I will continue to do things better in the future as this was just a beggining to shake off my frame by frame animating skills from rust and dust while practicing animationg fire elements. Oh, and the snow flakes were made at the very end as a last minute addition, that’s why they look so sketchy and out of place.

A song about Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow!

 I thought that maybe it would be best if it’s just her voice, no complications. This is an idea from after Civil War, when Steve and everyone has gone. Listen on Soundcloud here!

Black Widow:

In a room of red I was unmade 

While other children laughed and played
How can I trust what I have seen?
So much of it has never been.
(In a room of red I was unmade.)

To tear away from their regimes
I’ve spent my life unpicking seams,
Unknowing things I thought I knew,
Unthinking that which wasn’t true.
(I’ve spent my life unpicking seams)

And through my days my comrades here
Have sewn the rips made by that fear.
Torn the web I was tangled in,
And stopped my soul from caving in.
(Torn the web I was tangled in)

Every day I’ve fought to find
A damn good reason to survive.
The ties we had weren’t meant to crack,
My future like my past is black.
(My future like my past is black)

i am a girl of petals
2am tears and text messages
typed with shaking hands
soft and tired and
yet somehow still a thing of wonder
for i am here;
i have made it through the winter

i am a girl of thorns
nails bitten down to the quick and
lashing out with harsh words
breaking and frozen and
yet somehow still beautiful
beads of blood on prying fingertips

i am a girl of roots
sadness hidden deep down away
under smiles and laughs
isolated and untouched and
yet somehow still there
holding together;
what is otherwise apart

—  i am more than any of you know (h.a)
Never Tear Us Apart (1/?)

(A CS Modern AU Fanfic)

SYNOPSIS: Killian Jones is the front man for a band who have not yet made the big time. He is also in love with his good friend ( and the girlfriend of their manager)  the unattainable Emma Swan. When their manager turns out not to be the man they thought, his friendship with Emma is threatened.

RATED:  T for now….

NOTE:This is my first attempt at a modern AU so be kind.  If you need a visual try HERE. This whole “gig with the Enemies” thing certainly helped the muse along, although I started this some time ago. Music references are inspired by my long time love of INXS. And Killian is Irish…because of reasons….

Super Mega Thanks to brooke-to-broch for being my beta and to spartanguard for making me my awesome banner heading thingy. YOu ladies are beyond brilliant.

Chapter 1: Don’t ask me, what you know is true

Killian Jones was having a long hard look at himself. And the view was certainly no better from the bottom of his third shot of rum.

He couldn’t precisely pinpoint the moment when he became a sad romantic comedy cliché, and yet here he was. Drinking alone at the bar, feeling sorry for himself, he was quite sure he had seen this movie before.

It was the one where the guy was hopelessly in love with the girl….who was in love with his old college mate and band manager. Starring him as the sad loser sighing about what was not to be. Destined to be the third wheel forever….

Perhaps that third shot had not been such a good idea. This was an impressive level of wallowing, even for him.

Shaking himself from his misery, he settled his tab and made to leave. It had been a long night. Their set had gone down well with the slightly older crowd in the bar and they played a few extra songs in appreciation, but as sleep had been eluding him quite often lately an early morning finish was not the ideal. 

Not to mention being hard pressed to focus on anyone in the crowd but her. 

She had spent the evening  cuddled up close with Neal in a booth at the side of the stage, their fingers interlaced on the table. Her smile lit up her face as she listened to the set; a big fan of the retro rock he also loved, she sang along and swayed gently, mesmerising him to the point he had forgotten where he was and missed the intro to the next song. 

He was going to have to sort himself out. Pining after the unavailable Emma Swan was getting him nowhere fast. He would go home, sleep it off and work out a new plan for self-preservation in the morning. Because nothing he had tried so far was bloody working.

As he picked up his leather jacket, he felt a hand on his arm. Without looking, he knew it would be her. He could not mistake that scent that was sunshine and flowers and…Emma

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Never Tear Us Apart by @kat2609 

Summary: A CS Modern AU Fanfic Killian Jones is the front man for a band who have not yet made the big time. He is also in love with his good friend (and the girlfriend of their manager) the unattainable Emma Swan. When their manager turns out not to be the man they thought, his friendship with Emma is threatened.

Happy Birthday Kath! 

I found this gem just one month into my exploring this site and I was hooked (pun intended) ever since. By the power of a play on words from some movie this guy Colin is in, on Twitter & then finding ourselves in the same gutter flower patch in the gutter garden, I got to know one pretty awesome Aussie. *muah* 

Have a glorious day, love. 

please visit my redbubble shop!

hi pals!! i’ve been struggling pretty hard w/ money lately so i’ve decided to open a redbubble shop! been posting graphics on tumblr for a long time now (on my other blog​), and people seem to like them a lot so i thought i could try selling them.

i’m slowly uploading some of my best/most popular ones right now… and i’m willing to take requests for new designs! also feel free to request for changes in colours, sizing etc for any existing design. most things are available as phone cases, mugs, bags etc

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Love Your Artist

Here’s the thing: if I’ve ever liked or reblogged something of yours, or left comments or kudos on AO3, I love you. I really do. You have brightened my day. You have brought a smile to my face, or made me shed tears, or both (sometimes in the same piece).

But I’m one person. If I haven’t done any of these things, it may be because I was busy, or because I didn’t see it, or because I meant to but got distracted. Our interests may not entirely overlap. Vast swathes of my dash go by without me seeing them these days. And that’s not even beginning to touch on the number of people I can’t follow because of time constraints. There are so many people out there doing so many amazing things, making fandom what it is, providing almost endless content for free. You are amazing. You are so, so amazing. Yes. You. Especially the ones who are shaking their heads right now and saying, “Not me, it can’t be me.”

Have you ever created anything, and put it out there for others to see? Ever? You’re amazing.

I love seeing love, I really love seeing love, (and please, please, please don’t take this post as a criticism, because keep on loving out there; I mean it) but I also feel a great sorrow for people who, instead of feeling loved this week, feel left out and sad, who feel like some people get all the attention while they get none. My heart breaks for those people, even when I don’t know who they are by name. 

I’ve made a lot of friends through fandom. Hopefully you know who you are, and you know I love you. I hope time will bring me more friends in fandom; that’s the joy of this place, these interactions.

It can be incredibly discouraging to work really hard on something; to shed blood, sweat, and tears; to love something, and feel like it vanishes into the un- or under-appreciated void. If that’s how you’re feeling this week, I am so sorry. If you create anything, I am so proud of you. No matter what anyone says, it is brave to put yourself out there, and braver still to pick yourself up after disappointment and keep on trying. I don’t know all of you personally. Many of you create things I don’t personally get the chance to see. I wish I were more present, that I had more time. But please, keep creating. Please.

For my part, I resolve to keep creating, too. And I resolve to keep leaving comments and kudos, to keep liking and reblogging and recommending, whenever I get the chance. I resolve to keep trying to be a good friend, to support those who come to me looking for support, to keeping sending anon love (because who doesn’t love anon love?). I resolve to love all the artists I love, and to constantly love new ones, too.

Since pretty much everyone is doing a follow forever/appreciation and a lot has changed since my first follow forever (including everyone’s url), I’ve decided to make this little thing to appreciate you all. I’m probably going to forget a lot of people because of similar url’s and because I’m a mess.

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for this website, or the people I’ve met here. This year was really hard on me and I don’t think I would make it without you to dry my tears and send me virtual hugs. I love you guys so much, you have no idea. 

Dedicated to our little angel @sheriffswan, who made us realize how amazing this fandom can be. 

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psa!!!!!!!! *gets out powerpoint* *passes out slide print-outs* honestly about a year ago this fandom was so pure we need to start again please while there aren’t as many of us!!! here is my proposal

  • stop idolising ‘big’ blogs not based upon talent or creativity but on how many times they have been noticed/how taylor noticed them
  • stop disregarding smaller blogs based on their lack of influence/understanding/them being new
  • promote kindness and positivity and optimism over cynicism and conspiracy theories and tearing people down
  • don’t!!! use!!! each!!! other!! for!!! popularity!!! or!!! other!!! selfish!! means!!!
  • but like equally help people out for gods sake you click one button it is like half a second and you have reblogged that thing and probably made that persons day
  • also you are never too popular or too cool to take the time to reply if someone has bothered to message you. common decency. they didn’t have to. 
  • can we stop accusing people of having their head up taylor’s ass
  • can we stop accusing people full stop you see a fraction of their lives on here
  • just because someone isn’t online for a while doesn’t mean they are only online for taylor or whatever like you don’t know what’s going on with them irl 
  • respect other people’s opinions. talk about your differences intelligently. imagine yourself in their position. 
  • just!!!!!! bE!!!! NICE!!!!!! TO!!!! EACH!!!! OTHER!!!!! IT!!!! COSTS!!! NOTHING!!!!