here have some weird shit

Hey, uh. Don’t demand stuff from me. Especially from my own au’s. Thanks.


Here have some GIFs of Papyrus doing weird shit in the game.

My friend came to a conclusion that Papyrus, for some reason, has the ability to break physics, as in alter the gravitational pull on him and change his momentum/speed. So he can do weird physics breaking shit like this that no one else in the game seems to be able to do. (Undyne was seen jumping right off the screen, sure, but Papyrus WALKS ON AIR OVER YOU.)

Maybe it’s the same reason why Sans has teleportation and telekinetic abilities? Maybe skeletons just have really powerful game breaking abilities, but Papyrus just doesn’t use his abilities much. Sans uses his teleportation abilities to get everywhere because he’s a lazy ass.

Here we have Wayne Manor. Ballrooms. Chandeliers. Columns, ‘cause apparently we’re competing with the Parthenon. 2,000 year old tapestry. Vase from Ming dynasty. An original Da Vinci, 'cause museums are for the weak. And over here we have the kitchen–ignore the clock, got some weird Miss Havisham shit going on there. Ah, the kitchen. Steel appliances. Sub-zero refrigerator. Beloved butler that may chase you out with a fly swatter. Real casual.
—  Jason Todd, describing Wayne Manor