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Leon the professional AU! watched this old movie yesterday, i kinda liked it. And i loved Matildas clothes… .  10/10

So in this AU Morty lives with his fucked up family, they get killed when Morty is buying stuff at the store,when he comes back he hides with this weird old man next door whos a hitman. Also i think .. . maybe the villain is The Devil? idk.  !! !1 um 

Also here, have some nice music ,  why not

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HIHIHIHI I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THE NEIGHBOR!WONHO AU can u plsplspls write one for changkyun when u have some free time?? i love you thank you!! 💝💝💝

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), kihyun (here) & shownu (here)

  • has,,,,,,,,,,a lot of weird stuff in his apartment
  • like there isn’t a coherent thing going on,,,,,,movie posters,,,,,anime posters,,,,,,random photos of him and his friends,,,,,a dart board???? a do-it-yourself science kit??? random candles everywhere???,,,,,,are those his headphones,,,,,,ontop of a teddy bear,,,,,ontop of the tv,,,,,,, that’s not on a stand but balancing on a pile of old phonebooks,,,,,what
  • but like???? aside from the fact that his place looks like the inside of a thrift shop it’s not like ???? weird it fits changkyun’s personality 
  • he always has cool stories behind everything he owns and he’s like “oh yeah i got that stuffed bunny foot from my dad when he was abroad in-” 
  • he’s a very,,,,interesting person
  • plays music and dances with his whole body to it and the neighbors can see through the window and they’re just like,,,,,that one is so full of energy,,,,,,
  • probably hangs upside down off his couch when playing games and eating chips which never ends up good,,,,,,,shownu has told him three hundred times eating upside down is : a bad idea
  • owns a neon orange track suit he wears at home, slides on his floors in his socks, barely cooks his ramen through who knows how he’s lived this long
  • and you know changkyun because,,,,,,you’re both part of a weekly board game club that meets at his place
  • you guys started off playing monoply but it changes every week ,,,,, and it’s not even like a club you’re all just neighbors who like playing games so why not
  • and by you all,,,,it’s you, changkyun, minhyuk, and kihyun
  • and you meet on thursday nights and as you’re waiting with changkyun for the other two changkyun gets a text about minhyuk needing to take kihyun to the ER because of a nose bleed
  • and ur like holy hell??? should we go with him????
  • and changkyun is about to ask when minhyuk sends a texts that’s like “kihyun said don’t come because he’s embarrassed”
  • and you and changkyun are like that’s a bit Dramatic but ok and you’re like “well we can’t play operation with just two people that’d be boring” and changkyun is like true,,,,,,,,,,but i even ordered pizza already ,,,,
  • and you’re like “alright let’s pick something else,,, something for two people,,,,?” and changkyun’s like what about would you rather and you’re like deal 
  • and it’s the usual you know,,,,would you rather eat disgusting thing a or disgusting thing b,,,,,,,would you rather tell kihyun he can’t sing or minhyuk he can’t dance,,,,,,,,,,would you rather get to see ur favorite idol and spend the whole day with them but then never see them again or never get to be alone with your idol but still get to see them
  • you know,,,,,the basics of stuff like that
  • and when the pizza comes you go to open the door but you’re like right changkyun !!!!! do you have the money????
  • and you’re like “one sec!!” and the delivery guy is like “your boyfriend’s paying for tonights pizza date i see?” and you’re like doing a double take because woah what
  • and changkyun comes over, in his freaking neon orange tracksuit, and is like “here you go!” and the delivery guy is like “you two make a cute couple”
  • and you look up at changkyun who looks down at you
  • and the dude hands back your change is like “have a good date!”
  • and is off and you’re standing there about to drop this damn pizza box
  • and changkyun is like uh,,,,,oh,,,,,,i,,,,,,,uh,,,,,,
  • and you guys ends up sitting on his living room, the box separating you two 
  • and it’s just,,,,,,,,,,,Quiet,,,,,,,
  • but in your head it’s 4435234 thoughts racing because ok what do you like changkyun? he’s cool and funny? you both joke around with each other and are sarcastic? he looks pretty freaking adorable even in crazy, bright orange 
  • and changkyun’s thinking the same thing like does he like you? you’re so cute when you laugh? did he just notice that or has he been thinking that for a long time?
  • and finally you swallow and you’re like “changkyun,,,,,would you rather-”
  • and he looks up and you’re like putting a hand on the pizza box and you’re like “would you rather eat this pizza and i get out of here before this gets awkward or ,,,,,,,,,,,, would you rather,,,,,,,,,kiss me?”
  • and he’s like wide eyes, open mouth staring at you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just pick one alreaDY
  • and he moves the box out of the way, and literally takes you up on the latter with a kiss that seems way  W AAAAA Y overdue
  • and it’s,,,,,somehow,,,,,,,,,,,right like it should be odd, but it’s not,,,,,
  • and you’re kissing him back and it’s,,,nice you  know
  • until he pulls back and is like “this is great, but the pizza is going to get cold-”
  • and you’re like hitting his arm like WOW i love your priorities,,,but also he’s right let’s eat the pizza
  • a couple of days later, as you and changkyun get settled into well,,,,,dating
  • you see a photo minhyuk posted on thursday night on insta and???? he’s not at the ER what the hell???? him and kihyun went to the pc bang???????????
  • minhyuk: yeah, we thought leaving you and changkyun alone would do good. and it did. high five me kihyun
5 OTPs & 10 Facts About Me

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(I technically have no OTPs, but here’s some epic friendship-ships)

  1. Cullen x Anders (An obviously AU friendship – but my dude, I DIE for this bromance, I headcanon that they never meat in Kirkwall, for OBVS reasons, and they strike up an unlikely friendship during Inquisition before Cullen finds out: you were THAT mage! Friend angst!)
  2. f!Warden x Shale – because when she marries Alistair, Shale is her maid of honor, and I just *clenches fist* have been wanting to draw this for forever.
  3. Cullen x Varric I maintain they are the two people who are the most upset about how things in Kirkwall went down, and the two people most collectively freaked out about Red Lyrium.
  4. Bull x Vivienne – aside from HOW fucking obvious they make this bromance in the game, I just love how opposite they are, and yet, how well they fit together.
  5. Carver x Hawke – fuck you, they love each other.

10 Facts About Me

1. Born and raised in Hawaii.

2. Has EPIC Resting Bitch Face.

3. Once, when I started a business we made a purchase with 23k in cash. I suggested we take turns slapping each other in the face with it before we spent it. We did.

4. Have pet a baby manatee. They’re mouths are like a cow crossed with Predator. Squishy, yet terrifying.

5. Didn’t own shoes until I was in 7th grade, but had a family computer when I was 2.

6. Watched a high-school basketball game, on an aircraft carrier, with President Obama in attendance. Super surreal.

7. Once, helped save a guy from a burning car – the fire was so big it melted the sidewalk. Guy ended up being just fine, but it was straight up terrifying. (Thankfully, he was passed out the whole time, cuz that would have been SO much worse.)

8. Fell in love when I was 17. Still in love today.

9. A bastard.

10. Never doesn’t laugh at a dick joke.

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Thank you !

captainthane submitted to caretaker-au

So i am here today to say thank you ! But why i want to thank this AU and the authors ? It’s a bit weird but seing and reading a hard story like caretaker help me to deal with the stress and some issues i have. I don’t like at all violence or morbid stuff like caretaker. It’s very funny that i keep loving and following this AU despite the morbid stuff xD. But a part of me is happy because i can move on and i can deal about stuff like this. 

The first pages when Frisk were killed were very hard for me to see. I was surprised myself to feel how much i was stressed for just a comic. But as the comic moves forward, i do the same. I am improving myself in each new page ! Of course i still feel bad for Frisk and i still don’t want to forgive Chara ! 

However i want to thank Minty, Nacho and Ellipsis ! Thank you because your comic teachs me how to deal with hard situations and morbid stuff. To finally cope with my own stress ! I was born with a very sensitive part that’s why it’s hard for me this kind of stuff. Because of this comic and the authors (who are all of them very nice and sweet, let’s be honest :D) i am able to evolve enough to feel more free about violent stuff :D ! I didn’t expect this kind of things from a comic but hey my best friend is the author of Nightmaretale :D so everything is possible ^^. 

So in conclusion, thank you so much to Minty, Nacho and Ellipsis for creating such an amazing comic and AU (Chara is so hot ha ha) ! Thank you for teaching how to deal with my stress :D ! Keep the awesome work. You are all wonderful :D. 

AAAAA I!Naturetale Ara boiii- to much detail oh my gosh what have I done

Naturetale @lavender-sans (no tag bc likeee, eeh)

I guess when he does this stuff, the wholeee new-au-new-look stuff, he gets some new abilities. Like heeeeere he can control vines and stuff

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i just got thru goin thru ur weird/adstract gem tag and im wondering: do u have any weird/adstract thoughts about the vld aliens? specifically alteans? p l e a s e give me thoughts on alien monsterish girl allura she is beautiful and very not human (also: shiro as greg in ur weird gem au where he very has a Thing for tall alien girls that are not human)

So I know @notllorstel has some cool stuff with the Alteans glowing (here) and I swear there was one that added in monster teeth?

Most of the VLD aliens I’ve left alone because they are already lovely. I think I appreciate what canon did with the Alteans in the sense of they had to work with prior incarnations of the characters who were literally exactly like humans, physically.

So, things I’d take with that- I dunno if I would make Alteans super monstery as much as an AU that’s basically just, exactly like canon but with a few little added details.

Altean skin texture is actually scales- very fine, smooth scales, but it means their skin color is kind of in a gradient and darkens to closer to their marking color around the extremities and in other places. They’re also kind of shimmery in most lighting, and this gets more impressive if you try to capture images of them with anything other than their own technology.

Seriously. Lance tries to explain selfies to Coran one time and ends up with a picture where it looks like he is being photobombed by a seven-foot amalgamation of eyes and strange patterns of light.

Their musculature is pretty much dense enough to function like a subdermal bulletproof vest. You could literally shoot Coran in the chest with an average handgun and he’d be miffed at worst, like it’d leave a bruise and probably rip his clothes and why’d you go and do something like that. Their hair texture is also very different- the individual strands have a kind of fiber-optic cable look to it, translucent, hollow core. 

Technically the eye markings and the inside of the mouth are the only permanent luminescent spots but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a whole mess of transient markings that tend to pop up depending on how they feel. Humans blush? You have Allura talking to Shiro and she fluoresces a whole spectrum of twilight colors and changes the subject a little nervously. still glowing faintly pink.

Also holy heck do they have teeth. Partially retractable, glowing teeth so let’s just say the first time Allura yawns Hunk’s life flashes before his eyes (and Shiro discovers he’s got it kinda bad)

Alteans looking like humans is more or less a quirk of convergent evolution due to coming from similar planets. You know the whole “what if Earth is space Australia?”- that’s not totally applicable in this read, but, Earth and Altea both are/were climates that cultivated a very specific skill set that puts resilience, stamina, and the capacity to put yourself back together again after serious injury as major priorities. Basically human recovery times and stamina tend to measure up rather favorably to those of most other species. Shiro doing pretty dang well for his missing year? Yeah. Broken bones are a bigger problem to a lot of species.

So on that note: if Alteans weren’t a dusty legend at this point, how much humans resemble them would give everybody a certain amount of the heebie jeebies. (Except the Alteans. They’d be like “aww, look at this adorable little terminator baby species”. Which, I think was probably Coran’s impression compared to Allura’s ‘what’s wrong with your ears’.)

you know what i love…. self insert AUs that aren’t like “this is what i’d be like in this thing” but are instead more “something weird happened and now i am literally IN the thing what i shouldn’t be here i wanna go home”.. especially if your self insert in the AU has no prior knowledge of the thing. you gotta learn how to adapt to the new world you’re in, possibly with your F/O by your side through all of it. that’s some good stuff there

as you all know Star Wars haunts me. like all the time. and i have been a little stressed by all of the prompts recently and all of the asks about the prompts. so i decided to write some stuff i know i can do without feeling the stress: nsfw and star wars.

SO HERE IS AN NSFW FIC SET STAR WARS AU VERSE. can you say force sex? i can. and i did. 

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Random BakuToga HCs

Day 5: AU ♦ Hotel ♦ Anger (though anger could work too lol)

Before I get into this one, I just wanna give a big thank you to all of the people who’ve been liking and reblogging these posts, it really means a lot to me! And thank you to the two mods over at @bnhararepairweek for getting my stuff noticed in the first place, and just hosting rarepair week overall!

Now, this one is a bit different because this ship is exclusive to an AU I have with some of my friends, that AU being one where the villains are heroes/UA students. So basically Stain and Kurogiri are pro heroes/teachers and Himiko, Dabi, Shigaraki and Twice are Class 1-A students (yes, 24 students in this class. Nobody’s been replaced). So yea, here’s a bunch of BakuToga headcanons for Day 5 of rarepair week!

-Their relationship is… weird to say the least

  • She’s basically still a nut job, just not actually murderous. So she’s got some weird ideas about romance. Basically, she’s hitting on both Bakugou and Izuku. Bakugou is a bit more exciting to her, though, so she pursues him more. She just likes to get a reaction out of Izuku (and Uraraka)
  • He basically acts pissy towards her just like with anybody else. Like, the same level of pissy he would be towards Kirishima or his other “friends”. He would never say that they’re dating or even friends, even though they practically go out on dates. So yea, he’s a total tsundere

-Bakugou responded to her flirtations with the usual death threats. But, of course, she was either too brave or too crazy (though probably both) to actually be threatened. At some point he figured out it wasn’t going to work and just let her hang around, though he still

-She started calling him Kacchan right off the bat (yes, blatantly stolen from Deku)

-Himiko probably ended up getting more into Bakugou because of how bold he is towards her. Like, everyone else (with Izuku getting most of the attention) gets freaked out by her antics, but Bakugou is just like *grabs her by the tie and tells her to fuck off* and she found that attitude super sexy. Himiko’s a bad boy lover for sure

-Honestly, Bakugou does find the way she reacts to his anger pretty attractive. She doesn’t get scared, but she sure does get all flustered up when Bakugou starts getting aggressive towards her

-Sometime after Himiko starts claiming they’re a couple (which basically means they are), even though Bakugou adamantly denies it he seems to start acting slightly more pissy towards Izuku. It’s not much, but it’s enough to be noticeable, especially after Himiko starts acting flirty towards Izuku. Luckily for him, she gradually stops doing it after a while, but Bakugou never really simmers back down

-Even though he keeps denying it soon after everyone just starts seeing their relationship as common knowledge

-Kirishima inducts Himiko in as Queen of the Bakusquad. Bakugou explodo-punches him in the face, but never actually tells her to get out

-Himiko is pretty clingy in public, even at school. Of course, it pisses Bakugou off and he usually shakes her off of him (for some reason he doesn’t blast-hit her like he would to anyone else…). But when he’s sure that nobody he knows is around he just might slide a hand up onto her shoulder or something along those lines

-Their relationship is pretty physical in nature, as you could guess. There’s a lot of rough making out and stuff once they get to that point.

-Bakugou actually thinks Himiko can be pretty adorable but would never openly admit it. Despite being pretty infamous in class for being crazy, she’s pretty good at looking sweet and innocent when she tries.

-Himiko was cheering on Bakugou like crazy during the Final Exam (her and Shigaraki went up against Stain the round before Deku and Bakugou. They just barely won). She sat around in the infirmary a lot until Bakugou woke up, who was secretly kinda happy that she was the first person he saw (he would’ve been pissed if Deku was the first one he saw)

That’s all I’ve got right now, there might be more later on. Also, I’m currently writing a fic about their first date which I’ll be sure to share once it’s done!

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Elaborate on the time travel star wars AU pretty please please please?!?! Is that once again tiny grumpy Obi-Wan? Why are they captured? What is the plan? If it was Obi-Wan, does Qui Gon just come in like 'uhhhh ok?' or is he surpisingly chill because 'hey the force does some weird stuff' My heart wants to know! (also just thank you for all your AUs they're great)

*grabs my desk and flips it across the room in excitement* THANK YOU AND YES I CAN CERTAINLY ELABORATE. At least to the extent I have it figured out myself, which is admittedly not much. And yes of course it’s tiny grumpy Obi-Wan, it’s ALWAYS tiny grumpy Obi-Wan here in my house :’D

Basically, somehow Ahsoka (and possibly Anakin) ends up falling backwards through time. Ahsoka, naturally, immediately gets herself arrested/captured and thrown into a prison/dungeon/whatever. She manages to bust out of her cell, but doesn’t make it too far before hearing someone else coming from around the next corner. Thinking it’s a guard, she decides to charge them in hopes that surprise can help her win, but unfortunately the person around the corner had the same idea. They tussle, and Ahsoka wins for reasons I’ll get to in a minute. They realize that they’re both idiots and that the other is in the exact same boat, but unfortunately they took so long fighting each other that the real guards had a chance to catch up. They get tossed into a cell together.

Then some fun team-building conversations and obligatory awkward wound-tending that lead Ahsoka to learn the following pieces of information: This boy is 16, and is a Jedi padawan. He’s been captive for several weeks, and is periodically tortured for information and stomped on by the guards just for the hell of it. He’s malnourished, dehydrated, and is being drugged to mute his Force abilities (that’s why she won the wrestling match). He’s also extremely sarcastic, which is one of the reasons the guards muzzled him recently.

There are a lot of bookkeeping details that bother me though, because I worry too much about bookkeeping things. I feel like A+A have to know they’re back in time, even if they’re not sure how far at first. Like when they got to this planet initially, this whole settlement was abandoned, but someone (maybe even Master Kenobi) makes a comment about how it used to be this, that, and the other thing. So when convenient time-travel weirdness happens and they suddenly find themselves in a bustling gangster town or whatever, they’re like “o shit.” This also helps because it’s a convenient excuse for them to know not to tell anyone their real names, and to hide the fact that they’re Jedi, in order to not mess with the time stream.

I fancy the notion of Anakin being along for the ride so he can run into Qui-Gon, whose excuse for not coming for Obi-Wan sooner is probably fairly weak (like a “we split up and I assumed he was fine” sort of facepalm moment), but is now at a DEFCON 1 level of pissed-as-fuck. I’d really love a scene where Ahsoka and OW are in the middle of yet another escape attempt and somehow manage to establish a communication with Anakin, like Ahsoka had a communicator on her that the guards missed and they’ve finally climbed high enough to get a signal. I want Anakin struggling to convey to her that she has to go back to the detention block and rescue a padawan, while acting like they’re both only casually aware of Jedi. Impressing upon her how SUPER EXTREMELY IMPORTANT it is that she gets this boy out alive while trying to avoid using names. I want her to have a lightbulb moment as she looks into her new friend’s eyes and realizes she’s seen them a dozen times before. I want her to boggle at how Master Kenobi casually described this place as “somewhat unpleasant,” when in reality he’d been tortured here for weeks. I want the fact that his teenage self is so convinced that no one is coming for him to punch her in the feels. I want her to burn up with embarrassment because she’d totally been thinking to herself that this guy has great cheekbones and is probably super hot under all the bruising.

I want the two of them to be close to freedom when OW succumbs to his injuries and can’t run anymore, and is endlessly frustrated that Ahsoka won’t just leave him. I want them huddled on the floor being shot at by a dozen guards when suddenly a wall just fuckin disintegrates as their masters burst in and waste everything (Anakin using a blaster to keep his cover). I want A+A to get to witness a QG+OW bonding moment. I want them to come home and have a lot of feels, and for OW to look at them funny for a minute but then dismiss it as faulty memories since he’d been running on fumes and doesn’t really remember the details of his last visit to this planet.

I want a better way to end this post, but I don’t have one so I’ll just say “the end.”

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38, 86 & 148

38. Describe your dream girl/guy?

A girl that’s smart, funny, kind. Loyal and honest. Supportive, but not afraid to kick my ass when I deserve it. A girl that also appreciates literary stuff, so we can read together and have weird conversations about our favourite moments. A girl that can expand my musical horizons, or play video games with. But someone that will go on little adventures with me and laugh when we get lost, but loves staying in and watching Netflix too.

You asked for my dream girl, and there she is. Chances of her being single, or even remotely returning my interest is pretty damn slim. But, I am a firm believer that a girl can indeed dream.

86. Favourite character from Finding Nemo?

God, I haven’t watched this in the longest time. I really liked the turtles, they were fun. And the sharks lmao. Maybe Dory? I don’t know, maybe I should watch it again.

148. What’s your favourite quote?

“I didn’t fall for you, you fucking tripped me”. It rarely feels like a choice to fall for someone. And it usually hurts when you hit the floor because of course, they aren’t there to catch you.