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Night (Vampire!Yoongi)

Plot: Vampire!Yoongi as a boyfriend

Word Count: 890

A/N: so someone requested a vampire!yoongi scenario and I’m trash for vampire!yoon so I thought I would just write it now bc it sounds fun, for the original vampire!yoongi post, you can click right here if you want the backstory of how you two meet and all of that good stuff

Having a boyfriend that was born in 1853 wasn’t as weird as some would think. There were times that he said something that made it painfully clear he wasn’t born in this era but for the most part, he was just like any other man. He slept in on Saturdays, whined on Mondays and celebrated Fridays because it meant the weekend was close.

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(( So that Magitek eyes idea I mentioned before? I’m thinking of making that a thing. Because why not have some more angst with your angst.

For those who haven’t read it; it’s here.

At first Ignis is relatively fine and ecstatic to have his sight back. It’s a bit weird to get used to the whole machine-y side of them (think of the eyes as having built in sensors and stuff; like the one AU episode of Star Trek with Geordi LaForge have his sight back or Dorian from Almost Human. Those types of eyes.) but he’s on board with it.

But then he starts getting sick for no reason. A simple cough turns into a coughing fit, disorientation, skin discoloration, nosebleeds, sudden fainting, that sort of thing. Cue supreme panic and getting raced to a hospital to find the reason why and discover the eyes have been slowly poisoning him because regular human bodies aren’t really compatible with the technology. You have to be specifically, well, built for that (i.e Prompto.)

And Ignis has to struggle with either getting the eyes removed, possibly saving his life but losing his sight again, or leaving them alone, endangering his life further but still being able to see. And he may or may not being doomed to die anyway regardless of whether he gets the eyes removed. ))

here’s some headcanons for your sunday so y’all have a super great week okay xoxo

  • Percy’s been racing for as long as he can remember, and he’s thankfully never had an accident before. Maybe that’s why he feels so weird as one of the staff members at the arena tosses his bike off of him and calls an ambulance after he’s fallen into the dirt. 
  • He’s seventeen and he has national teams looking at him for competitions. He can’t be too injured. He can’t. This is his only shot. Motocross is all Percy has. 
  • His mom climbs into the back of the ambulance with him, or at least, Percy thinks that she does. He’s so out of it, he can’t really tell. The last thing he could remember was Octavian, this dick face that’s always been jealous of him, ramming into his bike and sending him to the ground. 
  • When he wakes up the next time, the first thing he sees is a head full of golden curls, leaning over him and pressing a hand to a bandage on his chest. It takes his eyes a few seconds to focus, and when he can see her face clearly, he realizes that she’s really pretty. 
  • Her voice is pretty too when she turns her head to the side to tell someone that he’s awake. Then, she’s pulling away from him, and Percy thinks about saying something to her but he’s asleep before he can say anything. 
  • He wakes up again, dizzy and confused, with his mom holding his hand and leaning over him. She explains about the accident. She explains that he has a concussion and several burns on his side. She explains that Octavian was disqualified from the race because of his actions, and even though Percy is laying in a hospital bed, that makes him feel better. 
  • The doctor makes him stay in the hospital overnight, and when he asks if he can race again, the doctor frowns and says, “Two weeks, if I clear you.”
  • That’s all that really matters to Percy. 
  • He tells his mom to go home that night just because she looks so tired, and she objects for a few minutes before he tells her that he’ll be fine. She worries anyway, squeezing his hand tight and pressing a kiss to his forehead before wandering out into the hallway to find some coffee. 
  • While she’s gone, two nurses come in to check his vitals, and Percy stares at the blonde girl for a few seconds before he realizes that it’s the girl from earlier. The nurse from earlier. 
  • The older woman explains that the blonde girl is a volunteer, and that her name is Annabeth. Percy nods dumbly and turns his stare away from her when they ask if they can check the bandages on his side and chest. 
  • Percy feels his face turn red as they peel the bandages away, looking at the minor burns on his skin. He wonders how he got so lucky because he’s seen guys come out with really bad burns and scars from the same kind of accident he had tonight. 
  • Annabeth doesn’t really talk to him, but her gloved hands flutter across his skin calmly, like she does this a thousand times. He keeps his eyes off of her to keep from staring, and damn, he’s not usually this awkward around anyone that he finds attractive. 
  • “Alright, sweetheart,” the older nurse says when they finish. “Do you need us to get you anything?”
  • Percy clears his throat and tries to wish his blush away. “Um. Some water would be good. If you have time.”
  • They both nod and wander out of the room. A few minutes later, Annabeth comes back inside the room with a small bottle of water and a cup of ice. She grabs the tray from the corner of the room and rolls it over to him, setting it on the wooden surface and pouring the water into it before tucking a straw into the cup. 
  • “Um. Thanks,” he says softly, reaching forward with the hand that doesn’t have the IV in it. Percy tries not to think about it because he really doesn’t like needles. 
  • “You’re welcome,” she says, and god, even her voice is beautiful. Percy expects her to leave, but she sits down on the edge of his bed by his feet and says, “Your chart says you were in a motorcycle accident?”
  • “Motocross,” Percy corrects, sipping his water. The cold feels good on his throat. “Guy rammed into me and knocked me off my bike. Heard he was disqualified from the race though so that’s good.”
  • Annabeth nods, “Perseus, right?”
  • He scowls, “Just Percy.”
  • She raises an eyebrow. “And why are you participating in such a dangerous sport, Just Percy?”
  • Percy has to laugh as he shrugs and says, “It’s… My dad used to race when he was younger and so I started racing too. He, uh, he died when I was younger, but a sponsor picked me up and I just… never quit.”
  • “I’m sorry,” Annabeth says, brushing a curl behind her ear. “I shouldn’t have asked.”
  • He shrugs again, “No worries. In a few weeks I’m actually racing in a Regional competition to see if another sponsor will pick me up and take me to Nationals.”
  • Annabeth raises her eyebrows, looking like she wants to ask more questions, but she looks out into the hallway and jumps. Her voice is a bit rushed when she says, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go. Be careful and good luck in your next race, Percy.”
  • He’s disappointed that she has to leave, but she pats him on the leg before she runs out of the room, leaving Percy blushing and grinning, which his mom teases him about all night when she gets back. 
  • They discharge him the next morning, and when he comes back for his following appointment two weeks later, the doctor clears him to race that weekend. 
  • He’s standing with some of his friends, holding his helmet under his arm and waiting for the little kids to get done on the track before their competition starts. 
  • Percy just happens to look around, and a head of blonde curls catch his eye. 
  • He’s already moving toward her, and she turns to look at him before he can say anything, and she grins, stopping and waiting for him as he walks toward her. 
  • “I thought you would be here,” she calls, and he leans forward and grabs her in a quick hug just because he thought that he wouldn’t see her again. 
  • “I can’t believe you’re here,” he says, grinning. He realizes that she’s with friends, and they’re standing a few feet away, watching. Percy is surprised that he noticed them at all. 
  • “I wanted to see you again, and I was really hoping you wouldn’t turn back up at the hospital,” Annabeth says, looking over him. “This is a cute outfit.”
  • He blushes, “Thanks. You here to see me win?”
  • She smirks, “So you are going to win?”
  • He shrugs, pleased that she’s flirting back with him because she’s way out of his league. “Maybe if I can get a kiss for luck.”
  • Annabeth laughs, shoving his shoulder, “Bit early for that, huh, Just Percy?”
  • He laughs too and grabs her hand, pulling her behind him and waving to her friends to follow them. 
  • And later, when Percy’s on the track and slipping his helmet over his head right before the race, all he has to think about is Annabeth’s smile before he’s grinning. 
  • He’s got this. 

I’m looking through old stuff I forgot I owned & I found a notebook where I wrote ‘’Fuckhands McMike’’ the place where you write your name & the first 10 pages is weird drawings and DA AU info & some Harold related stuff and I have no idea what any of it means lmfao