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Okay but like, what if we just launched DWSA tour ourselves? Take matters into our own hands. We don’t need no producers. We all know the entire choreo anyway. What’re they gonna do? Sue us? It’s not like they’re doing anything. They own nothing. DWSA Tour launches next week in my garage. Message me if you want in. I’ll bring donuts

i jus wnna say rlly quick tht kim taehyung’s natural skin is v beautiful

misunderstandings // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles completely misjudges a situation while trying to impress the girl that he likes

Requested: no

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no


Sliding into her seat only seconds before the bell rang she let out a sigh of relief. He had left yet another lengthy note in her locker expressing the long list of things he liked about her. According to him, her beauty could “stop time” and her smile could “cure the world from all things evil.”

Normal people would have found it creepy. Y/N on the other hand knew what it was like to be completely in love with someone who didn’t even know it and sympathized for the poor boy. 

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Lords reaction to accidentally hitting their daughter [Headcanon] (Request)

A/N: I just know this is going to be both hilarious and painful. Rest under the cut to save dashboards.


What did he do? That was the price of his pride, wasn’t it. The girl was crying in his arms, a big bruise on her forehead that was caused by his own practice sword. Nothing seemed to work. She wouldn’t stop crying. He knew it had been a bad idea to let her stay. He should have sent her away, with her mother, but no, those puppy eyes were stronger than he was. And everyone tried to warned him, to tell him that his girl was walking right to him, but he thought they were trying to distract him.

They weren’t.

“Here, have some sugar stars”, he wiped her tears away, before kissing the red mark on her forehead. “Mama’s sweets will make you feel better, ok?”


He thought it was a good idea. To show his daughter that he was strong, that he could protect her too. And so, he couldn’t say no when she asked him if she could stay in training. Well, what could go wrong? Right? Everything. Everything could go wrong. He was always so defensive that when he heard something behind him his first impulse was to attack.

He wish he hadn’t.

“Are you okay?!” he rushed to her, hugging her and trying to cease her tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Papa was careless”. Mitsuhide showered her in kisses and pampers, guilt heavy on his shoulders after seeing the bruise that was sure to appear any time.


Oh boy. 

Oh boy.

It had been a long time since last time the retainers had seen Yukimura panicking so much. He was carrying the little girl in his arms, running around the castle, yelling to the maids, for someone to help him. When you heard him, you left the kitchen as fast as you could. Then you saw him. Your daughter in his arms, both of them crying. 

“I… I…”, he sobbed. “She… I… I’m sorry…”

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Medicine [Sam Drake]

Pairings: Sam Drake x Reader

Request:  I have a request if you would be up for writing this. I don’t know if you write character ships or if it’s character/reader only but how about a fic where Rafe gets sick, him being a stubborn idiot and then Sam has to look after him? if not Sam then the reader is completely fine too so it doesn’t really matter that much, whichever you like. Would make my day if you would want to write this!

About: Reader gets sick and its up to Sam to make them feel better!

Warnings: none

Inspiration: none

note: I decided to go with sam x reader simply because I write better that way and I personally don’t stan romantic relationship w rafe and sam which is what i think you were hinting at??

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For the past few days, you hadn’t been feeling the greatest. You were aching all over, feeling uncomfortably hot at night, but you’d pinned it down to PMS and thought nothing of it. Oh, well, until it came to be two a.m. this morning and you had to rush to the bathroom to stop last nights meal from making a reappearance on your bed. 

Sam had woken up (you would’ve usually tried to be super-quiet and gentle if you ever needed to get up in the night, but you couldn’t risk tip-toeing otherwise you’d miss the toilet) and seen the commotion, feeling concerned when he’d noticed you bent over the toilet, the bathroom door pushed open.

“Uh-oh,” Sam muttered, swinging his legs out of bed before walking over to you, shaking and struck with a fever. “Everything okay?”

When you were younger, you never used to get sick very often, though you loved to pretend so that you could get a few days off school. Unsurprisingly, karma decided to bite you in the ass when you got older, making you sick a few times a year. 

Sam squat down beside you, holding back your hair as you clutched the bowl. It wasn’t a pretty sight. “Alright, cough it up,”

Once you felt for sure you’d emptied the entire contents of your stomach, he gently put you to bed and cleaned up any mess. You felt a little ashamed, but Sam didn’t mind. He wanted you to get well, and he wouldn’t make you feel bad about your situation. 

He turned back before walking out the room, watching as you lay on the bed, turned over on one side, strands of hair stuck to your forehead and neck. He pushed the window open before leaving to grab you medicine.

He returned with a glass of water, a wet flannel and a small packet of medicine which he put on your bedside table. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” he pushed back the hair from your face before smiling sympathetically down at you. “Do you think you can take some medicine? Or at least get some water down you?”

Your throat felt extra sore, so you didn’t hesitate to sit up and grab the glass of water which felt heavenly cool against your palms. You gulped it back before Sam put his hand on yours, stopping you.

“Hey, slow down,” he smirked, “you don’t want to be throwing it all up again, do you?”

You nodded, “thank you.”

“No problem,” he nodded. “Think you can take some medicine, now?”

Cringing a little on the inside (you hated taking pills), you nodded your head, knowing that it would make you feel better. That is, if you can keep it down. “Yeah.”

“Good,” Sam tore the packet open and handed you two pills. “You take these and I’ll go make you some breakfast. You’re gonna need it,”

“Alright,” you responded, swallowing the pills with a gulp of water. You had a somewhat nerve wracking underlying feeling of nausea, but you breathed through your nose in an attempt to control it. 

“Baby? Are you good?” Sam asked, returning with a tray that had two slices of toast on it. Your stomach felt empty, but you had no urge to eat right now. 

“Yeah,” you responded, “Sam, I don’t really feel like eating.”

“Come on, darlin’,” he encouraged, “if you throw it all up again that’s fine. But please, eat for me? It’ll be better with your medicine.”

Sam snatched a slice, “here, I’ll have some, too. Better?” He rose a brow, tearing off a bite with his teeth.

You smiled a little, proceeding to grab the other slice. “Fine.”

“Atta girl,” Sam smiled, wiping butter from his lips. “Here,” he suddenly said, grabbing the flannel and throwing it at your head.

“Excuse me?” You laughed, pulling it away. “What is this for, exactly?”

“Your fever,” Sam chuckled, looking at you as if it were obvious. “Just put it across your forehead.”

You did as you were told, feeling soothed. “Oh, that’s nice.”

“You’re welcome,” Sam said, eyeing you as he watched you finish the last of your toast. “Good. I’ll leave the bathroom door open if you need to get up anymore, alright?”

“Okay, thank you,” you nodded, “I hope this doesn’t last long.”

“Me neither, sweetheart,” he said, smiling adoringly before pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Think you can get some rest?”

“I think so.” You nodded.

“If you need anything, don’t be afraid to wake me up,” he told you, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “I’ll be right back,” he said, taking the tray and plate and dumping it into the kitchen sink before clambering into the bed with you. 

“G’night, Sam,” you sighed, “and thank you, again.”

“Anything for you, darlin’,” Sam smiled, “sleep tight.”

And that, you did.

Baekhyun - Play (III)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

; you don’t want to leave too, right?

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

“You know Jaehyung’s gonna kill you if you don’t take it seriously.”

    Baekhyun had a smirk on his face as you reminded him of the bossy play director. You watched him stare at Jaehyung who was ordering some staff around.

“Let him. I’ve been doing this play since last year and I’ve been in this business for four years. He can’t do anything, but kiss my ass for my amazing skills,” Baekhyun said, pride shining in his eyes.

    You scoffed at him, “We’ll see who’ll be on the suffering end if you continue this. We all know how Jaehyung likes his harsh rehearsals and comments.” You gave him a smirk before you walked away as he quietly bickered to himself.

   The backstage was just as busy as on stage, staff and actors swarmed the place. You dodged each person as you walked through the crowd, but it doesn’t take long until someone crashed into you.

   A burning pain seared through your chest as hot coffee stained your shirt and slid down your skin.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You said, almost silently, like as if you were talking to yourself, disbelief on how someone could ever be so clumsy.

“I am so sorry,” a high pitched voice replied, familiar and irritating to your ears.

   In front of you was the newbie, Nana, her eyes close to tearing as she stared at you.

“What are you doing there just standing and crying? Aren’t you going to help me?” You questioned her, irritated by the way she just stood there in shock and tears like as if she was the one who got spilled by burning hot coffee.

    Nana didn’t move an inch and stared at you. “I just… I-”

“Shouldn’t be crying,” Baekhyun said from behind you, his arm hung around your shoulder, “pretty girls like you shouldn’t cry. Here have some tissues.”

    He handed her a tissue box as her tears fell down her cheeks that were no longer blushing red. Her hands were shaking when she held the box, clearly embarrassed, pissing you off more as you stared at her.

“Aren’t you even going to offer me some tissue after spilling coffee on me, Nana?” You asked her with a glare, anger fuelled your voice.

    She stuttered as she answered, handing the box to you, “I’m so sorry. Here you go.”

    You took the box from her with force, grumbling as you took a few tissues out and wiped away the liquid from your chest, still unable to dry the coffee drenched cloth.

“Stupid bitch,” you silently cursed at her as you walked away to your dressing room.

    It pissed you off that she didn’t watch where she was going when she was holding burning hot coffee. It maddened you that she had the nerve to feel like the one who was affected. It killed you that Baekhyun didn’t even mind you and handed her the tissue box instead of you.

    Tears soon came as you thought of how Baekhyun looked at her beside you, eyes and ears only on her, not even seeing your stained shirt or the anger in your eyes. He seemed to have no care in the world about you but her and it destroyed you.

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can i just say that as a chinese who celebrates chinese/lunar new year it is incredibly overwhelming and gratifying to see such a genuine celebration of a festival i celebrate that normally flies under the mainstream media’s radar

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Miserable At Best
Mayday Parade
Miserable At Best

It’s been three whole days since I’ve had sleep
Cause I dream of his lips on your cheek
And I got the point that I should leave you alone
But we both know that I’m not that strong

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