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anonymous asked:

Will we see Mickey and Ian kiss at all this season? Not that they haven't had great loving moments, but we have seen some guy eat out Fiona, Lip fucked Mandy, Fiona fucked Jimmy. Can we at least have 1 kiss between Ian and Mickey this season? Why is it such a big deal? Are the editors/showrunners homophobic or what? What's going on?

Ok, Anon, we get what you’re saying we really do, but we are going to have to ask you to back off the homophobic train cause that isn’t what is going on here. Not even a little bit and after everything you’ve seen over the past four & half seasons with Ian & Mickey we’re pretty shocked you would even lay that claim at their doorstep. 

Not kissing does not mean TPTB are homophobic or they don’t support this couple. Not showing sex scenes does not mean they don’t support this couple. Out of all the couples on Shameless, it has been made quite clear the one they do support, unconditionally, is Ian & Mickey. 

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