here have some scenery

Marauder’s Map

for @hamabee, who has reignited my love for jily

Towards the end of sixth year James started to feel a sort of horrid desperation whenever he thought of the looming Summer holidays. Normally the end of term was something to be celebrated, but this one meant that James only had a single year left at school with Lily. 

They were sort of friends now, sure, but things could still be a little tense, and James wanted to be more than friends, anyway. Now he only had one year to get her to fall for him, or he might very well lose her forever. 

The thought filled him with a type of dread he’d never felt before, and he thought that the logical way to counter this was to spend as much with Lily with possible. Most of the time this was easy enough, what with them taking a lot of the same classes and their friends becoming friendlier. 

Sometimes, though, when the thought of going months without being able to talk to her got too much, James would use the Map.

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anonymous asked:

Do you do sceneries? I'd love to see your take on the land of heat and clockwork or Dave's room

I have some rather messy scenery pics here!

I’m not sure I’d have the patience to draw rooms or scenery in a more refined way but I’ll keep it in mind when I feel like practicing some more eheh ;v;