here have some scenery


I want to take a break. I have been having mental issues lately, and my mind isn’t on the right track.

Discourse ain’t gonna help at all. This negativity is boring.

The blog Okeosawoo.. I don’t really use anymore, haha.. But I wouldn’t be able to go on my break without some company.

I created a side blog on my private blog, I don’t mind it being public and all.

It’s @kyubu-black-bird.

It will just be filled with a bunch of random stuff, it’s currently empty I believe though. It will just have a few animals here and there, scenery, games, uhhh.. idk some other stuff. There won’t be guro don’t worry lol.

But anyway, I don’t know when I’ll come back to this account, but really thank you for like.. 830 follows. Love all of ya.

ugh, I have so many headcanons with nature and the nordics and I cant even get them down on paper, or computer or whatever. It’s so irritating. So here have some poorly written nordics and their favourite scenery:

Denmark’s is undoubtedly long beautiful beaches and lighthouses in the dimming blue twilight. Candlelit dinner on the patio, wrapped up in blankets as the evening turn to night. Waves slowly crashing in over land, seagull calls, and couples walking in the sand.  

Iceland’s would be cold and barren glaciers in front of looming volcanoes, rivers clawing into the ground, horses trotting and wind whispering over treeless plains. Hot springs and frozen wet hair. Cloudless starry nights, the crisp smell of autumn.     

Sweden I imagine would love the archipelagos in summertime. Skiffs going about from island to island, kids screaming in delight as they jump from piers or play on the smooth rocks. People working in their gardens while birds chirp in the trees overhead. 

Finland loves deep forests and lakes. Sitting alone on the rocky shore, or skipping pebbles in the company of good friends. Saunas in wintertime, laughter as they run into the almost ice covered waters. Windless days, rowing and the sound paddles make as they break through water.

Norway has this deep love for thundering waterfalls. Their beauty and power. Raging mountains raising straight up from deep dark fjords. Old cogged houses clinging to the hillside. Coffee brewed on bonfires in the morning, as dew drip from tent openings.

I just.. nature is amazing.