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TA DA! Part one~ Shaded and ready to be presented~ More parts are on the way! Thank you so much so far for the support~ Again I know this is a weird au. I didn’t think it would go this far, but HERE I AM!

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It’s my birthday today so here are some birthday headcanons

Ruby wants to have fun and adventure for her birthday so Yang organises a scavenger hunt for her every year. It ends with a campfire, marshmallows and stories of adventures.

Weiss invites her friends for dinner. Something fancy she ordered. Good food, good conversations. Laughter and warm words. 

Yang throws a big party. A long summer night in her backyard, barbecue and sweet lemonade.

Blake doesn’t want anything big, maybe invites her closest friends for tea and cake. An afternoon shared with the people she loves most. 

Mercury never even wanted to celebrate his birthday, he has no positive memory of that day and he couldn’t care less. Emerald got him a cake anyway. A small one. The nicest thing anyone had ever done for him.

[Weiss Schnee throws open the doors to Haven Academy, to see Ren and Nora standing by a door in the main hall]

Weiss- [marches to Nora] Where is my girlfriend ?

Nora- Uhhhh…..

Weiss- WHERE IS SHE ?!

Ren - [hands clasps Weiss’s shoulder] Weiss, there’s something you should know

Weiss- [determined face] 

Ren - We’ve had a hard time getting here, and Ruby has been having some problems. She hasn’t been talking about them, and I fear it’s taking a toll

[Weiss nods] 

Ren - Good luck….

[Ren knocks on the door]

Ren- Ruby ?


Ren - Ruby, you have a visitor


Ren-  It’s Weiss

Ruby - ………..uh huh…….

[Ren opens the door and allows Weiss inside]

[Weiss walks in to see Ruby lying covered up in bed, shaking slightly, the lights dimmed and the curtains drawn]

Weiss- [shy] Hey Ruby……

Ruby - H…hey Weiss 

Weiss - [looks around, unsure of what to do] Haven certainly looks nice…….

Ruby - …….

Weiss- I heard….. [eye twitches a million times in a single second] Uncle Qrow is here

Ruby - He’s injured because he tried to save me from a scorpion guy and I got in the way  =(

Weiss- [gasps]

Ruby - Everything’s so bad Weiss [eyes tear up]

Weiss- [walks with purpose across the room, pulling Ruby into a definite hug]

Ruby - [sniffs] I don’t know what to do 

Weiss- Ruby Rose…..

[Weiss looks up, closing her eyes for a second]

Weiss- I don’t know the answers…..tomorrows still unknown [pulls away from Ruby, holding her at arms length and looking her in the eye] But I can make this promise

[Weiss pulls Ruby back into the hug] 

Weiss - [voice breaks] You won’t be alone 

[Ruby quiets down, a surprised gasp escaping from her lips]

Weiss- [self conscious] a…and  all of our friends are gathering up to go to this new school and we’re going to be so busy with fun activities Ruby. We’re going to have so much fun  

Ruby - What did you have in mind ?

Weiss -  While I was away, I started learning how to bake 

Ruby - [hopeful]  Really ?!

Weiss- My muffins aren’t so great yet [begins stroking Ruby’s hair while squeezing her tighter with the other arm] but I think I’m getting pretty good at cookies

Ruby - [pulls herself into the hug slightly] [whisper] I’d like that…….

Writing Requests are OPEN

i hate it cuz when you see rnjr, and you hope its about ruby, but no its just gonna be about jaune again

rnjr completing an errand for a village? JAUNE GOT NEW ARMOUR

ruby having nightmares? JAUNE MISSES PYRRHA

ruby’s being targeted? JAUNE IS “INTERESTING” TOO

ruby’s uncle tells them the Origin Story? JAUNE CALLS HIM OUT ON BEING AN UNRELIABLE ADULT

ruby’s suffering from the events in v3? DONT WORRY JAUNE IS HERE TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER

like yo wtf let ruby have some attention too

Uncle Qrow Wins At Life (RWBY Snippet)

Ruby frowned. She loved her Uncle Qrow, but she was old enough now to realise that his drinking was maybe not the best thing for him. The last thing she wanted was for him to get really drunk while on a mission or something and get hurt. Still, it was pretty awesome watching him fight Weiss’s sister. Heh. Weiss might think her sister was cool, but Ruby knew her uncle was the coolest.

“Hey, kiddo.” Qrow waved a bag of cookies in the air and sat next to her on the park bench. “How are you liking it here? I hope Ozpin is treating you right. Has Glynda given you one of those lectures of hers yet?”

Ruby smiled. “It’s been good. I’ve made lots of friends, but we keep getting into trouble somehow. It’s kind of weird.”

“Ah, relax.” Qrow handed her the cookies. “Your mom and dad were just like that at your age. Heck, the whole team was like that.” He patted her on the back. “Is that sister of Winter’s as stuck up as she is?”

“Uh…” Ruby took a bite out of a cookie. “Um… Weiss is… well… Weiss. Yeah.”

“That so?” Qrow smirked. “I’d like to talk to her some time, maybe when her sister isn’t trying to murder me. She can’t be that bad if you two get along. Then again, Ozpin and Jimmy are friends. I swear it’s like Jimmy has got one of those ships of his stuck up his ass sometimes.”


“General Ironwood.” Qrow laughed as Ruby almost choked on her cookie. “Easy there. You’re forgetting that we all go way back. I knew him before he became a general. He was just some punk kid once upon a time. He still is, I guess, except now he’s got a whole damn army.”

“Wow.” Ruby had a hard time imagining the general as ‘some punk kid’. “Uh… you know… about your drinking…?”

“Oh, that?” Qrow leaned over and whispered, “Do you want to know a secret?”

“Uh, sure.”

“I’m faking it.” Her uncle leaned back, and suddenly, all traces of his drunkenness were gone. Instead, he was calm, poised and alert. “Everyone thinks I keep liquor in that flask of mine, but I don’t. It’s water.”

“Wait - what?” Ruby gaped.

“You know me, Ruby. I like messing with people. And it’s useful. The more people think I’m drunk, the more they’re willing to underestimate me. And you’d be surprised by how much people are willing to say when they think you’re too drunk to remember any of it.” He lifted one finger to his lips. “But it’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone.” He winked. “Besides, do you have any idea how fun it is to piss Glynda off? The only one who’s anywhere near as much fun to tease is Winter. Heh. I’m two for two today, actually.”

“Uncle Qrow…” Ruby giggled. “That is so evil.”

“Yeah, but it’s fun too.” Qrow took out his flask and offered it to Ruby. “Here, have some. It really is water.”

Ruby was just about to take a sip when an enraged shriek came from nearby.

“What do you think you’re doing!” Glynda wailed as she stomped toward them. “Miss Rose, put that flask down now! And you!” She snarled at Qrow. “Get over here.”

“Ah, that’s my cue to leave.” Qrow grabbed his flask and ruffled Ruby’s hair before leaping over the bench and running for it. “See your tomorrow, Ruby!”

When Lying Goes Wrong

Professor Dean Masterlist

Reader gender: Female

Word count: 2250ish

Summary: Jess walks in on you in bed with Dean, things happen from there and culminate in a shock at the end.

Warnings: Slight angst, mentions of drinking and being drunk (Jo, not the reader), lying, that’s about it.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to crank out! Hopefully the next part will be done by Friday so you guys won’t be left hanging for too long ;)

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