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Dominant Thought of the Day

I wanted to take a moment to point folks in the direction of some of the best D/s blogs I’ve found here on the tumblr machine. Some common threads you’ll find in all of them - wit, humor, intelligence, considered words, insight, wisdom, good advice and of course sexy stuff too! I’ve put notes with them for things I feel are extra important.

Some of these folks I’ve interacted with, some not, and that’s ok - this is meant as a “good info” list, not as a “hey go check out my buddies and get them more followers” list.

If I left anyone off, please don’t have hurt feelings… it doesn’t mean you’re not awesome, just means I’m getting more forgetful as I get older. 👴

So without further adieu, and no particular order….


- vaginaandmagirl & thedominanthand: if you want to see how a healthy and happy D/s relationship looks, check out how these two interact with each other.

- missharpersworld & baroniansmythe: to see how a solid D/s couple look at and take care of each other, look no further than these two. One of the finest “two as one” relationships I’ve ever seen, tumblr or otherwise.

- notnumbersix & Walternate: a little different here, as Walternate (Dom to NNS) does not have a blog… but you get a real feel for the man and the relationship between them in NNS’ posts. Some of the best intra-relationship communications I’ve come across here are shared, without Walternate even having a blog!

- littlemisssubshine & Rb: another one where only one has a blog (I believe; somebody PLEASE correct me on that if I’m mistaken), but reading LMS’ posts really highlight the absolute happiness and joy a solid D/s relationship can bring. You can feel the heart bubbles when you read her posts - just awesome!


Some of these are mentioned above in the couples section, but they’re included here as well for a reason - competent, experienced Doms seem to be in rather short supply, and these people have distinguished themselves in my mind.

- thedominanthand: if you want to see how a well centered Dominant cares for and loves his submissive, TDH is as good as they come. Excellent advice when solicited, super sense of humor, and the way this man looks at his woman??? Just wow. If you’re curious about what goes on inside the head of a good Dom, check his blog out.

- baroniansmythe: in a healthy D/s relationship, a Dom should be completely focused on his submissive; no finer example of that than the Baron. Also an excellent caretaker of the tumblr D/s community - if he SEES bullshit, you had better believe he’s gonna CALL bullshit.

- @mrmattgrey: not sure why the tumblr machine won’t let me link him here; don’t let the blog title lead you to the wrong conclusion - this dude is NOT a 50 Shades wannabe. Example? In response to a recent anon post about his plans for the day, he replied that he had grocery shopping to do… and packing for an upcoming move… and THEN mentioned picking up a new collar for his submissive. In short, this guy keeps it real and in perspective.

- obscenebatman: a new discovery of mine; besides the great blog handle, this guy is a deep thinker who puts a lot of thought and consideration into being the best Dominant he can be.

- thedominantword: no link here, as he is currently taking a tumblr sabbatical that may or may not be permanent, and trust me when I say the tumblr D/s community is lessened by not having this guy around because he’s one of the best. Mentioned here because A) if you happen to stumble across his writings while surfing other blogs, his words are worth taking note of, and B) if he ever DOES come back, you should be all over this guys words.


Ahhhhhh, the ladies. 😊 These women, to me, are superstars. Smart, funny, confident in who they are, willing to share their lives and experiences…. just amazing! Some are mentioned in the couples list, and here again for reasons - these women are forces in their own right! Ladies, you are most appreciated!

- vaginaandmagirl: a prime example of what a happy, well adjusted submissive can be. Frequently shares her thoughts; for those of you who wonder what’s going on behind a subs eyes, this lady is a treasure trove. Gives some of the best advice there is to be had. Also frequently shares moments from her past on the path she & TDH have traveled to get to the amazing D/s relationship they now enjoy, which highlights the fact that such relationships don’t magically appear from jump - they’re BUILT by people who love each other more than anything else in the world.

- subgirlygirl: wanna see what a submissive who is completely in tune with herself looks like? SGG is your lady. This is a woman who straight up has her shit together as a person folks. Always willing to offer some of the best advice around with no sugar coating. Bonus points here for her rapier wit and completely hilarious eviscerations of dumbasses who message her with inappropriate things - she’s made me shoot soda through my nose with laughter at these on more than one occasion! Check her out, you’ll be glad you did.

- missharpersworld: this lady is my happy place on tumblr. Super smart, super sweet… Harper’s the kind of person that if you don’t like her, there’s something wrong with YOU. 😊 Her willingness to share her occasional struggles show that even when you’ve got a great life, things aren’t always rainbows and bunny rabbits - which helps those of us who have similar feelings know we’re not alone in this. You probably aren’t thanked enough for that, so let me do so now… Harp, you are a gem of a human being. 💎

- notnumbersix: another happy place on tumblr, this lady is another prime example of the kind of happiness that can result from a great D/s relationship - just smiles for miles with this one. Another who is willing to share the bump in the road moments that led her to the great place she’s at today, which helps others realize “Oh, it’s NOT just me (or us) that’s had to deal with this!” Woman, you’re awesome! 😃

- slavekate: a lady who is supremely confident and comfortable in who she is. I’ve only recently discovered SK, but I’ll tell you what - if you want to better understand the thoughts and soul of a submissive, there are few better places on tumblr to gain such insight.

- kneelinggirl: listed last here for a VERY important reason… this lady is working on stuff FAR more important than tumblr blogging at the moment (and she’s kicking ass at it), and is much less active than she used to be as a result. As such, I’d ask that you support her and DO NOT inundate her with asks and notes at this time. Instead, go through the history of her blog - this ladies willingness to share her triumphs and struggles is another “it’s not just me (or us) resource.

So there it is, my list of the best D/s blogs I’ve found on here. I sincerely hope that as you discover them, you gain as much by doing so as I have.


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My order from TRENDYCO came in today and I’m literally so stoked! I got the Parental Advisory/Mature Content shirt and it’s so frickin soft. All their shirts are 100% cotton but it’s the relaxed fit, not the stiff ones you get from Gildan (you know which ones I’m talking about.) As for fit I’d recommend one size larger than your typical size. They definitely have some room to them but I personally like my shirts a little bigger than skin tight so I went with a size up and it fit nicely (i’ll be sure to post some selfies in it soon!). Trendyco also sells beanies and sweaters! If you find something you like you can use the discount code pride10 for 10% of your order! If you have any questions feel free to message me here!

For all of the stories that I write about them, I haven’t made many posts about Sirius’ relationship with the Potters. Which is kind of funny because they’re one of my favorite relationships to think about. I’ve spent years building up their characterizations and their headcanons and…yeah…to me, they feel almost like real people. And throughout the dozens of oneshots and the handful of multi-chaptered stories where they’ve been in, their characters have essentially remained the same. So, if you’ve ever wondered, here are some basic ‘rules’ that I follow when writing about Mr. Potter and Mrs. Potter, and Sirius’ relationship with them.

  • First off, Mr. and Mrs. Potter are the nicest people in the world. They are that old, friendly, couple that you know in your lives that are always happy and always generous and always laughing and always opening up their home to anyone. I decided on this characteristic years ago, for the sheer fact that I wanted a complete contrast between them and Walburga and Orion.
  • Mr. Potter is usually always an Auror. In fact, I can’t ever remember writing anything where he wasn’t. This again was to create a contrast between the Potters and the Blacks, as a good chunk of the Blacks are Death Eaters.
  • Because he’s an Auror, Mr. Potter knows Moody. In fact, the two of them are good friends and are around the same age. Mr. Potter’s the calm, passive, one whereas Moody’s the loud, destructive, one. Plus, I jjust love the idea of Moody being like James’ weird uncle.
  • Mr. Potter usually knows Kingsley. Kingsley’s not in all of my stories but he is in the majority of them, usually as Mr. Potter’s apprentice; the guy who’s just starting to work at the Auror Offices and is working his way up to greatness.
  • Fudge is the devil. I know that that’s a bit off topic but a lot of the stories that I write have Fudge as a minor antagonist. He’s usually either a higher-up or even the Head of the Auror Offices. (Although he technically didn’t work in the Auror Offices in canon but seriously, who even follows canon anymore?) Fudge is basically that big, greedy, businessman who corrupts the office by trying to get fame, power, and money. He and Orion get along when the latter is donating huge bags of galleons to the Ministry. Naturally, he and Mr. Potter don’t get along quite as much.
  • Mr. Potter is basically like a cross between Atticus Finch and Uncle Iroh. He’s gentle but can be stern when needed. He’s passive and kind but he knows how to fight and he fights well, especially when his family is endangered. He’s always spouting philosophy and really wise statements that cause Sirius and James to think.
  • Mr. Potter can always see right through Sirius, no matter what age (Because I’ve had several stories where he meets Sirius when Sirius’ is a child). Sirius has spent his entire life hiding behind a mask and trying to deny the fact that he’s scared and upset. But Mr. Potter can see right through that mask. Going along with the above bullet, Mr. Potter often gives these really wise speeches and says exactly what Sirius needs to hear. Even if Sirius never says a word back, it’s always evident that Mr. Potter has helped him.
  • Mrs. Potter is the motherly figure - the one who gives Sirius warmth and support. She’s the one who gives him amazing meals (I’ve always had the headcanon that she was a phenomenal cook) and she always tells him how amazing and wonderful he is and she always reminds him that their house is always open. 
  • Mrs. Potter is basically like Mrs. Weasley only without the negative shrillness.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potter almost always live in a big house out in the countryside.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potter are rich, though unlike the Blacks, they are very modest about it.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potter always send Sirius (and the other Marauders) sweets and presents throughout the schoolyear.
  • In the event that Regulus is in the story (which is more often than not), the Potters treat him exactly as they do Sirius.
  • Sirius tends to take after Mr. Potter whereas Regulus tends to take after Mrs. Potter
  • James is a combination of both
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potter think of Sirius (and Regulus if he’s there) as their son(s).
  • When it comes right down to it, Mr. and Mrs. Potter are the amazing (albeit sappy) family that Sirius (and Regulus if he’s there) needs. And it’s wonderful.

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Some of my friends don't think Taron Egerton is hot, what do I do?

First: Just accept people will always have different tastes than you

Second: Laugh, coz they be blind as fucccck

The List, Captive and Crimson Bliss update

I managed to finish my first draft for The List part 2 this afternoon, all it needs now is some final editing and I can share it with you guys, and I should have some time to do all that this week :)
It turned out exactly how I wanted it: a little bit of fun and a lot of smut, and somehow I can’t write Tom without putting some feels in there too, what can I say, I love the bastard way too much…

Now I also have that other fic running, Crimson Bliss, which sadly I haven’t written anything more for and the next couple of weeks are not looking good.
Here’s the thing: I’m pretty proud of what I have so far, but it takes me a while to get into that zone and the horror/creepy feels don’t always come that easily. Combined with my writing time being cut short because we’re moving in less than a month, I’ll be honest: you guys are gonna have to be patient with me on this one. BUT I pretty much have the whole story in my head, I know where I’m going with it, I just need time to put it all into words and make the next chapters as good as the first ones, and right now I just don’t have the time for that so it will have to wait until I can give it my full attention.

On to better news: I don’t know how many of you have read Captive, the one story I have ever put On Hiatus, but the past weeks I finally found some inspiration to continue telling the story of Loki and Mia and Clint. 
The next chapter isn’t finished yet but a big part is already written and it’s been slowly forming and growing in my head, so Captive will definitely return from hiatus!

And I want to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for their support on Down, I am over the moon with how it’s going and I know most of my downloads and sales come from you guys so thank you all so very much!
I bow down to all you lovely ladies!

At my mom’s for some good rest for the next couple days and her neighbor on the hill just above this house is having a party and playing really good house music and r&b

It’s comforting

I wasn’t gonna write this out because I’ve been experiencing a lot of moments out here lately where I feel a lot and I think, “this shouldn’t be memorialized on tumblr” but it’s just a beautiful fucking night and this new chapter of my life is beginning and my birthday is coming up and I think things are happening

So, a dear friend of mine has run into some financial trouble and seriously needs some help. She has a big pride and feels super super guilty about asking for help so I’m here to signal boost the crap out of her. The story: “I suppose I’ll jump right into it. My mom & I have recently run into a bit of financial stresses. My mom is moving across the country this summer, mostly for her mental health, and I’m going to drive out with her to help set up (and maybe stay, my plans are a bit, well, unplanned atm) the house. The trip alone is costly, and we’ve still got bills to pay here before we go. Also to help with the driving, and cut down on insurance costs, I have to take driver’s ed asap. The only program open is more expensive than we thought, and grants are looking to be a problem right now, so we might have to pay the full $1200 for it out of pocket. (we’re getting some assistance from my father on this but he’s currently not able to work much until spring really kicks in). I recently had a computer konk out on me as well, which was costly, but necessary to replace for my own mental health reasons in all honesty. That alone pretty much drained my own personal savings (if you add in what i’ll be spending on driver’s ed and various small costs from now till moving time) This is all just on top of our everyday costs and bills till we sell the house. Altogether even moving aside, everything is costing us a couple thousand dollars which we really don’t have to spare, so any amount would be a serious help.” Like, I love this girl with my whole heart and she has been going through so much lately (more than the gofundme page shares) and it would mean so much to me if you guys would help her out. Like, I can’t do much but if you donate and let me know (just hmu via inbox) I will arrange a playlist for you or take a cosplay request or promo you or write you a prompt of your choice. I really just want to help her out anyway I can, and I’m so frustrated I can’t do more than this at the moment. just reblogging this means the world to me.

ALSO. For anyone who donates.

Donate $5 and missmycroft (the creator of the page) will make you a sweet playlist on 8tracks, and user martinsbaby and I will promo you! 

Donate $10 and get a pencil sketch from swingsetheart

Donate $15 and get a sketch with watercolor accents from swingsetheart along with an icon/edit/header/graphic request from martinsbaby

Donate $20 and you get an art print from the amazing swingsetheart!! ALSO you can make a Sherlock AU/or non AU cosplay request from me (John/Moriarty) or user martinsbaby (Sherlock)


So far $85 dollars has been raised, thank you guys so much!!



this works best while reading but since i don’t want to half ass some words out of me, here, read this great fanfic by nightshifted


“Here are some still shots from the video I sent my mother and Hazel’s family of Hazel teaching Stella to walk. Time sure does fly when you are a parent. It just seems like yesterday she was born, now she is walking and talking and it just is weird. I can’t believe we are this old, and that this happening, man I still feel like Im 21 ready to hit the bar, but you know…more important things in life have come along and Im so happy to be where I am now, working and supporting my family, these two beautiful women are the most important thing to me in the world, man I never thought these types of words would ever come out of my mouth..hell must of finally froze over…” - Darron

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I am feeling sappy, what are some of the best full blown romance but still in-character fics?

I don’t know if I’d call any of these sappy, but here’s my list:

  • Catch-19 by mmmchelle: The IOA wants to replace John, but never fear, Rodney has a plan.
  • here is the secret that everyone knows by sabinelagrande: John stops wearing his uniform on the two thousand and second day after they arrive.
  • To Have and To Hold by ru_salki99: The IOA decide that because Rodney has never been in a successful long term relationship while on Atlantis, that he lacks certain leadership skills. John however, can’t bare the thought of Rodney leaving, so comes up with a cunning plan.
  • A Not-So-Modest Proposal by reccea: “I’m pretty much left with you as the only reasonable person to assume the mantle of protecting my mind in perpetuity. So we should get married before I’m speared to death by some alien with rudimentary weapons and statistically improbable aim.”
  • Bang by rageprufrock: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ALONE (*)

I hope this helps.


Why I say “I’m not human”, and why it doesn’t mean what you think it means

Because I feel the need to throw out some more reasoning about otherkin/therian identities (and because my last post on the topic was apparently kinda ambiguously worded). Also, if you’re uncomfortable with the way gender, sex, male and female are described here, I’m sorry: I’m only trying to describe my own perspective on this, using the words that make sense to me. You don’t have to feel like my definitions define you.

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Hey darlings~ Let's twist thing around, shall we~? What if EXO, VIXX and BTS are regular K-Pop fans and then they get to meet your/the reader's idol group in an exclusive fanmeet? So it's like the tables are turned: they're the fans, we're the idols, yeah~? :D Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work~! ^ ^

This was so fun Anon, omg~ But I feel like the reactions are mostly the same to some degree so sorry about that~ ^^ Here’s the BTS reaction~ and the VIXX reaction~


Minseok: “They’re even prettier/handsomer in person, my whole life is a lie”


Yifan: “It’s them~ It’s actually them!”


Yixing: “I never thought that I would be able to meet them in person, and now I actually have”

Baekhyun: *ready to get anyone told who cuts in front of him*

Jongdae: *to whoever is talking when a member of the group is* “Will you please be quiet”

Chanyeol: “I love you~ I love you~ I love you~”


Zitao: *overwhelmed with emotion*

Jongin: “I need to take as many pictures as I possibly can”

Sehun: *gets shy in front of them*

~Admin Indie

Click here if you would like a ship or reaction~
I do BTS and VIXX reactions and ships as well \(^_^)/

paradisewithziam twistericecream zaynteam liamstolenboxers all tagged me at some point, I believe.

Now I’m supposed to tag 20 beautiful people but I think pretty much all the friends I have did this already? Anyway: acciocrimson9jadethirstwallziamkidficgyllensexuhaalthat-regular-chickarmsmadeforyouassquadzaynoldpaynehighforziambakagamierutheitchyarmpit ★ nerds4lifesatokikuchi ★ emojipaynedreamyletterspaynoisbatmantanktopliamziamisreallove I’ve run out of people to tag, I guess? I don’t know that many people. *shrugs*

Hello hello, Tumblr!   Name’s Bill Cipher, and I’m here to answer any little questions your little mortal minds might have!  Feel free to ask me anything—or ask me FOR anything.  You know!  I’m always here to help with any problems or issues you people might have, just send me one of those Ask things and we’ll see if we can work out some kind of arrangement!  I’m sure we’ll have no trouble working together~!  And here, as a token of my sincerity, have this gorgeous butterfly that counts down to the time and date of your death in Latin!  Haha!  No?  Well, your loss.  Anyway, gotta go, got a LOT to do over here, you know how it is.  SEND ASKS, and let’s get to know each other!

o hello

Back from my weird semi-hiatus! I used to have a follower count blocker thing (cause idgaf about follower numbers and didnt want to stress w/ unfollows) on my old computer but just now realized i have some 600+ followers here?! So I feel like I should be posting a lot more orcs. I had no idea you guys liked Omog/orcs so much ;w; 

Also I’d like to try actually somewhat actively RPing him again. Or writing. Sorta. Something like that. I’M TRYING

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I've just started my 2 week Easter break and I really need to revise for exams. The trouble is I'm really bad at getting things done in the holidays, since I'm always exhausted from school and feel like I need a break, and sometimes the lack of regular routine makes me feel lethargic and worsens my depression symptoms, and I also get 'episodes' (not sure if it's appropriate to call them that hence the '' marks) where I get really down for hours and can't do anything. Any advice/encouragement? ❤️

ok!!!!! here’s chloe’s guide to motivation!!!!! i was given some advice by ellie soyabug and i also have my own methods!!!!!!
if you like a routine, print out some of these schedules by theorganisedstudent
[] and map out your day/week/month. give yourself set times to work and set times for relaxation and enjoying yourself. try to stick to the times but honestly don’t feel bad if you don’t, it isn’t the end of the world. write a list of the subjects/topics/areas you wanna cover each time you do some work and then tick them off as you go and you will feel satisfied to have gotten things done!!! for motivation purposes - drink lots of tea or your preferred hot drink, keep warm and cosy, have a tidy and pleasant working environment!!! light candles or incense or anything calming!! try to avoid any distractions - maybe put your phone away or block websites that you don’t want to get sidetracked by. play music - not music with words if you can help it, because you might get distracted. soundtracks from video games like animal crossing i find are really nice to work to, particularly the 1am and evening time sounds! but any game of your choice, or even just acoustic/instrumental music works! have snacks at the ready for when hunger strikes! another great way to motivate yourself is to reward yourself. set goals - if you do a set amount of work in a set amount of time, you can watch some netflix or go out with friends or have a break on social media! whatever works for you! i hope this helps even a little bit! :-)

Zelink Day 1 - Promise (Redux!)

So, blame inlemoon​ for this feelsy Shinky piece. Yes, Shink counts for Zelink week because I don’t CARE what gender you think Sheik is (and I fluctuate on this opinion like, all the time, guys), it is a canon thinger that Sheik is Zelda and Zelda is Sheik and they are one and the same and I will FIGHT YOU ON THIS, HELEN.

Anyway. Here. Have some feelings. (I actually like this better than my original prompt fill. Man, who knew!) 

“So we meet again, Hero,” Sheik said, her back ramrod straight as the man in red approached her. 

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