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can you feel it right now? (9/?)

summary: When Emma Swan agrees to let her annoying neighbor Killian Jones join her to go to the grocery store, the last thing she could have ever anticipated is becoming his wife over the course of a conversation with some people from his past. (based off of this prompt: you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks i’m married with a baby)

word count: ~4100

also found on:, ao3

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Emma wakes up to the warm feeling of being held.

It’s a good feeling, she initially thinks, because the warmth in question is gentle and cozy and warm.

Their legs are pressed against each other and she’s holding one of his arms against her torso, his palm pressing between her breasts against her heart.

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palefox771  asked:

Hi, it's late and I'm sad but I was wondering if you could write me a happy, fluffy sterek with pack mom stiles? It's totally okay if you don't have time but it would make my day. Thank you! Love you writings by the way

I’m sorry you’re feeling sad, Mel. Here is some fluffy Sterek/pack mom Stiles for you. I am kinda sleepy, so I hope it’s alright (not sure it’s up to my usual standards, sorry!) I was going to have it be a secret relationship reveal at the end, but I switched directions last minute. I hope you like it, hon! If you need to talk, I’ll make some time for you *hugs*

[Disclaimer: I know some people have issues with the pack mom Stiles thing, but honestly, he has a lot of practice taking care of people, and all the rest of them desperately need to be taken care of, so I  think it fits.]


Stiles poured four cups of coffee and put the kettle on for tea as the toaster dinged. He deftly swiped the four finished slices out of the slots and dropped four more in their place; werewolves ate a lot, and breakfast is important.

Sipping from his own mug, he slathered butter and jam on each of the slices of toast, and shook the sausage sizzling on the stove, enjoying the soft popping sounds that broke the otherwise silent morning.

Looking out the window and drinking his coffee, he takes a moment to appreciate the gentle way that morning breaks through the woods surrounding the pack house. Golden light filtering through the leaves, shining through the kitchen window and casting glowing, warm light across the countertops, making the hardwood floors gleam. He takes a moment to take in the extremely rare silence in the house. Now that everyone is home from college for the summer, quiet times were rare indeed.

His reverie is broken by the loud clamoring of three sets of feet bounding down the stairs, followed by another, more sedate set of steps. He quickly plates breakfast and adds hot water to a waiting mug. A moment later, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd are shuffling into the kitchen in their typical zombie-like morning state of half awakeness.

“Ohmygod, coffee! Stiles, you’re my favorite human,” Erica half squeals half mumbles as she gratefully grabs the mug Stiles offers her.

He grins and hands her a plate, “There’s toast and sausage, too.” his grin widens when she kisses his cheek and mutters :I love you”  into his hair. “Love you, too, Er.”

Boyd follows her, smiling sleepily but fondly at Erica. He takes the plate and tea that Stiles hands him with a polite, “Thanks, man,” and a friendly ruffle of his hair.

“No problem,” Stiles replies, holding back a smile at the brotherly gesture.

Isaac, the grumpiest of the bunch in the mornings says nothing when he gets his breakfast, but he half smiles and places a mockingly loud kiss on Stiles’ cheek. Stiles rolls his eyes, but laughs anyway, playfully slapping Isaac’s butt as he walks away. “You guys are useless in the mornings, you know that? What would you do without me?”

“I hope we never have to figure that out,” Derek says, chuckling lightly from the doorway, and Stiles turns toward the low rumble of his sleep rough voice. He feels a warm rush at the sight of Derek still sleep rumpled and soft, his dark hair sticking up at funny angles, soft lines etched on his face from his pillow, and an even softer smile just for Stiles.

Stiles holds out a plate and steamy hot mug in Derek’s direction, “Breakfast, big guy?” Derek walks toward him and takes them both, placing a gentle kiss at the corner of Stiles’ mouth.

“Thanks, babe,” he says against Stiles’ lips.

The moment is broken once again by a catcall and a grumbled “Gross,” from the kitchen table. Stiles and Derek share a laugh. “Ingrates,” Stiles growls in the direction of the pack, but then his lips are captured in a kiss again, and he can’t be bothered to be annoyed by his ridiculous friends.

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hi! so i was wondering if you had any recs for books with f/f pairings? whenever i try to find them its like the entire book is just focused on the fact that theyre queer which is fine but i really want a book or series with fantasy and action and also a main f/f pairing? i feel like its hard to find which is annoying but if you know of any. thanks! :)

Here are some of my favorite lists for f/f pairings! 

Shout out to my buddies at  @fizzlereads and  @yabookers for making awesome lists! (and if you guys have anything to add pls feel free to do so) 

I hope you find these lists resourceful! There is definitely a lack of f/f in fantasy and action lit, but I hope that you’re able to find something that interests you. Happy f/f reading! 


Wonder where I went? Two months ago, I got in trouble with a three-letter agency. Someone mistook my potted basil plant as marijuana, and on suspicion that more of those magic grass were growing in my basement, they decided to tip said three-letter agency. Instead of clarifying when they came knocking, I panicked and slipped out the back door with a few belongings- effectively becoming a fugitive. While swiftly evading the authorities, I have traversed seven states on foot. In my haste leaving home, I had forgotten my digital drawing tools. Fortunately, I broke into a video game development studio and procured a tablet, with stylus, and several illegal anime merchandise from a decomposing 3D-rigging intern. In between my daily law-evading parkour, I managed to slip in some drawing time. Despite still being a wanted person, I am currently uploading some of these drawings to my Japanese cartoon drawing blog. There is nothing incriminating about my drawings here, so feel free to view them while taking it easy. In the meantime, I will continue running and drawing, until my hands and legs give out. Peace. 

With a large enough backlog of drawings not uploaded here, I needed an excuse for my absence (negligence). Some good people suggested that I write an elaborate, untrue story for the giggles. So here it is, the untrue story of the criminal I never was. If you would like to keep up to date with my incessant doodles and well-being, please consider following my Twitter.

ELA Teachers--

How do you balance teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening? I feel overwhelmed by the amount of skills I want to include as an English teacher, but I’m not sure how to incorporate all of them. 

Do you use a novel as an anchor text and include all of the skills as you are teaching? Do you have a system for teaching a certain skill a certain day? Do you do vocabulary separately? Do you have a standing writing system?

I guess I’m looking for some pedagogical philosophy here. My school gives us “macroconcepts” to focus on each unit, but no real direction otherwise on how to spend our time. What do you do?

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I have you ever heard a song and just BEEN like "OMG THIS SONG IS MY OC!!!!"?

Yeah, sure! Bron actually has a short playlist already. The others are still kind of works-in-progress, but here are some songs that I associate with my characters - some because of lyrics, some because of the overall feel of the song.

Skaila: Stand Up And Fight by Turisas // Legends Of The Frost by Miracle Of Sound feat. Malukah

Laraniel: Self Portrait by Blackmore’s Night // The Crow, The Owl And The Dove by Nightwish

Brenna: Fallen Star by Kamelot // Deus In Absentia by Ghost

Varril: Circle by Slipknot // Change by Poets of the Fall // …and naturally Nerevar by Liz Katrin (could not leave this out - it’s amazing)

Noelie: When You Go by Celtic Woman // Slania’s Song by Eluveitie (or Inis Mona…. or From Darkness… literally everything by this band makes me think of Bretons marching to war ;P)

Davius: Raised By The Sword and/or In My Sword I Trust by Ensiferum

Meirami: Braving The Seas by Myrath // and because I couldnt resist Khajiit Like To Sneak by Miracle of Sound :’)

alright. heres the trans andriel headcanon no one asked for brought to u by the power duo me & francis @ganseyiil

  • so i saw this hc that mentioned neil crossdressing bc his mom told him to so hed fool the ppl following them and my immediate thought was. trans girl neil. neil is a trans girl fuck me up

  • but also i feel like neil would not give a shit? whats a gender i dont fucking know. im feeling agender neil
  • also picture this: trans boy sex repulsed andrew…. trans boy andrew

  • demisex andrew! fluid ace andrew!

  • but also. agender andrew + agender neil. lets stick w this one for now

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Keahi and Luna watch as Edmund and Lauren get to work.  The two are great at this assignment and the customers flock to them.  

Luna:  “This was a great idea, baby.”

Keahi:  “It was, wasn’t it?  I just wanted to take some of the work off you and we needed the help.”

Luna nods happily, the store doesn’t feel as hectic now that they have help.

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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Please tell me I did the right thing. I'm scared I'm lying to myself and maybe ruined my entire life. Coming out was supposed to be a relief and even though it went smoothly I'm more scared than ever. I was so sure but now that I'm here, I don't know what to do. I love girls. When I think of girls being together my heart gets fluttery. I think of having a girlfriend or wife and I feel butterflies. But I'm scared I'm lying. Please tell me I did the right thing. I just want to feel okay.

You did the right thing. It’s not a lie. It’s completely okay to feel this way after coming out. Take some texted Rome to take care of yourself.

It’s going to be okay and we’re proud of you.




I’m feeling very torn today. Some very sad news. One of my favorite places for healing has been affected by the fires here in Northern California. Friends have lost their homes too. There is a lot of shifting happening around me, not just in my life but I see it happening all around me. This week I made the decision to start a new beginning in a new place and I’m embracing the change. Tomorrow is my birthday and as I move into this new chapter in my life I embrace all I have learned, all I have experienced and I put it out there to manifest a beautiful life once again. I’m ready for this. I have lived a very fulfilling life, and I feel it just getting better ✨ I wish for Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips, Sunsets to warm your heart, Hugs when spirits sag, Beauty for your eyes to see, Friendships to brighten your being, Faith so that you can believe, Confidence for when you doubt, Courage to know yourself. Patience to accept the truth and Love to complete your life ✨ Happy Birthday to me!!! ❤️✨❤️ #IHealMyseltoHealtheWorld #IAmMyOwnGuru #aphroditerising #allindivineorder #badass #balance #beyourself #chakrahealing #cosmicwarrior #empowermentgoddess  #followyourheart #gowithin #goddesswisdom #gypsylifestyle  #innerstrength #indigenousgoddess #loveyourself #moonchild #motivationalspeakeryogini #nativeamerican #openheart #strength #synchronicity #yubariver #wemoon #weirdisrad #barebynature #bootyfordays #freethebooty #nakedinnature


Finding myself. I breathe reminding myself I have been in this place before. I have been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and I survived. I know that I can survive this too. I am on a spiritual quest and each day I learn so much about myself, what I want, life, etc. My gypsy adventures have brought me to this beautiful place, I am connecting with amazing people. I think I’ll stay here. I’m not scared anymore, each day I feel stronger and at peace with what’s happening outside of myself. I’m not defined by what’s happening to me. Getting ready to attend #symbiosisgathering I’m really excited to collaborate with my beautiful sister@grizzyloves. Look for the #grizzylovebooth. We’ll be rocking it!!!!! Please check my brothers jewelry@ocelomeh.artisans. This necklace makes me feel like an Indigenous Goddess swimming in the river. What a beautiful day and can’t wait to set my roots in this place and find a beautiful home.


Playlist- Sebastian Stan

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cuteness overload if that counts

I was dancing around the kitchen to one of my favorite songs off of my ‘Sebastian’ playlist. The playlist is filled with songs that remind me of Seb and our relationship together. Some have to do with memories and some just have to do with how he makes me feel. There are even some songs randomly thrown in there because I’ve caught him dancing to them when he thought no-one was around. The song that was playing at the moment was ‘Summer’ by Cassadee Pope. ‘Summer’ is on here because we met in the summer for the first time while we were both vacationing in L.A. We spent the whole summer together going to beaches and hanging out on the boardwalk. We also found out that we lived in the same city so we continued to hangout after summer. We originally met at a coffee shop which is why ‘Someone You Like’ by The Girl and The Dreamcatcher is on here too. I was reading one of my favorite books over again and being the clumsy person he is, he tripped and spilled his coffee all over my book which he later replaced on our 1 year anniversary. Sebastian had gone out for lunch with some friends of his to catch up and he would be gone for a few hours which is why I decided to bake cookies in the kitchen while blasting my music throughout the house. I loved to bake am even though Sebastian has to stay in shape for his roles he loves to eat the things I make.

A couple hours and 5 batches of cookies later and I was finally done with my baking for the day but now I’m left with tons of dishes to clean. While I washed the dishes I heard the song change to a song that I didn’t even remember adding to my iPod let alone this playlist which is weird considering I don’t even recognize it. As I turned around to see what it was called I bumped into another body which turns out to be Sebastian. “Hello.” Sebastian said with a smile and slight chuckle (gif above). “I see you are listening to one of the songs that I added to your playlist. Its called ‘Suspicious Minds’ and it’s by Elvis Presley, I thought that you would like it.” Seb spoke while taking a cookie from the pile. “You always listen to the same songs so I thought I would change it up a bit for you.” I was surprised that I never noticed the additional songs considering the amount of times I play this playlist a day. “Why are you adding songs onto here?” I questioned while hoping he didn’t notice the title. “You needed to listen to some new stuff babe. Also why is it named after me?” He questioned with a look of confusion. “I named it after you because all those songs remind me of you and our relationship. For example ‘I Will Be’ by Leona Lewis is on this playlist because it reminds me of how much I love you and how much you have been there for me throughout all my struggles. You never gave up on me and this song reminds me of the promise I made to better myself in order to be the person you deserve to have by your side.” I stated softly while looking down at our shoes. “Wow y/n, I never knew that those songs meant that much to you. I honestly just thought that they were songs you enjoyed listening to. I guess the songs I add on here work for the playlist anyway because they remind me of you. I added ‘Still Into You’ by Paramore because even though we’ve been together for 5 years every date brings me nerves and butterflies because I want it to be perfect for you.” Sebastian admitted before pulling me into a hug. We spent the rest of the night listening to OUR playlist with him adding more songs than he did last time.

A/N: To the anon who requested this, I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully it is what you were looking for. Thank you again for sending in a request and being so kind! :)

Songs Mentioned:

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Hi! I'm in love with your poetry. You really do have a way with words. Where do you get inspiration for this? I'm really curious ( :

My many muses. Some dead but very much alive. Some still breathing down my neck. Some still pulling my hair. Some still biting my lips. Some still nibbling on my ears. Some still very much in love with me, but we’re out of touch. Some have gone too far and I’m not here for revenge. Some have loved and loved and loved and loved and loved but baby, I don’t know a fucking thing about love. Some still exist inside of me and I promise to always protect them. Some still write to me and I’m sorry my lungs are weak and my words are frail and my heart is useless and my thoughts are disgusting and my stars aren’t bright and I’ve been shivering to feel some kind of warmth, but here I am. Writing my sad poetry for the whole world to see. I’m nothing like my poems, but it still feels nice to write like I am.

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Ok feel free to reject this idea but since u mentioned love triangles I can't get this out of my head like smol bean reader getting hired by the ghostbusters (maybe a 2nd secretary or assistant or something since they've gotten recognition) and the whole team is smitten and low key competes for her attention and end up doing the work they hired her for and then some bc they're all distracted!

A/n: I absolutely loved writing this one, love triangles are always really fun to write for.

Abby looked at you, smiling softly as she showed you to your desk. It was right next to Kevin’s since you were hired as a second secretary because of how popular the Ghostbusters had been getting.

“Here we go, and feel free to come
by my desk if you have any questions…or just wanna talk because I am really great at conversations.” She said pushing out the chair for you.

You smiled and took off your coat, hanging it on the chair. “Thank you, Abby. That’s very kind.”

She started to giggle, a small blush on her face, waving her hand. “You’re too sweet, but I’m gonna get back to work and let you get settled in.”

You nodded, taking your laptop out and starting on the blog they had requested you make.

“You look familiar.” Someone said from across the room. “Did we have a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.”

You looked up and saw Dr. Jillian Holtzmann smiling at you, a screwdriver in her left hand.

“I’m sorry?” You asked with a small laugh.

Jillian shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, babe.” She said, walking over to you and sitting on your desk. “So you’re our blogger?”

You nodded, looking at her unique sense of dress and smiling. “Yeah, it’s my first day.”

Her smile grew. “Excellent, I’ll be happy to have you around.” She said with a wink.

Abby frowned and immediately called out to Holtzmann. “I’m sure, (Y/n), has plenty of work to catch up on.”

Jillian groaned and hopped off your desk, sauntering back to her tools.

An hour had past and you stood up from and went to pick up a stack of papers with addresses for you to analyze and mark the ones they had visted, but someone grabbed them before you could.

“Hey, (Y/n).” Erin said, holding the paper stack and smiling at fondly.
“Don’t worry about this, I got it. There are a lot of addresses in here and I don’t want you stressing over them.”

You smiled in appriciation. “Thank you, Erin, but really isn’t not any trouble.”

Erin still seemed reluctant so you decided to compromise. “How about you let me take half of the pile? I wouldn’t want to worry about you getting overworked either.”

She laughed loudly, and started mumbling to herself as she handed half the papers to you. You could make out her saying the word “adorable” a few times before she smiled at you and ran away.

You didn’t notice Holtzmann frown as she watched the brunette scientist fawn over you.

After finishing the last of the addresses, you went to pick up some files that were in a cardboard box on the shelves. You’re predicament was that the shelf was rather high, and the box was on the very top shelf.

So you just stared at it and tried to come up with some plan to get it down.

“Need some help, baby?” You heard Patty ask.

You turned around and smiled at her. “Yes please! I need to get that box up there but obviously it’s a bit too tall
for me and I’d hate to make a mess.”

Patty laughed and reached up for the box. “S'alright, I got you. I’ve been telling Abby we need to get a ladder or something before someone gets hurt trying to reach for one of these.” She explained, holding the box out to you.

“Thank you so much, Patty. You’re a life saver.” You praised, smiling at the box.

She grinned proudly. “Guilty as charged.”

This continued for the next two weeks. The four woman would all constantly call for your attention, take over jobs that you weremeant to be doing, despite your constant protests, and sending glares to each other when you weren’t around.

So really, to avoid it all you became friends with Kevin, listening to his funny ramblings as you watched the other girls argue over who got to process the pictures you taken of the last haunted house they’d gone to.

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I'm new to Tumblr, however nowhere new to Markiplier! I came across your blog by chance, so I decided to (kinda) start my own. I guess I just wanted to say that I love this great big Mark community, and now getting to see it through the eyes of Tumblr added a whole new and amazing layer!!

AHH THAT’S AWESOME! I’m really glad you’ve started up a blog :D

If you have any questions about tumblr then don’t be afraid to ask me or anything ^^ I’ll do my best to help out, and so will practically anyone else here!

The tumblr community is a beautiful place. I personally feel we are like the flavour packet to some noodles. Kind of. That sounded better in my head but nvm


 FUCK.  i’ve only done one of these before  (  for 100 i think  )  and it was pretty lame,  i didn’t do anything other than cry and thank ppl for following me         BUT  this one is different!  i’ve gotten relatively  decent  with photoshop and 400 feels like too big of a milestone to just thank and then move on,  so i’m gonna make things for some people who want my things.  not all of them         i can hardly handle three          but… u know. 

 list of people will be put into a  different  post,  for now here is this.

   rules ?

 must be following me,  only reblog once,  likes count,  if you follow and immediately unfollow then i’ll just block u bye,  be patient with me!  i’m generally really busy and can’t have all of the things i’ll owe done within a few days.  it’ll take some time,  we can communicate about it and i’ll keep you updated.   * YOU ALSO HAVE TO BE OKAY WITH TALKING TO ME IF YOU GET SOMETHING.  I’LL NEED SOME IN DEPTH INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR MUSE AND I CAN’T GET EVERYTHING I NEED UNLESS WE COMMUNICATE.

   stuff  -   may not seem like much but like i said,  i’m busy and even just these things will take me a while!

 1st place:  a theme bg for the theme i’m using right now  +  advice on how to edit it if you need it,  an aesthetic graphic for your muse  (  or a ship  )  OR  manip of your muse and another muse,  and 200 icons of a fc of your choosing.

 2nd place:  aesthetic graphic of your muse  OR  manip of your muse and another muse,  150 icons of a fc of your choosing,  and a promo.

 3rd place:  100 icons of a fc of your choosing and a promo.

   YOU CAN TRADE OUT IF YOU WANT.  ie.  you want both the aesthetic and the manip but not the icons,  you can switch it up!



theme bgs:  x  /  x  /  x
aesthetic:  x  /  x  /  x  /  x  /  x  /  x
manips:  x  /  x  /  x
promos:  x  /  x  /  x
icons:  x

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Hey, I read the question about Haymitch saying I love you. Could you write another situation where he says it? Maybe years after the war where it isn't the first time? That would be amazing. Thank you!

Here, some fluff for you! (it seems ff may have some problems so if the link doesn’t work, the prompt is all on tumblr and shoudl be accessible through my ff profile) [X]

Forgotten Heartstrings

Haymitch dropped the grocery bags in the kids’ kitchen and followed the soft cooing sounds to the living-room, careful not to step on anything. Their house was a real mess that could have competed with the state his had been in when Effie had first moved in more than a decade earlier. He tried not to make too much noise because noise was never welcomed in the Mellarks’ household nowadays.

The first thing he saw in the living-room was Peeta, passed out on the armchair near the fire, his head at an angle that would guarantee a crick in the neck. And then there was Katniss sprawled on the couch, her legs tangled in a woolen blanket that he was sure was meant for newborns and not exhausted new mothers.

Effie was standing by the window, the precious bundle safely in her arms, making faces and talking in this stupidly endearing voice most people used on babies. Willow wasn’t wailing yet, he considered it a small mercy – that kid had clearly inherited her mother’s lungs. He leaned against the doorframe and watched for a while. Effie was oblivious to his presence, entirely focused on the baby, cooing and smiling at her every time Willow tried to grab her hair.

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Are you doing GISHWHES this year?? I'm so excited. I only "discovered" Misha (and Destiel) like 6 months ago. ("It's all new to me.") I've never done anything like GISHWHES before. I'm not at all competitive (I don't care about winning), I'm just hoping it'll be super weird and fun and that I'll get to flex my creative muscles a bit and expand my horizons some. That's pretty much guaranteed, right? ;D

Hey! :) 

Sadly, GISHWHES always happens when it’s smack in the middle of summer here. Which means that all of my co workers are gone (summer break) and I cover for them (but I do earn some extra money, so don’t feel sorry for me, hehe), but this also means that I’m working an average six days a week, and I would be absolutely useless if I joined a team because I simply don’t have the time to properly participate and help them. :(

Still, I have seen so many fun, weird, and amazing things from all of the people that I follow, and I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life! Have fun dear, and also, welcome to the fandom! *hugs* 

Hey TK! I’m the person who was talking to you on snapchat, here is my improvement picture! The one on the left was drawn about 1 or 2 years ago when I was 10 or 11, and the one on the right was drawn 2 days ago. I’m currently only 12, but you don’t have to go easy on me. Feel free to critique me however you’d like! I’ll be submitting some Marisu art for you guys soon!

Omg sorry I haven’t posted this yet. You improved a lot, friend! The head seems a little wonky but I really like this!

-Mod Tk

// Hey guys, I am going to drop or consolidate some threads because I simply have too many right now. I like all of my threads but having multiple threads with people is preventing me from starting threads with muses I have never RPed with before. I don’t want to keep people waiting for months for a reblog so I need to drop some things.

I will also be deleting all ask starters in my inbox that I haven’t replied to except for the one that Naomi and I discussed. Please keep in mind that I generally do not reply to unsolicited ask starters even from mutuals. This is not a reflection on how I feel about you, I am just too busy.

Also my rules page is here >>> X
*** Please note that if you send me an ask that makes it clear you have not read my rules page then I will not respond to it. *** I have been getting ask starters recently from non Tolkien RP blogs and, while I appreciate the thought, I do not RP outside of the Tolkien fandom except for one exception. 

Lastly, I have updated my rules to state that I will no longer plot threads with blogs that have been around for less than 2 months. I’m getting kind of sick of writing starters for people only to discover they have deleted a week later. 

Ok, I have been a studyblr for a short while and I have seen a ton of really helpful guides and masterposts that range from how to adult to how to write an essay. Here are some of my favorites: @lazyhermione, @iwillbeapolyglot,@studylou,@studyquirk,@terhangus, @wannabesurgicalgod, and @mystudystation.

Today, I am going to impart a little advice on how to transfer schools. As a transfer student (I went from a community college to a major university) and university ambassador that helps other transfer students, I feel that I may have some useful advice that can help some through their transition.

(Note: This transfer guide only applies to those in the process of obtaining an undergraduate degree!)

Before Transferring

1. If you know –or even suspect—that you want to transfer to another school to finish out your degree, you must a make an appointment to you your current institutions transfer advisor ASAP!

By speaking to the advisor, you can make a general game plan in order to make your transition as smooth as possible. Especially if you want to transfer into a program that requires certain classes.

2. Talk to the transfer advisor at the institution you would like to transfer to!

Now, this may seem impossible to do if your next school is across the country (or the world, even!), but you can always send them a friendly email to introduce yourself and what your degree intentions are. Check out your school’s website and search for the program that you want to transfer into in order to email the right person. This is very important!! Why? Because some classes may not transfer. In my new university, there are certain classes that MUST be taken in-house in order to graduate, even if you have already taken it at your first school. For example, my school requires that all business students take a 1-credit Excel class and even though I had already taken a computer literacy class at my previous school, I had to take it. Also, you really don’t want to take a whole bunch of classes at one place only to find you have to “start over” at your new school, extending your stay –and debt—longer than necessary.

3. Learn as much about your school that you possibly can!

It’s is a great idea to know about the vibe of your school before you get there. You’ll want to know what the campus culture is like (is the school sport focused or art focused?), where it is located (is it a rural/suburban/urban area?), what kind of extracurricular activities they have (any clubs or intramurals that interest you?), heck, what kind of restaurants are around the area. Use google, go to the transfer day/open house (if possible), email the leaders of student groups, or ask the transfer advisor if they know of any students that may be willing to answer questions. This may seem over the top, but you really don’t want to get to your new school and realize you actually hate it! And believe me, it has happened.

4. Keep ALL of the syllabi from any classes you have already taken!

Remember how I said that some classes may not be transferable? Well, that isn’t *always* true. Sometimes the advisor needs to see what competencies were taught in the class just in case it matches up to one of the required courses at your new school. Why take a class twice if you don’t need to?

During the Transfer

1. Keep up with your friends/ contacts!

~Just because you have started the process of transferring, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon all of the friends and contacts you’ve made at you first school. Keep in touch with them, you never know if they may transfer to your school or know some people in the area that you are moving to. Also, it’s nice to have people to chat with that are in school but have a different perspective on things.

2. Be patient!

~If you have done everything necessary in your side of the transfer process, then trust the process and let the transfer advisors do their work. Remember, you aren’t the only person transferring; the advisor may have a lot of students to help. Now, with that said, you can drop a line every now and then in order to check the progress or to ask if there is anything that you may need to send in or sign.

3. Ask Questions!

~I know I just said to be patient, but if you have a nagging question about something, you need to ask right away. Seemingly little questions may be the one thing that holds up the process of transferring.

4. Get Excited!

~If you plan on living on campus, email your new roommate(s) and introduce yourself. If you’re commuting, plan the route you’ll take to get to school and practice it a few times. Look for coffee shops stores et cetera along the way to class that you may want to check out when you get there.

After the Transfer

1. Go to events!

When you get there, attend new student networking events, welcome week, club open houses and any event that is geared to new students. This will help you to orient to your new surroundings and make new friends that will enrich your experience. Also, there is usually an abundance of prizes that are there for the winning. Hey, I know a girl that won an IPad at one of these events!

2. Go to class!

Do I really need to explain this? Look, you may have to take a class with “true” freshman in order to fulfill a university requirement. This may be something of a disappointment to you, but go to class! Yes, you may be an upperclassman, but they are just like you, new to this school. Be respectful.

3. Find all help resources and use them!

Find the tutoring office, health clinic, mental health clinic, your advisor’s office, computer services and any other helpful office on your campus. You may not need all of them, but I guarantee, you’ll need one of them while you’re in school and you don’t want to try and figure where these places are when you are in the middle of a crisis!

4. Have fun!

You made it! Now relax and enjoy your new school. Oh, and if you can, volunteer to be one of those students that are willing to help new transfers, you can really change a life!

-Love, Lo