here have some nightmares

Since I’m on a role with Stangst, here have some more.

Sometimes on the Stan O War, Stanley has nightmares. It can be about a memory dredged up from some forgotten moment of his life. These ones, the ones full of fire, violence and chaos, cause him to wake up in a cold sweat, the fear fresh in his mind.

But sometimes, his dreams are the opposite of flames and chaos. They are cold, mundane and hopeless. He’s back in the basement, with the silent dark portal. His brother was never rescued. He is trapped once again with this hellish Sisyphean task, day in and day out. And the worst thing now is that he knows this isn’t right, he fixed it, he shouldn’t be back here. But nightmares don’t work with logic, and his memory problems scramble the events in his head.He feels the helpless grief of knowing that he somehow failed again, that everything that was okay was a lie connoted by his brain. He is trapped in an eternal Purgatory, unable to leave the basement, toiling forever to repair the monstrous machine. 

Ford awakens to the sound of Stan weeping, and quickly wakes him up. They stay up for the rest of the night together, and Ford walks Stan through the events leading to the present moment, and assuring him it was a horrible nightmare due to his memory issues. He gives Stan Mabel’s scrapbook, the sweater she knitted for him (Stan hugs it close to his chest like a teddy bear). He shows Stan the numerous mementos from their various (mis)adventures, talks at length about the strange histories,  anything to  help him feel grounded to the present. But the most important thing Ford says is that, “if you never reactivated the portal, I wouldn’t be here now either. And I certainly feel quite real, Stanley.” He leans forward and gives Stan a big hug. “So, what do think?”
Stan smiles, finally calmer and reassured. “Yeah, you’re real… a real big nerd.”

Nightmares and a Sleepy boy - Michael Clifford

Request: “Could you write one about you having a bad dream so you wake up and that makes michael wake up but that boy loves his sleep so he’d be trying to comfort you but kept falling asleep aww” -Anon


You were never the one to have nightmares, or dreams, consistently. Some dreams appeared here and there, but nightmares were very rare. When they did come though, it never ended with you falling back asleep peacefully as if you didn’t have the worst torment of your life. 

This time, you woke up with beads of sweat clinging onto your forehead. You sat up quietly, dabbing the back of your hand on your face. You look down to the sleeping figure next to you. Snoring and almost drooling, you laid your hand onto Michael’s bare back. It was cold. He shivered at the sensation. 

Trying to be quiet as possible, you uncovered yourself from the covers. You fail to do so when your phone fell onto the wooden floor. You curse at yourself as you pick it up, but an arm slowly snaked around your waist. 

“Why are you awake.” Michael mumbled quietly, his eyes closed.

“I had a bad dream, that’s all.” You whispered, remaining on the bed.

“What was it about?” He had one eye open now. His arm still around you, pulling you closer.  

You began the story, explaining the minor and major details. You were cut short when you heard a snore coming from your boyfriends lips. You weren’t sure if he was awake or not so you poked his cheek.

“Yeah yeah i’m listening!” He practically yelled subconsciously. He stretched his arms above his head as he yawned. You laughed at him as you whispered through your story, again. 

“So yeah that’s how-” You were cut off again by his snoring. His head was on your shoulder and an arm was around you. You laughed at him. You would be tired too if you traveled around the world also. 

It made you forget about the nightmare, now making you focus on his face. He looked too adorable trying to stay awake for you anyways.

here, have some really fucking depressing headcanons about clementine:

  • Clem has reoccurring nightmares about shooting Lee; they usually involve him reanimating in the jewelry store because she’s too scared to pull the trigger– she wakes up in a cold sweat, trembling, and unable to fall back asleep
  • she also has nightmares about her parent’s corpses cornering her but Lee isn’t there to protect her– these make her cry
  • on more than one occasion, Clem almost attempts to wash her baseball cap until she sees the bloodstains that were made when Lee slashed his way through the walker herd to reach the marsh house
  • after the photograph of Lee got soaked from her plummeting into the river, Clem carefully lets it dry out before finding an empty plastic bag in the campground to prevent any further damage
  • Clem keeps careful track of her hair length by using her thumb to measure the strands

Mark Twain takes some children on a field trip to meet Satan.