here have some nightmares

In case you have chronic nightmares or other difficulties sleeping here are some things to keep in mind.

  • don’t have the tv or computer on while you are in bed, the “blue light” keeps your mind active and awake.  it is very stimulating
  • if you read it is better to read with a nook or other ereader that has the softer back light than computers and actual lights, i know personally that the nook back light does not keep me up like a computer or tv does.
  • listen to music
  • meditate
  • think happy thoughts
  • relax
  • take some deep breaths
  • dont focus on anything that could be anxiety inducing
  • hug a stuffed animal or soft blanket
  • take a hot shower before bed
  • herbal tea
  • warm milk

gnight everybody im gonna use the sleep! im hoping for more gay dreams 2night aaaa

Nightmares- Bucky Barnes Imagine

A grunt wakes you up. You look at the time in your digital clock. 4:35am. You are planning on going back to sleep when you hear another noise. It sounds like a man. On the night table next to your bed there’s a gun that you pick up before leaving the room. Walking slowly, you go towards the noises, only to end up right in front of Bucky’s bedroom. You open the door carefully and enter the room. You leave the gun in the floor, next to his closet. He is moving so much and when you approach him you can see that he is sweating.
“Buck! Wake up!” You nudge his shoulder a little bit. Suddenly, his metal hand grips your wrist and his eyes shot open. When he sees you he lets go of your wrist immediately.
“Are you okay?” Bucky looks at you apologetically.
“Yes, don’t worry about my wrist. Nightmares?”
“Yeah… Normally I handle them… I don’t know what happened this time. It felt so real… Anyway, I don’t want to bother you. Sorry for waking you up.”
“You don’t bother me.” You realize that maybe you said that way too quickly. “I mean, it’s no problem. And I was awake, I couldn’t sleep.” You lie. “If you want to talk about it… I am here.”

He looks at you a little bit surprised. He is probably waiting for you to run away from him scared. But you aren’t scared of him. Not at all. The first time you saw Bucky was four months ago, when you arrived at the tower. He caught your attention immediately. You always tried to talk to him, to get to know him, but he didn’t let you. He never talked to anyone, just with Steve and sometimes, just sometimes, with Nat. He was, and still is, a mystery to you.

“It’s always the same dream… The Winter Soldier and his missions. People screaming, begging for their lifes. Sometimes it gets worst. Like tonight.” He gives you a small smile that breaks your heart. “My brain is a mess.” Bucky chuckles bitterly. Your hand grabs his. “You’re not the only one who have nightmares, you are not alone, you know that right?” “You have nightmares?” “Yes. Before coming here… I did some bad things. Really bad things. After all, I was trained to be an assassin, not a superhero. You are not the only monster on the team, Bucky.”

Bucky looks at you. Even in the darkness, you still are the most beautiful girl he has ever met. When you arrived at the tower, Bucky was starstruck. You looked so innocent, so pure, he didn’t believe that you were a really well trained assassin. He wanted to talk to you, but every time he tried, he remembered who he was. The Winter Soldier. And The Winter Soldier couldn’t afford to love, because everything that he touches, ends up dead. So he decided to stay away from you. Kept his distance. And he did.
But, oh, how he wishes to kiss you, to hold your angelical face in his hands, to run his fingers through your beautiful hair, to make you his.

“You are not a monster, (Y/N).”
“Neither are you.”

You smile, and, automatically, he smiles. His eyes look darker under the moonlight, and you can’t stop yourself from getting lost in them. Bucky coughs slightly and you come back to the earth.

“Anyway, uhm, good night.” You turn your back to him but his hand grabs your forearm.
“Please, can you stay with me? If you want, of course… It just, it helps me with my nightmares.”

You look at his expression, he looks like a scared little boy.

“Of course.” You smile sweetly at him and lay next to him in the bed. He hugs your shoulders with his right arm and you put your head in his chest. You can hear his heartbeat. It calms you a lot, and immediately your eyes began to shut.

“Good night” You barely hear Bucky, and before you fall completely sleep, you feel a pair of lips on your head.

Sorry for any gramatical errors! Hope you like it!

This image kept me awake all night yesterday, so here, have some nightmares sweet dreams too.

There’s an explanation for this, I swear.


the evolution of u-kiss (2008-2014)
happy 6th anniversary! ♥♥♥
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Since I’m on a role with Stangst, here have some more.

Sometimes on the Stan O War, Stanley has nightmares. It can be about a memory dredged up from some forgotten moment of his life. These ones, the ones full of fire, violence and chaos, cause him to wake up in a cold sweat, the fear fresh in his mind.

But sometimes, his dreams are the opposite of flames and chaos. They are cold, mundane and hopeless. He’s back in the basement, with the silent dark portal. His brother was never rescued. He is trapped once again with this hellish Sisyphean task, day in and day out. And the worst thing now is that he knows this isn’t right, he fixed it, he shouldn’t be back here. But nightmares don’t work with logic, and his memory problems scramble the events in his head.He feels the helpless grief of knowing that he somehow failed again, that everything that was okay was a lie connoted by his brain. He is trapped in an eternal Purgatory, unable to leave the basement, toiling forever to repair the monstrous machine. 

Ford awakens to the sound of Stan weeping, and quickly wakes him up. They stay up for the rest of the night together, and Ford walks Stan through the events leading to the present moment, and assuring him it was a horrible nightmare due to his memory issues. He gives Stan Mabel’s scrapbook, the sweater she knitted for him (Stan hugs it close to his chest like a teddy bear). He shows Stan the numerous mementos from their various (mis)adventures, talks at length about the strange histories,  anything to  help him feel grounded to the present. But the most important thing Ford says is that, “if you never reactivated the portal, I wouldn’t be here now either. And I certainly feel quite real, Stanley.” He leans forward and gives Stan a big hug. “So, what do think?”
Stan smiles, finally calmer and reassured. “Yeah, you’re real… a real big nerd.”

‘Lumiere frequently has dreams or nightmares about Mabel’
//gonna have some fun here tbh XD//

Lumiere tossed and turned most times as he slept, the same haunting dream of being separated from Mabel was more than he could possibly bear as he began to cry out in his sleep, all of it too muffled to understand.

Nightmares and a Sleepy boy - Michael Clifford

Request: “Could you write one about you having a bad dream so you wake up and that makes michael wake up but that boy loves his sleep so he’d be trying to comfort you but kept falling asleep aww” -Anon


You were never the one to have nightmares, or dreams, consistently. Some dreams appeared here and there, but nightmares were very rare. When they did come though, it never ended with you falling back asleep peacefully as if you didn’t have the worst torment of your life. 

This time, you woke up with beads of sweat clinging onto your forehead. You sat up quietly, dabbing the back of your hand on your face. You look down to the sleeping figure next to you. Snoring and almost drooling, you laid your hand onto Michael’s bare back. It was cold. He shivered at the sensation. 

Trying to be quiet as possible, you uncovered yourself from the covers. You fail to do so when your phone fell onto the wooden floor. You curse at yourself as you pick it up, but an arm slowly snaked around your waist. 

“Why are you awake.” Michael mumbled quietly, his eyes closed.

“I had a bad dream, that’s all.” You whispered, remaining on the bed.

“What was it about?” He had one eye open now. His arm still around you, pulling you closer.  

You began the story, explaining the minor and major details. You were cut short when you heard a snore coming from your boyfriends lips. You weren’t sure if he was awake or not so you poked his cheek.

“Yeah yeah i’m listening!” He practically yelled subconsciously. He stretched his arms above his head as he yawned. You laughed at him as you whispered through your story, again. 

“So yeah that’s how-” You were cut off again by his snoring. His head was on your shoulder and an arm was around you. You laughed at him. You would be tired too if you traveled around the world also. 

It made you forget about the nightmare, now making you focus on his face. He looked too adorable trying to stay awake for you anyways.

on shadows and darker halves

So Yami is Yugi’s darker half right? The shadow to his light and all that good shit, but what if, follow me on this, what if Yami were literally Yugi’s shadow? What if, when, Yami was first freed from the puzzle, he replaced Yugi’s shadow with himself?

So let’s talk about Yami, or Atem, or whatever. Let’s talk about him being stuck in the millennium puzzle, in an offshoot or the shadow realm more or less, for thousands of years. Let’s talk about how it warps and changes him, makes him something else.

Yami doesn’t act much differently than he would’ve normally, first off. Let’s be frank, he’s still a deathless guardian of violent revenge when he first manifests, saying he’s any different is a bald-faced lie.

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Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing...

Wanda turns the moldering pages and reads, understanding instantly a script that no human eye has ever read before… Here it is recorded: the simple mysteries of the Nexus beings. Wanda’s hands shake as she becomes aware of her own nature. One alone exists on each other multiverse’s parallel world’s, one being that is node of each world’s mystic energy. They are as close as sisters, but no two are identical. Each has a power unique to herself… geomancy, sorcery, psychometry, hex power, and no two may exist in one dimension simultaneously. As she reads on she perceives a threat hidden in the meaning of the words… hints of a dark predatory extreme in the Nexus variations that finds its prey by madness and deceit.

Scarlet Witch #2 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, & John Higgins

I’ve been struggling to pick out panels from this book to post because, while I enjoyed it, it’s not tailor-made for out-of-context tumblr panel posting. Then, I realized it’s a perfect excuse for me to talk about something I love: the notion of Wanda as a horror character.

She’s not solely a horror character, of course. There are elements of romance and fairy tales mixed in too, depending on the writing and the period. Mutanthood brings a little science fiction, and obviously, any witch is going to draw from fantasy. But Wanda isn’t as fully immersed in fantasy as you might assume. She’s mother of demons, after all, not mother of dragons. (Though, not to upset certain shippers, Wanda is still more Daenerys than Cersei.) Urban fantasy and paranormal romance both could work for her, but it hasn’t been done before. Horror, however, has.

Scarlet Witch is a horror book, all demons and psychological trauma and eldritch, eldritch, eldritch. It begins not long after her first breakdown. She’s dealing both with her children being reclaimed by the demon Mephisto and her own fear of herself. During this period between Darker Than Scarlet and Avengers Disassembled, Wanda talks a few times about fearing another breakdown and what it means to be Mistress of Chaos. That’s where we find her here, having nightmares and worrying that she will be overcome by some force that will cause her to turn evil.

So, appropriately, what she is faced with is a dark mirror, an evil woman who looks like her and is “as close as a sister.” An evil woman, I might add, who seeks to weaken her by pulling at all the right strings (her continued emotional devastation about the loss of her children and her fear that her stability won’t last). Wanda’s greatest fear is herself, gone to the extreme, and that is what she fights: a monster who wears her face. It’s a trope perfectly suited for horror, the genre that seeks to act as a dark mirror itself, to show us the evilness of the world and mankind in brutal, unforgiving terms.

While this is a Wanda story that amplifies (some of) her demonic connections and makes the whole story horror, to find the roots of her horror elements, you have to go way back, to the origin story…

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jyonzu  asked:

Here's some angst: we all think about Shiro having nightmares about the galra prison, but, Instead, what if he's having a really nice dream about Keith, Keith's smile, his uniform, stargazing, sparring and grinning and touching their noses together and suddenly Keith has a strange look on his face and then Shiro wakes up in pain in a dark place millions of miles from Earth and he doesn't think he'll ever see Keith again????

why are you like this

Psych — Season 6  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Yet, no one’s behavior has been as utterly confusing as yours.”
  • “Spoiler alert! I’m making you a wallet.”
  • “Well, much like Lady Gaga, I was born this way.”
  • “Don’t you just hate people that kill you?”
  • “Just because you put syrup on something don’t make it pancakes.”
  • “We take our hand-held entertainment very seriously.”
  • “Does someone want to explain to me what happened last night?”
  • “I don’t even know what that was supposed to mean.”
  • “Do you want the good news or the bad news?”
  • “As far as I’m concerned, you’re no different then the thieves who robbed you of the thing you robbed.”
  • “Oh, great. Now we have to carry two guys out of here!”
  • “Oh, my gosh! You disgust me! You make me sick to my face.”
  • “I cannot thank you enough for believing in me!”
  • “Partners do not lie to each other, because partners put their lives in each other’s hands.”
  • “I can’t help being a gorgeous fiend. It’s just the card I drew.”
  • “What. In the hell. Are you wearing?”
  • “Sorry, I was too busy James Bonding it up in here.”
  • “Everyone stop whatever you’re doing and only pay attention to me.”
  • “Please explain to me again we’re doing here. As opposed to doing anything else in the world.”
  • “Oh, my God. This is worse than my nightmare. You like it here.”
  • “Get this; I have some good news, and some bad news, and some good news.”
  • “I’m gonna keep doing this! I’m gonna keep drivin’ around in circles until I get hungry!”
  • “Your life has been so starved of honesty that the second you feel it creeping around the corner, you are out the nearest door.”