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Motivational Mango

Hello, I am Mango, birb of the internet, and I have heard that you have a sad. 

Did you know that I am professional sad fighter? It’s true! Mango will show you the way. When you has a sad, you may feel like doing this: 

As you can see, Mango has been there too. But I can offer you some solutions. 

Sometimes it can help to talk to a friend. It can be hard to reach out, but sometimes expressing how you feel and commiserating makes you feel less alone. Hiding in hair is optional. 

You can talk to friends online if that makes you more comfortable. Computer is also good for viewing birbs. Good for combating a sad.  

If you’re having a rough time, it’s ok to take a break and enjoy a favorite activity. Don’t feel guilty! We can’t be 100% work 100% of the time. You’re allowed to have fun! 

You could get some rest, take a walk, or fix yourself a favorite snack! Sometimes you need to treat yo self. You deserve it because you’re awesome. So remember to be good to you. 

You just take that sad and you give it this look to let it know you mean business: 

You examine this sad and tell it that it has no power here. Give it a real good look with your birb eye and remember that you are worth more than any momentary despair this sad could bring. Here, Mango show you how: 

If all else fails, Mango will get real puffy at the sad for you to ward it off. Sad has no room when Mango is poof. 

But of course the best cure for a sad is looking at pictures of birbs. 

Hang in there, birb! You’re gonna make it. 


I saw this post and thought of bakugou :/


Coming *probably* in September.

There’s a million different ways to say “I love you”.
“Put your seat belt on”
“Watch your step”
“Get some rest”
…you just gotta listen.

This series will be similar to my Moments Series in that each post will be a little pocket of time laid out in a simple paragraph or two. For this series, each of the blurbs will be based off of one of these ways to say I love you, and I will add the links of each blurb to this post as they’re published. 

Sweet dreams. 
It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway. 
Did you get my letter?
I’ll wait.
There is enough room for the both of us.
It brings out your eyes.
It can wait until tomorrow.
That’s okay. I bought two.
Look both ways.
Get some rest.
Don’t worry about me.
Call me if you need anything.
Take a deep breath.
I want you to be happy.
Drive safely.
Its not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.
What do you want to watch?
I’ll pick you up at the airport.
One more chapter.
Stay over.
Just because.
I bought you a ticket.
You’re important too.
I’ll see you later. 
Come here. Let me fix it. 
We’ll figure it out.
I believe in you.
You look beautiful.
You’re warm. 
I’ll do it for you.
I’m sorry for your loss.

Tosaki’s wedding

Haha okay so: 31.07. Day 7: rest?  | anything goes  | sun

I decided to take this day to draw Tosaki’s wedding (with his fiance, I think her name is Ai?) in a happy ending maybe…haha I don’t know it seemed like a funny idea in my mind XD and drawing all this crap was actually really fun. So this was clearly meant to be ridiculous so, what the hell? I just hope you enjoy and laugh with me at this shit I made. 

Since Ajin is such a dense manga, and I really love the characters, sometimes I just feel like I want to see them doing stupid things together… (unfortunately I didn’t think it’d be right to include Sato and the others here xd except for Tanaka, cuz he’s just a cinnamon roll). 

(Anyway I apologize for the bad quality of some drawings that are next ): when I’ve my computer fixed, I’ll make them well).


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Fault - 2

(Part 1)


“Bucky had never been held responsible for what he’d done, but you, oh god, everything that had happened had been your fault, and Bucky knew it too.”

Word Count: 1251
Warnings: Injury, angst

There are bright lights when you come to, blinding. That’s the first thing you notice.

The second is the pain, hitting you like a brick to the chest then spreading agonizingly quickly, like fire, to every inch of your body.

The third is that you’re moving. Fast.

“Stop–” You cough, hacking up your lungs as blood coats your lips. Bucky throws you a worried glance through the rear-view mirror, and then you’re moving faster.

Stop the car!” The words are just out of your mouth before your body convulses in on itself, sending you into another coughing fit, eyes daring to shut again because of the pain. The car jerks swiftly to the right, then jolts to a stop. In the backseat, you gasp for air.

The door above your head opens and cold air rushes in, stinging your face. It’s wet outside, but the sky is clearing up and there’s a couple stars shining, and you’re trying to focus on them in hopes that it’ll distract you from the pain. Then Bucky’s face appears in your line of sight, eyebrows pulled together, and his mouth is moving, saying the same thing over and over until you can finally make out his words. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

And truth be told? You’ve been wondering the exact same thing. There’s panic ebbing its way into your veins, coiling in your stomach and threatening to slip past your lips in cries for help, but you can only just manage to whisper between coughs.

You want to say something, but suddenly there’s a hand on your arm and every single nerve in your body tenses and there are alarms – sirens – going off in your head, the word danger flashing in an angry red in your mind. “Stop! Stop! Don’t touch me!”

The hand is gone as fast as it came, and Bucky’s alarmed face is in front of you again, eyes wide. He takes you in for a moment, barely concealed panic behind his blue eyes, before his expression falls into a neutral. “Look Y/N. Everything that happened back at the tower? We can deal with it later, okay? Just let me get you help first.”

You want to scream. Nothing makes sense. Nothing around you makes any sense at all, and the word ‘help’ is so foreign it sounds more like a threat than a promise of safety.

Your actions are slowed down by the wounds all over your body, and with your mind equally as hazy, you don’t get time to respond before the door slams shut. You flinch.

The front door opens and Bucky sits down and then he’s driving again, and you’re in and out of consciousness, trying to figure out a way to get out of the car but knowing that in your state, there’s no way you could manage.

“I have to–” you breathe sharply as the car swerves to the left. “Tell you something. Bucky, listen–”

There’s another sharp turn to the right this time. Your body lurches forward and the seat belt suddenly feels like a knife to the stomach, cutting into the exposed, bloody skin. It hurts, god, it hurts so much that you can barely focus on anything around you. Tears cloud your vision, and your eyes roll to the back of your head.

They know, Bucky. They know and they’re going to come back.

The words never slip past your lips.

“Look, I just–”

“You better get out of here before I blast your punk ass out.”

This is the second time you wake up to bright lights, and it takes a few blinks to clear your vision. This time, there’s no pain. Instead, it feels like you’re floating on a cloud, and everything around you is a different, calm kind of hazy. It feels kind of nice for once, until–


The arguing around you comes to a stop, and the constant hum of machines fills the room. Tony, casually leaning against the wall with a bag of dried blueberries in his hand, pushes off when he sees you awake. He throws a glance at the other man in the room , sporting a black and purple bruise around his left eye, and your breath hitches in your throat as you’re hit with an overwhelming sense of familiarity. There’s a thump in your chest, reflected by the quickened pace of the heartbeat monitor, and you shift backwards on the

The man looks at you, opens his mouth to say something, then stops at a cutting look from Tony. He closes his mouth, throws you one last glance, then shuffles out the door.

“How you feelin’, kid?” Tony asks as he walks to the side of your bed.

“Like shit.”

He laughs, and you can tell that he wants to say more, that there’s words caught on the tip of his tongue, but he bites them back with a lopsided grin and settles for a hair-ruffle instead. You’re too tired to swat him away.

The door swings open, and this time a nurse and doctor walk in. Routine procedure, now that you’re awake, they tell you. A couple broken ribs, a concussion, broken leg, four stitches across the forehead, twelve staples near the abdomen, and the list goes on. Then come the questions, which gain a few weird looks from Tony and a ton of scribbles from the nurse.

“You’ve been in a medically induced coma for the past week to aid in reducing the swelling of your brain,” the doctor says. You stare at him and he continues, “But you are showing symptoms of post-traumatic amnesia. It’s transient, so don’t stress about it. You received a lot of head trauma, so it’s expected. Your memories should return shortly; don’t try to force them back by thinking too hard, that’ll only hurt your head.”

You nod, trying to process the information. There’s this feeling that you can’t shake off, that you know something important that you have to tell someone, but you can’t figure it out and now you know why.

“We need to complete a few more tests, so you’ll be in here for the next couple days, but once that’s done, you’re free to go.” You nod again, and the doctor fixes some equipment around the room before leaving with the nurse trailing behind him.

Tony plops down in the plastic chair beside your bed. “Amnesia, huh?” You sigh in response.

“Okay, so, I was totally cool about the situation, but Capsicle? Think New York City, twenty-ten, fresh-out-of-the-ice. Guy was the most scared I’d ever seen.” A chuckle escapes your lips, followed by a groan of pain, and Tony only smiles.

“Get some rest, kid,” he says as he gets up to leave. “I’m gonna grab something to eat.”

And he’s almost at the door when the question that’s been bugging you can’t stay in your head any longer.

“Tee,” you croak, voice raspy and mouth parched. He pauses and turns to look at you, eyebrows raised in question. “Who was that guy you were talking to?”

Tony stiffens for a moment, eyes hardening and not meeting your gaze. Then he smiles, “No one you need to worry about right now, Y/N. Get some sleep.” He leaves the room.

For someone who had been asleep for the past week, you’re pretty tired. So you close your eyes, sinking into the pillow as sleep overtakes your body.

You dream of the man’s blue eyes and metal arm.

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How to Write Poetry
  • Come up with a theme for your poem. Every poem has a purpose. If you can sum up your theme in ten words, your poem is going nowhere.
  • Don’t start at the beginning. Just write what comes to mind and get the order down later.
  • Come up with lists of good rhymes that you want to use before you actually start.
  • Write.
  • Delete everything you just wrote.
  • It will take six drafts before you’re finally pleased with the framework of what you wrote. At least.
  • Use imagery and metaphors, but don’t make them corny.
  • Don’t mix them up into a giant mess, either. One metaphor at a time.
  • Do not describe eyes as looking like “the ocean” or “the sky” or “chocolate” or “brown circles with little black dots in them” or “a forest” or “cold”. What do eyes even look like when they’re cold?
  • Avoid cliches in general.
  • Delete ¾ths of what you’ve written. Not all of it. We aren’t shooting for perfection here, after all.
  • Your rhymes don’t all have to be at the end. Rhyme in the middle, like eminem and twenty one pilots.
  • You’re writing a song without music. If it’s boring, you aren’t doing it right.
  • Replace some words with better words.
  • Do not compare your work to anyone else’s, or you’ll spend another six hours on this creative sinkhole of despair.
  • You are done when you feel proud of your work. 
  • Look at it a day later and fix all of your mistakes.
  • You’re done. Stop. No more of this.
  • l̶̵̼͍͉̱͚e̵̠͔̜̹͎̫͙͜a̛̤͚̳ͅv̢̱́e҉͈̝̠̳̪͚ ̢̺̜̪͈̲̪̜t̸̬̭̫͉̬͘ͅͅh̦̜̤̙̙i̛҉̮̭͈̗̝s̶̢̺͎̟̞̙̹͇͈ ̸̪̜̱h̷͇̥͙͚̺͟e̡͔͇̘̣̜͢l̳̻̙͇͍͘l̴̷̖̯̯͔̮̻̞͞ͅ ̴͕͕̱̳̱̜͈̲͢w͍̬̱̺̰͍̫͎ͅh̷͔̩̝͡i̴̭͇̺͜ĺ̻̣e͎̫̘̺͇̥̩̳ ̢̗̼̦̲͎̥̮y͠҉͎̦͎̭ó̸̭̬̺̣̫͙͔ͅu҉̞͓̱̝́ ̞̜̜̤̲͞ͅś͖̘͚͘t͜҉͓̲i̧͙̳̼̩̻͚̗͇l̷̛̫̖̩̣̗͍͔͢l̪͟ ̭͇̳c̟̲͔͇͚̕ͅa̴̮̯̳͓̝̥̫̟ń̨̖̲͍͎̙͓̲͜

To avoid spamming the dashboard I have compiled the Inbox ASKs and answer them together in this post (‘∀’●)❤ ( A few questions are repeated, so I have combined them as one.)  Questions that are not listed here, the answer will be revealed in future comics 👍

Again, thank you so so much for the interest, encouragement and support❤

♛18.06. Update: Sorry for the late reply, I have compiles some more anon asks under the “Read more.” :) Again thank you for the questions!
♛So Sorry Guys. Link fixed

✒ Is the Fox personal bodyguard a male or female?

The Fox is a lady…? To be honest, I didn’t have a gender in mind when I design the fox, so feel free to interpret it anyway you like :)

Will we be seeing any more new faces in the animal court?

There will be other minor characters, such as other soldiers, maids, butlers, gardeners and royal members. And of course the King and Queen of the Goose and Swan kingdom. However majority of the story will still focus on the core 7 below.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I love your blog and johnlock love letters! Do you have any good fic recs for post-TLD?

Thank you dear! 

Here are a few post-tld (some post-tfp-ish) /s4 fix-its that I adore…there are so many tho, and so many on my to read list…

To Keep Quiet by Salambo06

s4 fix it. parentlock ish. Sherlock accepts there is a chance John might be feeling just as desperate for more as he is. Many conversations had.

There’s Always Three of Us by Itsallfine

Sherlock takes John and Rosie out to Angelo’s and gets a chance to correct the biggest mistake of his life. post s4, s4 fix it, parentlock. 

Three of us by Salambo06

post s4, s4 fix it, parentlock

Marrying Absurd by JenTheSweetie

“Sherlock, are you and Daddy married?” John heard Rosie say from the other room. post s4. parentlock.

Nocturne by Atiki

All the most important conversations happen at night. Post s4. Parentlock ish.

A Case for Domestic Propinquity by SilentAuror

post s4, s4 fix it, parentlock. As Sherlock and John renovate Baker Street, Sherlock can’t help but wondering how he could possibly convince John to just stay indefinitely…

To the Light by Youarethelightoftheworld

post tld. s4 fix it. John allows himself to get the hell on with it. parentlock.

Just One Condition by Itsallfine

post s4, s4 fix it, parentlock. John gets some sense knocked into him by one Martha Hudson, resident sassmaster. Maybe it’s time to move back into 221b after all.

Father by NomdePlume

post tst pre tfp s4. Sherlock never realized how good he would be at this parenting thing. Or how much he would love it. parentlock. pre-slash

coming home by dandyholmes

parentlock. post s4 post tfp s4 fix it. John keeps falling asleep in Baker Street, and Sherlock decides to finally call him out on it.

However Improbable by missselene

post s4. parentlock. John goes to therapy and Sherlock does his best to be satisfied w/ being best friend and godfather. Things are as good as they are going to get. Or are they?

anonymous asked:

Hey Emma!!! A new semester is starting up for me and I wanted to ask. Do you have any tips on good study habits to implement? (Like reviewing your work everyday etc) Thank you!!!❤️❤️❤️

Hi! Here are a couple of things I’d try to do:

  • write down dates as soon as you get them - this applies for romantic dates and due dates ;-) Once you know when something is coming up, put it in. I’d recommend putting in reminders each week so you don’t forget. Make sure you keep these in view!!!
  • read material before hand - I think most classes do usually recommend this but if you don’t, you should! Even if it is just a skim over to see the key information. It helps make the class easier to understand if you’ve got an idea!
  • use a colour code - I find this such a useful tool and I’d recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or complicated but just enough to easily pull out the more important information.
  • create a format/layout for your notes - I use the outline method because I find it the easiest and most effective for me. Here is an brief explanation of mine.
  • review your notes regularly - like you’ve said, you should be reviewing notes every now and then. Follow the curve of forgetting and reread them after class, 24 hours later, a week and month later. If you’re making a habit of this, you’ll retain more information and need less time to study prior to finals.
  • create a routine - try develop a time to do things like work after class, studying, self care and your hobbies! If you can devise a flexible routine, you’ll improve your disciple and help feel more organised in general.
  • keep your notes and laptop organised - date and name everything properly!!! Avoid getting lazy because it just spirals and gets even messier hah! You don’t have to be do it all the time but try on a Friday or Sunday to fix up the week and plan for the next one.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped before hand. You can watch me doing my assessment (planning/drafting/writing) on my YouTube.
  • make study notes/revision notes throughout the semester - as you finish a topic, make some type of study notes. This could be flashcards, proper notes, a mind map or summary powerpoint! With textbooks, summarise each chapter on a flashcard or post-it note once you’ve read it. Then when you come back to reviewing at the end, you’ve got everything in your own terms any way. 
  • try to study in a productive place - avoid using your bed for proper study. Reviewing notes prior to sleeping is fine but don’t make actual studying a habit. Keep your bed a place of rest and relaxation.
  • learn to remove distractions and stop procrastinating - have a read of this post on limiting distractions and this post on dealing with procrastinating.

I hope this helps x

My Top 5 Root Moments

Shoot Week Day 1 - Favourite Root Moments

(All gifs are mine. They took forever and they’re Not Good, and I’ve developed such a massive appreciation for everyone who spends the time making these things.) 

1. Root’s view of the universe (317)

This scene perfectly encapsulates Root’s misanthropy. The idea that she presents here is Camus’ Absurdism, which describes the conflict between the universe’s inherent meaninglessness and our need to find a purpose. Camus argued that the only true way to resolve this conflict is by embracing the Absurd – acknowledging the chaos of the universe while defiantly searching for meaning anyway. This episode, which is the springboard to Root’s redemption arc, concludes with Root doing just that. The Machine gives Root’s life meaning, but She encourages Root to make her own choices. Root also admits that she cares about Shaw, Finch and even “the helper monkey.”

2. Shapes and symphonies (510)

Can you believe that Root discussed philosophy and metaphysics and made a joke about Shaw’s glorious ass all during a lethal shootout? Legends only.

This entire speech was great, but I particularly like the lines in the gif above. It’s such a contrast to Root’s previous thoughts about the universe being “infinite and chaotic and cold.” Instead, she indicates that we forge our paths in the universe – which, as I discussed earlier, sounds very similar to the idea of “embracing the Absurd.” 

I also appreciate how meta this line is. Root and Shaw, aren’t real, but they still mean everything to me, both individually and as a couple. And even though they are no longer on our TV screens now that POI has ended, we can still keep them alive in our imaginations through our fics, art, gifs and so on.  

3. Root’s newfound sense of belonging (510)

Root spent the majority of her life alone, shunning humanity. This moment in which she admits to Shaw that she’s finally found a family and a sense of belonging was hard-fought, which makes it all the more gratifying. She had to earn Team Machine’s trust. She risked her life for them repeatedly and even endured brutal torture. But as she said, she wouldn’t change any of it. 

4. Root and the truth (301)

I loved Root from the moment that she pulled a gun on Finch in 123, but this is the scene where she became my favourite character of all time. This monologue is incredibly chilling and really conveys Root’s power. Her voice shakes from the thorazine that she’s being forced to take and from rage (at her confinement and at this psychiatrist, who easily fits her definition of bad code). It’s a tremendous performance by Amy Acker. 

5. “Maybe someday” (411)

In Prophets (405), Root says that a good end would be a privilege for her. Here, she gets what she would probably feel is a “good end”.  As Root knows that she is about to die saving the world, all she wants is confirmation that there could be something between her and Shaw someday. The way her face lights up at the mere possibility of them having a future together absolutely breaks my heart.

Saphael Fanfic Rec!

Here are the works I’ve been saving throughout last year since the show first aired and up until this point. Amazing works that show this wonderful pairing and each characterization. All the love to the authors! 

As usual, I couldn’t find some authors’ user names. So, if someone knows the user and tag them, that would be very appreciated

87. Careful is my middle name by tveckling

“And where exactly do you think you’re going?”

Raphael’s voice came from behind him. Simon hoped his twitching hadn’t been too noticeable and turned around with a bright smile that he hoped wasn’t too fake. “Just going out.”

A Holiday Encounter by @demiromanticmickey

Admittedly, Simon volunteered to help Raphael to try to talk to him, get to know him better. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working out so well. It turned out that managing a food drive was a lot harder than Simon had anticipated. And whenever he did try to engage Raphael, he was met with short one word responses before ordering Simon with another task.

A Word Between Two Friends by ofEmeraldStars

“You love him.” It wasn’t a question and Magnus’ voice almost sounded awed by what he said, what he realized, when he looked at his friend at his side whose head snapped to look at him, no longer watching his fledgling.

Answer me (please) by all_their_intricacies

To Simon <3 (3:02 AM): i love you  

To Simon <3 (3:03 AM): so fucking much

Appreciation of art by @fangtasticsaphael

He managed to sit on the bench for at least ten minutes before his phone was in his hand and he started browsing Twitter for anything entertaining before updating his account with a Clary abandoned me in the art museum once again message with a sad emoji before he decided to take a silly selfie for Instagram to kill some more time. Just when he took the photo and the camera sound went off - of course, he forgot to mute his damn phone when he went into the museum, fuck - a shadow fell on his form.

Baby, I’m not made of stone by izzyasavestheday (stilessexual)

“Did I ever tell you that we feel everything? The clan, I mean. If I focus enough, I can tell you who’s sad and who’s angry and who hasn’t been sleeping properly. I can tell you who’s been having nightmares. There are no secrets here.”

(Fix-it fic)

Baby’s First Steps by Luuna (you_know_them_trees)

Simon wasn’t flustered, he really wasn’t. And Raphael checking up on him all the time wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t like he had a crush or something.

It might have been true… if only Raphael stopped calling him baby.

Before I ever met you by izzyasavestheday (stilessexual)

“You know that moment,” he said “when you wake up and turn over to put your arms around someone –someone you love, someone who means everything to you.”
Magnus’ expressive eyes were soft, soft, soft. “Oh, Simon.”
“I feel so alone,” Simon whispered. “Not in the post-Clary sort of way, either. In the way that I’m supposed to wake up to someone and they’re not there.”
“I’m missing something,” Simon went on, voice cracking. “I’m missing someone but no matter how hard I try I just can’t fucking remember.”

Bitter Sweet by @abluelightinthedark 

“I… I’m sorry. You just looked like the typ of person who drinks their coffee black.“ Simon stutters and rubs his neck, trying to hide the shaking of his hands. “What do you want then?“

The guy actually smirks at him and lets his eyes wander over Simon for a moment, before he answers.

“What I want from you would be really inappropriate to say out loud in here…“ he trails of for a moment, letting the words sink in and then smirks even wider when Simon flushes bright red in the matter of seconds.
“But for the coffee, I would like a caramel macchiato.“


The one where everybody thinks that Simon has a sweet tooth and Raphael loves the bitter stuff, but it’s actually vise versa.

Bleed out in my veins by @eversall

How do you stop loving someone? How do you separate your world from theirs, when you’ve been on a collision course since you were six and sharing crayons, your smiles so intertwined that death doesn’t separate you? How do you say goodbye?
You don’t, Simon thinks dizzily, dropping to his knees in front of Raphael. You say hello to someone else.

Breathing Is A Side Effect Of Being Alive by booksandanime

When you’re alive, your heart beats, your breath catches and comes in gasps, you age and fall in love and die.

When you’re undead, your heart pantomimes beating, you gasp for air that isn’t needed, you never age, you fall in love, you stay together if you decide to.

This is a story of how Simon Lewis let go of normalcy and thoughts of being a monster in favor of falling in love with Raphael Santiago. (It’s not a bad trade, really.)

Brooklyn, brooklyn, take me in by psyches

Honestly, no matter which way you put it, telling anyone you live in a hotel is pretty fucking weird, and it’s not like Raphael has the excuse of a twin brother or a singer mother who works there or the wacky hijinks that ensue.

Or: a brief look at Raphael in a world where Shadowhunters no longer need to exist.

Call me, maybe? by @fangtasticsaphael 

“You’re not planning on giving him a plain black shirt for a few hundred bucks, right?” Raphael asked when his best friend was about to enter one of the fancier clothing stores the mall had to offer and the other raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m not planning on buying him a black shirt at all.”

“All he ever wears is black. The most colourful your boy gets is wearing grey,” he commented dryly and his lips curled into a smirk when Magnus huffed, unable to disagree because Alec really didn’t wear any other colours. If black and grey could even be considered a colour.

“Well, that’s why I brought you because you always wear clothes as dark as your soul and might actually be helpful in this case,” Magnus replied sweetly and glanced at the store before looking back at his shorter friend questioningly.

Candy Kisses by @abluelightinthedark

Three times Raphael doesn’t enjoy Simon’s kisses + the one time he craves more

Coffee & Spanish by ofEmeraldStars

Simon’s eyes land on his good looking guy at the table next to him and when he and his table partner start talking in Spanish Simon find this as the perfect opportunity to test out his Spanish knowledge.

Cookin’ up love by @moonlightmaia

“Simon! Dios mío, what the hell?”
Simon dropped the fire extinguisher, a sheepish look on his face. The stove behind him covered in smoke and fire extinguisher gas. “Uh, I was just, uh, trying to make dinner?”
Sure, Simon wasn’t a great cook, but he certainly wouldn’t consider himself a horrible cook, Raphael’s kitchen was just… very different from what Simon was used to using. Raphael was a professional and so was his kitchen.

Devotion’s desire. by @saphaeldaily

a character study of raphael santiago and how nothing goes the way he wants.

side of simon/raphael.

Disasters that lead to pretty boys (are worth it) by gayinsight

“My friend is out of town and I’m supposed to be taking care of her pet fish but it died and you work at the pet store help me find one that looks the same so she won’t notice!”

Don’t just leave it all up to chance by @accordingtomel

“Shut up, Jace,” Izzy commands, glaring at him before turning her attention back to Simon. “Okay, so you know how Clary and I are in charge of the Senior Prom Fundraiser?”

“Oh yeah, sure?”

“And you know how we told you we had everything totally covered?” Clary adds.

Simon glances over at Jace in confusion, but Jace just shrugs.

“Well, we kind of need some help now,” Izzy says.

“What kind of help?” Simon asks slowly.

Magnus snorts like he can’t help himself, which means that he must know what’s going on too.

Silence falls over the table for a moment too long before Clary finally comes out with it. “We need you to take a shift at the kissing booth.”


Simon gets roped into working at a kissing booth. The consequences, however, are much better than he could’ve ever expected.

Fight Me On That by @themadtilde

“Well, someone must tell you the straight fact that Gandfalf beats that old wimp Dumbledore so hard that Dumbledore wouldn’t even have a chance if they were to duel.”

Simon’s anger, that slowly had stopped boiling, quickly flamed up again.

“Oh yeah?” he hissed heatedly, slamming his cup down on the table and standing up to be eye-to-eye with Raphael. “Well, fight me on that!”

And then, before Simon could really comprehend what he just had said, he was lying on the floor with Raphael hovering over him, and he felt a throbbing pain in his skull.

(inspired by the tumblr post one day im gonna say “fight me!” and someone’s just gonna fuckin deck me

Fire and Gasoline by @degrassi-fanatic

“Those two are like fire and gasoline.”

That’s what everyone said about them.Raphael Santiago was a fire and, Simon Lewis was the gasoline that only further fueled the other.
“I’m in love with you.” he came out as barely a whisper.If Simon didn’t have vampire enhanced hearing, he might’ve not heard that.

Forever isn’t too long, when i’m right where i belong by moriartyscupoftea

Raphael sat on the living room chair, the cup of tea Magnus had practically forced on him balanced on his knee, while Magnus himself was slouched on the sofa, laughing. “You,” he wheezed in between hysterical fits of giggles, “are going to propose? ToSimon?” Raphael pursed his lips, praying for strength from anyone.

Gazing into your eyes, I know I’m home by ofEmeraldStars

Simon didn’t expect for Raphael to corner him in the abandoned building, but yet there he was pinning him on the spot with his intense gaze.

How to make your local clan leader blush by scalira

Simon realizes vampires are capable of blushing after he sees Raphael getting flustered, and after that it becomes his mission to get Raphael to blush again.

I dont understand Quidditch (or Love) by @slytherinsimon

Simon Lewis is a Hufflepuff that seriously needs to pay more attention around him. Especially the part where he thinks that his best friend, Hufflepuff seeker Clary Fairchild is secretly dating his Slytherin chaser crush, Raphael Santiago.

I Hope So Too by @bathildahotshot

Simon’s not in love with Raphael.

I know what you are (say it) bisexual by thankyouforexisting

Simon tells himself,

It’s not gay, it’s not gay, I’m totally not checking him out, he just had that stain on his right trouser leg….

Raphael is, apparently, a rich as fuck vampire, because the suit shop they go in is fancy as hell. They park in the basement, because, uh, sunlight, and even though dusk has fallen it’s better to be safe than sorry (sorry meaning dead). Raphael keeps smirking, which does nothing to help Simon’s inner mantra that consists of

I’m straight, I’m straight holy fuck is he licking his lip- I’m straight..

“This,” the vampire announces as they walk into the shop, smiling faintly, looking, almost for the first time since Simon’s met him, as if he’s relaxed, “is the greatest place in the world, Simon Lewis.”

He looks at him then, grinning, eyes dark, shining, looking more polished than ever but somehow oddly vulnerable, and Simon’s breath hitches, his insides turning to goo.

His mantra becomes

Let me not jump him, or, at least, not in public..

I Watch It All From A Far (heaven help me) by @geckette

Clary took a sip from her coffee before putting it back down, her face slipping from confused to serious. “Simon. Are you serious? You didn’t know?”

Simon sputtered, his fancy pastry that cost him a pretty penny of 5.78$ flying everywhere from his mouth. Of course, the one time he decides to spend money it gets wasted. “Clary. Oh my god. Clary, I’m dating Raphael.“

Based Off This Prompt:
Saphael, College roommates AU who find that they have been totally boyfriends for months and hadn´t even realized. Brownie points for cuddling!

If i ever had your number, i think i would use it by @eversall

“Er.” Simon says, but that seems to be enough.
“Simon?” Raphael asks.
“The one and only.” He says weakly, making jazz hands even though he knows Raphael can’t see them. “Heyyy, Raphael.”
“You – why is your number in the Pandemonium bathroom?”
It starts because Jace and Simon get drunk together one night without Clary, and since Clary serves as about eighty-five percent of their impulse control they’re hammered within two hours and ready to implement all of their Very Bad Ideas, the ones that are horrifying enough to make Alec grind his teeth and potentially slap them upside the head.

If you wanna find love then you know where the city is by @eversall

Simon comes back to them immediately. He’s pounding on the door the next night, and Raphael stiffens as he smells the scent of the fledgling.
“I’ll go get him.” Lily says, and runs off, her face harsh with anger. She appears a second later, hauling the boy by his collar. His face is ashen with fear – Simon is no good at hiding his feelings. What was it he’s said before? He was born afraid? And his eyes are dark and beautiful, just like always, and Raphael wants to shake him until he understands what heartbreak feels like.
Of course Simon comes back, and of course Raphael is still unbearably in love with him.

In all that’s left of you and me by igniteyourbones

how the saphael reunion really went down.

“You look awful.”

“Thank you, Raphael, really. This is truly the touching reunion I had imagined for us,” Simon says, ignoring the fact that he’d imagined several possibilities but all of them had ended in Raphael ripping him to pieces.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time by heartsdesire456

Simon ends up in the ER after a drunken dare and meets the potential love of his life.

It’s a small crime and I’ve got no excuse by mostlikelydefinentlymad

Raphael’s other half is sat across from a beautiful girl with auburn curls and a copy of Jane Eyre on the table.

He’s gesturing at a gray box and giving away a smile that once belonged to mid-afternoons spent tracing the contours of Simon’s body, laughter seeping into the halls of the hotel.

Kindred by White_Marker

Once, hidden in the dark and uncharacteristically intimate for both of them, Raphael had mimicked Simon’s movement in bed, inch by inch, like a game. Simon burst out laughing, pulling an outlandish face, and gripped Raphael’s chin. Raphael reached out and pinched his chin in return.

They lifted each other’s faces, moving it left and right, leaned in and pressed their foreheads together. They let go and traced a finger slowly from their collarbone to their belly button.

Like a challenge, they held each other’s eyes, all traces of humor gone.

For a little while, Simon and Raphael felt as if they were mirrors of some kind. Opposite, but the same.

Soon after, though Simon hadn’t made the connection, the first flicker of blue had appeared.


 Soulmate AU where you slowly start seeing color. Let the angst begin!

Like a halo in reverse by @gilmarverdes

The feeling began to become home. More of a home than vampirism would ever be. He’d stand alone, attempt God, and feel the pain. This is how it is, this is what I deserve, this is what I have become. I am this now. I will always be this. I deserve to hurt—

Until the day that God finally left his lips and remained in his throat, no choking, no burning. Just Raphael and God, severed.

Simon, on the other hand…

"Raphael,” he whispers, “I’m so sorry. I thought—”

Raphael feels a twist in his stomach. It is a feeling that he hasn’t experienced in a very long time. He needs to lead the clan, he needs to give them justice, but he’s alone with Simon, most secure room in the Hotel DuMort like a past life, and all that he can feel is want, hunger, need. There is no room for justice in human want. It’s sick. Raphael is very, very sick; this is the only explanation for the humanness, the only explanation for the twists. 

“Do it again,” Raphael says, his entire being turning into a betrayal right against Simon’s body. “I need you.”

Livin’ just to find emotion by @joanthangroff

When Simon has to transfer to another school - the DuMort Academy -, the only thing that could save him from going mad would be to join the school’s Glee club. Of course, life is not as easy as it could be, and he is denied to join just yet. He somehow manages to persuade the club’s leader, Raphael, to prepare him so he can join in the next semester.

Mail for Ezekiel by @fangtasticsaphael

“Hey, buddy,” Simon greeted the animal and reached out, gently scratching behind the dog’s ear. Ezekiel tilted his head, playfully nudging the man’s lower arm and stared up at him in clear anticipation. He huffed out a soft laugh and reached into the pocket of his light jacket, presenting the dog with a thin postcard with the message “Mail for Ezekiel” with two hearts scrawled next to it and beneath it he had written “have a dog-tastic day”. Ezekiel seemed pleased as usual and ran off with his delivery while the off-duty-postman turned around to leave.

Master of pillow forts by @fangtasticsaphael 

“What do you think you’re doing, idiota?” Raphael asked wearily and frowned at the other’s surprised yelp, followed by a pained sound when Simon dropped the heavy book right on his sock-clad foot. He quickly picked the book up again before directing his wide-eyed gaze at the clan leader who stared back at him with the most unimpressed expression possible.

“You’re back already?”

“Obviously.” Raphael’s expression was a mix of disinterest and boredom but his gaze swept over the things strewn across the room in a silent order to answer his question instead of stating the obvious.

Never just that simple by @fangtasticsaphael 

“It’s not fake concern. I…I know I’ve been preoccupied with my own problems and that I didn’t…that I didn’t think much of the consequences or of…of the position you’re in,” Simon mumbled sheepishly, hands pushed into the pockets of his hoodie and head lowered while trying to keep up with Raphael’s quick steps. It was actually pretty difficult to stick close to the clan leader despite the vampire speed because Simon still wasn’t fully used to it and he could more quickly but not as smoothly and effortlessly looking as Raphael.

“The position you put me in,” Raphael bit out, correcting Simon’s statement with a bitterness that seemed to cut right through the slightly foggy air.

Not Actually Homophobic by @mymalecshinesbright

Raphael was extremely confused. Extremely. He didn’t understand this. He had never felt this before, and yet here he was, feeling it and he didn’t know where it was coming from. But it was here and now he had to deal with the fact that he was apparently homophobic because the sight of seeing his roommate kissing another boy made him want to vomit.

Not Like I Care by ChangeForTheBetter

Simon gets sexiled and seeks refuge in Raphael’s room.

But maybe Raphael doesn’t mind so much.

Of all of the faces, you were the one next to me by  mostlikelydefinentlymad

//if I love you // is that a fact // or a weapon

Of Sleep Deprivation And First Kisses (Or, How Tea Solves Problems) by PossiblyNobody

“You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.

Saphael Tumblr Prompt

On the List of Things (Read: People) Simon Thought He’d Never Do by @rainybookshop

Obviously Simon had missed the memo about his sexual orientation, but he can’t help thinking there might have been smarter ways to find out than by letting himself be seduced by someone who sort of scares the shit out of him.

One cup of coffee (is all it takes to fall in love) by @abluelightinthedark

Simon walks into the Starbucks in only a thin shirt, because he’s an idiot and forgot to take his jacket with him in the middle of november, and opens his mouth to greet his friends, but they are not there.
Instead there’s another dude standing behind the counter, his green apron doing nothing to hide his beautiful body and sadly neither his grumpy expression.

Paved paradise by @simonxraph

Not only has Raphael stolen his parking spot and infiltrated his friend group, now he knows that Simon thinks he’s attractive.

Please Daddy by TrickyVicky3

Simon wilts under the pressure, but needing to have the last word he replies sarcastically, “Sure thing Dad”.

Raphael’s eyes widen “What did you just call me?” Simon looks up at him, placing the now empty glass back on the table in front of him as he licks fresh blood off his lips, “Dad, y’know, Daddy, cos like you’re making me –“

Raphael waves his hands in front of Simon “Please stop” he looks around uncomfortably before speeding away.

Professor knows it all! by @shadowhunterships

I saw a prompt on tumblr : I usually talk to my friends through sign language in class but… apparently you know sign language too… and now you know I think your butt is cute.Simon secretly loves Professor Raphael’s butt and accidentally spills his secret to the professor himself!

Rhododendrons by @gilmarverdes

Part of him was hoping that he would never have to see Simon again; you rip the bandage off fast so it’s less painful, you stitch up the wound quick so it’s less painful, you let it heal slowly. These things take time.

But - who was he kidding, he’s going to be entwined with Simon until the end of time, it seems. Quite literally.

Set me free by @fangtasticsaphael

His dark hair stuck against his forehead in wet, messy curls and every annoyed huff showed in form of a little white cloud leaving his lips and disappearing into the sky. He was a supernatural being but it was obviously too much to ask for some kind of immunity against the temperatures. Sure, he had to appear human but that didn’t mean he basically had to be human.

“Just find the target, make the guy fall in love with the girl and the freezing is over,” Raphael mumbled to himself through chattering teeth and pushed his hands deeper into the pockets of his hoody. At least he couldn’t get sick but this didn’t make the weather any more comfortable. His whole body seemed to be slowed down and stinging from the cold, icy wind pulling at the material of his jeans and the hoody he wore over his t-shirt, his boots kicking up snow with every step.

Shattered hearts by @fangtasticsaphael

“You can’t say it back. Why haven’t you said so earlier? All the other times I said it? I thought you just weren’t ready yet but if you already know you can't love me, why not say it outright instead of leading me on?!” Raphael tried to hide the pain and anger swirling in his chest, masking his emotions with a cold mask.

Magnus had warned him, told him it was a bad choice to start something with Simon because the guy had almost managed to two-time and even if he had been 16 at the time, he still seemed so very undecided when it came to his love life. He clearly couldn’t make up his mind about what he wanted, not back then and not now. Raphael had known it was a risk and he had to fight down the urge to place the blame on himself - to revert back to the thinking that maybe him being asexual and aromantic was the reason why Simon couldn’t commit to this.

The one person he developed romantic feelings for, the one person he actually fell in love with, and here they were, apparently about to break up on Valentine’s Day. It felt like a big, cosmic joke and Raphael suddenly felt so damn tired.

Shelter by @fangtasticsaphael

“I know you’re about to close but maybe I could get a coffee?” Simon asked and his voice almost broke on a few words. He squinted a little because of the beads of water on his glasses that probably blurred his sight but Raphael could see that his dark eyes were mostly unfocused behind the smudged spectacles.

“You look like you rather need some tea and a bed,” he commented dryly and rounded the counter to walk up to the door, flip the sign and then the lock as well. Raphael didn’t care that they were supposed to be open for 20 more minutes. Nobody came in at this hour anyway and Simon’s current state was a more pressing matter anyway.

“So, that’s a no? You do realise I can’t leave when you lock the door, though, right?”

Simon was fidgeting and raised his arm to hide a cough in the crook of his elbow, the sound muffled by the wet material of the hoodie he was wearing - not exactly the right choice of clothing for October if you asked Raphael.

Sign of the times by @joanthangroff

When Raphael is hit by a mysterious spell, Simon has to teach him how to be human.

Simon la Exploradora by RaphaelSantiago

Five Spanish words Simon learnt from watching Dora the Explorer, and the times he said them to Raphael.

Strange crossings. by @sadlyamundane

The universe works in strange ways, maybe that’s why Magnus cancelled dinner with Raphael, maybe that’s why Simon’s blind date doesn’t go as planned.

What ever it was, this was definitely the universe crossing their paths.

Sweetheart by @fangtasticsaphael

“It’s Valentine’s Day, someone probably just wanted to lighten the mood,” Lily commented with a shrug and it might have been a slightly weird thing to do so with almost insulting messages on pastel coloured candy hearts but most clan members did think they were funny and a few had actually started a competition about who could find the most hearts - and the ones with the best messages.

“There’s one with lol no balanced on top of the picture frame in the main hall. I have no idea how they even got it up there,” Elliott informed them while strolling into the room and he stopped behind the couch, right next to Simon’s shoulder who tilted his head back and blinked up at the other vampire frowning at him.

“You have one stuck in your hood,” the other informed him and before Simon could react he had already snatched it up, eyebrows rising when his eyes read the message on the piece of candy.

Te Extraño (I Miss You) by andy_ros3

To Clary: I don’t think I can do this Clary. Is this even a good idea??
From Clary: Simon you have to do this. For yourself. Don’t worry, no matter what happens I’m here for you.
To Clary: You’re right, thanks Clary. Omg we just pulled up outside the club.
From Clary: Go inside and stop freaking out.
To Clary: I’m not freaking out
To Clary: I know your eyebrows are raised. Okay, yes, I’m freaking out. I miss him and I want him and I don’t know why he invited me here. It’s been 3months and 16 days Clary. Why now? Why would he wait so long to contact me for whatever reason? Why was I such an idiot? Oh god what if it’s just to return something I left at his or what if he tells me he’s met someone new and he’s moved on.
From Clary: Simon stop. Stop overthinking this and go inside.
Simon is about to text back to delay entering PanDEMONium but Clary beats him to it. She knows him too well.
From Clary: You’re going to be fine, just go.
Simon enters PanDEMONium expecting it to be the usual vibrant, enthralled and booming place but it’s empty apart from a grand black piano where Raphael sits playing a few notes. Simon knows he does that when he’s nervous.

Tendons too torn to beg (for you to let me back in) by @gilmarverdes

What hurts the most, the thing that makes him really ache, is how familiar he is with Simon. He knows the way that Simon smells; sickly, because every fledgling smells sickly, but with Simon it’s all different. Simon smells like – life, like something sick coming back to life. Like hope crawling out of its grave.

He knows the way that Simon sounds; the unnecessary breaths, the way that his voice mumbles when he talks because he still hasn’t gotten used to his fangs, the wrong thing in his mouth, and the way that he taps his fingers, the exact sound that he makes when he wakes up in the morning. A yawn like a wolf’s howl.

But worst of all, he knows the way that Simon feels.

The Game of Life by raphaelsontiago

“Why is school so damn expensive?” He grumbled, putting his money back in the bank.

“Maybe it’s because you have six cars full of kids, mi sol?” Raphael smirked and Simon wanted to throw the board across the room.

“It’s not my fault I got stuck with such a big family!” He protested. Raphael chuckled quietly and bit his lip.

“You know, a big family wouldn’t be all bad. Six cars of kids would be a bit of a hassle, but I think four or five kids would be nice.” Raphael’s gaze dropped to the floor and Simon nearly choked.

Raphael was asking to have a family with him.

or, the one where simon and raphael play life but they spend more time talking than playing the game

The Morning After by simonsantiago

Simon sits up and stares at Raphael’s back. “Are we…uh…dating now?”

“No,” Raphael says and Simon’s stomach sinks. “I don’t date people who don’t let me sleep.”

The Path To Self-Discovery by @killjoyrow

Simon is the kind of bright, happy guy who needs everyone to be frends with him. Raphael would prefer to have no friends and save himself the headache.

In theory, they’re far better off as distant colleagues - the contrast between them akin to day and night.

In reality, despite claiming to hate each other, the two couldn’t be more perfect. It might just take them a little while to realise it.

The Punishment Fits The Crime by  Hailhydration

When daylighter Raphael Santiago is forced to kill a rogue Warlock, the warlock’s deranged lover curses him to never have a happy ending. Whoever falls in love with the vampire is destined to die if they touch him. To Raphael, who has long viewed himself as unlovable, this seemed like nothing. Of course, he didn’t count on the persistent idiot known as Simon Lewis.

The Thing Is by foggynelson

The thing is: Raphael doesn’t want to love Simon. The thing is: he does anyway.

There is in it, the idea of the fall by scalira

“Angels touched by man cannot stay divine, Raphael. I thought I was very clear on that matter.”

And Raphael knows. He knows. But when he thinks about letting Simon touch him, about his lips pressing down on his, about his fingers tracing his skin, Raphael does not feel doomed. He does not feel tainted.

He feels infinite. He feels bigger than himself.

He feels… he feels human.

This is not what I dreamt it would be by @flying-on-the-wind

Raphael Santiago had always known that his soulmate would not be anything like what his mother had dreamt for him. Simon Lewis, on the other hand, had always dreamt of a soulmate that was nothing like what he got. But are dreams all that important? When real life is a thing that happens, and that you get to actually live?

This is the second part of a series in which soulmates are found upon the touch of skin. Each part will have a different pairing at it’s centre, though all three are linked and together they form a fuller story.

Through Hell or High Water by @shadowcastershq

When Clary drags Simon to his local pool, he’s immediately smitten with the gorgeous but completely unapproachable lifeguard.

Till the sun comes up by @aleclwb

Simon takes a deep breath. “71.”

Clary gapes at him. “71?”

“Yes,” Simon snaps, “Yes, Clary, my number is 71. It’s right there,” he waves her wrist around, a little too aggressively, so it’s actually impossible to read. “The seven and the one. 71. My soulmate’s going to be 71 when we meet.”

Or, everyone has a number on their wrist that indicates how old their soulmate will be when they meet. Simon is trying to deal with the fact that his is abnormally high. It turns out not to be such a bad thing, after all.

Turnabout is Fair Play by @accordingtomel

“Uh, Raph?”

Raphael glances over at Simon with raised brows, using a finger to hold the place in the book he’s reading and shifting his attention towards him.

“Is there a reason that Magnus is sending you pictures of him and Alec kissing?”

Simon turns the phone around to show Raphael said picture.

“I think the better question is why you’re reading my text messages in the first place,” Raphael says, and reaches his free hand out, gesturing for the phone.


In an attempt to annoy Raphael, Magnus starts sending increasingly adorable pictures of him and Alec kissing. However, it’s Simon who comes up with the perfect solution to get him back.

Until We Say “I Do” by heartsdesire456

When they had become engaged, it had been like a switch had flipped with their mothers. They were still very happy for them and they both were waiting with open arms to welcome the other into the family. No, the problem was not dislike.

The problem was that for some reason, the minute a ring came into the picture, both Raphael’s mother and Simon’s mother somehow immediately and independently became obsessed with their son’s future husband converting to their religion.

Upheaval by crystalclark94

Simon, well, he has the most unusual / off the beaten path twist of words etched across his ribs that he’s ever heard of. The font is an elegant black crawl with perfectly dainty pretty loops and swirls, and it says “Dios, I’m going to eat you if you don’t shut up!”

Variation on the word (sleep) by mostlikelydefinentlymad

“You can stare at me later you complete sap, come'ere.” Simon pats the bed, awaiting the slight dip of the mattress. Raphael remains where he is, adoring.

Simon grumbles into his pillow about romantic vampires and kicking Raphael out to sleep on the sofa if he doesn’t get his ass in bed.

Warmth & Light by foggynelson

“I’m cute, huh?”

“Oh shut up,” Simon says, lifting his heading up and looking at Raphael. “You’re absolutely gorgeous and you fucking know it.”

Wear my heart a little louder by @eversall

Raphael sucks in a sharp, unnecessary breath, eyes snapping up to meet Simon’s gaze, and he sounds, for the first time, the way Simon feels; like he’s coming apart at the seams with no hope of being pulled back together. Simon looks away, wants to backtrack and erase his temporary moment of weakness, because he’s not allowed to have that.
It always comes back to this - Simon trying to run away but being rooted to the spot by everything that lies between them.

When “You mean nothing“ turns into “You mean everything“ by @abluelightinthedark

There are two ways someone can whisper into your ear with their lips against your neck.

For one, it can be sweet, gentle, soft, hot, pleasant. A warmth, the feeling of being loved, someone taking care of you, kisses, relationships, compliments.

And then there are the times it’s threatening. A knife against your throat, death so close in front of you, fear. You feel scared, uncomfortable, want to cry. Screaming, kicking, then staying still, shaking, hurting, hoping, praying.

Simon unfortunately had to experience both ways in his rather short period of living.

The thing is, it was the same person every time.

Where my heart and future lies by scalira

Raphael hasn’t been home for the holidays in years. Still being haunted by a tragedy that happened years ago, he isn’t planning on visiting this year either. Until he gets a very persuasive email from a very angry man named Simon Lewis.

Where There is Fire by CastingMoonlight

Raphael is patient when Simon spirals into despair.

Because Raphael knows, and now Simon knows, and Fairchild will never understand what she did to him in the name of love.

Words of the prophets are written on the subway walls by @joanthangroff

After a fight with his current roommate Raphael Santiago is left with moving in with his old friend Magnus Bane. Naturally, this means lots of headaches for him and weird people stepping into his life.

You were always gold to me by mostlikelydefinentlymad

They take away the good in Raphael and reduce him to teeth like talons, a heart of stone. They don’t even have to say the words when his name comes up - “He’s a monster.”

No, Simon wants to say. You’ve never witnessed him stripped bare, armor lying at his feet with a softness in his eyes that makes Simon want to turn away. But they were present when the high walls around his heart became a weapon. They heard the words “Kill them” and glossed over what wasn’t being said - ‘Of all the people, why did it have to be you? I wanted you to stay.’ Nor did they hear the full extent of Simon’s betrayal, how it cut straight into tendons where it bled the most - 'Is it too late to go back?’

They cannot see the gold in him.

You’re an asshole, Mr Santiago! by @fangtasticsaphael

He heard the sound again and it made his hair stand on end because the creaky wood noise sounded like someone walking very slowly, dragging their feet with every step and it was like right out of a horror movie. Simon suppressed the ridiculous urge to go knock on the door to his mother’s and sister’s room but he also felt like these sounds were far from normal and what if ghosts were real after all?! It was the middle of the night, he was still tired and his brain did not function properly - he was allowed to think stupid shit!

Simon couldn’t tell why it seemed like a good idea to snatch up his key and leave his room but that was exactly what he did. Not to investigate the creepy sounds, he knew how such things turned out and he didn’t have a death wish, but to get further away from the noises. The dimmed lights in the hallway made the old hotel look even eerier and a few steps away from his door he severely regretted the decision to leave his room. He turned around to head back, saw a dark silhouette at the other end of the hallway that definitely moved and…he bolted. No.fucking.way!

You’re in the right place by ghostfacers 

Simon Lewis is an average high school teacher just trying to make sure the future generation gets there. He never asked to get his room moved next to the one guy in the whole school who probably hates him the most. That’s all Luke’s fault.

You’re the one that I want by @sadlyamundane 

“Hypothetically” Simon said pushing his Spanish text book away, he leaned back in his hair and watched as Raphael chewed on the bottom of his pen in concentration.
“Hypothetically” Raphael repeated, propping his head up on his hand to show that he was listening.
“If I liked someone, but I don’t” Simon hastily said when Raphael quirked an eyebrow “but if I did and I wanted to know if that person likes me back, what do I do?”

For more Saphael Fanfics

Paladins + Lotor reacting to you saying something you usually wouldn’t while drunk

Request: HC with the paladins + Lotor finding out that the reader is drunk. (Specifically- the reader’s relationship with Shiro is a  love hate, but in this instance Shiro is caring), the reader accidentally says something that if the reader was sober, they would have never said?

A/N I took the whole “says something they wouldn’t say” as something more light as opposed to a heavy/serious tone, but let me know if you’d like something more along those lines! Plus, this is meant to be more so with them not quite dating yet but being aware of their feelings

Edit: Whoops! Fixed some formatting issues that occurred when I was transferring this from pages to here >_> ignore the random “lotor” that was under Pidge’s section if you saw that version of the post


  • Laughs at you tbh
  • Thinks that you being drunk is the funniest thing he’s ever seen
  • Lowkey would wanna drink with you sometime
  • While he’s walking you back to your room it happens
    • “Hey, Lance… We should really go out or… something…?”
  • He thinks it’s a joke at first and starts making fun of you for it
  • Untill you start crying and then he’s realizes oh my god they were serious
  • Completely panics but tries to maintain his Chill untill he gets you to your room and tells you that you guys can talk about it in the morning
    • He wants to make sure you’re 100% sober if you guys are gonna be having a conversation like that
  • As soon as you close the door a big dumb grin is on his face because holy shit, even if you were drunk, you just asked him out ????


  • Not Happy At All
  • You guys already had a strained relationship, so this little incident didn’t particularly help that
  • That being said, he’s not about to let you stumble around alone while under the influence, so he helps get you back home
  • Ends up giving you a piggyback ride (if you ask him about it when you’re sober he’ll deny it)
  • Out of nowhere you just start talking
  • “You know… I never noticed how pretty your eyes are…”
  • He trips
    • Catches himself before you guys fall tho
  • He does really like you so he’s sort of okay with what you just said but
  • This was not the sort of situation where he wanted to hear that
  • Besides, the nature of your relationship was so uncertain that he wasn’t sure if this really meant anything at all
  • Gets you to bed and thinks about the incident the rest of the night


  • Unamused
  • Like listen, this boy isn’t against drinking or anything, but he just doesn’t like dealing with drunk people nine out of ten times
    • Especially when he’s sober
  • Pretty much drags you with him towards your room
  • Honestly isn’t paying much attention to what you’re saying until he hears something particularly interesting
  • “I’m jealous of Shiro sometimes. He gets so much of your attention…”
  • He Dies
  • On one hand he’s like??? You’re jealous of Shiro? What??
  • On the other hand he’s like holy shit they want my attention ?????
  • He has no idea what to say to you
  • Mumbles something about you drinking too much but you can see that his face is completely red
  • Leaves some pain killers and water next to your bed because damn, you’re gonna feel like shit in the morning


  • Probably would take pictures of you trying to stumble to your room before helping you
  • He’s gonna send said pictures to you in the morning
  • Decides to make you some food because alcohol on an empty stomach is an awful idea so hopefully it might help you to feel a little better in the morning
  • While he’s cooking with his back to you, you start talking. Half to him, half to yourself
  • “I’d really like to have a future with you, I think.”
  • Nearly drops whatever he was cooking
  • Holy shit did you just say what he thinks you said
  • Tries to go along like he’s not phased but he can’t stop thinking about it
  • After sending you to bed, he decides that he’s definitely going to ask you if you meant that
    • When you’re sober, of course
  • He just really hopes you were telling the truth because he’d like a future with you too


  • Doesn’t really know how to deal with you to be honest
  • Most likely she would try to send out back to your room but you sort of just. Plop down in front of her work station until she agrees to go with you.
  • “Pidge, you’re very cute. Like, the cutest person I’ve met.”
  • You say it so bluntly and so casually that she doesn’t quite know how to reply
    • “I, uh… thanks?”
  • She’s very embarrassed but thinks it was so nice ?? Like wow you get super nice when you’re drunk
    • That doesn’t mean she approves of you drinking though
  • After you get back to your room and to bed she lingers outside of your room for a minute
  • Replaying what you said in her head
  • “They… think I’m really cute…”


  • Damn humans are weird
  • You got inhibited off of what now ???
    • Wine is the most confusing thing to him because it is seriously fermented grapes how does that get you so drunk?
  • He gets very cocky when you ask him to take you home
  • tbh thinks you’re kinda cute like this but wouldn’t dare to say it
  • “Lotor, do you think if we had kids that they would be purple too?”
  • Chokes
    • Congrats you threw Lotor off his guard
  • It was so out of nowhere and so off topic that he has absolutely no idea how to answer you
  • Also, does this mean you were thinking about what it would be like to have children with him?
  • Tries to brush it off by flashing you a grin and changing the topic to something very very different
  • Gets you home and decides that he’s never going to let you live this down.

Word count: 4,782
Genre: Smut
Summary: You + drinks + teasing your boyfriend, leads to great things.

You eyed him from the dance floor of the club, dancing and grinding sexily against your friend as he watched you from the booth, his eyes full of desire, and hunger for you. Bambam paid no attention to the friends he was currently sitting with, giving nonchalant answers, replying dully as he paid his full attention to you teasing him on the dance floor. You waved you body, sensually thrusting your boobs into the air, your hands roamed you body as you gave your boyfriend a show. You watched him as he licked his lips, shifting in his seat to try and relaxing the growing bulge in his jeans. You swayed you ass on display for him, sticking it out against your best friend as she placed her hands on your hips, encouraging you as you both danced, alcohol running through your veins, giving you full blown confidence to tease Bambam this way. You turned around to face your friend, smiling devilishly at her as you focused your gaze back on Bambam, who was still eyeing you, his eyes blackened from lust, you could see his mates trying to get his attention as they chatted away, but he brushed them off, sending evil smirks your way, mentally undressing you on the dance floor and planning what he was going to do with you later tonight, planning on how you were going to fix the growing problem that was becoming more and more apparent in his jeans. When your hands roamed slowly over your breasts, bending down for him so they were on full display for him, you smirked as he glared at you, continuing to shift in his seat as he tried to control himself, failing as you mouthed the words fuck me to him…

Deciding it was enough Bambam got up from his seat, not bothering to excuse himself as he walked towards you.

“Mind if I take over” You friend smirked at him as she walked away, taking Bambam’s seat in the booth. He made his presence known behind you, grabbing tightly onto your hips, controlling them as he swayed you, pressing his body against yours and you could feel his erection immediately as you chuckled to yourself. 

“You’ve made a problem that you have to fix baby…” he whispered to you, nibbling gently onto your earlobe.

“Oh honey… how about you just learn some more self control Bammie?” 

“How could I do that when you’re out here teasing me so much, naughty girl” his lips came down to your neck, kissing along your jaw, butterflies fluttering away in your stomach from the soft touches. You took the opportunity of him being behind you to tease him further, hearing him moan as you pushed back into him, you ass grinding against his bulge and his grip on you tightening, his head came down into the cradle of you neck, composing himself as he spoke to you.

“You sure you want to do that baby?” he asked you, kissing your neck gently as you lowly chuckled. You didn’t respond to him but instead pushed back into him again, hearing him groan in satisfaction. He gripped you waist tightly, moving you further into the dance floor, the both of you lost between bodies, knowing paying close attention to you as the danced to the music, alcohol influencing their every move. Both you and Bambam danced seductively to the music, his hands roaming up and down your body as he continued to kiss against your jawline, his hand ran over your breasts, squeezing them gently before making their way back down your body, coming into contact with your thighs. his finger trailed up and down your skin, the feeling making your body tingle as you leaned back into him, you bodies pressed tightly together.

His hand came to the hem of the short dress you adorned for the night, pushing it upwards as he made his way to your centre.


“Shhh baby… I’m going to take care of you, then you can take care me”

You didn’t fight him, you knew he would get his way and if he wanted to do it in public, he would get what he wanted. You lolled your head back into the crook of his neck as he cupped your center, applying more pressure to your core and you sighed in relief at the feeling. You brought your hand back into his hair, tugging at his locks as he dug his fingers into your core, slowly releasing and applying pressure in a slow rhythm. Little whimpers left your mouth as he did so, he head in the crook of you neck and your eyes shut as he pleasured you in the middle of the dance floor.

You moaned when Bambam pushed your underwear to the side and he started to rub your core. When he started applying pressure to you clit you groaned in pleasure, immediately covering your mouth with your hands from the public display, but he scolded you, using his free hand to move it away from your mouth, forcing it to stay by your side.

“I don’t think so…moan for me baby, no one will notice…”

His thumb moved over you clit slowly, rubbing feather light touches against you while swaying your body to the music, pretending to blend in. You head fell down into the crook on his neck, little whimpers and sighs leaving your parted mouth, your eyes closed at you lost yourself in his touch. His thumb pressed harder on your core, now rubbing roughly in circles and you bit you lip in an attempt to muffle your moans, which were slowly raising in volume. Your teeth tugged on your bottom lip hard as his hand started to rub the length of your core up and down, your hand gripping his hair and you used all your strength to hide your moans, which made Bambam chuckle against you.

“Oh babe…If you’re going to be like that, I’ll just have to force it out of you. You can’t stay quiet forever sweetheart”.

If Bambam wanted competition, you were going to give him one.

“We’ll see” You say to him, your voice a seductive whisper and he took the challenge with a sly smile. You could see the cheeky lust burning in his eyes and you bit your lip once again, stifling a moan as he roughly rubbed up and down your core. Your body fell against his as his finger teased you, rounding at you entrance before peaking in and out of you. As he pushed his finger in you hid a moan under your breath as his finger got coated with your arousal. He moved is finger around inside you in slow circles. He felt around you walls as you hid your face in his shoulder, cursing to yourself silently. His free hand came down to your head, moving your head to face outwards into the flashing lights of the dance floor as he whispered into your ear.

“Uh uh, no cheating baby”. He entered another finger inside you, starting to pump you slowly and your mouth opened wide, to shell shocked to let out a sound as your eyes closed and sweat started to form on your bodies from the heat around you. His hand gripped your waist as his fingers worked inside you, spreading your walls as he continued to pump them slowly in and out of you, coming back in and curling his fingers his time, whimpers leaving your mouth but you refused to moan for him, not wanting to lose. When he removed his fingers from you, you sighed at the lost. He turned you around to face him, pulling you close into him as his one hand held you thigh and the other went back under your dress and his fingers re-entered your core, pumping in and out of you and now he has increased his speed and you grabbed at his arms, biting down on his shoulder from the tension at you core. Your legs started to shake on the dance floor and the heels you were wearing weren’t providing the needed support as you reveled in Bambam’s intense touch. You fingers gripped tightly onto his arms as his fingers thrusted in and out of you and you wanted so much to shout his name in ecstasy. His fingers now thrusted in and out of you roughly and so fast that you couldn’t bear it. If it weren’t for the loud music and shouting you would be able to hear the lewd sounds of him fingering you.

“Fuck Bammie” you moan under you breath as he curls his fingers inside you, hitting a sweet spot that made you moan aloud at the sudden feeling.

“I win” he says to you, repeating the action as you start to moan from his expert fingers.

“Shut up” You say to him, your voice shaky and your breath shallow as you felt your orgasm approaching. You moaned into his shoulder repeatedly as you tried to muffle your voice but his fingers became rougher and he repeatedly hit the sweet spot that made your whole body react to him, your body softly jerking each time he hit it and you weren’t going to last much longer at the intensity of his pace. You could feel the coarseness of his rings as his fingers thrusted into you deeply.

“F-fuck!” you moan, biting down onto his shoulders as your legs feel weak, his hand supporting you thighs as your orgasm approached.

“Let go baby” He encouraged you as his fingers continued to work their magic as your orgasm came full force through you and you released around his fingers.

“Oh! Bambam!” you moan his name and curses start to fall from your lips as your walls clench around his fingers and your body was in pure ecstasy. Your hair stuck to your forehead as sweat formed on your body, the bodies all around you and you could feel the heat through your own body. You body became feeble, falling weak against his as you rode out your high on the dance floor, Bambam supporting you as your legs shook from the pleasure as he fingers continued for you to ride out all the pleasure. You started to relax from your high, your iron grip on Bambam’s arms releasing their pressure and Bambam removed his fingers from you. Your head rested against his chest as you caught your breath and relaxed your heart rate. You looked up at Bambam’s eyes as he sucked his fingers in his mouth, licking off all you juices and you almost came again merely from the sight. You smirked at him and he returned to you the same expression. 

His lips came down to your ear, nibbling on your lobe and giving kisses on your neck before he whispered into your ear. 

“Lets get out of here…I still have a problem of my own that you need to fix” He grinned mischievously at you and you licked your lips as you nodded at him and he grabbed your hand to guide you off the dance floor and to your booth. 

“Hey guys we’re going to get out of here. Y/n is feeling a bit sick from all the drinks she’s had” 
You wobbled on your legs, putting on a drunken show, which wasn’t necessarily all a lie. You weren’t super drunk…but you sure as hell weren’t sober.

“Can’t blame her! I lost count of all her drinks! Take care of her Bam” your friend laughed at you from the booth, waving you goodbye along with the rest of the party as you made your way out of the club to the car. The short walk to the car was anything but silent, loud music booming from the club, heels clacking on the floor as groups of drunken people stumble along the path, shouting slurs of excitement. He held you tightly against him, giving you sweet kisses on your forehead as his arm gripped around your waist tight, and you did the same. Holding each other in the cold of the night as you finally made it to the car, him holding the door open for you, and then he made his way to the drivers seat.

The drive was intense, you kept fiddling with your hands, as horny as ever, looking at Bambam’s grip on the wheel, eyeing his neck as he swallowed, his beautiful neck that you just wanted to kill so badly, his side face so undeniable beautiful and you were getting wetter by the second. Your eyes diverted to the bulge in his pants and in a desperate act you couldn’t control yourself as you threw all your fucks out the window and unbuckled your belt.

“What are you doing” he says, his face momentarily turning to you before facing back at the empty roads.

“Shh, don’t worry baby, just keep driving” Your hand came over his thigh, squeezing you thigh and moving up slowly to his groin and you felt his thigh tensing below your hand, now knowing what you were doing.

You unzipped his jeans, pushing your hands inside his briefs and grabbed his length. His facial features tensed, his hand gripping tightly on the wheel as he groaned under his breath, trying to pay all his attention to the road. You started to pump his length slowly inside his underwear, tracing your fingertip around the tip of his length, his dick throbbing in your hand and you could hear him release soft moans from his plump lips. You eagerly watched his facial expressions as you pumped his length softly, feather touches that had him wanting more but he said not a word as he kept his composure driving. Your hand grabbed onto his length, pulling his out of his briefs and his erection sprung free from the constraints of his clothing. You licked your mouth in anticipation, hungry for him as you gripped his length again, pumping him faster.

“Fuck—“ he struggled to keep his composure, his breathing become faster and his chest rising up and down as you increased the speed of your hand, pumping his length all the way and all the way down, rubbing his tip with your thumb whenever you came back up. You increased your speed pumping his length up and down and curses left his mouth, but you couldn’t help yourself anymore as you brought your lips down to his length, kissing his tip lightly and licking around it to tease him, hearing him groan above you, one hand on the steering wheel and the other coming down to grip your hair.

“Y/n! Fuck!” he groaned deeply as you took him into your mouth, pushing his length all the way to the back of you throat before coming back up and then back down… repeating the action as your hand pumped what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. You licked up and down his shaft, flat tonguing him as you bopped up and down, hallowing your cheeks and sucking around his tip harshly each time you came back up and his cock throbbed inside your mouth. He gripped harshly at your hair, pushing you down on him and you gagged as he reach the back of you throat, pleasure waving through him when you gagged against his length. You moaned against his length, the vibrations going through him and he whimpered against you, all his muscles tensing as he kept his eyes open, the car speeding up as you continued to bop up and down on his length, coming up to release him with a pop before taking him in your mouth again. You flat tongued him up and down his shaft, hallowing out your cheeks as you sucked him harshly and hearing him groan above you, his hips starting to writhe. He gripped you hair and you groaned as he pulled at your roots. You bobbed up and down on him, pumping the base of his shaft as you took him as far as you could to the back of your throat, your eyes tearing as you gagged and Bambam cursed from above you. 

“Fuck this” Bambam took a sudden harsh turn that made you cough as you brought your head back up. 

“What are you doing?” you asked him concerned as he pulled over in a rush, parking in an isolated street and he started unbuckling his own seatbelt.


He grabbed you face in his hands, cupping your cheeks as his lips crashed onto yours. Your hands latched onto his hair, grabbing tightly and roaming through his soft locks as he kissed you roughly, but passionately. His teeth tugged on you bottom lip, his tongue pushing his way into your mouth and you moaned into the kiss as his tongue danced with your own, dominating the kiss as you ruffled his hair. He bit your bottom lip, tugging it as he let it bounce back, bringing his lips back down to your neck. The kisses were rushed and rough and he nibbled along your jawline, desperate to leave marks against your smooth skin. 

“Oh- Bambam” you whimpered as he sucked harshly on your neck, hissing as he bit into your skin, leaving a deep bruise and kissing your skin softly, relieving the tingly feeling on your neck as he left more love bites. 

“Fuck I love you so much baby” he said as he ravished against your skin, leaving wet kisses down to your collarbone.

“I love you too Bammie”

“Come here baby”

He leaned back in his seat, pushing it back and lowering the back rest to give you space as you climbed on top if him, straddling his thighs as you reconnected your lips with his, moulding into his soft plump lips. His hands gripped your thighs, messaging them and you kissed against his jawline, your hands tugging on his shirt and you started to unbutton it. He leaned forward, aiding you in sliding the material off his arms and throwing the material to the side, his torso full in view for your admiration as you traced his muscles, you hands trailed down his sides, you lips coming down to press kisses against his chest, sucking on the skin. His hand slid under your restricting dress, sliding it up your thighs and grabbing onto the material, you lifted yourself off of him as he slid the dress over you and above your head. He leaned forward to kiss your chest, his hands trailing up your back to removed your bra, discarding the strapless material. His hands roamed your body, squeezing your ass and making his way up to your hips…you waist, your breasts. He messaged them softly, kneading your breasts as you leaned your head back, eyes closing from the feeling, his thumb flicked your perked nipple and you hissed at he took the sensitive bud between his fingers, he tweaked your nipple and your hands came down to lay on his chest, soft whimpers leaving your mouth. 

He leaned forward, pampering soft wet kissed up your torso to your breasts, his lips latching on to the side of your boob as he nibbled on the skin, sucking and licking, kissing the soft skin as your fingers dug gently into his chest.

“Oh bam….” you groaned as his mouth enclosed on your breast, sucking on your nipple as he messaged the other. Your hand held his neck, tangling in his hard as you rolled you hips over his, you felt him groan against your breast as you continued to roll against his groin, you could feel your wetness forming on the thin material of your panties and your moaned as you pleasured yourself against him and as he pleasured you, you found yourself losing your breath in seconds and so did Bambam. his teeth tugged onto your nipple, and you hissed as it caused you pain but it felt so good at the same time. He licked around your nipple, his hand now messaging your other breast roughly and you rolled your hips harshly, his lips leaving your breast to let out a deep groan.

“Fuck that feels good baby” you rolled harder against him, feeling his length against you and his thigh muscles tightened from the pleasure, his head rolling back into the seat. Moans and whimpers left his mouth as you continued to roll your hips, the material of your panties blocking you from what you really wanted. Bambam grabbed your hips, pulling them roughly forward and backwards and your head fell against him as he replaced your efforts.

“F-fu-ck” you hid you face in his neck, something you always did when your were overwhelmed by pleasure. His hand roamed the inside of you thighs, moving tauntingly slow upwards as his fingers made his way to your core. He pushed the thin fabric to the side as he started to roughly rub your core with his thumb and your body jolted upwards from the sudden pace, starting off fast and hard and you were a writhing mess as you straddled him.

“Fuck Bambam!” you screamed his name and your body jolted every time his finger came in contact with your clit. You hid your face in the crook of his neck, and you could feel his head tilt, his lips at your ear, his hot breath hovering as his finger rubbed you mercilessly.

“I want you to ride me baby” he whispered into your ear, you shuddered at his seductive tone, immediately nodding against his shoulder and he removed his hand from your core. In the small space you managed to get his jeans off fairly easily, sliding the material down in a desperate rush.

“Eager are we?” you were definitely eager, he knew it, you knew it, and you didn’t bother hiding it.

Bambam grabbed onto your panties, sliding the damp material down your legs, groaning at how wet you were for him. The back rest of the chair was laid down, comfortable for you to be on top of him, you straddled him, grabbing his length in your hand, rubbing it over you folds, coating him in your wetness before slowly guiding him into your entrance, groans filled the steamy car as you slowly pushed him inside of you, his length stretching your walls inch by inch, your thighs dropping down onto his when he was finally all the way in.

Your leaned down onto him, hands resting on his chest as he held your hips, admiring his view as you took a few seconds to adjust to him, before moving slowly back up again. His hands gripped tight onto your hips when you steadily moved up and down on him, drawing him out to the tip before pushing yourself back down onto his length, filling yourself to the brim each time. Sighs and whimpers or relief flooded through your mouth as you bobbed up and down on his dick, fingers digging into his skin, nails scraping along his chest.

“Oh God-“ you whimpered, pushing down on him harder, you set a slow pace at first, moving up and down on his length slowly but slamming down hard as his length hit hard up into your core. 

“Faster baby” he said to you, his breathing shaking and you opened your eyes for a moment to look at the beautiful site below you, his hair an absolute mess, his forehead sweaty, lips swollen and pink, his featured concentrating on the pleasure waving through him. You thrusted down onto him harder, increasing your speed, your breasts bouncing as you rode him up and down. You continued for as long as you could, thrusting into him as hard and as fast as you could. You nails dug into his chest, scratching him and he bit his lip as he felt it, his fingers digging harder into your hips, you brought your head down to his, kissing his lips as you continued to thrust down onto hip, the sound of sex and your hips hitting his own filling the the car, along with your pants, moans and curses. The taste of alcohol was still present in both your lips as you kissed him, your teeth tugging onto his lips before your pulled away, concentrating all your efforts into riding him.

“Fuck - y/n, you feel so good -ugh!” you could feel your thrusts getting sloppy as you started to get tired and too overwhelmed to keep going. Bambam quickly caught on, replacing your effort with his as he moved your hips for you, and at the same time, thrusted his up to meet your own, getting a different angle which hit you sweet spot immediately.

“FUCK!” you cursed as he slammed his hips upwards into yours, his dick slamming into your g-spot with each thrust, you bounced up and down on his as he thrusted mercilessly up into you, your walls clenching around when you felt your stomach start to tighten. His hands backed down to your ass, squeezing the flesh tightly making you gasp. 

Your body leaned down onto him, panting hard and your teeth biting down onto his shoulder as he pounded into you. Your hands fumbled in his hair, grasping the soft locks tight as if to give him some relief from scratching up his chest so much. You panted into his shoulder, falling into him completely as he filled you up to the brim, his powerful thrusts jerking your body up and down and you lost control of your voice as you moaned repeatedly, gasping his name each second. Sex steaming up the windows of the car and seat beading down your bodies from the heat you two shared at this moment. you stomach started to tighten, your walls clenching around his length and you were about to lose all your sense of mind, you were at a loss for words, a panting mess as you bounced atop Bambam, writhing above him as he pounded you to oblivion.

“Fuck Bambam baby…I can’t—“

“I know baby, let go for me, come for me” 

“FUCK- BAM—“ you screamed in pleasure, your voice hoarse and cracked as your orgasm overwhelmed you, you juices spilling around his length, dripping down him as your walls clenched. Your sweet release was joined with loud and lewd moans, curses falling from your lips as you rode out your high. You breath was hitched, your heart pumping but you tried to catch onto your breath as your body started to relax, falling limp against Bambam, who was now chasing his own high.

“Fuck baby—“ you ignored the sensitivity at your core, encouraging Bambam to his high, you lips crashing down onto his own as your core flexed tightly around him. You nibbled at his lips before detaching yourself and kissing along his neck, leaving hickeys while you still bounced on him.

“Fuck Y/N” He shouted your name as he orgasm not long after you, releasing his hot seed inside of you and you bit your bottom lip at the satisfying feeling. He rode out his high, his thrusts soon to become sloppy before finally stopping, dropping his head back onto the seat, catching his breath as you did the same, you were limp on top of him, your arms resting against his torso as your head lay in his neck. 

You hissed at the sudden loss when Bambam pulled out of you, his and your own juices dripping down your thighs. His arms locked around you, cradling you and you loved being in their confinement, snuggling up against him, you turned your head around to look at him, leaving a few soft kisses on his jaw to his cheek, making him laugh as he returned a kiss to your forehead then your lips. It seemed like ages that you were just laying there in the car, on an isolated street, but the time past very slowly and it had only been minutes when someone finally spoke again.

“We should go home baby, it’s late” he said to you, you weren’t aware of the time, and you didn’t really want to look because you were happy where you were at the moment.

“You’re right…but in a few minutes, I just want to lay here with you a little longer” 

He smiled down at you, your body glistening and you were everything to him, something so pure and innocent, unlike moments ago and he held you tighter against him, as close as he possibly could.

“As long as you like baby”. 

Masterlist <3

Other Bambam: All A Blur (Smut)

anonymous asked:

Hey Emma, this is my last year of high school and I want it to be as productive as it could be. What were the things you did during your senior year?

Hellooo! Here are a couple of things I started to do in my senior year:

  • write down dates as soon as you get them - this applies for romantic dates and due dates ;-) Once you know when something is coming up, put it in. I’d recommend putting in reminders each week so you don’t forget. Make sure you keep these in view!!!
  • read material before hand - I think most classes do usually recommend this but if you don’t, you should! Even if it is just a skim over to see the key information. It helps make the class easier to understand if you’ve got an idea!
  • use a colour code - I find this such a useful tool and I’d recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or complicated but just enough to easily pull out the more important information.
  • create a format/layout for your notes - I use the outline method because I find it the easiest and most effective for me. Here is an brief explanation of mine.
  • review your notes regularly - like you’ve said, you should be reviewing notes every now and then. Follow the curve of forgetting and reread them after class, 24 hours later, a week and month later. If you’re making a habit of this, you’ll retain more information and need less time to study prior to finals.
  • create a routine - try develop a time to do things like work after class, studying, self care and your hobbies! If you can devise a flexible routine, you’ll improve your disciple and help feel more organised in general.
  • keep your notes and laptop organised - date and name everything properly!!! Avoid getting lazy because it just spirals and gets even messier hah! You don’t have to be do it all the time but try on a Friday or Sunday to fix up the week and plan for the next one.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped beforehand. You can watch me doing my assessment (planning/drafting/writing) on my YouTube.
  • make study notes/revision notes throughout the semester - as you finish a topic, make some type of study notes. This could be flashcards, proper notes, a mind map or summary powerpoint! With textbooks, summarise each chapter on a flashcard or post-it note once you’ve read it. Then when you come back to reviewing at the end, you’ve got everything in your own terms any way.
  • try to study in a productive place - avoid using your bed for proper study. Reviewing notes prior to sleeping is fine but don’t make actual studying a habit. Keep your bed a place of rest and relaxation.
  • learn to remove distractions and stop procrastinating - have a read of this post on limiting distractions and this post on dealing with procrastinating.

Hope that helps xx

Fallout OC Info sheet

Anyone still not have info on their current OC? Having trouble develop a new OC?

A while ago I made an info sheet for my own that I’ve fixed up a bit, and I decided to make it a free-for-all!

You can find it here: [X]

Don’t bother reading it, just copy/paste and write it up! Feel free to add more or delete anything, it’s your OC! This is just a guide.

Hope this helps! Can’t wait to see some and have fun!

Bard Week: Making the Bard Feel Important

image source: The Luteist and Flautist by Matthias Stom

It’s rough playing the support character. You dole out buffs and heal up wounds and your allies thanklessly keep on fighting. Sure, the bard used to be a superpowered force of nature back in AD&D (so much so that they separated it from the regular character classes and put it in the back of the book along with psionics), but not so much anymore. The bard has its moments, but it is by and large a support class, which sometimes goes unnoticed by your allies or the DM. So here are some ways to fix that and make the Bard feel as special and important as they really are:

Magical Music

Have the bard be rewarded with songs! You can give them sheet music (you can find printable empty sheets online), or an mp3 file that you can play whenever the player feels like playing that song. You can have each song do something, maybe cast a cantrip or mimic a minor quality of a magic item (like making a dim glow or foul stench). Or alternatively, you can have the bard learn spells more like a Wizard with a “songbook,” being able to transcribe songs into their book that they can learn from other bards. You could have the song actually have a plot relevance by being recognizable or magical. For instance, a halfling village is unwilling to help non-halflings but when the bard plays a traditional halfling melody they picked up, they feel more at ease. 

In fact, I have a bard in the current game that I am running that learned a mysterious pleasant song early on. They believed they could use it to reopen the sealed Feywild portals (the big quest they were on) but they needed to unlock their full potential to do so. Once they did, the song enabled the opening of such portals and effectively gave the PCs a fast-travel option if they didn’t mind faerie-related encounters.

Give them an Audience

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For a request please can you write a Trimberly fic where Trini is being her usual sarcastic self and makes a slightly sexual joke to which Kim reacts with surprising enthusiasm - Anonymous

“Well that’s always a great way to end a workout” Trini said as she and Kimberly landed at the top of the cliff after they jumped up the chasm and through the water, soaking wet as always. 

“Tell me about it. Even though I hate getting soaked every time we leave the ship, I can’t help but appreciate how refreshing it feels.” Kimberly replied. The two of them stayed to train a while after the boys had left, since they enjoyed sparring alone occasionally. 

The sun was still setting so they decided to sit on one of the cliffs and let the sunlight dry them off a bit before they headed home. They hiked up the path to their usual spot, still feeling exhausted after their recent training session. Trini pulled her water bottle out of her backpack and let Kimberly have a sip of her water before she drank some herself. 

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anonymous asked:

hi, emma! i love your blog its my favourite <3 im going to grade 11 this year and apparently its the hardest year in high school. do you have any tips on how i can prepare? thank you!

Hi! Thank you so much :-) Here are a few things tips and tricks:

  • write down dates as soon as you get them - this applies for romantic dates and due dates ;-) Once you know when something is coming up, put it in. I’d recommend putting in reminders each week so you don’t forget. Make sure you keep these in view!!!
  • read material before hand - I think most classes do usually recommend this but if you don’t, you should! Even if it is just a skim over to see the key information. It helps make the class easier to understand if you’ve got an idea!
  • use a colour code - I find this such a useful tool and I’d recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or complicated but just enough to easily pull out the more important information.
  • create a format/layout for your notes - I use the outline method because I find it the easiest and most effective for me. Here is an brief explanation of mine.
  • review your notes regularly - like you’ve said, you should be reviewing notes every now and then. Follow the curve of forgetting and reread them after class, 24 hours later, a week and month later. If you’re making a habit of this, you’ll retain more information and need less time to study prior to finals.
  • create a routine - try develop a time to do things like work after class, studying, self care and your hobbies! If you can devise a flexible routine, you’ll improve your disciple and help feel more organised in general.
  • keep your notes and laptop organised - date and name everything properly!!! Avoid getting lazy because it just spirals and gets even messier hah! You don’t have to be do it all the time but try on a Friday or Sunday to fix up the week and plan for the next one.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped before hand. You can watch me doing my assessment (planning/drafting/writing) on my YouTube.
  • make study notes/revision notes throughout the semester - as you finish a topic, make some type of study notes. This could be flashcards, proper notes, a mind map or summary powerpoint! With textbooks, summarise each chapter on a flashcard or post-it note once you’ve read it. Then when you come back to reviewing at the end, you’ve got everything in your own terms any way.
  • try to study in a productive place - avoid using your bed for proper study. Reviewing notes prior to sleeping is fine but don’t make actual studying a habit. Keep your bed a place of rest and relaxation.
  • learn to remove distractions and stop procrastinating - have a read of this post on limiting distractions and this post on dealing with procrastinating.

Hope this helps xx

What I Love and Hate about the 16 Types

Sick idea of doing “Love” and “Hate” for each type, CREDIT to entj-girl! :)


ENTJ Hate: Remind me of human bulldozers (not always a bad thing…)

INTJ Love: Um obviously we’re the best. Like c’mon. Dignified, intelligent, strategically gifted, the works. The perfect package. *flips hair*

INTJ Hate: We are such assholes. Lol. And sometimes I wish I could stop myself from overthinking the absolute SHIT out of everything. Especially when it comes to dating.

ENTP Love: SO fun, SO energetic, SO many amazing ideas and exciting things happening! Your brain must be like a kaleidoscope. Amazing.


INTP Love: I can bring up, like, anything, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and have already done an in-depth research report about it last week.

INTP Hate: At least try to make the handwriting semi-legible, if only so I can read your glorious work without you having to translate it for me.

ENFJ Love: You guys are amazing. You’re like the gooey stuff in a cinnamon roll; you’re ridiculously sweet and just want to hold everyone together.

ENFJ Hate: Sometimes your energy overwhelms me a bit. You might want to tone it down a notch if you see me leaning backward and blinking really fast.

INFJ Love: Mystical unicorns. Every one of you. I want more.


ENFP Love: Where do I even start? You guys are amazing. You can fall in love with literally anything from pet rocks to that cashier at the supermarket who smiled at you once like five months ago, and that’s pretty inspiring.

ENFP Hate: Two things. 1. Please try not to overwhelm both yourself and me with your own emotions. Please. 2. COMMIT TO A HUMAN BEING, I feel like all the ENFPs I know love flirting too much to ever stop and I wish this could change because you’re breaking INTJs’ hearts on the daily.

INFP Love: If the world was completely made up of INFPs, I truly believe the only issue the planet would EVER have would be running out of journals to write down feelings in.

INFP Hate: You guys are far too good to let people misuse your kindness, compassion, etc. Please try to set some boundaries so you don’t get shit on by lesser beings.

ESTJ Love: Such amazing dedication. I admire your stubborn-ness–when it’s applied in the right way.

ESTJ Hate: You could oh I don’t know maybe taKE SOME SUGGESTIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE SOMETIMES???? (This is really just me being frustrated with being shut down in class by these 2 ESTJs who think they know everything)

ISTJ Love: Surprisingly super funny when they get into goofy moods. Strong-minded.

ISTJ Hate: Break some rules once in a while. Don’t make your bed. Stay up past 9 PM. Go wild.

ESTP Love: If I was forced leave my house and go do a social activity, I would pick you crazy f*ckers. I have never met an ESTP who has backed down from a dare. Number one type to pick for doing wack-ass shit that is probably illegal and/or deadly.

ESTP Hate: Stop. Trying. To. Impress. Everyone. All the time. It’s exhausting. Also: you should really try to weigh Risk vs Benefit more often. This ESTP right here, vroom-vroom-mothafucka, attempted to leap off of a two story balcony last summer…. to go meet up with some hot motocross boy racers… at midnight… and would have done it if I hadn’t locked her inside.

ISTP Love: It’s like God gifted you with the ability to fix all sorts of shit.

ISTP Hate: Sometimes I feel like I need to inject you with adrenaline or sugar or something to get a little more, ah yes, pizazz out of you guys. Yeah, that’s what I want, an ISTP on crack. Perfect.

ESFJ Love: I truly admire the way you seem to remember the birthday of every single person on the Earth AND find the time to make fully decorated, professional bakery level cupcakes for them.

ESFJ Hate: Don’t worry so much about social status. If some basic bitch didn’t like the afore mentioned cupcakes, don’t lose sleep.

ISFJ Love: You guys seem to usually be that one friend in the squad that is sort of everyone’s mom. Responsible and gentle.

ISFJ Hate: Stop taking everything so personally. It’s totally hypocritical for an INTJ to tell you this, but I’m gonna tell you anyway: loosen up a little.

ESFP Love: Like a human form of a golden retriever. Super fun and always everywhere at once, most likely dancing and singing and wearing the newest, cutest fashion trends.

ESFP Hate: Literally calm the f**ck down sometimes.

ISFP Love: Is EVERY single one of you a gifted artist? You guys are so damn creative it’s actually irritating. Stop that.

ISFP Hate: Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll stress you out if I sneeze too loud…