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Happy Birthday, Zei! 

Happy birthday to the biggest nerd yet most amazing friend I’ve ever had @hopeymchope ❤🎉
I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and everyone else. No matter what life or people say, you are the best. I wish you a wonderful birthday and for many more! 🤗👏🎊

A meeting between protagonists

I don’t think anyone wanted to translate Kaede’s meeting with Hinata, since nothing particularly new comes up except some fourth wall breaking here and there. So since it’s short, I went ahead and did it myself.

Anyway, the usual disclaimer goes. I’m not an expert at this so do take my translations with a grain of salt as there might be mistakes on my part. Translations once again put under the cut for space and convenience.

Italicized text are Akamatsu’s thoughts.

Hinata Hajime

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