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A meeting between protagonists

I don’t think anyone wanted to translate Kaede’s meeting with Hinata, since nothing particularly new comes up except some fourth wall breaking here and there. So since it’s short, I went ahead and did it myself.

Anyway, the usual disclaimer goes. I’m not an expert at this so do take my translations with a grain of salt as there might be mistakes on my part. Translations once again put under the cut for space and convenience.

Italicized text are Akamatsu’s thoughts.

Hinata Hajime

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Happy Birthday, Zei! 

About Makoto's Birthday Box

Hi, I’m Taekotok, just call me Tae or whatever. Please don’t mention my bad English because it’s not my main language.
I’m here to clarify some things about Makoto’s birthday box and have no ill intention. I joined the campaign, which I sent a birthday greeting to Makoto and submitted an artwork for his birthday.
Yes, I did a mistake by send a complain to kyoani’s twitter, but honestly my complain was in good words, not harsh ones. I deleted it though because my friends asked me to and got some terror from RinHaru shippers. (Honestly, this is my personal opinion, KyoAni is a company. A company will get complains every day……)
So to clarify thing, as an artist myself, I was really disappointed when I saw the tweet and post. And I’m not talking about shipping a certain pair here. As an artist myself, I felt so disappointed, sad, angry, and confused. Didn’t we send same thing to KyoAni??? Why they didn’t post it and show some gratitude to us?? They may said ‘international fans’ but they showed your works, didn’t they? Honestly, I didn’t feel as a part of 'international fans’ KyoAni mentioned because I didn’t work for RinHaru project. It felt like they said it to some fans, and that happened to you RinHarus.
I felt so sad. I know you guys didn’t know how it felt to be in our positions (artists who joined Makoto’s birthday box campaign) like so many people on twitter argued me. It’s okay (And please remember once again, this post is not about ships). I felt like shit when KyoAni made that post. Seriously, I felt like shit. I though, ah I shouldn’t join that campaign. I’m not a professional artist to be honest. I am a general practitioner and I had been very busy with my job. But I spent time to draw, for my love to Makoto. I didn’t sleep after my night shift to drew Makoto. And believe me, I drew Makoto, NOT MAKOHARU. Many others drew only Makoto, yet you said KyoAni didn’t post it because it was too shippy? ANDDDDD I just know recently (yesterday) that KyoAni did show some gratitude to us, by sent a PRIVATE EMAIL. I didn’t even know about that email!!!!! Why they didn’t post it publicly???????? Oh right, they just made a international page few days ago. Couldn’t they post a photo of our artworks too?
I felt like shit back then. I felt so worthless as an artist… plus rinharus were attacking me and others. Guys, we want to be recognized like you too. We want KyoAni to acknowledge our works as artists who love their characters too, was it wrong? (Yes they sent email to us, but I just knew it yesterday! It’d better if they post it publicly, imo)
You can attack and blame us like you want. But please consider this; what if it was our artworks they showed at their website, without even mentioning about your works? Wouldn’t you be angry and disappointed as well (as an artist, not a shipper)?
And I admit it, I did a mistake. I am trully sorry for that and I regret it. Please stop this because these all make me and other artists depressed.