here have some jaime before i go to bed


May 2016


“OK, so they’ve both had breakfast and I’ve packed everything they might need. Please aim to get them into bed by 8 at the latest, otherwise they are really grumpy. Here are emergency contact details for their doctor and key people who can help if you need it. Leo eats everything in sight so be careful with anything little and James likes to run straight into the pool so maybe keep the doors locked. Um…..” Jaime rambled on at me while Adam and Kyle played with the kids int he background.

Jamie and Kyle were going to the premiere of Kyle’s new film in New York and decided it was best to not take the kids on such a short trip. So Adam and I were babysitting them for a couple of nights. It was a big deal all around: Jaime had barely left Leo with anyone but his dad since he was born, and neither me nor Adam had the most experience looking after 2 under 4 year olds.

But this was going to be great, that’s what I kept telling myself. I was, after all, the one who volunteered us as babysitters when Jaime first mentioned it.

We were babysitting at Adam’s house in LA because it has a pool (and it was unseasonably hot for May) and I was basically living here now.

“Jaime, we’ll be fine. Don’t worry! We got it covered! We’ll swim, have some lunch, play with the cats, then Tay is going to make a delicious kid-friendly dinner and snacks, we’ll watch a cartoon movie, and the wee men will be in bed snug as little bugs by 8pm latest. Promise.” Adam said wrapping his arms around me from behind.

“I know….i’m just anxious….just wait till you guys have some of your own!” Jaime said laughing slightly, making us smile at her.

“Ok, you guys get going or you’ll miss your flight! We’ll facetime this evening before you head to the premiere.” I said walking towards the doors and Jaime and Kyle said goodbye to their boys.

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