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You know how we honor birthday's here ;) Can we have some Lance stuff???

Happy birthday, on this day of Lance’s birth let us remember that Lance actually has way better emotional intelligence than people give him credit for.

Let’s remember that the first time Lance was lonely and homesick about something he was able to talk about it with Coran and be comforted:

After that, when Lance was injured, Pidge, unprompted, sacrificed her pod so that Hunk and Coran could go get a new crystal and Hunk’s central concern during that entire Balmera trip was “I have a friend that needs to go in a magic healing pod.”

Let’s also remember that the other major time Lance was stewing in insecurity, he was able to assert with confidence that he could make an incredibly difficult shot, which he did perfectly, on his very first try, and was specifically commended on it by Shiro, a person Lance has stated is his personal hero and someone he looks up to a lot.

Happy birthday Lance, let’s check the fanon angst at the door.

Beth Childs being hands down the best marksman at the police academy.

Beth Childs looking cute and spiffy in her blue police uniform as a rookie officer.

Beth Childs only drinking decaf because caffeine gives her the jitters but she likes the taste of coffee.

Beth Childs always buying two meals on her lunch break so she can give one of them to the homeless guy on the corner.

Beth Childs never finishing a marathon without listening to her all-time favorite running song “Jump” by Kris Kross at least three times.

Beth Childs calling Art a dipshit on her very first day of being a detective.

Beth Childs having to calm herself down after receiving the call from Katja Obinger because, despite the obvious danger of the situation, she just can’t help but be excited that she has sisters.

Beth Childs feeling absurdly nervous the first time she teaches Alison Hendrix to shoot a gun.

Beth Childs being cautious and sweet the first time she decides to kiss Alison Hendrix.

Beth Childs not being able to stop smiling for the whole rest of the day because Alison Hendrix kissed her back.

Beth Childs being a happy puppy and a total dork.


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Drabble request: after the end of the war with Drago, Hiccup and Astrid get to have a lazy morning.

That’s a cute request! I apologize that Hiccstrid doesn’t come easily to me writing, but I hope the drabble is enjoyable nevertheless. :)

The Next Morning

When morning arrived, he heard nothing. Not the typical gargantuan snores characterizing the chiefly beast downstairs - those had been replaced by the soft, undisturbing breaths of his mother. He did not wake to those quiet exhales. Nor did he wake to the typical nudging, pestering, and roaring of a dragon wishing to start the day. He woke to nothing, for the room was uncharacteristically silent; only after the sunlight had long been streaming in his bedroom, dancing across the floor and up the bed covers and into his eyes, did he finally stir.

Hiccup blearily blinked, mind fogged, at the sunlight-streaming window. Wordless, half-coherent confusion slogged through his mind. After processing his senses for a solid minute, Hiccup finally found enough mental fortitude to ask, What? Another minute more, and his thoughts were sharp enough to wonder, How did I sleep in so late? Judging from the angle of the light slipping into his room, the morning was more than half over. He had not slept so long, so late, in years. Where was Toothless, and why had no one woken him up? It was …oh gods… oh gods… his first full day as chief.

This thought knocked enough life into him he swung out of bed. Fatigued as he still felt, his mind could not resume sleep now, and he felt the pressing need to see to his new duties. Anxiety fluttered in his chest. He did not know if he were ready for this. Just give him one calm quiet day before the storm to process this, and maybe - maybe - he could handle it better.

When he stumbled downstairs he found breakfast already prepared. He completely ignored it, opting to dodge his mother’s cooking for safety and sanity. Hungry as he felt, his stomach recoiled at the sight of the might-have-been food laid out at the table; he would need to find something edible later.

First, though, to work.

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                                                                             “You think I’ll fight him for you?

Mm, yes I do. I think you will fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life!

                                                         “She’s safe on the ground. How about you?

Close, but I am not talking about Lois. No, every boy’s special lady is his mother…


Happy and Lucy from the Fairy Tail x Rave omake

Dedicated to fttalk because today is her birthday and I figured I’d give her some Lucy and Happy friendship (▰˘◡˘▰)

Happy birthday! I hope your day is going well!