here have some guy on guy action

Guys. Guys. I do not hear enough about Saga on here.

Even if you don’t read comics, you should really check out. It’s by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.

Why should you read it? I’ll try to explain.

The story/universe is huge and interesting.

It’s illustrated by a woman

The main characters are POC

Both the man and the woman kick butt, while equally taking care of their newborn daughter (who is narrating!)

It’s not just about the action.

It’s not just about the love

They have some crazy looking races

And of course, they have a lying cat!

There are a million more reasons to read it. I mean, look at this art.

If you’re not reading Saga, what are you doing??



I got these from my messages if you could tell already (idk if the guy wanted me to reveal his name) BUT LOOK AT THIS SHIT!!!

THEY HAVE A MAP CHAT DISCOURSE AND THIS GUUUUYY RIGHT HERE GOT ALL OF THEIR NAMES!!! First, a round of applause but now it’s time for action. A little tedious but they’re not gonna be taken down without all our help. They need to be reported immensely. All of them. The ones you see so far. I already made my account and I’m starting but one or two isn’t gonna do it. Let’s seriously break their fucking spirit. Pedophiles are not and will not be ever accepted. Hell, join their chat and fuck em up if you want to as well.

zodiac horror story (part 1)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • virgo: this forest is scary as shit.
  • aquarius: your face is scary as shit.
  • capricorn: lmao.
  • pisces: why couldn't we just have a sleepover at sagi's house or something?
  • sagittarius: WHY THE FUCK AT MY HOUSE?!?
  • scorpio: because that's boring. i want some action, and there's no action at sagi's house.
  • cancer: true.
  • sagittarius: WHO SAID THAT?!
  • aries: yeah! this will be fun guys! let's just party and shit, i don't know. we'll have a great time here!
  • taurus: yeah! i brought tons of food and stuff.
  • gemini: wouldn't it be fun if there was like a killer here or something lol.
  • capricorn: the fuck.
  • cancer: yeah.. really fun.
  • leo: GUYS.
  • virgo: what.
  • leo: let's make a snapchat. *snapchats*
  • libra: *acts like a hoe*
  • leo: libra, you look on poiinnttt.
  • libra: i know, thanks. YOU TOO BAE.
  • capricorn: fucking kill me already.
  • *3 hours later*
  • taurus: *sings a campfire song*
  • everyone: *sings with taurus*
  • pisces: GUYS!!!!!
  • cancer: oh my god aries calm the fuck down.
  • aquarius: what, pisces?
  • pisces: did y'all hear that?
  • scorpio: what? capricorn's terrible singing? lmao.
  • capricorn: ...
  • pisces: no, i heard a loud noise in the bushes over there..
  • sagittarius: probably your mom. LET'S SING AGAIN.
  • everyone except pisces: *sings*
  • pisces: *sigh*
  • *couple of minutes later*
  • virgo: guys, where is gemini?
  • aquarius: probably taking a shit or something.
  • sagittarius: GEMINI?! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU.
  • scorpio: she's probably dead.
  • libra: how can she be dead if she's alive?
  • capricorn: what? the fuck?
  • cancer: no one understands you libra.
  • libra: why not?
  • taurus: because you don't make sense.
  • libra: oooh..
  • leo: she'll be fineee. let's not worry too much.
  • sagittarius: so.. cancer and scorpio, i heard you guys were in a relationship.. *winky face*
  • scorpio: yeah, we fucked.
  • cancer: ..
  • virgo: OKAY. TMI
  • sagittarius: what about you, virgo? i heard that you and taurus were a thing?
  • taurus: wha.
  • aquarius: sagi, no one gives a shit.
  • sagittarius: WELL I DO. I THINK THAT IT'S CUTE.
  • pisces: same lol.
  • *loud bang*
  • cancer: *jumps on scorpio*
  • libra: look! it's gemini!
  • leo: where the fuck were you?
  • gemini: taking a shit. hehe.
  • libra: oh my god! did he kill you?
  • scorpio: *slaps libra*
  • pisces: *screams*
  • and that was the end of part 1.. what will happen next? stay tuned for the next part, coming soon.
  • (i hope that y'all like this dumb thing. hehe)

The Gifted’s Polaris

Well done Marvel, well done.

Allow me to express my thoughts on the amazing T.V. show as we know it, The Gifted :)

Last night I was working but I did have my uncle record the show for me. First let me say how exciting this show was. It was one of the best X-Men shows I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Even though the first episode was just an introduction, introducing us, the audience, to the good guys, the bad guys, and the random family element, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to see an “action” franchise go a little less action and add more drama. They actually mention the X-Men and the Brotherhood several times, unlike Legion. Clearly this was nothing compare to “Heroes” and certainly was better than Inhumans.

The show started with Blink running away from the police while Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird were trying to recruit Blink. Sadly Lorna was captured too soon but she was still having major screen time. She must, because she’s the main character here. I know some of you think the Strucker family are the main characters but I consider them more as a plot device (don’t get me wrong). Lorna is the main. No, I’m not lying or speculating. I never do.  As a matter of fact here’s a page for ya.

Don’t ask me why Lorna has 6 episodes (because it’s obvious) and why the rest have less. Better ask me how I was right about Lorna’s being put as on a high pedestal. Usually the first cast’s names are the main. This is why y’all gonna get more Dane :) Back to the subject and quick jump to the scene where Lorna and her crew were trying to run away from the cops.

Polaris showed off her powers well. Oh my, but what an amazing Lorna we have here. Love her new perspective. I love how she knocked out the lights, clashed police’s cars, stopped bullets, and even grabbed a cop and hit it against the dumpster for shooting Eclipse. She did not kill the guy but as she said “Believe me, If I wanted those cops dead, they’d be dead” lol. What a badass thing to say. As well as when Blink asked the crew who they were, Lorna told her (after she took the object away from Blink) “We’re just a couple of freaks, same as you” lol. Lorna was so captivating. It was crystal clear she was the powerhouse as usual. Lorna was extremely amazing, period. I love the part where it shows Lorna’s power coming out from her shirt or something :)

The most interesting thing about the whole show was Lorna’s pregnancy. The pregnancy was an unexpected wrinkle. Hopefully, the writers will let her keep it. Although it seems from her reaction that she either didn’t want anyone to know or doesn’t want to be pregnant. I assume she thought they might use her child against her which makes more sense as to her reaction. She might keep it since Magneto needs some grandkids, lol.

Bryan Singer has always handled the X-Franchise (not quite) better than anyone else (but not like Marvel), so I have high hopes for this show’s (and Lorna’s) future. The family of a prosecutor who handles high-profile Mutant cases suddenly dealing with TWO Mutants in their own family is a really interesting subplot, and I am eager to see where that goes. Too bad he got captured at the end of the episode. Although the previews show him in an adjoining cell, and communicating with, Lorna. I’m sure he will tell her that her friends and his family will break them free. Blink, you fucking better hurry up and get them out, lol.

Overall, FOX and Marvel Entertainment did fantastic. I’m very happy and excited to see Lorna’s live action. Emma Dumont definitely captured Lorna’s personality. I’m glad the writer didn’t go with some of Claremont’s old stuff. It was a new fresh start for Lorna and this is exactly what @cullenbunn is doing. What people might not know is that the Gifted show is filling some holes from DOFP, IMO.

So that brings us to the speculation portion.

Let’s end the speculation and yes, I’m talking to all of y'all. Remember how I stood on my both feet saying the littler Princess from DOFP was little Princess Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka Mistress of Magnetism? Ok, let me ask this…  Is The Gifted connected to the X-Men films in any sort of literal sense? Probably not. But in a more general sense, does it take place in the same world as those films? Yes! Nix (writer) didn’t deny the connection, but said if a world exists in which mutant kids coming into their powers are forced to go on the run, “established mutants are going to have something to say about that.” So, what does that say?

In DOFP, Princess Lorna was from the past and Blink from the future. As you saw Blink from the future looks much older and experienced with her abilities. In The Gifted, she looks much younger and inexperienced. Obviously Blink from the past was more comparable to Lorna’s age. In The Gifted they’re both adults except Lorna is more experience than Blink is. Bryan Singer also stated that The Gifted is going to be related to the X-films. Considering she is eventually going to be introduced in The Gifted as Magneto’s daughter.

Eclipse confirmed that they don’t know if either the X-Men or Brotherhood of Mutants exist. Sounds like they knew about them. If they don’t exist it is because they are either captured, dead, hidden, or retired. Professor, who sought mutants that were in trouble, doesn’t exist. In speculation, maybe he’s dead (considering in the comic he IS dead). I was right! I was right the whole time. I guess I was the first one to discover the relation between the film and show. Well, what the hell, I’m a huge fan of Lorna Dane.

A Legend, A Lie

Summary: One night while everyone is gathered around the campfire, one of the Lost Boys recites an old (and seemingly fake) myth about what happens when two people kiss under a new moon in Neverland. You don’t believe a word of it…until someone unexpected tries to debunk the legend with you.

Word Count:

Warnings: None

You watched as the flames of the fire licked up into the bitingly cold air. You wrapped your arms around yourself, pulling your knees closer to your chest.

All of you sat around the fire, trying to distract yourselves from the freezing temperature around you and instead taking turns telling stories.

The Lost Boys told tales of (alleged) encounters they’d had with big bad wolves and little boys who were actually made of wood. Peter rolled his eyes at their stories, but watched on from a distance with faint amusement as he sharpened one of spears.

One of the Lost Boys looked up at the night sky, squinting his eyes. Slowly, he spoke up, “H-hey, guys, what kind of moon was it last night?”

One boy said, “It was a waxing crescent!”

Another called out, “No, you idiot, it was a waning crescent!”

The boy to the left of you let out a laugh. “Really? Well, now that we finally have Y/N here, maybe somebody will get some action.”

Peter stopped sharpening his spear.

“What?” Your eyes widened, giving questioning looks to the boy to your right. “What the hell are you guys talking about?”

Some of the boys cackled, while others just shook their head.

Finally, the boy who’d first stared up at the sky answered, “You see, it’s kind of this old legend…”

“A fake legend!” A boy shouted out.

“No it’s not!” Another one argued.

“What kind of legend?” You asked, feeling slightly uneasy.

This resulted in another round of laughing, and you rolled your eyes, your unease turning to flat out irritation.

“It’s dumb, Y/N.” The boy to the right of you spoke up. “But…some of the boys who were here before us told us about it, and they said that it’d been a thing ever since they first came to Neverland.”

What is a thing?” You cried out, annoyed with the all the preambling.

“The myth goes that if a boy and a girl kiss under a new moon in Neverland, something crazy will happen in the sky!” Another boy finished.

You let out a breath, simultaneously pissed off and relieved that it was just something stupid. “Yeah, okay. So some of the goons before you guys got bored and made up some heteronormative lie to keep themselves preoccupied. What exactly does that have to do with me?”

You hadn’t realized that Peter had moved closer to the camp fire, and when you glanced at him, you saw he had his arms crossed, a disapproving look on his face.

“Well, Y/N…” A boy across the campfire slowly said, “…It seems that you’re the first girl in a while to show up here in Neverland.”

Then, the boy wiggled his eyebrows at you, and all the boys broke into a fit of giggles once more.

That’s when the fire suddenly went out with a loud WHOOSH!, and everyone went deadly quiet.

Peter was standing up on one of the tallest rocks in the clearing, visibly agitated. “No one,” he boomed, “is going to be telling any more ridiculous stories, especially those that harass one of our own Lost Girls. Got it?”

Trembling partially from the cold and partially from fear, the Lost Boys vigorously nodded their heads. When Peter finally waved his hand dismissively, the boys quickly dispersed, sprinting back to their own tents.

This left you alone with Peter in the clearing, standing by the put out fire.

“You didn’t have to do that.” You told him, standing up and brushing some of the dirt and ash off your legs. “I know it’s just some dumb story.”

Peter chewed on his lip for a moment, watching the remaining smoke from the fire drift off into the crisp, night air. “Yeah, well…Still. You’ve been one of the most hard working people since you showed up here, and I’d hate for you to be bothered by a bunch of pubescent imbeciles.”

This made you laugh, which in turn made Peter grin. “Nah, they’re alright. After all, it’s not like they’ve been exposed to girls much, right?”

Peter nodded. “Yeah, and at their rate, they never will be.”

You smiled again, and found yourself admiring the way Peter looked when he wasn’t yelling at someone. There was almost a sort of softness to his face, and even though it was nighttime and the moon was nowhere to be seen, his pale skin seemed to have a natural glow all on its own. 

You didn’t know why, but something about the moment made you have to ask:

“So, you really don’t think it’s true?”

The question almost seemed to surprise Peter, but a gleam in his eyes told you something else.

“Hmm. I guess I really don’t know.” He answered, glancing up at the stars before letting his gaze fall back on you.

“Yeah. Too bad we’ll never find out-” You began to tease, but were stopped. Because then, right then, Peter swiftly closed the distance between the two of you, cupping your face and kissing you right on the mouth.

You let out a small gasp, clearly taken aback. However, instinct set in quick, and you closed your eyes, leaning into him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

Almost simultaneously, the two of you pulled back. Then, immediately, you and Peter’s attention shot up towards the sky, looking up to see…

…Nothing. The moon was still absent, the stars still lazily twinkling. There were no comets, no sudden explosions, not even any debris from space hurtling back down to Earth in a ball of fire.

You looked back at Peter, your heart racing despite the troposphere still being in perfect condition.

He smiled breathlessly, biting his lip in a way that made you feel light-headed.

Pulling you in closer, he said, “I don’t know about you, but I definitely just felt something crazy happen.”

You nodded, leaning in the rest of the way. “Yeah. I guess the boys were right after all.”

I remember playing North Star Bar [in Philadelphia] and this guy yelled “take off your shirt!” probably 10 times. It had happened a couple of times at this point but this guy was super aggressive about it. By the fifth or sixth time, I realized that I’m the one with the microphone. I’ve got power here. I don’t have to be quiet. Sometimes there’s strength in letting your actions speak for you, but in this moment I was like, “I don’t have to take this.” He said something again, I said something back and was just as consistent as he was, and then he stopped. But, by the end, I was just like, “I don’t like you. Get out,” and made some guy I knew get him out.

Barbie (Chapter 5)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. 

You could have hit him, you should have hit him; he deserved to be hit. It was like his brain has disconnected from his mouth. He had the audacity to say the stupidest thing you’d ever heard. The most hurtful thing you’d ever hear from any mans lips, let alone Chris’.

“That’s what it started out as?” You repeat with annoyance.

“But…” He starts to say.

“You didn’t allow him to finish, you interrupt him shouting at him with a furry of anger. "You fucking bastard!” He stares at you like a lost puppy, his artful blue eyes doing nothing to subside your anger. “You used me!” You throw the bag at him, hoping it would have hit him but it doesn’t. The bag lands just near his feet, the contents spilling on the floor. “What you wanted that whore back so fucking badly that you figured, ‘Hey, I’m the great Chris Pine, I can fuck anyone i want! I’ll just take the first woman who looks gullible enough?’ well, let me tell you something” You walk closer to him, each step you take raises the volume of your voice. “you’re not fucking great, you are lousy in bed and your acting is sub-fucking-par!”

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First Impressions and Second Chances (part 14)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,518 (including texts)

Misha x Reader

Warnings: angst, resolved in fluff

Notes: we’re almost there! this is the second to last part of the series, things are starting to resolve themselves. next part is basically gonna be fluffy fluff and closure, but there’ll still be some of the good stuff :D (sidenote: this is unbeta’d and it took me AGES to write on a portuguese computer bc all the stuff is in different places, so sorry in advance if anything in the text or formatting looks weird. i fixed as much as i could!) leave in the comments if you liked this part :)

text messages in italics

Your name: submit What is this?

“We need to talk.”

Misha nodded slowly, contemplating. “Ok.” He lead you to the bed where you sat down next to each other, watching you carefully.

“Ok.” You took a deep breath, steadying yourself. “So,” you linked a hand with one of Misha’s, “we need to talk about us- what’s going to happen when you leave and all.”

Misha stared at your joined hands, silent. You craned your neck down, trying to meet his gaze. “Mish?”

“What if you came with me?”

The words came out too fast, and he immediately looked like he regretted saying anything. You swallowed. “What?”

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First impression of Nathaniel Caver. He came to Xavier’s school. Saw this. And immediately decided to go back home. He is the sanest person in Marvel Universe.

Generation X #1 is a mixed bag. For one, I cannot get used to the art, at least in regards to faces. On the other hand, actions scenes don’t look too bad. So far I’m enjoying dysfunctional team we have here and I’ve seen some people theorizing Nathaniel may be set up as Benjamin Deed’s love interest, which I’d approve of. Speaking of shipping, it also appears author is trying to set up Jubilee with Chamber, or am I the only one who got that impression? On the other hand, the cliffhanger is begging for a facepalm. Purifiers show up to kill everyone. As in, 4 guys with guns. These guys were effective villains in the past because they played it smart and careful, using snipers and terrorist methods as well as manipulation and literal cheat sheet in form of Nimrod’s future databanks. This looks like four members just got drunk and charged in without a plan. Hope they get their asses kicked.

BTS as Kingsman (Hoseok)

Originally posted by syubbed


-Umm insert a very smiley very innocent looking KILLER


-Like he can sweep you off your feet


-But then you can’t do anything about it because you’re dead


-But he’s not big on combat.

-Not that he can’t do it like he can do it but

-He’s more of a recruiter and intel kind of guy

-Codename: Gawain

-He doesn’t have a favorite weapon since he tries to avoid combat and stuff but his favorite gadget is the really cool pen that comes with poison that can be activated at the flick of a switch but still works as a pen???? KINGSMAN SHIT IS COOL OKAY.

-Plus the fountain pen actually works and it’s handy for his secret notetaking

-So One day Tristan comes up to him and hes like ‘Arthur is sending me out for this mission but I need you to go do your thing and scout out this place and these people and come back and tell me all you know thanks.’

-And he just kinda stuffs his pen into the his suit pocket and he’s on his way.

-So according to the files tristan is gonna have to take out a corrupt country leader and all hoseok has to do really is check out how much security he has, who’s close to him, and what their best course of action is going to be.

-Sure he could just get close to the guy himself and use his pen poison but  he doesn’t like getting to close to a target you know

-So here we are at some boring meeting where a few country leaders are discussing important things like trading and not firing missiles at each other you know the usual

-And Hoseok has been trailing behind this guy, Lee Junhyuk, Lee Somin’s father SURPRISE BITCHES they all tie in together

-Anyway, as Hoseok is trailing this guy he can’t help but notice an attractive young woman at his side and he’s curious bc how did she get there like is she his secretary but she’s so young she can’t be any older than him and wow so pretty.

-So he’s acquired his first real target. You. LOL SEE THERE YOU ARE. chilling with a corrupt leader whats new

-Halfway through the day there’s like a little lunch banquet thing for VIP’S and the only way to get in is with a vip pass and Hoseok realizes you have one but he doesnt so how is he going to get close oh no what a dilemma.

-Just kidding

-Hoseok uses the stun feature on his cool kingsman watch on some guy walking down an empty hall. Then he knocks him out cold. Ties him up and locks him in a random room.

-And suddenly he’s a VIP and he not only gets valuable information but he also gets a good lunch? The last time he ate a good lunch was like 2 weeks ago when Arthur treated everybody because they completed a mission without nearly exposing themselves.

-So Hoseok is sitting at a table hoping to get a little bit closer to you but umm

-He? Cant? Find? You?

-Cue contact with galahad at kingsman hq

-‘Galahad, i need you to find someone for me in this building’


-‘She’s a girl, has a vip badge, shes wearing a peach colored shirt with a black pencil skirt and shes constantly pulling it down like its too short and uncomfortable and her hair is down but she has like a small crown on her head and i want to know where she is and everything we currently know about her.’

-Galahad is just ??????? is this part of the mission or are you in love bc that’s been happening a lot lately

-‘Umm okay give me one second.’

-So Hoseok takes this opportunity to munch on his meal and look around at the other VIPS and sure enough there is Lee Junhyuk with a security guard on every side of him so 4 in total with him plus all the supposed hidden ones but you cant hide from Hoseok

-Like the guy that’s constantly talking into his sleeve and looking around suspiciously, good going dude.

-Or the guy that straight up said ‘being undercover security is so boring’ like everyone thinks spotting undercover guards is so hard but if you just listen for .2 seconds and observe you’ve got them all or maybe Hoseok has just perfected it who knows

-‘Alright Gawain I’ve got her on the fourth floor of the building. She’s eating by herself. Third door on the left. These files are telling me her name is F/N L/N, 22 years old. She’s the daughter of a King but they’re from a small country, that still makes her a princess though. But I don’t happen to see her father anywhere and I don’t think he’s even on the list of leaders that are supposed to be present.’

-‘Thanks Galahad. I’ll contact you if i need anything else’

-‘Hoseok…I’m reading into a few things and I’m gonna need you to tread lightly here. You get out of there if things go South.’

-Hoseok gives a thumbs up knowing the super techy kingsman glasses are transmitting everything back to Galahad.

-Its time to MEET! THIS! GIRL!!!!

-So Hoseok follows Galahad’s directions  and he just so happens to ‘stumble’ into the same exact room you’re in

-You’re so startled when this guy walks in thatyou SPILL YOUR WHOLE DRINK ALL OVER YOURSELF GOSH DANG IT HOSEOK

-You make a really odd sound when the cold liquid seeps through the fabric of your clothes and onto your skin

-Hoseok blushes because he did not mean to scare you like that and it was totally an accident and oh my gosh what has he done your shirt is see through now!!!!

-‘I’m so so sorry.’ like the gentleman he is Hoseok shuts his eyes and immediately removes his suit jacket before blindly holding it out in hope that you’ll accept it.

-You’re a little reluctant but you also cant walk around with a see through shirt so you take the suit jacket and slip your arms throught the sleeves before buttoning it up.

-‘You can open your eyes now sir’

-Hoseok slowly opens his eyes just to be 100% positive you’re decent and he just burst into another fit of apologies because it was totally his fault and oh god the guys back at hq are probably laughing at him right now.

-‘Also sir is a bit much for me. I’m Hoseok the guy that just made you spill a whole glass of water on yourself. It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ Hoseok holds his hand out and you shake it before introducing yourself

-‘The pleasure is all mine. I’m Y/N.’

-‘Ah yes, the Princess of Elodea (lol this is a plant we’ve been using in my biology lab recently. Go bio majors!) right?

-Its your turn to blush because this handsome, charismatic gentleman knew who you were oh my gosh best day ever.

-‘Mhm. Soon to be Queen actually.’

-‘May I ask what you’re doing here by yourself, your highness?’

-‘Oh well…I just needed a minute to myself. Away from all of the politics and corrupt men and their ideas…’

-Hoseok notices the way you fiddle with your hands and avoid direct eye contact.

-‘Corrupt men you say? I don’t believe i’ve gotten the chance to converse with said men. Who might you be referring to?’

-You clear your throat as you slide the diamond ring on your finger on and off. Wow how did hoseok not notice that thing before oh my gosh.

-‘Umm my fiance. He’s very stubborn and I don’t think he really cares for these things. But I’m sure he’ll be a great…ruler to my people and when we unite our countries things will get better.’ You sounded like you were trying to convince yourself more than you were trying to convince Hoseok.

-‘What is your fiance’s name?’

-You look behind Hoseok at the door for a second before smiling

-“Lee Junhyuk”

-Hoseok is about to respond but Lee Junhyuk himself pushes him to the side before approaching you. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. THis OLD GUY with a daughter older than you was your fiance? Something was not right.

-‘Y/N! What happened to you? Has this man been harassing you? GUARDS! Remove this man immediately.’ You shy away from his touch as he tries to inspect you like some object to see if any damage has been done.

-‘No. no. I am alright. No need for the guards to come in and worry everyone. I spilled my drink you know clumsy me and he was just helping me by offering me his jacket so that I don’t walk around soaking wet.’

-Junghyuk is literally shooting death glares at Hoseok and he takes that as his cue to leave.

-‘I suppose I should be on my way then. It was a pleasure to meet you sir. Until next time’ Which should be SOON

-So Hoseok leaves that event with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach like ehs so so so worried for you because you were definitely uncomfortable in there and he just had to leave you and oh my gosh Tristan was going to kill your fiance.

-Hoseok is back at hq later that night and he’s like hey guys we need to talk and the other guys just take their seats and the meeting starts lets go.

-‘Galahad there’s something youre not telling me’


-‘I was going to tell you but it would’ve ruined the mission…’


-Oh shIT hoseok just used galahad’s real name this is serious now

-‘This is about Y/N now. What aren’t you telling me and how are we going to help her?’

-‘So according to our files Y/N’s country was having financial issues up until a few months ago where they suddenly reported having more money than they’ve ever had. It was rumored that Y/N’s father had started his own drug cartel because it was really the only plausible explanation for the drastic increase in money.’

-Galahad looks at hoseok to gauge his reaction before continuing because oh my gosh that’s not even the bad part and he already looks pissed i hope he doesnt beat him.

-‘Y/N’s dad hadn’t done that though but he did… hand Y/N off to the highest bidder. The highest bidder was Lee Junhyuk which now makes him the future King of Elodea. As we know that would also tie Elodea and Y/N into the Somin drug cartel seeing as though Lee Junhyuk is Lee Somin’s father and they work together. We were initially targeting Junhyuk for his corrupt ways as the leader of his country…now we’re in a bit of a bind.’

-Everyone looks at Hoseok as they wait for him to say something anything really.

-‘So what are we waiting for? When do we get rid of this guy?’


-‘I say we get Y/N to safety first and then Junhyuk is all yours tristan.’


-It takes a few days to get coordinated but usually it takes weeks so this is good so far

-Lancelot and Kay will be clearing the path to you and Junhyuk respectively so that Hoseok can get to you and tristan can get to junhyuk. Tristans job is to eliminate. Hoseok job is to extract. Arthur and Galahad will remain at hq and oversee the mission through the transmissions from the glasses. Percival has been tasked with manning the helicopter that will get everyone back to hq.

-Shit goes down. Like junhyuk’s home is huge and even galahad has a hard time figuring out the best routes but things get done eventually.

-Lancelot is literally mowing guards down with this wild umbrella shotgun and by the time Hoseok gets to you you’re hiding under a bed of all places.

-‘Y/N? Are you in here?’

-You recognize that voice its the same guy from a few days ago. You never did catch his name.

-There you go crawling out from under the bed to a total stranger that may or may not be here to actually kill you but you’re gonna take your chances.

-‘What’s going on?’ You’re kind of scared but from the short time you’ve spent with this man he seems like a good guy and you trust him???? After only a couple minutes of conversation???

-Hes just so smiley and charming and a gentleman and its hard not to you know its Hoseok

-‘I  don’t have much time to explain right now. We have to get out of here first before this place blows.’ BLOWS??? DID HE JUST SAY THIS PLACE WAS GONNA BLOW????? Holy shit!!!!

-Who. is. This. man. The same man that you are just going to follow because he told you to.

-“Y/N, tell me. Is your fiance much of a drinker?’ you nod your head and Hoseok smirks before gently nudging you over to lancelot.

-‘Lancelot get her out of here. I’ll be out in approximately 30 seconds. Percival should be waiting outside. Don’t let anything happen to her.’


-Tristan and Kay have done their part by setting up the explosives. Lancelot and Gawain have escorted Y/N out Percival was at the pick up spot and galahad and arthur were satisfied with how things had gone. 30 seconds later Gawain is spotted headed towards the helicopter carrying the other members and you and he hops in.

-Everyone questions him bc he just disappeared umm what? But he doesn’t respond. Arthur gives tristan the go to push the detonator and percival tells everyone to hang on and the detonator is pushed and OH MY GOSH…

-Nothing happened.

-No explosion. It was a bust someone must have gotten to the explosives and messed with them FUCK

-Mission failed

-Gawain puts his glasses on

-‘Galahad. Pull up the security camera in Junhyuk’s office.

-‘Umm okay’

-Galahad does that and there’s Junhyuk throwing books and papers and his chair and everything in sight he is LIVID. LIVID BC HIS FUTURE WIFE HAS BEEN STOLEN AND SOMEONE JUST TRIED TO KILL HIM

-He’s shouting out orders and once everyone leaves the room and he’s alone he just takes a seat and pours himself a drink.


-This sucker just drinks straight out of the bottle. The only bottle in the room after Hoseok went in there and broke all except one.

-Everyone is kinda like what are we looking at and why

-Hoseok pulls out his small notebook and his fancy kingsman pen from his pocket and hands it over to you.

-‘Y/N. Would you mind giving me your phone number?’

-You kind of look at him like umm now?? And hoseok nods. You shrug your shoulders and click the pen before writing your number. When you try to unclick the pen you can’t and hoseok points to a small button on the pen. You push it and the pen unclicks.

-Also what the guys can see but you cant since you dont have fancy kingsman glasses





-You’re a little confused when the guys cheer and give Hoseok a thumbs up

-Is it because he got your number?????

-Hes into you???? A cutE GUY IS INTo you!!!!

-The boys decide to take you back to the safety of your home in your country except they had your father IMPRISONED BECAUSE HE SOLD YOU but your mom is still there and she’s a good person so everything is good.

-Hoseok get’s off the helicopter with you to escort you in and the two of you are inside now and its v quiet

-‘So…I’ll call you to see how you’re doing.’

-‘I would like that very much.’

-Its kinda like that awkward time after a date where you stand at the front door and its like are we gonna kiss or  not?

-WELL THE NEXT DAY THERE’S breaking news.

-“Princess of Elodea caught locking lips with handsome man in suit.”


-“Lee Junhyuk found dead in his home.” Yikes

-And that’s it.

-You know.

A/N: Was this rewrite complete trash? I wish I had the original :(


So I just want to talk about the Spider-Man suits for a minute here.
The first live action spider man always bugged me because he had this awesome suit, and as a kid I always thought, there is no way he made that, and if some one else made it then they would know that he was Spider-Man! And the same thing with Andrew Garfield’s rendition.
Tony and Andrew have these amazing suits for Spider-Man, I know they didn’t start out with great suits but they got them. And I’m sorry but most guys can’t sew, there are some and they can be amazing, but do you really peg Peter Parker as a guy who can sew?
That is part of the reason I loved Spider-Man Homecoming.
Peter’s homemade suit worked! It showed a teenage boy put it together. And we see how he gets his amazing suit. He didn’t make it, Tony did.
Now I have no doubt that Peter could have figured out how to create the tech for the suit, but the actual design? I don’t think so.
So thank you Marvel for this wonderful tiny piece of the story, as silly as it might seem.


You are the sweetest, every single one of you, the sweetest. I cannot thank any of you enough for the support you’ve shown me, it really proved to me that Tumblr is a safe place for me to express myself and that finding your community is so important because look…. Look at what you did for me. I don’t think you realise. just how comforting it is to see your comments after I thought I wasn’t good enough, you really helped me to put things into perspective.
Which brings me to my next point.

(I love you guys way too much xx)

Also whilst scrolling through my inbox surrounded by your positivity (thanks again guys you da best) I found this little gem:

I mean BITTER PARTY OF ONE OVER HERE! Seriously I laughed at this (something I never imagined myself doing and I certainly wouldn’t have done yesterday) because today I realised I don’t care what some random spineless anon thinks of me, why the hell would I when I have you guys xxx

Damn right I’m a petty bitch and proud so try me anon
Lots and lots of love to you all

anonymous asked:

Can I get a small scenario where Luciano is bested at his own dangerous game by his kid?

So, I’m going to make this the knife game

Originally posted by creepysilencebaby

Luciano was currently talking to a guy trying to get information out of him.The guys was handcuffed to the table to where it kept his hands spread and stuck flat on the table. He decided the best play for this would be in a little closet hidden beyond a bookshelf that holds all his various and sharp knife collection. He hid it this way to keep his little precious angle child safe.

“Alright now, I know you know where Billy is, so now, you either tell me where he is, or else we will be playing one of my favorite games.”

“I-I-I-I ain’t telling you sh*t!”

“Game it is then”

Luciano took of of the knifes from off the wall and started to slowly stab the spaces between the guy’s figures. Over time Luciano sped things up. After 3 minutes of this, Luciano’s hand slipped and he cut into the guy;s index finger.

“Opps, my bad.”

“Only 3 minutes, Daddy, even I can do better than that!”

Luciano and the guy bother looked to the door in shock it see a tiny child with a curl sticking out standing in the doorway in pajamas and clutching a teddy bear.

“Bambino/a, what are you doing here?”

“I like it here. I had a scary nightmare so I came down here to play with the knifes to make me feel better. The knifes are so pretty and fun! But yeah, daddy, I can do better than that! Watch!”

The little child walked towards Luciano, took the knife from his hands, and started to play the game, as they put it, on the guy. The child quickly sped up their actions, going even faster than Luciano did! The guy at this point was so nervous and paranoid that he passed out from fear.

“Impressive, my little bambino/a. Come, you deserve some tiramisu! I have to wait until this guy wakes up to continue my work, so break time.”

“Yay Tiramisu!” 

The child was so excited that their hand slipped and the guy’s hand ended up being impaled. Lucky for him, he was still unconscious. The father and child duo left the room and enjoyed a nice treat!

Adventures in Aerobic Dating

Something light for the kiddies <3

Originally posted by leeisdark

Even is certain he’s a good person. He isn’t faultless, he knows that; he’s broken a heart before, smokes a little too much, and drink a little too often. But he’s not bad. He helps little old ladies cross streets, and gives whatever he has to people who need it. (He’s become very close to a sweet old man named Julian, who prefers the way of the streets, and brings him dinner at least three times a week.) So it’s only fair to think that he, quite frankly, doesn’t deserve this torture. This pure, sweet torture. A sweat slicked chest and sweet faced kind of torture. 

He is here again. Doing bench presses, all red in the face and groaning softly with the exertion. Even can’t even do anything about it. He’s stuck behind the staff counter, willing away his third ‘gym-rat’ fueled boner this week. And, really, Even can’t be blamed for his interest (or obsession, depending on who you ask). 

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anonymous asked:

if i may ask, what version of photoshop do you use? where could i download it at for free? and if you don't mind could you maybe help me with making gifs with a mini tutorial? mine aren't very hq like yours, do you use torrents or direct downloads? it would mean a lot if you can maybe help me! i love your gifs so so much and they're so beautiful! i hope this isn't too much to ask! <3

I use cs5 and you can probably find a download on a torrent website check here !! i made a giffing tutorial under the cut on how to make clear crisp gifs <3 like this post if it was helpful(: 

result :

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this months challenge: SIMPLE CG on TV!!!!

This is a character challenge you guys! Make a character based on you favorite TV character!!! I want to see all TV shows represented here guys! It can be from and animated show or a live action show, just remember to keep it simple guys!!! Here are some examples of characters other people have made!!

TV: includes Netflix and HBO as well so don’t forget about your Game of thrones and your Orange is the new black!

Bonus points if you animate it! 

Don’t forget to hashtag your entries with #simpleCg


+ Robbie Kay x FamousReader

Prompt | Request: “Reader is a celebrity and donates money in a auction gallery and ends up winning a date with a certain famous boy.”

I have terrible anxiety at social events like these. They’re incompetent, useless and all that happens is gossip, gossip, and oh, Miss, did you get that new bag from that new designer?

I love fashion but despise the people in it who claim to be “all about it”. Yes, you buy a random, expensive handbag with your wealthy husband’s credit card and go out to some shit- over-charged restaurant with your other housewife friends– and you claim that you’re all about fashion?

Another dreadfully somber Galla event, with “all-white” outfits and those few people who decide to be bold and not wear white. Oh, but this is different! This is a charity event. Same concept, but some wealthy snobs here are actually here to compete against their patrons and help cases.

“Act like you actually want to be here, Y/N.” My manager, Eric, scolds me, glaring at me with a gaze that burns through me.

“I am.” I childishly reply to him. Besides, he’s the one who always sets me up at these damn events. All I’m actually interested for here is donating money to the charity events. My sister is the socialite in the family, not me.

“Shush, they’re starting the charity announcements.” Eric once more ignores my comment and waves me off. He places a hand under his chin and looks intently at the stage where some guy is blabbing on about some cause he has no clue about.

“The bids starts at one thousand dollars, winning a date with the beautifully talented and gorgeous: Perrie Edwards.” The man winks over at Perrie, causing her to blush.

Men who have nothing else to do with their overflowing pockets of cash battle off for a date with Perrie, whom I now pity for this reason. The men don’t even care about the cause, all they want is Perrie’s time and to get in her pants. Okay, it is possible I may be too honest in my own time.

“The charity case for UNICEF goes to Robert Pattinson for ten million dollars!” The new hostess announces as she takes over the next bid, clapping to begin the round of applause.

“And next! This is a good one, single ladies!” The hostess giggles, causing all the snobby single women in the room to laugh along with her. I simply roll my eyes and cross my arms.

“Y/N, that’s not ladylike.” Eric scolds once more. I turn to him with a bored expression and put my left leg over my right leg.

Your face is not ladylike. You’re very unattractive, but you don’t see me scolding you for being cursed with the uglies. But oh, the things I wish I can fire back at Eric, I never really say. 

“Put a sock in it, would you?” I simply mutter before turning back around to pay attention to the hostess announcing the next case.

“For the Fountain of Wishes Charity, in which the highest bidder will bid their money to the children’s hospital and grant each ill patient a wish.” Being someone who lost a loved one to a hellish disease whom never got the chance to truly live their life, I become intrigued.

“For all the single ladies, your date will be with one of our lovely patrons who has been generous enough to volunteer. They’ll know you, but you won’t know who they are. A free mystery date, sponsored and brought to you by Le Spot Alimentaire! A wonderful French cuisine restaurant.” The girl gets on with the charity.

“One thousand dollars!”

“Two thousand dollars!”

“Five thousand dollars.”

“Seven thousand dollars!”

“Fifty thousand dollars!”

“Bloody hell, this is getting ridiculous.” I snap, causing Eric to knit his eyebrows in confusion. I snatch my little sign and stand tall. He’s always encouraging me to spend a some money on a good cause, so here I am.

“Twenty-two million dollars. I can write a check upfront right now.” I bravely put in. With my statement filling everyone’s ears, the attention all turns to me. My heart rate begins to beat fast as the room stills and the spotlight is shined upon me.

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mooui-deactivated20150801  asked:

But who would take the role of Medusa????

Everybody in Haikyuu is so precious
All of them are my precious children  
They’re not evil at all they’re all good and they play volleyball like the good children they are – 


Relationship-wise I think Yaku would be the Kenma’s “guardian” and he's no ordinary cat soul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

WATCH OUT FOR TWO-TAILED CATS MAN YAKU CAN DO SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE (Since Medusa was pretty OP in the anime?? Like she was really OP wOAH)



toorusass is writing a Levyaku meister-weapon drabble if I’m not wrong! :)

I’m not too sure what weapon Yaku would be but seeing as the shorter stature characters like Hinata and Noya are BIG weapons, Yaku would be a BIG weapon as well??


If you guys are looking for an awesome action-packed Haikyuu!! Soul Eater AU fic heRE IT IS


(It’s Suga-dusa Ayy lmao)

LMAO IDK GUYS YOU DECIDE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Feel free to send in some headcanons guys I’m totally open to opinions/ideas for this AU!!! :‘DD)

Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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