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Manga artists Munakata and Mikoto and their feuding assistants Fushimi and Yata.

Yessss I like this. So imagine they are both super popular manga artists who are always jostling for the top seller spot, like one week Munakata is top and next Mikoto is and it’s this huge rivalry even between their fans. Somehow the two of them are always being compared even though they have completely different styles and genres, like Mikoto writes an action-packed shounen jump style fighting manga and Munakata writes a popular shoujo romance (if he has a weakness in his drawing style it’s that it looks more like one of those old-school style shoujo series were everyone has very shiny eyes and he overuses the sparkle screentones. The story is so gripping that he has a ton of readers anyway). The two of them also happen to rent the same studio and live in the same apartment which means they are constantly running into each other and having to interact, to say nothing of various events and interviews. Munakata likes to make pointed comments about the complexity of his story and how he has the next 1000 chapters planned out, all of his interviews involve him dropping hints so subtle that there are tons of forums just filled with people trying to decode his words. Mikoto meanwhile when asked what’s going to happen next in his manga will just shrug and be like ‘dunno’ because he makes shit up as he goes along and it’s fine.

The two of them do have several assistants of course – Mikoto needs assistants, otherwise he’d never have time for sleeping on the couch when he’s got a deadline (OMG Mikoto totally has the Miura/Togashi style ‘one chapter and then TIME FOR A SIX MONTH HIATUS’ thing going on because he’s tired and needs a break. Munakata has released a chapter every week save holidays for years and never taken even so much as week off). Yata is a young aspiring manga artist who looks up to Mikoto a lot, like he owns every volume of Mikoto’s first less popular series which was canceled halfway through and never finished. Fushimi is also an aspiring artist, the two of them meet in middle school and make like their own manga called 'Small World’ which they only share with the two of them. They both manage to get hired to be Mikoto’s assistants but Fushimi quickly finds himself having issues, Mikoto’s art style is very detailed and full of action lines and meticulously choreographed fight scenes and Fushimi’s art style leans towards clean and static, less action lines and more gorgeously arranged single panels and expressions. Plus on top of that Yata’s stopped having time to work on their manga and only talks about Mikoto’s instead and how lucky they are to get to work on it. Finally when Munakata offers Fushimi a job Fushimi takes it, breaking things off with Yata and destroying their art supplies in front of him (“There go your Prismacolors, Misaki”).

So not only is there a rivalry going on between Munakata and Mikoto but Yata and Fushimi are at odds too, and of course they always run into each other because they work in adjoining studios. Sometimes they’ll run into each other while bringing the new pages to the publisher and they both argue over whose new chapter is the best, Fushimi’s always mocking Yata for only being able to draw boneheaded manga about friendship and heroes while Yata thinks Fushimi can only work on frilly girls’ manga even though he maybe has been known to read it on the side sometimes just once okay his mom likes it shut up. Ooh and imagine both Munakata and Mikoto working Yata and Fushimi’s issues into their comics, like one of the girls in Munakata’s comic betrays her best friend because she’s afraid of losing her and tries to make the friend hate her but really she’s very lonely and feeling forgotten. Meanwhile one of the heroes in Mikoto’s manga is betrayed by his partner and wants to hate him but can’t stop wanting to know why he left and desperately wants him to come back. Fushimi and Yata continue to work on the pages completely unaware of the fact that Munakata and Mikoto are writing about them and meanwhile the fans are loving it and shipping it and writing letters begging for the two friends to reconcile. Munakata makes Fushimi read the letters to him, Yata reads Mikoto’s letters because Mikoto doesn’t have time for that he has sleeping to do.

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i feel like yata needs to be appreciated more often so please tell me how many times a day does saruhiko think about how much he loves his cute baby boyfrien

Yata always needs more appreciation, he is precious. I imagine that Fushimi thinks about Yata a lot even though he has trouble vocalizing it, he probably has trouble admitting even to himself how much he totally loves Yata. I always tend to imagine that Fushimi goes to bed later than Yata and Yata wakes up earlier than Fushimi unless Fushimi’s specifically going in to work so Fushimi probably either way gets some nice quiet time to just look at Yata’s sleeping face and be in love. Like imagine Fushimi comes in late from work one day and Yata’s been waiting up for him but finally just conked out on the couch. Fushimi staggers in totally wiped out, exhausted and dragging his feet and maybe it was a rough mission so he’s a little on edge too. He sees Yata sleeping on the couch and has a moment of mixed feelings, because Yata looks so cute and peaceful but there’s probably some guilt because Yata waited up and all and here’s Fushimi disappointing him. Fushimi wanders into the kitchen planning on just eating whatever he can grab from the fridge but then he finds a nice covered plate of leftovers with a note from Yata saying he guesses Fushimi’s had a long day so here have some actual nutrition you stupid monkey and then go to bed. Fushimi kinda stares at the note for a minute and then goes and reheats the food and eats. Afterward he’s headed back to the bedroom when he sees Yata there still asleep on the couch and Fushimi kinda leans over the back of the couch so that he can stroke Yata’s hair a little. Yata doesn’t even stir, just snores a little, and Fushimi ends up standing there for a few minutes just looking down at Yata with this little smile on his face, not even really realizing it as he just drinks in the sight of his boyfriend. Imagine Fushimi hasn’t even managed to actually say the words ‘I love you’ yet but as he stares at Yata he thinks about it over and over again, ’I love you. I love you.’ And then finally Yata stirs and wakes up, the sleepiness draining away from his face as his eyes focus on Fushimi and his face just lights up with a smile as he says ‘welcome back.’ Fushimi’s probably so happy that it’s dark so Yata can’t see him blushing as he keeps thinking it again, how much he loves the way Yata’s eyes light up like that for him and how dazzling Yata’s smile is and how very in love Fushimi is with him.