here have some flash family feels


okay the next person to shit on iris for talking to barry about their feelings for each other and their future and stuff last ep i swear to god i will drop kick you from here all the way to earth-2

iris was terrified that barry was going to make a rash and potentially self sacrificial decision (and she also was not the only person to voice concerns!!!! btw!!!!!!!) and she had to let him know that if he decided not to go through with it he would still be loved and have a life and a future and that BEING THE FLASH WASN’T THE ONLY VALUE HE HAD

because seriously since barry lost his powers he has been so down on himself and he clearly has his self worth all tangled up in being a superhero and honestly i’m really glad that iris was there to remind barry that he is more than that (even if he doesn’t seem to believe it cause apparently barry has crushing self esteem issues)

so yeah if you don’t ship it fine ship whatever you want but could you not shit on iris for trying to make sure her best friend and probably future husband didn’t harm himself because of a complete lack of self worth??????? because if you’re really against that you may have your own issues to sort out