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Yours (Jace Wayland x Reader)

Hello angels! I promise, I’m still here. Things are better now. 

I’m sorta kinda happy with this, and I figured I’d post it. It totally ignores everything that is canon, both in the Mortal Instruments and in Shadowhunters. Clary doesn’t exist. Oops. 

I just recently started watching the Flash, so if anyone wants some Barry Allen reader inserts, feel free to request! I’m slowly working through the Cassian requests, but it’s slow. I seem to have lost his character a little bit. I’ll see what I can do. 

I love you guys. I really do. Thank you for being amazing. 



Requested: Nope

Pairing(s): Jace Wayland / Morgenstern / Herondale / Lightwood x Reader

Words: 600ish

Warnings: Feels? 


“So, I’ve gathered you all here today for a reason.” Jace fidgets, so unlike him, and a small part of your brain worries about what he is going to say.

You stand in a crowd of your family, your friends, and everyone else that you know at the New York Institute.

“Today is the anniversary of the day that I met the love of my life.” Jace smiles at you, and you feel yourself straighten. “This room was the site of the first time we ever spared, and the first time she kicked my ass.” Laughter titters through the crowd.

“It wasn’t the last!” You hear Izzy call out.

Jace ducks his head, your favorite smile of his on his lips, “Very true. But that’s not the point of today.

“The point of today is that I am in love. Jonathan Christopher Wayland is in love. And I’m not exactly one to hold back.” He winks at you, and you can hear a vague threat coming from your ever-protective adoptive older brother, Alec.

Jace ignores his parabatai, “So, my love, can you come over here please?” He extends one hand to you.

You step forward, thankful that your surefooted rune from your previous mission hasn’t quite worn off yet. Your knees shake as you make your way out of the crowd to him.

Jace takes your hands in his own, “This is probably a huge risk, ‘cause we haven’t talked about this at all and now I have all of our friends and family her…” he trails off, meeting your eyes. “It’s a mundane tradition to exchange rings to signify an engagement—“ Your breath catches in your throat. “…and I know how fascinating you find their normal-ness, so I figured…”

You could have heard a pin drop as Jace gets down on one knee and pulls a small, velvet box from his pocket.

“In a world where nothing is easy and nothing is promised, you are the one thing that I am sure of. One of us could die tomorrow. Hell, one of us could die in an hour. I don’t want to spend another moment knowing that I could lose you without knowing that you are mine and that I am eternally yours. Will you marry me?”

Tears slip down your cheeks as you murmur, “Yes.” And Jace stands, wrapping you in his embrace,

Your family, friends, colleagues and boss all cheer and shout as Jace slips a beautiful gold band onto your ring finger. The unfamiliar weight feels like home.

“I love you.” Jace whispers.

“I love you more.” You counter with a giggle, the euphoria of this moment too much to contain.

“I love you most.” He takes your face in his hands as your tangle yours in the front of his shirt.

“Not possible.” You press your lips firmly to his, and the crowd around you disappears.

“After running away from his dysfunctional, upper-class family, Gin Daldröv lives his life bouncing from town to town, trying to find a sense of peace within himself. He strives to live in comfort and security, while his reputation of raiding and thieving in the name of his own survival makes it impossible for him to settle down. 

With his life in gutters, Gin is always lying through his teeth to hide his true feelings; often he flashes a smile and gestures his arms about to fake a sense of invitation. 

He does not have many friends or family members to rely on, but he does have his little goat, Bethany by his side to keep him going. “

Commission done! This charismatic fella belongs to Dan! She made some great character references of him beforehand. Here, here and here! Take a look!

Just a Little Bit on Sakura and Sasusaku

You know what I think about Sakura? This is less about Sasuke and more about herself. See, as person who dislikes Sakura, I actually think that because I’m not biased with fanfiction interpretations that I have a better grasp of Sakura’s character than some people who love her. Sakura, despite her bravado, is not a person of real confidence. She has low self-esteem and very little self-worth. I think that part of the reason she is so hung up on Sasuke is its a sense of validation for herself. She was shy, friendless, unpopular, and overlooked as a child. She liked Sasuke, but even better, to be acknowledged by someone everyone likes, everyone admires, that would make her special. That would make her somebody worthwhile, right? Of course I do believe that Sakura does have feelings for Sasuke, but is she really in love with Sasuke the person, or is it the idea of him? That he doesn’t notice her or pay attention to her only makes this insecurity worse. Sakura is constantly angsting over not doing enough, not fitting in on her team, not belonging or being someone of necessity. As stated (in the only time she ever elaborates on her feelings) she is attracted to Sasuke because he’s attractive, talented, and “cool”. A person who personifies, in essence, everything she believes herself not to be. God, there’s so much to say about this really, but I’ll save it for later. 

It’s part of why Sasusaku is such an out of left field idea to me. Sasusaku shippers portray the ship as the exact same way that leads Sakura’s problematic behavior. They ship it because they love the idea of Sakura being the “special one” who is the exeption to Sasuke’s personality and his greatest weakness and is the “fangirl who’s different from all the other girls”, which is so irritating because she’s not. Sakura is the antithesis of these concepts. There is nothing different or special about Sakura’s love. There is nothing different or special about her as far as relating to Sasuke goes. As I detailed in my previous posts, she doesn’t know him, she’s doesn’t understand him, she doesn’t even have a basic grasp on the concepts that are necessary for those things. Sasuke has not singled her out. She doesn’t appeal to him or interest him. She doesn’t challenge him in any emotional, mental, or physical way. They’re not even close. What does Sasuke even know about Sakura, or understand about her? Sakura, as far as Sasusaku goes, has nothing different or special about their relationship or dynamic that couldn’t be done by any other generic fangirl. Absolutely nothing. Nothing that transpired between them is anything that wouldn’t have happened had any other fangirl been placed on his team. That’s really the only thing Sakura had going for her or that seperates her from, I don’t know, Ino. Do any of you Sasusakus honestly think that if Ino was on his team that he wouldn’t have saved her life? That he wouldn’t have grown to care for her as a teammate? That he wouldn’t have thanked her for caring about him? That he would have left her to die? Or treated her like dirt on the bottom of his shoe? Do you really think that these “Sasusaku proofs of love” aren’t just generic shit that would come with virtually any other teammate, and is actually something unique that would only be there with Sakura?

‘Cause see, that's my whole thing. Can’t say that about Naruto. I can’t say that if Kiba had been his teammate, everything about their relationship would be more or less exactly the same. Or Shikamaru. Or Chouji. Or Neji. 'Cause you see, the manga has shown me this. Its shown me the depth, the reason, the relationship, the uniqueness between the two. In fact, while reading this I bet you were thinking of how different the dynamics would have been between Sasuke and those male characters, because, surprise surprise, there is actually something substantial there that can’t be replicated and receive the same results. Seriously, replace Ino with Sakura and think of what would change in regards to Sasuke. Ino would have cared. Ino would have tried to stop him. Seeing as how there are no substantial moments of bonding or exclusivity between the two, there is nothing that would have happened that Ino couldn’t fill in for. Sasuke waxed lyrical about Naruto and how much he’s always loved him and the ways in which he enriched his life for two straight chapters while Sakura got no mention (except, of course, in the Team 7 picture where he refers to them as such). Sakura was just afforded the opportunity of being the closest girl around and female main character with her legs always wide open and ready with basically no standards or expectations. 

For fucks sake, Sakura literally has nothing to do with Sasuke’s character or story arc. Seriously, delete Sakura from the manga and tell me what about Sasuke’s person or journey as character throughout the story changes. Please. Tell me something that would have affected his plot if some other girl with healing powers were on his team.

I’m just saying, there is nothing inside of Sasusaku. Nothing at all. Kishimoto doesn’t give a fuck about this pairing (lol I don’t know how they got together I don’t want any SS in the pairings movie there wasn’t gonna be any in the Bolt movie either but the SS fans are complaining so I guess I’ll come up with something here have a family pic of Sasuke looking like he’s about to run away as soon as the camera flashes and a Karin lookalike child who feels neglected), and it cannot become more apparent how little actual thought goes into this ship. Its just a vicarious fantasy ship where Sasuke is standard shoujo angsty bad boy bishie and Sakura is “independent, normal girl who’s different from all the rest” which is pretty much the antithesis of these characters. 

But I think the worse part, the really bad thing about it, is it supports a Sakura never growing up. It takes all those things (the potential for self-reflection and learning to be a person who doesn’t need others to feel worth something) and throws it in the garbage as the blind quest for Sasuke’s dick goes on forevermore. All the pathetic shit will forever be apart of her as she dusts a house for a husband who comes home twice a year, who has a child who feels neglected, and she is happy with her dysfunctional family because Sasuke-kun’s anything is enough. I don’t even fucking like Sakura, but that anyone is defending that anything about what her character turned into is satisfactory and good is honestly some disheartening shit. 

Take Me To Church

Written for kidcavaller and his demon/angel!au. It’s also over on AO3, if that’s more your cup of tea ;)

He could remember his Fall. A few snide remarks, whispered under breath, a few too many rude gestures, and he was sent, spiraling downwards. He’d always imagined a Fall from Grace to feel the way a child would, falling from their first time on an a big-kid bike. Only there were no scraped knees, in this business. His Father wasn’t going to scoop him up off the pavement, brush the dirt off of his clothes, and tell him that it would be okay; it wouldn’t be okay. Not for a long time.

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I accidentally put little brother and family. I hope you don’t mind. :) 

Your POV: 

“This line is too long.” I muttered under my breath as I finally took a step forward. I didn’t mean for anyone to hear my comment, but my little brother, who was standing next to me happened to do just that. 

“But I want to go on the ride!” he pointed out. 

“I didn’t say anything!” I defended myself. “I just said that line was too long. That’s all." 

"Please don’t start bickering!” our father, who was right in front of us, pleaded. “We came here to have fun as a family. Disney Land is supposed to be a place of dreams. Not a place to bicker." 

My mother turned toward my brother and me, fixing her gaze on me. She said sweetly, "You know, (Y/N), you don’t have to go on the ride if you don’t want to. You can walk around for a bit and maybe meet us here after a while?” She knows how much I hate waiting in line. I’m not the patient type of person much. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go on the ride. I’m not the type of person that states that they’re ‘too old’ to do certain things or something along those lines. But, oh God, how much I hate likes and ques! They get the best out of me. Something about the prospect of standing in one place for ages just to go on a 5 minute ride isn’t very appealing to me. So naturally, I consented to what my mother said to me. 

“I’ll go and grab a snack. Call me when you’re done and we can meet up.” And with that I was off before my parents could change their mind. I didn’t expect much of my speedy exit. I honestly expected to be bored out of my mind while I waited. All I was looking forward to was a scoop of ice cream that I planned on buying myself while I waited. I certainly didn’t expect someone else to buy it for me. That someone else being utterly unforgivably gorgeous at that too. 

I walked away from the line that was getting longer by the minute and started walking toward the ice cream parlour. Unfortunately (at that moment, but as I found out later it was very fortunate) I came in contact with a much larger physique than mine. The impact sent me to the ground, but I never reached it, because a pair of strong arms caught me by the waist and as soon as I knew it I was basically glued to another person’s body. A person who smelled very nice in fact. Very very nice. That type of “I’m really attractive in case you didn’t notice.” sort of nice. 

I slowly peeled myself away from the person and looked up only to find the most gorgeous pair of brown eyes I have ever seen in my entire life staring back at me. A wide grin present on his face, a boy that looked about my age stared back. Before I had the chance to apologize, hide my burning cheeks in my hair and make the second speedy exit of the night, the boy started talking to me. 

“Well, this is quite an unusual way to meet people.” he said, the smile never leaving his lips. 

And totally surprising myself - because I thought that I had lost my ability of speech because of embarrassment - I answered casually, “Tell me about it. You read about these sort of meetings in books or see them in movies. But I never really thought one would actually happen." 

He giggled at my comment and it was such a cute laugh he had. I wanted to slap myself, because of my easily-starts-fancying-someone-you-have-never-even-met-before ways. 

"Exactly. Maybe it means something?” he asked, with what I thought was a flirtatious note in his voice. 

Was he flirting with me? But he’d just met me. Maybe I was imagining things. But he sure was cute. 

“Oh, and what would that be?” I said in the most elegant manner I could muster. Was I honestly flirting back?

“That we should get to know each other.” he answered casually. “Would you like to get some ice cream?”

“Actually I was just on my way there when I involuntarily slammed into you.” I answered. “Sorry about that, by the way.”

“Don’t worry about it.” he said with a smile that made me swoon. I tried not to think of that beautiful smile and those gorgeous brown eyes of his, so I looked away.

“So, what are you doing here?” he asked, causing me to bring my focus back on him. “I hope that’s not too forward.”

“No, not at all.” I giggled. A bit too much maybe. “I’m here with my family. Quality time together. They’re waiting in line for that ride over there, but I didn’t feel like waiting so they let me go wander around for a bit. What about you?”

“The exact same situation.” he answered. “I’m here with my family and my little cousin really wanted to go on a ride, but the line was too long and I didn’t feel like waiting either. So I thought I would go get some ice cream.”

“So, even if I hadn’t slammed into you we still would have probably met.” I heard the words coming out of my mouth, but I sure hadn’t planned them. This evening was becoming more and more interesting by the minute.

“As I said, maybe it means something.” he said, flashing another gorgeous smile my way. Seeming to remember something, he stopped walking and turned toward me. I stopped and looked at him quizzically. “How stupid of me!” he exclaimed and then laughed. “I almost forgot. I never asked you your name.”

“It’s (Y/N).” I said, laughing.

“That is a lovely name. I really like it. I’m Jack. Nice to meet you.” he said, extending his hand toward me to shake. I shook it graciously and laughed again. I was really enjoying this boy’s company. 

We walked toward the ice cream parlour, still chatting. Conversation with him was strangely very easy to maintain. He told me a lot of interesting stories about himself and I did the same. I felt like I’d known him for years, but we’d only just met. I wondered if that was how love at first sight felt like. Because I was definitely attracted to him. 

In a true chivalrous fashion, he refused to let me pay for my ice cream and paid for it himself. I was slightly annoyed, because I had just met him and I didn’t want him to think of me as someone who likes to use people. But overall the gesture was sweet. And what happened when I wouldn’t let him pay was cute too. 

“I’ll pay for the ice cream.” he had said before we were about to leave. 

“Uh-huh, sure you will.” I said sarcastically. “You’ll pay for yours.” I added to clarify my message. “I’ve got money with me. I’ll use it." 

Just as I was pulling out my wallet from my purse he caught my hand by the wrist. The touch sent a tingling sensation along my skin, from my wrist and up the rest of my arm. I suppressed a smile and I looked up at him. His sparkling brown eyes, which seemed even more shiny in this lighting, were gazing down at me - him being taller than me. I felt my cheeks stain red, but I pretended not to notice and instead kept a steady serious look on my face. 

"What are you doing?” I questioned. 

“Paying.” he answered, pulling out some money from his pocket and setting it down before the cashier, while still holding on to my wrist. 

“I can pay for myself.” I grumbled still. 

“Yes, you can. But you won’t.” he said, politely saying goodbye to the cashier and giving her one of his million dollar smiles, and pulling me along with him outside. 

A wave of cool balmy summer air hit my face as we walked out of the ice cream parlour. Much to my dismay I noticed that he had let go of my waist somewhere along the way on our walking out. I used this as an opportunity to get my way, so I pulled out my wallet from my purse and took out the amount of money that my ice cream cost and extended my hand out to him. 

“Here.” I said firmly. “Take it." 

He shook his head and grinned at me. "No matter what you do I will not take that money from you." 

"Yes, you will.” I said even more firmly and took a step toward him. Strangely he didn’t back away as I’d expected him to. I noticed our close proximity and my heart involuntarily skipped a beat. His breath tickled my face and I got a close up of those chocolate brown eyes of his that I had grown to like so much during the course of the evening. 

We stood like that for a couple of seconds, neither of us speaking. Finally he decided to speak. “You’ll have to catch me first.” he said playfully. And as soon as I knew it he was off. 

“Hey, wait!” I called before starting to run after him. “Jack!" 

However, he acted as if he didn’t hear me and just continued running. I ran as fast I could after him, but I couldn’t reach him. But I was enjoying this whole thing. I was laughing and I could hear him laughing ahead of me too. Suddenly he stopped. I wanted to stop too, but I’d gained so much speed that it was virtually impossible for me to stop. So for the second time that evening I slammed right into him, sending him to the ground, with me on top of him. We both burst into laughter as we landed on the cold ground. 

"You didn’t catch me.” he said after we’d stopped laughing. He got up from the ground and put out a hand for me to take, so he could help me out. I stood up and started dusting my jeans off. 

“Yes, I did.” I argued. 

“No, you didn’t.” he said with a laugh. “I let you catch me. That doesn’t count. Therefore I win. You can keep your money." 

"How is losing money a win, Jack?” I asked jokingly. 

“If it means making a beautiful girl happy it’s a definite win.” he answered. I felt my cheeks become hot and I hoped that he couldn’t see me blushing in the dim light. It didn’t help that he was standing so near to me either. Before I could say anything the loud ringing of my phone interrupted the moment. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad about it, because I wasn’t sure where all this was going. 

“Hello?” I said into my phone. 

“Hi, honey!” It was my mom’s voice. “We’re finally done with the ride. We’re so sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. It’s been two hours." Had it really been that long? "But I think that’s enough for tonight. Your brother is sleepy too. I think we should head back home.” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go home yet. I had so much fun with Jack and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see him again. This evening had been strange. Strange in a good way. The fun, lovely kind of way. 

But I knew that I couldn’t do anything about it, so I told my mom that I would meet them where we had first parted and that I would be there in five minutes. I hung up and told Jack the news. I’m not sure if I expected what happened next. He immediately asked me where I lived. As soon as I told him a smile painted itself on his face. 

“Well, looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. I live there too!" 

I was really happy about that. I’d really liked the events of this evening. It’s true what they say. A lot of wonderful things really can happen when you least expect them. We exchanged telephone numbers and he promised to call me during the week. He then insisted on walking me back, even though during our conversation his phone had rung too and his parents had told him that he should meet them so they could leave too. I told him that I would be okay walking back by myself, but he would hear nothing of it. 

Once we’d reached our destination, I introduced him to my parents and my little brother. He was very polite to my parents and really sweet to my little brother. As I learned later in the car my parents approved of him greatly and thought that he was "such a nice boy and a gentleman indeed!” My little brother also approved of him and said that he was “awesomesauce. Can you have him over at our place some day, (Y/N)? I’d like to show him my video game collection!” How my brother had been able to tell Jack about his video game collection in such a short time, I have no idea! But my brother sure can talk! 

But they were right. They liked him, but I liked him even more. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face after we’d parted. I’m pretty sure my parents noticed, but they didn’t question me about it. 

Before he left he said, “Well, (Y/N), I was enchanted to meet you." 

And I answered, "I was enchanted to meet you too." 

"I’ll see you again soon. Maybe we can go out next Friday night?” Normally I would have been embarrassed by a boy asking me out right in front of my parents, but he said it so casually that I didn’t feel the slightest bit of embarrassment. My parents didn’t say anything either, so it was a silent approval from them. I nodded and said that Friday suited me. He smiled and said that he would call me during the course of the week, so we could sort out the details. After that he left and the smile on my face stayed. 

It stayed for the duration of the whole week. He called me the next day just for a chat. He also gave me his Facebook account and we chatted for the rest of the week until finally settling on the details for our Friday night date. And many more dates came along after that one. 

And I was happy that I hadn’t gone on the ride. I was annoyed about the line at first, but after the night’s events I started to be thankful for the long line. Because it brought me an adventure. It brought me an evening, seeming simple to everyone else, but special to me. An evening that I would never forget. 

I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting! If you ever want another one feel free to ask! I am so sorry that I am so slow with uploading these, but I really have a lot to study and I try writing them as frequently as possible. But sometimes I am simply too tired to write one. Luckily, it was a national holiday in my country yesterday so I had time to write this one. I’ll try and post more often from now on. :)

Feel free to request! I can write about any celebrity you want! NO SMUT AND NO TRIGGERING SCENES, THOUGH! Apart from that, request anything you wish! :)

Mini Series ➢ The King is Coming Pt.9

                      Parts III III IV V VI VII VIII IX X

The darkness from the sky was beginning to fade as you walked down an empty street alongside a man who was older than the city itself. The streets were awfully quiet unlike at night and during the day when they were busy with tourists and locals. It was peaceful and even more beautiful that you’d ever imagined. Just ahead lay The Eiffel Tower, a skeleton of metal projecting up into the sky. A morning like this should be foggy, cloudy at least, but actually it was story-book perfect day in Paris.

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Niall Imagine - Christmas

“Is there anything I can help with, Maura?” I kindly ask Niall’s mum as I’m bouncing Theo on my hip.

“No thanks, dear. Just keep the little entertained and everything should be good.” She says with a smile.

Niall and I are spending Christmas in Ireland along with his brother, Greg, his wife and son and also Niall’s parents, and some other relatives.

Theo is the only kid here and I feel slightly bad for him since he doesn’t have any kids of his own age to play with right now.

Niall is outside with Greg, working on the barbeque, while Maura and Denise are preparing the side dishes. I’m watching Theo and the rest of his family are spread across the living room and back yard, sharing stories about anything and everything.

“Let’s go see what daddy and uncle Niall are up to, yeah?” I say, pinching Theo’s cheek. He flashes me a cute smile and I carry him outside.

“Hey, babe.” Niall says, and wraps an around my waist once I get close enough.

“Hey. Theo and I came to see what you guys are up to.” I say, smiling at Greg who is taking Theo out of my arms and lifting the smiling little boy into the air.

“Nothing much. The grill is still heating up.” Niall says, pulling me closer.

“Ok. Well since you two are extremely busy at the moment, can I get you something to drink?” I offer, looking from Niall to Greg.

“Some beer would certainly sit well with me.” Greg says and Niall nods in agreement.

I pry myself out of Niall’s arms and head to the kitchen to get them each a bottle of beer.

A few seconds later I walk past the kitchen and Maura calls me in.

“Please tell my sons to hurry op, would you dear? All the side dishes are done already.” She kindly asks me and I nod, happy to tell them to hurry up since I’m quite hungry.

I step outside to find Niall and Greg taking turns spinning Theo through the air instead of starting on the rest of our food.

“Guys! Maura wants you to hurry up, everything else is done already and I’m hungry.” I say, finishing with a pout.

Both of them laugh and Greg hands Theo back over to me.

“Blame Theo. He wanted to play.” Niall says, tapping Theo’s nose.

“Liar. Theo is an innocent angel.” I say, starting back inside as I hear both of them calling out objections after me.

“They’ll be done soon, about fifteen minutes.” I inform everyone in the kitchen.

“Thanks, love. It’s so good to have you join us for Christmas. To think Niall’s been married to you for nearly two years now and this is the first Christmas we’re having the entire family together.” Denise says.

I blush and nod.

“Thanks for having us. We really appreciate it and I can’t think of a better place to spend Christmas.” I say with a smile and Maura gives me a sideways hug.

“Well, let’s get everyone started to the dining room so long and maybe those boys will get the hint to hurry up.” One of Niall’s aunts say and all of the women agree, carrying the dishes full of food to the table.

Within the next ten minutes everybody gets inside and soon the entire family is squeezed into the room. Niall moves around the people until he’s standing next to me. While wrapping an arm around my waist, he whispers into my ear, “I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the holidays. Merry Christmas, baby.” He says and his breath causes me to slightly shiver.

“Niall is whispering dirty things to his lady!” I hear one of Niall’s cousins yell and soon everyone starts laughing as me and Niall turn a matching shade of red.

“I was only telling her merry Christmas you idiot!” Niall says, slapping his cousin on the back of his head and another round of loud laughter erupts.

“Merry Christmas to you too.” I whisper in Niall’s ear once everyone had calmed down and started dishing up food.

*** ***

Merry Christmas! x

anonymous asked:

I really love how you put the pictures for your reply because some of then are hilarious and it's so funny and I'm cracking a smile right now and my sister is like what the hell :)

I have no idea what you’re talking about, anon. :|

;) Thank you for finding my goofiness hilarious. I AM HERE TO PROVIDE FEELS including the giggly kind. <3

the right time

title | the right time

notes | So, didn’t have time tonight for a long fic, but found this just barely started on a file and decided to flesh it out a bit. Just a future set, completely not with canon (finally watching the final tomorrow, stupid internet) fluffy getting together piece.

“It’s not really all that well hidden, this thing between us.”

And just like that, it’s out in the air, acknowledged for the first time, more then a thought hiding in the farthest recesses of their minds, more than a turned head at a pretty dress, more than an injury induced panic, more than the hundreds of touches that could be friendly except for that lingering edge of possibility that leaves them to spill over into just-slightly-too-long. There’s relief coloring both their expressions as the words fill the space between them, so palpable it’s impossible to miss.

“I thought maybe it was just me,” Caitlin admits quietly, half her mouth turned up in a hesitant smile. 

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