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To that anon: we finally have a canonical gay relationship on screen in Star Trek. This is way more LGBT friendly than any other series dared to be. We cannot allow headcanons and hopes take away from the fact that this is monumental. 20 years ago, I never could have hoped to see something like we saw last night.

It’s taken us 50 years to get here but we’re finally here. We have arrived. 

The final frontier is, and always has been, gay.

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i know it's not completely spock related so feel free to ignore this but i'd love to hear your mental illness headcanons for the crew?

This blog may be Spock-centric, but I’ve got love enough for the whole crew! Send whatever questions you feel like!

So a while back I read a post by @ughura about their neurodivergent headcanons for star trek x It’s really good and I basically agree with all of them, but there are specific ones that I feel in my soul or think just think about a lot (all neurodivergent headcanons are amazing, these are just the ones that I think about a lot more or consider essentially canon)

Here are my thoughts (for tos at least):

  • bpd and bipolar kirk
  • dp/dr spock
  • autistic and bpd bones
  • autistic and ocd uhura
  • autistic, ocd and adhd chekov
  • panic disorder and schizoaffective (depressive type) sulu
  • ocd scotty
  • bpd chapel

But these are just my ideas :)