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Hi! I love Julian Bashir, too, so thx for the great meta. DS9 as a show seems to have some weird issues with portraying abusive parents. Odo and Dr. Mora, for one. It forces an easy ending ("I forgive you") to a complex situation, which is uncharacteristic for the rest of the show. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on DS9!

Aw thank you! I wrote that up at midnight, I’m surprised it was coherent enough for anyone else to recognize my points. I do really like what I said. Maybe someday I’ll make it a little better said. My thoughts on Bashir’s genetic modification plotline, if anyone missed them. I talk ableism and emotional abuse tho fyi.  

Oh man, that bugged me so much! And you’re exactly right, that’s always been my problem with that. DS9 saw parents as perfect no matter what. It could only be complicated, not wrong. In some cases, that worked well — the Siskos, for instance. I love their dynamic, how Sisko never pressured Jake into Starfleet and encouraged his dreams without being weird about it. And Sisko’s father, too. 

I think the writers genuinely don’t believe that anything is unforgivable in families. And while there’s some going for that, that only works when there’s consent in that. Not giving up family that’s made mistakes is one thing. Continuing and excusing parental patterns of abuse is something they just didn’t get. They didn’t think it existed. They wrote something a little ~edgy~ and left it at that because families are perfect amen. 

(I mostly get into Odo below the cut.)

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What kind of music did Timothy liked? favorite movies? Do you have some facts about him ?

I know he really liked that song “Bad Company” and he listened to Ozzy when he was younger.

As for movies he liked Red Dawn, Unforgiven, Forest Gump, The Rock, The Big Red One, The Omega Man, Logan’s Run, The Planet of the Apes. I’ll add more here as I think of them, there’s definitely way more than this.

He also mentioned liking The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Outer Limits, Star Trek, Star Trek: Next Generation, Family Guy (though he said it had too many puns and cultural references), and Little House on the Prairie.

I do know a decent amount about him and I’m always learning more, what else would you like to know?

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I feel like I'm incredibly late to the party, but I wanted to tell you I looooove your Doctor Strange meta! ♡

Aw, thank you so much, Nonny! :D<333 I’m happy that you enjoy them!

Lately things have been super busy so I have my queue running here but rarely get the time to log in, sorry there hasn’t been much content lately. ^^;
(And Star Trek is swallowing my soul again when I do find time, but sooner or later I’ll be posting more DS too, since the obsession is bound to return when he shows up in movies again. XD)

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Post 5 ships from 5 different fandoms and pass it on to 5 different people

Okay, anon! Here we go:

  1. FitzSimmons, Agents of SHIELD
  2. Cal and Gillian, Lie to Me
  3. Tom and B’Elanna, Star Trek Voyager
  4. Lizzie and Darcy, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  5. Anne and Gilbert, Anne of Green Gables

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i know it's not completely spock related so feel free to ignore this but i'd love to hear your mental illness headcanons for the crew?

This blog may be Spock-centric, but I’ve got love enough for the whole crew! Send whatever questions you feel like!

So a while back I read a post by @ughura about their neurodivergent headcanons for star trek x It’s really good and I basically agree with all of them, but there are specific ones that I feel in my soul or think just think about a lot (all neurodivergent headcanons are amazing, these are just the ones that I think about a lot more or consider essentially canon)

Here are my thoughts (for tos at least):

  • bpd and bipolar kirk
  • dp/dr spock
  • autistic and bpd bones
  • autistic and ocd uhura
  • autistic, ocd and adhd chekov
  • panic disorder and schizoaffective (depressive type) sulu
  • ocd scotty
  • bpd chapel

But these are just my ideas :)