here have it now


“…bROOKS?!” “.. bitch if u dont…”


“Amigo? Oh, that’s — that’s so nice of you to say that because, I’ve just had a really hard Día de Muertos, and I could really use an amigo right now.”
Coco (2017), dir. Lee Unkrich


I tried to play the same thing (as when Billy gives Madani a bath) in the episode where I have Frank tied up and I’m washing his face. It’s kind of similar, you know? He’s washing his face, he’s cleaning him up, he should be sympathizing, but he’s thinking, “I could choke him right now. I have that power.” I think he really gets off on that power, that genuine lust for power. 

Ben Barnes talking about Billy Russo (x

pidge: is it just me, or am i seeing you coming out of lance’s room in the morning more often?

keith: see, technically you can argue i have my own bed

keith: but considering i’m gay and i want to cuddle my boyfriend, no, i don’t have my own bed and your argument is void

lance, raising his space capri sun: cheers

Randomly decided to do this month’s Character Design Challenge have a pearlesque burlesque dancer.

Marina going strong with her comedy act