here have it now

here is a very cute commission of my sona i got from @rrredstar!!!!!!! you can probably tell by now that i really like having my sona do that double peace signs pose lol, idk why i just think it looks cute, but anyways this came out so good!!!!!!! im so happy with how it turned out and im so happy to have pics of my sona that arent just my own doodles!!! thank you so much shannon for drawing them you made them look so super adorable and i love the pic to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lmaooo what is that show of kit falling over?

Heheee it’s from 7 Days in Hell! It’s the tennis comedy he did with Andy Samberg which also blessed us with ALL! THIS! MAGNIFICENCE!

Kit Harington is an undercover comedic genius honestly…

(pure beautiful magic in the form of these gifs made possible by @kitsn0w)

got stuff I doodled on holiday scanned now so starting posts of them!

This is not in the order of when they were drawn, as like this was done a few days into the holiday after my dad noticed I brought stuff to draw with, my dad doesn’t draw much anymore but does like to draw things he sees or do like pen doodles, so what we did was we sat out the front and I let him draw what he could see, then I decided to do my one too that is the same scene but slightly to the side since we were sitting in slightly different spots.

Can you guess which one I did? answer hidden in tags


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy

Girls having fun~

Shout out to all of you having a tough time right now
  • Whether you’re struggling to make content
  • Feeling lost or alone
  • Having an identity crisis
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Dealing with the loss of someone you love
  • Or going through personal issues that feel like they just won’t end

I love you and you’re doing great. Just remember, a journey is not a straight road. It is littered with mountains and rocky edges and cliffs that sometimes feel too high to climb. But you’re going to get past them, and continue on. You’re doing great. You’re valid. I love you.