here have another gif

“I’ll never lie to you about anything.”

“I might lie to you!”


I’m such a piece of trash

but I’m j-hope trash, ah

I haven’t been here for a while, I just finished my exams and well, I don’t think I’ll be too active here but here you have another sexy gif of this sexy human being.



“Are you still awake?” You asked walking into the living room.
It was completely dark besides for the tv which was on low. Jax had stayed the night only because you had thought someone had been messing around outside. You could have got your brother Opie to stay, but he was home and trying to save his marriage with Donna.
“Did you hear something?” He said getting up from the couch.
“No. I just.. I’m sorry I’ll let you get back to sleep. It’s silly.” You said trying not to stare at his chest.
You had a crush on Jax since you were little, but both of you had gone different ways and he was in love with Tara and then when she left it was always some girl.
Turning to leave he asked you.
“It’s not silly. What is it?”
“I had another nightmare and it scared me. Last time I had one I was dating Jason and feeling him next to me helped.”
Jax and Opie hated your last boyfriend. You couldn’t ever figure out why, but it didn’t matter he was long gone and you were still here in the moment having another nightmare.
Walking over to you he grabbed your hand and walked back to the bedroom. Pulling the blanket back you climbed in. Turning your lamp off he climbed in with you. Holding his arm out you cuddled up to his chest. Immediately you felt safe and sleepy.
“Thank you Jax. Maybe I should get a pet.”
“Maybe I should stay over every night.” He said kissing the top of your head.
You had fallen a sleep with a smile on your face and your arm on his chest. Jax laid awake knowing he was home and Jason wouldn’t be welcomed back.