here have a selfie as i patiently wait

Based on this pic:

Hey guys, been awhile, huh? Sorry for the mini hiatus, had a lot of things going on in my life that got me really in an effy slump and gave me such a huge art block. I haven’t been drawing as much as I wanted to and it got me a bit depressed. I’m so sorry to neglect you guys, I didn’t mean to be gone for so long ;w; I’m going to try getting back on track with posting some more art on here. Plus it’s been sooooo long, thank you guys for being patient with me. I know some of you have been waiting to see me upload more art on here, even though it’s been a long while. Bless you all ;u; 

Anywho, decided to sketch out my oc’s!!!! Silly group selfie of everyone! ;D

Hospitalglam, the automotive line edition

As previously mentioned, it’s Sun Don’t Shine test time! (colonoscopy)

I am a complex medical patient in a health care system that I also work in. We spend a lot of time looking for efficiencies - a lot of the systems hospitals use are based on automotive lines - to be as fast and as accurate as possible.

And wow, colonoscopies are efficient.

So much so that I didn’t have time to selfie.

Wait, what? You’re calling me already? But I haven’t gotten my glam on!

One of the things they do to “medicalize” you is to give you the blue gown that leaves your ass waving out. Yeah, it’s convenient for grabbing at my body and sticking me with things and doing all of that horrible medical handling that makes me insane, but it also strips you of identity.

Here I am, Person…

Sultry duck-face. Kardashian-esque, even…

and whomp, now I’m just another patient…

There is no good way to pull off this look.

There is nothing that strips you of your identity faster than the blue gown with matching robe. I think that’s a topic for a longer blather - how do we get seen as people in the system when everything is designed to depersonalize us? We talk a lot about “patient centred care”, but I’m not sure that’s possible when our systems are designed around assembly lines.

As for the procedure, well, my hospital and the clinic of Unpleasant Alien Probes were super careful about my EDS - tiny needle, slow on the IV, warmed up my arm first, nailed it on the first try, let me lie down so I didn’t keel over… all terrific -  but it was speedy.

Of course, my EDS will slow anything down. My blood pressure will drop or I’ll try to pass out. This time it was the drugs.

The sheer hilarity came in when they thought they tried to put me under “conscious sedation”. This keeps you from having pain and anxiety and also keeps you from kicking the doctors and nurses for having the sensation of a five foot snake up your butt.

 I’ve never had fentanyl before. Turns out it’s like jacking me up on four espressos with a side of fuzzy-high. I wasn’t in any discomfort but I was sure interested in following along. (What’s this? What’s that? If I poke my stomach can I see my finger? THAT’S AWESOME, DUDE!!! Ohhhhh yeahhhh, that sucker looks bad n’ wrong. Can I watch you biopsy it? NEAT.)

Not ideal. And I’m sure I held up the line.

I got out of recovery in record time because Not Sedated and I think I annoyed them senseless. (PLEASE JUST GO NOW.) 

I then got a few mostly pain free hours for a bonus and had a great little nap… and woke up to the worst migraine in history. Ah, yes, why I can’t use narcotics… They work for a bit and then I can’t stand up and have what feels like the dry heaves through my body.

But I also had the Furry Nurse, Louis Catorze, right where I need him.


The Rich Man’s Daughter Mall Show at SM City Rosario

Starts  at Chynna’s Performance with glaiza’s tearful Til it’s time performance, Rhian’s Blank Space and all the fun stuff at the end. 

TRANSLATION (all the relevant parts done sorry for the typos):

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