here have a picture of me in my underwear


ookay guys heheh *sweats*
my sweet good friend shown me a picture of an apron like the one Beka wears and I have an urge to draw it so here it is
it’s too cliche if I just draw Beka wears the apron while holding a dish so I add Viktor for the taste. Viktor being the embarrassing-dad is my favorite

also I might on hiatus for 1 or 2 weeks because mid term :”/


Animal (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Could I request some smutty Seb? Possibly with some handcuffs involved now that everyone is discussing his kinks… ;) Love you!

I’m the handcuff anon, i forgot to add the romanian part. Please please PLEASE. I need some smutty romanian speaking Seb in my life.

Omg please write a story with Sebastian speaking Romanian! Idc if it’s smut or fluff, but I’m addicted to these kind of stories. And you’re the definitely the coolest author ever, so I know it will be perfect! 👌💜

A/N: Don’t say I don’t deliver because…ladies…I have DELIVERED. This one has been a bitch to write because I’ve had literally no time, but these new pictures of Seb have sparked a fire in me- half lust, half jealousy that people are there and I am not- and now I’ve written a 4k smut fest. REJOICE. Stay hydrated, prepare your underwear- it’s about to get hot in here. Thanks to the anons who requested this!

Romanian used (I do not speak Romanian, so if it’s wrong, it’s wrong)

Draga mea- My darling
Mă duc să-ți strice această seară , draga mea- I’m going to ruin you tonight, my darling. 
Sunteţi frumoasă- You are beautiful 
Iarta-mi pacatele- Forgive me my sins 
Deschide- Open. 
Legat- tied up
Tu ești o fată bună- You’re a good girl
O astfel de frumos tâţe…isus hristos esti strans- Such beautiful tits- Jesus Christ you’re tight. 
Știam că ți-a plăcut dur- I knew you liked it rough
Vei să vii frumos și greu pentru mine, pisoi- You come nice and hard for me, Kitten
Te rog, te rog- Please, Please
Fată bună, fată bună, pisoi- Good girl, good girl, Kitten
Te ador- I adore you. 

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i don’t understand why you’re so cold | vernon

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characters: vernon/reader (ambiguous)

summary: he’s stressed. he wants out, and he’ll leave.

genre: angst, hurt

word count: 876

a/n: inspired by maroon 5′s cold. idk what the roll is w angst today but enjoi. also kind of messy

other notes: cursing

When the relationship between you and Vernon began, and even after it went public, he knew it wouldn’t be the easiest thing, especially for you. It was one of the reasons he was so hesitant to even date you, and was actually heavily insecure about it—how could he be sure you would still want him, and not someone else who wasn’t always practicing or out in other countries?

Regardless, he kept faith that everything would go well as it always seemed to, and tried to keep the connection strong, especially when he felt it was beginning to lack.

But then again, relationships weren’t the same as a Skype call, and that became very apparent to him two months ago.

Promotions had finally ended for Seventeen’s latest release, and he was finally on his way home for a break, and to see you, which he always got childishly embarrassed about, but shook it off, believing you’d be just as excited to see him.

He’d called you, but he frowned, hearing a different tone in your voice. “You’re on your way? Oh, okay..”

You hadn’t sounded excited at all, but he thought he was just overreacting.

Everything is fine, everything will go well as long as you believe it will, Vernon kept telling himself. That day when he arrived back to your shared apartment, everything appeared normal, but your static welcome home to him was bland, and wasn’t as excited at it normally was.

They’re just tired, he thought.

He noticed a picture of the two of you had been taken down, and you chuckled uncertainly, only saying that you were replacing the frame.

He heard that sentence continuing to ring in his head as he spotted shavings of the picture in the trash, obviously having been shredded.

It’s fine, he reminded himself. They still love me, there’s nothing going on.

He could have also sworn he tasted alcohol on your lips, and that your kisses never lingered as long as they used to.

Nevertheless, you continued to enjoy some of his check that came in every month, especially since Seventeen had made it big with this specific comeback.

Fast-forward two months, and Vernon can’t explain why your tone is so cold every morning, and why it seems like you always have somewhere to go in the afternoons.

You rejected his invites to go on dates.

He thought he understood that, after all, he didn’t want crazy fans following you.

You left him alone in the afternoons to go out, but you never took him with you, claiming it ‘would be safer for him’.

So when he stands in the hallway, staring at you with a hollow expression, the only thing he can ask is, “Why does it feel like I don’t know you anymore?”

You paused. “What?”

Pulling on a piece of your shirt, Vernon smelled something that nearly made his heart snap in two. Men’s cologne.

And it’s not mine.

He stares at you, honey-brown eyes boring into the side of your head.

“Is.. is there someone else?” Vernon asks, his voice breaking. His shoulders have started to sag, and you can’t look at him, staring at the floor.

“Is that why you shredded the picture of us? Why you keep living here, but disappear in the night? Why we don’t spend time together anymore? Are you ashamed of me?”

You gulped.

“Is that why I found another man’s underwear in my bed?”

Your silence was enough of a confirmation for him. He trembled, not from anger. From pure heartache.

“If you’re going to leave, then just leave,” he sighed, trying his best to hold in whatever anguish he could.

“I hope he makes you happier than I ever could. I hope this was worth it to you, because I don’t understand why you were so cold in the last few months anyway. I thought we had something good—I thought you loved me. Go whore around with whatever other man will take you, because you obviously don’t want me anymore,” he spat, locking on eye contact.

“Vernon, I—”

“I said leave. And don’t come back.”

Huffing, you stomped out the door.

When the door shut in front of him, Vernon quickly dropped to his knees, feeling tears finally beginning to well in his eyes.

His entire body shook as he let out a loud cry, the sadness finally reaching him to the hilt.

The wood flooring scuffed his knees, but his vision blurred as he cried quietly, tears falling to the floor.

“Damn it,” he choked out. He was alone, in his own apartment, where his lover had cheated on him repeatedly while he was gone, and while they were sapping up each and every cent he made, all for their own personal gain.

The thought made Vernon sick to his stomach, and he leaned against the wall, feeling the cold burn of it all.

But he’d start over. He’d stand up as many times as he had to.

Even if you were there or not.

How to be useful to me

So you’ve been reading my blog and getting turned on by the thought of serving my fat daddy dick. I get lots of messages from boys wanting to know how they can serve me even though they’re not local, so here are some suggestions:

1) Record an audio message telling me what you think of my big cock. How you’d react when you see it first flopping out of my underwear, how big and beautiful it is, how it makes a little fag like you feel. I love hearing guys tell me I have a big penis.

2) Send me a picture of your open, eager mouth. You know I love to fuck throat, so get me excited with your wet pink fuckhole. Stick out your tongue and let me see all the way back to those tonsils my fat cockhead’s going to bust past.

3) Send me an ass pic, but make it a cute one. Use the timer on your camera so you’re not reaching back at an awkward angle. Arch your back so it looks round and perfect. Use a dildo or your fingers to fuck yourself until you gape open a bit, I want a glimpse of that pink pussyflesh that could be sliding down my girthy pole.

4) Make a video showing off your oral skills. Grab a dildo, a buddy with a nice dick, or a convenient phallic-shaped vegetable, and get down to licking, sucking, and throating, all while looking into the camera like the eager little slut you are.

5) If you’re artistically inclined, take inspiration from my blog and draw something. Redraw your favourite picture of my cock, or take one of my throatfucking pics and draw your vision of the internal view of my thick piece stretching open that throat.

Alright, get to work, boys. Remember to tell me whether or not you want me to share your creations on the blog.

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♖ for Bruce Wayne x reader

♖: Having their hair washed by the other

Shit! Shit shit shit,” I swore, rushing out of bed after hearing my alarm which had apparently been going off for the last thirty-five minutes. I planned it so I could wake up early and have enough time to shower and get dressed at my place and make it to work on time. But of course I get sunken into the clouds that are Bruce’s bed, nothing like the hard slab of concrete I sleep on at home, and fall into the most comfortable sleep coma and here I am. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off to make it to work in thirty minutes from a forty-five minute distance. I charged into the master bathroom for the emergency travel toothbrush and toothpaste I kept in the medicine cabinet. “Really? You couldn’t wake me up, Bruce?”

“I tried,” he called from the shower. I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“What, did you whisper in my ear to get up or something?” I rolled my eyes and rushed to brush my teeth, thinking of what I was going to wear. I cursed at myself for thinking to leave a toothbrush here but not a set of clothes or two. 

“You looked tired. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Ugh,” I scoffed and spit into the sink. “I have work! I don’t get to just sleep in and come in whenever I want. Everyone isn’t their own boss, you know.” I hurried out of the t-shirt Bruce loaned me last night. I was pressed for time but even if it was a two minute bird bath, I was gonna get clean. I grabbed a clean cloth hanging on the towel rack and walked towards the glass shower.

“I’ll remember that for the future.” I shocked him when I slid open the shower door and climbed inside behind him, grabbing the shower gel and pushing him aside to wet myself up. “Well this is one way to start the morning…”

“C’mon, watch out!” I stepped around him directly under the showerhead and rushed to scrub myself. I spotted the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and passed him the bottle. “Help me out.” 

He chuckled to himself, shaking his head as he took it from me and poured some in his hand. “Yes, Y/N.”

“Don’t be smart, this is all your fault! You always try to keep me here whenever I visit.”

“Can you blame me?” He massaged my scalp and worked the product into my hair. Had I not been on the clock things would have taken a much different turn, but picturing my manager’s face nagging me about punctuality kept me from getting turned on and moving at the speed of light. “If making you late means more showers like this…”

I whipped around so my hair could rinse out. “No. I don’t even have time to go change clothes! The very least I could do was be clean.” I gasped. “Oh my goodness, I don’t have clean underwear. Fuck!” I turned off the water and ran out of the shower.

“Y/N- I wasn’t finished-”

“-Then turn it back on, Bruce!” I grabbed his robe and ran back into the bedroom to find yesterday’s discarded clothes. I checked my phone: 24 minutes. “Shit!”

“Alfred can give you a ride to work,” Bruce chimed in, walking out of the bathroom as he wrapped a towel around his waist. “He knows more shortcuts than I can count.”

“Fine! That’s fine, thanks.”

“Check the bottom left drawer of the dresser.”

“Can you-”

“-Just check. Do it fast; you are strapped for time, right?”

I rolled my eyes and stormed to his dresser. “Glad you’re getting a kick outta this.” I opened the drawer and it was full of clothing, but not Bruce’s. Female. I pulled out a grey sweater that looked very familiar and it was, because it was mine. “You… When did you get-”

“-After the last time you were late and had to rush to your place to get dressed. I had Alfred pack you some things to keep over here. You know… just in case.”

“And you couldn’t tell me this ten minutes ago?!” I hurried out of yesterday’s jeans that I rushed into, sans panties mind you, and pulled on a fresh pair of undies from the drawer, some black leggings and the grey sweater. “You’re gonna kill me, Bruce, you know that?”

He smiled. “Come back tonight.”

“No! You think I enjoy having mild heart attacks every morning or something?”

“You won’t have to. You have the dresser drawer now.”

“No promises.” I grabbed my cell and coat and rushed to find Alfred. “I’ll call you later.” Before I made it out of the room he grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of him. “I will! I’ll call you, Bruce.”

He nodded, tucking wet strands behind my ear. “I look forward to it.”

I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him goodbye, sneakily pulling the towel from his waist as I did so. I felt him shake his head as a “Hmm” escaped his lips and I laughed. “What? I can’t get a sneak peek before I go?”

“Enjoy your day, Y/N.”

“I’ll do my best, Brucie.” I backed away, biting my lip and turning my head to view him at all angles. “Just beautiful.” I turned and bolted down the stairs before getting too tempted. “Alfred!”

“We’re going shopping.” (Bucky x reader)

Title: “We’re going shopping.”  

 Requested by: @civilwarkilledme asked: Hiya, love! Could I request a one-shot with Bucky using prompts 5, 23 and 35? (I’m feeling a little down so maybe it can be fluffy or funny or whatever?) It’s completely fine if you don’t want to/ can’t do it! :)

Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Avenger-Reader

Prompts: #5 “ARE YOU INSANE?! Of course I’ll help you” / #23 “And that’s how you piss off a person” / #35 “Don’t you dare leaving me here”


Word count: 922

Warnings: None really, lately I’m so PG-13

A/N: So I was taking a break from my studying hard and the lovely human requested it and I did my best! Also I quite like the way this turned out yay!

As usual if there’s any misspelling or error sorry!! [REQUESTS AND PROMPT REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN]

Enjoy! (and now i’m gonna sleep because i’m hella tired)

|| I don’t own Bucky Barnes or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

Since Y/N joined the Avengers she and Bucky were around each other like kids, always joking around and making fun of everyone and everything. It was a strange thing how they got along so good in a very short time, but everyone in the team was happy that they were able to see Bucky smiling and being okay again.

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To The People Who Stare

No I am not a girl.
Yes I am gay.
No I’m not a lesbian.
These are not boobs, this is my chest.
I am a boy.
You want to know what’s in my pants? Well you’ll have to take me out to dinner first.
Yes boys have long hair. I’m cutting it this weekend. Not to worry.
Again no I am not a lesbian.
Ever heard of transgender?
Well that’s me gender bender over here. Breaking all the rules.
Maybe I should wear a T-shirt explaining what I am to people like you.
To the people who stare, as if I’m in this store standing in my underwear.
Take a picture it’ll last longer.
I am not a zebra. I am just a boy.
All I wanted was this can of soup, and yet I find you staring, and your children tugging on your sleeve asking if I’m a boy or girl.
Haven’t you ever heard of “its impolite to stare.”
Lemme repeat myself one more time. I. Am. Not. A. Girl.

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Hi!! I lalalalalaa love your blog! I'm new to the BTS fandom ^^ I know you're on a hiatus and have a tons of other requests to finish up but can you write a smut about taking inappropriate pictures and sending them to Jimin while he's working? When ever you get the chance too :) Thankyou!

hi ~ Im posting this one like twenty minutes late because I thought I already posted it >.<

You missed Jimin. A lot.

The previous day was your six-month anniversary, and you woke up beside him, nothing covering his body but your white linen cover that was barely pulled up to the middle of his back.

After he woke, you spent a good amount of time together until he had to go to work, leaving you lonely and bored.

When seven p.m. reached, you decided to take your shower at night a bit earlier than normal.

Before you got in, you received a text from Jimin.

I miss you :( I’ll be off in two hours :D

You smiled and sent him a picture of you before you took off your clothes. Attatched to the picture, you sent the message,

I miss you too oppa! Hurry home ~

You then took off your clothes and stepped into the shower.


Once your shower ended, you checked your phone and opened a new message from Jimin.

He sent a picture of him running a hand through his hair and biting his lip. You couldn’t help but snicker at his attempt to be sexy—lucky for you, he succeeded.

Ur in the bathroom…are you about to shower?

He attached to his picture. You wrapped your towel around your body and sent a picture of you smiling, attaching the message:

Yup ^^ I just got out…the bathroom is really steamy now >.<

He immediately sent back a blushing emoji, making you laugh.

Why are you blushing? You replied.

Ur in ur towel… he sent back.

You realized immediately that he probably saw it as you teasing him. You shook your head and left the bathroom, going to your room and sitting on your bed.

That’s when you looked at his message again and felt a smile creep on your face.

Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to tease him? Maybe then he’d know what it would be like to be without him for so long after spending a very long and eventful night together.

You ripped the towel off of your body and took a picture of you—from the neck up, just to make him suffer.

Maybe I should lose the towel then? :3 You sent the message along with the picture.

After about two minutes, he sent back:

Noooo don’t do this to me! Dx

You couldn’t help but smile.

You got up from the bed and put on the sexiest bra and panty set you owned—a red bra laced with black, set with matching red underwear with a black bow. You took a mirror shot of it and sent it to him.

You’re right, I’ll just put on my underwear…

You sent, feeling braver and braver.

Yah! I’m dying here! He replied.

You slid one bra strap off of your shoulder and posed for another picture.

Aigoo it’s hot in here ~

You sent, anxiously waiting for a reply.

I have to work efficiently, and you’re distracting me Dx

How? What am I doing? You replied innocently.

After five minutes of no reply, your phone started to vibrate with a phone call.

“Hi!” You answered enthusiastically.

“Why are you doing this to me?!” He said in a shushed, slightly desperate voice. You giggled.

“Why are you speaking so low?”

“Because I’m in the bathroom.” He said with a sigh.

“Did you have to pee?”

“…no.” He said, his voice full of shame. You covered your mouth and laughed hard.

“You’re torturing me, you know that?”

“Well, hurry home, then, and you’ll have a lot more to look forward to than pictures.” You flirted. You could hear his breath catch on the other end.

“O-Okay. I’ll see you soon. Love you!” He said before hanging up the phone quickly.

You laughed into the air, “I love you, too.”

So I made this one a bit short. I hope you liked it! Thanks for submitting ~

Title: Caged Lion

Protagonists: Leo, Reader, Ravi

Warnings: Rated M, sub!Leo, Enforced Male Chastity, Masturbation, Dirty Talk, Phone sex

Word Count: 4012

Summary: You loved how much of a whiny mess Leo was at the moment.

Author’s Note: This fic is dedicated to @dragonfox13 because of all the help she’s given to me the last year+ in terms of job search and fic writing. I’ve been working on this since like June, and it feels really good to finally have this finished. I hope everyone enjoys!

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Hello, I am the anon that I ask you about the Rokunensei magazine a while ago, just wanted to say you, don't worry about being slow to respond, actually, I want to thank you for the detailed information you left (and the links, of course), I could buy the magazine and I'm waiting anxiously to arrive! By the way, I think Ichimatsu is not really chubby, I'm sure is the fault of his hunched back, don't you think? xD Thank you again! <3

I definitely think his slouched back does make him look a little bit chubbier, but in my opinion he’s still got that little extra layer of fat. ^w^ Because the show can’t really be relied on as far as constant proportions, here is all I have to back me up.

(Thank you, @tuneout, for this post! [Where I got the picture from.] ) (Also, I hope me writing this is worth it because my brother just walked by and asked me why I was looking at cartoon children in their underwear.)

But yes, I believe that Ichimatsu is chubby. ^u^ I hope I have converted you into believing so also. Here’s my sermon:

• Oso = small layer of fat (not much, just enough to pinch)
• Kara = toned/lean/or cut
• Choro = skinny/thin
• Ichi = Chubby (not too much, but definitely more than Oso)
• Jyushi = muscly/possibly buff
• Todo = Slim, but he goes to the gym so he gives himself some cute curves

Granted, these are all just small differences in their normal/average body types–it’s their lifestyle that changes it up, in my opinion.

(And now my mom just saw and said, “I see you’re utilizing your time wisely.” Not a glorious moment for me.)

Mornings with Jungkook

Yall are killing me with these request omg ily all.Only rapmon left now!!!
{J hope} {Jimin} {Jin} {Suga} {V}

Originally posted by sotaehyung

  • Idk this could go either way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • He would either wake up really early some days 
  • To practice 
  • Because that boy is a perfectionist 
  • Or 
  • He would stay up sleeping in really late and you would physically have to try and drag him out of bed 
  • On days he would wake up early and practice in another room you would make him shower and come cuddle with you 
  • When you guys slept in late you would also make him cuddle lmao
  • But he’s kinda shy at making the first moves 
  • So he wouldn’t 
  • And wait for you to do so 
  • Since that boy is still young his harmonies are probably raging
  • Morning boners 
  • Awkwardly trying to hide them from you 
  • But in the process of cuddling you felt it against your thigh 
  • “Don’t say anything” 
  • Not much into sex early on 
  • So probably you’d help him get off in the shower or something 
  • With him apologizing about 500 times 
  • “Jungkook if you don’t shut up I’m going to tape you mouth shut”
  • “Ohhh so you’re also into that” ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) 
  • That eyebrow thing he does 
  • From then on he would be his normal fuckboi self for the rest of the day 
  • You’d make breakfast 
  • Because “he’s too young to make breakfast” according to him 
  • “Do you think I should add cooking onto the list of things I’m good at?” 
  • “Well you’re not going to be able to if you just sit there and stare at pictures of jimin” 
  • “You know what I thought you would be nicer to me today. I shouldn’t have let you worn my shirt” 
  • He only shared his shirts with you 
  • He found it hot 
  • Waking up to you in just his shirt and underwear 
  • He wouldn’t admit it though 
  • Because he’s suppose to have an innocent mind 
  • “Here you can try making *breakfast food of choice*”
  • You’d do your own thing 
  • While he’s doing his 
  • Then you randomly hear bigbang playing 
  • Again 
  • You’d start fooling around 
  • Dancing and singing along
  • But he was actually trying to concentrate on getting the breakfast right and not messing anything up 
  • “Come on are you telling me that when Bigbang is playing you’re not even going to hum along?” 
  • You got him to dance with you
  • Making the dumbest dances you could 
  • And taking embarrassing videos of each other 
  • “Hey y/n how hot do I look?” 
  • He’d make the dumbest face to the camera 
  • You’d forget about breakfast 
  • He’d chase you around the place begging for you to delete them 
  • You needed up burning the pancakes you were making 
  • And Jungkook tasted his food 
  • Only to find out that he probably shouldn’t have left it out like that 
  • Because now it taste really gross 
  • So you order take out 
  • Because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • Rock papers scissors to see who cleans up the mess you both made 
  • You lost 
  • He’d run it in your face 
  • “Fine then be that way. You have to pay now” 
  • He shut up after that 
  • He’d put up an anime for the both of you to watch 
  • You’d both silently eat your food on the couch watching the anime 
  • He would be too lazy to get ready 
  • “But I’m already handsome like this I don’t know what you’re talking about” 
  • “Jungkook” 
  • “Fine mom”
  • Other times you’d find him awake when you just woke up 
  • “What time did you wake up?” 
  • He was lying on the floor in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal, a toothpaste, and a picture of jimin. 
  • Deciding not to ask what that was all about 
  • “Sleep is for he weak!” 
  • “Let me just finish one more line” he said half asleep chewing on his pencil and face on his notebook 
  • “Can I see what you have so far?” 
  • “NO it’s not ready yet!” 
  • “Jungkook please go get some rest” 
  • “Will you sing me to sleep?”
  • “Says the singer” 
  • “Find I won’t be sleeping today” 
  • “Okay fine”
  • “Drag me there”
  • You ended up actually dragging him to bed 
  • And sing to him 
  • He’d softly sing along too 
  • And those days when he was really tired 
  • He tends to hug you in his sleep a bit
  • Normally he’d just hold you close 
  • And have his arm wrapped around you 
  • Just imagine him peacefully sleeping 
  • Eyes closed 
  • Mouth slightly opened 
  • Lmao this has no order I’m sorry 
  • It’s all over the place 

    Feel free to request any reactions, or snapchats for the following groups: bigbang, bts, exo, got7, infinite, seventeen, monsta x and uniq

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caught- Jack johnson

Johnsons pov

I just got home from, a photoshoot with gilinsky, I walk into the shared apartment that my girlfriend y/n and I share

I quietly make my way upstairs, and leaned on the door frame, watching y/n she’s sitting against the head board with her computer and a note book in her hand and her glasses, she’s in just one of my shirts and underwear damn..

“Look at my little nerd” I said

“Ba- Jack!” She said “ have you been here the whole time?”

“About 10 minutes now” I said chuckling

She laid her note book down, and I glanced at it, little doodles, and random sayings, along with something she’s been writing for about two months now

“I hate you” she said and stood up

“Damn babe” I said walking towards her “my little nerd”

She just shook her head at me and gave me a small kiss

“When do I get to see those pictures from the photo shoot” she said wrapping her arms around My neck

“I mean I don’t know princess” I said furrowed my brows together

Your pov

I walked over to my computer and turned it around

“Well I’m pretty sure this is one of them” I smirked

“Shit babe where’d you get that already?” He asked

“I have my ways” I said walking back over to him and wrapping my arms around him “and damn do you look fine as hell like that”

He smirked at me saying that

And I’m being dead serious holy shit he looks fine as hell I am one lucky lady!

“Well I could say the same to you baby girl” he said sliding his hand under the shirt “have you been in this all day?”

I nodded smiling at him he smiled back and kissed me

“My baby” he said kissing me again this time moving to my neck “so perfect in so many ways”

He continued to kiss my neck

“Jack, no.” I said

“Ugh, babe we haven’t done anything for like months” he said pouting

“Two weeks” I said “you can wait..” I smiled at him and sat back down on the bed and continued to write what I’m writing, Jack laying down next to me on his side playing on his phone and sneakily looking at my computer and trying to place his hand on my thigh but I smacked it away

I’m doing this thing to see how long he can last with out sex, he’s going to crack it’s hot seeing him like this he’s so weak it’s only been two weeks..

But who am I kidding I want it to.
Like badly… Shittttt

“Do you want something to drink?” He asked standing up

“No im good thanks babe” I said

he got up and went downstairs, I got
up and got in the shower, as I let the hot water run over my body, I heard the bathroom door creak open

It’s Jack and should I deny this?
Hell fucken no.

“Get your ass in already” I said earning a soft chuckle from him

He undressed and got in wrapping his arms around my waist

I washed my hair and body, Jack did the same, but we might get out of the shower dirtier than we where before

He kissed my neck, finding my spot making my moan softly,

“You not gonna make me stop this time?” He asked kissing me

I shook my head and he kissed me again
Sliding two fingers in me making me gasp and taking that advantage to let his tongue explore my mouth

I grabbed his shoulder, but then he stopped

“What the fuck Jack” I said glaring at him

He smirked and turned off the water getting me out of the shower and laying me on our bed, dipping his head between my legs, his tongue flicking over my area as he reenters his fingers in me

I pull on his hair, pulling him closer to me than he already was, making me a moaning mess

He hovers over me, holding himself up on one hand while he’s rubbing my leg with the other

He kisses me then slides into me making me moan into the kiss

“Holy shit” I breathed out gripping his hair

As he slid in and out of me, hitting my spot making me practically scream his name

Then all of we heard the front door open and slam shut like someone was trying to get out attention

Our eyes widened remembering we had plans with every one tonight.


Medic, Medic

Honestly… I have no idea what this is. But you all can blame Cat from kmexoplanet for bringing up Doctor Oh, and Chucky (annyeongpabo) for showing us her shirtless Kai kkt background. Special thanks to exo-chanyeollie and bleuhan for their interest! I told you guys I’d write this so here it is! Don’t hate me haha.

You scrolled through pointless tweets on your timeline, desperately searching for a cure to your boredom. Doctor’s visits were the worst, especially when you had to wait almost an hour for a damn check-up. You rotated between lifestyle magazines until you heard your name being called, looking up to see a familiar face.

“Hey Kyungsoo,” you greeted, stepping through the wooden doors. The head nurse welcomed you with a smile and ran over your report on his clipboard.

“Check up?”

“Yup. Had to wait an hour out there, you know.”

He shrugged, “We’re short-staffed today. Doctor Oh is on vacation and they’ve got me running around everywhere. I’ll have one of my trainees take care of you for now.”

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anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite self-help blogs?

Ah these are always the hardest questions because I’d hate to leave anyone out and it’s so hard to remember everyone! But here are a few good ones… I’m not really sure what type of self help you are looking for so I’ll just give a random group I like to reblog from, in no order whatsoever 

Here are some that just have a good vibe- not necessarily long form advice, but lots of small positive affirmations that help me to see on my dash all the time & remind me to follow the advice I already know. I follow a ton of amazing blogs like this, so this is by no means a comprehensive list but here goes:

Mascarade — Chapter 3

Alya is the best wingwoman, Marinette forgets to be shy when talking about sewing, and LetAdrienEat2k16

Summary: The Collège Françoise Dupont decides to throw a masked ball in celebration of Ladybug and Chat Noir saving the school and its students countless times. Marinette knew this would be a special event, but the surprises the preparation and actual ball brought were far beyond her wildest dreams. Especially when her long time crush and a certain alley cat get thrown into the mix…

Pairing: Marichat & Adrinette

Chapter 3: Decoration Committee

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Okay here goes!

So I have posted comparison photos before, but nothing like this. Underwear pictures are a big step for me, and it makes me very nervous! That day in April when I decided to start losing weight and document my progress was the day that I truly realised I was overweight. I guess I always knew, but as a confident person I simply ignored it or made excuses such as ‘hey I have really big boobs, that’s why I have to wear a size 12 top’ etc.

I know I wasn’t obese, but I was working my way up. I’m so glad I put a stop to my weight gain when I did!

I began my journey at 11 Stone (154lbs, although I was definitely around 160 beforehand) and am now approximately 9 Stone 1lb (127lbs) which means I have lost roughly 27lbs. I would ideally like to get to around 120lbs, although I will simply judge it on how I feel as opposed to what the scales tell me. To clarify, I am 5"4 :)

My progress has been slow with lots of plateaus along the way (stuck in one now!) but I have NEVER given up. I have enjoyed my life, gone out drinking, eaten a whole pizza, shared a tub of icecream, but I have also worked to my goals. The key is a healthy balance and no deadlines. As long as you are making progress, that’s what matters! It’s not about 'skinny for the summer’, it’s about feeling good in yourself.

I’ll post a new one when I hit my year mark! Lots of love to you all and happy new year x Elle

So I was just in JC Penny getting new bras because my dogs ate my only other good one, and I heard two teenage girls talking in the stall next to me. I assume they were getting swimsuits but it might have been bras and underwear for all I know. So one girl says to the other “what do you think about that one?” And the second girl says “I really like it! I look cute. I’m gonna send a picture to (insert common male name here) and see what he thinks.” And so a few minutes later the first girl asks, “what did he say?” And the second girl responds “he said they look grandma-ish. I dunno. I just really hate how it makes my boobs look.”
Out of a complete blind rage, I yell, “Who the hell cares what he thinks? If you like it, get it! Don’t let someone else’s opinions make you think less of yourself. You are BEAUTIFUL and how DARE he tell you any different.”
And all I heard was silence. I walked out and began to pay for my bras when I see the two teenage girls exit the dressing room. They both come and stand in line behind me, buying the items they had tried on in the dressing room.
I have made great strides for the confidence of women today.

Today, i lost my house. as many of you know, i live in columbia, South Carolina, and as Im sure many more you you know, today columbia was hit hard with a jurrastic rain storm. At 6am this morning, my mom came and woke my brother and i up asking if we could help her move stuff up from our den, because it was flooding. i expected a wet carpet at the most, but what i found was our entire den filled with water. we worked quickly to move things, and then we looked out side and our backyard was FILLED with water, and is quicklly moving up. we scramble to move all our valuable possessions upstairs and grab food and pack small get away bags. as our first floor of our house is filled waist deep with water, our neighbors drive up to our door in john boats. (there is a BOAT at my front door) i shove my two cats in a duffel bag and my brother grabs our puppy and we load out. we get on one john boat and my parents get on another and we drive out of our house and to higher ground where we meet my moms friend Nancy who gives us a ride to her house before we head up to our lake house, where we are now. we won’t be able to move back in to our house for at least a month and everything in our downstairs is ruined. Now we just pray our house won’t collapse, because then we will loose everything if we haven’t already

SO HERES WHERE YOU GUYS COME IN. please, no matter what faith or lack there of, send prayers and love to my family, as we have nothing. what i packed, plus a 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of too small leggings, and underwear, is what is pictured above. i would like some advice from @taylorswift, because i know that if there is one person that can help me through this, its her; but i know thats a long shot. so all I’m asking for is just some love and support





Tuesday Truth:

I have taken up some bad habits, and the results are not my favorite. Those gym pants are a bit snug, and my stomach has certainly extended a bit in the last couple months. I’m not bashing myself, and yes, I know that I’m still a healthy weight for my height. But, for ME, I notice the change. And, I know exactly what’s causing it.

We watch a family show for an hour together in the evenings, and the husband and Conner like to have a snack during the show. Since they’re snacking, I usually do, too–even when most of the time I’m not hungry. And, the snacks I eat are usually some chips or Cheezits. 😩 Also, when I’m stressed (as I’ve been lately about my family and work), I tend to want to just be quiet and still–so reading or scrolling the Internet and generally not moving enough. Together, that is not resulting in great things for my waistline. Sigh.

So, here are my goals and some before pictures, and for a while, I’m going to be doing progress updates on Sundays for my own accountability. I don’t weigh myself often because I used to have a lot of issues with my ex and my weight, and my focus is not on any number anyway. I want to feel healthier and leaner. I’m sure those underwear before/afters would be better to really show a difference, but I leave my blog signed in on our home computer and I just can’t handle my son accusing me of scarring him for life because his mother’s posted underwear pictures on the Internet. 😉

So story time. I was having a rough day eariler. Just know of those unhappy grumpy work days. I was texting my bf during my lunch and I was being whiney and said “meh make me feel better” and he interpreted that as indication to be a lil shit. I didn’t get anything for a few minutes and at the end of my lunch he sends me a picture of him laying down in bed in MY UNDERWEAR saying “cheer up, I’ll be here when you get home”. Not gunna lie. It almost made me mad lol but I did smile at how he thought that was the best way to cheer me up.

P.s when I got home he had ice cold drinks ready and super yummy dinner. Shit he really did cheer me up actually… I feel so loved rn…