here have a lovely picture because why not


Not only have I gained weight, I’ve gained 40+ pounds. I’m touching 260. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been. I haven’t been able to take a picture without having real negative shit to think or say about myself. Which is why I haven’t posted anything in a longgggg time. I haven’t been happy with my body in months since I started noticing the change in my body. Most of the girls on here have followed me because of my confidence that I show off in my posts. And I feel so bad because I’m telling them to love the body God gave them and I can’t even look at a full length mirror.. But you know what? I’m still fly as fuck. Even if I’m 10lbs lighter or 50lbs heavier I’m still sexy. Still kind and attractive and smart and important and genuine and a big motherfucking deal. So here I am, half clothed and loving myself.

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day! Cuz we slay. ❤️

Picture this. e/R have been living together for a little while now, happily in love in and their new apartment. They decide - after much deliberation and detailed discussions about how often they’ll be home to keep it company and who’ll be in charge of picking up the food - to get a pet.

The only problem? Grantaire is a dog person and Enjolras is a cat person.

They bicker for DAYS about which to get, each trying to win the other over to their side because “OBVIOUSLY dogs are better, and here’s all the reasons why,” “What PLANET are you on, CATS are CLEARLY superior, and here’s all the reasons why”

They try getting the rest of their friends to weigh in on one side or the other to help them decide, but the field is split evenly down the middle, and eventually they decide to just go down to the local shelter and see what’s there, because maybe something’ll click.

They’re introduced to a whole lot of cats and a whole lot of dogs, and they each have their favourites but nothing really clicks.


There’s one cage that has a dog AND a cat in it, and the cat is sitting curled up in between the dog’s front paws and is hissing at them, and the dog is lying there wriggling and wagging his tail as he watches them approach.

They ask the shelter volunteer, and she says that these two come as a pair; their old owner went into a nursing home and couldn’t care for them any more, and the two of them refuse to be separated.

Grantaire’s grinning already, because he’s pretty sure that they’re going to be going home with these two animals, but he keeps himself in check because they’re not QUITE there yet.

So they go in to meet the two animals, and the dog bounds up to Grantaire the second he steps inside while the cat bolts off to a shelf in the back corner to glower at them all from a better vantage point, and Enjolras follows, making soothing noises.

Ten minutes later grantaire is on his back on the floor while the dog slobbers all over his face, and Enjolras is standing with a disgruntled-but-no-longer-hissing cat in his arms who is pretending to hate the chin rub he’s getting but who in fact is leaning into the touch.

They take the pair home and settle them in, and all their friends come around the next day to meet the two additions and fawn over them, and the cat spends the time balanced on the curtain rail and glaring at the lot of them and hissing whenever anyone getz too close, while the dog can’t decide who his favourite is because he’s getting pets from EVERYONE and it’s AMAZING.

The cat and the dog sleep in the laundry the first few nights, but somehow within a week have migrated to e/R’s room, and the dog sleeps at the end of the bed and the cat sleeps on their feet and hisses when one of them moves during the night, and eventually the cat stops hissing whenever one of them approaches him, and eventually he starts to consent to sit on their laps, and then they can’t get rid of him and he’s on top of them ALL THE TIME, the SECOND one of them is sitting down, he’s there, taking over lap space and chest space and pinning them in place. And meanwhile Grantaire teaches the dog all kinds of fun things like how to shake and roll over and high five and fetch slippers, and Enjolras teaches the dog how to gently take the mail inside without tearing it and how to bark and snap at either intruders or men who are harassing women on the street (that last one he learns through direct example from Enjolras), and how to play dead.

And it’s HILARIOUS, because even though grantaire is the dog person and Enjolras is the cat person, they sort of end up switching? Because you see, Grantaire likes to flop about the house indulging in a good cuddle, and so does the cat, but Enjolras likes to go be active and go for a daily walk or run, and so does the dog , so the cat kind of claims grantaire as his favourite and the dog claims Enjolras, and Courf still hasn’t managed to pat the cat even once, which he’s still heartbroken by, and - ultimately - it all works out brilliantly.

I’m overwhelmed

170114 Golden Disk Award Day 2

Lots of aesthetic photos guys, taking pictures are no problem, but making gifs…. oh my gawd

Height difference plus model couple pair

“hello I am Byun Baekhyun and I’m here to explode your ovaries and if you don’t have ovaries well, I’ll explode them anyway”

Going from a probably very adorable smile (because he was talking with Chanyeol, he’s gotta reciprocate that beautiful smile on Chanyeol) to a derpy…squirrel (?)

Chanbaek was so happy today XD I love it~

Lowkey shook 

It’s just them shaking hands yet why do I love it so much? I think I’m deprived, or maybe just how pure this action is, Chanyeol’s posture somewhat reminding me of a gentleman at a dance or something. 

Chanyeol. Hand

I think this was during the Ceci asian style award

Yep, seems similar. I love their interactions during this event XD it’s all so happy and cute

Baekuhen is just playing with de toy when Chanyeol talks to him

*scene from drama ensues* “Where’s da munnie”

“Dunt have it, so the only thing I can du is shoot u”

I love when they make each other smile while being in their own little worlds

(the best thing about this blog: The unnecessary multiple angles)

Don’t you just wish you can hear what your otp is talking about? Like they could be talking about why the sky is blue and not green and I’d still want to listen 

*gun click*

“I’ve been seeing you with my cereal. Buy me more and I’ll spare you.”

You know what? I will not be ashamed of doing unnecessary angles! I like seeing it in every perspective!

Baekhyun, the mimicking machine has returned




chanshook and a cute close up of Chanbaek

This gif is the best thing because Chanyeol’s hand is going around Baek’s waist or touching his back and we got Chanshook up in here

Shoulder touches

Height. Difference

All the members were doing age during this segment and Chanyeol started off

Baekhyun touching Chanyeol’s arm like “bruh with” saying “aeygo aeygo!” because they be judginggg


I know the gif is small but this is after all the members did their aegyo, and look at Chanyeol’s hand touching Baek’s shoulder~

Baekhyun is so cute ;-; he always has such a fond face when Chanyeol is saying his speech ;-;

Smiles are the best when they’re made by people you hold dear~


Back touches~ It looks like Baek is looking at his hand touching Chanyeol like “awwww yehhhhhhhhh look at me being slick”

Sitting next to each other~ 

The in sync couple~

Chanbaek + toys = mayhem and adorableness 

Baekhyun never fails to make Chanyeol (any member for that matter) happy :3

Low-key in sync XD

Whenever I’m with you I can’t help but smile

I just find this so funny because I mean, here we have Baekhyun hugging Minho and that’s perfectly normal cuz dey all frands so hugging is normal but then Chanyeol is over here subtly touching Baek’s back for a reason I can’t place other than trying to limit hug time or subliminal jealously. I’m not trying to sound delusional but come on, it’s not an action for just the heck of it

Ending the post with a cute gif

(I’m kinda late but CONGRATS EXO FOR WINNING THE DAESUNG 4 TIMES IN A ROW AND CONGRATS ON THE OTHER AWARDS!! They totally deserve it after all their hard work and awesome comebacks~)

So we had a very good amount of CB moments if I do say so myself ^^ I literally took a picture of the events they’d be attending and the days just in case there were to be Chanbaek moments and I’m happy for it and I hope you guys are too :D 

2 weeks into 2017 and I’m kinda loving it

One time I posted Jimins abs and someone asked me to post Yoongi’s abs. Yoongi doesn’t usually have abs so I made this 

lets start off with a little bit of ‘Fuk Me Rite Up’ Yoongi, I love this pic, his forhead is a rareity and also that HAIR IS BLACK

and here is 'Forehead Selca’ Yoongi

“DaMn Look at that NECK!’ Yoongi

this gif manages to capture "Intense Eyes’ Yoongi

'Can II Suck On Yo Lips, Please?’ Yoongi

"That One Time He Had Abs’ Yoongi

'Soft Tummy’ Yoongi

'My Hands Are More Beautiful Than Yours’ Yoongi

"Bubble Butt’ Yoongi

'I Love Those Jeans On His Legs’ Yoongi

Aaaaand more picture of Yoongi, just because I can and why not

and here are accurate pictures of me

sorry for this long AF post

anonymous asked:

i love this blog so much, ty for everything u do!! can i request rfa + v + saeran reacting to an mc who is self conscious about their crooked teeth? and like, when they laugh or talk they sometimes hide their mouth bc they are so ashamed and embarrassed by it. thank u!!

Thank you so much! We’re glad you enjoy the stuff we come up with. Here’s your request~


  • He noticed when you didn’t really like taking a lot of selfies
  • Whenever he tried to get a candid picture of you laughing, you always had your mouth covered
  • He asks why you do that
  • Because he’s caught you smiling alone before and he loves your smile
  • Self consciously, you cover your mouth right then and there
  • He gently pulls your hands away
  • You admit it’s because you have crooked teeth
  • You were going to get braces, but you were scared he wouldn’t think you’re cute with them
  • “Are you kidding? I think you’d look adorable in them!”
  • He helps you as you go through the process of getting them
  • He’s a bit more careful with pictures, since he knows how you feel
  • He promises you he won’t post the ones where you’re grinning
  • Those are just for him


  • He thought you were just shy whenever you covered your mouth when you laughed
  • He brushed it off as a quirk for a long time
  • Then one day, he found you in front of the mirror criticizing your teeth
  • You ask him about what he thinks
  • And he just says he genuinely didn’t notice
  • You say you want to fix it, but you’re scared about the braces
  • He shares that he had braces too, through some of high school
  • He pulls out the photo album and shows you
  • You gush over how cute he was
  • He just grins, “See! You’ll look even cuter!”


  • She notices that you always cover your mouth when you laugh
  • And when you two sit down for coffee across from each other, you tend to cover your mouth a lot
  • Finally, she just blatantly asks you
  • You try to explain about your crooked teeth
  • She’s gaping at your for a few minutes
  • And then just says she didn’t even know until you pointed it out
  • Gives you a lecture about being confident in yourself
  • She’s not opposed to you trying to fix them and go to the dentist
  • But she wants you to know how kind and beautiful you are just the way you are


  • Not gonna lie…he did notice
  • But he didn’t really care, as he thought you were very beautiful
  • Also, he didn’t think they were that crooked
  • He never said anything for this reason
  • But when he noticed you were hiding your smile and your mouth a lot more, he asked if you were insecure about it
  • When you admitted you were, he offers to get whatever dental plan you need to fix it
  • To try to boost your confidence, he tried to take candid pictures of you
  • “See! You look wonderful.” 
  • “Jumin…my entire face is a blur.”
  • After that, he finds other ways to encourage you


  • Whenever he saw you on the CCTV when you first joined the RFA, you alway smiled and talked normally
  • But in person, you seemed to cover your mouth a lot
  • He tries to gradually get you to open up about it
  • When you finally do, he sighs and shakes his head
  • He says he’s seen your smile before and you look great
  • It would be shame to hide that
  • He tries to help you out of your habit and insecurity by gently swatting your hand away from your face when you cover your mouth
  • Also, tries to get you to laugh more often


  • At first he thought you were shy
  • But when you two got closer, you were very talkative and bright
  • So, why were you still covering your mouth?
  • He asks in a very straightforward manner
  • When you tell him, he just gives a soft smile
  • He lifts his upper lip a little to reveal a chip on the bottom of one of his teeth
  • He says he used to be insecure about it too, but he slowly grew out of it
  • Tries to convince you not to care what anyone thinks
  • “You’re cool to me!”
  • “What?” 
  • “Uh…I mean–um…”
  • Can’t take it back now;)


(Assuming he can see)

  • He noticed you refused to be a model for his photography a lot
  • He was worried after a while that you weren’t comfortable with him
  • But you assured him it was just because you thought your teeth were crooked
  • He was really confused
  • He never really noticed, but he understands if you’re insecure
  • He asks just for one private photo shoot
  • You agree
  • For the first photo, he does those cheesy “Before and after the photographer tells the model they’re beautiful” things
  • Also, the pictures come out amazing, and even you love them 

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

I kinda joined the non existant bandwagon. Honestly I love brotps to death and if I felt like it, this whole circle would be full of purple. I credit to the original creator (who I have trouble trying to find the original source because i think their tumblr is deleted) I hope you-



Why the fuck is Ohm’s red line all the way-


Emily’s Tunnel Photoshoot

Hey lovelies! Most of you have probably seen the recent photo shoot Emily did with Peter E. Price (X). If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, no worries! Here they are:

I couldn’t help but notice that Emily is in a tunnel in these photos. Why does that matter? Because of TD’s long going tunnel theory relating to Beth Greene and her return. If you want more specific details about the tunnel theories you can read them here (X) and on @bethgreeneishopeunseen blog here (X).

I’ll give you some details, but basically Beth is tied to tunnels, and tunnel imagery. Emily’s name in the opening credits first and last appeared in a tunnel. The tunnel photo appeared when Emily was promoted to main cast member.

Also Norman, when referring to what Beth Greene was to D@ryl, said she was his “light at the end of the tunnel”. He has said this in more then one interview, and recently as well. In my opinion, it looks like in these photos Emily is looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think it is really interesting that Emily has done a photo shoot in a tunnel a few weeks before the Season 7 finale. The photographer also tagged the photos The W@lking Dead, but that could be to get more views on his photos. Emily is also dressed casual, not wearing a lot of makeup, and her hair is natural like she would be in the zombie apocalypse.

Let me know what you all think, thanks for reading! xo

I don’t know why, but I do think this is an indirect.

Does this mean she’s not happy when she’s not with her? Because it just hurts too much to not be with her?

This might refer to something else, but here they are on the same page about something

The time span between the time when Lauren reblogged that on Tumblr and the time when Camila posted the picture with the caption was quite far. But this is a possible indirect, right?

The sun died so that the moon can shine

There have been a train of indirects between these two these days.


It’s already here!!!! Omg, omg, omg!!. This is amazing! ^w^ I just love it so much!!. This fluttercord pack It’s all beautifully detailed, the box has an amazing art and it even has the window with the picture of them <3

The only weird thing I see about the final product, is that they have changed fluttershy’s position inside the box. The original design had fluttershy floating at Discord’s eye level, and he was staring right into her face. But I think I understand why they changed it, it seems it was because the new position allows to use less plastic in the blister (the blister uses half of the box’s space). But even with that in mind, I love this collectible and I think is one of my favorite pieces of my collection.

anonymous asked:

clexa taking alex to a theme park (i know how much u hate disney so it doesn't have to be that) and alex has the time of her life. then the inevitable energy crash happens and alex ends up spending 10 minutes wailing about how she doesn't want a nap, while clexa tries to gently convince her that she'll feel better after. then after they give in alex falls asleep on one of the little kid rides. lexa has to scoop her up and carry her back to the hotel

Niki may hate Disney but I LOVE Disney so here have some Clexa ft Alex headcanons at the happiest place on earth:
-Alexs wants to take pictures with all the princesses. Every single one.
-“Mommy! Momma! Make someone take our picture?”
-“Why baby?”
-“Because you two are my favorite princesses”
-“I’m not a princess I’m a commande—”
-“Shhh babe let it happen”
-She makes them ride “It’s A Small World” at least twenty times bc she’s evil like that
-Clarke has to invest in one of those backpacks with a leash on it so the hell child doesn’t escape
-Lexa puts Alex on her shoulders to watch the fireworks
-Alex eats way too many churros for someone her size
-Lexa and Gaston have a gun competition
-Lexa wins


Phantom of the Opera

||  Why Have You Brought Me Here/Raoul I’ve Been There

Adrien and Chat Blanc are different people here.
Because having Hawkmoth as Phantom seems… kinda weird and I somehow pictured Chat Blanc having the same intensity of feelings, admiration, love and/or possessiveness over Marinette. In short he fits the picture for me.

Though, I also don’t know how to explain that Adrein and Chat Blanc are different. 

I also wanted to draw him and try some brushes/techniques. 
This was so beautiful in my mind but I don’t know what happened. ;n;

I don’t know if this crossover had been done already also…

I will never believe colorism is over until I can walk into a room and be looked at as beautiful as my lightskin counterparts. Until people believe that 4c hair and non ambiguous features are signs of beauty. Until I stop hearing things about being “fair skinned and beautiful and having good hair” (meaning looser curl patterns) until black men stop calling dark girls ugly and roaches and using “preference” as an excuse as to why they don’t like darkskin girls. Until I stop seeing people even on here claim they LOVE all black women and all shades but yet go onto their blogs and ain’t one picture of a darkskin women in sight. Until people aspire and wish to be darkskinned as much as they aspire to be light. Until dark girls don’t have to be worried to be interested in black men because of fear that they won’t like them because of their skintone. Until dark girls stop getting treated like shit because people think they’re ugly. Until dark girls don’t have to be extraordinarily pretty to get 1/100 of the attention that lighter girls get. Until the best compliment that most darker girls hear isn’t “oh you’re pretty for a dark girl”. Until I’m not told to stay out of the sun or to wash my skin better because there’s dirt on my skin or that I’ll get too dark. colorism fucking exists and I as a darkskinned black women and MANY MANY others face these struggles and more all the time. It’s actually legitimately offensive that some of you have the nerve to ignore and/or derail the conversation about it while all of us darker girls are literally here screaming about how much this hurts and affects us.

🔊 Let me tell you something about long term relationships; the stuff no one talks about

This shit hard work. You hurt each other, you say mean things to each other, you do things you completely regret. Then you have to look the love of your life in the face, watch them cry and explain yourself. Explain what was so important that their feelings took the back seat.

‼️We share our cute weekend pictures📸, our baecations✈️, and cute memes📱 that directly pertain to us! People repost our flipgrams and caption them “😍❤️Relationship goals💍🔐” without really knowing what happens behind the close doors🚪.

Here’s what the pictures don’t show. It’s crying at night because you can’t explain why you are sad. It’s having the same argument constantly hoping the results change. It’s saying I’m sorry even if you don’t feel you were wrong. It’s forgiving the person after completely shattering your trust. It’s rebuilding after all the mistakes that destroyed your happy home. It’s saying I love you even when it’s hard to like them. It’s holding each other engulfed with tears. It’s not giving up despite how much you just want to walk away.

Love is easy, but keeping your relationship when love doesn’t feel like enough, that takes work ‼️
It won’t always feel like love, but if you truly love them; you will put in the work ♥️

to let myself to fall in love, is a hard task nowadays.

It’s scary, that I found myself
here again, walking down
this particular path.

It never ends well,
when I find myself here,
and it’s was such a long time ago,
since my last rodeo.

I want you to stop, it’s no use,
you’ll regret, in the middle
and wonder who I am,
because I know, you will
wonder why I’m not
the person you thought, me to be.

Every one last of you
have wondered the same,
your and their fault entirely,
they fell in love with a picture
and didn’t care to get deeper,
to actually get to know the girl, underneath.

They just gave it up,
left me in the middle,
having to go back, by myself
down the road, all alone,
like every other time before.

That is why, I’m scared this time around,
it most likely to happen again,
I’m not a picture perfect,
I have scars and imperfections,
I am like everyone, a complex entity,
that you all will have to look beneath the surface
to the find the core, to find the rose, to find me.

And do not be afraid.
I will meet you, half-ways.
Like I’m supposed to do,
if you ever will let me, in.

Before and Afterlife

I always draw Elvira, I need to give Avery some love too. Here’s some character designs for how he looks as a human and as a ghost. I gave him classes because why not. 🤓

Jaehyun’s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Jung Jae Hyun (정재현)

Age: 19. (20, Korea)

Group: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT, basically!

I know what you’re thinking, Why am I here? Well let me tell you why. I was inspired by an all Black musical to become a singer and to follow my dreams, (LOOK AT ME NOW!) People have a feeling that I’m open to dating other races because I’ve lived in America. I love Hip Hop. I can rap AND sing. double threat.

More dating profiles

Why I love the story so much

For everybody that didn’t see the notices I’ve put out, the story is going to end this weekend when the 70th chapter gets released. I do plan on translating like usual. However, there will be a delay because the soup kitchen is this weekend. Also, the site with the high quality raw images that I had linked to in the past has apparently been shut down for good so I’ll have to use my other method of getting pictures for everybody who can’t get access to Lezhin. 

Anyway, I wanted to share with everybody here why I love this series so much to the point that it made me want to do translations summaries. I bet like most people, I saw the promotional image and thought that it would be another sex comedy. I ended up getting drawn in by how realistic and relatable the characters were. Hani was a girl who had a tendency to splurge her earnings, liked to be independent, and didn’t want to worry about anything. Joon was the exact opposite by being incredibly frugal due to not wanting to live off his sister who was already acting like his Mom at that point so that she wouldn’t tiptoe around his brother in law to get more money. Joon also planned to have all of his debts paid off when he got married and wanted to be a good father. 

The author did a great job at making these characters sympathetic when their problems started to take root. Hani’s unexpected pregnancy and the costs of raising a child terrified her and it was hard for her to figure out what to do and whether she should keep the baby? It’s the challenge that every new single mother faces and it’s one that always makes you judged by society for not being prepared or married. Fortunately, Sun Gyeong stepped up to make sure Hani and Ran were taken care of and her parents started secretly sending her money to support her after their initial shock wore off. 

It looked like Joon wasn’t going to have many problems when he got his job in China besides not knowing he was going to be a Dad. But everything went downhill when the douchebag MD acted petty by cutting off Joon’s company to his TV market show over Yenipang. That indirectly set in motion the events that caused Joon’s testicle to rupture and nearly rendered him infertile. I felt like Joon’s life was such a parallel to myself and other millennials. Joon thought  focusing on the future and not getting sidetracked by dating would be the key to long lasting happiness. But all of the time and effort put into getting a job and planning ahead went down the drain and Joon had virtually nothing to show for it. The unfortunate truth is that the old methods of working hard everyday don’t matter as much anymore as your connections do in today’s world. Both Hani and Joon managed to get their current jobs from either being best friends or related to Sun Gyeong and Duk Jin. It goes to show that you need to try and enjoy your life and not solely slave away working because you have no idea if something could go wrong and ruin everything you planned. So you should try to take the initiative in life if you want to have real happiness. It’s the lesson the Dragon God gave to Joon in his dreams and he took the initiative by kissing Hani and declaring his feelings for her. 

Even some of the most unpopular decisions the characters made had good reasons behind their actions and it really helped that the author was great at giving a good backstory for these people. Hani didn’t tell Joon he was Ran’s father because she didn’t want to drop a kid in his lap when he was just starting his adult life which could have ruined everything he was planning ahead for. She also didn’t want to repeat her parents’ mistake of getting married solely out of obligation to their baby which made them miserable together and caused them to get divorced when she went off to college. It can also be inferred that she didn’t want Ran to have the same emotional problems she had of thinking she was a burden keeping together two people that didn’t love each other. Sun Gyeong’s laser focus on Joon’s success was due to guilt over using money her father set aside for her that could have been used for his cancer surgery. So she completely dedicated herself to making Joon’s life great despite not realizing what he really wanted.  

Fortunately, the moral of the story is that even though unplanned and unexpected accidents happen in your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness after they happen. Ran’s conception was the definition of unplanned, yet she turned out to be the sweetest bundle of joy that any parent could hope for. She was always trying to be understanding even though it was hard to not have her parents together at first. Joon turned out to still be fertile and his groin pan was mental more than anything else. And even though Joon broke his leg saving Sun Gyeong and Ran, the event brought him and Hani closer which made Hani finally realize that she wanted to marry Joon. 

If there are any criticisms I have for the story, it’s that there wasn’t a bigger cast of characters. Outside of our main family and Joon’s new in-laws, there weren’t too many other people that got to be included in everything that happened. The world felt ridiculously small to the point that Sun Gyeong should have easily figured out who was Ran’s father sooner given the lack of side characters in this story. The only exceptions would have to be Yenipang and Dong Jin who were mainly there to be a side romantic interest for the main characters. It would have been great to see Joon have another guy friend to hang out with whom he could share his frustrations. Also, I was disappointed that the latest chapter had Sun Gyeong get pregnant instead of adopting. It would have been great to see the author show support for adopting children that aren’t related by blood in which there is a stigma against in Asian cultures right now. 

Regardless of any minor complaints, Que Sera, Sera has been one of the best heartwarming and relatable love stories that I’ve seen in years. I actually loved it to the point that I sent a tweet to the author about how much I loved the story and got a reply back from her! It was a great ride while it lasted and while I’m sad to see it go, it’s great to see everybody in this story finding their own happiness after everything that happened to them. I’m hoping the author will continue writing great stories.

PS. Here’s the tweet. Don’t bother following me there unless you like political tweets and tweets about Adult Swim’s Toonami block

Dragonball 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Picture of your favorite character and explain why.

This lady right here. Bulma Briefs. There are many reasons why she is my favorite character. In my opinion she is one of the MOST important characters, and a lot of people not consider her so because she doesn’t have super powers. But let me tell you something.

If it wasn’t for this woman, Goku wouldn’t even be the Goku we all know and love because their friendship is a pin point in Goku’s lifetime. If Bulma hadn’t found him, he’d be a wild little saiyan. She’s the daughter of one of the wealthiest and smartest scientist in the world, not to mention her own wealth and intelligence considering she has created inventions that revolutionize and change the way the world works. Thanks to her and her father, the trips to Namek were possible, Goku and Vegeta have been able to train with their facilities and let’s not forget about the famous Dragon Ball radar, which she invented single handedly. She’s always looking after her friends making sure they have the latest technologies to achieve their trainings (asides from the hyperbolic time chamber that Kami provides)

(In an alternate timeline) She’s a single mother who balanced her work and raising an amazing boy while the world was technially ending. Still managed to build a time machine so her son could save the original timeline. IN the original timeline, she was still a wonderful mother who managed her time perfectly. Her strong will and ambition made one of the most dangerous saiyan alive to fall in love with her (That’s a whole different subject I’ll cover later in the challenge) She loves her family and friends indefinitely.

Um, did I mention she’s freaking hot? Good looking, smart af, clever and takes no shit from absolutely nobody. Wife material much? I’d marry her if she wasn’t so perfect with Vegeta. I mean seriously, what’s not to love? Look at her, just just look at her.

She’s my favorite because without her, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and even in Dragon Ball GT and now in Dragon Ball Super would NOT be anthing! It was her who found Goku, it was her who invented the Dragon radar, it was her father who invented the ships they took to Namek, it was her who created a son and a time machine so that son could tavel to the future and save the world, it was her who befriended Whis so her and her loved ones would be safe if Beerus decided to destroy the world, it was her who invented the Super Dragon radar, I can go on. And no matter what, this woman will always be my favorite. Without her there is no Dragon Ball.

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i cried at the coat gif im not kidding youre never grounded again also 1-19 for the ask meme thingy ily sweetheart <3

omg im so glad you liked it!! let me know if there are other outfits you love so i can make more gifsets. 

1. the meaning behind my url - pretty obvious, i love catherine grant a lot. 
2. a picture of me - here’s a picture of me in my JBF cosplay lol
3. tattoos i have - none, i’m too small
4. last time i cried and why - lol wednesday and because i was anxious™ 
5. piercings i have - i have had my ears pierced twice but they always close up 
7. biggest turn off(s) - um,,,, not being a good person?? idk lol
8. top 5 (insert subject) - you didn’t specify so i’m gonna do characters. cat grant, regina mills, kyouya ootori, kuvira, and carter grant
9. tattoos i want - a red string of fate tattoo on my pinky and some other ones
11. age - 15
12. ideas of a perfect date - watching a movie we both like?
13. life goal(s) - survive™
14. piercings i want - not sure
15. relationship status - single
16. favorite movie - rn its moana 
17. a fact about my life - im a mess ™
18. phobia - hydrophobia! 
19. middle name - Gali and there’s a wild story behind it and my birth name