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GIFset Ideas/Request Meme

The goal is to make a GIFset/etc. for a fandom of your choice from one of the below ideas, also of your choice! Alternatively, if you don’t want to choose, ask your followers for a fandom + request! 

01. Favorite character
02. Favorite modern show/movie/cartoon
03. Favorite children’s show/movie/cartoon
04. Favorite nostalgic show/movie/cartoon
05. Favorite 90′s show/movie/cartoon
06. Favorite opening theme
07. Favorite character of color
08. Favorite non-binary character
09. Favorite non-heterosexual character
10. Favorite continuity
11. Favorite familial relationship
12. Favorite minor/background character(s)
13. Favorite non-human character
14. Favorite protagonist
15. Favorite antagonist
16. Favorite joke/gag
17. Favorite quote
18. Favorite scene
19. Favorite show creator/director/voice actor/etc.
20. Favorite season
21. Favorite foreshadowing
22. Favorite plot twist/reveal
23. Favorite episode
24. Favorite season finale
25. Favorite adult’s show/movie/cartoon
26. Favorite “fourth wall” break
27. Favorite animal companion
28. Favorite platonic relationship
29. Favorite romantic relationship
30. Favorite antagonistic relationship

+1 - Whatever you want! Go wild!

NOTE: The word “favorite” is used lightly — don’t feel pressured into having to pick your ’most’ favorite — just ‘a’ favorite is okay!

*This meme can be used for art/edits/graphics/etc. as well, it’s not limited only to GIFs! By all means, be creative in a way pleasant to you!


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