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I love how everyone in this fandom is so talented. Like you’d be having a bad day and you can just come to tumblr and you’d see so many cool edits and badass drawings and read so many sweet fanfics and your day would become a lil bit better

Meanwhile….. my contribution to the fandom:

just in case the freeform gods are listening

here is my wishlist for shadowhunters s3!!! 

- let👏🏻izzy👏🏻be👏🏻badass👏🏻again. okay, it’s not like she ever stopped, but i feel like after the whole yin fen thing her character was put aside a bit. show me my girl kicking some ass!

 -malec inside jokes. c'mon, all couples have them. give me The Gang™ gearing up for a mission and magnus says something, sounding completely random, and everyone is just like…what? and then alec just like, DOUBLES OVER in laughter and everyone is like wtf is going on

 -while we’re in the topic of malec give me magnus saying i love you first

 -there being some consequences to clary’s reckless behavior

 -clary and izzy friendship!!! like please i miss my girls i want to see them talking about things that aren’t mission or boys like like them be girlfriends friends and talk about their day and random things and just give them the 4-1-1

-more simon and luke heart to hearts!!! i live for dad!luke

-clary not fucking forgetting about luke everytime someone mentions her family 

-malec cuddling pleASE. just imagine clary or someone from The Gang™ comes over and alec is just asleep in magnus’s lap


-izzy being a scientist again



Cherry: “Hi Robin, how did you enjoy today’s fun activities?”

Robin: “Oh I loved the day at karaoke.  It was fun hearing everyone else sing as well.  I just wish we could have done something a bit different then a pool party.”

Cherry: “I’m sorry, I know you are hydrophobic and can’t really enjoy it as much as everyone else.”

Robin: “It’s ok, I enjoyed being able to chat with you a bit here.”

Cherry: “Me too, and i’m so glad you liked the karaoke.  I was worried some people would feel out of place.”

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Hi! I've been RPing here since 2012. Since my debut, things have changed; now, people use container themes and a LOT of special formatting (i.e. special spacing, special fonts, special indentation, etc.) in their posts, with heavily filtered icons. The most formatting I've ever done is small text, and my icons are very basic (100x100). Is this a quality standard, now? Will people want to write with me less if I don't use any special formatting or special icons? I'm a bit worried.

Well coming from someone who does most of the things you specified – and I can’t speak for everyone who practices these trends, but I personally wouldn’t refuse to RP with you just on the basis of you not having or using special formatting or customized icons. I do those things because it appeals to me and I like it, not because I require it of anyone else.

I’ll always prefer readability and writing content over aesthetic, and I’m sure the majority of the RPC feels the same. Roleplaying is about the writing after all, and while these additions can certainly enhance the experience, when done in excess or in the wrong fashion it can detract from it instead.

So no, I think you’ll find that a majority of people will still be willing to write with you even without special formatting or icons.

— mod Sky

#reddingtonweek - themes & rules

So first off, everyone is welcome to participate. You can even make multiple posts per day, there is no limit. Also, I understand that people have lives (and/or fossil computers that freeze all the time), so late posts will still be accepted.

Now here’s some more information on the daily themes;

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How to Read Energy and What to Expect

As many of you know, one service I offer on this blog are energy readings. I have gotten a lot of inquiries on how I do these readings, so I would like to inform you on my methods as well give you tips on how to do them yourself. Please note that I am not an expert nor do I have the final say on how to do energy readings properly, this is just my experience. 

Understanding Energy
The way I understand energy is as the force that inhabits everything at one point or another. Everything has an energy signature, down to the smallest grain of sand. However, the energy of living things is a bit different. There have been many names given to this energy but it is most often known as one’s life force. The hardest part of an energy reading is picking up on one’s particular energy among the trillions of energy sources swirling around at any given moment, but I will tell you how I do this.

How to Read Someone’s Energy

My method for reading energy is going to be different from everyone else’s. Your method for reading energy will be different from everyone else’s. Everyone has their own techniques for reading energy, but here are a few of mine.

  1. Sit in a comfortable location with at least part of you pressed firmly against the ground. 
  2. If you are reading for someone irl, have them sit near you. Physical contact often helps if both of you are comfortable with that. 
  3. If you are reading for someone not physically present, it can help to have a piece of them “sit” in front of you. I ask for names and blog urls when I do my readings so that I have an energy signature to focus on but you really can use anything or nothing at all, whatever helps you get a lock on the other person’s energy. 
  4. Sit in front of the person or blog and close your eyes. A bit of meditation before you try to tap into their energy is a good idea.
  5. Feel the energy of the earth under you and feel out this individual’s energy as it appears, a piece of the earth just like you.
  6. Grab onto this energy. Snatch it from the earth just briefly. Images, smells, tastes, sounds, colors, and feelings should come to you as you feel their energy. Keep a mental note of what you experience and write it down once you return.
  7. What you have experienced while feeling someone’s energy is their energy reading. It may be a bit of a jumbled mess, but that’s okay. Everyone’s energy is different but there may also be some overlap, which is also okay.

You can give someone their energy reading in many forms. I give mine as a paragraph with everything I saw, yours may be only a line or two. Everyone experiences different things when reading energy and having shorter readings isn’t a bad thing. You may even pick up on more or less energy from each individual. Its totally okay if some readings are long and others very short. 

So…. What if your energy reading doesn’t resonate with me, like, at all?

There could be a great number of reasons your reading went screwy. As I said before, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes shape. This being said, it could be a number of factors.

  1. I am picking up not on your energy, but the energy of someone very close to you. If you have been in contact with them recently, pieces of your energy sometimes clings to them. 
  2. It could also be that I am reading into the energy of one of your past lives, something you won’t necessarily resonate with or remember.
  3. It could also be that the reading was accurate but maybe some part of it was hard to hear, or some repressed memory. This is not the fault of the reader, in the long run it is up to the client to interpret the reading. 
  4. It could also be external factors in my own life clouding my ability to pick up on your energy. My cat knocks over a vase in another room and not thinking I write that in as your energy because I was so lost in the moment.
  5. It could also be you’re my last in a long line of energy readings and I am exhausted and hurriedly trying to get through your reading without paying attention to detail. 
  6. It could be any number of things, all acting upon one another. Keep an open mind. 

Whatever the reason for your energy reading not being accurate, it is best to just be polite and move on. No good will come of harassing a reader, especially if they are offering a free service. 

I just did an energy reading and I’m exhausted!

Yup, that’s a real thing and totally normal. Energy readings can be draining, especially for beginners, as you expend some of your energy when you tap into the earth and go out in search of other energies. This is especially draining at first if you have not yet learned how to shield your energy when searching in the energy field and subsequently some of it may be leeched out. Here are some self care tips to help you regenerate faster.

  1. Time yourself. I like to light a stick of incense before I start my readings. Once it is completely burned out, I stop no matter what I’m doing and go drink some water and just do something I enjoy for 30 minutes or so before returning to readings. 
  2. Eat or drink something sugary or high in carbohydrates while you read to return energy lost. I like to munch on sweet cherries while I read.
  3. Learn to shield yourself from energy drain. I imagine my energy dressed in a suit of impenetrable armor before I search out someone’s energy. Your shield can come in any manor of form, find one that feels right to you and keeps the pesky energy leech out. 
  4. Take little breaks in between readings, even just a minute or two to catch your breath. 
  5. Use crystals to return your energy. I like to take some moon-charged amethyst and hold it in my palm during breaks, feeling its energy flow into me. 
  6. Practice self care. Shower, change your clothes, put on some lotion or makeup… Anything like that will help replenish energy.
  7. Take a nap! I have a bad habit of doing energy readings as soon as I wake up and then I’m dead for the rest of the day. Napping helps immensely. 
  8. Know your limits. You probably won’t be able to do 20 energy readings your first day. Pacing is so important.
  9. If you are doing energy readings online, be prepared to use the block button. Some people are going to be rude, but that is their problem not yours.
  10. Have fun! If energy readings become stressful take a break. If someone is waiting on you for their energy reading, they will understand if it comes a little late. If not, fuck ‘em. You don’t owe anything to people who don’t care about your well being as a reader. 

There are a great many things you can do to recharge after an energy reading, but these are just a few of my favorites. Everyone is different, and respecting that is key. 

Remember actually enjoying yourself is key. Good luck with your energy readings!


I cannot live in this house, in this environment, in this place anymore.

My mother who’s always been extremely controlling and abusive, today sat me down and told me that she will not allow me to move in with my grandma and go see my girlfriend this summer. She lied to my grandma and told her I attempted suicide to get her to agree to this.

This is just the latest in the long string of drama that is my family. Whenever i get money, from flipping items to commissions to dog walking, i either have to spend it immediately or hide it so it is not taken

My mom has told me that she will Baker Act me (have me put in inpatient psychiatric hold against my will) if i even step the tiniest bit out of line. She’s pushed back my date to see my girlfriend and my grandma to the 21st. She has my laptop and is holding it hostage until I’m put on an antipsychotic that she agrees with. Same with going outside, i may notbleave the house until im put on medication.

I’m 16 years old. My mom will lie, cheat, and manipulate the situation however it suits her to make sure she is the center of attention at all times and I’m the demon. This has led to the police being called on me (no charges pressed cuz it was bullshit) and several psychiatrists being demanded to that they say im crazy.

I have very few options here. I’m saving up a bit already for when i do leave, but ill have to start dipping into it soon by the looks of things. I can try getting emancipated, however thats a lengthy expensive and ultimately unrealistic process.

I have a good friend (my best irl friend actually) who is willing to let me crash on his couch should i need to, in that event id need money to buy food and for “rent”. This is my most likely option ATM, as my mom has successfully gotten EVERYONE in the family on her side.

To help relieve the financial stress, I’m doing moodboard comissions, crochet pattern comissions (i can do everything from clothing to rugs to amigurumi), writing comissions, theme/website design comissions, skype tutoring sessions, and accepting donations

My paypal is

My is $iamhamming

My mercari (where i sell p much everything imaginable) is iamhamming

My redbubble (which hasnt been updated in forever but i cant really do without a laptop) is 8bitfantasies



talking from experience, when all you wanna do is finish your damn project the person trying to pull you away from it (for whatever reason) may seem like a monster or a villain but in this case lance was only looking after shiro.


The results are in! With 478 respondents who were given the ability to vote for up to 5 characters per person (1,644 votes total), you guys have decided who are the most liked characters from Attack on Titan within the Tumblr community! 

Of course, it is important to remember that this is only a sample size of the fandom, that all of these characters are loved, and that this was in no way intended to be contest. We were just curious! While certain results were expected, some of these actually surprised us a bit, and in a very good way! We’ll be curious to see people’s feelings again after Season 3 airs and how perceptions and feelings have shifted. 

Tumblr’s Top 10 AOT characters are:

1. Levi
2. Armin Arlert
3. Hanji Zoe
4. Eren Jaeger
5. Erwin Smith
6. Mikasa Ackerman
7. Jean Kirstein
8. Ymir
9. Annie Leonhart
10. Reiner Braun

For the rest of the results, please click here

Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to doing more polls moving forward! 

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everyone's worrying so much about future scenes and here i am just praying for alec to wear his head of the institute blazer again!

OH. MY. GOD. I KNOW? How does it work? When does he get to wear it? On mondays? Clave meetings? During roleplay with Mr. Bane? I need to know.

When is the next downworld meeting because I need to see him in this jacket AGAIN.

Headcanon that before long drives to away games the Foxes make a playlist for each trip as a team.

  • Everyone has to go to Renee and she gives them her phone and lets them add songs to the playlist
  • When Neil doesn’t add any, she tracks him down to see which he wants on there
  • He picks just enough to make it look like he put some effort in so he can be left alone, but he doesn’t know much music
  • His choices are just a few songs that he doesn’t feel that strongly about, but he knows their names because he’s heard them a few times on the radio and he doesn’t hate them, so that’s good enough for him
  • On the run, it was just what they could catch on the radio and lots of the time they were driving where they couldn’t catch any signal but obscure country stations
  • Now Neil hates country music because of it
  • He couldn’t change the station to something else while he was driving because his mom wouldn’t let them stray from the one she had found (no matter how staticky it got) in case they couldn’t find one again while she was awake
  • And when it was her turn to sleep while he drove, he had to keep the radio off
  • On the bus, they put the whole playlist on shuffle while they drive
  • There’s no skipping allowed or else it would be total chaos and there would definitely be spite skipping
  • Which is why they all suffer through “This is the New Shit” blaring through the speakers at 5:30 in the morning because Andrew put it on the playlist
  • Also, they guess and make bets on who put what songs on when it’s a tough call
  • But sometimes it’s an easy call
  • Like, okay Kevin, we all know you’re the one who put “We Will Rock You” and “Tubthumping” and “All I Do is Win” on there
  • Tbh he may as well have put a whole sports rock album on there
  • Neil is so confused when Nicky’s singing along to the French lines in “Bad Romance” because Nicky doesn’t speak French????
  • And Nicky bursts into laughter when Neil asks about it and explains that’s the only French he speaks and he doesn’t even know what it means, he just knows all the Lady Gaga lyrics
  • Nicky also puts “Get’cha Head in the Game” on there and he definitely sings at Kevin when it comes on
  • And Andrew put “Basketball” on there just to annoy Kevin
  • When the song comes on, it keeps repeating “They’re playing basketball. We love that basketball.” while Kevin gets more and more visibly angry and Andrew almost smiles

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Sex with Drunk! Tom would be like

a/n: I don’t know if this is exactly what the anon wanted but I tried. I’m so sorry if don’t correspond to your expectations. I’m really I’m.
And I’m sorry for the grammatical mistakes as usual. Forgive me guys for this poor writing.
Actually forgive me father, I’ve sinned.

• everytime Tom is drunk he wouldn’t be able to stop talking
• he’d talk to every single person on the place he’s Spiderman at least twice
• he’d try to prove it doing a back flip or a side flick
• “Oh my fucking God. Thomas Stanley Holland don’t you dare try to do this”
• and as a good girlfriend you wouldn’t let he precedde with this insanity
• “Here you are. Guys, this is my girl. Isn’t she perfect? She’s so perfect”
• now he’s talking to every single person on the place that you’re his girl
• his dork side would emerge
• a lot of bad puns
• he’d get emotional over the problems of the world and sometimes maybe he’d cry over them (and he’d cry for the purest things in the world like “snakes don’t have arms”)
• Drunk! Tom likes hugs
• a lot
• he’d just hug everyone
• “Tom, give me this beer. I think you should drink some water now and sit a little bit okay?”
• “No, I’m going to dance.”
• Don’t try to argue bc hardly it’s going to listen (Drunk! Tom do whatever the fuck he wants unless it’s something that’s going to make him break a bone *of someone else*)
• even drunk he’s such a good dancer tho
• you wouldn’t be able to stop looking at the way his curly hair fall down on his face and at how beautiful his smile is
• he’d ask you to dance with him
• actually he’d drag you to the dance floor
• again don’t try to fight on this with him bc Drunk! Tom do almost what the fuck he wants
• everything would be fun and games until a sexy song begins to play
• the sexual tension would start with you running your fingers by his arms (oh lord, Tom’s arms I can’t handle) until you rest your hand on his neck tangling your fingers in the hair on the back of his head
• he’d shiver under your touch and that would make you bite your lips
• his hands would be in your waist and his eyes would be filled with lust
• you’d start to move your hips in the beat of the song and would let a soft kiss on his jaw so he’d grab your waist to pull you even closer
• one of his hands would hold your chin as he pass the thumb on your lips
• he defiantly didn’t expect for you to suck it so he’d let a throaty moan escape
• turing you around, Tom would pull you close enough to his chest be stuck on your back
• Drunk! Tom gets excited so much easier and at this point you’d feel his boner and why not tease him more?
• you’d start to moving your hips slowly up and down making him groan
• he’d move one of his hands to your throat and would start to kiss your neck
• you’d moan with one particular kiss on your sweet spot and he’d be able to feel the vibration through his hand
• that would let him even harder if it’s possible
• until the end of the music you’d provoke this poor baby without pity
• but as it ended he’d grab you by the hand and would take you to the most dark and hidden place
• before you even have time to ask what’s wrong he’d kiss you so hard
• he’d would raise on of your thighs to his hips and pull him even closer to your body
• he’d move his lips to your neck filling the hole area with kisses
• “Tom, you’re drunk. This is not a good idea. What if someone caught us?”
• “Darling, that is half of the fun”
• and with that phrase he’d turn you around and pull your underwear down in like three seconds
• his fingers would be stroking you making whimper
• as soon as he thought you’re wet enough for him (bc even out of his normal conscious state of mind he would always put your pleasure and comfort in first place) he’d take off his fingers of inside you
• and he’d suck his fingers just to feel your delicious taste
• he’d slowly penetrate inside you while grab your arm and bite your shoulder to hold a moan
• as he starts to thrust against you he’d start to moan and groan louder
• “Tom, we can’t keep going if you don’t be quiet.”
• now he’s biting your neck so hard to make sure he can drown any sound
• with one hand he’d rub your clit and with the other he’d play with your boobs
• he wouldn’t stop saying “I love you” and moan your name on your ear
• one of your hands would fly to his hair as soon you’d feel your walls clenching against his dick and the other would crave your nails on his arm
• that would be enough to make Tom cum inside you moaning your name *really loud*
• still shaking bc of your orgasm you’d have trouble to fix the clothes of both of you since Tom is drunk and can’t do that alone
• “Baby, I think I’m drunk. Let’s go home”
• #ProtectDrunk!TomFromTheWorld

Voice Actor Needed!

Hey everyone! Dear Children is currently undergoing some renovations, including updates to our character’s voices lines. So, long story short we need a voice actor for Isaac here!

About the character:  A bit of a lone wolf, Issac tends to keep to themselves and does not have many close friends. Isaac is incredibly intelligent and loves tinkering with contraptions and engaging in theoretical science. Despite an outwardly haughty attitude, Isaac is still a teenager and tends to have an affinity for blatantly false gossip. After school, Isaac works at the local 7/11 variant and competes in (and usually wins) various science fairs held in the state.

Additional Info: Issac was born in North America, and only speaks English. They are okay with he/him, she/her, but prefer they/them pronouns. Issac is genderfluid, and we would prefer to have a voice actor who identifies along similar lines, although mic quality is the most important factor for us. If you are a great actor but have a mediocre mic we will not be able to accept you at this time. We’re sorry, but that’s just how it has to be. Especially since this will be a paid role. We will discuss that after we have cast a voice.

If you’re interested, try the lines below and send them to We will respond to you promptly.

Sample Lines:
-(Irritated) “No, there’s an alarmingly small number of cool people here. So few cool people this place is practically sweltering.”
- “(Sarcastic) “Oh, great. I always wanted another person I could awkwardly not talk to.” 
-(Joking)  “Are you sure you want to get me talking science? That’s a very long road to go down. We’re talking some route 66 shit here.“ 

Thank you so much for reading! If you aren’t planing on auditioning, signal boosts are very much appreciated! Have a nice day!


Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 1907

Warning: There is a teeny bit of kissing. But it’s kind of cute????

A/N: Hey, I know this isn’t a Crash Landing update, but I’m kind of struggling with it at the moment. So, I wrote this. Also, if you haven’t seen an earlier post, I’m away for the next four-ish weeks, so don’t expect to hear all too much from me for a bit. I am trying to queue up some writing, but I can’t make any promises! I love you guys!

Want to be tagged in future fics? Please let me know!

(not my gif)

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Was I a good Sister?

Characters - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester

Warning - Swearing, angst, character death

“Y/n! SHOOT NOW” I heard my father voice yell at me so I took my aim at the werewolf heart and tried to fire but I then realised that my gun was jammed! “oh no” I whispered

I saw the werewolf advance towards my elder brother and it threw him across , I watched in shock when his body slammed into the tree, the werewolf turned towards me but my gun was still jammed, I tried to shoot him but it wasn’t working just when then I heard a loud bang from behind me and I saw the werewolf fall to the ground, I turned around and saw my other elder brother Sam.

My father suddenly appeared in my view and ran towards Dean, me and Sam followed him, we dropped on our knees around where Dean lay unconscious. I tried to caress his forehead to inspect the damage when my father shoved my hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch him! ”,he snarled.

He then looked at Dean and tried to find if he had any serious injury on him. I looked at Sam but he was too focused on Dean. I then felt my cheek burn severely and loud resounding slap could be heard across the forest. I realised then that my father had hit me and he had me so hard that I was lying on the ground. I definitely had a bruise now.

“Dad, what the hell was that!? ” I heard Sam shout but my dad just glared at him and then at me, he shook his head in anger dropped down so he could swing dean’s arm around his shoulder.

Sam who was staring at his father in shock and anger immediately pushed his feelings aside and grabbed the other arm. They carried Dean this to the impala with me trailing behind him.

“y/n/n, go sit in the backseat and then we will lay him down” I nodded slowly and did as Sam said, the entire time I could feel my dad’s eye on me.

The ride to the isolated cabin was extremely quiet, I kept caressing Dean’s forehead and his hair and I kept on whispering “ I am sorry, I am so sorry ” and the tears trailed down my face.

Sam’s POV

I heard my little sister sniffling in the backseat and comforting my elder brother while saying sorry. It literally broke my heart to see her so upset. All I wanted to do was hug her tightly and tell her everything was going to be okay but if I say something now I know my father will be even more furious, I still cannot believe that he had hit her.

We reach the cabin and take Dean inside, we inspect him and wonder if any serious injury has taken place but he was just knocked out , I look over at my little sister and see that she was standing at door with an expression of fear plastered over her face. I smile at her but she doesn’t smile back.

After tending to Dean my father walks out of the room but not before he take Y/n’s arm in vicious grip, I spare my brother one look and walk out of the door.

Y/n’s POv

“what the hell were you doing?!
“I.. ”
“You could have gotten your brother killed you irresponsible idiot, why can’t you do anything properly?! ”
“Dad just listen to her”
“You stay out of this Sam, it does not concern you, we could have lost Dean because of her, you are the reason that your brother is in there….. Hurt”
“But dad.. ”
“JUST SHUT UP! I can’t even bare to look at you, my son is hurt because of you, you are an ungrateful, irresponsible and disgusting sister and I can’t even call you my daughter ”

That was it. This sentence did it for me, I was in pain ,not the physical kind the other one the one where your heart feels heavy and it hurts, I looked at my father with tears in my eyes but I would not let them drop.

“what the hell is wrong with you dad, why can’t you just listen to her, who says that to their own child?!”

My dad didn’t answer my brother he just walked out the door, Sam then removed his attention from John and then kneeled down so he could be of my height, he kept both his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye.

“hey, listen to me sweetie don’t you dare even for a moment think that you are not a good sister, you are the most amazing, beautiful kind girl in the whole world and me and Dean love you so so so so much! ”

I looked him in the eye but I did not have the strength to reply so I just went back to the room where Dean was sleeping.

Sam’s POV

I watched my little sister walk back in the room, I was so shocked to hear my father say such horrible things to a 13 year old girl.
I went in the room and saw that she was covering Dean up with a blanket she then sat at the edge of the pushed his hair back and kissed him on the forehead.

My heart melted right there, how could my father say such horrible things to someone as sweet as her, I just couldn’t resist so I walked up behind her and put my arms around,she turn around and put her arms around my waist and her face towards me, I hugged her for a while but then I felt her shoulders shake I looked down and saw that she was sobbing her little heart out so I kneeled down again so I could be of her level and then hugged her tightly.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, she said this while hiccuping in between her sobs.

“I can’t lose you or Dean, I love you too much, I am sorry ” I knew I couldn’t say anything to comfort her so I picked her up and carried to my bed, we are used to sharing beds so I lay her down and I lay down beside her I put my arm around her and gently stroke her back soon she is fast asleep.

Y/n’s POV
I wake up the next morning to see that my Sam was sleeping beside me softly snoring , I looked on the other side and saw that Dean was also sleeping, so I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I came back I saw that Dean was starting to wake up.

“Hey Dean, can you wake up? ”, he groaned but slowly opened his eyes
“hey, how are you feeling? ”
“Ummm…. Extremely sore”
“well you were thrown into a tree so that is to be expected I guess”

“Wait, what the hell happened? Are you okay? ”

“Yea bro, Everyone is good, you were the only one who was hurt”

I grabbed his medicine from the side table and then got him a glass of water.

“Here you go”
“Thanks sweetheart, you know you always take such good care of us”

My smile wavered a bit as I remembered last night’s events but I didn’t let the sadness or the immense guilt I was feeling come to my face. I then took both his hands pulled him in a sitting position.

“you can use the shower and have a good long bath”
“Thanks sweetie ” he said looking at me but then his smile turned into a frown and his hand went to touch my cheek.
“Did the werewolf get you or something? ”
“No why? ”
“You have bruise on your face”
I immediately felt extremely tense but then I just brushed it off and then walked to the living room. I saw John sitting over there with a pen and newspaper he looked towards me and said
“We are going on a hunt tonight.”
“What? What about Dean”
“Your will brother will not go obviously ”
“Dean is not going to agree to that ”
“Just be ready, there were not ONE but TWO werewolf but because of you we could not kill it last night so I suggest do as I ask”.

Later that night.
Dean had thrown a bitch fit and was here saying he was fine and will not be left at home. I had persuaded Sam to not tell Dean anything now, but we could do it after the hunt. I had rechecked my guns atleast 10 times to make sure it wasn’t jammed.

We walked through the jungle looking for the wolf, but it had seemed like hours had passes but we still had no clue where it was.

I still don’t know how I saw but I did, the werewolf was standing behind Dean, it had raised its claw to strike at my brother but I pushed my brother put of the way and felt it claws go deep in my stomach.

Dean’s PoV

I saw in astonishment as my little sister pushed me out of the way and the werewolf impaled her in stomach. I raised my gun and shot him straight in the heart, the werewolf fell down with a thud.

I looked down at my little sister who was bleeding from the stomach profusely, I picked her up and put her head in my lap, I then felt Sam and Dad running towards us.

“De it hurts a lot ” she cried
“Shhhh sweetheart, don’t worry everything is going to be okay you are going to live and we are going to talk about cutting Sammy’s hair in sleep and well pranking people and making them annoyed”

My sister shook her head and coughed and I saw the blood trickle out of her mouth so I wiped it away with my thumb
“ I am not going to make it, I know it” she croaked
“No y/n/n don’t you dare say that ”, Sam said in a crying voice “ you our baby sister we need to here, I love you so much”
“You heard Sam sweetheart, you can’t go we need you here:

But she ignored us and then asked in a croaked voice
“Was I a good sister? ”
And then both me and Sam just broke, both of us had tears running down our check so we each grabbed her hand I said

“oh yes sweetie, you are amazing sister and I love you so so so much” I then looked at my dad who was standing with an emotionless expression. Y/n looked at all of us “ I love you. ALL OF you I am going to miss you and I am glad I saved you dean”

Saying this my baby sister took her last breaths and then her head just fell sideways, he beautiful eyes were now not looking at anything.
So I put an arm around Sam and pulled him close and cradled my baby sister in my other arm. Oh god I will never see her smile, never kiss her while she was sleeping, never see her taking care of us, never take care of her she is just gone.

My father then came next to us and said “I am sorry baby girl please come back”

And at that time all we wanted was our little baby sister to come back but I knew she wouldn’t listen because she can’t, thinking about this we cried and screamed at the sky above us.

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For the past week or so I’ve been working my way through @bixgirl1‘s portfolio on AO3 (as my trail of kudos can attest). The stories have provided me hours of entertainment, so wanted to try a little fic rec (sorry it’s a bit long). Thank you so much for sharing your writing, and everyone go read all of them here

Balance, Imperfect (91K)

When Harry sustains an injury in the line of work, he no longer knows how to navigate the life he loved, and finds help and solace from the most unexpected source.

Why it’s amazing:  While all of their fics are lovely, this one was my absolute favorite. I cried, and I don’t cry that much while reading. The story handles Harry’s trauma with grace, and gives us a believable character-growth arc for Draco. They have real problems, and they work on them together, not always perfectly but in a way that rings true. This is a beautiful must-read. 

Cool things: Pay attention to chapter titles, they’re perfect. (The first and last especially). The “counterpoints” which were paced wonderfully.The way Malfoy eases Harry’s pain and all the medical aspects in general. The ending :)

Beautiful line: “You’re not a house elf,” Potter grumbles, looking away. His cheeks redden slightly. “I just. Are you okay?” I’m leaving, Draco wants to say. I’m done. You’ve done nothing but make me feel a quitter and a bully my whole life and I know that’s unfair, but I want to be away from you. “I’m just tired.”

 In Evidence Of Magical Theory (43K)

When a hex meant for Draco accidentally catches Harry as well, the pair are forced to learn to understand each other in ways they previously might have thought impossible.

Why it’s amazing: Very close second. I have to say I’m a sucker for bonding-spells gone wrong for Drarry, and this one was … magical (groans at self). The way their link was described was poetry. How they grow to trust each other is beautiful to watch.

Fun, non-spoilery line: “I can’t help it, you prat, you’re inside me,” Harry muttered back angrily. His words were still echoing in his ears when the double meaning hit him, and his face flamed. Malfoy snickered. “You wish, Potter.”

Cool things: The elements!!!! the plot in general. The guest room, bed sharing (!!!) and when they get interrupted :o

You And Me (28K)

When Harry sits down with Malfoy, he’s really only looking for a reprieve from the constant stares and whispers. (Mostly.) What he gets instead are a series of strange events that lead to a friendship that is something else, questions that nobody knows how to answer, and the realisation that the person that Harry doesn’t know how to hate, anymore, seems to be the person who knows exactly what he needs.

Why it’s amazing: Ummm. Just read this. It’s so good.

Fun, non-spoilery line: “Just…” Harry cleared his throat. “Like, is it how you imagined? The way you are; the way she is?” Ron’s face took on a dreamy, slightly embarrassed cast. “Yeah, it is. Why?” He grimaced. “Is it weird for you?”

Yes, Harry thought. Sometimes I’m afraid of the things I want. Sometimes I’m afraid of him for giving them to me. But he couldn’t say that, so he settled on another truth instead. “No. It’s—lovely, actually,” he murmured, flushing.

Cool things: The shower moment (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the entirety of the veritaserum scene, the kink in general 

100,000 Galleons (28K)

When a weekend with Harry gets purchased at a Bachelor charity auction by Malfoy, he’s sure the trip is going to be filled with disaster.

Why it’s amazing: Genuinely funny and endearing the whole way through. Malfoy trying do Muggle things is the sweetest, loveliest thing. And the added layer of a magical contract made the conflicts believable. 

Okay I could go on and on, but this is getting long! Go read everything they’ve written here (including a bunch of fantastic one-shots). 

The Train - Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4100

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says.

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

“Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Part One

Harry felt empty.

Drinking seemed pointless and as did life. He found himself wishing he could be a part of crowds, go out and enjoy life, but he couldn’t. Every time he did force himself to go out he was counting down the seconds till he could be back in his own space. He felt as if her were drowning, as if he were sinking and everyone just happened to swim right by him. He felt like he was screaming for help, for someone, for anyone to just hold him, to just lay with him, but no one listened.

He had disconnected from everyone completely, shutting off his phone, not checking his emails, or even going on social media. The only time he left his house where for the meetings, anytime Seth could fit him in, and train rides. Each and every time he hoped Y/N would be there, but after three meetings he had given up.

Harry hadn’t showered in three days and he looked like it. He wondered if he smelled but he really didn’t care. He had no one to impress and at this point anything he did felt like a ten-mile race. He almost didn’t show up for group therapy because that meant getting out of bed and facing the reality that is life. The world that tells him what he’s feeling is all in his head and he needs to get over it and write more music. The world that tells him it’s okay to have a fever or break his leg, but the moment he feels alone and numb he needs to get over it. The world that wants Harry Styles but not Harry Styles.

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Tennessee Whiskey

Title: Tennesee Whiskey

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t think he can fall in love. But every time he thinks of the way he’s around her, the way she makes him smile even in the darkest of days, he starts to believe that maybe, just maybe, he’s wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 2315

Warnings: Hmmm. Like the tiniest bit of angst. Drinking as a coping mechanism (not healthy, but this is Dean we’re talking about, so, you know…). And fluff, guys. So much fluff.  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @supernatural-jackles Jen’s SPN Birthday Challenge. My sweetest friend, Jen, happy birthday (even if I’m a few days early) and thank you so much for letting me participate. I loved working on this one.

My prompt for this was a gif that’s inserted into the fic. The story is very much based on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey (which is the most amazing song ever and has Dean’s name all over it *cough* the glorious Jensen Ackles has covered that song and it’s a dream *cough*)

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 because she is the best best-friend and writing guru in the world (and because she kept me sane these past few weeks). You’re the best, twin. 

Thank y’all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3 

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Dean Winchester had always liked bars.

He liked the way they looked, deep mahogany booths and age-speckled lights making him feel at home in places that had seen their fair share of stories, the way that distinct scent of cigarette smoke and aged whiskey clung to his clothes afterwards, like it was a piece of him.

He liked the inverted bottles that were pressed along the walls, the beer and the whiskey and the bourbon, and the way it burnt down his throat and made him feel something, anything, on those nights he was far too numb and far too broken to believe he was alive in the first place.

Alcohol used to be Dean’s poison and fuel anyway; it cleansed the impure parts of him and kept him going when he felt like there wasn’t much to keep going for.

And then she came along.

Y/N waltzed into his life years ago, when she’d shakily shot the werewolf that had kidnapped her right in the heart, and, ever since that day, she’d somehow managed to wove herself deep into the fabric of his existence.

He didn’t even notice at first.

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Each time I watch the Guardians (and Ravager-Guardians aka Yondu and Kraglin) interact with Baby Groot during serious situations, I just love to headcanon that the Ravager used to treat Peter in a similar way when he was a child, especially Yondu.

I mean, like – a fight is going on? Somebody puts Peter in a spot where he can see the fight and they can keep an eye on him, but where he isn’t in the middle of a crossfire.

“’kay, Pete, ye stay ‘ere and we get rid of the a-holes over there.”


“And put yer music on really loud, ‘kay?”


And Peter sits in his hiding spot, humming along to his music while he presses his earphones tightly against his ears. He has promised not to look so he doesn’t, and that’s a good thing, because the Ravagers are especially quick and brutal about their “work” when they know that there’s a child that could be discovered and dragged into this mess at any point of time. Only when they are sure that there’s nothing moving anymore do they go and pick up Peter again, making sure that he’s tucked tightly against one of them so he doesn’t have to see the slaughter.

Because for all their roughness, many of the Ravagers have got to know death and horror too early in their lives, and if they can spare a child for a while, they will do so. Peter will have to deal with this early enough.


Or when they prepare to fly away, probably for a quick escape:

“Move yer asses, you lazy bitches – Quill, seatbelt, now!”


“Seatbelt, boy, or I chuck ya out the airlock!”

“Do as Capt’n says, buddy, we gonna jump now.”


Or when they are in the middle of a quick brawl, Peter old enough now to be able to watch, and one of the nicer Ravagers catches his gaze and gives a tiny wave over to the child while grinning brightly, although he has already been hurt in the fight.

They also make sure that Peter is close to them, now that he’s older, which means that he either hides behind Yondu during the fight, or tucked closely to the side of one of the sharpshooters (mainly Kraglin) or gets carried by someone during all of it.

And when coming back from a mission and they make a quick survey if everyone is there, Peter is called out first – “Where’s the Terran, guys?” – and Peter learns to answer “HERE!” really quick and loud because if he doesn’t and they don’t see him immediately, hell breaks loose, Yondu starts bellowing orders and everyone freaks out cause holy shit we lost the kid, Capt’n is gonna kill us.

Just… the Ravager knowing that they can’t treat a child like they would one of them, no matter if they want to make them useful, and thus holding back a bit with the kid until he is older.