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the heart does not lie

It takes time, of course. It takes time, and planning, and a fair amount of Wynne’s secret wine stash that she thinks no one knows about, to gather up the courage necessary to do what needs to be done– to say what needs to be said.

The camp is near-silent when he does it, everyone tucked away in their tents, resting up for the battle they can all feel creeping closer with each passing day. None of them say it, of course, but it hangs over them all. Their forces art growing, and soon, they will take their support to Denerim, to challenge Loghain, and then further, to challenge the Archdemon and the Blight itself.

Sten is seated by the fire, stripped out of his armor but not settling in for bed just yet. He sits, silent and unmoving as stone, and Bartholomew’s heavy head rests comfortably atop his knee. It’s a bit comforting to see his hound there, and he’s not sure why. Maybe it’s because, of all the people who are relying on him now, his dog is the easiest to accept. He’s been told all his life how stalwart mabari are, how their trust is rarely misplaced, and it makes his stomach feel strangely warm knowing that, even if he screws up, he’ll still have the faith of his loyal hound.

Or maybe he’s just drunker than he thought.

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Out of curiosity, since you're not just an editor but also a writer, how do you manage to split your time between them and not get utterly sick of looking at words? How much editing do you can do on your own work versus needing someone else with fresh eyes to look at it and edit?

I split my day up into allotted time periods for work, or I did when I was still attempting to edit full time. At the moment I only have one or two days a week which I allow for editing work because my energy is so limited. This also better enables me to separate the mindset I am in for writing my own work vs the sniper mode I go into when hunting for the elusive mistakes others might miss. I also have to switch writing styles in my head when I am editing, as a good editor should be able to adapt to the tone of their author, not just hack through it. One of my biggest pet peeves when I am working with another editor (usually because the author has hired two people) is when they clearly miss that something is a stylistic or tonal choice and mark it as “incorrect” or “use of slang sounds informal” like really Editor Number 2, really, you’re going to insist everyone speaks like they swallowed the Oxford English Dictionary and were stunned over the head with a thesaurus. Really? 

I also try to make sure I take regular breaks, whether it’s to watch something, read some old fave fanfic, play video games, or just even chat with people so that my brain has time to unwind and stop being “on”. At least in the professional sense. Which is why it’s a dick move when people are like “lol Joy your spelling and grammar is awful rn I thought you were an editor” and I’m just here on the internet wanting to unwind and not be in work mode using up spoons to try and have conversations with people. There is a difference between Me and Work Me, and one is happy and can’t type for shit and the other is one more overused em dash away from setting fire to things.

As for how much of my own work I edit, if it’s fanfic or tumblr posts I try to catch as many things as possible, but there will still be times where I come back to something a minute later or two weeks later and still find mistakes which I can then rectify and roll my eyes at myself for misspelling “excerpt” as “exert”. 

Which is why when it comes to any work I plan to sell, I will definitely be throwing my work at the heads of some editor friends because there is just no way I will ever catch 100% of my own errors. This is why books also go through multiple rounds of edits and usually get worked on by at least 3 people in publishing houses, because no one human is 100% infallible. Whenever I take on an editing project which I know hasn’t been beta’d be some people I know (the first time I read anything professionally written by @deadcatwithaflamethrower and it had been beta’d by @norcumi it was to the sound of blessed angels singing, because it’s rare to get such a clean copy of anything), I will usually insist on a timeline that allows for me to do three rounds of edits.

I do have a habit of pre-formatting my work though. I know some people don’t like writing with things double spaced, but I just can’t even read a file anymore without “fixing” the spacing. It gives me a headache otherwise.


I am so sorry for making a big fuss, friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and decided not to leave here. I know I’m no one and my whereabouts are hardly important, but I think I should make myself clear. Here are my thoughts;

a) I can ship anything. I’ve shipped Doctor Strange/Ross ever since Civil War came out. I love and respect BP too as a movie itself, I don’t want the movie just for some shipping. And I know other many shippers are the same.

b) Well, I had actually started deleting posts on my blog. I just couldn’t delete my account right away before download all the gifs ‘cause I don’t have my old gifs myself. Shame. But then I found that even after I had deleted my gifs, they would be reblogged forever without their home. And Tumblr even didn’t let me change the blog private. Guh.

c) I kept wondering; if I left here, would I also leave Sherlock or Benedict or Martin fandom or shipping Johnlock, EverStrange(or Stross?) or other things forever? I didn’t think so. I’ll end up coming back here again. With a new blog. Then where’s the meaning of deleting the old one.

d) There are so many good people here. I’ve got lots of sincere and heart warming messages. They gave me precious advice and provided new views that I should consider. I don’t want to bomb my dash with them, so please understand if I don’t reply. I’m so lucky and happy to have people like you, friends. I don’t know where else I can find friends like you. Thank you for your support. I love you all.

So, after making a scene and fully embarrassing myself in front of everybody, I’m still here. I apologize again for this. If someone don’t like having me here, please feel free to ignore / unfollow / block me.
Thank you.

Okay but Imagine the Byers family dressing up for Halloween and somehow convincing Hopper to join in on the fun and dress up as a bunny rabbit because rabbits “Hop” and your name is Hopper

12:01am. march 16, 2017. 

it is officially 2 years since I first heard twenty one pilots, since I first saw fairly local on my dash and made one of the best decisions of my life: to hit play. 

I’ve been struggling, I won’t lie about that. I wish I could say I’m getting better instead of worse. I wish I was happy, I wish I took care of my body more often, I wish I appreciated more of the little things, I wish I didn’t still spend most nights awake and emptily staring at the walls at 4am.

but I guess the important thing is, I’m still here. And I have the boys to thank for that, I have tyler and josh, even if they don’t know who I am. I owe them my life. I owe them for surviving countless nights spent in torment, now wondering “what if?”. what if I didn’t have their music? what if I didn’t have the wonderful people I met through this band to talk to? what if I didn’t have them to channel my thoughts into? what if..? would I still be here? that’s the question. am I happy about that? about still being here, fighting? maybe I will be one day. but for now I can take one day at a time and enjoy the few beautiful things this world has to offer, in between the heavy darkness. and I have tyler to thank for this, I have josh, michael, mark, brad, chris, nick, jenna, and so many others to thank. and I will never take that for granted. I will forever remember the times I’ve seen them live, when I realized they are real. I’m not alone. they exist. I’m sobbing thinking about it now, I miss being close to their radiating positivity, warm as the sun. so, once again, I put as much emotion into these two words as I can muster: thank you. 

and you know what frens? stay alive. whatever your past, “know this: you can start over, each morning.” and that’s a beautiful thing.

p.s. happy birthday fairly local, the song that started not only the blurryface era but also this stage of my life. it’s great sharing this date with you.


Hello everyone! I have decided to do another follow forever because honestly, I have met so many wonderful people on here, and it literally makes me so happy that I have been given the opportunity to meet all of you! Not to mention that I recently hit 300 followers! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ 

I know it’s not a super big number, but I’m still very super thankful for all of you! And because of this milestone, I want to give a shoutout to all of those you who fill my dash with great things! So leggo~ 

Bold - mutuals 

♥ - people who I love 

♛ - people with A+++ content and who I want to be friends with 

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I do my absolute best to stay out of discourse, but this place has truly gotten out of hand. The content of my character is being called into question and I have no doubt that my name is being slandered behind the scenes. And so I ask, “Why?”

I try my hardest to stay a positive, happy, and safe place on here. And honestly, every single individual I’ve had the pleasure of having a conversation with on this hellsite has been absolutely lovely. All of you are so talented and wonderful in so many ways, and you are willing to share your gifts with others on a daily basis. For free! That is a truly selfless act, no matter what form of art or activism that piece of you takes.

So, when did we lose sight of the beauty of fandom?

This place used to be alive with meta, fic, art, videos, and love. Sure, it’s always been a bit problematic in one way or another, but it was once an oasis in which to escape the difficulties of life. In my 23 years of fandom, it was one of the best and most supportive communities I’ve been a part of.

What happened?

There is a lot of talk lately about bullying, and it’s important to remember that bullying comes in many forms. Searching through someone’s posts to pull things and use them for your own agenda to make fun of others is bullying. Ganging up on someone because they believe something different than you and trying to make them feel bad for it is bullying. Anonymously sending nasty messages is bullying. Attempting to establish a hierarchy based on your own views and forcing it on others is bullying.

BOTH SIDES of the fence are guilty of these things.

That said, Tumblr is what you make of it and perpetuating this kind of behavior is toxic. By posting nasty anonymous messages, you are giving these awful people a platform for their voices to be heard. If you think they are going to learn anything from your wise words and admonishments, you’re wrong. They are hiding behind a faceless message for a reason, and allowing their words to see the light of day is doing nothing other than letting them know they got to you and spurring them on to send more. Just like a real life bully, it’s best to ignore it. Don’t let them get to you and don’t give them a voice.

And if you think a blog doesn’t get hate just because you can’t see it, that’s a major misconception.

WE are the ones who have the power to control the environment this fandom lives in. WE decide whether this place is a sanctuary or an asylum. WE are the ones who can choose to spread love and not hate.

There is no reason for this wonderful place to be an installment of Mean Girls.

When I come to my dash, I don’t want to have to question why I’m here. I don’t want to feel sad or hurt or hopeless. I want to talk about my otp. I want to be surrounded by the amazing humans I know all of you are. I want to feel supported and loved and happy. I want to drown in the things we all love so much. And I want to unabashedly love all of you, as I always have.

So, can we try and make our way back there? 

I know we can do it.


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Do you ship wolfstar

Some of us do, some of us don’t. We’ve all talked about our personal shipping opinions in the past, and ultimately our personal opinions are never going to affect what we post on this blog. Here on IMQ we believe in a ship and let ship policy and we’ll post anything we ship or ships that were follower requested even if they’re not something we ship ourselves. You can check out our ship list on our nav page here (that will also directly link you to the wolfstar quotes we’ve done!). If you want to see more of a certain ship you can request it, or you can submit your own quotes (even better, since then we don’t have to do the legwork!).

And I’m going to digress here for a moment (as if I haven’t already) to remind all of our followers that it is never okay to attack people over a ship. There’s been a lot of nastiness in this fandom lately and it’s not cool. Especially in a fandom this large everyone’s going to have their own opinions and that’s okay! We’re all just here to have a good time, so if you don’t like someone’s blog you don’t have to follow it and you can block it so you don’t even see them on your dash via reblogs. If you find yourself angry enough over something fictional that you’re considering being really nasty to someone, walk away. Take a break. Reconnect with reality. Find things that fill you with happiness instead of things that make you shake with rage.

You’re never going to find a platform for hatred on this blog, there may be debate, but never thoughtless vitriol. We have a lot of followers and we want you all to feel accepted and safe here. Our wide variety of content reflects our wide variety of followers, and that’s not going to change!

Sorry for the novel! I hope you’re all having a great Sunday :)

I’m in a strange mood, and nothing can make my feel better and I feel like the fandom is falling apart these days so I wanted to make something to make YOU feel better even if I don’t feel that way. 

I tried to make a follow forever, but I realized I couldn’t, because I was never good at that, so I decided to make this post and to say that I am so grateful for the years spent here with all of you! 

You are like a second family to me and I am happy that I met you here, talked to you and become friends. I hope we’ll stay like that many many years from now.  

And like I said, I can’t really do a follow forever, but I’m gonna tag some people that I really special to me, make my day better and my dash full of good things and I hope they know that. But fi you don’t then you should know that you are all really special to me!

I hope you all have a good day, week, month, year!

Love ya!

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Another personal, please-bear-with-me kinda post

If you are reading this, you are most likely one of the 26,000+ people who decided that they want my posts on their dash every day. It’s amazing when I think about it, and I am very grateful. CAW is already more than two years old, and during this time I have not missed a single day - by far the most consistent aspect of my existence.

However, I am here to apologise once again. Some of you might remember that in December my mind was a mess and I was finding it hard to cope with everything. Your messages of encouragement meant so much and kept me going. I am happy to report that things are much better on that front, but what have stayed are the workload and the stress. For most of 2017 so far I ran the blog while also working two jobs and studying towards a postgraduate degree, and right now I also have the final thesis to take care of. Often I write my CAW posts on lunch breaks and read for my thesis on the bus home.

So how does that affect you? I have no idea if anyone noticed, but sometimes my posts are late, at the end of the day rather than in the morning (at least UK time). They have grown shorter, less-researched. But most importantly, messages have piled up in my inbox with no reply. Regarding that last point, please don’t think I’m rude, I still read your messages, I take them into consideration and I appreciate them, I just don’t have the time and energy to individually reply anymore. Thank you so much for understanding.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading this wall of text. I am only doing it to explain myself in the event that it will all become too overwhelming and I will start skipping days, although I promise I will do my very best to prevent that from happening. Cheers <3

Hello everybody! So, this is a few weeks late but I had to get finals out of the way and I’m quite forgetful… but I want to formally say hello to the studyblr community and introduce myself!

My name is Pea, I’m 20 years old, and I’m a rising junior in college! I’m currently in art school studying illustration and minoring in biology. My goal is to pursue a career as a scientific illustrator in the increasingly not-so-distant future.

I have a bit of an obsession with pens and stationery, and I love to draw. I also love cats, tea, coffee, soft sweaters, and rain (I love feeling cozy). I like anything to do with space or zoology, and I have a knack for remembering useless information.

I decided to join because I could really use some motivation and study tips, and I’d love find some study buddies and make new friends :D I’m a bit internet-shy so I’m hoping to break out of my comfort zone and learn some new things along the way!

Some blogs that inspired me to make a studyblr are:
@aescademic@architstudy, @eminotes, @jesslearnsthings​, @jiyeonstudies, @studyblrsab​, @studyberri​, @studylustre​, @studypetals, @sushi-studies@studyquill, and @tbhstudying, to name a few! Everybody on here is so lovely tbh ♡

I think that’s all! I’m super excited and looking forward to being a part of the studyblr community! I’m still just getting started and my dash is very dead so if you’re a studyblr please reblog so I can follow you! Also feel free to say hi!

Happy studying everybody!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノシ

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When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity!

Since I’ve gotten this a few times!!! here we goooo!


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angelheartwell  asked:

I'm sorry some people make this fandom suck ass. Honestly and truly I'd say to try to ignore them and focus on the people who love your work. I enjoy seeing your art pop up on my dash and the Klance fan art you make is extremely adorable! If you were to stop drawing Klance bc of this fandom I'd be sad but with the way things are here I'll completely understand and respect your decision! Luv ur work <3

aww,thank u!im not gonna stop drawing klance and voltron cause it makes me happy!and being happy is already so hard for me.Im just gonna keep doing what i was doing which is ignoring bad shit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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From Commander-in-Chief: “Gabby Blabby Abby? Grabby Hands? Dr. Crabbie Pants? Ugh. I’m so glad you ended it with her. She was too old for you, anyway.”“Just wait until you meet your future mother-in-law,” Anya sing-songs. “You’re in for a treat.” For the love of holy causes and effects, upon all that is good in this world, p l e a s e tell us how this meeting goes! *angel's choirs singing please* Like, what wins - Lexa's Heda composure or her awkward gay noodle bean-ness? I'm so curious

Haha, hmm… One question is who tells Lexa and whether Clarke actually finds out (wait, Clarke doesn’t know about her mom and Anya, right? Or was that her mom and Raven? omg need to pull out my venn diagram again! okay, it’s unclear. so just for fun, let’s say that Clarke doesn’t know about it either. bc what is that fic but crack and miscommunication?)

January 3rd, 2021

“Babe. Don’t freak out but—Lexa. Stop. It’s fine.”

President Woods takes a deep breath. “Of course it’s fine. I’m fine. Go on.”

“Are you going to need your panic room?”

“It is not ‘my panic room,’ Clarke. It’s not, like, therapeutic. It’s just called a panic room because it locks down.”

“Ummhmm. And it just so happens to be your bedroom. Where you do all your panicking.”

“I’m the President of the United States, Clarke. I don’t panic,” Lexa sulks, digging a pen into the surface of her desk before remembering it’s a priceless historical heirloom. “What were you saying?” she prods, furiously trying to buff away the scratch with her thumb.

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Me, a Whumper, on Le Tumbleur…

*sees a fanfic post on my dashboard*

*scrolls down to the comments/tags*

“I can’t believe how sweet this is!”

#i love this

#the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff

*keeps scrolling*

*sees another fanfic on dash*

*scrolls to comments/tags*


#what gave you the right?

#you’re a terrible human being


Prompt Request - Filled - Song Fic

Hi Guys, So I have never done a song fic before so not sure if this is how you do one, reading up on them doesn’t sound like they are very popular in the fanfiction community but hey, I did it anyway.


This one-shot is set as an alternate take on the opening scene of Episode 12, with Betty going to talk to Jughead at Pop’s diner.


The song used is Trembling Hands by The Temper Trap.

Treading the ground
I once used to know
People are strangers
Same as before
Streets look familiar
I remember the part
Where I buried my head
So deep in my hands
All around me was dark

He was at Pop’s the neon light shining through the window next to his booth. He stared into nothingness, his beanie, his one comfort against this cruel, hard word left abandoned in front of him. All he could think was what was the point. Everyone he knew, each one had betrayed him, abandoned him to face it alone. His phone dinged with another message from Betty, her bright smile lighting up the darkness of his phone and he wanted so desperately to answer her, to pick up the phone and just hear her voice but he held back. He wanted to trust her so badly, as bad as he had ever wanted to trust anyone in his life. It was as though even the shine had worn off Pop’s the coffee was bitter in his mouth and he barely recognised the other people seated in the booths around him.

This here city
Is for the lonely ones
Won’t find no angels
Selling maps to the lost
This here place
Is too small for two
It took one to realize
When dreaming’s this hard
It’s not meant to come true

He should have known that things were too good to be true. He had been so happy, his dad cleaning up his act, Betty his girlfriend and partner in sleuthing it was as if someone had looked into his dreams at night and made them a reality. Before dashing them right in front of him. His dad arrested for murder not his usual petty crimes and Betty pretending that they were all happy families while his supposed best friend and the new girl ransacked their trailer his once home. He felt numb, calling his mum had only cemented this feeling. He was unwanted, unloved and unneeded. He would leave the town of Riverdale and never come back, he couldn’t bear to be there another moment.

So throw me a line
Somebody out there help me
I’m on my own
I’m on my own

She had asked Archie and Veronica to stay outside Pop’s to let her talk to him first. They had seen him from the window, his face blank while he stared off into the distance. She wanted to help him more than anything she wanted to make sure that he knew that he was loved and wanted and despite what his father may have allegedly done she was there for him always.Just as he had accepted her truth she would accept him, whatever the cost.

Throw me a line
Afraid that I have come here
To win you again
With trembling hands

“Jug.” She said quietly as she approached his booth, he glanced at her momentarily before setting his eyes again on the blank space of the wall on the other side of the diner, before sighing, she could tell now that she was closer that there was a redness around his eyes, he had been crying and she wanted so badly to reach over and just touch him. Her nails in her palms reminded her why she should not.

Passing the days
Looking over the buildings
Time seems to stop
While the millions keep moving
Now here I am
I’m a drop in your ocean
Noise in the crowd
Pushing through your halls of reason

“Please Jug.”She tried again, trying to cut through whatever inner monologue was running through his head. She knew well enough that even if he was not saying a word, or his face was blank that his mind never ceased, always analysing and trying to make sense of things and she wanted to cut through that, she wanted him to feel. Her hand shot out and touched his hand on the table and he seemed shocked by her movement as she was by her own. She had told herself that she wasn’t going to force things that she would let him control the conversation but in that moment she needed to feel his skin against her own, she needed to provide him some human comfort.

So throw me a line
Somebody out there help me

His eyes caught hers, but he made no movement to draw his hand back, to retreat. Her fingers ran over his knuckles a gentle soothing movement that he wanted to get lost in.

“Betts.” He let out his voice breaking, as tears threatened to again break through the surface and engulf him. He didn’t think he had any left, that he could cry anymore and yet. His face crumbled as it all it him again, like a wave crashing over him, drowning him. He grasped her hand as though it was his lifeline to the surface again.

I’m on my own
I’m on my own 

The touch of his hand was not enough, as she saw him falling she pulled him towards her and he let her. She enveloped him in her arms, pulling him close, absorbing the sobs that racked his body. His head pulled into her chest, her fingers running through his uncovered hair in a soothing movement.

“I’m here, Jug, you are not alone.” She whispered to him softly.