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Dorianmance Week 2017

When? February 20-26

Event tag? #Dorianmance Week

Many of you expressed interest in participating so why not bring some more Dorian love to everyone’s dash? Always wanted to write that one-shot? Draw a comic? Write down all the romantic headcanons?

Now it’s your chance! The rules are simple: create something for your Dorianmancing Inquisitor for the week: be it fanart, fanfic, video edit, screencaps or headcanon. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hard Hitter – switch themes between angst, fluff, humor, bittersweet, smut. Make us feel things.

Customized – come up with few AUs during the week. Vampires? Hipsters? Gladiators? Go nuts!

Forever Marked – explore your post-Trespasser headcanons.

Synergized – team up with other Dorianmancers. Art trade? Fic swap? Collaborations are beautiful things.

People Person – You haven’t romanced Dorian but still want to participate? Create something for a friend who did! Ask a Dorianmancer about their ship!

We are all busy people - besides it’s not quantity that matters but quality. Even one post is a great contribution!

For those who like to challenge themselves. Set your goal and post fresh content every day for the week. Flood the tags with your Dorianmancing OC!

Happy creating, guys! (:

Okay but Imagine the Byers family dressing up for Halloween and somehow convincing Hopper to join in on the fun and dress up as a bunny rabbit because rabbits “Hop” and your name is Hopper

Post-ep Challenge Masterlist

If, like me, your dash is a mess and reblogged things get lost in the abyss… Here’s a list of all of the fics submitted to @txf-fic-chicks post-ep/missing scene challenge. Happy reading!

@2moms-0fucks (Wetwired)                       

@alittlemissfit (Tithonus)

@baronessblixen (The Host / Chinga)       

@bohoartist (Avatar)

@chezamanda (Dod Kalm)                         

@chileananderson  (Unruhe / Alpha)

@contrivedcoincidences6   (Beyond the Sea / Fire)

@cosmic-files-87 (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

@crossedbeams (This is Not Happening / Monday)

@defnotmeyo  (Unruhe / Elegy)

@fabulouspatsystone (Syzygy)

@frangipanidownunder   (2shy

@holysweetcherryorchardtree (Beyond the Sea)

@itllbeanicetriptotheforest   (Demons

@lyndsaybones   (Jersey Devil / Bad Blood / The Calusari)

@mldrgrl  (Firewalker)

@need-not   (Unruhe)

@netty1008   (The Erlenmeyer Flask / Essence)

@perfectother  (Trust No One)

@piecesofscully   (Paperclip)

@puzzlingpeace  (Revelations)

@scenes-in-between   (End Game)

@spookyandstarbuck447   (Brand X)

@spookywayfarer (First Person Shooter)

@sunflowerseedsandscience   (Kaddish

@tatooedlaura-blog (Home)

@thatfragilecapricorn30   (The Red and the Black)

@thethirstisoutthere (Paperclip)

@walter-skinner      (Roadrunners)

@wtfmulder (Avatar)

What Yeen Means to Me

Human here, I won’t take much of your time and this is gonna be a lil sentimental so scroll down if you don’t wanna see that on your dash.

Yeen has meant a lot of things to me. Originally he was the pinnacle of my personality in D&D character making, he was the most Me character I’ve ever made.

When I decided he should helm my mtg tumblr, I had no idea people would love him so quickly. I went from around 200 to 900 followers in days, it was crazy and made me super happy that so many people found laughs and good feelings in his posts.

Through some rough times he really became my self esteem and motivation. I felt like trash a lot, but how much you all loved him made me feel like worthy trash, trash with a higher purpose. You all gave me confidence in myself when nothing else in my life was good. I had some really bad days you all turned around rull quick, and I am so grateful for that. One of my more fond memories of being in the mtg community was Flavoracle peddling the invention Painter’s Servant, I’ve always hoped I’d come across that card just for the memories.

Yeen has also helped me continue to bring people together in the mtg community. That’s something I’ve always done among friends, but things like the Pup n Bugle discord chat make me so happy. I wish work allowed me to jump on more often but I love that people are consistently talking about stuff on that thread, I don’t even care what but that even more jumped on makes me even happier.

Lastly, something Yeen has helped me discover is I both am and am not my father. This is something I have grappled with for, well, since middle school really. He can be rude and mean and I wanted to distance myself from that as much as possible. Yeen is crass, obnoxious, in many ways I am like my father, that is inescapable. But Yeen has a lot of heart, something I didn’t plan but you all have drawn from him. Yeen helped realize in myself I have become my own man for the better (this is different from when I had a finger up my butt and realized I was an adult if you want to know that story message me).

I’m nearing 2,000 followers, something I think is incredible. Im not sure what I’ll do for that but I’ll probably just improvise something and bite off something more than Yeen can chew.

I don’t think a thank you is quite right, I don’t want to thank you for following me. That’s voluntary. You aren’t doing me a service, you follow me because you enjoy all of this. Instead, I’m glad.

I’m glad you all find some light or enjoyment from Yeen. I’m glad you have come together more as a community. I’m glad for your words, and for everything we have all shared. I’m glad for this happy accident of a gnoll who wandered his way from the D&D world into MTG and made friends.

So here’s to nearly 2,000 friends.

akashikuroko  asked:

Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

1A. And an extra~


12:01am. march 16, 2017. 

it is officially 2 years since I first heard twenty one pilots, since I first saw fairly local on my dash and made one of the best decisions of my life: to hit play. 

I’ve been struggling, I won’t lie about that. I wish I could say I’m getting better instead of worse. I wish I was happy, I wish I took care of my body more often, I wish I appreciated more of the little things, I wish I didn’t still spend most nights awake and emptily staring at the walls at 4am.

but I guess the important thing is, I’m still here. And I have the boys to thank for that, I have tyler and josh, even if they don’t know who I am. I owe them my life. I owe them for surviving countless nights spent in torment, now wondering “what if?”. what if I didn’t have their music? what if I didn’t have the wonderful people I met through this band to talk to? what if I didn’t have them to channel my thoughts into? what if..? would I still be here? that’s the question. am I happy about that? about still being here, fighting? maybe I will be one day. but for now I can take one day at a time and enjoy the few beautiful things this world has to offer, in between the heavy darkness. and I have tyler to thank for this, I have josh, michael, mark, brad, chris, nick, jenna, and so many others to thank. and I will never take that for granted. I will forever remember the times I’ve seen them live, when I realized they are real. I’m not alone. they exist. I’m sobbing thinking about it now, I miss being close to their radiating positivity, warm as the sun. so, once again, I put as much emotion into these two words as I can muster: thank you. 

and you know what frens? stay alive. whatever your past, “know this: you can start over, each morning.” and that’s a beautiful thing.

p.s. happy birthday fairly local, the song that started not only the blurryface era but also this stage of my life. it’s great sharing this date with you.


Hello everyone! I have decided to do another follow forever because honestly, I have met so many wonderful people on here, and it literally makes me so happy that I have been given the opportunity to meet all of you! Not to mention that I recently hit 300 followers! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ 

I know it’s not a super big number, but I’m still very super thankful for all of you! And because of this milestone, I want to give a shoutout to all of those you who fill my dash with great things! So leggo~ 

Bold - mutuals 

♥ - people who I love 

♛ - people with A+++ content and who I want to be friends with 

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24th January 2017

After being absent for 14 years, today is the anniversary day of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully returning to our screens! Do y’all remember how much fun it was, to be here and share this experience with all the other fans?! The positive energy that was on everyone’s dash….maaan, those were good days. So, I decided that I’ll reblog some of the silliness from THE DAY. The day, when The X-files came back to our lives or, in the case of the new fans, appeared for the first time in their lives. 

Lately not much is going on, so I think we could all use some silly and happy things. So here is a bit of reminder to all, what could happen when they finally announce that new season! 

If you want, join me and share posts from that day. Let’s remember why we are here! 😘

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Happy Anniversary, X-Philes!

I’m in a strange mood, and nothing can make my feel better and I feel like the fandom is falling apart these days so I wanted to make something to make YOU feel better even if I don’t feel that way. 

I tried to make a follow forever, but I realized I couldn’t, because I was never good at that, so I decided to make this post and to say that I am so grateful for the years spent here with all of you! 

You are like a second family to me and I am happy that I met you here, talked to you and become friends. I hope we’ll stay like that many many years from now.  

And like I said, I can’t really do a follow forever, but I’m gonna tag some people that I really special to me, make my day better and my dash full of good things and I hope they know that. But fi you don’t then you should know that you are all really special to me!

I hope you all have a good day, week, month, year!

Love ya!

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lucas looking @ riley pt. 1

alright so y’all wanting this, so i’m giving it to you. i have a folder on my computer that has 179 caps in it, so this will probably be split into like 3 posts so they aren’t too long. they’re gonna be in order, so this post will be s1 and the first half of s2. i’m gonna put it under a cut so it doesn’t clog up anyone’s dash, so have fun, enjoy the suffering !!!

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So it’s the end of the year, and I haven’t done a follow forever in so long! So I just really want to thank everyone I follow for doing the things you do, and I want to thank all my mutuals who have stuck with me these past few weeks when I haven’t been as active. I don’t know what it is, I just haven’t had the motivation to come onto tumblr recently. Hopefully that’ll change with the new year. So here’s everyone on my dash, you’re all awesome!

-mutuals bolded
-faves italicized

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sorry if I missed anyone!


Hey guys!

Today I reached 1k followers and I am honestly so happy, I still can’t believe so many people are interested in what I post enough to follow me!! Thank you all so much for putting up with me, liking and reblogging my posts, sending me messages, tagging me in things… everything means a lot to me! (≧∇≦*)
In the few months that I’ve been here I’ve found a lot of amazing blogs and made even more amazing friends who have been nothing but kind and supportive and I’m really thankful to them ♥

Sending lots of love to all these people who always brighten up my dash!!

Bold: lovely mutuals
Italics: people who inspire me


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Once again, I have to thank ALL OF YOU for allowing me to have such a wonderful Tumblr experience!! I love you all ♥

Sooo………this happened. I reached 2000 followers. Where do you guys come from and why?
Okay, I’m pretty sure most of you follow me cuz of the amount of JiKook I reblog. However if you’re here cuz of my fics, chats, edits or what not:
Even if you’re not for my own content:
You have no idea how happy it makes me when I see people like, reblog, comment on the things I do. 

I decided to screw the categories this time and just write all the blogs I like, I see a lot on my dash, are interesting, are awesome (all of them are) etc. 

So without further do, here they are:
(warning: a lot of artists incoming xD)

@koallou @chimchins @robins-art @yes-i-got-jams @fhawn @flowerboyscouts @ask-witch-namjoon @ask-witch-jiminie @ask-dragon-kookie @ask-jungshook @aramiint @totomochi @marys-artwork @ask-seokjinnie @seulin @yunn-ee @soregerimis @sheruxi @jeonjikookie @anaeiis @hosomiame @bubblyfelicity @eruzayne @satellite-jeon @rainy-raiin @maja-sinika @astro-child @sellianeul @catchbluestars @noej @our-kpopreact @kenmaisme @softraincloud @tanukai @staycute1234 @vacuumchan @eto-nani @aycalla @renkarts @seokjinyoung @jungkooksgf @p-mustacho @debrenner @ax-thelian @97salt @crystallurvesftbubblybaek @eternalxgyu @aletheia-l @jikookielove @junkthekook @tofublock @demigod-dems @helaxart @theashina @ask-joonie @ask-chimchim @refrainbow @berry-happy-tokki @jiminpoppins
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And special place goes to special people:
@gzbnana @romanoakalovi @ieva990327 @bangtanpasta

(If I tagged two of someone’s blogs, sorry, pls deal with me)
To everyone tagged here and everyone else that I follow:
To all the artists:
Please keep making art, fics, edits etc., they mean a lot to us!

Last but not least thank you so much once again to everyone following me  ❤
Unfortunatly I didn’t pass 2 of my exams so I have to study for them again but I promise that once I get more free time I’ll spend it on writing and updating my fics. 
And one more thing, if you guys ever need to talk, rant or want to know something about me or my works, don’t be afraid to message me! 
I’ll answer everything, literally.

I’m sending my love to you all,
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

ok so I’m like. 60% sure I saw someone on my dash tag this #Seivarden and Breq, which made me happy but like. Here’s the thing. I am absolutely convinced it would be the other way around. Because who has a high enough alcohol tolerance to down 3 whole bottles of arrack before passing out? And who didn’t even drink 1 (one) beer on Nilt because she was afraid it would so affect her fragile human body that she wouldn’t be able to properly enjoy some sweet music. 

So like I’m just saying. Seivarden at a diplomatic event having to pick the fleet captain up off the bar floor after she drank one glass of champagne









thanks God this year is almost over because it was extra from all points of view. (I intended to post this follow forever on 31, but why wait) the only good thing coming from this hell of a year is you guys. you kept me going through this madness, I got new friends and discovered a bunch of amazing blogs to keep my dash fresh all the time. I wanted to give up on this blog so many times but every time coming here I changed my mind because of you, of your amazing work.

 this is my thank you & I love you! happy holidays, you guys, and let’s hope for a better year!

*hover over if your url is bolded*

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Shoutout to lovely people (who I don't talk to enough / want to talk more to / just deserve love and appreciation ! 💕)

Heyo! You might be confused why you were tagged here - maybe we haven’t even talked a lot / at all before? Well, I wanted to spread some positivity by listing out people/blogs who make me happy to hear from / see on my dash / make me smile on a regular basis / feel blessed to have gotten to know etc etc : Positive things!

It’s a very stressful time of the year, and everyone has their hands and arms full!This is just a simple shoutout to remind you there are people who love and appreciate you and who are so so happy to have gotten to know you / have you as part of their lives / just see you on their dash or notifications! Stay lovely, everyone! ✨💕✨

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And honestly, every single one of my followers and people I have interacted with even a little! I will be tagging more people as I remember them, as I’m 100% certain I have forgotten to add someone who should be here… so if you don’t see yourself on here yet, rest easy!! It’s 4 AM and my tired mind may’ve passed you by, and you’ll most likely be added once I’m chippery and awake again~!

In any case! I hope you a lovely and wonderful week and rest of the year~!! Stay lovely and wonderful, and please remember you make people happy by just being yourselves!

another thing i love about my dash is that everyone loves connor brown ??? everyone recognizes him as a really good, extremely solid player with potential and a high ceiling and upside ??? no one says he’s not as good as auston or mitch or willy and no one drags him down to make them look better ??? people just appreciate him and everything he’s done and everything that he will do for the leafs in the future and that just makes me so happy.

🎊Happy New Year🎊

Hi guys how are you? I know y'all good
I wanted to do ff and it’s new year so I did it!!
I hope it’s a great year and I hope all the happiness for you all , I met amazing people here and I’m glad to have them , to my mutuals i wish we talk more and if we haven’t talked before we should do that
And I want to thank everyone for following me also thanks for make my dash beautiful with your wonderful edits and reblogged things I love

Enjoy with the first day of 2017 until the last day  💘💘💘

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